Listen to Ask Ronna with Ronna (& Bryan): Super Sour Sucker with June Diane Raphael

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Hey Deep Divers! This week, we’re sharing an episode from our favorite advice podcast Ask Ronna featuring June. Coming to you every week from her carriage house in Marblehead, MA, Ronna Glickman welcomes her dear friend, comedian Bryan Safi. Together these podcasting pros, along with all-star guests, dispense real advice to real listeners while touching on the events of the day and all the while displaying the exquisite taste and lifestyle that Ronna’s fans have come to expect. Plus, more than a few outrageous laughs. Ronna & Bryan are not doctors or psychologists or even licensed marriage & family therapists. They’re just two people with terrific opinions who happen to be right most of the time. In this episode, we are joined by none other than June Diane Raphael! She joins us to give advice on dealing with a dear friend’s very precocious 11 year old daughter as well as how to control the impulse to overindulge on snacks.

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Brian, June Diane Raphael, Ronna

June Diane Raphael  00:00

Deep Divers we have a special treat for you all today an episode of one of our favorite podcasts Ask Ronna with Ronna and Brian. Ask Ronna who some of you might know Ronna is my fake aunt. I slept in her guesthouse or carriage house when I was just a young 20 something. It’s at its core and advice show but really it is so much more. Ronna Glickman and Brian Saffy answer real questions from real listeners with the help of a little shtetl, clairvoyance, impeccable taste and there are a list of guests, including ourselves, as well as Casey Wilson, Daniel Schneider, Darcy Cardin, Conan O’Brien, Trixie Mattel, Nick Kroll, Lamone Morris, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Patton, Oswald, Jason Van Zuckuss, Cody Rigsby and much more. They don’t have any formal credentials, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t right most if not, I will say all of the time. In this episode which features our head Miss June Diane Raphael. The three of them give advice on dealing with a dear friend’s very precocious 11 year old daughter as well as how to control the impulse to overindulge on snacks listen to Ask Ronna with Ronna and Brian super sour sucker with Jun Diane Raphael.


Ronna  01:44

I don’t want to hear about it. I still have my Halloween nails. I don’t want to hear about it.


Brian  01:48

My goodness, Ronna if you’ve been having some spooky nights with NIST or Cleveland.


Ronna  01:55

Now this isn’t coming out until November so people are gonna be tired of hearing about how much fun we add at the spooky.


Brian  02:03

But I’m interested to hear about the two packs of Sour Skittles I had last night at about 2am.


Ronna  02:10

Do you think one good cheat or a bet? Oh, full size.


Brian  02:16

Full size, bought when it’s 711.


Ronna  02:19

You’re on a salary.


Brian  02:20

Back in eight it, went back downstairs bought another pack came back and.


Ronna  02:24

You must love a good warhead.


Brian  02:27

What’s a warhead?


Ronna  02:29

Like lemonhead but a warhead?


Brian  02:31

Oh yeah.


Ronna  02:31

Super sour Sokka.


Brian  02:33

I love a super sour Sokka it’s true.


Ronna  02:35

You’d better off you know what? Forget it, I was gonna say you’d be better off having super sour Sokka but the truth is you want that crunch?


Brian  02:45

I want the crunch.


Ronna  02:46

That’s your problem.


Brian  02:47

I want all senses to come up. Which is why I look not so raggedy today is because the sugar I did a really long workout it barely sweat anything.


Ronna  02:58

Yeah, she loves to get in there and just move in, let it come it stays for as long as it possible.


Brian  03:06

Yeah, talk to my waistline.


Ronna  03:07

Kick it.


Brian  03:10



Ronna  03:12

Can’t pinch an inch. You have to kick you have to kick it all the way out the door. You’re gonna have to eat only special cake for the next four days.


Brian  03:19

You’re right and a Special K an egg white.


Ronna  03:22

Challenge specialty challenge.


Brian  03:24

You’re right, I’ll do the 80s diet.


Ronna  03:26

California play.


Brian  03:29

What does that mean?


Ronna  03:30

That was your waitress at the diner when when you order your time you come in she orders it before you even sit down because California […] anything scooped out with a scoop cotton anything with a scoop of cottage cheese, it’s usually an avocado.


Brian  03:45

Avocado, it’s California , avocado always means California.


Ronna  03:50

Avocado California plate.


Brian  03:52

Yeah, that’s California style.


Ronna  03:54

In the 80s California plate was cut was codeword for he’s on a diet.


Brian  03:59

Yes, I’m on the California plate, yes we do.


Ronna  04:05

We have a couple of in your case it’s just a plate because you normally live in California.


Brian  04:09

That’s true.


Ronna  04:10

I just when you come to Marblehead and you got to the driftwood tell me what everything does tell them you want it California style and give you a scoop cottages.


Brian  04:17



Ronna  04:18

So here’s the situation.


Brian  04:20

Instead of hashbrowns will give me a full baked potato with sour cream on.


Ronna  04:24

The jacket potato. I want you to read you know something happened, it’s to forget it. I want you to read these three comments and then I want to read an incredible follow up that we got and then we have a guest which people are going to be very, very interested in.


Brian  04:46

She’s a very interesting, funny, glamorous person.


Ronna  04:50

She is a perfect guest for this show.


Brian  04:52

That’s perfect, yeah, cuz she and I mean yeah, you’re right. Okay, so we’ll leave it there.


Ronna  04:57

You also question, she gives you an answer.


Brian  04:59

And she he’s thoughtful about it.


Ronna  05:02



Brian  05:03

Listen, please don’t forget to sign up for the December social club now.


Ronna  05:07

I’m upset now, okay.


Brian  05:08

Here’s the car social club or air social Why you upset Ronna?


Ronna  05:15

Because these people are missing out on the luxury. Everyone needs a little luxury once a month, these people you can’t even go to Chili’s and get dinner for under $100 I don’t think […]. How much is dinner at Chili’s? Brian, you must know.


Brian  05:32

For one anywhere between like 30 and 100.


Ronna  05:36

Okay, depending on whether you have a bottomless an insatiable bottom as you drink.


Brian  05:41

And dessert […] we’re gonna shuffle brownie bar.


Ronna  05:45

And apposite, baszucki and I guess it depends on whether you have an insatiable bottom and Zucchi is that right?


Brian  05:52

And if if you’re having like five or six months slides, it’s sorted.


Ronna  05:56

I’ll tell you a little secret, I do make myself laugh.


Brian  06:00

Ronna you’re hysterical.


Ronna  06:02

I’m my own best company. But I do, the problem is I need an audience. And that is where you come in. Because tip tat tat tat tat tat.


Brian  06:12



Ronna  06:13

I say something, you say something, I say something you say something fun, what fun.


Brian  06:18

It’s real., it’s like Deborah and Eric.


Ronna  06:23

Whoever they are, I hope they’re having as much fun as we.


Brian  06:26

Debra Messing and Eric McCormack. No one would ever get that reference.


Ronna  06:31

But in that case, in that case, it’s really Max and David because they wrote all the lines on that check.


Brian  06:38

It’s Max and David.


Ronna  06:38

David and Max.


Brian  06:39

It’s George and Gracie. Except I’m Gracie and you’re George.


Ronna  06:45

Okay, anyway, we’ve got a lot to cover today. So anyway, I’m upset people are missing out […]


Brian  06:55

You’re the dour and we’re dour Skittles.


Ronna  06:58

Don’t stop that okay, you want it’s all been buds Glickman Foul and Wayne and everyone saw they turned on the screen and there was a skeleton with a French manicure waiting. It was very, very funny. And myself because the truth is I am the picture of vitality so it didn’t bother me at all, I’m gorgeous, I’m lash. My skin is glowing. It didn’t bother me for a second. If I was close to that skilled Skeletor I can understand why I might have taken offense, but instead I just shrugged it off and said, Watch me skip over this panel, you know, yeah.


Brian  07:34

Well, don’t worry since I’ve been in New York I’ve seen literally that skeleton inside immerse on the Upper East Side pretty much every day.


Ronna  07:40



Brian  07:41



Ronna  07:43

A as social club as social There are some incredible Halloween Padme there are some incredible holiday offerings so join us there all kinds of holiday offerings check it out.


Brian  07:59

As also Is it okay to say who’s coming in on this December Kiki like what? There’s an ingredient coming from an incredible purveyor for this Kiki or should we not say.


Ronna  08:12

That’s the November Kiki.


Brian  08:13

Oh shit sorry.


Ronna  08:14

It’s so embarrassing when you pretend you know what’s going on at the company.


Brian  08:19

Because I act overly confident about it.


Ronna  08:21

You just you know everything is Showtime and five, Brian and then you sort of you know get on and talk about the lady’s leggings as though you’re wearing them. You know, but that’s what makes you a great QVC host.


Brian  08:35

Thanks Ronna.


Ronna  08:37

Please read these comments. Then we have one follow up then we have the guest of of the century. I do want to remind people you can first vote we never say this. You can always buy the box as a one off always.


Brian  08:50

And gift it as a one off event.


Ronna  08:52

It’s one or you can give them a membership. It’s an incredible holiday gift. But you it’s an any time gift, but you can always buy just one. That’s all that’s all I want to say, go on.


Brian  09:06

July Neal says a cashmere thrown a cup of tea. Ron and Brian are the human equivalent to a roaring fire, a cashmere throw and a steaming cup of tea. Whenever I have a bad day I put them on and I inevitably find a piece of wisdom to help me stand a little taller and move on. Thank you both and your amazing guests especially Gearoid Farrelly grew up Grodd.


Ronna  09:27

Gearoid Farrelly.


Brian  09:29

Gearoid Farrelly, for helping to make I’m so humiliated for helping I’m embarrassing myself left and right today for him.


Ronna  09:35

Not actually it’s good that you don’t pronounce his name correctly because he’s dying to get the sack with you. And the second you acknowledgement.


Brian  09:41

I’m his whole.


Ronna  09:42

Being and not a teeny little Irish, you know, colonial whatever he is, he helped him forget all about you.


Brian  09:51

Thanks, Ronna.


Ronna  09:52

You’re welcome.


Brian  09:53

Thank you, but thank you both in your amazing guests, especially Gearoid Farrelly  for helping to make our days a little brighter and for drawing a little closer to the human experience XOXO what a tomato says truly a masterpiece, hello from Copenhagen. This show perfect huger listening during remember because we shout it out are people in Denmark still listening?


Ronna  10:13

Because we’re thinking about having a show in Copenhagen?


Brian  10:16

That’s wrong.


Ronna  10:16

Copenhagen, I don’t know what they.


Brian  10:17

Whatever they say. This show provides perfect hue good listening during the long, dark Scandinavian winters not to mention during the spring, summer and fall excuse me, light your palo santo Kandal pour yourself a big glass of Ruthven.


Ronna  10:33



Brian  10:34



Ronna  10:35

Some kind of wine red wine red wine, is what it is, it’s red white whale, why it’s red wine are odd must be red and “vin” must be wine.


Brian  10:45

Yeah, put on your cashmere sweats and settle in on your tastefully Danish design sofa to listen to the most discerning woman the world. And the most quick thinking mischief maker, do you ever inhabit a carriage house advice gift guides MEDLARS, interlopers the show as it all absolutely recommend I would rate 5000 stars if I could. And finally Henry and I love that by the way. Copenhagen I love the screen name what a tomato fabulous. Henry 92211 says skincare and midwifery or midwifery listen to episode 139, then listen to the prior ones then join the carriage house then enjoy the gorgeous coffee and social club treats and then meditate if you have a few spare minutes five stars and then we had a wonderful follow up from the sperm donor, this is the one we did at the end daily.


Ronna  11:30

This is a good follow up and then another thing happened with this anyway what can you read this this terrific?


Brian  11:39

Okay, dear Ronna and Brian and Andy daily. Do you think he listens Ronna?


Ronna  11:45



Brian  11:47

Potential spoon Dermer donor here with a follow up.


Ronna  11:50

Enjoyed his time if I tell you what if he does listen, he’s gonna let us know.


Brian  11:54

That’s true.


Ronna  11:56



Brian  11:57

Potential sperm donor here with a follow up, thank you so much for taking the time to answer my question on the free feed season three episode 138 you provide valuable perspectives that I hadn’t yet considered which brought me the clarity I needed to gut check my decision. I wrote to my current acquaintance slash old high school friend and let them know that while honored to be asked, I’m not the right person for the job. Two of your points in particular resonated with me. Number one, Ron is saying you don’t really know this person not anymore. Two Brian’s saying, I feel like you don’t know if you want to do this, so maybe don’t. Ultimately, it wasn’t the right cast of characters involved. I don’t think I’ve completely shut the door on donating sperm in the future. I just the most disgusting phrase I have to tell you. And I’m a sperm owner. You know what I mean?


Ronna  12:41

Yeah, your response, you got your sperm lamb.


Brian  12:44

I’m a sperm maker. But now, I know it would need to be closer to in the present. And I need to make sure I’m comfortable with being a known factor in the potential child’s life. I also appreciated the additional thoughts of the bank bank baby writer that you shared on the recent episode 142. Ultimately, it’s the potential child’s point of view to consider first and foremost when weighing the pros and cons here. Thanks all for bestowing your wisdom upon me and guiding me through my decision making. In this get ready to throw up sticky situation.


Ronna  13:16

Wow, don’t use his name even if he said you could because shame on him.


Brian  13:21

Kiss Kiss, how about that?


Ronna  13:24

How about no kisses?


Brian  13:26

No, kisses don’t.


Ronna  13:27

But the letter I think put it? I think that’s correct. I think it all put it into context. And I really loved that letter that we did receive that we read for.


Brian  13:35

The reason.


Ronna  13:36

Yes, and I think that that’s right, I would say don’t close the door on it. But the circumstances have to be right.


Brian  13:44

That’s right, and Andy was saying how you should like and we got actually a lot of feedback about this how and he was saying like, really check the laws in your state and blah blah blah. But then someone said you don’t have a lot of lawyers listening to the show Ronna, I’ll say that.


Ronna  13:54

Oh, don’t get me started. I got a throat 30 page letter on Patreon. Someone now talking about what was it? What was the evidence?


Brian  14:05

I’ll send? I’ll say, I’ll say this.


Ronna  14:07

30 page letter talking about you know whether Harvey Weinstein its penis was admissible as evidence.


Brian  14:16

What was the conclusion? We just need to.


Ronna  14:18

I made the offhand comment which I stand by that his attorneys couldn’t have been too good if they couldn’t keep the pictures of his phony as gangrene out of court. And then that person who’s I don’t know, half a year law student decided to tell me they’re working on evidence now and discovery and explain to me how it worked, and I’ll explain something to you. If you can afford the right lawyer. I’m looking at you Donald Trump.


Brian  14:41

Anything’s possible.


Ronna  14:42

Then your rules don’t apply anymore.


Brian  14:47



Ronna  14:47

Right? the right lawyer and the right judge and that’s called America.


Brian  14:52

There it is. I give America.


Ronna  14:56

Yeah, Miss America.


Brian  14:57

Miss America for sure, miss America is here.


Ronna  15:00



Brian  15:03

June Diane Raphael right around the corner everybody.


Ronna  15:06

I can’t wait let’s should we just get into it.


Brian  15:08

Can, why not?


Ronna  15:15

Wait a minute.


Brian  15:16

Oh my God.


Ronna  15:17

I don’t know where to start with the credits on this person because I was of course you know mainly prepares the bridge.


Brian  15:24

She gets all the creditRonna.


Ronna  15:26

It’s adorable she prepares the bridge she sends to me the bio are just funny. Funny I mean that you know, which is funny to me.


Brian  15:35



Ronna  15:35

The idea that I needed a buyer. And I get on I guess today’s,


Brian  15:40



Ronna  15:41

Yeah, but then I start reading then I start reading the bio and I think to myself, and words could be interchangeable as the first adjective.


Brian  15:51



Ronna  15:51

Screenwriter, let’s throw that up top.


Brian  15:54

Sure, opera coach.


Ronna  15:56

Mother of all podcasts.


Brian  15:59

Mother of all podcast.


Ronna  16:00

Self appointed mother Volvo of all podcasts, throw that back up front.


Brian  16:05



Ronna  16:05



Brian  16:06

Movie actress.


Ronna  16:07

Oh, my […]  watch Netflix, only if you watch movies, oh, sorry let’s get back to movie writer. Let’s get back to that, creator.


Brian  16:15



Ronna  16:16

Inspirational speaker.


Brian  16:18

Sound advice giver.


Ronna  16:20

Self help guru.


Brian  16:22



Ronna  16:23

Do people still say that?


Brian  16:24

Yeah, the inspiration for JoJo Siwa.


Ronna  16:28

And now we’ve now we’ve just learned off stage applier of sunscreen every two hours. She does every cancer that’s what you can do Creek Colorado.


Brian  16:40

That’s true, the legendary sunless talent that is June Diane Raphael.


June Diane Raphael  16:47

Well, gosh, I’m thrilled to be here and let me just start off with I think my most important credit which is applier of sunscreen and I do wish more people you know I don’t know Ran if you know that Gwyneth Paltrow received a lot of flack recently.


Ronna  17:02

Oh, well I know me.


Brian  17:04

Just recently?


Ronna  17:05

Her two well her two vices. I have to laugh out but we’ll get into her for two seconds but her two vices herself you know proclaim devices as she has one cigarette once a week. On Saturday night she has a glass of red wine and one cigarette that sounds five and the other thing is that she just loves the sun and she can’t quite give up her glow. So she doesn’t wear sunscreen even though all she does is sell people things in order to make this skin better when sunscreen is the it is the absolute like. […]


June Diane Raphael  17:46

What I’m so glad you brought that up because it is it is an interesting scam that she’s running she’s also reclusive supporter but that’s a whole let’s put that over there first for now but she.


Ronna  17:56

She did post a beautiful MC for the other day somebody posted.


Brian  18:00

She did a mikvah?


Ronna  18:02

While she posted did an Architectural Digest of her new home in Montecito and they went down to the bathroom. Somebody was reposting it as an anti Rick Caruso thing saying sure you should take her voter guide this is the life that she’s living in. It’s her in her bathroom quote unquote she has a spa that she built in the bottom of her house. But the funny thing about it to me you know he and I and binder and I have a funny little cute little DM relationship we sort of you know […]  two Jewish girls having a couple jokes together here and again and I asked her she but she was actually the one who posted it I forgot $50 she didn’t give it to you know what she said you know on the rise everybody wants 50 bucks. But I wrote back to her and I said beautiful mikvah because she was giving the tour and saying maybe she could write it off haha not because she was a wellness guru but the bathroom really looked like basement Hamam. Honestly, at the Trump SoHo that was a feeling I was getting.


June Diane Raphael  19:06

And I was disappointed I expect more from her, she usually has beautiful tastes but.


Ronna  19:10

That’s what happens when you put us back on your base but no.


June Diane Raphael  19:12

It’s very true.


Brian  19:13

And it’s like having an indoor pool.


June Diane Raphael  19:15

Who needs it? It’s more trouble than it’s worth but she did something in a tutorial which you know, the internet went crazy over because she yes she hooks all of the skincare products through goop and she did her own skincare routine. And when I tell you, she put two drops, one on one finger one on the other of sunblock on the put it on her face. Now every dermatologist will tell you.


Brian  19:44

Overdo it.


June Diane Raphael  19:46

You need at least Brian a fingers, two fingers full of sunscreen.


Ronna  19:51

Just for wow we’re gonna have to cut whatever that was we’re gonna have to cut it because that’s not the kind of show this is whatever that was. Whatever that is, so now I know now I can see what the problem is you’re competing with her are you running workshops too? That looks like listen.


June Diane Raphael  20:07

And when I say I put it on every two hours, I don’t know that that’s true. I put it on every time I go on the car.


Ronna  20:13

Yes, you reapply? What kind of sunscreen are you using these days?


June Diane Raphael  20:17

Elta, you should not buy.


Ronna  20:20

Could have said it before you.


June Diane Raphael  20:21

You should not buy on Amazon because there’s so many knockoffs there that are not the real deal.


Brian  20:26

I use that for [..] sport one because it’s by far the best one if you’re going to sweat by far.


June Diane Raphael  20:33

Okay, do you find that that hurts your eyes at all?


Brian  20:36

No, because it’s mostly zinc based that specific one, your eyes?


June Diane Raphael  20:41

My eyes are super sensitive. Yeah, they’re just piercing blue, I don’t know if you’ve ever seen them before but I.


Ronna  20:48

Hasn’t seen those, but he’s seen the Caribbean ocean so he knows what you’re talking to.


June Diane Raphael  20:52

You do know? There’s certain sunblock hurt my eyes. But yeah, she got a lot of you know, everybody went crazy over that because of course it is. It’s really the only case we need.


Ronna  21:04

There’s one dermatologist and I don’t know who she is but she started this whole piece size nonsense. My question is, why would you tell people to use less I can understand. If they use less, I suppose that’s up to them but I can’t imagine why your recommendation would be oh, don’t worry, I will last long.


June Diane Raphael  21:24

Listen, I don’t want to set myself up in an adversarial position to you, so why would care?


June Diane Raphael  21:34

But peace you find doing it with quizzes pparently.


June Diane Raphael  21:38

I feel much safer there. I feel like I can sit in that conflict in a much more vulnerable way. But P size does make sense sense for something like retinol or red shirt.


Ronna  21:50

That’s piece I’m talking about sunscreen.


June Diane Raphael  21:52

Okay, so if we’re just talking about sunscreen more as.


Ronna  21:55

Well June, if life is a recipe.


June Diane Raphael  21:58



Brian  21:59

Oh, God.


Ronna  22:00

You know we’re not saying you know, sugar other recipe calls for a cup of sugar put seven if you want. We’re just saying everything has its own little prescription and sunscreen is the sort of thing as I often say I’d rather be looking at it and looking for it.


June Diane Raphael  22:19



Ronna  22:19

I am Harry, I mean I’m porcelain.


June Diane Raphael  22:22

You really are your skin I can tell you block especially your hands which most people forget […]


Ronna  22:30

I do to my hand, everything I do my face I did my hands when I’m done putting whatever in here I put it on here. And that’s how I wipe it off on the chest, my hands that’s my course.


June Diane Raphael  22:39

Okay, because I’m I’ve really let I’ve let go and that’s an area like Courtney Cox, that’s something I regret, yeah […]


Ronna  22:48

But well, you never want the sort of person that can get a sliver of a sunburn. If I leave one little thing exposed, I’ll get a sliver burn.


Brian  22:58



Ronna  22:59



Brian  22:59

This is I have to tell you, I do think people are gonna masturbate to the last 10 minutes. There was something way too soothing about it. I have it was the people, I don’t know brothers.


June Diane Raphael  23:12

And when masturbate only podcast?


Brian  23:16

Absolutely, I feel like this is going to be the one. All the fruits who listen to the show, we call them fruits to listen to the show, who are going to be like, oh my God, they’re talking about skincare and they’re just going to take their skincare and go to town with it.


June Diane Raphael  23:30

Well, it’s a good time to break for sunblock.


Brian  23:33

That’s right. You know how this to be honest.


Ronna  23:37

This show okay, case you’re not familiar case. We have some new listeners, I don’t really know but I do think it’s important to be somewhat professional about it. Before we become very unprofessional.


Brian  23:49

I honestly feel like I’m sitting with two Ronnas I’m not kidding. There is something June’s voice is Ronna’s without the accent.


June Diane Raphael  23:57

I know.


Brian  23:58

It’s basically where he, like June when you were younger when you were like by 55 you’re.


Ronna  24:06

Supposed to be suggesting I don’t look like June now, how dare you?


Brian  24:09

You actually had a ball. Do you look exactly you and.


Ronna  24:12

I just got telling you, I didn’t mind that you went as me as a skeleton as me for Halloween because I know how vital I look, so it didn’t bother me a bit. And here you are trying to call me old again. That’s not it, it’s very ages I don’t know what are you trying to do?


June Diane Raphael  24:29

Yeah, that’s the picture of you. Listen, I take that as some of the highest praise I’ve ever received.


Brian  24:39

You might not really.


Ronna  24:42

Sound like me but without the accent June, said you’ve been told that before maybe you maybe have I need to know by.


Brian  24:49

Gwyneth Paltrow.


June Diane Raphael  24:51

You will have to that oh, who we all know who are fans of Ronna who love Ronna who looked around for advice and you know path, have told me before that I’ve there are certain similarities.


Brian  25:06



Ronna  25:07

I have noticed. I’ve noticed you.


Brian  25:11

Yes, and there’s a thoughtfulness about what you say you think about what you but what.


Ronna  25:16

I noticed that June has been nagging me a little bit.


June Diane Raphael  25:18



Brian  25:20

Are you serious?


Ronna  25:21

There we go.


Brian  25:22

How’s this possible?


Ronna  25:23

She’s calling me Rona instead of Ron.


Brian  25:26

I know, but that’s because she’s familiar with you, it is.


Ronna  25:30

It’s just a little bit.


June Diane Raphael  25:31

You do know that everybody, I know you think that but just so you know, and I do know how it’s pronounced. But you know that there’s a lot of people in that you know, that I know, who do just refer to you as Ronna.


Brian  25:46

It’s the nickname for Ronna.


June Diane Raphael  25:47



Brian  25:48

It’s just one lesson.


June Diane Raphael  25:51

It’s just one lesson, and we do know how you pronounce it. And you’re right, I should be respectful. And I do think it’s important that people struggle through a name, actually, so I do appreciate being called in.


Brian  26:02

And not trying to run it. You wouldn’t even believe some of the stuff I see behind your back, it’s way worse.


Ronna  26:07

Oh, because they have cameras in the characters in any event. We have with here for everyone else today.


Brian  26:15



Ronna  26:16

We’re really specifically here for the three people that have written and because life has become too much for them. They don’t know Well, I mean, you know, we’re going to find out what people’s personal thresholds are because if they felt this was worth a letter, this is this might be the sort of thing that Jun cleaves out of her inbox in two and a half seconds. And these people felt they needed to write a letter they’re in crisis we could say they’ve got nowhere to turn. You come here you write on this to this show you come on the show you ask a question, you get an answer that’s all we promise. You are free dia to speak however you like about these people respectfully of course.


Brian  26:58

You want to use apps.


Ronna  26:59

Don’t be don’t be afraid to be honest.


June Diane Raphael  27:03

That’s right.


Brian  27:03



Ronna  27:04

Brian, dear.


Brian  27:05



Ronna  27:06

Would you care to read the first question.


Brian  27:08

I’d be honored dear Ronna and Brian and guest I’ve been a listener since the beginning Brian you’re absolutely fabulous on attitudes Ronna you’ve inspired me to buy my very first and hopefully not last Loro Piana sweater except they spelled the Malay era.


Ronna  27:24

Yeah it’s not a Loro Piana. I don’t know who Loro.


Brian  27:27

They might have bought Loro Piana, Ronna.


Ronna  27:30

I think Loro Piana is a second grade music teacher that too I think Laura P and.


Brian  27:34

Or piano.


Ronna  27:35

Oh, she just as Patty’s yeah, Laura, oh, Laura Pianos.


June Diane Raphael  27:38



Brian  27:39



Ronna  27:41



Brian  27:42

I’m hoping you can give me perspective on a situation I’ve been struggling with for a couple years. I hate my best friend’s 11 year old daughter for Kant I met my friend Jessica. I met my friend Jessica through mutual friends when we were both 20 our friendship blossom first within our mutual friend group and then independently of it. We had so much fun together in our early to mid 20s getting drunk and grinding on randos. I was her maid of honor. Oh, you are so she’s either British or Canadian. And she was in my bridal party. I’m also the godmother of her daughter Brooke, who turned out to live in Michigan. Jessica 38 now and both happily married to our second and first husband’s respectively. Slip that in here’s.


Ronna  28:31

I don’t know what that I don’t know, to be honest, the construction of that.


June Diane Raphael  28:35

I couldn’t follow us on that second husband.


Brian  28:38

So that her friend is on the second, she’s on her first.


June Diane Raphael  28:42



Ronna  28:42

I think.


Brian  28:43

Yet Jessica and I are 38 and happily married to our second and first husbands respectively. She mentioned Jessica first.


Ronna  28:51

Yes, I know but I don’t think she’s using the construction correctly, but anyway, we’ll soon find out.


Brian  28:59

Here’s the rub, I hate Brooke. I know this sounds harsh but she was she was a sweet baby and toddler but something changed in her when she was eight or nine. She started to become very boastful and entitlement and seems not to have any boundaries with their parents.


Ronna  29:15

She’ll tell her she doesn’t have any boundaries with her parents. That’s my favorite sentence, but an 11 year old that I.


Brian  29:21

Know what are they supposed to do?


Ronna  29:24

This must have boundaries with her that they don’t even know the exact other way around, it’s my job to figure.


Brian  29:31

Your walks around being like we need to make the boundaries clear.


Ronna  29:33



Brian  29:35

She’ll tell her parents their cooking is quote shit, tasteless. Sure, she’ll throw a tantrum. When she doesn’t get what she wants as a present for her birthday. She poured months every good. She poured her father’s Scotch collection all over the main floor of their house including on the dogs. I know they would never admit it. But I think both parents are scared of Brookie, I know a couple parents were scared of their one of their kids. Jessica will bring Brooke to friends events and we’ll have Brooke attached to her at the hip. Jessica will have her daughter sit with us girlfriends on the couches. We’re talking over a glass of wine. It’s weird, can’t really speak freely in the presence of a child. Brooke will also take any opportunity to grab attention by rolling her eyes dramatically and yawning while others are talking. To Jessica, you might be really boring. Most of the other girls don’t know how to.


Ronna  30:30

Work gets enough personality for everybody.


Brian  30:32

Most of the other girls don’t know how to handle Brooke and just chalk her behavior up to precociousness. Jessica will wave off any critique of lugging Brookie along with her by saying she’s mature for her age. She’s one of the girls. I just think it does give an adult oh my god, they’re cooking his shit, you know what I mean? Kids don’t normally say that, so that is adult behavior. But the real reason I really hate Brooke is because she will target me when her parents aren’t. I was babysitting her once last year. And she told me this kid is mature, listen to this work instruction, this is a quote. She told me I was going to quote die sooner than most, because my eyes were too close together. She wants to call the haircut that I got, which was a stylish Bob fugly. We Jessica’s away from books will admit how difficult it can be to be a mother but one admit that she’s dealing with a demon child child. My question for you, can I tell just gotta leave Brooke at home? When I invite Jessica over? I don’t want her to expect. I don’t want to have to expect her demonic mini me to come with her love kid hater in Kansas.


June Diane Raphael  31:38

Oh, wow.


Brian  31:39

Okay, actually, June, I guess this is a personal question that you would never answer but are there any children, your children are around that you’re like, I’m not that good again.


June Diane Raphael  31:50

So I’m gonna be totally honest. So we’re gonna set I should be totally honest, Brian and I, I actually get very, I think we assume we live in a world that like loves children and prioritizes children. And I don’t think that’s true. And I very creeped out and uncomfortable by adults saying they don’t like a certain child. Which isn’t to say that children’s behavior isn’t of course challenging. But to ever approach a child as though they are a tiny adult is steamy says so much more about the Jessica’s of the world than the Brooks.


Brian  32:30

And I want to point out Jessica said she didn’t like her, she said she hated her.


June Diane Raphael  32:34

Yes, and now do I think it’s entirely reasonable to say, when extending an invite to your own home? No, you know, this is an adult only gathering kindly, you know, leave the children at home? Yeah, of course so we can create that person who has trouble with boundaries here to me is Jessica.


Brian  32:57

Yeah, I actually think that’s really good advice of just a general sort of, or I don’t even think it’s offensive to be like, hey, can you and I have like a good talk without the kids or something like that would just be nice but, or, I mean, and also, you’re just gonna live with the fact that Jessica is sometimes going to bring her daughter life is fucking hard for parents.


June Diane Raphael  33:18

It just isn’t also like, yeah, of course, I’ve had experiences where there are certain kids that are more challenging than others to be around. But I am and kids who are really challenging to be around and it’s hard. But I’m like, I think there’s an expectation from adults, that children should like them, that children should be easy that children should behave in a way that adults deem is appropriate, that I find to be very, very odd and creepy.


Brian  33:52

I also think you really maybe don’t, I mean, this kid actually might be going through something, you know, I mean, that’s tough behavior, and you’re not the one who has to be running all the time, and the fact that you babysit a kid that you hate is bizarre, don’t babysit […] They know.


Ronna  34:08

Well, that for sure, but my question is June if you found yourself alone with Brooke and she said to you don’t worry, you’re gonna die younger than most your eyes are really close together. What would you say to her?


Brian  34:21

You’re right.


Ronna  34:23

I just want to know because one of the main problems here is that Brooke is very is precocious and is smart, and Brooke can smell weakness.


June Diane Raphael  34:33

Well, I think you’re.


Ronna  34:34

She smells it all over you and she’s having a blast saying things like this to you. And, and so I want to know, as someone who is self possessed doesn’t have trouble with boundaries. What you would do if you were alone with an 11 year old who said that to you?


June Diane Raphael  34:53

Now listen, I have had 11 year olds. 10 year olds make me cry, like make me cry as a teenage babysitter. Okay, so I understand, you know, in some ways the approval of children is and when children are rude to you and saying personal things. I mean, I was coaching my son’s soccer team yesterday. And I had worn a very bright red lipstick earlier in the day, and I thought I took all of it out off of my lips, but clearly there was some on and this child came up to me and said, your lips are disgusting, and it looks like they’re bleeding in the middle.


Brian  35:28

Oh, my God.


June Diane Raphael  35:32

I’m not gonna lie, like I realized, like, oh, this stain from this red lipstick that I didn’t fully it was very matte. I couldn’t entirely get it off, was still there.


Ronna  35:46

Because it’s not hot enough to be a woman anyway, right? But I, I eat similarly as my child says something back.


June Diane Raphael  35:54

And I was like, June if you fucking cry, right? Like, if you cry right now, I will never forgive you, you know? And if you show on any level that this pain to you, you’re such a piece of shit. So like, I got punch but Brian, it took my it took my breath away.


Brian  36:20



June Diane Raphael  36:21

So you know, in some ways, like, what is that fraying that saying? Out of the mouth of babes or whatever, like.


Ronna  36:30

Out of the mouths of babes.


June Diane Raphael  36:31

Okay, it’s like, you know that they are these little truth tellers.


Ronna  36:36

Close together,


June Diane Raphael  36:37

I don’t think my eyes are too close together. But I just some people struggle with that. And it sounds like Jessica’s eyes might be too close together. And that’s hard, you know, and I work very hard.


Ronna  36:59

Because you can also make a child cry very easily, which is not what I suggest. In other words, she’s always on the offense. But if you did decide to say something to her, like, you know, that’s not a very nice thing to say. She might actually cry.


June Diane Raphael  37:16

You couldn’t say that to her.


Ronna  37:18

This is what I’m saying though, is you have to be careful. But this goes to your point of treating children as children and not as grownups.


June Diane Raphael  37:26

I think what I might add is like, well, I think you might be right and better and, you know, enjoy my time while I have it. The only thing or you can say like really she might respect that.


Ronna  37:39

Well, there’s these are the main issues yeah, one, Brooke can smell weakness and fear all of so until you can shake that your target okay, I’m just gonna tell you right now, you’re not safe. You need to make it not fun for her. I’m not saying you have to overnight become a different person who’s full of confidence but you definitely need to find a way to not take which not take in what she’s saying to you. Because it’s not fun for her unless she poke you. How’s this is to limit your exposure?


Brian  38:12

How about that’s a really.


Ronna  38:14

And the other thing is say you have to find a way to find Brook funny.


June Diane Raphael  38:19

What about this, she’s Brooke, she just says that I respond with hey, I want to just check in are you doing okay, that’s a really, that could be a really painful thing for someone to.


Brian  38:32

Yeah, that’s good.


June Diane Raphael  38:35

Brooke, are you I’m worried that you might not be happy. And then something might be going on because boy, that’s that’s a that’s a really upsetting thing to say to someone.


Ronna  38:46

We have to be comfortable with Brooke.


June Diane Raphael  38:49

No Brian […] really hurt my feelings.


Brian  38:51

Okay, I feel like a conqueror.


June Diane Raphael  38:54

Yes. Just like, hey, I’m floating above this. And I’m looking down, and I’m Brooke, I’m worried about you, baby girl.


Brian  39:04



Ronna  39:04

You could also just say, hey, Brooke, watch it.


Brian  39:10

Hey, Brooke, I keep one eye open tonight if I were you. I’m a visitor.


June Diane Raphael  39:17



Ronna  39:21

You can say, hey, Brooke, it’s bedtime.


Brian  39:25

Hey, Brooke, one word. Okay, we’re watching.


Ronna  39:32

Okay, you need to find a way to find Brook entertaining. And you also need to find a way I completely agree. You need to have a cut, the problem is this person is living in a place where they don’t want to be in conflict, but they have a conflict. And you need to say to your friend, hey, I love Brooke she’s my god data, she’s not invited to taco night.


June Diane Raphael  39:55

And we have to sit in that, yeah.


Ronna  39:57

You know, Brooke she’s so funny, Brooks’ the best, I don’t feel like talking about you know how how to achieve multiple orgasms in front of your 11 year old if that’s okay with you. I don’t feel comfortable. I don’t I don’t know if Brook is comfortable with it, but I don’t feel comfortable with it. That’s it, it’s and you have to put on yourself. Not on but brooke is oh.


June Diane Raphael  40:19

We can’t control Brooke […]


Ronna  40:22

And not on your parent that friends parenting either, makes me uncomfortable. So are you saying that my daughter in an awkward situation?


June Diane Raphael  40:31

Not at all.


Ronna  40:32

Brooks the best, I know […] I can speak freely in front of.


Brian  40:37

You could do a pour some sugar on me, and by that I mean this.


Ronna  40:42

You get who he is, I’ve got the cream.


Brian  40:44

Like the next time you see your friend Jessica or Brooke. Just be like, oh, hey, I’d give this up for Brooke I thought she might like it that way, A. you might get a good, B. the mother might be like she loves a Brooke, and then when you say let’s just hang out together, we’ll be weird, maybe butter broke up a little bit make her feel special.


June Diane Raphael  41:05

I worry about that.


Ronna  41:09

Feeding the monster.


June Diane Raphael  41:10

Yeah, and I think Brooke is smarter than that, Brian. I think she is.


Brian  41:14

She’s very smart. She uses the word tasteless I mean, that’s pretty good.


Ronna  41:20

Here’s the other word news dice. Brooke doesn’t like you either. And I also think Brooke sees you as competition. And I don’t know what her parents do, I don’t know how busy they are, I don’t have any comments about that, in the sense. Look, life is hard people work, I don’t have any comments about that. And every child reacts differently to different situations. But Brooke has figured out that her strategy for attention is being smart and funny. And she’s only 11 so that’s going to cross boundaries on occasion. Would it be worth that? Is that ruffles? Yeah, but the parents for the most part, I think these parents are probably not around that much or not around as much as Brooke wants them around, let’s put it that way. It doesn’t mean that they’re not around enough, it just means that Brooke wants more. And so Brooke has figured out a way to lash out and be charming about it. But you when you come into the situation you’re it’s the same imagine Brooke is six. And you’re standing in the grocery store, and you and your best friend run into each other and you start chat chat chat chat chatting, and Brooke is standing there all you know, three foot four inches of her. And she is tugging on her mother’s shirt because her mother is paying more who whom she has not seen all day is paying more attention to the person right in front of her and having a great time talking to her and not giving her that attention. And she wants that attention, now add five years to that picture, it’s just the reality of how she feels, it doesn’t mean that the mother should be doing anything differently, et cetera, et cetera, but she has figured out how to provoke a reaction from her parents. You don’t really want to be a part of that dynamic, so take yourself out of it.


Brian  43:07

Or be her agent,  get her on Tik Tok, I guarantee you’ll make a million dollars off the status.


June Diane Raphael  43:13

Also an option.


Ronna  43:14

I will pay, to go back to that strange sentence construction.


June Diane Raphael  43:20

I also think it sounds like Brooke is the child of a divorce at a tender age. So I think just just trying to get into the interior life of Brooke and what might be going on behind the scenes.


Ronna  43:34

I can’t even believe I’m really struggling, what that is so smart, that is so smart. Brooke has figured out how to put herself first in a situation where everyone else has put themselves first.


June Diane Raphael  43:46

That’s right.


Ronna  43:47



Brian  43:49

That’s my motto.


Ronna  43:52

Which also makes me think that you could try Brian strategy for a minute to see if you give Brooke more attention if that if really that is what she craves. I just don’t think she wants it from you. But you never know. Your little Brooke wants to be seen. So maybe there’s a little something that Brookes into, I don’t know, a Tamagotchi, a Cabbage Patch Kid. You know, up snow cone machine. I don’t you know, I don’t whatever, you know, whatever it is now.


Brian  44:25

A ribbon/


Ronna  44:26

Jewelry, Kylie Lip Kit. I have no idea whatever it is. Laura Piano lessons, Laura piano lessons. Whatever it is, what it is. Yeah, you could try to you could try to say, Brooke, I knew you were coming and I did something special for you too. But I’d probably give her an iPad or book and say, turn it way up, here’s some notes. We’ll see you in an hour.


Brian  44:55

Yeah, for sure.


June Diane Raphael  44:56

I also think Brooke is about a year maybe year and a half away, I’m just staying home at lunch alone, so I think that Jessica’s babysitting duties are, you know, quickly coming to an end.


Ronna  45:08

Yeah, but this mother is trying to have it all. Jessica’s, Brookes mother was trying to have it all going to wine night and bringing her data but not really spending time with the data. And I bet she never once said to her, how do you feel about me getting remarried?


June Diane Raphael  45:23

Oh, and I also think that yeah, Brookes mom is probably yeah, dealing with a lot of maybe dealing with some guilt of putting her daughter through this. And so thinking that she’s helping by taking her around.


Ronna  45:43

The good news is at the end of the day, Brookes gonna be fine.


Brian  45:46

Right, we’ve had her rise to the to actually.


June Diane Raphael  45:49

I believe in Brooke, yeah, there are other variables, actually quite worried.


Ronna  45:53

So Brooke, I think Jessica’s a little jealous.


Brian  45:56

She wants to be broke.


Ronna  45:58

So it was sometimes you meet a child and you think, wow, how do you already have more competence and have it more figured out than I do.


June Diane Raphael  46:04

I have three handled that way, yeah.


Ronna  46:07

Yeah, and there’s sort of pretty natural children like this.


June Diane Raphael  46:11

I think just as looking and thinking like, wow, that’s what it looks like to live out loud, you know?


Brian  46:20

How refreshing


Ronna  46:21

How refreshing.


June Diane Raphael  46:23

Yes, and Jessica, every time she’s around Brooke can’t help but to be reminded that.


Ronna  46:30

[…] this child I do.


Brian  46:31

Oh, I wish I were the shot, I was basically like.


Ronna  46:34

You had this child now.


Brian  46:36

Now, because I am, now I am like, Yeah,


Ronna  46:43

But we’re not as as we’re not going to eat this, get it out of here.


Brian  46:48

Yeah, which is why I think you’d be a good parent only for the very caustic discipline I would provide.


June Diane Raphael  46:56

I mean, I do actually, I mean, I feel like I roll with a pretty, you know.


Brian  47:00

I believe it.


June Diane Raphael  47:01

Heavy fist, yeah.


Brian  47:04

In a good way I just very good parent.


June Diane Raphael  47:07

Well, I am doing my best but I do I really do believe in, in discipline and firm boundaries. In schools, there are rules and I think children feel safe with them, and free with in the rules and boundaries of the home, but um, I so I have a feeling Brooke is actually feeling inside very chaotic, because nobody is telling her that her behavior needs to be knocked off and quick. And I think Brooke is going to be okay, but I feel for her.


Brian  47:41

You know, I hope her parents have her in some sort of therapy or something transitional that can help you with this. I do want to say one thing about Brooke though, that I think even her mother is aware of.


Ronna  47:52

What’s up?


Brian  47:53

I think Brooke smokes.


Ronna  47:57



Brian  47:59

I do and I think her mother is the.


Ronna  48:00

Jewel you think she’s on a Jewel?


Brian  48:02

I think she smokes cigarettes.


June Diane Raphael  48:04



Brian  48:05

And I think I told her to stop it, she doesn’t know how to do it.


Ronna  48:08

Well, then you can also if that is true, you can say to her. I know you smoke, next time she says anything. Do you just say I know you smoke.


Brian  48:19

That’s exactly.


Ronna  48:22

Even if she doesn’t see what she does. You could have a little fun with Brooke you say?


Brian  48:30

Oh, I feel badly for Brooke I do.


Ronna  48:31

I saw you take that cake.


Brian  48:33

Yeah, totally.


Ronna  48:35

Yeah, anything,


Brian  48:37

I’m going to drop you off in this hand against house.


Ronna  48:41

I do think ultimately, we ended up where we started, which is we have to have a little bit of we have to have a little bit of understanding and compassion for Brooke. Now, that’s the person who’s struggling, you’re grown up you better figure out how not to be afraid of an 11 year old and if you can’t, then you need to talk about that in therapy. Okay, you know what this is going to be a two question day is what this is going to be because I just realized we’ve spent a whole life talking about Brooke and sunscreen. I’ve enjoyed every second of it, but I actually just looked at the clock. I’m mostly going to read this question because I think it’s going to end up being ASMR for people.


Brian  49:22

Okay, whoa.


Ronna  49:24

Do you run it and Brian and any guests you might have?


Brian  49:28

This is not any guests.


Ronna  49:29

It’s not any guests, that’s the that is the gift […] the guests the get […] I just have to say we we didn’t even list your credits, but.


Brian  49:45

So many credits that.


Ronna  49:47

We can’t list your credits and we didn’t let’s watch them and we were like so we will. Everyone knows all anyone who’s listening to this is listening to the Deep Dive and if they’re not, they don’t know what they’re doing with.


Brian  49:58

No one Mr. Show for sure.


Ronna  50:01

No, […] buy a two pack.


June Diane Raphael  50:04



Brian  50:06

For sure, not to mention how did this get me not to mention everything else.


Ronna  50:10

I mean come on and then pardon me grace and Frank you know when you watch this show watch that.


Brian  50:16

Was it six seasons June?


June Diane Raphael  50:18

7 Season, yeah.


Brian  50:21

Unbelievable to have the I mean, this is no shot but probably the two most iconic women in entertainment title.


June Diane Raphael  50:30



Ronna  50:31

But then also the the cast that they had below them. Absolutely incredible, I mean, sure such an ensemble this show. Okay, so Netfli they can watch it and if they’re not again, it’s if you’re not listening to Deep Dive if you’re not watching Grayson, Frankie if you’re not going to hide this get made live show. I don’t know what you’re doing and the characters are really down, she’s on a big van in that day.


Brian  50:56

Except drugs, she’s on everything except drugs.


Ronna  50:58

That’s yeah, well, that we yeah, that way, that’s Jessica St.Clair we had a chat the other day about how she took one pill that at a half of a painkiller in it, and she lost it Brian’s but anyway, not important. First of all, I just have to sit we can get that. First of all, I just have to say that I love you to sell much and you really got me through the darkest days of the pandemic. You too deserve all the love and fans you get an MOA. But you know that already? Okay, doesn’t hurt to hear it. The regular episode ever, the characters episode are the highlights of my week. My question is about snacks.


June Diane Raphael  51:37



Ronna  51:38

When my boyfriend and I hang out there always too many snacks. And I feel like I can’t control myself around them.


Brian  51:46

My boyfriend is wearing a dang dang.


Ronna  51:49

This is gonna you bet this is gonna.


Brian  51:51

I’m gonna have to do strap in.


Ronna  51:54

This is gonna hit you in the we started talking about two packs of Skittles, so this is gonna be.


Brian  51:59

Last Sunday, which is 711 got a pack of Sour Skittles came back to my place ate them. Went back out to 711 got another bag and a backpack.


Ronna  52:11

You know, you’re the kind of person gave me a full sleeve and snack candy.


Brian  52:15

And then it’s like, I can’t, no sugar at all alright, a monster.


June Diane Raphael  52:19

I understood.


Ronna  52:20

Okay, yeah so listen up, then this question is for both of you. My boyfriend is a big guy and well over six feet tall, while I’m a petite woman. His snacking style is more like a bear and he will wander around the house and graze on tasty snacks throughout the day. He likes to have a lot of delicious snacks on hand at all times both savory and sweet. And especially loves to have a big bag of popcorn or chips or whatever when he’s watching TV or a movie. On the other hand, my snacking style is unfortunately more like a chipmunk. And I can’t stop myself from stuffing my cheeks full of whatever’s around. Especially if it’s sugary. I’m not necessarily worried about gaining weight, congratulations, but my body isn’t very happy when I do this. Last year, when it was Jelly Bean season.


June Diane Raphael  53:14



Brian  53:15

What is that?


Ronna  53:18

I guess that’s yeah, that’s be Easter. Oh, is there anything worse than a lodge Jelly Bean?


Brian  53:23

It certainly was an Easter candy.


Ronna  53:24

Not the literal jelly batch once meaning a big fat Jelly Bean you like? I don’t like any jelly beans.


Brian  53:30

I like Ibrox.


Ronna  53:32

Oh, you know last year.


Brian  53:35

I don’t want this to you, Ron.


Ronna  53:37

Well, I you think you know person. Last year when it was just this the crust is too thick on a bra.


Brian  53:43

I liked the thick crust. I know the Jelly Bean.


Ronna  53:47

Last year when it was Jelly Bean season. I ate almost a whole family size bag of jelly beans in about an hour.


June Diane Raphael  53:57



Ronna  53:58

And then had an awful dermatitis breakout on my face that it took months to get rid of. Sounds like we have a gut issue we have to look into. When we hang out, I regularly end up spoiling my dinner on such a funny sentence boiling my dinner for something.


Brian  54:16

Like children, yeah.


Ronna  54:18

I regularly end up spoiling it but it’s a thing of spoiling my dinner or making myself queasy with things like gourmet Swedish Fish, sourdough pretzel bites, and especially chocolate covered nuts. Because of his snacking. I want to have some too, but when I do this, I just end up feeling bloated and grumpy. The problem is that I kind of cut myself off if I’ve had too much whereas my boyfriend is good at doing that for himself. I guess, I can only control myself if I know the snacks for somebody else. Like I’m making cookies for someone. I can usually manage not to eat all the cookie dough before it goes in the oven.


June Diane Raphael  54:57



Ronna  54:59

Usually this is all okay because we live separately, and so I’m not eating half a family size bag of m&ms every day or whatever. And I mostly only keep things like carrot sticks in my own place. But we’re going to move in together soon. And I don’t know how to deal with it. I’ve asked him in the past not to offer me snacks when we’re watching a movie, but I just ended up asking him for some anyway, because I can’t resist and he doesn’t want to feel like he’s in charge of what I ate, plus.


Brian  55:28

What you’re reading this Ronna?


June Diane Raphael  55:29

I’ve never been so engaged.


Ronna  55:33

Plus, he likes bringing me things he knows I like, especially candy, because I get so excited about it. Now, what do I do? I know Brian has mentioned that he can’t have sugary stuff in his house. But what does he do when he’s sharing space with somebody who else else who likes to snack?


Brian  55:52

Don’t rub it


Ronna  55:53

Is that possible? Question mark, thank you, Maxine it is okay, if you call me this?


Brian  56:02

She wants to be called wow [..] I’m wanting to say to this except that you’re not doing a thing wrong. But beyond that I really I need the advice your tail, so I’m actually with her with Maxine.


Ronna  56:16

I wonder if June has a strategy?


June Diane Raphael  56:18

Well I relate to this, I am I relate to you, Brian, like I grew up in a house where we didn’t have any snacks. And like the best you could do is a sleeve of you know saltines and diet Coke. So when anything sweet came in, like I remember a box of mallomars coming in and tacking you know and, and not being able to control myself around sweet and I remember going to other homes and seeing like oh my gosh, there’s cupboards devoted to snacks and sweets and believe that we’ve gotten out of that, yeah, that we can live amongst peacefully in communion with the Earth and the Sun and the meals like we can just know they’re there and not have to attack them or even if we’re not attacking them be so mentally in relationship in relation to the.


Ronna  57:21

Way to eat a piece of old Halloween candy after right like.


June Diane Raphael  57:25

I know I what I will say is Paul Scheer, my husband is similar to this to Maxine’s boyfriend because he can he likes having like I’m talking Costco size, tubs of m&ms and.


Ronna  57:49



June Diane Raphael  57:49

Giant packages of Red Vines.


Brian  57:51

Control himself because he’s in great shape.


June Diane Raphael  57:53

He does control himself, he doesn’t struggle with those things, you know, in the way that I do. But I will say I think she’s nervous about what it’s going to be like, and sometimes I think we’re to the scariest point is right now, before we’ve jumped off because I am now many years into living with Paul Scheer and living with snacks. And there are times you know, I’ve gotten into a bad cycle right now where every night I go over to that tub of m&ms and there are peanut m&ms mixed in there. I’m sorry, peanut butter m&ms, which to me are the elite, the elite […]


Ronna  58:38

Much better?


June Diane Raphael  58:41

Yeah, so I’ve gotten into a very interesting habit of before I go up and retire for the night. I go by that bin and I scoop whatever my hands can hold. It’s really a tub and a flight but it’s like a feeding bin for me where I just scoop.


Brian  59:01

My fantasy as a child, but.


Ronna  59:04

At least you do it on the way upstairs because you can’t the shame is back down like Brian did last night.


June Diane Raphael  59:10

That’s it for you want practical solution and see if it hits and of course, you know.


Brian  59:17

I don’t want to die like I’m not ready to take, okay.


Ronna  59:20

So what have you bought, what packs of skittles the first time then what would happen?


Brian  59:24

I mean, you have to understand my childhood fantasy was literally literally to honor my jaw and pack my mouth with m&ms, and then start crunching that was little I would fantasize about when I was like.


Ronna  59:41

Genuinely, genuinely. You want it to be a PacMan.


Brian  59:45

I used to like say it out loud to my sister. Wouldn’t it be so cool if we could just like I guess I didn’t say on your hands, but if we could open our mouths and pour all the m&ms into the mix.


Ronna  59:54

Hungry hungry hippos hungry.


Brian  59:56



June Diane Raphael  59:57

I understand that I’m going to show I’m gonna throw it out there, girl salute.


Brian  1:00:00

I would love this.


June Diane Raphael  1:00:01

Okay, Emily wood and again, you know, toxic diet culture and I really I hate.


Brian  1:00:06

Oh, of course.


June Diane Raphael  1:00:07

I hate all of this but sometimes I’m also like, we have to work within the framework of our society and give ourselves certain tools, and this is me dismantling from the inside as opposed to be.


Brian  1:00:19

Oh about.


Ronna  1:00:21

Really am excited to hear how successful the strategies.


June Diane Raphael  1:00:26

So and I’m somebody who I are actually more towards salty than sweet, which is where the peanut butter m&ms for me that’s a great combination.


Brian  1:00:34

That’s the spot.


June Diane Raphael  1:00:35

But so I have, you know, whatever my hands can hold. And I try not to put it in another container. You know, they say like, don’t ever go to a second location, like, just try to get where your hand can hold, okay, then have that and brush your teeth.


Brian  1:00:56

That is always key.


June Diane Raphael  1:00:57

Okay, that could stop you. It’s a nice barrier for me where it’s like if I’ve done my full we’re talking about sunblock. Let’s also talk about dental care. If I’ve done my my dental care, and I’m.


Brian  1:01:10

Your nighttime routine.


June Diane Raphael  1:01:12

All of my stuff, I don’t want to put another m&m in there. No, have I yes, of course.


Ronna  1:01:19

Have I snacking all day? Well, you know what I would do a bear who is who is going on a fat layer.


Brian  1:01:26

I have a solution to a little part of it, for real. What I think you could do is because listen, after I eat a ton of sugar, which again, doesn’t happen a lot but when it happens, it fucking happens. I feel so fucked up the next day and my stomach is my body […]


June Diane Raphael  1:01:48



Brian  1:01:50

It’s fully bull betrayal. I think if you actually said out loud to your partner, like what happens when I eat sugar is it tastes so good, and then the next morning? I am on the toilet no less than six times that entire day starts solid and then goes to diarrhea.


June Diane Raphael  1:02:08

Oh my god.


Brian  1:02:09

And then I don’t think your boyfriend.


Ronna  1:02:11

And then he won’t want to move in with you anymore.


Brian  1:02:13

So you’re banned, he won’t want to give you candy anymore.


June Diane Raphael  1:02:15

But it sounds like her problem is not just sugar Brian because she’s talking about sour pretzels, and there’s a lot I mean, I think that’s definitely your problem, and we’re hearing part of me.


Ronna  1:02:29

Part of me thinks they should go to Costco and spend $1,000 on snacks.


Brian  1:02:35

I just like too much exposure.


Ronna  1:02:37

Everything to these two of these two these two of these, a barrel of these, put them in the cabinets. And how do we think she won’t even look at it after she gives herself the permission to buy?


Brian  1:02:50

This is like the red signs in the office, it’s like who wants to keep that after a while anyway? Yes, so this is what happened to you, it was just so much of a good thing.


June Diane Raphael  1:02:57

Now on I’m going to tell you that there are times especially according to my menstrual cycle where it is, it’s still super dangerous for me to have to live in this environment but.


Ronna  1:03:10

People don’t have solutions to this problem. This is called this is the problem of this, and maybe this is fair to say and maybe it isn’t but it’s part of it is about being grown up. And we talk about this a lot, which is that people don’t really I don’t blame them. They don’t want to be grownups. And part of being a grown up is saying to your boyfriend I’m sorry, I can’t eat this much sugar. And I want you to be happy and I want you to snack and I know I have to not snack but what if you didn’t snack around me when this happens? Oh, what if we only snack when we watch movie? Oh, what if did that? But really at the end of the day? You’re the only one that who can say I can’t eat with you it’s abama well, but five one and a half and there’s no way to put it.


June Diane Raphael  1:04:03

There’s nowhere to put although it sounds like it’s not a weight issue, so it’s hard for me to take this.


Ronna  1:04:06

Now but that thing I mean look anyone just feeling […]


Brian  1:04:11

Skin again it’s affecting your skin.


June Diane Raphael  1:04:14

Okay that you’re right, I’m sorry.


Ronna  1:04:16

We skin is really the last, no skin is the only thing.


June Diane Raphael  1:04:21

That’s true, we started off with it I mean, listen, I’ve also had I’ve had boundaries with myself and I don’t know if this is helpful where every had. I’m just like, you know what, I’ve tried many times to go I love going to the movies, I love sitting in a movie theater it’s one of my great joys in life. And I’ve thought to myself June go to the movies today. And don’t get popcorn and just bring your own water bottle and sit there you’re you’re grown up and you can do it. And what I have realized is that I cannot.


Ronna  1:04:54

I was going to say did you actually do one of those movies that’s what.


June Diane Raphael  1:04:58

I will do it I’m not up he switched that so.


Ronna  1:05:01

Or do or go to the movies in our popcorn.


June Diane Raphael  1:05:03

And that’s what I’ve committed to.


Ronna  1:05:05

For breakfast, lunch and dinner.


June Diane Raphael  1:05:07

Yes, but I if I go to a movie theater, I must have popcorn and I must have a side of m&ms and then I mix it together. And that’s my treat and a Diet Coke. So it’s just like, that’s other things in life.


Ronna  1:05:23

I know right? isn’t gonna be any better. A kid like my added to that he’s gonna be.


June Diane Raphael  1:05:28

Brushing as though it was gonna be some major solution.


Brian  1:05:31

I know it does and I’m not […]


Ronna  1:05:35

Unfortunately, it starts with you. That’s all it is. You’re the only one that can stop you, I guess you could try hypnotism I’ve never done it.


Brian  1:05:45

You’re the CEO of Maxine, that’s right.


Ronna  1:05:48

Yeah, it starts with you, but you can say to him, I mean, look, okay, he doesn’t gain any weight. Does he need to eat all day long like that? Probably not. I mean, you could say to him, you could say, it does make it hard for me. And he might say, oh, I’m sorry, I’ll just do this or that, because he doesn’t mind when he snacks when he does snack or he might just say, this is how I am, I don’t know what to say.


June Diane Raphael  1:06:14



Ronna  1:06:15

I have to do that either way.


June Diane Raphael  1:06:17

Yes, I think you know, a really strong partnership. The foundation is both of you trying to make each other’s days as good as they could be. So hopefully, he will really hear that and support.


Brian  1:06:30

And one tip that I’ve heard about that’s really healthy as if you soak cotton balls and orange juice and swallow them. Apparently, that really helps, if you guys never heard this, that’s what models do […]


Ronna  1:06:40

I told Mr. Cleveland the other night that I wanted something sweet, and he said how about an orange? I said.


Brian  1:06:48

Go fuck yourself.


Ronna  1:06:51

You should I said you should you should leave now.


Brian  1:06:56

Lately, all right, June here’s the deal we love to having you on to join. Please follow Jim everywhere but also, at the end of every show, June we pick one of the letter writers who we think deserves a little something nice, like so we’ll send them a candle or send them a you know, body care thing or whatever. So do we want to send something to we don’t have to find out what it is yet, but do we want to send something to Maxine who we just discussed? Or do we want to send something the snacker? Or do we want to send something to.


June Diane Raphael  1:07:26



Brian  1:07:27

Yeah, who’s dealing with.


Ronna  1:07:31

Wet noodle.


June Diane Raphael  1:07:32

I mean, my vote is for Maxine, especially because she seemed Maxine’s in crisis. She’s in crisis and also like I relate to the personality type that just wants a treat, I think she needs a treat. You know, I love getting treats.


Ronna  1:07:49

So you want to send her a treat even though her problem is all she’s doing is treating.


June Diane Raphael  1:07:54

I don’t think it’s a it’s a food treat alone maybe I don’t know what you all I know what we say.


Brian  1:08:01

We’ve done gold belly and stuff before.


Ronna  1:08:03

No we’re not sending her food was sending her a gorgeous Kinto water bottle. We’re inspired by Brian because she has.


Brian  1:08:13

You’re making fun of it Rona.


Ronna  1:08:16

Was making fun of you Brian, not the beautiful water bottle. Just you and the way that you flip it open and flip it closed. But I think if she had a gorgeous vessel that she felt excited to fill up, she might be able to sit in her wellness a little bit and look over the only thing I don’t want her to do is look over at the band become disgusted by the bear she has to keep an eye on that, that’s because that can happen when you’re taking care of yourself. You sometimes the governor people and think oh you’re just gonna keep shoving stuff. When all you want to do is be doing the same thing but you have to go full in the other direction and find a way to despise them in order to feel good about yourself but don’t do that. What I’m suggesting is you have a gorgeous water bottle and that you feel excited about filling it up with either tea or water or whatever your treat is going to be for yourself and that you just sit in that a little bit. I get that a shy of such when it doesn’t work, try the scoop, June the June Diane patented scoop, give it see how that goes. But if you get a drink that much sugar you do need to drink a ton of water, that’s just a fact.


Brian  1:09:24

Follow her at June Diane, also everything’s trash. We didn’t even talk about that you’re on every crash so you everyone can watch that too.


June Diane Raphael  1:09:31

That’s right that’s unfree forum with Phoebe Robinson it’s such a wonder.


Ronna  1:09:35

What about the pickleball tournament? We didn’t talk about that.


June Diane Raphael  1:09:38

And yes, I don’t know when this will come out, but there’s.


Ronna  1:09:41

This is coming out into on November 15. Okay, perfect celebrity pickleball. June Diane is in a celebrity pickleball tournaments going to be on Paramount plus, and Stephen Colbert is the Howard Cosell, so it’s an Amana.


Brian  1:09:58

November 17, it’s called pickled.


June Diane Raphael  1:10:00

It’s called pickled, it was so much fun, so yeah, I would encourage everyone even if you’ve never even heard of pickleball to watch it I’m playing I’m competing. And that was a blast thank you both so much for having.


Ronna  1:10:15

A new battle of the network stats. We adore you keep up all the incredible fabulous work I don’t know where you find all the energy but I’m delighted that you do.


June Diane Raphael  1:10:25

That’s my scoop m&ms.


Brian  1:10:27



June Diane Raphael  1:10:28

Kiss Kiss.


Brian  1:10:32

She’s one.


Ronna  1:10:33

There’s nothing to say.


Brian  1:10:34

There really isn’t?


Ronna  1:10:35

I’m worried about Madeline but I think she’s gonna love her Kinto water bottle and I want you to know it’s not just a water bottle it’s actually a flask.


Brian  1:10:43

It’s actually a lifestyle.


Ronna  1:10:45

Because it’s hot and it is lifestyle. And I want you to know I’ve people should know this, I bought one as a little joke I got one for me one for Naomi in one facility two priests waiting for the key k because I was being Brian and Naomi was being Brian were both being.


Brian  1:11:02

They were both fruits.


Ronna  1:11:03

As a strawberry she was a banana fatten, and I said we have to make sure we have Kinto water bottle because Brian’s always moving around.


Brian  1:11:11

To stroke.


Ronna  1:11:13

And it was so gorgeous, I have to say I bought two.


Brian  1:11:17

Aren’t they wonderful?


Ronna  1:11:19

And I’m actually considering having some personalized and selling them for fans.


Brian  1:11:26

This is what I’m talking about.


Ronna  1:11:29

Finally, it’ll be the first Brian’s buy a piece of merchandise.


Brian  1:11:32

Brian inspired but not Brian. Brian didn’t think of it.


Ronna  1:11:36

Thinking about it cuz they’re gorgeous. The one I got it’s not the color I would do five for our fans, but I loved it, it’s sort of a creamy olive color. Because it’s so gorgeous ya know the craftsmanship. I even bought a couple of baby steps she’s not quite ready for them yet.


Brian  1:11:51

She isn’t ready for something like that yet Rona.


Ronna  1:11:53

Yeah, no, she’s ready for that level of luxury. Well, problem is that the flask is too big it’s too many ounces right now but she’ll grow. I’m saving them for her so that she can continue to be the world’s chic as toddler.


Brian  1:12:06

She’s pretty chic, I’ll give you that. Should we do a Rona.


Ronna  1:12:09

I wish you would, I’m tired of waiting.


Brian  1:12:11

Dear Mrs. Glickman, Lady Bran and thoughtfully a fabulous guest, here’s Mike.


Ronna  1:12:16

Which we just had, but she’s just taken off, yeah.


Brian  1:12:18

She’s wonderful, is there a nicer appropriate way to tell my sisters long term boyfriend to shut up background? The boyfriend in question is loud and never stops talking. He’s a no at all, and if he doesn’t know it, he’ll look it up and read you the Wikipedia word for it. This also means he’s an energy vampire.


Ronna  1:12:37

Oh boy.


Brian  1:12:39

He hijacks every, and then she puts C or he put C Colin Robert Robinson from what we do in the shadows, he hijacks every conversation and turns it into a boring lecture about the topic of his choice. He runs every joke into the ground within an hour repeating what he would surely call an inside joke until you want to stab your ears with sharp pencils. His worst offense though is that he ends up nearly silencing my sister. We live in different states and don’t see each other that often, so our time together should be precious. Unfortunately, I feel like I spend no time with her during our visits. Even though she’s there, she says very little, which was not like her previously, I will admit I oftentimes retreat in her during these visits, because I don’t want to compete for talking time. My husband and I have made a point to try to engage her directly ask her questions that don’t involve him. We ask about our work, she’ll start to respond and he’ll talk over her and take over answering the question for her, it’s very frustrating. Every inch of me wants to look him dead in the eyes and tell him to go scratch, I love my sister, and this is your chosen partner. I bet you she’s starting to realize my husband and I might not enjoy his company. I also worry our parents see us their real peacekeepers repress all conflicts, so they’d never say anything. I don’t want to hurt her by telling him to pipe down but I wonder if they spend their lives together. If they if they spend their lives together, how we will go on in our relationship. There’s also a part of me that wonders if she gets annoyed with him and is happy in this relationship. I realized this is a big jump and it could be way off and she’s thinking she’s unhappy just because I find him to be too much, and she could find his excessive chatter charming, is it worth addressing this with her? Is there a way to do so without being offensive?


Ronna  1:14:12

What’s this?


Brian  1:14:14

If someone spent the weekend.


Ronna  1:14:16

Tell me what’s do me a favor, send me a brief follow up and tell me.


Brian  1:14:19

What this is ?


Ronna  1:14:20

Yeah, it’s worth addressing this with her.


Brian  1:14:24

That you don’t like her partner?


Ronna  1:14:26



Brian  1:14:27

You don’t like him?


Ronna  1:14:28

Yes, the whole person, yeah.


Brian  1:14:31

If someone spent the weekend with myself and my husband and then asked if I was happy in a relationship, I would be mortified, sure. There are times where she seems annoyed with him or the topic of engagement has come up and she’s ignored his gentle but inappropriate teasing about a proposal. I just want what’s best for her but also don’t want to harm our relationship.


Ronna  1:14:49

I just worked best for her, but I just want him to shut the F up.


Brian  1:14:53

And I just want what’s best for me, yeah.


Ronna  1:14:55

And I just want the two days a year I spend with them to be better.


Brian  1:14:59

Yeah, I try very hard to put on my best face and smile through his endless talk but end up feeling overwhelmed by day two and worry as time goes on my patients will dwindle even more. Oh no, I just realized this has gotten lengthy, who’s the energy vampire now? I see how these long winded letters happen. I want to give out the details to give you a complete picture of the situation and honestly that all my frustrations but I’ll end it here. Any and all advice is greatly appreciated, thank you, Tanya. Not my real nice give it I saw off the scent.


Ronna  1:15:26

I see how these long letters happen, but yet I still don’t go back and edit my email because I typed this on a typewriter.


Brian  1:15:33

Let me end it by telling you how long it is.


Ronna  1:15:36

Yeah okay, in all seriousness, we will answer this on, it is absolutely one of the hottest Patreon in the UK.


Brian  1:15:49

And it’s also [..] there was a buck.


Ronna  1:15:52

They told us, I can’t remember what they told us that we are within the top, I don’t know 1% Patreons, and that we have the highest I can’t remember now conversion rate. Meaning that people that come to our Patreon and really love it and they all listen to it and engage with it. And of course, that’s no surprise to us.


Brian  1:16:14

No surprise at all.


Ronna  1:16:15

People need to remember that if they sign up for the Patreon they get the free ways what we do the ways for them absolutely comes in their initial email.


Brian  1:16:23

Signup, Asana, they get the bonus videos, if they sign up for the $5 a month, you get a new episode every single week.


Ronna  1:16:34

It’s really too much, and believe me if Brian was negotiating his contract now it would be one a month it wouldn’t be for a week for a month for week, one a week. It just wouldn’t, and I’m not sure it would be if I was negotiating my own contract.


Brian  1:16:47

No, I’m very happy with the page.


Ronna  1:16:49

But it doesn’t matter because I’m going to start charging, you know, entry level into the Carriage House in January is going to be about $18, that’ll be entry level. Yeah, that will just be entry level.


Brian  1:17:00

Yeah, I mean that’s just to get in.


Ronna  1:17:02

Yeah, I mean, I’m just thinking about it, you know, just thinking, what else? Are they spending $18 a month on that they get four episodes where people are pouring their heart out? I will tell you this, someone wrote on it, and we’re going to start this in January, I think we’re going to we put the book club on pause for a while, but I think we’re gonna go back and start doing the long form articles. I’ll tell people now.


Brian  1:17:27

I love that idea.


Ronna  1:17:28

We read a piece of long form journalism, and then talk about it and maybe we have an expert on it with us, and maybe we don’t, but someone suggested a piece on the Patreon boards, and I started reading it, and it is incredible.


Brian  1:17:45

Oh, fine.


Ronna  1:17:47

t’s about I haven’t finished it yet, so don’t spoil it for anyone but it’s about a chef in upstate New York or Hudson County, I guess, Hudson Valley ethic, who was running a restaurant supposedly out of his house. And that everything was supposedly every inch of this restaurant was supposedly came from the farm. The food that this that the you know, […] the mushroom spores that are on and anyway, I just fell asleep at the moment where it’s about to take a turn, and I honestly, I didn’t even read the rest of it last night, because I’m so excited to read the second half of it, that I skipped a night you know, something’s good when you don’t want to read anymore.


Brian  1:18:31

Totally when you’re saving.


Ronna  1:18:32

Yeah, it makes any sense, so that is what the long form article club’s gonna be. We’re gonna read a piece of long form journalism, we’re going to talk about it, people can send us the questions, the comments, but this ai Social Club, it’s really only for people who care about themselves, so.


Brian  1:18:49

That’s true.


Ronna  1:18:51

Yeah, and I do, of course, understand that it can be a big commitment for people to sign up for the three months. But I want to remind everyone, you could always dip in and out and do a one off box anytime you want to. So that’s AI social club, you get invited to the Kiki for that month, etc. I adore you, I think you’re incredible, I have I think we haven’t even barely talked about Ronica. And when that’s going to be but you better believe it’s coming. If people want to send us any of their Ronica suggestions, they should do it this minute because I think we’re going to be recording ASAP. And that would that would go to ask and of course we’re just so excited for holiday and to spend the holiday season with you all and then in January we will we will take a scheduled break.


Brian  1:19:39

That’s right.


Ronna  1:19:40

But not Patreon, we never take a break from pain.


Brian  1:19:42

Yeah, we’re always going on the page.


Ronna  1:19:43

We’re always going on the Patreon so it it’d be missing the holidays. This would be your moment, and I think we’re also going to do a couple of fun feed drops maybe over the holiday week where we will give you a few episodes of other people’s things that we love so that they have something fun yeah, coming up. Our idea I adore you.


Brian  1:20:04

I love you Ronna.


Ronna  1:20:05

And I just can’t wait to be in person with you once again 2024.


Brian  1:20:09

So I’m going to set you mean 2023.


Ronna  1:20:13

Oh 2025.


Brian  1:20:16

What are you talking about Ronna? We’re not taking a year long break.


Ronna  1:20:20

Who knows? I mean, who knows? No, we’re not, but I am starting to get excited about my Eastern Europeans journey. Remember I told you I was going to east?


Brian  1:20:29

When are you going?


Ronna  1:20:29

I’m not wearing my fur.


Brian  1:20:32

Just wanted to stop talking about that.


Ronna  1:20:34

You know what I tell Joe that it’s like I’ve had it a long time and I just want to wear it and I don’t want anyone to look twice at me and I and I think that’s okay.


Brian  1:20:45

I do not.


Ronna  1:20:46

I can’t put the coat back in the woods, you know what I mean?


Brian  1:20:50

I do know what you mean actually.


Ronna  1:20:51

Yeah, did you have something else you wanted to say?


Brian  1:20:55

Not anymore.


Ronna  1:20:57

Okay, all right Skittles, that’s what I’m calling, okay Skittles.


Brian  1:21:06

Blackmail, all right yes.

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