Spring Into Beauty Part 3: “Wetness is the Essence of Beauty” with Eyewitness Beauty

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If you don’t have an overflowing cart yet, well, third time’s the charm. Industry insiders Nick Axelrod-Welk and Annie Kreighbaum join the aunties for this spring fling. Along with co-hosting Eyewitness Beauty, they have founded amazing beauty brands like Nécessaire and Soft Services. Nick is perpetually searching for that post-vacay glow, and he’s got some recs that don’t involve a flight to Cancún. Cue “Single Ladies” by Beyoncé, Annie has some wearable tech for dainty digits.

Please note, Add To Cart contains mature themes and may not be appropriate for all listeners.

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Annie, Nick, Kulap Vilaysack, SuChin Pak

SuChin Pak  00:10

All right Hello little saplings Welcome to add to cart. We have some very exciting news to announce today. The day has finally come we are finally doing our first live show and Ku, we are weeks out with weeks out and I’m already not sleeping. Well yesterday was just like panic, panic dreams not sleeping.

Kulap Vilaysack  00:36

And I’m doing my best to manage both you and me. So we’ve got a few details locked down now with more to come but mark your calendars carter’s we are coming to you live in Los Angeles with an all-new deranged energy you’ve come to endure and maybe even love May 17th is our first live show so for now keep your eye on at Add to Cart pod and of course listen here as we roll out all the juicy details that means we’re not ready yet.

SuChin Pak  01:06

But we’re getting ready to get ready, to get ready.

Kulap Vilaysack  01:09

Always in process.

SuChin Pak  01:11

I got my socks pulled up all the way drafts.

Kulap Vilaysack  01:14

Socks are able to go to your bra line is really wonder you’re the eighth wonder of the world.

SuChin Pak  01:22

Truly and you’ll get to see it live very soon very soon. So we are moving into part three of our spring into beauty series. And we’ve brought some heavy hitters, personal request of mine. They are true beauty insiders who have their ears to the ground, their fingers on the pulse of all things beauty.

Kulap Vilaysack  01:44

And they have gone on to launch some of the most talked about beauty brands out there. So without further ado, please add to cart the duo behind I witnessed beauty Nick and Annie.

Nick  02:03

All of my life has been leading up to this point.

Annie  02:06

Yeah, can we actually have that sound bite.

SuChin Pak  02:12

Firstly, I want to say Never miss an episode I feel it’s weird when you have guests like in your ears all the time. And then here you are in the flesh or via zoom pretty close. But we teased your brands up at the top let’s get into that first and then I want to start with Nick. What do you think is the one thing from necessary that we should all be adding to our cart?

Nick  02:39

It’s like you know, choosing a favorite child, I think, the body lotion the body lotion. The OG body lotion is incredible. My husband has like kind of sensitive skin, maybe some red bumps on his chest or on his back and there’s niacin amide in the body lotion and it clears up any discrepancies in skin texture and it absorbs easily like one of our the sort of most important things to us when we were developing it was that it didn’t you know when you sweat it didn’t sort of also sweat out and get you slip sliding around and this really absorbs it absorbs quickly you can put on your clothes and you can go yet you feel actually moisturized it’s not it doesn’t disappear which was a you know it was that was our on our checklist when we developed it and it’s like it was our we launched with it and it’s I think it’s my favorite.

Kulap Vilaysack  03:40

It’s your hair product. Well SuChin has been has an aversion to any sort of fragrance.

Kulap Vilaysack  03:47

Except for my scent.

Kulap Vilaysack  03:50

Of course, SuChin’s musk it should. We’ll talk to you guys after pod see if there’s anything we can do.

SuChin Pak  04:04

I really wanted to not say that.

Nick  04:09

But no, ours is unscented. And the other idea too was you could like add you don’t want it to compete with fragrance. If you were fragrance. Yeah, it can be irritating. And you know, it’s almost like retro. But we launched in 2018 when there was a lot of talk about essential oils being better than you know synthetic fragrance. And we were coming out saying well we don’t really believe in either one of those things for products that stay on your skin that aren’t like a wash off product. There is not a lick of fragrance. There’s not a lick of neutralizing ingredients that neutralize like a plasticky smell which you sometimes have to add in the formulation of a product if you’re not using a scent. It’ll sometimes still have a weird smell. But we didn’t have to do any of that. So it is plain jane.

Kulap Vilaysack  04:55

You launch in 2018, it was 2020 when I get to […] SuChin Pak to bodywash. Did I buy my friendship. I don’t know what do you guys do?

Nick  05:08

Oh, I do too, 100%

SuChin Pak  05:11

Yes gifts are a love language here we don’t we don’t like to say it. We don’t like to be near each other. I can’t tell you the last time I saw Ku in person, but boy do we like to exchange gifts.

Nick  05:22

I say it’s my one party trick that I can make a box of necessary appear within a few days. Like basically at this point anywhere in the world and it’s the one thing I’m good for.

SuChin Pak  05:33

You keep getting invited back. Okay, so Annie let’s open our carts to soft services. Same question to you. I hope you don’t say the Thera plush because like keeps selling out.

Annie  05:44

Oh, what do you mean? This?

Kulap Vilaysack  05:57

It’s gorgeous. It’s gorgeous.

SuChin Pak  05:59

And other people covet it. She is rubbing it on her fine little hands.

Kulap Vilaysack  06:07

Look at my hands through the Zoom look at how elegance and moisturize they are.

Nick  06:13

I think you found your new hand model.

SuChin Pak  06:16

And face model really.

Annie  06:19

I love this as like the new campaign direction to the very Avant Garde through the fingers.

Kulap Vilaysack  06:26

It is a game changer. I haven’t been able to talk about it yet. Annie, I love it.

Annie  06:36

It’s been like a labor of love. But I will say if I’m going to recommend one product from sub services, the real crowd pleaser across the board men women don’t use it on your kids. We always say people ask, are your product safe for kids, were always like we don’t […] but buffing bars. And this is like it’s basically if sandpaper and a bar of soap had a child together. They and were in a stable committed relationship they would produce buffing bar and it is just physical exfoliant. So I know I know we’re trying to pack a lot of things into like one product right now and a lot of formulas but I really just wanted almost like a tool rather than a formula to really get off that like deadline.

SuChin Pak  07:32

You want it to be an ante in a case spa you know in like a kneaded bodysuit to just get into it. I don’t feel clean unless I’m exfoliated like that.

Annie  07:41

I’m too lazy though because I love those like the minutes and like the towels the scrubbies yeah, but like those really intense yes like scrubbing towels, love those but then I’m like I am not one to clean those ever. So this is just sitting around with my dead skin on it.

Annie  07:59

Like bathroom window.

Kulap Vilaysack  08:02

SuChin believes that sun is the way to disinfect.

SuChin Pak  08:07

Let us not derail our conversation but we all can agree on science right? You put it in this, my toilet plunger is out there my green scrub is are out there, but now I don’t have you because I’m gonna try this buff bar. I’m very pro-sun here.

Annie  08:23

I am too. I think I think the sun has gotten like really bad PR with all this like sunscreen. You know? Like everybody’s just upset. They’re just trying to sell you more product.

Nick  08:34

Side note. So and I met when I was a co-founder of into the gloss I hired Annie to be our Head of Content. And we came up with this story. No, we didn’t actually write it. We commissioned an article that it got us into it was probably the most traumatic day I’ve had at work was we published an article about DIY sunscreen.

SuChin Pak  08:58

Oh, I remember this article. This is legendary.

Nick  09:02

This was a no, no, it was a no no. So it turns out that there are you know sunscreen like truthers, you know, like crazy sunscreen people on the internet that are sort of like overlap with like just the Eco warrior types. And they we’ve published like an basically like a Pinterest recipe for sunscreen where you like buy it on it you know, you buy zinc on Amazon.

Annie  09:31

It was like carrot oil, I think?

Nick  09:35

And it turns out that you can’t make your own sun screen. And also with like there was there weren’t natural alternatives like there weren’t all these different options for like, you know, non-chemical sunscreens so we thought we were doing everyone a favor who like didn’t want to go the chemical route, but we weren’t. You cannot make your own sunscreen.

Kulap Vilaysack  10:00

Hindsight is 2020 and all we can do is apologize and move forward.

Nick  10:05

When I hear it myself. I’m like, okay, yeah, it makes sense. You can’t just like mix things you got an Amazon and like, Estimate Like what SPF you’re making.

Annie  10:16

This was also before any of us had ever developed had been on the other side of being purely just writers editors. Just that’s good.

Kulap Vilaysack  10:28

To give us a timeline.

Nick  10:30

Now we would never try something like that.

Kulap Vilaysack  10:35

Let’s dive into your carts. I kind of Nick which I feel like your first two kind of go together which is the Le Labo CADE 26 candle and a candle warming lamp.

Nick  10:48

So can I first say that I said earlier that this is the moment I’ve been waiting for. I was just talking to a friend today where I am. I like to consume my I love things. I love buying things. I love buying one thing only to like trade it in for another version of a thing. It is something that excites me. I like approach any brand that I’ve developed or consulted on as a rabid like rabid frothing from the mouth consumer. So I just appreciate any inspiration to take out my credit card. So my first pick was the CADE 26 candle. Do you guys remember the Gramercy Park Hotel in New York? Yes, yes. We famously recently had like a, like a fire sale, every single piece of furniture and yeah, it was crazy. There were like lines around the block. It was I believe in Ian schrager hotel in Gramercy Park in New York City. They had collaborated when they opened the hotel, it’s now defunct with little elbow on this specific fragrance called K 26. It was the signature fragrance of the hotel lobby. And if you’ve ever spent any time in the hotel, you would just like smell this the minute you walked in the door now a lot of hotels do this, but it was sort of unique at the time and it triggers whole thing as a hotel. Yeah, it was like having a signature scent. And it is. The way I would describe it is if you took out some of the sort of like sickly sweetness of centile 33. And you were just left with more of the woodsy, but kind of still like warm. It’s musky, it’s woodsy, it’s ambry but it’s just not as sweet as scentall, a little bit more sophisticated. And it is by far and away my favorite candle. Truth be told, it was Courtney, Cox’s favorite candle who I worked with when we created homecourt and she turned me on to it and I’m obsessed. The hotel is no more the candle still exists you can buy it. Now, I work in an office now and I thought I was at first going to just burn candles in my office but I don’t think that is code I don’t think that there that’s allowed in corporate and I don’t think you’re allowed to have an […] I don’t know I was at first I was like, you know, I’m just gonna apologize if something happens but then my move generally, yeah, exactly. Then I was following this guy on Instagram called Sir Candle Man. He works, I think he works full time at tick tock but he like reviews candles and all of his comments are about candles. And he had recommended this Amazon candle warming lamp. I switch. Yeah, it looks like a little black lamp. They have it in white. So it’s basically a lamp that has a very short distance between the base of the lamp and the bulb. You put a candle on a little tray and the heat from the lamp liquefies the wax and perfumes incredibly well. It makes your candle last.

Annie  14:12

I was about to say candle companies hate this one trick.

Nick  14:15

I don’t know I mean I haven’t I should probably do an experiment and mark like lines on my candle to see how fast it burns but it’s definitely much slower than if you were to burn the candle but what’s amazing is there’s no smoke and you’d think that we would have thought about this before but we didn’t, and it’s completely game changing smokeless sent for like a big room.

Kulap Vilaysack  14:57

Annie, I listen to your last episode so I’m just gonna jump right into the aura ring horizon style in silver. I know Nick, you have it in gold truly in inspired move friends. One that I still respect is I want to try it. I don’t want to pay for it. So let’s reach out to the company. I bow to you respect.

Annie  15:23

I listened yes. And I listened to I think it was your most recent episode where you shamelessly admitted that you’re doing this for free product, I would say that is our main motivation as well. So that’s where we are aligned.

Nick  15:38

Game recognizes game.

SuChin Pak  15:39

We are achieving things guys.

Annie  15:41

And we’ll send you their PR person after this. So I have the model you just mentioned and then it comes with you have to download the app, you do have to pay a monthly fee for the aura app. And it’s basically like instead of wearing for those who are uninitiated into the world of aura not to be confused with the frame company that sponsors every podcast I listen to. You guys included. It’s a ring that you wear, like instead of like an apple watch or a Fitbit app and it’s pretty unobtrusive and are unobtrusive. What’s I don’t know how you Yeah, that but and in terms of, I forget that I’m wearing it. And it monitors your heart rate and your temperature and then on the app you can check while you have to check the app for everything. There’s no screen on it. And yeah, Nick and I’ve been wearing it since February.

Nick  16:37

Yep. We should say to Annie that we did a lot of research before we landed on Aura about which of all of these like trackable tracking things was the most accurate and by and large it seems like people agree that the or it’s the most it’s one of the more expensive you know, versions of the thing the, Apple app.

Kulap Vilaysack  16:59

Did you pay for the Gucci collab? Of course I did. You know, […] behind glass? I did.

Nick  17:07

Don’t think I didn’t almost press Add to cart to the Gucci one. And then I was like, I don’t think I can get that one for free.

SuChin Pak  17:23

I don’t need a ring to tell me. And guess what? You aren’t sleeping. And this is this is what I’m afraid of. I, I when I listened to you guys talk about it. I did. I was like, Oh, it does sound like the aura ring is nicer than some of these other apps, which are like, do you suck at this, you’re not moving, you need 20,000 steps, that kind of a thing. Like, I just don’t need one more thing in my life telling me what I already know. But that’s like, it’s like a psychological thing that I haven’t quite gotten over.

Nick  17:57

I will say the one. The one thing that has annoyed me recently is that it’ll start to sort of learn your behavior. You know what time you’re waking up, what time you’re going to bed, how your sleep is, and making recommendations in the form of push notifications, like so. Well, I have two kids, a daughter who’s two who started waking up between 4am and 5am for the last like 2 months, and a newborn son, and it starts telling me now the aura ring around 8pm that I should be going to bed and it’s like fuck you.

SuChin Pak  18:31

Yeah, done eating.

Nick  18:35

I should go to bed. Yeah, but like, Yeah, can I just watch your fucking episode of Andrew […].

Annie  18:43

It will tell you like every hour, if you’re not standing up, or if it doesn’t detect movement, it will send you like a little passive aggressive note that says, time to stretch your legs.

SuChin Pak  18:53

Oh, it’s an Asian auntie. My mother.

Nick  18:58

Jewish mom too.

SuChin Pak  18:59

I mean, that’s kind of what we need great. Like, we do need someone saying like, hey, stand up, sit up straight, eat your vegetables.

Nick  19:10

I find the information it tells you about your sleep valuable because it’s one thing to be you know, like in your bed and something to be sleeping and having like restorative sleep, and it’s interesting to see day to day if you’ve had a drink if you haven’t had a drink before you went to bed like how it affects your sleep because everyone is different. And you might think oh when I have tequila you know like I can’t sleep as well or you know, if I do work before bed I can’t sit like you’re gonna be able to actually see scientific evidence of either proving or disproving whatever you think so that I found that to be actionable somewhat like that data.

Kulap Vilaysack  19:48

So like severity bury her head underneath pillows, you know, much more like the ostrich? Yeah, I don’t know if this is for you. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Although looks on Annie. It’s very chunky looks very cool.

SuChin Pak  20:03

The thing about the aura ring. I think they get a lot of things right is that you actually want to wear it or don’t mind wearing it because some of this wearable technology you’re like, Okay, I’m not a cyborg. Like this isn’t funny. I’m not going to the convention. But this actually looks you know, very chic.

Nick  20:19

It’s the least obtrusive one.

SuChin Pak  20:23


Kulap Vilaysack  20:25

Nick What is this butter London blurring Skin Tint and tan?

Nick  20:30

Butter London I thought it was just a nail brand but I guess they have a full line of makeup now. I’m always on the quest for the best bronzing liquid something that will give me that sort of just back from vacation kind of glow. But that doesn’t have sparkle or shimmer. You know? […] for the ingredient nerds out there no mica in it. Something that doesn’t leave you shot just like that that a guy could wear who doesn’t like to wear makeup and could just look a little bit better because the number one thing people tell me is like, oh, you look are you? Did you get enough sleep last like I look pale.

Nick  21:08

But you smell so nice.

Nick  21:12

I smell good, but I look like shit. But I found this butter London liquid. It’s like a matte sort of primer tanning thing. It comes in a little like 1.7 ounce tube. And what I like about it is it mixes really well into your moisturizer. You get a few shades darker than you would normally get for a regular foundation. You can add a few like a little squirt into your moisturizer. And again it just like doesn’t look like makeup it doesn’t get into your wrinkles or into your beard if you have a beard. But it just gives you a little bit of a glow. But again, no shine, no sparkle. And it’s very forgiving. If you’re not good at applying makeup. You don’t need a beauty blender you don’t need a brush. You can do it with your fingers which I also appreciate.

Kulap Vilaysack  22:07

Speaking of fingers I don’t know this product line. You have the nude BB cream from […] what is this?

Annie  22:18

Their brand the brand world’s a bit confusing I imagine […] was the name for the boutiques This is a company based in Montreal, but the brand that specifically I’m talking about in terms of my add to cart is called gel care, and it’s a line of gel polish and I just think the colors are exceptional the way they do their photography their Instagram.

Nick  22:48

Can you get it professionally done or can you do it at home?

Annie  22:51

I love doing things with my hands I like making things, I am very good at tiny little details so if you’re not that then you can just buy the colors and take them to your local salon but I have like the whole thing I have like the UV lamp, I’m all set up with all the tools and I acquire more over time and then they have this one color a little confusing again the names is the color itself is called nude BB cream and it’s like a jelly sheer light pink.

Kulap Vilaysack  23:22

Do they mean it like BB cream like face BB cream like is it like good for the nail or is just the gives you the effect the look of it, I’m always just like hoping that like you know somehow we’ll have a nourishing gel care but okay, yeah it looks amazing.

Annie  23:42

The colors across the board it was hard to just pick one and but I wanted to follow the rules and just add one thing to cart but like I literally have a whole box back there of like 24 Different colors from this brand they’re so fun like yeah,

SuChin Pak  23:56

This is very cool. All the cool girls are doing their nails like this. It’s like oh, I owe these things so I don’t know I don’t know what I guess I did my nails that’s so yeah, yeah, yeah, sure, sure, sure.

Kulap Vilaysack  24:09

Are you being Hailey Bieber right now? Is that your impersonation?

SuChin Pak  24:13

It should be only cool girl left like Do we have another cool girl I can reference like this woman is holding the world on her BB nail gel manicured hands you know but yes.

Annie  24:31

Especially in the beauty world but even outside of it the same question came up on Reddit the other day like who is the quote unquote girl right now? Zendaya was the top response.

SuChin Pak  24:42

She was?

Nick  24:45

But it’s not like Zendaya like where something and then it sells out like Haley Bieber will like wear some random brand and then all of a sudden that in that dress, you can’t buy it anymore.

Kulap Vilaysack  24:55

Yeah, we’re not buying the couture like confections. That’s India’s hearing on the red carpet, but we’ll get Haley’s like what do they call like the glazed doughnut? Whatever that she has on her face or nails. Let’s swing to Fenty beauty sun stalker instant warm […].

Nick  25:25

Okay, so this is again in my quest to find bronzing items that don’t give away the fact that their makeup which I think is like what the sparkle in the shine kind of do. I went into a Sephora one time and I like to do this occasionally where I’ll just go in and be like to one of the cast members, I guess they’re called, I’ll be like, sell me.

Annie  25:46

They’re called Beauty advisors. They changed it.

Nick  25:51

[…] After Disney and so there was onstage and backstage is like..

SuChin Pak  25:58

Oh my gosh, that’s so funny.

Nick  26:00

I’ll go in and be like just sell me a bunch of things like what do I need? That’s gonna change my life. And there’s this one Fenty beauty bronzer, it’s a powder bronzer, which I’m always a little bit afraid of because it feels intimidating just to have like you have to buy a brush and is it gonna get everywhere and it’s very self-sufficient. It doesn’t just like get powder everywhere. It goes on really subtly, so it’s hard to put too much on if that makes sense. I got it in island tings which I feel stupid saying is bent that’s the shade name. It was sold out in the first before I went to this one shade island ting was sold out. And so I had to go to another one to get it which I feel like it’s always a good sign. And the beauty advisor at Sephora had told me that this is like the shade that is just sort of universally flattering in this bronzer. Just like you know bronze or compact thing.

Kulap Vilaysack  27:11

Island thing is medium with neutral undertones that’s my jam too.

Nick  27:17

And there’s a dollar sign in the word island just in case you’re trying to Google this.

SuChin Pak  27:22

This healthy obsession with an island glow is an interesting thing. It’s an interesting it’s always been this way or is this since you the babies came around and your child is much.

Nick  27:41

Much longer than that. So my two the two things I’ve always want you know the grass is always greener. I’ve always wanted Disney prints hair that would like just sort of like swoosh to the side, you know what I mean? Like just that easy. You take a shower and just comb it back in and it just looks great. And like just beautifully sunkissed skin and I am an Ashkenazi Jew 99.9%, according to ancestry.com and 23andme I had to double check it. I have strong like curly hair and I would say very good skin and that I don’t get a lot of blemishes but it is. it you can see basically see through it.

SuChin Pak  28:00

Yeah, it’s not Island tings.

Kulap Vilaysack  28:38

Well, Annie would you suggest he used the LeBlanc Chanel intense brightening foam cleanser?

Annie  28:46

Well first I would suggest he tries the sunscreen recipe that I read about. Then end the day with this Chanel brightening cleanser. Although Nick you’d probably want the other cleanser you probably wouldn’t want a brightening cleanser.

Nick  29:01

I love brightening feels like Edward Cullen.

Annie  29:05

Well, not if you want to be an island ting.

Kulap Vilaysack  29:08

Well, he’s got mica.

SuChin Pak  29:12

Mica, all over his bodies.

Nick  29:15

What is this Chanel cleanser?

Annie  29:17

It’s my favorite face cleanser. I don’t know why I ever strayed and I did for a while and then I was at Zimmer pharmacy here in New York that somehow carries every department store brand along with like sushi hair accessories and compression socks. It’s a really thick creamy it’s it comes in a tube you squeeze it out. It definitely has a ton of fragrant so if you’re sensitive to fragrance, like don’t even think about it. But it foams up so lusciously and you can just feel it like gripping off all of the dirt and like if you’re just have like a light face of makeup it gets it off but it’s so it’s just the experience of using it is so good and it makes you like look forward to washing your face which is like half the battle.

SuChin Pak  29:59

They key ingredients, did you see that Ku? It’s two year Pearl extract derived from carefully cultivated Japanese […]/.

Nick  30:12

Nothing makes you feel cheeker than using Chanel products.

Annie  30:21

The only problem is you can’t throw them away in the end like if you don’t like it you like the packaging is too intense and it has like the Chanel branding all over it. It just sits in your cabinet for like decades.

Kulap Vilaysack  30:33

Yes, it’ll be beautiful when you’re dead and people go through you and an estate sale and they see what type of lady you were.

SuChin Pak  30:41

I mean she’s gonna pass it on to our children.

Annie  30:45

No, no, somebody’s buying the assessment at an estate I love that idea. I really that completely validates my like, horrible obsession with not throwing beauty products away.

Kulap Vilaysack  30:54

I’m saying it as a positive too because when you were describing that experience, it’s as if I was watching Chef’s Table I was, I tasted it.

Kulap Vilaysack  31:08

It felt good.

Annie  31:10

The BTS footage of like the Chanel like laboratory kind of looks like Chef’s Table. They probably have that kind of budget.

Kulap Vilaysack  31:18

Speaking of brightening stuff. Nick Skin fix barrier plus lipid peptide face cream.

Nick  31:25

I love a thick cream but one that again like it’s sort of like that balance where you want it to absorb and not sit on your face or pill up but you also just like want it to feel plush and that it’s like really moisturizing our aging skin. And I also go through a lot of it because I wear a lot of moisturizer because moisture is the is the essence of beauty right?

Kulap Vilaysack  31:48

Well I’m sorry my that equation is blowing my mind, hold on. Wetness is the essence of beauty.

Annie  32:11

It’s really uncared if we did screw up the quote that would be, it doesn’t matter where it works. Works either way.

Nick  32:30

But I just like I used to go through so much of it that I’m always looking for what is like a reliable but not incredibly expensive moisturizer. And I found this skin fix moisturizer. They have a value size currently, which is you know, five ounces maybe and it’s in an airless pump. And it’s wonderful and I know when I’ve found something good when my husband who’s not a consumer like I am will start using the thing that I’ve you know consumed brought home and he and now is using it as well. It’s just like no fragrance workhorse moisturizer doesn’t pill feels really hydrating. And it’s you know you get a lot of bang for your buck in terms of price and it wasn’t a brand that I was on my radar. But it the reviews on Sephora are incredibly good and it’s just like easy and rich but not greasy and not shiny.

Kulap Vilaysack  33:26

I mean that’s what I want, that’s what I need.

SuChin Pak  33:30

Workhorse, you want you know Kula loves to loves luxury. She loves you know the way something looks. She loves how it feels she loves just like what does it look like on her counter score and I’m not saying that I’m not that person sometimes but let’s just say you know I have my lipstick in a free Lord and Marie coffee to go mug from my financial planner. And I’m okay with that. And for me it’s like something like this. It looks clinical. They didn’t spend money on a fancy logo they just went straight to what works and so this speaks to you know, the Nethers of my soul.

Annie  34:17

The logo designer Skinfix.

SuChin Pak  34:19

Yeah, like even what is that the font isn’t even consistent like when they went on Canva, I mean I’ve seen your Canva, Ku, and your Canva is amazing.

Nick  34:44

They put all of their money into developing the formula for you and there and they pass the savings that they had from the graphic design on to us.

Kulap Vilaysack  34:56

Annie, tell us about your new retainer from smile direct club.

Annie  35:00

Well, I can’t order one because they expect you as the patient now to, I guess I never checked in at the end of my however many weeks I was supposed to wear my first round of retainers from smiledirectclub.

Annie  35:11

Have you ever had to wear like an Invisalign before?

Nick  35:21

Oh, but it’s like a regimen?

SuChin Pak  35:24

It’s like different alignments, right?

Annie  35:26

Yeah. And I guess like every month, every six weeks, I can’t remember what it is, but you switch them out. And so they gradually over time your teeth become straighter. And like, of course, when I got them in, I did the first one. And then I skipped ahead like eight weeks into that even though it was like killing me and like giving me a migraine. And meanwhile, they’re like texting me like, it’s time to send in, you know, your after photos. And I’m like, I paid you like, I’m not like, I’m not doing homework. So now. And so then, and then I get to the end. I’m like, My teeth are great. This is great. This is gonna last three weeks, and then I’m never gonna wear these things again. But if I ever want straight teeth again, I’ll go back and do week 15. And so here I am wanting straight teeth again, because I was on all the Reddit plastic surgery boards. And it’s fascinating how many people just need dental work, because good dental work will straighten out your face. You don’t need to, get plastic surgery. Anyway, so it had me thinking I would I myself with like straight teeth again. And I went in to put my weak 15 retainer in and I guess at some point I’d cracked it and so I reached out to smile direct club, like, I need you guys to send me my week 15 retainer and they’re like, no, no, no. You never completed your. So they want me to like meet with a doctor on Zoom. They like sent me a link they made it as easy as possible.

Nick  37:02

So you’re currently embroiled in like, like a argument like fight with smile direct club?

Annie  37:08

Know, they’re just never going to hear from me again. I’m just going to have week 14 level straight teeth now.

SuChin Pak  37:15

You have all the other ones. Why don’t you start from week one and actually do the whole thing and maybe that will give you a week 15 that’s even a little bit more than what you have like because you may have week 6 B teeth. You know what I mean? Since you skipped some of those in the middle.

Nick  37:35

And in your head, are you thinking that you can sort of grin and bear going from zero to 60 and that then and then the week 14 will last forever?

Annie  37:44

I know that I can because I had braces as a child and I distinctly remember how much pain like existential pain I was in from every time they straighten. I know that I so they made Invisalign for people that can’t handle that. I know that I can handle it. That’s why I can skip ahead three weeks, four weeks, five.

Kulap Vilaysack  38:05

Thank you Annie, it was such a delight to have you on the show. Where can people find more of you two?

Nick 38:11

You can find us on eyewitness beauty we are at @eyewitnessbeauty Instagram and you can email us at nick@eyewithnessbeauty.com wand we will just be buying shit. That’s where you can find us. Not shit, great things.

Kulap Vilaysack  38:33

that is all for today’s episode. You can find all of Annie index spring beauty pics on our Insta at @AddToCartPod.

SuChin Pak  38:39

And if you have the perfect product for spring let us know don’t be selfish. Leave us a voicemail at 833-453-6662. That’s 833-453-6662.

CREDITS  39:13

ADD TO CART is a production of Lemonada Media. Our producer is Claire Jones and our mix is by Ivan Kuraev and Veronica Rodriguez. The music is by Wasahhbii and produced by La Made It and Oh So Familiar with additional music by APM music. Executive producers are Kulap Vilaysack, SuChin Pak, Jessica Cordova Kramer and Stephanie Wittels Wachs. Be sure to check out all the items we mentioned today on our Instagram at @AddToCartPod. Also, please take a moment to rate, review, and subscribe to the show wherever you get your podcast.

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