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May 21, 2021 Press

New York Times: “In Crisis? Lemonada Media Has a Podcast for You.”

“Last year, everyone’s life fell apart, at least a little. If you were a woman — particularly a woman with children at home — your life likely fell apart a lot more. This spring, the Census Bureau estimated that 1.5 million America mothers have yet to return to the work force, with women of color affected disproportionately. The American child care crisis, the subject of “No One Is Coming to Save Us,” seems insoluble. Which made it a bespoke fit for Lemonada Media, a podcast network founded in 2019 that creates feel-good stories about feel-bad issues. Most of their episodes aim to uplift, even as the subjects they discuss — self-harm, gun violence — are obvious downers. Their roster of sweet-tart shows is deeply personal, mission-driven and solution-minded.”

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