The Letter

On a winter morning in 1982, two young fathers were found shot to death in a van parked outside an upscale Utah restaurant. The killer soon confessed, but his story about what happened – and why he chose violence – would create more pain, conflict, and questions for the families left in the wake of the murders.

As the families of the men struggle to rebuild their lives, they face questions they never anticipated – Does everyone deserve a second chance? Who is forgiveness for? Does it matter if there is no remorse?have to be earned? And iIf you can inherit trauma, can you inherit forgiveness? And does everyone deserve a second chance?

Through their stories we discover even the most personal decisions can unintentionally ripple through lives, through generations, even impacting the lives of people we’ve never met.

Coming April 16th…The Letter, Season 2: Ripple Effect From KSL Podcasts (Cold), Lemonada Media (Believe Her) and WorkHouse Media.

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