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Case Studies

CVS Health

About CVS Health and their goals:

CVS Health wanted to expand their brand message within the health space. Like many sponsors, they recognized the credibility of In the Bubble host, Andy Slavitt, and wanted to leverage his voice and trust with listeners.

“This was an incredible campaign for us and well worth the investment.”
- CVSHealth Director of Public Affairs

Partnership with Lemonada:

CVS Health connected with Lemonada to embark on a presenting sponsorship. In this unique collaboration, CVS Health messages were heard in every episode of In the Bubble and the campaign included multi-channel marketing opportunities (newsletter, social media, episode notes). CVS Health also received editorial input and executive guest inclusion in multiple episodes. Lemonada delivered more than 16 million host-read ad impressions in our partnership, and being aligned to the content of the show coupled with the host voice increased their brand recognition over multiple quarters.


About gc2b and their goals:

Founded in 2015, gc2b is a BIPOC, trans-owned chest binder company.

Partnership with Lemonada:

Lemonada partnered on a brand awareness and conversion campaign on our series, BEING Trans. The campaign included custom segments with a cast member of BEING Trans, Jeff, and gc2b. The campaign drove conversions to a limited edition Lemonada chest binder and included a custom bonus episode featuring the CEO of gc2b, Marli Washington.

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