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Lemonada Media and Penguin Random House To Partner For An Innovative Cross-Platform Book Club

The ‘Lemonada Book Club Powered By Penguin Random House’ will unite lovers of storytelling from the worlds of podcasting and literature

‘Crime Junkie’ podcast host Ashley Flowers among the first batch of authors to be featured

LOS ANGELESAug. 31, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Lemonada Media, the podcast network that makes life suck less, and Penguin Random House, the world’s largest trade book publisher, are partnering together for an all-new book club. Launching in September, the book club will be activated across both Lemonada Media and Penguin Random House’s owned platforms with a direct landing page on the Penguin Random House website and will feature reviews, author interviews, and custom ad integrations across Lemonada Media’s social media accounts and podcast slate programming.

“Our listeners are so hungry to build community, digest various forms of content and discuss making life suck less together. We are building such powerful podcast communities, and the Lemonada Book Club will allow us to expand conversations across genres and imprints, inviting Lemonada hosts and Penguin Random House’s diverse and incredible authors, to dig deep on the issues that Lemonada and Penguin Random House’s shared listeners and readers care about,” shares Lemonada’s CEO and co-founder Jessica Cordova Kramer.

At the core of the book club, Lemonada, its diverse talent roster, and Penguin Random House will select recent or upcoming releases from Penguin Random House to spotlight to align with themes from Lemonada Media’s current slate of podcasts. From exploring grief and loss to romance, resiliency and personal growth, the selections will span both fiction and nonfiction. The first round of books being featured will include: Crime Junkie creator and host Ashley Flowers’ debut novel, All Good People HereBe Not Afraid of Love: Lessons on Fear, Intimacy and Connection’ by Mimi ZhuSweet Soft Plenty Rhythm by Laura Warrell; with additional books to be named later.

“In this age of unlimited content, push notifications, and constant noise, it’s necessary that we take time to focus and learn; to go deep. We hope our partnership with Lemonada does just that: open listeners’ minds to new subjects and ideas, and then give them the inspiration and recommendations to dive even deeper. Lemonada’s mission is to make people’s lives suck less, and books are the only form of media that have been proven to make you feel better. We are so excited to work with Lemonada to harness the power of books in building new connections and communities,” said Carly Gorga, Penguin Random House Director of Brand Marketing.

With Penguin Random House providing the featured books, Lemonada Media will host “Book of the Month” on the air for deep dive conversations on key podcasts; insightful, expert analysis of the books’ content by select series hosts; creative in-feed ad campaigns; and social media activations to better get to know the books and their writers. Lemonada will additionally provide a broader list of “must read” Penguin Random House books via monthly newsletter recommendations, network-wide ad campaigns, and on their website. Over time, Lemonada will provide unique opportunities for Q&A and audience engagement with authors, host, and fellow listeners. For more information about Lemonada Book Club Powered By Penguin Random House, please visit


Founded in 2019 by Jessica Cordova Kramer and Stephanie Wittels Wachs, Lemonada is an award-winning, independent, audio-first podcast network, with a mission to make life suck less. The company is also the creator of the audio reality™ podcast genre, and launched BEING Studios, where reality TV meets podcasting. Lemonada has created hit series including the Gracie award-winning podcast Last Day, In the Bubble with Andy Slavitt, Our America with Julián Castro, Add to Cart with Kulap Vilaysack & SuChin PakBelieve Her and The Untold Story with Jay EllisLemonada’s roster of guests has included an array of luminaries from across the entertainment, media, politics and science worlds. Now with over 50 diverse staff members nationwide, Lemonada is a full-service podcast network.

For sponsorship opportunities, contact: For press inquiries, contact: For more information on Lemonada and its podcasts, please visit Lemonada is represented by Josh Lindgren at CAA.


Penguin Random House, the world’s largest trade book publisher, is dedicated to its mission to ignite a universal passion for reading by creating books for everyone. The company, which employs more than 10,000 people globally, was formed on July 1, 2013, by Bertelsmann and Pearson. As of April 1, 2020, Bertelsmann is full owner of the company. With more than 300 imprints and brands on six continents, Penguin Random House comprises adult and children’s fiction and nonfiction print and digital English-, German-, and Spanish-language trade book publishing businesses in more than 20 countries worldwide. With over 16,000 new titles, and more than 700 million print, audio and eBooks sold annually, Penguin Random House’s publishing lists include more than 80 Nobel Prize laureates and hundreds of the world’s most widely read authors.

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