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Sarah opens up about a recent social media blunder she regrets. Plus, she gushes about her colleagues in the new film “Maestro,” learns about cigar play as a sexual kink, and gives some tough love to a woman who feels betrayed by her friends.

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Sarah Silverman  00:15

Hey everyone, it’s your old pal Sarah, and you know if you saw that very hawkish post I posted on Twitter a month ago, and you thought, gee, that’s not like her. It’s because it isn’t, I mean, you know, my Twitter bio location has been the state of Palestine for 14 years. So please understand where I’m coming from. I am absolutely I’m happened to be a two state solution, girl. Split that shit 50-50 I am against the occupation I’m against the settlements, all that shit. And what I did was I fucked up really bad. And I can only promise you that I will fuck up again for sure. But I accidentally put a very hawkish, very not me posted of someone else’s in my stories on Instagram, went and walked, my dog came home and my friend Nick Thorburn from the band islands, who’s great. had direct messaged me, what the fuck did you do? And I was like, all defensive I didn’t know what he’s talking about and then I saw what he was talking about and I immediately I was just like, Oh my God, and immediately deleted it, like, talk shit about AOC, who I love, and like, it was just crazy. Um, so that was a real fuckup but the worst part was, of course, in the short time that it was in my story, someone screen grabbed it, and posted it to Twitter, as if I like wrote it and stood by it and I don’t so that’s what happened. And gosh, I sure I’m sorry about it I it was just a fuckup, it was a real fuckup and I do it all the time I fuck up all the time, that’s the one thing I can promise you. But, you know, I didn’t defend myself because really, because that doesn’t just never is a good look. Never goes well, and I cannot control what people think of me and to be honest, it’s not in my business I can only control me, somewhat. So there you go. I hope you all forgive me, let’s take some calls.



Hi, Sarah. I was at the academy screening the other night of Maestro with you in the Q&A panel. It was so great, the movie was so great and you were great in it. I was wondering what it felt like sitting there next to you no such you’ve been in such amazing projects, including one that you should have won the Oscar for I smile back. And I was wondering what it was like sitting next to freaking Carey Mulligan and that incredible outfit she was wearing and she’s you know, multiple Oscar nominee and this movie is so big and artsy and impressive and prestigious. And I was wondering if it was just like another day at work for you being on this panel or if you are kind of I don’t know, I just wanted to know what you were thinking sitting there because it was a remarkable film and you are great in it and it just looked like a surreal experience, to me, so please, share, share, what’s the skinny?


Sarah Silverman  04:04

All of those things, all of those things. I mean, you know, was it just another day at work? No, but you know, Q and A’s are kind of my sweet spot because I can I can do you know, this is what I do here you know, but being beholden to say the right thing for this very expensive big time Oscar contender type masterpiece of a movie that Bradley Cooper made. I felt a little pressure I was little I could feel that little bead of sweat from the top of my head, you know, kind of like making its way down my hair. But, but it was all fine, and Bradley I’ve known for a really long time but you know, like, kind of more peripherally like I love him and he’s always kind of been around like you know, but in Carrie was love at first sight because of an eye and yes, nerve wracking a little bit because I’ve been a super fan of hers since I probably along with most people who are fans of her since the movie and education and everything she’s in blows me away. I mean, what was the one she just did that was like, I feel odd saying this, but it was like, a feel good rape movie, Promising Young Woman. Oh my god, what a fun movie about rape. I feel it’s gotta be problematic to say that sentence, but if you’ve seen the movie, it’s, it’s you know, it’s a revenge movie. So it just feels good and Far from the Madding Crowd, which is mind blowing, just whatever, everything and then this. I mean, there’s I all my money is on her for winning the Oscar for best, Best Girl actress. She’s, she’s just mind blowing so yeah, sitting next to her am I nervous? No, because she’s a human being and she’s lovely, and she’s warm, and she’s open, and we’ve become friends. You know and, you know, I hadn’t seen her since maybe since we shot last and she gave me such a hug it was so sweet. You don’t go hi! and hug everybody and she just one of those hugs where she wouldn’t let go was so funny. She’s funny, she’s smart, she’s brilliant and she’s just, I mean, watching her is thrilling. You know, it’s beyond just being real, like, totally real, like just becoming a person. And obviously Bradley too, but, but that it’s exciting to watch. I’ve seen actors that are brilliant in that. It just seems like they are totally real life. But because there’s a totally real life, it’s not exciting to watch. There has to be some kind of magic. And boy she has it they both have it. But since we’re talking about carry, I just I’m I’m a super fan. I’m I’m I don’t get to you know what I learned a long time ago, because I’ve been doing this for so long, that you can be in all of someone and still not be scared around them and like weird around them. You know, because that’s just it ruins it, it creates a distance between between you, you know, how do you become friends with someone that you’re in awe of you realize that they’re just, they’re a poor fucking person, you know? But it’s that kind of like being weird around a famous person because you’re such a fan, that is very off putting, because I know the other side of that and it creates a distance that’s uncomfortable. Anyway, there’s my answer, what else?


Marie  07:55

Hi, Sarah, this is Marie, your best friend from New Jersey. Thank you for so eloquently dispensing advice. And now I would like some I just turned 40 last spring and this was very traumatic for me, because my mom passed away when she was 40, 22 years ago, I have a pod of four or five best friends, because I do not have any blood relatives. And these friends have been my chosen family in my life for most of my life. They all knew how hard it was going to be for me to turn 40. And I am always the one to throw the parties and make sure everybody feels loved and included and lo and behold, when it was my turn to have a milestone birthday, no one did anything, they barely called or acknowledged it so I have a wonderful husband who took me away for four days, and I sat on the beach and I cried the whole time. You know, people grow and change and we don’t want kids and some of them have families. So I understand people’s orbits go away from each other but I feel incredibly betrayed and let down and alone, and we usually throw a massive Christmas party this time of year and I’ve asked them if they still want to have it calling them out on treating me so extraordinarily shitty, and they also they still want to have this party, they still want to come but I just don’t know how I feel about seeing everybody. I feel like if I cancel it, I’ll feel even worse but if I have it, I’ll just be annoyed. I don’t know what to do, thank you.


Sarah Silverman  09:22

Well, I’m sorry, you’re disappointed. I listen, I have a feeling I don’t know what happened with your friends there. But I’ll tell you if, for me as a friend, I think I’m a pretty good friend. But when it comes to that stuff, if I’m if I’m tested, I’m going to fail, you know, and I’m not saying you were testing them. But you know I I guess what, listen, in terms of your big Christmas party, you have to make choices from what brings you joy, not from what lesson you want to teach your friends. If you don’t have the party, you’re going to not like it, you said, you’re going to feel bad. If you do have the party, you’re going to have like, you’re going to be seething at seeing your friends enjoying something that you made for them. That’s unfortunate, I mean, listen, I don’t, no one throws a birthday party for me, I don’t like that stuff I don’t I hate I don’t like presents personally, you know, I have a poker game every year on my birthday. And it’s the same poker game I have on non birthday days, every once in a while when I put a poker game together, and I host it and I pay for the pizza and I you know, I just that’s my joy. And they all show up usually on my birthday, they’ll you know, I’ll send out unless they’re busy. But, um, I had a I had a shitty 40th birthday for other reasons it just happens, isn’t there a Sex in the City, Sex in the City and I don’t know if it’s her 40th birthday we’re all of her best friends that her greatest friends and I don’t know why this is a point. This is obviously fiction, but there must be something to it. And nobody shows up and they all went to the wrong restaurant, then she was left with the bill, and they’re a cake and nobody was there and everyone was missed each other and it just happens. And to be honest, in my opinion, I think once you’re 40, especially, it’s really up to you to throw the big bash if you want one. You’re not really celebrating yourself anymore. You’re celebrating these these friendships you have, you’re celebrating a life that you’ve made, you know, but I don’t know, I’m just not a glistened the piece of it being you know, your mom dying when she was 40 is a huge deal. But this is, it’s not anyone else’s job. You know, if you don’t make it anyone else’s job, then if people show up for you, it’s like frosting on the cake. But your happiness and your wellness and your being okayness is your job. And the fact that your husband took you away for four days is so lovely, that I’m so sad for you, that you let it be ruined by your friends not doing what you had in mind for them to do for you. You know, I don’t mean to blame this on you but it is it’s it this is you and the way you’re seeing it. You can change your perspective, a single degree and see this whole thing completely differently. The whole world will look different. I think when you put your friends to the test, they’re gonna fail. Because no one is in your mind. And I know you you’re saying to me right now yeah, but they know that this is a big deal and they know what we’re, all right they let you down but they’ve been good friends up until this moment, you’re going to let this thing this day. That is significant to you, ruin it or not want you to have a great party that you always have worried that you have so much fun, listen, be moved by what you’re not expecting from your friends. You know, my best friend since high school Carrie, after my parents died. You know, I had a few amazing friends that were like, I’ll get on a plane right now and I said no, I’m fine I’m surrounded by my sisters in my family really, you know, and I meant to Carrie came into town for work. We had an amazing day together just hanging out at my house talking being together. And it was so nice to be able to have a day with her. And then she left and I was texting her and I said oh my god you’re already on a plane home, what brought you to town? I assumed it was work you know, she said I want to I needed to see you and check up on you. I went just made me cry, and by the way, that’s not a reciprocation of me having been there a million times she’s gone through things I haven’t. I mean, maybe I’ve been there on a text or FaceTime or, but I’m not the same friend to her that she is to me. I’m not the same friend to my friend Heidi, that she is to me. We’re different people we express friendship and love in different ways. And we accept each other, so listen, this is all up to you. This is the whole conversation you need to have just has to happen inside your head with yourself. It doesn’t have to do with them in my mind. But if you want to talk to them about it fine, but I think you should go with him first. See what happens. Good luck and happy belated birthday. What else?


Adam  15:04

Hi Sarah, it’s Adam, I have a question about Hitler, you have his baby picture behind you all pause while you pointed out. So people often ask this philosophical question of you could go back in time, would you kill baby Hitler? I’m not asking that. I’m asking if you go back in time, would you buy art from college? Age art student, Hitler, because I think if you did that, maybe he spends his years working on that art career. And history passes him by, and he has no influence on events and Holocaust doesn’t happen, World War Two doesn’t happen maybe. And, you know, he’s just some, you know, small time artists who, you know, ups his prices, if he doesn’t like the way your nose is shaped. And that’s, that’s the worst he ever does. And I think people wouldn’t do that, even if they knew it would have like the same effect as I think people prefer vengeance over kindness. Not that he deserves kindness but if I had the same effect, then, you know, seems worthwhile. But again, I think people would really prefer vengeance. So I’m putting that to you, what do you think about buying Hitler art? Thank you for your time.


Sarah Silverman  16:34

I’m looking at some of Israeli paintings, it’s really not my jam. I like those flowers, I mean, maybe I throw them a bone by something if I knew it would prevent the Holocaust. I mean, I definitely would, if I knew it would prevent the Holocaust fuck. You know, I’d have to be pretty cold to say that I wouldn’t buy any of Hitler’s paintings to prevent the Holocaust. But I don’t know that prevents the Holocaust maybe though. Maybe if I, if somebody was like, you are amazing, you I own a nursing home in Elsa Gunda and we would love to exclusively show your art. All right, what else can’t spend a lot of time on that. Although I will say that we were just in Santa Rosa and our driver Jean wanted to come to the show, so Amy was hooking him up with tickets. And she said, what’s your last name? Bitler. His last name was Bitler B I T L E R and I’m sitting there and I go, hold on a second. Your last name is Bitler like Hitler with a B? And he was like, yeah, I know it’s German. Anyway, this guy walks around his whole life his last name is Bitler.


Sarah  18:15

Hey Sarah, this is Sarah. I’m actually calling in response to the person who called in about the fiancee who likes eating the ashes at the end of the day and while I don’t have a lot of experience with like somebody saving up their ashes for me to just eat at the end of the day. I will say that there are certain types of fetishes and kinks out there where cigar play and I’m sure cigarette as well but I’m only accustomed to experiencing the cigar side of things where you know, in the right setting with the right person, the right cigar all of those things if the atmosphere and the mood strikes, you know, to have somebody put their cigar ash in my mouth is and can be erotic. So I know you sent it a little baffled and that’s totally fine, I was too. But yeah, there’s definitely people out there who who, you know, get off on stuff like that and obviously various forms. So anyway, I love you you are amazing. And thank you for having an open forum where I feel comfortable sharing this. Hope you’re doing great.


Sarah Silverman  19:43

Oh, that made that’s so nice that makes me so happy. Yeah, I think what you’re saying is a different from the other caller, which is like she likes eating ashes. I think what you’re talking about is more Sexual dominance and some submissive-ness, and God damn it. I don’t know what this is, as you were talking, it struck a memory but it’s like this disjointed memory and I don’t know what it is. I think I had a line in something, I was in something I don’t know, I don’t know. It’s like this floating memory that’s not attached to anything right now as you said it, but I think I had a line in something that was something about like ashing a cigar on his balls or someone’s balls. I don’t know who his is. I think I had a line in something about flicking ashes or ashing a cigar on someone’s balls is that possible? God no matter my memory, I have holes in my brain. I don’t know if I have dementia, I don’t know if it’s from menopause, I don’t know if it’s because I smoked so much pot, which is probably the reason but I don’t want it to be the reason because I don’t want to quit my smoking weed at night.


Catherine  21:02

Hey, it’s Catherine, your producer so I just Googled Sarah Silverman, ashes balls, and it looks like according to a Reddit thread, was it from a movie or in called A Million Ways to Die in the West?


Sarah Silverman  21:14

Oh my god, yes thank you for placing that memory. Oh my god, right because I played a prostitute and I was talking about my day with my boyfriend who we’ve never had sex yet, because we’re not married. From a prostitute in the old west, that movie was so underrated. It didn’t do well when it came out and I think people saw it since like, on on whatever streaming it’s on. But yeah, Giovanni Ribisi is my boyfriend at night, it’s it’s so funny. I mean, it’s the Family Guy guy, Seth MacFarlane I remember any stars and it was Charlize Theron. And let’s see, Amanda Cipher it is and we became good friends from that and.


Catherine  21:59

Liam Neeson.


Sarah Silverman  22:00

Oh my god, Liam Neeson we did a photo shoot. And he and I danced at one point. And I I honestly, I was my heart. He is a he’s so big and tall and strong and masculine. Anyway, yeah, that’s a line where I’m like talking about my day and you know, it’s all like sex with strangers, I love that you look that up, thank you. That maybe I was going insane. And it was just Googlelable, all right what else?


Nick  22:37

Hi, Sarah, my name is Nick. I am a queer artist living in Louisville, Kentucky. And I’m also a health care worker for my day job. You had asked about going home for the holidays, and because of my queerness, I have endured some violence at holidays. There’s been a lot of violent speech, as well as physical violence like punching and choking and things of that nature. But my grandpa is so old. And I just feel like there might not be that many more holidays with him. And my mom is also very ill. And I want to create all of the quality memories with her that I can. I’m in therapy and I take medication for anxiety so those things definitely helped me cope. But there’s some clear trauma there, and I wonder what you think about that line of keeping ourselves safe versus.


Sarah Silverman  24:07

Nope, never know what it’s versus. You know, guy that’s just that’s just I’m sorry to hear that and I’m you know, I don’t have a clear picture but someone or others who are invited to Christmas with your family or maybe your extended family being violent towards you because you’re queer, I mean, God talk about toxic masculinity I you know, listen, do what is best for you, and your safety and your well being you have to that’s your responsibility. Maybe this is so fucked up to say like if you decide to go maybe you take some mace and plan on never using it didn’t make sure their safety is on, and I have it with me almost at all times because I have it in my backpack. And I know that sounds really dark but if you are in danger just by going home for Christmas, you either need to not go or protect yourself. I don’t know, I don’t mean about saying get a gun, but um, Jesus Christ. But also how about this, you absolutely do not have to go, you can visit mom and visit grandpa. Other times, you know, it’s a holiday yeah and it would be special if you could be there, if you simply cannot. If the people who are who laid hands on you are going to be there, go in, they’re not going to be there or, you know, however, you know, any of these ways I’ve suggested but you can not go, you have I give you permission to not go if there’s absolutely nothing anyone can say about it because you were harmed. If the people throwing it are not going to do something about that, you can just not go visit them other times the quiet times the lonelier times for them. You know, it’s like, people work at a soup kitchen, on Thanksgiving and on Christmas and these places, you know, we’re unhoused people come to get a meal are full of volunteers on Thanksgiving and Christmas. The big mitzvah would be to go on the regular days when nobody’s there. And I would suggest that for for your mom and for your grandpa, that that would be just as special in fact may be more special. You know, the one on one time, make efforts to do that and if you don’t want to go, then don’t go to Christmas absolutely. You are the boss of your life, period. Certainly if there was punching and choking at previous Christmases, your mother would understand you not coming because you don’t feel safe. Have Christmas with friends, visit them any visit your mom and your your grandpa any other time, literally any other time or have your self, have yourself a friends Christmas, you know, have your sofa, a Jewish Christmas, get Chinese food and go to the movies. It’s a pretty great, your responsibility is your happiness. And isn’t that wonderful? You know, stay home. Watch fellow travelers with Matt Bomer and Jonathan Bailey it’s so good and has very hot gay sex in it. But I give you permission to do whatever you need to do. All right. You are loved. What else?


Kim  28:02

Hi, Sarah, this is Kim in Houston. I’m calling regarding your comment or your curiosity about getting a prolapsed rectum from sitting on the toilet too long looking at your phone. And I just wanted to say that I accidentally have come across that kind of rectal prolapsing on porn sites. And it’s disgusting the rectum comes out of the anus and they call it rose budding because it looks like a rose so I got really curious about this and went down a rabbit hole of googling about this phenomenon and it’s apparently very dangerous for the porn actors so yuck. And I hope my mouth isn’t making any yucky sounds love you bye.


Sarah Silverman  28:52

It’s not, thank you. Wait a minute Oh my god, I’m like clenching my ass also tight Oh, oh god that’s like for some reason a very real fear of mine. Well, is it It happens by accident or it’s on purpose that that they’re like pushing their asshole out. Oh my god, I don’t know all right. No judgment but I will let’s just move on because I I’m key going to a fault right now. I’m I think in yoga your assholes called your route. And I’m I’m squeezing it so hard. That’s probably good, that’s good for you and my vagina. I’m giggling giggling giggling different than cuddling which is making a noodle kind of casserole.


Scott  29:59

Hi. Sara, so my company holiday party is approaching, and I work remotely so the party’s about a two and a half hour drive for me. And it’s at a bar and then I would have to drive two and a half hours home. I like my colleagues, I like spending time with them, of course, I’d like to see them. But I’m just not sure if I want to make the trek out there. At the same time, I’m feeling pressured by my boss and other colleagues, because there are other people who live similar distance away who are going to attend. But I just don’t know what I should do. Should I go? Should I make the trek? I’m sure I’ll have fun but it’s a long way to go and I’m not being called for travel, or should I just stay home like I want to, and not care about missing out on the fun? What do you think I should do?


Sarah Silverman  30:48

You should do exactly what you want to do and what you’ve got to do is do sway some pros and cons figure out if the juice is worth the squeeze. I mean, if you’re asking me, that’s such an easy no, like, but I’m someone who I have, my friends always say I have the opposite of FOMO like I just, I do not feel that fear of missing out one bit, the two, five hours of driving to watch my co workers get drunk is not I am sure I’d have a good time, I’m sure you’ll have a great time if you go, you have to just decide what you want to do one, you’ve got a two and a half hour drive back. So unless you get an Uber home or you have a a designated driver or you are the designated driver, you know you have to be sober if you’re going to drive home two and a half hours. You know, the long drive has to be part of the joy if you if you go you know so sometimes you love a long drive, you’re gonna you play your music, you’re gonna sing in the car along to your favorite tunes, you’re gonna listen to an audio book you’ve been wanting to dig into, you’re gonna listen to your favorite podcasts and at the end of it, you’ll be at a party with your friends from work. And then you’ll get in a car and listen to more of your, the podcast you love or whatever. Or you stay home and don’t go and people don’t really remember the people who didn’t go, you know, you’ll you may come to work that was we met weigh this you know, are you going to come to work on Monday and everyone will be talking about the crazy time they had and you’re gonna wish that you were there? Then go, you know, if you feel like you really need to be there too, for work reasons to connect with your boss, you know, whatever but, you know, just you just gotta weigh the pros and cons and decide if the juice is worth the squeeze for you. That’s all a period. Good luck. Let me know if you went, all right, what else?


Quinn  33:07

Hi, Sarah, this is Quinn from New York. I am reaching out because I am 50% Jewish, and I feel most of the time 100% Jewish, it’s just how I feel, I feel I relate to that side of myself the most and that being said, I married a Catholic Australian and had two kids. They’re eight and six. And I’m really feeling very responsible for carrying the Jewish traditions in our house. And we’re not religious, we put up a Christmas tree I’ll whip out a menorah. But I feel like the menorah isn’t enough I just feel responsible for for keeping these traditions traditions alive. And I’m feeling a little overwhelmed but I feel responsible that if I don’t bring this to the table that they they’ll just go away any insight would be great, thank you.


Sarah Silverman  34:30

I don’t know I mean um, you know you can keep any traditions alive you want to you know, it doesn’t matter like what percentage you’re Jewish or whatever I mean, anything that touches you that feels like ritual you want to bring into your family do it you know, traditions in a family and rituals are so lovely. But and you know in terms of religion, of course, how you’re raised affects you but um, who knows how, you know, like, I grew up with no religion, my parents were agnostic. And, you know, we knew we were Jewish, just by virtue of no one in New Hampshire, no one else in our community was, so we felt different, you know, and but um, well, I didn’t grow up with any religion and and my sister became a rabbi, she was the only person at her rabbinical school that was not hadn’t been but mitzvah, you know, didn’t grow up with any religion, you know, and there are certainly people who grew up with lots of religion, that decide they don’t want to be religious or carry on rituals or, but to be able to show them rituals that move you or that you want to that you feel connected to that you want to share with them. That’s awesome, you know? In other words, you know, you can do all the planning and seed planting you want. And if that makes you happy, you should do that. And maybe they’ll carry that on, and maybe they won’t, but ultimately, you won’t know how it influences your kids until they’re grown and making their own choices and decisions, I guess. I don’t know, you know, this is not an area I know, because I don’t have children. I just was a child and grew up. So that’s the perspective I’m coming from. But there you go, I don’t have a great answer for you but I that’s my answer, and I hope it helps in some way. All right, what else?


Lena  36:35

Hey, Sarah, it’s your Jewish friend Lena from Vancouver. I’m calling with a comment and a question. First, there was someone that called the podcast and asked how as a father, could he foster closeness between his children to make sure that they’re really, you know, friendly siblings. And I do have some advice, courtesy of my own mom, I have a younger sister. And what she would do is kind of force us together through conditioning. In a random moment, she would just shout out to me across the room. Lena, who’s your best friend? And I’d have to say, Stephanie, or she wouldn’t leave me alone and my sister the same thing, Stephanie, who’s your best friend? And she would have to answer with my name, or my mom got very annoying about it. So it seems very forceful, and kind of weird. But after a while, the message does stick. So I hope that’s helpful advice, force them together. The other thing I wanted to ask you was just a little bit of advice. As a 35 year old woman, this is kind of an age that scares a lot of women, you have to have your personal life figured out by this age, especially if you want to have kids and your professional life and it’s a lot of pressure. So if you could go back to your 35 year old self, what advice would you give to a woman kind of going through it at this age? Thank you so much, Sarah love you.


Sarah Silverman  38:04

Ah, I was 35. I know this sounds insane coming from me and how you all know me. The parts of me that, you know, I’m which is a lot of parts. But I would say I would tell myself not to diminish myself. I would say do not contort yourself, for anyone, anyone. Even if you think this is the love of your life. Compromise, yeah, sure, of course. But do not take the path of least resistance just to keep things easy. I just I wish I believed in all the other parts of me then. Yeah, that’s what I’d say. I don’t know if I listen, or if I was ready to listen. But that’s what I’d say. All right, what else?


Scott  39:03

Hey, Sarah this is Scott from Olympia, Washington. I wanted to share a poem that I wrote about a year ago that you inspired with your squirrel analogy. I was kind of going through a midlife crisis at the time when I had the realization that I might not ever get to the point where I can quit my day job and just be an artist and musician. But that being said, I realized that that doesn’t make my art any less valid and I can still have an impact on people’s lives, even if it’s a pretty small number of people that it reaches. So my band are called next stop cosmos. We’ve been doing this new thing at gigs where in between songs, the other musicians will improv and I’ll recite a little poem over the top of it. And I thought I’d share this one, which we did at our last show because you were part of the inspiration for it. So it’s called a squirrels purpose. A squirrel doesn’t know its purpose is the propagation of trees. Will I ever discover my purpose hidden beneath my neuroses? Perhaps all this time, my purpose was already being achieved, despite my perceived purpose of pursuing delusional dreams.


Sarah Silverman  40:29

Yeah, I don’t like delusional dreams, but I give it an A minus, for not believing in yourself above. But that’s awesome. Thank you and dad, wherever you are. In space and time, we are winding down. This is the part of the podcast when I say send me your questions go to speak pipe.com/theSarahSilverman podcast that speakpipe.com/theSarahsilverman podcasts, and subscribe rate and review wherever you listen to podcasts, please. And there’s more of the Sarah Silverman podcast with the Lemonada premium baby subscribers get exclusive access to bonus content, like extra questions about a woman’s right to choose or something’s really stupid or silly or shit that we’re just talking about in the studio that we think oh, this would be a nice little peek into how the sausage is made. Subscribe now in Apple podcasts. You can’t miss it. Thank you for listening to the Sarah Silverman podcast. We are a production of Lemonada  media, Catherine Barnes and Chrissy Pease produce our show our mixes by James Sperber additional Lemonada  support from Steve Nelson Stephanie whittles wax and Jessica Cordova Kramer. Our theme was composed by Ben Folds and you can find me at Sarah Kate Silverman on Instagram. Follow the Sarah Silverman podcast wherever you get your podcasts or listen ad free on Amazon music with your Prime membership

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