The Dough

Have you ever stayed in a bad relationship just to avoid having to move out and buy new stuff? Have you ever found yourself swimming in debt? Were you told growing up that women were bad with money? If so — you are not alone. Welcome to The Dough, a new 10-episode podcast series about the financial trapdoors any of us could fall into. From messy divorces to wellness products that are too good to be true, join host X Mayo (The Blackening, The Daily Show, Swarm) as she explores the financial flops and money myths that stand in the way of financial freedom. On this show, cash is queen, and we hardly know her, but we’re determined to be her friend.

This series was created in partnership with Flourish Ventures, an early-stage global investment firm backing mission-driven entrepreneurs and industry influencers working toward a fair finance system for all. Learn more at Flourish Ventures.

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