Body Insecurity

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For decades, I have struggled with accepting certain parts of my body. I worry that as soon as I walk into a room, the first thing people notice about me is what I feel most vulnerable about. As women, we aren’t used to talking about our intimate body parts because those conversations aren’t normalized – they don’t feel safe or relatable. Although we have similar anatomy, it all looks very different. And these differences are nothing to be ashamed about. So where do these insecurities stem from? Do all women battle with this? Let’s tawk. Let’s Tawk contains mature themes and may not be appropriate for all listeners.

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Jaxon, Jaime Primak Sullivan

Jaime Primak Sullivan  00:00

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Jaime Primak Sullivan  00:32

Hello, everybody, and welcome to this week’s episode of Let’s Tawk. I am your host, Jaime Primak Sullivan and I am joined by Jaxon, my trusty and much more intelligent as a T word user. Sidekick. Are you Robin? You’re Robin, I’m Batman. I’m Bat girl. You’re Batman.

Jaxon  00:51

Well, I definitely would be the sport.

Jaime Primak Sullivan  00:55

That feels weird. That sounds weird.

Jaxon  00:59

It is weird. And there are no superheroes where there’s superhero that’s a woman and the sidekick is a man.

Jaime Primak Sullivan  01:05

Yeah, no shit.

Jaxon  01:07

We should do that.

Jaime Primak Sullivan  01:07

I don’t think Stanley was super. Although actually he was very progressive.

Jaxon  01:12

Hello, Black Panther. I believe he helped with maybe created I don’t know. But yeah, that was a big one at the time.

Jaime Primak Sullivan  01:22

Who created X-Men?

Jaxon  01:24

I believe that was Stanley.

Jaime Primak Sullivan  01:26

See? That was metaphor for foreigners, right?

Jaxon  01:31

For racism. And now it’s a lot the big sexual orientation thing too. But yeah, big metaphor.

Jaime Primak Sullivan  01:39

Anyway, this week’s episode is going to be a little uncomfortable for you, Jaxon. Are you ready?

Jaxon  01:46

I’m fully ready. Okay, good.

Jaime Primak Sullivan  01:48

What I want to talk about on this week’s episode is the ways in which women’s bodies are different. And these are conversations, you know, the Let’s Tawk episodes are conversations you wish you had when you needed them. And I think this is a conversation that women need. Because for the longest time, we see our own vaginas, and our own nipples and our own boobs and our own feet. Like, I would assume it’s the same with men.

Jaxon  02:20

Yes, I do see all, I mean, I don’t have those all same body parts, but some of them.

Jaime Primak Sullivan  02:24

But like you’re very proficient on your own nipples.

Jaxon  02:27

Yeah, I could tell you what they look like. Yeah.

Jaime Primak Sullivan  02:31

You don’t, like you have a brother? So you know what his look like. And you know if yours are different than his.

Jaxon  02:39

No. Well, there are a couple factors. But I would I mean; he’s got like regular size nipples. I guess I could not describe them in depth. I could say whether or not they have, like, accent like whether or not he is going to excessively hairy chest. That would probably be it. Just because I’ve seen him swimming and stuff, but I don’t expect.

Jaime Primak Sullivan  02:59

Well, I know it’s a little bit different for men, because outside of like dick size. Nobody can, like there’s no thing.

Jaxon  03:08

Or just like muscles, but yeah, a lot less comparison.

Jaime Primak Sullivan  03:11

I think so. And I grew up in a house with two older sisters. So there were six nipples running around the house at all times, and three vaginas and three asses and six arms and six legs and, you know, three pairs of feet and all that. And we were very cognizant that we had very different hair textures. And one sister had very small boobs, and one had giant boobs. It’s like how? If you’re from the same biological parents, can you have such profoundly different body parts? And it wasn’t until I was with my first woman, that I realized that female body parts could look so different. You know, I had only seen like my sisters, and even though we had different boob size, we all had the same basic look to things, aesthetic, if you will, right. Poor Jaxon guys right now. He’s definitely like, how the fuck do I get out of here?

Jaxon  04:28

I’m fine.

Jaime Primak Sullivan  04:33

And I remember the first woman that I ever like fooled around with. I was like, whoa, what the fuck? And in my mind, I was scanning. You know, the catalog of the very limited vaginas I had seen up until that point I was like, why does her vagina look so different than mine. And who’s in this room is normal, right? Because then tend to you become panicked about who’s as normal. So, when did you first discovered that women’s body parts could look significantly different?

Jaxon  05:23

So it is a difficult question because I don’t focus on women’s body parts, this specifically. Like, there’s not like I can’t, I don’t have a catalogue of every nipple I’ve ever seen on a woman. But the women I’ve dated are vastly different in their appearances. And so I am very conscious of the fact that that they are like, they can be almost like different animals entirely.

Jaime Primak Sullivan  05:49

So, the intimate body parts of a woman are the ones that they are usually most insecure about. They just don’t voice it, it’s easy to talk about back fat and, and stomach rolls and that chin hair we all have and whatever, because that feels safe and relatable. But women aren’t saying, I don’t like my labia. They’re not like having that conversation. But in women that I’ve talked to, I remember having a well, so first of all, there is no normal, let me be very clear,  there are full innies I’m going to break down the labia for you full […], meaning your outer labia covers everything inside. So when you look at it, it looks just close like too close labia or lips, whatever you want to call them, and you can’t see anything inside. If you want to get inside, you literally have to push it open, right? Jaxon is just nodding incessantly hoping that we can move to a different body part, but we can’t. Because this is where women’s insecurity comes from.

Jaxon  07:03

I’m kind of interested, just like how many varieties could there possibly go?

Jaime Primak Sullivan  07:08

Okay, well, you’d be fucking amazed. So there’s the […], then there’s the half see where it’s mostly closed, but just a little bit of like the, I guess what they call the inner labia or the clit, I guess sticks out. Jaxon just raised his eyebrows when I said clit, because he’s a 15 year old boy and he can help himself. But I’m also very bisexual. And equally is it’s as entertaining for me. So it’s kind of like, like, you can kind of see what’s in there. Right? But not completely, you still got to do some work, you still got to open to get inside. And then there is the […], where all the inner parts appear to like hang lower or stick out because the outer lips are smaller. So in actuality, it has nothing to do really with the size of like your inner labia and your clit it really is the size of your outer lips that determines whether you have a full […], a […].

Jaxon  08:24

And these are clinical terms?

Jaime Primak Sullivan  08:26

100% certified by Dr. Fauci. Okay, so I had only ever seen mine and my sisters, and we all have the same one. And my mother has the same one. So it’s obviously genetic. But then I had kids and not the same. So not genetic. There goes my very certifiable medical system. So the first woman I was ever with, you know, she had the opposite as me. And I was like, whoa, I don’t know what to do with this. I’ve never seen anything like this. This is making me uncomfortable. First of all, it was a very nerve wracking situation for me anyway. So like, it’s kind of like if I was going to be with a man and he had, he was uncircumcised. Which I did do that eventually, but I was a lot older and more mature and like, but I’m talking like the first time right, you know what I mean? Suddenly, like, whoa, like, I’m drowning in skin here. What do I do with all this, right? It felt very different. Right? And she and I had a conversation about it. Like, not in that moment, and not like, but some drunk conversation, and she expressed to me that she had overheard boys. One Boy that she had, like, fooled around with who told other boys that she had had like what was quote unquote like an ugly vagina. Now that is something that I don’t think boys realize is detrimental to a girl. And I think, like, just like an uncircumcised penis, it isn’t ugly. It’s just different. Then what we are shown in sixth grade health class, you know what I mean? It’s not ugly. It’s just different.

Jaxon  10:48

Or I’m gonna make the argument that all genitalia is ugly. You know, none of it’s like, it’s all like an organ, but it’s outside the body. It’s weird looking.

Jaime Primak Sullivan  10:59

I don’t know there are some pretty penises in the world.

Jaxon  11:03

Hard disagree.

Jaime Primak Sullivan  11:05

Hard. Yes, and pretty. And I have seen some beautiful female body parts. I am an ass girl all day. And there is nothing more beautiful to me. Nothing than a blond haired woman with a fat ass. I will take it all day and twice on Sunday. And I said, what the fuck I said, and you could go you’re married? Yeah, no shit. But I didn’t go blind. But I you know, I have a friend not too long ago who said to me, I don’t like my vagina. And now we’re in our 40s Jaxon, 40s. And she’s recently single and out there in the dating world. And she’s like, I don’t like it. I don’t like the way it looks. There’s too many folds in it. I think she literally referred to it as a whale breaching the water, the ocean. And I was like, what? Like, I don’t even know what to, I’m sorry, what? And I’ve seen her in a bathing suit. And I’ve seen her and underwear and I’ve seen her in jeans. Now I’ve always been self-conscious about my camel toe. I hate it. Because I’ve had so many jokes made about it. When I was in Dominican Republic with my little sister, who’s from the Dominican Republic, little Jaime. We were at in walking in bikinis. And a guy said something in Spanish. And the man his friend responded, like […]. And little Jaime got angry and like started yelling. And this was on my very early stages of learning Spanish. So I was picking up every 15th word. But I got that she didn’t like his response. And when we walked away, I was like, what did they say? And she didn’t want to tell me and I was like, just tell me. And she said the first guy said damn, what do you think she has in her bathing suit? And the guy responded a flip flop. You’re gonna laugh. It’s fine. You can laugh.

Jaxon  13:28

I mean, it’s funny. Like, it’s rude, obviously.

Jaime Primak Sullivan  13:34

But it is a little funny. But it fucked me up. Right? And I became very insecure about I started associating white bikinis with that comment. And so I stopped wearing white bikinis forever.

Jaxon  13:49

I do want to clarify, it’s funny because it’s ridiculous. There’s no one, because there’s no way it looks like you had a whole flip flop in your bikini bottom.

Jaime Primak Sullivan  13:56

I think it does. Like, let me confess my true insecurity to you. Khloe Kardashian once said, I struggle with my vagina because it’s chubby. And no matter how much weight I lose, it’s just chubby. And Courtney, God loves her. Might little five foot 100 pound best friend who has a vagina the size of a piece of Trident gum. Shed up two C sections. There was no way a baby was coming out of that beautiful vagina. Sorry, Courtney. I’m putting it out there but it’s gorgeous. It’s literally the kind that you would show aliens. If they came down and said let me see. But she has certainly unknowingly, like she would never say anything to hurt me. She’s my biggest cheerleader. But she has made jokes about my vagina being bigger than her or being chubby. And I die a little inside because I can’t do anything about it. I could exercise all day long. It’s not going to change it. I could. Like, I am Chloe and Chloe wears. I mean God love Chloe for finally embracing it. But she’ll wear now like full spandex outfits, and her camel toe is loud. Like it is fucking jarring. And I know, mine is too. And like, I have friends like mom friends that I’ve made in Alabama and one time for my birthday. This is fucking true. You guys are listening to this right now. And you’re probably thinking like, no way. But yes, they gave me a birthday gift. And inside the bag, there was a cucina and a cucina is a Jaxon so excited right now. It’s literally like a vagina cup, like a cup for your vagina so that your camel toe does not show through your outfit.

Jaxon  16:18

I was about to ask if there were any remedies beyond duct tape.

Jaime Primak Sullivan  16:21

But imagine what that does to you. When suddenly there is a negative connotation to a body part that is supposed to be so sexy to people. Like if do you know how many times I’ve said to Michael like, okay, do you hate my vagina? He’s like, what? I’m like, do you hate it? He’s like, she’s my best friend. And I’m like, no, but seriously, I know you love to talk to her. But like, do you wish he was less chubby? He’s like, like, what? Like, he’s so like, what are you talking about?

Jaxon  16:54

I think any man would be that way.

Jaime Primak Sullivan  16:56

But I think you’re lying. I think you are lying. And yes, I’m gonna tell you, I think you’re lying. Because that would mean you don’t notice. And that not, I don’t mean mine. I don’t think you notice mine. I’m talking about when you are intimate with women. Are you telling me you don’t notice if they have a chubby vagina or not?

Jaxon  17:14

If we’re at the point where I’m seeing it, then I’ve already approved everything else, basically, we’re at that point, it can be the chubbiest vagina of all time, and there’s no man that would care.

Jaime Primak Sullivan  17:25

Yeah, I would notice like..

Jaime Primak Sullivan  17:25

Not that I think you’re lying. But the insecurity runs so deep. I’ll give you an example of another insecurity that women have. I remember, a girl in high school getting pushed in a pool. And everybody being able to see her boobs through her shirt. And someone yelling out. She has salami nipples. And I remember seeing every girl’s face, react to the joke. And suddenly becoming very insecure about nipples for the first time. Like, what does that mean? Salami nipples. Is that bad? Is that good? Is it your nipple part, is your areola part? Well, like, do mine look like hers? I didn’t get a good enough look like you know, and I remember at that being 16, and suddenly, it’s like, you know, I always say there are certain things that happen to you in your life. And it’s like, BC, AD, right? Where it’s rose colored glasses. You go through life with nipples before that and you never think about them? Who the fuck thinks about their nipples when they’re growing up? Nobody. Sure, we understood that boob size was something that men valued or appreciated or talked about, but now we got to worry about nipples too? Do you notice nipples on a woman?

Jaime Primak Sullivan  18:21

So, you know what I’m talking about when someone says she has salami nipples?

Jaxon  18:59

Sure. Is that a turn off for me? Is that anything that would make me be like you, no, not even remotely? Because that’s like, that’s a childish comment that that person made. So I understand the insecurity. It is sort of based in wanting to appeal to people who don’t need to be appeal to anything. What do you mean? Like, if I’m a girl, the guy who says she’s got salami nipples is not the guy I’m showing my nipples to? You know what I mean?

Jaime Primak Sullivan  19:53

I don’t know that we have that much confidence at 16 Jaxon, I think you really I understand, you’re coming at it from a very introspective 25 year old’s face. But you have to remember when you’re 16. And someone says that, whether you have them or not, like I’ve heard jokes about women who have dime nipples, you know? And apparently like […] size is a big deal. And but what people don’t realize is so my point of bringing that up to you is we were at dinner, right before COVID with a bunch of friends. Now I’ve seen the majority of my girlfriend’s naked numerous times, not in a sexual way, but just under like, I don’t want like what I’m wearing, I’m changing or can I wear that bra? Yes, let me wear your bathing suit, whatever. You know, like, we’re naked all the damn time. We’re in showers together, like women are the most let for women who are not lesbians. Women are lesbians just in the way that we are naked around each other and we’ll wipe something off the girl’s boob or touch a butt and it’s like nothing for me. It’s sometimes something but usually nothing, right? Men don’t do that. Come here, you got a piece of fuzz on your dick, no, there’s none. But women do even if they’re not gay? Well, one of the guys at the table, made a comment and said something like, you know, she was taught, you know, said something about how after she had like her second child, like her areolas were just fucking huge. And he did his fingers like in a circle around his chest. And by the way, the size he made with his fingers wasn’t even that fucking big. But there was a girl sitting at the table that I know, has big areolas and I could see her kind of sinking. And I’m like, why do you have to fucking say anything dude? Do you want everybody to talk about your sad, sack, of fucking man air dick? Honestly, because we don’t make jokes like that. We don’t do that. And by the way, men can have big nipples too. Men can have big areolas too. It’s not a just a women thing. But there isn’t a norm. There isn’t like a normal. One vagina isn’t better than another vagina. Let me tell you, about the time a guy gets inside you. He’s so fucking happy to be there. He doesn’t give a shit. What your lips look like if they’re bigger or smaller, if he had to open something to see your clit or it was just smiling at him when he took your underwear off. He was so fucking happy to be there. Because at the end of the day, men are just so fucking happy to be invited to the party. They really are. And men who have sex, even into their 60s are still like 15 year old boys who can’t believe they’re getting laid. And I believe this. I really do. And here’s the other thing. Do we all have preferences? Sure. I like women who have blonde hair. I don’t know why I don’t like men who have blonde hair. That’s not my jam. I like women who have big butts. And bigger size. Maybe because it’s the opposite of what I have. I’m not a blue girl at all. That’s my preference. Doesn’t mean I wouldn’t be attracted to a brunette. Who had big boobs. I mean, I haven’t yet but I totally could be Rihanna. Rihanna is a brunette with big boobs. I would risk it all for Rihanna. You know what I mean? Would you?

Jaxon  23:52


Jaime Primak Sullivan  23:55

She’s a unicorn. And I bet no disrespect that her vagina is beautiful. But I just want to say to the women listening to this, I promise you that what you are hyper focused on like I am with camel toe I noticed that every single outfit I put on, I never don’t look for it. I’m never not self-conscious about it. I hate that underwear are marketed towards women, and they airbrush the vaginas. And they get us to buy underwear that cover half our labia. And I’m constantly shifting my underwear because my chubby lady is hanging out the side of all the fucking underwear. Like let me tell you what the secret to Victoria’s Secret is. The secret is it doesn’t fit an adult vagina. That’s the secret.

Jaxon  24:49

Do you want to hear another real secret? It was founded by a man.

Jaime Primak Sullivan  24:54

Which is why it doesn’t cover the entire labia because he has no fucking clue what he’s doing. And it doesn’t matter if your nipples the actual nipples are long like pencil erasers or inverted and flat. It doesn’t matter if your areolas are bigger or smaller if they’re the size of dimes or the size of half dollars or whatever, because there’s a lid for every pot. But here’s what I do know to be the truth. The truth is, this podcast is not going to relieve your insecurity. If you’re listening to this, and you’re like me, and you’re hyper focused on something, nothing I say, is going to take that insecurity away from you. What I can say to you is that if it isn’t right for someone, it’ll be right for the next person. That is just the truth. There is somebody out there wishing, praying and hoping for your exact vagina or he’s already married to it. You know what I mean? Like, I don’t think that Michael Sullivan walked through the world going, I hope I marry a chubby vagina. But he did. He tells me it’s his best friend. And I believe him. Because I’ve never had one complaint. But I don’t like that people have compared it to a flip flop or somebody else compared it to a baseball glove. I don’t like that. It hurts my feelings.

Jaxon  26:20

No one likes being compared to any sort of object.

Jaime Primak Sullivan  26:24

No, I don’t. I don’t like it. And maybe if mine looked like a pistachio I might feel better. I don’t know. But I do have the insecurity and I don’t love the lower half of my body. I just don’t my legs are too skinny. My feet are too big my vaginas. It’s like all the chubbiness went to the front and not the back. Like what the fuck is that about? When I die and go to heaven. That’s one of the first things I’m asking God. And maybe he’s gonna say because I wanted you to use your brain more than anything else. But like, I could use my brain with a fat ass, Lord, I promise you, I know how to do that. I just think that there are so many women that are going to take this insecurity to the end. And that makes me sad. Is there are so many of us who have lived decades with nipple insecurity, or boob size insecurity, or ass size insecurity, or labia insecurity or you perceive yours to be the pretty one or the ugly one or the halfsies or the this, you know. And the truth is, really, I long did not believe that men could feel love. I really didn’t. I did not think that men ever really loved. Do you think they can?

Jaxon  28:10

I know they can.

Jaime Primak Sullivan  28:14

Like, I love you so much. I’m like sort of obsessed with you. And I don’t really ever want to live without you.

Jaxon  28:20

I know. Yes. Yes.

Jaime Primak Sullivan  28:21

You really believe that? Because you’ve had it?

Jaxon  28:25


Jaime Primak Sullivan  28:27

And you wouldn’t have cared if a vagina looked like a whale breaching out of the ocean?

Jaxon  28:31

I don’t even know what that would look like. No, I wouldn’t care.

Jaime Primak Sullivan  28:37

You wouldn’t care if our areolas were dimes, or salamis.

Jaxon  28:42

That’s just so specific to have like a preference for that is like.

Jaime Primak Sullivan  28:46

You just wouldn’t care.

Jaxon  28:48

I mean, if they’re so big that it seems like a medical condition, then maybe I would care, like are they swollen or something?

Jaime Primak Sullivan  28:57

Like is it spreading down your arm. No, that’s the other thing is nipples are different colors. People don’t realize that. So are vaginas. Like everyone makes jokes like it’s all pink on the inside. Is it? Not always. It’s different for everybody. And then Emma Thompson. Emma Thompson the actress just came out and made a statement that said that women have been brainwashed. Let me give you the actual quote. She said women have been brainwashed into removing all their pubic hair. I deeply regret the demise of the full bush. I think it’s a great shame. I think that is the truth. I think that we society has groomed us no pun intended, to believe that less is better. That you should or wax or shave, you know, down to nothing. And some people say the shorter the grass, the bigger the tree for men, and they talk about manscaping and whatever. manscaping is a thing. It’s become a business.

Jaxon  30:15

It’s a literal company called that.

Jaime Primak Sullivan  30:17

Michael loves manscape, that company. Sorry, babe. Sorry, that was very personal. But he does he has all their stuff. He has their, even their body wash. He loves that company. But do you feel pressure to manscape? And do you think that’s society?

Jaxon  30:37

No, I think there is a hygiene level to it. You just got to do periodically. But there’s also a preparation version.

Jaime Primak Sullivan  30:47

What the fuck does that mean?

Jaxon  30:49

If you know you have a date. You prepare.

Jaime Primak Sullivan  30:51

Like for aesthetic purposes? So it really is manscaping. So you do it before dates. Not just like if you have like, let’s just say you would have let’s just say you have no dates for the next three months. I’m making that up. Do you still manscape?

Jaxon 31:10

Yeah, like I said periodically for hygiene. Yes.

Jaime Primak Sullivan  31:14

What’s happening to your hygiene if you don’t manscape because actually pubic hair are meant to catch dirt and debris and protect your body parts from.

Jaxon  31:22

It’s just a musky area. You want to turn down as much as there’s when you wash it’s it gets as thorough as possible.

Jaime Primak Sullivan  31:30

Okay, that’s fair. do you like if there’s a woman who’s like completely shaven, like bald? Are you like, whoa, second grader, maybe bring some of that back?

Jaxon  31:44

I did tease one girlfriend at one point because she was, I tease for how many appointments she would have, but a lot of them are waxing appointments or and it was like, okay, what are you doing?

Jaime Primak Sullivan  31:55

Now, what if you went on a date with a woman and she had like a full bush, like, 80s?

Jaxon  32:01

I mean, within reason were good. Like I said, hygiene wise, as long as we’re not like, freedom, like coming out, like so long that that it’s like, like it.

Jaime Primak Sullivan  32:14

Right. Certainly you don’t want it sticking through the jeans. Because that would be awkward, right? And I’m gonna go with you on that. I’m not pressuring anybody to shave or wax if they’re not comfortable doing that. But you do need to make sure it’s like literally not coming through your pants. Otherwise, it’s not hygienic. You’re absolutely right. That’s how you find pubes in your food.

Jaxon  32:36

And that can also be an area for like, transmitted stuff to cultivate. Like crabs.

Jaime Primak Sullivan  32:45

Is that still a thing?

Jaime Primak Sullivan  32:48

No way, it was so like 70s, shag carpets in their pants. But you know, you do have to be very careful when you’re a mother. By about any insecurity. Because you don’t want to project that on your children. By any like, I did something the other day that I’m so not proud of. I was laying on the bed and I was squishing my stomach skin. And I was like, this is Olivia. This is Max. This is Charlie and I was like laughing. And I saw Olivia looked down at her own stomach and look back at mine. And I was like, fuck, like, you cannot joke. You cannot make a joke about your boobs or your nipples or your vagina or your butt. I mean, the joke in my house is that my butt is flat and everybody else in my house hasn’t asked everybody and given the dog. All three of my kids have a booty and Michael has a booty. I am like Jaime flat ass; it is the joke and everybody jokes about it. And it’s fine. Because it’s in good. It’s very good natured. Also it is so obviously the truth, painfully truthful. But I do have to be careful as the mom to like, I have to watch what I say. But I am fascinated to know if you’re listening to this and you probably would never be comfortable enough to say what it is specifically. But if you’ve ever had an insecurity about your female body parts, specifically, your boobs, your nipples, your areoles, your vagina, your labia, your fucking clit. I don’t know. If you’ve ever had an insecurity that is focused specifically on one of those body parts. I’d love to know. Like, you don’t have to write what but you could just write the word. Yes. When you comment. I’m just so curious to know I can’t be the only one. I know I’m not because I’ve had friends share with me that they have the insecurity. But I just would love to hear is it a wide sweep? Is it a widespread panic or is it like just the girls from the Jersey Shore or just you know I’m just, I want to know because I really hope I don’t take this to the end. But I feel like I probably will some 45. And it’s not going anywhere. And also, like motherhood changes your body so much. And then you don’t even recognize some of your body parts. You’re like, wait a minute, whose boobs are these? I didn’t sign up for this shit. So I am very curious. Look, I think body insecurity is like something that we all live with in different capacities, but your intimate organs or your reproductive organs. It’s kind of like, in a way, you kind of feel like at the very least, can I just get one of those I like, like, if you don’t like your stomach, or your feet are too big, or your ears hang low, can you at least get nipples you like, like what the fuck? We got to worry about that too. But the truth is, yes, it’s out there. And I have it. And I just want you to know you’re not alone. And also there is no normal. And also, you’re like, you’re beautiful. I’m beautiful. You are beautiful. We’re all beautiful, but you really are beautiful. And that’s without me ever knowing what your internal body parts look like. And you’re right. It shouldn’t matter. But it feels like it does. You know?

Jaxon  32:48

I think it is.

Jaxon  36:24

I think not being alone is good that we can put this podcast down, people can listen and say.

Jaime Primak Sullivan  36:30

Okay, well Jaime has a chubby vagina and so do I.

Jaxon  36:34

We’re all in this together.

Jaime Primak Sullivan  36:35

We’re all in this together. I’m Vanessa and you’re Zack. All right. What were their names in that movie?

Jaxon  36:45

Their names were Troy Bolton

Jaime Primak Sullivan  36:47

Oh, okay. You know the last name?

Jaxon  36:54

Gabriella Montes, I think is her last name.

Jaime Primak Sullivan  37:00

But we are all in this together. And this is just a reminder, it’s a funny reminder, but it is a reminder that, you know, there is no normal. And you don’t have to have one of those tiny pistachio airbrushed Victoria’s Secret vaginas to be beautiful, to be sexy, to be desired. And also, if you do have one of those pistachio sized airbrushed vaginas that Victoria’s Secret underwear cover perfectly, great. And also, can I borrow your vagina for one day because I just want to know what it’s like not to carry around a baseball glove in my underwear. But thank you guys, as always, for listening to my weird tirades, because I don’t know, there’s nowhere else I would have this conversation. And I only do so because I know for a fact my mother in law does not listen to my podcast, but she does watch my Cawfee Talk. So thank you so much for listening. I do hope that you share this with a friend of yours that maybe has an insecurity in her pants or in her bra that you can say oh my god, this woman talks about our vaginas or our areolas or our whatever, and we should totally comment. And Jaxon, thank you for sitting through these unbearable. Sometimes.

Jaxon  38:14

I loved this conversation. It’s interesting. And I don’t get to have conversations like this often, either.

Jaime Primak Sullivan  38:22

Great. Because you’re not going to have it with your sisters. That’s totally awkward.

Jaxon  38:25

My like female friends. I don’t think we would talk about it.

Jaime Primak Sullivan  38:34

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