end of year reflection

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it’s been a wild year. gather round as i look back at 2023. the highs, the lows and a story that still makes me laugh every time i think about it.



Jennette McCurdy

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At the end of every year, I do a year review. I do it with my significant other around the fireplace we light the fireplace we have our what is called Marinelli sparkling cider. We sip on that we have some gingerbread cookies, we do our your review. But we’ll have to find some different questions because I usually ask myself the questions that I’m going to answer here, for you.


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So I also should mention, December is my favorite month. Absolutely, the landslide win. I love it I play Christmas jazz music every day when I wake up and I’m making my coffee. I have like 123456 I have seven Christmas trees. Two of them full size. I like I can’t get enough of Christmas and Christmas time and the spirit of Christmas like I’m, I’m in okay, I’m all in. I love December and then Christmas is over but then it’s it’s not at all sad for me because I get to jump right into my year end review. So I spend the week after Christmas leading into the New Year. Just reflecting and thinking about what I liked that happened, what I didn’t like what I’d like to do differently just I do a deep dive. So I’m excited for this. I just wanted to give you the full context to paint the picture here because it’s really one of my favorite things to do. Okay, I’m jumping in. What is my proudest achievement? I literally, that’s always the first thing I go to is, why did I cheat? That’s how I like to find each of my years is through the things that I achieved or accomplished. And now I’m like, I’m looking at these and I’m going I might need to change my interview questions because I don’t want that to be the thing that leads me anymore. But my proudest achievement would be probably finishing the first draft of a novel. what or whom are you most thankful for? Is the next question. My significant other in my home that makes me feel safe and proud and peaceful. What surprised you most? Oh, boy, that whole year was a surprise. I’ll tell you that much. No, truly, honestly, what surprised me most was that priorities shifted. Who knows, maybe they’ll shift again or shift back. But work was always my number one priority. It’s up through, you know, most of this year and then cut to the burnout episode of this podcast. Which if you haven’t listened, that’ll give us more context. But yeah, my priorities are shifting and I’m it’s bizarre and uncomfortable for me, but I’m working on it and through it. How is your relationship with yourself changed, I’ve really realized how much more self trust I need. I thought I had built, I have to give myself credit where credit’s due. I have built a ton of trust with myself over the years but clearly I need to be able to trust myself more and trust my body more as opposed to trying to like analyze and intellectualize everything and, you know, make my little charts and graphs and whatever like I just needed tune in with my body more. Tune in to me to tune in with my body more. Just settle into that and trust that I really do believe that like my my body and all particularly women’s bodies have a lot of inherent wisdom in them. I believe that and I want to get in touch with mine more. How have your life goals changed? This has changed a lot. I would say the fact that I’m I was gonna say that I’m cooking HelloFresh three times a week. This is not an ad like this is not an ad okay, I don’t know if I know I’ve done ads for HelloFresh in the past maybe they’re sponsoring this episode I don’t know but I will say genuinely I’m cooking I use, okay, guys, I use my own fucking promo code. All right, I’m not ashamed 50 hard feelings. I use my own code and I ordered HelloFresh and I’ve been making them for I think this is my like my fifth week maybe making them and I love it. I really I’m enjoying cooking in in whatever small kind of guided way that count as. But I mentioned this not to promote HelloFresh, although it really is just America’s number one food service and I don’t know, their, I don’t know what the slogan is, but it’s my number one food service, I’ll tell you that much. But the fact that I even want to cook, that’s something that I always just kind of wrote off and was like, I am not that I didn’t need, I didn’t I didn’t want to be associated with anything that to me, I just, it was like work was the only thing that I wanted to think about. But now I’m really enjoying the act of making a meal. And I really want to be more present in aspects of my life besides work. So really, yeah, my life goals have changed a lot. There’s much more of a sense of wanting to appreciate and relish in lifestyle, as opposed to just like rigorously, nose to the grindstone every single day. That’s that’s definitely been a big shift for me. How have your relationships with friends and family changed? Obviously, my family relationships, which are it’s primarily my my brothers. That’s pretty that’s stayed consistent. That’s been consistent for years, which is great and lovely. But with my friends, that’s really changed. I’ve, I’ve made I guess, this is also one of a kind of ties into life goals, the last question, but I’ve, I’ve made a lot of friends recently. And I want to continue to nurture those friendships and build trust in those friendships and be there to support other people and their life experiences and their ups and downs. And I can’t believe it, but friends were really something that I that I kind of another thing that I maybe Scott that a little bit in the past or just thought like, that’s a waste of time, you know, and I know why I felt that way. And I had had been burned before I was gonna say, where it’s like, I’d had some, some friends that maybe weren’t, you know, maybe betrayed my trust, I guess, is what I’m trying to say and so it was hard to kind of rebuild trust with new friends, but I will say that process has been much more fulfilling and easy in my 30s. Because people know who they are once in your 30s it’s like, people have lived life, some life, you know, they’ve broken some hearts, they’ve had their heart broken. They’ve experienced loss in some way. Like there’s more. There’s more texture to people, I feel like in the 30s and so are the friends that I’ve made feel more rooted and feel like they have a sturdier Foundation and so that’s changed a lot, but I also look forward to building those friendships. What do I wish I had worried about less? Everything, everything God, yeah, everything.


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Moving on, what is the funniest memory of the year? I feel like that’s a hard one. There’s no way of like describing a funny memory without it having a a, you had to be there kind of tone. You know what I mean? Um, let’s see. What wasn’t really funny. But I randomly got coffee with Chris Rock, the Chris Rock and it was he was lovely it was lovely, it was great. We talked for hours, and I could have talked for even longer. But he goes, I feel like I was sent here at this exact time at this exact moment to be your guardian angel. And I was like asking him for advice. Like what would you want? Yeah, just asking him for advice and picking his brain on stuff and he was like, don’t believe for a second that you’re lucky, don’t believe it. Know that you’re where you are for a reason know that success doesn’t happen randomly know that, it’s because of your talent. And it was just, it was so nice. He was so kind I left absolutely buzzing. But now I’m not kidding you. Every single time. I don’t like when I’m in the shower. But every single time I’m showering every fucking time one under every day since then. It’s been like probably six months since then. Every day when I’m showering. I like smile to myself thinking Chris Rock is my guardian angel. It’s a thought that makes me feel okay. It’s a thought that brings me great peace. It’s not really what was what was asked, but it came to mind. What new or renewed friendships do you cherish? Okay. Pauline, Aaron, Billy Ryan, Rosie have made some really really great friends this year. That I cherish I struggle with the word cherish and be honest that is it, that’s a tough that is a precious moments kind of word. That’s a very, like, Hallmark card word that I genuinely feel for these friends. Okay, what bad habits do you wish you’d changed okay, I bite literally one of my nails only one and it’s real jagged and I wish that I had stopped biting that that’s like a very small why they get so caught my throat small like snake. That’s that’s one very small habit that I wish I would have changed also picking my skin I whenever I had breakouts, I would pick and it would just only make it worse but now that I’ve found benzoyl peroxide, thank God don’t have to worry about that so much although I do wish that I just picked my skin less even like worn gloves or mittens or something to prevent. That would have been great. Obsessing I think is one that I’d really liked to change or I just I just can fixate and go over and over and over something in my mind and just kind of spinning my wheels doesn’t necessarily lead to any sort of forward movement, or growth or progress. It’s just kind of like an anxious effort that leads nowhere is what obsessing feels like to me. So I wish that I changed or can change that. What theme do you want the next year to take? In order to genuinely want for my year? I genuinely want it to be relaxing, I want to relax. Who I feel that like running down my body when I say that my body agrees it saying yes please. I’m tired, that was fun. I enjoyed doing this reflecting a bit. I am gonna go think about Chris Rock being my guardian angel.


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