Written Off

Walter Thompson-Hernández speaks with formerly incarcerated young writers whose work will be read over the course of the season by creatives like John Legend, Issa Rae, Yvonne Orji, Karamo Brown, Jay Ellis, Keke Palmer, Julio Torres, and Jesse Williams. Vulnerable poems and honest stories play out against a tailored soundtrack with original music. From Lemonada Media and Black Bar Mitzvah. The voices of those locked up in the U.S. prison system have been all but written off, but no more. These aren’t voices you’ve missed; they’re voices that haven’t been heard.

Sponsored by Marguerite Casey Foundation and Spring Point Partners.

The Marguerite Casey Foundation supports leaders, scholars, and initiatives focused on shifting the balance of power in society — building power for communities that continue to be excluded from shaping how society works and from sharing in its rewards and freedoms. Click the above link to learn more.

Spring Point Partners is a social impact organization that invests in transformational leaders, networks, and solutions that power community change and advance justice for all. Click the above link to learn more.


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