Maria & Saga: When You Come (On The Podcast) Twice

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Fan favorites Maria and Saga from Season 3 are back to catch us up on their sexploits from the past year. They give a rare, first-hand account of what it’s like to be a guest on the show — how it brought them closer together and unlocked new aspects of their relationship. Now, even when the hectic realities of parenting and everyday life get in the way, they make it a priority to find time for intimacy. And sometimes that means sneaking off to a hotel during a family vacation.

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Saga, Maria

Saga  00:02

Oh man, kids out here. What do we do? And they’re like, well you guys are doing.

Maria  00:08

Why is the door locked? It’s like because you can’t come in. That’s why the door is locked. The joy. Hi, my name is Maria. My pronouns are she/her/they.

Saga  00:26

Hi, my name is Saga, my pronouns is he/they/his, and you’re listening to GOOD SEX.

Maria  00:34

You heard us on season three, and we’re really excited to share more with you. It was a really great experience. For me, I think, personally. At the moment in which I recorded; I was going through a lot of change in my life. And it felt good to like, be creative and talk about different parts of my identity, including like, sexual identity and pleasure, kind of out in the open and in this like new format. So I think it was pretty cathartic for me. And then the people that I shared it with were like, bitch, this is nice. This is dope. Like, I would have never thought about doing this with my partner. And it felt really natural to listen to you. And I love to hear your story. And a couple other people shared it with friends that they know that I don’t know. And I got like fun screenshots of texts. Like, I can totally relate.

Saga  01:38

I think something went down that day.

Maria  01:43

Yeah, it might go down like early in the day for us today.

Saga  01:48

We were having a lot of fun excitement. So we were looking at shoulders like whoa, let’s get down, you know, going to business. So we did.

Maria  02:00

We did what parents do. Today, later today, maybe what time are they going to bed, I think it’s definitely unlocked a little bit between us just like the ability to be vulnerable and more public about things that we’re experiencing with intimacy. And as a couple and intimacy over a long period of time, I felt that it was really good for us. I mean, COVID was crazy. Being in lockdown was really hard, like mentally and physically and emotionally and some of our friends uncoupled and so it was nice that it feels behind me to some extent, and that we came through it stronger, and like more loving and more sexual and more excited about continuing to do things with each other. Inside and outside of the bedroom.

Saga  02:57

Yeah, I mean, we still so young, it feels like we are partnered for a long time, and we, you know, 16 years, probably. And we’re just thankful that we had each other we could, you know, approach each other differently in a way that we can communicate with each other. And there’s no doubt that we’re going to have fun, if it is the moment if it is a car, if it is a bottle doesn’t matter where it is, we will find a way to say yes, let’s do it right here right now.

Maria  03:30

It gets harder, it gets harder to say yes, all the time. But I like it. It’s nice to feel sporadic because I will say in the parenting world, it’s not as sexy and spontaneous as I don’t know. You’d like wish it could be you know, you’re like, yeah, it’s not in the kitchen at 10AM, because your kindergartener goes to school at 1125. So they’re still here, you know, it just like, random things like that, or just like being able to wake up 1and have morning sex is almost impossible with children. And I just remind myself, these things are temporary. And hopefully we can nurture a really strong relationship and sexual chemistry that like even if it’s in our 50s or 60s, these things are still desirable. Do you think we’re closer now than we were a year ago?

Saga  04:30

Well, Maria, I think you we always been close. Definitely more now than, you know. Like, it’s hard to say, right? Because we’ve been closer. But, you know, since I’m this, you know, we all was caring for each other. Lovely and deeply in their ways.

Maria  04:53

Like do I get to answer my own question because I’m not sure if I like your answer, but I do. I do agree with you. That I do think that we’re closer than we were a year ago. I think every year actually, that’s the thing that keeps me with you is that every year, it can get deeper, just like life and getting older together like experiencing grief and loss and hardship across either of our families. Makes us tighter and like more deeply connected. And because we don’t have the same spontaneity as we did when we were 26 and 23. When we are intimate I feel like it’s like, really, I think about it as like, volcanic.

Saga  05:49

Yeah, it’s another level for sure. We wait closer, more close. That’s volcanic. That’s a hurricane that comes into, you know, disturbing everything making the whole mess. Have I been giving you great orgasm lately?

Maria  06:20

Okay, I love this question. And I would say through the pandemic, we learned a lot about mind and body connections and stress and like how things can change your dynamics in the bedroom, our dynamics in the bedroom. So, I will say, you became so much more thoughtful and really tuned in to giving me orgasms in different ways. And not just through penetration and sex, and the Diamond D. And so I’ve really appreciated that. And, and I think like, this is my assumption inside my own head, which might not be true. But like when we introduced more sex toys, you totally are into them. They’re super fun. But I feel like sometimes you like want to compete, you’re like no, not the toy. And then you will be really intense. And that’s great for me because the climax is so good. You know what I mean? Like, I think oral is, I like it more than I have before. And that’s funny, because I never, I never disliked it. But now it’s like, when we get the time and the space to kind of have a session. That’s not constrained by the 15 minutes before somebody comes home from school. When we have the time you’re like, no, I want to do this. And I love that. And you’re like, hold on let me tie my hair back.

Claire Jones  08:11

I think we both had the same question, which is what has been your favorite sex moment from the past year? You can go first, Maria.

Maria  08:37

Do you want to go first?

Saga  08:38

Why do you want to hear me first?

Maria  08:41

I just want to see if it’s the same one.

Saga  08:44

You go first, ladies first.

Maria  08:48

Okay. The best moments from this past year, hands down this past summer. And sadly, all of it to say sadly, there were not enough of these moments. But the ones that happened. Were mind blowing, life changing and prioritized. So anybody who knows that you’re traveling for summer vacation because you’re a parent and your kids are off. You should not call it a vacation. It is a trip. It is an exercise and patience and humility and a whole lot of shit. Raising children.

Saga 09:37

Not just your children. Everyone’s around you, you have to manage all of that.

Maria  09:45

The sandwich years are real where you’re like taking care of your aging parents, taking care of your young kids and like attempting to take care of yourself at the same time.

Saga  09:56

Get time for yourself. It’s hard.

Maria  09:59

Time for yourself. This is why this moment was so good. So we were on said trip. We were cohabitating with probably like 18 people in a house. There was never any, any private time. I mean, maybe just to go..

Saga  10:15

Yeah, you didn’t drop a painting that no one’s like..

Maria  10:24

So yeah. And it was like, I was finding myself very agitated around like week three of this trip. And I was like, Why is everything a lot? Is everything wrong? Everything’s wrong right now. And then I like, had this lightbulb moment. And I was like, motherfucker, I need to see you. What is the plan? And I was like today, here’s what we’re doing. We’re leaving the house this afternoon. Just you and I, we are taking no children. No cousins, no nephews, no uncles, no brothers. We’re saying that we’re going grocery shopping. And we need four hours. And that was the best decision of my life. And what I did, I went on my little app, and I was like, local hotel. What is the nightly rate I don’t give zero fucks given. I’m paying for a night even though we only need four hours. And I felt like as soon as I got in the car.

Saga  11:25

Funny thing is that right? The funny thing is that everybody’s like, wait, are you sleeping over somewhere? Like no.

Maria  11:33

I’m just going to get groceries. I had like a little packed bag. I was like, freshly showered, I had a playlist for the car. It was like, we just like stepped into a scene when we did it. And, we got to the hotel, and it felt very, for me, I was felt I felt like I was I was a part of a fantasy that I had kind of always wanted to like roleplay and do and it was like, you know, enter the hotel in the evening. And, you know, are you checking in for the night? And like, no, we’ll only be here for a few hours.

Saga  12:09

And you’re going to a hotel, not a motel.

Maria  12:12

not a remote. Yeah, not it was like a legit it had stars, it had nice sheets, it had good towers, and you know, up to the 10th floor and the view of the city, you know exactly they’re talking about. And it was it was a beautiful night on this trip. That night became a vacation. And we open the window. For four hours. We opened the windows; it was completely clear. It was like warm, ocean breeze moonlit. I had the bomb playlist and we went to town. But the best part though, was like remember that one part? I was like, okay, flip me over. And I was like, Oh, we don’t have to be quiet. We don’t have you know; the bed could hit the wall. Like she could just go down.

Saga  13:09

Yes, we didn’t care who was next door at all. And it was like, oh.

Maria  13:13

to the from the from the bed to the wall to the desk to the shower to back to the bed. I was like, This is what I’m talking about. And it was really amazing. That was such a good night. That was that’s, that’s my favorite memory from this year.

Saga  13:29

I mean, I have to agree 150% that was you know, the initial and anxious of I need this right now. I need four hours of your life. Stop everything. I love it, you know? And go into that situation. Look at your face, like, oh, we’re doing this. Are we doing this? Are we going to a hotel? Did not I was like relaxing, right? Let’s have some fun. Let’s have the view. Let’s open What do you want to drink? Let’s have a little drink. Let’s play the music. Let’s get intimate and have some fun. Yes, yes. I had this same sex moment. That was one of the highlights of the summer. You know, but yeah, I, we both had the same question because we both had the same moment. So that is, you know, funny, but at the same time excited to know that we are still coming on that, you know, vibe and excitement.

Maria  14:34

I definitely felt like I learned from that moment.

Saga  14:37

What did you learn from that moment?

Maria  14:38

I mean, just prioritizing our time to find time for intimacy like people like oh, you lose the like you lose the vibe or the energy by doing that. But I actually feel like it is a life skill. And it’s a relationship skill and like the fact that I strongly desire to like be with you and make out with you and have sex with you and have great orgasms with you and tell you like, hey, I’m not well. It’s gonna need you to get cured. Because you know, there’s only so many times that I want to self-please myself, and I’m very good at it. But just sometimes I’m like, yo, I really want my partner.

Saga  15:41

Yes, yes. You know, when they goes around you like wanna hug and cuddle you like, excuse me, girl, this is my time right now in the all I know, but I came before you all.

Maria  15:51

We really had a funny conversation on the way home from school the other day. The oldest was like, why are you always trying to hook on […]? And I’m like, Okay, we need to have this little Convo. That’s your dad. That’s my man. There is a different energy. I love that you love your daddy. I love that he gives you all the attention. But sometimes mommy needs attention. And it’s slightly different. So yeah, we’ve been trying to work on that.

Saga  16:32

If we only have five minutes to be sexual, what are we doing?

Maria  16:38

Oh, I know what I’m doing.

Saga  16:40

What are you doing?

Maria  16:42

Listen, five minutes, five minutes is a job for a woman on a man because let’s keep it real. Like y’all can make one minute or three hours if you really want to. So, I have no qualms with like, let me drop down. Either get my eagle on, or I am going to give you a head. And it’s going to be great. I’m really good at it. If you need to go in five minutes. I’ve had experiences that you can do that.

Saga  17:19

Yes. I love it.

Maria  17:25

Ready to go. I also would also not be mad at like a makeout session for five minutes because I feel like kissing is something that I miss about you. Because you don’t get to kiss as much. In the world of parenting life. You’re like No, no, like air kisses kiss on your cheek. Maybe a kiss on the lips but like kissing like you’re in 10th grade holding hands at the movies make out what you’re really good at. You’re really good at that. And so I kind of I could do a five minute kissing session too.

Saga  18:08

I love that too. You know I love kissing and love it in that which is cuddly age and have to do much in five minutes can be like oh my god I wish you would have a whole hour.

Maria  18:18

No, and then I’ll be like a bitch after be like okay, well in like three hours are you available? Thank you for listening to GOOD SEX. Best podcast. Ever.

CREDITS  18:41

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