Galentine’s Day (with Lauren Lapkus)

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During this season of love, we’re showering our Galentines with presents the Lauren Lapkus way. Whether your bestie is on the go or unwinding at home, there’s something in Lauren’s cart for her. Plus, the Aunties and Lauren share their takes on the infamous Stanley Cups, how much talking is too much at Trader Joe’s, and beta blockers. This is what true female friendships are made of.

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Kulap Vilaysack, SuChin Pak, Lauren Lapkus

Kulap Vilaysack  00:10

Welcome back to Add To Cart my little cupid’s I’m Auntie Kuku Vilaysack.


SuChin Pak  00:14

And I’m auntie Susu Pak.


Kulap Vilaysack  00:17

Su, it’s almost Valentine’s Day, and love is in the air.


SuChin Pak  00:22

I feel it.


Kulap Vilaysack  00:23

The sheriff’s are shooting their arrows willy nilly. And the chocolate fondue flowin.


SuChin Pak  00:30

That’s right Ku, that, you know, there’s so many ways to celebrate Valentine’s and we like to celebrate Valentine’s here in different ways. It could be with your special person, it could be mostly just showing love to yourself, this year that we decided to focus on female friendships in our life. And what better way to do.


Kulap Vilaysack  00:51

Wait this year, just this year, Su?


SuChin Pak  00:54

I mean, and also Yesterday I was trying to get through a profesh intro here.


Kulap Vilaysack  01:02



SuChin Pak  01:03

Before our personalities came are ripping through it. But what I was going to say was listen, we’re just gonna sit very deeply in the pudding of our love language, which is gifts. There’s nothing better, I feel like nothing more satisfying to give a gift. I would even say more so than even receiving but that’s controversial, but to give a gift to someone who knows how to receive it, and by receive it I mean, that person will take multiple pictures and videos using it and text it back to you. That’s just my preference. Again, we can discuss with our guest today.


Kulap Vilaysack  01:40

Of course we’ll Su, I’m getting out the red construction paper and glitter to make a card for our Galentines right now. She’s an actress, comedian and podcaster you’ve seen her on Orange is the New Black crashing the wrong Missy she voices lotta in Harvey girls forever. She hosts the podcast, newcomers PacMan when Nicole Byer N three them with Paul F. Tompkins and my lover. There’s nobody I’d rather play family feud against, please add to heart?


Lauren Lapkus  02:15

Oh my God, I’m so excited, how did I not see add to heart coming? That was really good, that was great.


SuChin Pak  02:23

Also should have put in the intro. I mean, nobody wears a bang. Do not tell, okay, don’t do it. People are going to see you with a bang. And then they’re going to start chop chopping, and it gets really sad.


Lauren Lapkus  02:42

You know what, I have had many sad moments with mine, but I appreciate you saying that, that’s very nice.


Kulap Vilaysack  02:47

That’s interesting, Lauren, because what I was gonna add to heart is Lauren, can she fucks with different bang links. Okay, I people’s lives have been ruined by too short of a knot. No, you’re okay. Well, I’m thinking about this really chic, kind of punk like haircut you got when it was a short bang. And I immediately DM do, and I was amazed that you could pull it off.


Lauren Lapkus  03:15

Thank you, well, because I’m freaking out because literally, on my […] January 6 was last year on January 6, and I had somebody butcher my bangs so crazily, that I did cry in the car. I looked like a fucking medieval like pageboy monk or so I don’t know what it was like everything bad was happening at the same time. I’ll just give you a quick little story on that, which I couldn’t talk about at the time. So if you complimented my bangs, and that’s because I got them fixed. And then they’re growing, and then that was I kind of was making it work like I was I was like a Swedish like rock star or something […] okay, it wasn’t intentional and it was harmful to my soul. I look back and I’m like, it was kind of cool, and some picture worked at some points but the first moment like I had, it was a crazy week, I cut my hand with a relief like new knife that we just got, like I was washing it and like sliced and I had to go to the urgent care and it was like crazy. And then I had stitches, and then so I couldn’t wash my hair very well, so I was like, let me just go to a salon and have them blow out my hair, and I’ll get a bang trip and my normal salon was booked and I went to a place. I can’t give the name away because everyone will find it immediately but it’s basically a calling, it’s like being called like, fucked up hair is the name of it. And I was like, getting my hair washed and blown out it was going well on the girl I was like, and they mentioned the bank trim, and she was like, oh, and like she was looking back and like she didn’t know this was about to happen and she wasn’t ready for it. And she took my bangs and she twisted them in a no thing. No one can even talk. She cut off and they were like an inch long, and I was like and they were uneven and then they were in the she was trying to fix it, and then it was a you, and I was like. I just I was like, you have to like a shark bite. I was like, you have to stop, you have to stop because I just can’t afford to lose any more things.


Kulap Vilaysack  05:12

Need a four, 40 hour for the your bang […] tragedy.


Lauren Lapkus  05:17

I got in the car and I was sobbing.


SuChin Pak  05:19

Things tragedies. Months, yeah […]


Lauren Lapkus  05:23



SuChin Pak  05:24

You can’t, and you can’t hide it.


Lauren Lapkus  05:27

A hat doesn’t look right.


SuChin Pak  05:28



Lauren Lapkus  05:28

Right, like there’s something happening you know, it’s weird. And of course, my husband Mike was like, it looks good, we have like dinner with, like people’s house that they had, I was like, I can’t go. And like he’s like, it looks normal, and I was like, whatever, and I basically just tried to make it look like it was intentional. I didn’t talk about it the whole night, because I was like, if I say to these people who I didn’t know that well, that like, like, this is a mistake. And I have everyone thinking about that, you know, it’s like, you can think about my bangs however you want without knowing that I’m not liking the bangs you know, that’s what.


SuChin Pak  06:00

That’s how you get through true tragedy is when you actually cannot talk about it, because many things happen but one of them is once I start them, the whole thing becomes about what I’m starting that. So I’m going to pretend with my nose up in the air, my tail held high.


Kulap Vilaysack  06:20

Yeah, that this U shaped face.


SuChin Pak  06:25

Is an intentional choice I made I brought the picture and it looks exactly how I want to help.


Lauren Lapkus  06:31

And when I look back at pictures of me, from those days surrounding that, like they’re all like the saddest face, I’m like, I’m like just taking selfies with like tears like grim just like, what is why? Why is it like this?


SuChin Pak  06:46

Now I know we have to get to your cart, and when it’s so much talk about but just first is you’re sipping on a stamp.


Lauren Lapkus  06:52

Okay, we have to talk about this so.


Kulap Vilaysack  06:58

I have the exact same one, Lauren.


SuChin Pak  07:00

So I’m in Sydney, the one that my daughter just bought.


Lauren Lapkus  07:02

I got this and I was like, really on the fence because it’s $40 and I was like, that’s absurd, and yes, I do have 10 water bottles already that are wonderful, and they all work. But I was like, I’m pregnant, and my justification is I’m extremely thirsty. And I need this amount of water at all times. And that I bought it I couldn’t have been happier. And let me tell you, I bought this when it was I mean just months ago this was considered like a basic B kind of cup to have. And now it is the most popular cup in the world, so I don’t know if that’s because I got it or I don’t know like what.


Kulap Vilaysack  07:40

Yo Stanley are you listening? You listen to this?


Lauren Lapkus  07:45

It was like kind of like a mom cup? Like you know what like Midwestern mom cup no shades anyway um that’s where I’m from. Okay, I’m getting this cup this is gonna be like a thing that I’m doing and then now it’s like everybody has the cup and it’s cool.


Kulap Vilaysack  07:56

Well, everybody has has cups, the Tiktokers does have they ever every shade every flavor if you will, and they’re laminating the labels to make sure that they keep that.


Lauren Lapkus  08:07



SuChin Pak  08:07

Dazzling them, am I using them?


Lauren Lapkus  08:10

Okay, I’m not on Tiktok  I need to know more about this. This is a trend that they’re making them personal?


Kulap Vilaysack  08:15

Lauren you’re not allowed on Tiktok you’ll never get out.


Lauren Lapkus  08:18

I know I cannot go on that thing. That’s bad for ya. I just have to say if you tip this over, which I do all day, am I my child? This feels water comes out of it instantly. It has no protective the top is just like for looks it spilled water all over the place, I don’t know why, it’s fine.


SuChin Pak  08:37

It’s a fake top, it’s a fake top.


Kulap Vilaysack  08:39

It’s a fake top there’s also been a backlash on those Stanley’s because here as well for the things that you brought up that everybody likes it it’s become so popular people are waiting in line at Target and also that it spills every which way. So I am holding a simple modern one that my niece Dina Deng whom everyone on Podcast knows. She prefers this one it’s a slightly more streamlined version. I need that bill as much


SuChin Pak  09:10

As much, as much but guess what, what what is wet?


Kulap Vilaysack  09:14

That’s that’s chic looking though.


SuChin Pak  09:16

But what is wet? You guys you cannot have water bottles, sippy cups that spill.


Lauren Lapkus  09:24

I agree and honestly I was doing a test of their knee I had a friend over we were talking about all this and we were looking at all the accessories and I was like you know what, let me try this, so there’s this thing on the top and you can take the straw and you can rotate this little cap and it covers the hole, I got let me see if it spills now. It was all over me on the couch, it was like the worst house I’ve ever done.


Kulap Vilaysack  09:41

Has nothing to do with the straw, it just the lid does not work and it’s shocking. The reason why I like this is I’m not yes this can fit the bottom of it can fit in my car. I’m not really traveling with this. I need the feature of being able to just not open so thing but to move my head slightly and suck down yeah like that’s its that’s its main feature to me that I don’t have to twist something.


Lauren Lapkus  10:07

I agree, though that’s the thing all my other cups were twist cup or my other you know bottles with his twist titties, what am I saying their twisties […]


Kulap Vilaysack  10:16

This is more like this is more like a titty.


SuChin Pak  10:20

For sure we are all going back to adult kitty.


Kulap Vilaysack  10:26

Kitty kitty.


Lauren Lapkus  10:27

For comfort I like.


SuChin Pak  10:28

That by the way is so far the most compelling argument for this thing that anyone has ever made, bottom the thing that they I’m just like, no, no, no, but nobody has made that and I’m like fine, I can see why someone.


Lauren Lapkus  10:41

It’s laziness it is and I will say that this fitting in the car is good because my other ones are very fat and they don’t and then I have to hold it between my legs and that’s just wild.


Kulap Vilaysack  10:53

Let’s get into your heart cart, Lolo. We asked you to share what to give her Galentines items for a Valentine’s Day party and how to treat yourself during this time of Galentines. So let’s start with this cute $20 Sling Bag fanny pack from Uniqlo.


Lauren Lapkus  11:13

This is so cute. My friend was wearing this the other night. Everyone’s like that’s so cute, and she’s like $20 and I was like that’s that’s the best you know? Oh Tiffany is saying she wanted in three colors. She also noted that it’s good for even a little on the go diaper bag if you just want to bring like a diaper and wipes and whatever and it swings across your front so it like isn’t one of those you know all the big bags we carry so it’s kind of nice to have an option and I feel like as club I’m curious how you’re feeling about this like as he’s getting older, are you finding your breeding less because I got to a certain point where I was like, I’m gonna narrow this down and I now have getting their bag for my daughter that I’m like it’s it’s only these things and if I need something else, we’ll figure it out.


Kulap Vilaysack  11:59

Finding that I’m like this is too heavy, I’m taking stuff out, I don’t need it. I am still worried about not having enough. She’s still little she still needs those diabetes, and I have found there was one occasion when I was like oh we used all of them and I need to go to the grocery store right now, so that piece but yeah like the because you know me like when I add to cart we are stocking and we are restocking and we have you know various things and now I realize I don’t need it. I don’t want to carry it all


Lauren Lapkus  12:31

You have the most enviable like linen toiletry closet in your hall. At one point you you were present when I opened it. I wasn’t just being completely new, but it was so well stocked and well organized. I was like this is literally what ASMR videos are made. It’s like this is everything, this is so amazing, I love it so much. Also I want to give a hot tip. We spilled coffee in the car, I had a diaper to put that in the cup holder where all the coffee had been spilling absorbed the whole thing clean look duck buck, that ingenuity you don’t need, you don’t have kids just put diapers in the car.


SuChin Pak  13:09

It makes a diaper.


Lauren Lapkus  13:10

That diaper is made by Hello Bello.


SuChin Pak  13:13



Lauren Lapkus  13:14

Yes, yes.


Kulap Vilaysack  13:15

Okay, Hello Bello that’s a brand by Kristen Bell and Zack […]


Lauren Lapkus  13:23

Yeah, it’s you know, that’s I will say I’ve enjoyed being a subscriber to that because it makes it very easy and they you can pick the patterns every month, which was really fun, they have like holiday patterns and stuff and it’s just enjoy that you know, that chain but it’s fun.


Kulap Vilaysack  13:38

That’s a real good


Kulap Vilaysack  13:42

Let’s talk about this coin purse from Claire V. And being a great gift for yourself or someone else.


Lauren Lapkus  13:49

Now, because it’s $75 and to me that’s more of a gift for myself, I’m not just walking around handing out sort of how to like coin purses however, I do go to the Claire V sale every year the warehouse sale.


SuChin Pak  14:02

And what’s that?


Kulap Vilaysack  14:04

Oh, it’s mayhem.


Lauren Lapkus  14:06

It’s crazy oh, it’s madness.


Kulap Vilaysack  14:08

It’s not worth it.


SuChin Pak  14:09

No, get it.


Lauren Lapkus  14:14

Yeah, completely worth it, and I stocked up on a bunch of these coin purses one like one year and I’ve been handing I have been handing those out because I’ve lost track of how much I spent on that, you know what I mean? Like it’s one of those things where like, I guess that was free because that was a while ago. And so I gave a bunch of those for Christmas like my aunts and stuff last year and they’re such a hidden this year everyone was showing me oh my gosh, I use it all the time. And I still had two in my little gift box that I have like things to give people and so I gave one for a birthday recently and then I kept one. So I was like what am I doing? I haven’t used one myself, everyone’s telling me how great these are. And they are great, what I like it for is I have tons of gift cards that I lose track of. And I put gift cards on there, so then I’m like that’s where the gift cards are and then you can always have them in your purse. You need to have your have cards with you because if you end up at Bed Bath and Beyond where you have $5 and you don’t spend that like that makes me mad so like, I need to have our trips.


Kulap Vilaysack  15:10

Mm hmm, and if you aren’t you know you don’t live in LA you can go to the sale. You can purchase it online and add a monogram that’s the clear V promised.


Lauren Lapkus  15:20

It’s really classy and second good gift for your partner to give you if you’re like you want something kind of special and you tell them what to get you which some people’s dynamic is including mine sometimes.


Kulap Vilaysack  15:32

I want this.


SuChin Pak  15:35

And you can’t go wrong with the clarity.


Lauren Lapkus  15:37

No, you really can’t honestly like.


SuChin Pak  15:39

I was just talking about this with a friend of mine. And I was like, you know you can go hi and you can go $20 Uniqlo bag, and then there’s Claire V and you will not be mad at anything you buy for anyone in that store, Claire V anything, no one is mad. That is actually the guarantee.


Lauren Lapkus  16:01

It’s a great present, I also am in this moms group on Facebook, where people purge things that they buy. And it’s really fun and lots of people are purging because they’re like, okay, I went to the warehouse and I overbought now here’s these, and that’s I mean, you can buy it use you know, that’s an option, I’m very into buying things secondhand, especially things that are like really expensive and Poshmark is great for that too, there’s these things pop up all over the place, and that’s a good option, if it sounds like.


Kulap Vilaysack  16:29

Claire V is great quality, speaking of a crossbody that I received from Scott because I put it on my list for Christmas. I have a cross by a grand Fanny, you guys familiar.


Lauren Lapkus  16:43

That’s the one everyone covets.


Kulap Vilaysack  16:45

Yes, yes, I got that in a beautiful black and white that I love, it’s very nice.


SuChin Pak  16:52

I love it, and you’ll have it forever, I don’t know how long.


Lauren Lapkus  16:55

That’s the thing. Oh, my clarity stuff is so nice that I as it gets worn it’s even better, it’s just like high quality, good stuff.


Kulap Vilaysack  17:12

Let’s talk about this candle warmer.


Lauren Lapkus  17:16

So excited about this now. I heard you guys plug GE things just bought it because I let you know about their amazing. What do you call it a spreadsheet of sales. And they are the place where I learned about this. This invention, which I love so much is a candle warmer. So it’s a little lamp, and it has a base and then you put your candle on the base. And it heats up the candle you have no flame. So you’d have so it’s very safe. And they have timers on them. So if I can second set it for three hours, the house just smells nice. I will get a non toxic candle. Dana sent me amazing stuff from dead cool. And oh my god, I love it. And I just will end the candles lasts so much longer because it’s just like warming the wax and it just melts and then it re hardens. It’s not burning down, so like I’ve been using the same candle for like, almost a year like it’s great.


SuChin Pak  18:11

No, you you’re making money. Every time you turn that on, you’re just depositing money into your checking account.


Kulap Vilaysack  18:18

SuChin Math.


SuChin Pak  18:19

It should come with a noise, it should come with every, every minute, you should just hear a time.


Lauren Lapkus  18:26

You saved, I love it so much, and I also just really liked the safety because I’ve had you know, you know risky moments with candles and you’d ever it’s a little scary sometimes when you forget about when you’re like oh my God, I left that burning, like for so long, and I had no idea that was going in another room and like whatever, it just takes away that fear, and you get the joy of the smell.


Kulap Vilaysack  18:46

Yeah, my sister got this from my mother in law. Linda, which I am so happy about because my mother in law, she keeps removing fire alarms in her house. I keep putting him back in Smoke alarms.


Lauren Lapkus  19:00

What does she not like about it?


Kulap Vilaysack  19:02

Okay, so the issue is, is that there, she is hall ceilings. And when the inevitable happens when the battery goes out. She can’t get at them because they’re so tall that even a ladder won’t get at him, but the but a hammer will.


SuChin Pak  19:21

I’ve done that.


Lauren Lapkus  19:22

Just throwing a hammer at the ceiling.


Kulap Vilaysack  19:24

Yeah, you’re just like.


SuChin Pak  19:26

I’m with her, I’m with her. I know the rage when you can’t get it to stop even when you get at it.


Kulap Vilaysack  19:32

Yeah, and she calls the fire department, they come and they.


Lauren Lapkus  19:35

I’m sure they love that.


Kulap Vilaysack  19:36

And then one time she was like, we’ll just take it out for me. And they’re like no.


Lauren Lapkus  19:40

Right, because it’s good. We have some that like would go off recently it went off mill the night doing something crazy. And I was like, so scared. It was just a fluke and then it stopped. And then it never happened again, and I’m like what sometimes those things are like what is going on with them? Like I don’t think that technology is completely figured out. There’s like a lot of random keep inhabiting.


Kulap Vilaysack  20:02

It’s so unnerving, this is such a good and great idea, especially if you got animals you have kids.


Lauren Lapkus  20:07

Yes, and they have lots of different styles. So in my kitchen, I have sort of a vintage crystal style that works with my style in that room. And then here in my podcasting room, I have like the modern modern, like white one with gold, it’s like, so it’s, it’s, you kind of have everywhere and they get the set going, it’s great I love it.


Kulap Vilaysack  20:26

I like it, I like it a lot, I love it a lot. Okay, let’s talk about this Class Club that you’re in.


Lauren Lapkus  20:37

Yes. Okay so I am in a class club with two other friends who, I don’t even know how it started, I guess we wanted to, like get together and then we were like, because we never really hung out as a group, and then we’re like, let’s do like a fun thing like, let’s take a class. And so we took a cookie decorating class. And it was so much fun. And like such a cool way to like, get to hang out with people and like you’re doing something and learning something. And then we were like, We should do that every time we hang out. And so we did a sewing and mending class, which was really great, cuz I don’t know how to sew at all. I don’t I can’t say that I do now but I learned a couple things that probably stuck. And that was really helpful. And then we took a pottery class. And then we ended up signing up for six weeks of pottery and.


Kulap Vilaysack  21:20

You liked it, you liked it that much?


Lauren Lapkus  21:21

I did, and then by the end of six weeks, I thought I think I’m done doing pottery, but I did it, it was fun. It was fun to go do something different and like use your brain differently. And I just think it’s a great Valentine’s thing like if you want to get together with your friends rather than like going to get drinks, which also is great but like, let’s do something a little bit random. Like let’s get to do a flower arranging class or like, you know, just something that pops up in your community.


Kulap Vilaysack  21:47

I love that.


Lauren Lapkus  21:48

I wear yoga, you can just take a normal class that doesn’t have to be something so you know, new.


SuChin Pak  21:53

Well, it’s also nice I was just I was invited. And I went to a like a craft thing Saturday for adults or something. And it you sort of kind of it like shakes up the conversation a bit.


Lauren Lapkus  22:09

Yeah, totally.


SuChin Pak  22:10

You know, it kind of gets different things, it was specific group of moms here that like I adore but maybe don’t know very well. So like sitting for dinner would be like really intimidating for me.


Lauren Lapkus  22:23

I agree.


SuChin Pak  22:24

Going to a class you’re sort of like oh, in between the Modge Podge ng hodgepodge ng whatever, you can ask, Oh, so you know, how does so and so like the Spanish class? Uh, you know, I you were taking that, and so it kind of takes the spotlight off of like having to.


Lauren Lapkus  22:42

You’re not all just staring at each other like waiting. I love it for that reason, too, and also, it’s like fun to see what people are good at, like, or what you’re bad at, and just like, everyone’s struggling in different ways with like, this random task that you’re doing, and I mean, I don’t I’m not really an escape room person. I’ve done like one escape room, I don’t know if that’s my thing but like, that seems like a fun way to just go out with random people and like, have a time you know.


Kulap Vilaysack  23:06

I haven’t done that yet, I don’t know why I haven’t done that, maybe it’s.


Lauren Lapkus  23:10

I’m not drawn to it. But I, but I get it.


Kulap Vilaysack  23:12

Su, what are you? What are your thoughts on an escape room?


SuChin Pak  23:15

Well, I’ve only been once. And when I tell you it’s not my thing. Like from the from the bottom of my bottom to the top of my top, it’s not my thing. I knew it wasn’t going to be my thing. But I don’t know, it was like a random weekend, you know, you’re always trying to think of something to do with the kids that doesn’t involve the same thing you did last time or a movie theater. So we decided to get creative. And there was an escape room in town here in Santa Barbara. Immediately I went in and I said this is not a smell I want to be in for two and a half hours. It wasn’t a bad smell. It just was a smell. You know, it could have been like from the glue that they were using on the different props. It just could have been the ventilation, who knows? It could have been the vaping, I don’t know so there’s that, that’s a very specific thing, so we all went in, and at first the first room you’re just this is the best thing ever invented. You’re having so much fun. It’s like you’re in a you’re in a movie, you know, you’re in a tiny little thing and all of that by like the third room. You’re just knocking on the camera, like open up. I’m done where it is it you know, because you couldn’t give up.


Lauren Lapkus  24:28

If you go with people who have a varying like level of interest. Like I went with a group where like, some people were super into it, and then I could kind of hang back when I was like completely lost. I’m like, I don’t even know how they’re putting that together. Like what are you talking about? But then like we solved it because everyone was good. You know what I mean? Like it’s kind of like, I like Mary Holland has done like hundreds like she loves.


Kulap Vilaysack  24:52

Oh wow.


Lauren Lapkus  24:54

She loves and a lot of them, she has a group of friends who love them that much they all go that many times. And all different ones, like they’ll do it all over the place, and if they’re traveling, they’ll go find one and stuff and like people will get really into that.


SuChin Pak  25:07

Oh, yeah, I was actually like, I cannot I thought it was going to be like, Haha, pull a knob, stick a key, you know, and it was going to be cute and everybody can get through it, they’re just like catering to the lowest common denominator. I did not know that they were going to get serious about it. And so by the third room, you know, you’re just sort of like, okay, I got it let me start yeah, you’re.


Kulap Vilaysack  25:31

I’m gonna guess that Mike Bender loved it.


SuChin Pak  25:34

Well, my Mike Bender was definitely more into it. He was like, don’t knock on the door yet. And I was like, I’m sure the guy was like, you just got it. And I was like, knock, knock, let’s roll it, let’s roll it. You know, and at some point he the guy came on the megaphone was like, guys, we’re gonna have to open the door. Long, it’s just taking too long so yeah, a Mike Bender and a Kai Bender way more intuitive, Sowi Bender and a SuChin Pak was knock knock you know, like, we just want to just see the decor. We’d like the vibe, like what’s happening here? Yeah, let’s move on. So you’re right, it? I think it has you have to go with with at least one person that can solve it, otherwise, you’re just in there, and after a while, it just gets really frustrating. But I can see how, like I said that I was very impressed even at this small little one here that I was like, this is sophisticated. They put some thought into, I have not have no idea how to get out of this.


Lauren Lapkus  26:40

They have they’ve made those like into I mean, it’s a full world and that’s not even my recommendation. I’m my recommendation is to take a cookie decorating class, but I didn’t I am impressed by all that they’ve done in that world. But I yeah, I decorated cookies and had a great time. I also loved so the sewing one was kind of fun, because it was just like a bunch of women who like don’t know how to sew, being like.


Kulap Vilaysack  27:03

It’d be me, it would be.


Lauren Lapkus  27:04

Yeah, and it’s like, I didn’t know how to thread a needle. And I’ve no one’s ever taught me that, and it’s nobody’s fault. And it’s fine but I didn’t know how and I now I know how and I’m like, that’s so cool. I know how to do that, and I could fix like a I could fix a hole and it would look bad, but it would be not a hole anymore, you know?  And that’s great.


SuChin Pak  27:21

Be more waterproof than drinking out of you.


Lauren Lapkus  27:27

I hate myself, I hate my self. I can’t I can’t handle.


SuChin Pak  27:30

Well, it’s not I don’t hate your cup. But I do hate the cup. I’m sure it’s great, but no, the whole principle that I just don’t stand behind a cup, that no matter what happens, you leak. And she was my daughter got this cup just yesterday. And so then she was testing it and it’s for her and her best friend, so they’re gonna get matching cups, it’s her birthday. And she was like it leaks and I was like, I heard that this is a thing. So she’s on the internet all night long. So then we ordered these little rubber stoppers that go on the inside of the straw.


Lauren Lapkus  28:08



SuChin Pak  28:09

Let’s that like I guess when you pull the straw, it stops up the hole from the inside where the water is supposed to be. And supposedly that will stop the leaking. But like you said, I’m like the water is like coming out of the hole. The water is coming out of everywhere like.


Lauren Lapkus  28:27

It is kind of just coming out like I don’t know that it was the straws fault. Like it’s kind of just it’s just leaking.


SuChin Pak  28:33

So she’s on her journey.


Kulap Vilaysack  28:35

Yeah, the boat is leaking in just plugging one oh is not gonna do it.


SuChin Pak  28:40

Yeah, and I didn’t have the heart I mean she’s got charms with her and her and her best friend’s initials.


Lauren Lapkus  28:46

Oh, you could put it on the handle I haven’t thought of that.


SuChin Pak  28:49

Yeah, oh you have the chart.


Lauren Lapkus  28:52

I don’t have a term but I but I wouldn’t know where to put it and I now see where I could have a chart. So this is really good stuff, I mean I think I do I think for me the answer is more accessories not another cup because I do kind of want them other color, but I know that that’s should be illegal. I just bought this one because it was the color available at the time and now suddenly it’s so everywhere and then did you see that they had that red one at target that was like a big deal and employees were being fired for buying too many like It’s like illegal for them in their handbook to like buy product and they have like special Stanley’s that were red and there they were gone in the second so I mean, I don’t know, it’s […] cup at the moment but.


Kulap Vilaysack  29:34

It is, it is.


SuChin Pak  29:37

Sip says, I enjoy as the most judgmental person that I know is me. I enjoy watching people take a trend. Just you know what I mean farther than even your imagination could go like it’s so fun to watch how far this is going to go.


Lauren Lapkus  29:57

It’s actually it’s been odd for me as someone who got on the bandwagon late I felt but then it became really popular. I’m like, I feel weird, like, I’m watching everyone do this thing, and then I’m kind of carrying it like, okay, but I had it, like five months ago, I don’t know, like what that means about me. But I didn’t just buy it, like I probably would if I didn’t have another, I want another because everyone’s posting but then I also you kind of getting a lot of Stanley shaming, there’s a lot of like, there is hemolymph too many cups and I saw like a post today that was like, this is the future of Stanley Cups by the way, and it’s just like a thrift store full of water bottles, and I’m like, I mean, no, we everyone knows everything we buy is trash.


SuChin Pak  30:38

I think we’re gonna laugh we’re gonna be amused. And about eight and a half months.


Lauren Lapkus  30:43



Kulap Vilaysack  30:43

No one’s surprised that we’re all pieces of shit, we’re garbage people.


Lauren Lapkus  30:48

I buy, but I buy a lot of stuff that that is a waste of money time.


Kulap Vilaysack  30:53



SuChin Pak  30:54

I don’t believe that, I don’t believe that Laur. I don’t believe that you have given I’m trying to think of the first time you came on way back in the beginning and still still using the recommendations? I believe we brought on sleep crown.


Lauren Lapkus  31:09

I did, I did.


Kulap Vilaysack  31:10

Yeah, Su. Lauren’s not gonna bring the stuff that didn’t work.


Lauren Lapkus  31:14

No, no, no, yeah.


Kulap Vilaysack  31:15

Your highest highest level recommendations.


SuChin Pak  31:18

Oh, that but in my fantasy, everything works in her.


Lauren Lapkus  31:22

Yeah, I mean, yeah, I try, I do try. Like my feeling with the Stanley is that I could have this for 10 years. Like I don’t, I don’t really like it’s not gonna break, okay so.


SuChin Pak  31:33

it’s not gonna break but at one point, both of yours you’re like, I’m done. I’m done with Lee, I’m done.


Lauren Lapkus  31:39

You know, here’s the number, here’s a mistake I made, here’s a mistake I made compare it like it’s sort of in the same realm. I bought one of those when it was really cool for like two seconds to have a drug that was bigger than that, and it said, like, keep going, you got this. Oh my god, I’m gonna say that one, that one I did throw out so fast cuz I was like, this is actually trash. It didn’t keep it cold. All the things that I did I have fixed with the Stanley, but I didn’t like the motivational messages actually hated that doesn’t make me feel good. I didn’t, I didn’t like the way I had to drink out of it, it was just not a good bottle, and.


Kulap Vilaysack  32:17

I put it in the dishwasher. So then it became all bent.


Lauren Lapkus  32:21

And they were unwieldy. Like, it’s like, you’re walking around with like a fucking Sparkletts jug with like, a string attached to it and you’re acting like that’s normal. This is absurd, but this is still a cup, okay, and it doesn’t say you got this.


Kulap Vilaysack  32:39

[…] Keep going.


SuChin Pak  32:41

Yet, I’m sure there’s I’m sure there’s a little an attachment for that coming.


Lauren Lapkus  32:46

Oh, yeah no, there’s probably a thing where I could do lines down the side and maybe I do want that. To one end, you can’t see much, I don’t know. I kind of never know when it’s empty or full, it’s like it doesn’t even get lighter, I feel like I’ll just be drinking it I’m like, I think there’s nothing in here.


Kulap Vilaysack  33:17

Lauren, the last thing that you brought us is I’m so excited to talk about this. You say treat yourself with a new mattress topper?


Lauren Lapkus  33:24

Yes. Okay I just got this mattress topper, this was a impulse purchase. I guess is it impulse if you’ve been thinking about it for a long time, and then you finally do it? I don’t know.


SuChin Pak  33:34

It’s actually the opposite.


Kulap Vilaysack  33:38

It’s very that’s very mindful and methodical.


Lauren Lapkus  33:41

It was a thought that I’ve had for a long time but I didn’t research it. I impulsively was like today’s the day I’m getting one now I need to know. So I have a really nice mattress that has cooling properties. It was gifted to me by helix okay, so I should just say that that’s fine. I’m like but I can’t put a topper on this it’s going to take away the cooling properties. But then I thought I’ve been covering it with this waterproof mattress cover. I’m not feeling the cooling when I take the mattress topper off when I take the that waterproof cover off the beds ice cold like an eel. It is what it says, I’m always like this is amazing but I have a dog and a child and I also you know create just piss and liquid it says just you can’t trust to not have a mattress cover, so.


SuChin Pak  34:30



Lauren Lapkus  34:31

I won one you know what I’m not even enjoying the benefits of this this cool anyway, me get a nice big fluffy thing on this on this bed. So I went to Target and I just was touching them poking in the bags. What I did do was once I liked one I googled it to make sure didn’t have horrible reviews because I feel like I didn’t want to get home and find out that it was a piece of crap so this one was really great, this is a case by Casa Luna, it’s called the ultra loft out alternative mattress pad. It goes around all four corners, it’s not just a strap and then it, it’s so cloud like it changed the bed. Like I truly was like, I thought the bed was comfortable. Now it’s amazing, now it’s cozy, now it’s like, you know, sometimes you get in someone else’s bed and you’re like, what are you up to in here? This is amazing, like, it’s just like something’s really like soft and good about it or like a hotel or something, this it feels like that now, and I love it was 50 bucks, it’s a good.


Kulap Vilaysack  35:31

I’m into this. I’m interested you, you sold me?


Lauren Lapkus  35:34



Kulap Vilaysack  35:35

Now is it as my husband likes to describe the beds I like to sometimes sleep in. Is it diaper free? Meaning crunchy? Is it too squishy? Does it like make a noise? Like, does it feel too?


Lauren Lapkus  35:49

It’s not, it’s basically I would say it’s too nothing. But I like I like a soft situation, okay.


SuChin Pak  35:57

But a soft situation that lands on a firm situation.


Lauren Lapkus  36:01



SuChin Pak  36:01

Some people like soft and they’d like to sink into it.


Lauren Lapkus  36:04

No, it’s really it just creates a nice like, nest that you’re sitting in when you’re like, you know, watching your shows. By the way, I’m really into traitors right now. Okay, great real competition show. The first season is Reality Stars mixed with regular people. And they’re trying to get to the $150,000 to under $50,000. And they It’s the game of mafia or like werewolf if you ever played theater game where? So like, you know, it’s a whole thing where there secretly three of the people in the group are traders who are trying to win win over and will a trader. Will the traders win the money at the end? Or will the faithfuls win the money at the end? So everyone’s kind of lying or not lying to each other. And it’s so fun to watch Alan coming hosts it which adds like a really great flair, he’s got like amazing outfits and he’s just like super entertaining, and then this season is all reality stars, they switched it up, but I don’t know who half of them are, so it feels the same.


Kulap Vilaysack  36:59

Wow, I did not know this existed.


SuChin Pak  37:02

No, and I can’t wait to watch. I thought you when you were saying traders, you were meaning something to do with Trader Joe’s like it was gonna be like a Trader Joe’s type of a show, which I also was very excited to hear.


Lauren Lapkus  37:17

I would watch a reality show of like that experience of what’s going on behind the scenes.


SuChin Pak  37:22

What’s going on behind the scenes. I mean, I have like a below the deck, but it’s Trader Joe’s.


Lauren Lapkus  37:28

That come up with a million dollar idea. I mean, that’s, I honestly.


SuChin Pak  37:32

Have not been into a Trader Joe’s and just had so many vibes, you know, from good vibes to pervy vibes to helpful vibes to you know, that’s not safe vibes. It’s a very emotional roller coaster of a store.


Lauren Lapkus  37:50

I get nervous. I just went there today. And I got a little bit nervous walking up, like, let’s not talk too much. Let’s not let’s not do too much right now sometimes I’m fine. And I’m like, yeah, so that’s what I’m up to blah, blah about, you know, when they’re like What are you? What do you have going on today? I’m like, you’re kind of looking at like, I mean, like it’s so this is like, I’m here like I can’t really lie that I have a job. So go home do some other stuff, yeah.


SuChin Pak  38:19

And I feel like they’re trained to ask for follow up questions. And that’s aggressive, like don’t stop don’t stop at just because they don’t want you to think that this is like any other grocery store, how’s your day? You know what’s going on? Everyone does that, they’re the Trader Joe’s code is for follow ups. Oh, I’m not you know, um, this is pretty much it. Oh, what are you going to do with that spinach? I love spinach yesterday I made a spinach dip. Okay, now you know what I mean. Here we go, number two.


Lauren Lapkus  38:49

We’re getting into like what we’re going to do with the products yeah, like for me it’s really that there’s no more going on there. I’m gonna eat them exactly how they are. I don’t know how to make them more interesting. I don’t know what I’m supposed to do with it. I just eat it that’s it.


Kulap Vilaysack  39:03

Yeah, this is this is these are all periods what you’re looking at.


Lauren Lapkus  39:06

I know it’s hard because it’s like my conversation is lacking I can’t offer too much there but I have friends who’ve worked there and loved it and talked about how that is part of it. But it is like yeah, it’s a it’s a it’s a social decision.


Kulap Vilaysack  39:21

This has got to be your nightmare.


SuChin Pak  39:23

Oh nightmare, nightmare I, nightmare no I that is one of the reasons why like I have to be really in the mood and desperate and I.


Kulap Vilaysack  39:35

Gotta go to the store?


SuChin Pak  39:35

Yes to go to Trader Joe’s it you have to feel you have to be in the mood for that and you have to be like pump yourself up and it gives me anxiety I walk in I tried I picking the line. I pick the line according to the person who I think is going to care least about their job.


Lauren Lapkus  39:54

But we skipped the parking because of course I that I might just not go because It just looks hard. I’m like, oh, if I don’t need to eat.


SuChin Pak  40:03

No, with Trader Joe’s parking, which is funny that it is universal it doesn’t matter where you are in the world it’s somehow in the real estate manual of Trader Joe’s like it’s part of their brand. But I’m I look at it more like I’m gonna get my stepson I’m gonna park at CVS across the street, that’s what I do.


Lauren Lapkus  40:21



Kulap Vilaysack  40:22

I’m gonna get a bottle beta blockers. I’m gonna down that.


Lauren Lapkus  40:26

Have you taken those?


Kulap Vilaysack  40:28

No, I don’t know why I said that. I don’t really understand. I only know of.


SuChin Pak  40:32

Love Beta Blockers.


Lauren Lapkus  40:33

You’ve taken great because I know, I know people who would take them sometimes for auditions or like different things to feel not nervous. But I’m so afraid of changing my in that in like a work situation. That would be really stressful to me, but I don’t know, does it feel great?


SuChin Pak  40:49

Well, Beta Blockers are interesting beta blockers. Essentially what it does is it just stops your body from producing adrenaline or rather, it reduces I guess the adrenaline doesn’t stop it completely, so it’s nothing it’s not like a Xanax. There’s no mind fuckery in it, it’s just like, purely a physiological stop. You’re still nervous, you’re still excited, you’re still all these things, but maybe you don’t get that rush of adrenaline that is like maybe your you know, that keeps you from being jittery and sweating and all of that stuff. Now, I do have to say that like, I think depending on your level of anxiety and nervous nature, you know, you’re taking 10 Beta Blockers, you’re taking two Beta Blockers, like it’s one of those things that that I feel like I used to take them all the time and it like took the edge off but I must have been pumping so much sour adrenaline that no amount of beta blockers was gonna like cut the cut the edge off of it. In the in the pharmaceutical like, grade of things like to from pretty harmless to, you know, addictive. I would say it’s like next to melatonin, that’s me. I’m not, I’m not a pharmacist, I don’t think there’s anything to say my mom.


Lauren Lapkus  42:14

I take your advice real too hard. I’m not gonna ask for any follow ups here.


SuChin Pak  42:20

You’re gonna take this finish as it is. You’re gonna eat a triple wash. You’re not even gonna rewash it a fourth time.


Lauren Lapkus  42:28

If it’s triple wash, what am I gonna do I interfering with this process? Adding making it all wet? No, no, no, no.


Kulap Vilaysack  42:35

Lauren and I are gonna call SuChin our Korean herbalist.


Lauren Lapkus  42:39

Yeah, if you whatever you say, and I trust your but you’ve done it yourself.


SuChin Pak  42:43

I wouldn’t suggest it because it does legitimize what you’re about to say, in a way that probably if they knew who it was from, they would not believe anything that you’re going to say.


Lauren Lapkus  42:54

Okay, I’ll use that.


SuChin Pak  42:56

Do it.


Kulap Vilaysack  42:58

This is what I love about our show. Cuz I saw what Lauren was bringing in, I knew we’re gonna get high level tips but accounting show where SuChin just walks us through Beta Blockers.


SuChin Pak  43:09

That’s the true gift, we need that gals give to each other if you’re not in a in a female friendship relationship, where you are trading have Z’s of pills in little Ziploc bags over a sewing class, if that’s not in your repertoire, let’s think.


Lauren Lapkus  43:34

Let’s think about that.


SuChin Pak  43:34

Let’s think.


Kulap Vilaysack  43:35

Just maybe cut maybe cut a few people to make room for that person, this level of intimacy. Lauren, that’s all for today’s lovey dovey episode. Where can people find more of you?


Lauren Lapkus  43:50

You can find me on Instagram at Lauren Lapkus and I have a Facebook page two that’s like a thing if you do that more I don’t know.


SuChin Pak  43:59

We can we find the the US Claire V products on your face.


Lauren Lapkus  44:03

You cannot that is a private group that is highly, highly sought after and unavailable to all. But I love it being in there and I look at it all day. And that’s it, I don’t know that’s it, that’s enough. Oh, listen to New Comers we’re it’s my show with Nicole Byer where we watch things we’ve never seen that are extremely popular. We’re watching all of Batman. And you don’t have to like or care about Batman to enjoy the show, it’s maybe better.


SuChin Pak  44:32

Because you’re in does not like if you can’t already tell him the tone anything and the silent […]


Lauren Lapkus  44:42

It’s a great show, if you’re like if you’re somebody who’s like oh my partner like loves Lord of the Rings and I don’t get it like you should listen, we did a whole Lord of the Rings season you can like understand what’s going on. You could hear us make fun of it. We write fanfiction about the characters where they all like have sex. It’s like we just do like it’s just fun, so oh that’s a fun show and then I do three of them with Scott Aquaman and Paula Tompkins and that’s just stories, having a good old time. It’s a fun time to listen you don’t have to know anything you just jump in and we just talk about whatever, so yeah, that’s it.


SuChin Pak  45:12

Thank you so much, you can find all of our Galentines  day goodies well, some of them a lot of them but not all of them on our Instagram at Add to Cart pod, happy Galentines  day Carter’s from us to you, bye!


CREDITS  45:34

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