AI Suit, Rats, Glimmers

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Sarah is suing OpenAI! She explains why it’s not cool that ChatGPT can summarize her memoir, “Bedwetter,” and how an old friend from high school is helping her fight back. Plus, she shares her NYC apartment horror stories, helps a single mom decide whether or not to invite her baby daddy to a birthday party, and contemplates her “glimmers.”

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Roe, Haley, Christina, Miko, Judah, David, Sarah Silverman, Toad, Gustav

Sarah Silverman  00:15

Hey everyone, it’s your old pal Sarah. And I know I’ve always said I’m not litigious but I am involved in a lawsuit and I’m going to tell you about it. It’s against a meta, and open AI. And how did that start? Well, I was minding my own business going about my day. When I heard from Matt Butterick, you’re like, who’s Matt Butterick? Well, it’s exciting for me. Because I went to high school with him, he was a great ahead of me. And I always thought he was the shit. He was, is a genius. You know, like the kid that’s like, smarter than all the teachers and the teachers know it. He also was like a musical genius. I remember he accompanied me in the talent show when I screeched at the top of my lungs, suddenly see more. So more. And I think I won. But you know, it was like, it was like that belting like, we all loved that girl who played Annie.


Sarah Silverman  01:28

Sorry, in the booth there. And then I remember he, he did his thing, which was an original piece on the piano he composed, and it was called deference. And I was like, he says, difference, weird. And then I learned it was a word about 30 years later. So anyway, um, he is a lawyer, and he is involved in this lawsuit against meta and open AI. I’m just one of a small handful of authors who are involved in this, this suit and more are joining in and, and there’s all these new suits joining of authors. So what it is, is meta, which is what all of meta is, is, is Zuckerberg land, and open AI. They use books to educate their AI systems. And my book, the bed, wetter stories of courage, redemption, and P happens to be one of them. Oddly, so by being a part of this, this suit, I can help the case get more visibility, because I’m, I’m famous. And the idea is that by joining forces, we can make, you know, the future a more fair landscape for writers and for artists in this age of AI. Like, basically, my hope is that it will help establish precedent so that people get paid when their work is used to make the 1% of the 1%. Even more 1% easier. As of now, the writers and artists that educated these systems with their these books, did it unwittingly and without consent, and that should not be legal, you know, obviously, but, you know, new tech is always the Wild West, where these mofos get away with as much as they can, and certainly fuck over as many people as it can. Until it it gets regulated by the government and protects the little guy hopefully, from being looted by tech billionaire douche nozzles. And that’s basically that’s basically it, you know, like, like, the thing that’s, that makes me so grossed out by it is that if this were the other way around, like there is no world where a tech company or a studio or anything would allow anyone, anyone to make a penny off of their product without them getting paid. I’ve put up my own stand up and gotten it taken down. Online. You could be you could be living in Raymond, New Hampshire, and post like a sketch from Saturday Night Live that made you laugh really hard. That thing will be taken down so fucking fast. And you’re like, what I’m just I just wanted to share no way. NBC slashed universal would have that taken down in less than a day. Why? Because NBC Universal does not let anyone use their share. it without them monetizing it. Sure. I guess that makes sense. But when it comes to taking intellectual property from writers and artists, even even copyrighted materials, of course, these books are copyrighted. There, they’re going to do it until compelled not to, they’re gonna go ahead and do it. Um, so this case, is us compelling them. We’re not saying don’t use AI, don’t you know, and this is also very similar to, of course, the strikes were on, you know, the Writers Guild just ended their strike, they got the stuff with everything they asked for sag is still striking. And a lot of that is about AI because they were being opaque about it. They want to be able to, you know, listen. Disney has everything they need to make Wreckit, Ralph 3456 and 1000 Without me or John C. Reilly, they have our voices. They don’t need us. But that’s, that would not be cool. I’m not saying we’re not blockbuster, saying you have to keep using VHS tapes, so that we’re relevant. No, you got to change with the times, of course, we embrace the future. But it doesn’t mean that we will let people get stomped on and swindled whilst you know, big tech makes money off their work. And that’s how billionaires become billionaires and trillionaires by fucking over everyone who gets them where they are. That’s the story as old as time. So anyway, my pal, my good buddy, who I’ve rekindled a friendship with I’m very excited Matt Butterick, who is one of the lawyers who’s leading the charge of this explained it really well. He said, artificial intelligence is really a misnomer, because it’s actually human intelligence. That’s simply been divorced from its human creators and repackaged with a new price tag put on it. You know, when it came out that I was part of this lawsuit, I kept getting asked to go on shows and talk about it. And I always prefer to talk about this shit here with you. So here I am finally, with a home here at laminata telling you on my own pod with my own words z’s. So there you go. Let’s do voicemails. You left me a message.


Toad  07:37

Hey, Sarah, it’s your friend Toad. So excited that the podcast is back? I never realized how important hearing divorce was on a weekly basis wasn’t so I didn’t have it anymore. And I guess you know, I guess that’s how it always goes. Right. I’m so excited to hear about all the updates how Rory, how’s he doing? How’s your family doing? How did the tour go? How do you feel the HBO special when I mean, I loved it. But you know, I know that. When it’s your own baby, you see things in a different light. So I just kind of wanted to hear your opinion on it. Strikes, there’s so many things going on in your life and I just can’t wait to hear you know, your take on everything. As far as my concern? I have a question. I’ve had a lot of changes in life recently, just, you know, little things. We got two cats. I got promoted at work. So I can go into inner city Philly on a weekly basis, my daughter started kindergarten, my side business is doing really well. And I’m doing a lot of driving around and a lot of you know, travel with work and just working crazy hours with that. So I just wanted to see how you deal with having time for yourself. You’re one of the busiest people in the world. How do you have time to just take it for yourself to do something that you want to do? How do you decompress at the end of the day and just say, Hey, I gotta get this information out of my head. Any help will be tremendous. Love you Sarah. I can’t wait to hear you again.


Sarah Silverman  09:03

Toad. I love you so much. What a great time and I won’t go into it but Toad is one of the listeners who came to see me in Atlantic City. And he had an extra ticket and two callers responded and wanted it so we got them both tickets and I hung out with all three of them and we’ve been in touch. I just love them. was so awesome God who is the and I think Chelsea was one of them her name and she was a kindergarten teacher and she sent me drawings from all the students and the tour was great. I loved meeting you. That was a highlight and it was a crazy show Atlantic City where a very unwell person was taken away by about six security guards and the show ended up being like kind of beautiful. There the rest of the tour was fun specialist fun to do. Thank you for watching it and that special out to say is on max, and it’s called someone you love. And it’s also the album is out. I’m gonna say it because this is my podcast. What do I do when I have time for myself? First of all, congratulations on the changes in your life that business booming and being so busy. I find when I’m busy, I get even more things done. And when I’m not busy, I cannot even like, do the dishes. But like I’m busy now, every dishes in the dishwasher. I have a dishwasher now that’s very exciting. I you know, the everything’s done. Everything’s clean. Everything’s handled. I’ve got lists for days. But let’s see, I’ll tell you how I unwind. And I don’t know that this is healthy. I smoke tons of weed. You or I’ll take a little dropper of of some sleepy time weed. Or I’ll smoke some indica or all Yeah, that’s what I do. And then I watch lawn orders, preferably the first half of the seasons like anything from season one to season. 16 But I like all of them. You know, I just like going farther back and softcore murder is my No, no. Just can’t go to sleep without it. Or I’ll watch you know, like the golden bachelor fuck Island. It’s not called fuck Island. It’s called. Bachelor in Paradise. Yeah, my Marine I just call it fuck island because we can’t remember. And I take a bath. That’s my ideal. I take a bath. I smoke a joint. I have ice water next to me. I make the bath like real hot. And I have my little TV and I watch garbage. I love it. That’s my decompress. sexual encounter also nice. And then I go fluffy. That means sleeping. Yes. I think that’s what my mom used to say get going against law face and like that. No, no. All right. Miss you love. Yeah. What else?


David  12:15

Hey, sir. My name is David. I’m from Israel. I love your stand up. And I think I think you’re a genius. So some of your pro peace activism on Twitter. And I was just wondering if you’re aware of the fact that at least according to statistics, and the recent elections we had here, you’re fighting for a solution, which is opposed by the vast majority of Israeli Jews. I think of senior saying that many of the victims of the recent Hamas attack will be supported. That’s absolutely not true. That could vary. Also, being a leftist human Israel is 1000 times harder than being a leftist in the US, I imagine because we only take about less than 10% of Israeli Jews here. And we are viewed by many Jews here as a threat to society international security, which is why we’re getting bitten when we go protest and so if you want to promote based in Israel maybe tell this awful right wing majority we have here listen the left was right. And is right and you should listen to them because if you did a mass wouldn’t even have become so massive in the first place. And if you know your Israeli history then you know that’s actually factually true. So I was just wondering if you know that you’re fighting for something most Israelis hate because they’re fascist.


Sarah Silverman  13:44

Oh yeah all the right wing there’s there’s totally right wing asshole Israelis in Israel, of course. Who I’m connected to in Israel are the kibbutz is our the very liberal rabbis, my sister being one of them, the Women of the Wall who you know, fight for women’s rights at the Wailing Wall and so many other things and and, you know, people who work with Gaza, Haaretz reporters that are you know, involved in in the occupation and reporting on that and everything. So that’s the Israel I know, at the Israel of like the huge pride parade in Tel Aviv and yeah, there’s there’s also listen, there are right wing Jews here that are just they’re basically right wing, because they’re pro Israel, and they’re single issue voters. Yeah, there are those people of course, you’re right. I don’t I don’t know that it’s the majority. And you go, well, well, they keep voting for Netanyahu. That’s true. But you know, we have a lot of people that love Trump too. So it’s, that may be the truth, but um, There are a lot of Israelis that are against the occupation. And I, as I said, 130,000 Israelis marching to unseat Netanyahu is not nothing. So I hear you and I know that you feel maybe, maybe you’re surrounded where you are in Israel by a lot of hard right people and you feel alone as as being on the left, but there are a lot. I happen to know. Because my my sister’s world there is that. But that’s a good point. You know, just as there are Palestinians in Gaza that want death to all Jews, I mean, you know, it’s the but I am not, I prefer not to point them out, as Israel is bombing them. Do you see what I’m saying? It’s there’s a humanity that I’m just for in general. And yeah, the Israeli government as far right pieces of shit. Right? Yes. And but we were trying not to equate governments with their people. Netanyahu does not represent the hearts and minds of all Israelis, you being an example of that. And Trump does not represent the hearts and minds of America. Us being an example of that, but there will be a lot of Americans that say, Yes, he does. Fuck yeah, he does. A lot, right. Just as Hamas does not represent the hearts and minds of tariff, these terrified Palestinians in Gaza, and the West Bank, by the way. So I’m trying to focus on people, human people, civilians and not conglomerates, governments, faceless people who are not dying, by the way, right. They’re fine. We’re all pawns, and it’s disgusting. So thanks for calling in. Here’s how it has. And we’re back.


Judah  17:15

Hi, Sarah. This is Judah.


Miko  17:18

And Miko his dad, from suburban New York. We saw your show.


Judah  17:23

It was really funny? Yeah, we had it as a Bar Mitzvah present for me.


Miko  17:29

And maybe saw it’s there and Maplewood. Anyway, we saw you there. We have the Judah had this idea that I think is great.


Judah  17:38

Yeah, it was a political haunted house. Like, there there would be I don’t know. gerrymanders to scare you.


Miko  17:50

And yeah, maybe public restroom, gender police. A Tommy Tuberville that jumps out of a tub. Anyway maybe you have some tools like you have a big Gretch mask to fend them off. Or maybe you have get out the vote. Reagan Well anyway, we thought you would be the perfect person to like develop the idea. Yeah, just by riffing on it and getting it out there on your podcast so that somebody who’s I don’t know motivated more motivated than we are one of those people can finish projects Bye, we love you.


Sarah Silverman  18:26

Well, that’s a very interesting idea. I don’t know really how to manifest that you gave it some give some examples that were I can’t believe that seeing this 52 year old woman was your Bar Mitzvah gift I just I’m so tickled by that. Oh my goodness Judah. I love that name too. You know there are political haunted houses that the right wing that the that are kind of evangelical haunted houses called Hell houses that I learned about because some comedians years ago put one together as a as a joke as a real life haunted house joke. But yeah, they they actually the Religious Right. They’re called Hell houses and they are religious right haunted houses about morals and hell and you know, going getting an abortion and it’s murder and you go, you’re gonna go to hell and all that shit. Stuff to scare the shit out of kids so that they live their lives fearing hell. Which I think is just horrible, horrible way to live your life. shake my head right off my neck. I say let’s keep the haunted houses. Classic, you know with zombies and and dead bodies and murderers and stuff that we can all enjoy. All right, what else?


Roe  19:58

Hey, Sarah. My name is Roe, I live in Brooklyn, I just moved into a new apartment and moving in New York City, as I know, you know, is a horror show. I’m just wondering if you have any New York apartment horror stories or just New York apartment funny stories that you can share with us? And then second unrelated question, I loved your new HBO specials so much. And I’m curious as a person with multiple specials on multiple streaming platforms. How does that process work? Like how do you choose which one will host which special? Do they come to you? Do you go to them? Like what is the pitch process like for that? I think that’s it. Okay. Love you love the podcast by.


Sarah Silverman  20:40

Okay, first of all, I love that her name is ro. In my mind, it’s short for Rhoda, which was actually in my mind while I’ve been recording because it’s so cold in here but I like it called. And I it’s exactly for the reason that Rhoda says in the opening of Rhoda, which is something like I moved to Minneapolis because it’s cold and I figured I’d keep better. Something like that. Anyway, I feel like I keep better. Um, horror stories of New York City apartments, no problem. Let’s see, I lived 129 Second Avenue five floor walk up a lot of the apartments had like one padlocked bathroom that everyone on the floor shared. We were lucky we had our own bathroom. But it was a really, really long walk up. And I remember I would try to order from San loco, which was downstairs Mexican restaurant, and then I’d ordered delivery. And when I give the address, they’d be like, come down and get yourself and slam the phone down. I’m saying San loco, by the way, I did go down to get my burrito once and a huge rat. Just I’m not kidding casually taking a stroll across the counter behind the guy like not even in a rush. That was really gross. We lived on the fifth floor as I said, a walk up and I met a guy who was moving in across the hall and he goes I just got out of jail. And I was like, oh, nice to meet you. And, you know, I was very young. And, and I was very nice to him. Needless to say. And one day my roommate Beth and I were walking down the five floors, the five stories to leave the apartment building. And this guy and his friend were walking right behind us about five steps behind us. And they dropped a box of bullets. And bullets were just raining down our feet. Just rolling down the stairs. It made a loud noise like Ma Ma Ma Ma Ma Ma Ma Ma Ma Ma Ma. And Beth and I just kept looking forward and we acted like we did not hear it. We didn’t see it. We saw nothing. So is that a horror story? I would think so. Um, let’s see, we then we went to move into a different apartment. Or maybe it was when we were looking for an apartment that we ultimately got that one. We looked at a place on Fifth Street that was in our budget, and something smelled so bad. And it was hot out and we’re in this apart tiny apartment. And there was a huge dead rat in the middle of the floor just in the middle of the main room. And I pointed it out to the landlord I go, that’s a dead rat. And he goes, Oh yeah, just picked it up and threw it out. And I was just horrified. But you know, that’s kind of the romance of your salad days in New York City and surviving it. Well, I remember living at Second Avenue. We lived there for a while and Todd Berry, brilliant comedian and very good friend. I would love it because I have memories of him knocking on our door. He lived on the third floor and he’d come up and he knocked on the door and I’d answered the door and he had like an electric razor and he’s like shave my neck man. I’m like all right. Um, what was the second half of that coolest? Oh, specials. I you know, you say as someone who’s had multiple specials I have made for specials in my life, which is nothing compared to so many other comics. But I just never think about it. I never think of the future. I never think about it. I I don’t plan things other than when I am old. I have a plan for how I want to do like a group home. Besides that, I really don’t think about it. So every time I’ve had a special it’s because HBO or Netflix has approached me and been like, go under special. And I’m like, Yeah, all right. Just never think about it. I’ve always known to just keep my head down and just work on my act. So there’s probably tons of material I’ve burned through in between specials that never saw the light of day. But um, and this last one was part of a pilot deal. This this one on on Max was a pilot, I did reach Bo, and part of the deal was that I do a special and I was like, I remember saying to my agent, that should only be triggered if they pick up the pilot. He’s like, No, but then that’s exactly what happened is I think they just made a pilot deal so that they could get a special but it works. That works for me, fine by me. Doesn’t really matter where it is. They’re all very nice, good outlets, I guess, are the I don’t know the sag strike isn’t over. So don’t consider this promotion. I don’t think it sounds like. Alright. What else?


Gustav  26:08

Hi, Sarah. This is Gustav. Calling from Stockholm, Sweden. Well, I hope you’ll Well, I love your podcast. It’s gotten me through some really rough times recently. And I just want to say thank you. My question to you is, what’s some good advice you’ve received from a person? Recently? We all go through things, and we all get some kind of advice. Some are helpful, some are not what some helpful advice you received recently. Okay, that’s it. Thank you. Have a great day. Bye.


Sarah Silverman  26:54

You know, I was talking to my shrink. And he said this, he said, like a real gem about ego, which is a lot of our sessions. And you said that the the, the only way that the ego knows it exists is when the mind creates separateness. You know, like, we’re all connected, whether you like it or not, we are earthlings every living thing on this planet. But it’s our it’s our instinct. Or maybe like the instinct of our ego, to walk through life, judging everything we see why because it’s how the ego feels individual as opposed to connected to everything else. Oh, that the blue sweater isn’t flattering, or like, I wouldn’t do my hair like that, are they? You we have these little micro thoughts we’re not even aware of. And that’s why he gave me that exercise. I talked about it a while ago, like he said, just walk through, you know, whether you’re driving down a street or walking down a street, and as you take things in, try to take them in with no judgment, just like, you know, blue sweater, curly hair, you know, car that without any opinions, you know, laid on it. And what that does is it it keeps us connected to everything and doesn’t create separateness, which is what the ego does. Now, there’s always there are healthy parts of ego, but for the most part, we have to be having an awareness of it and keep it in check if we you know, if we’re interested in that shit I am. It’s just it’s an interesting exercise, although I can’t like completely commit to it because I’m a fucking comedian. And to a degree that it’s my job to like, observe stuff and have a take on it. And but I do try to do it mindfully. Here’s some ads. And we’re back.


Christina  28:51

Hi, Sarah. My name is Christina. I’m calling from Canada. I will try to keep this distinct, but there’s a lot. I would love your advice. I have a baby daddy. We do not get along. I try very hard. But it’s been abusive. He has called me a bad mother a whore. A liar. A cheater. I’m not a liar and a cheater. It’s just been about as ugly as it can possibly get. And I usually go high. You know, like Michelle Obama says, but occasionally I go low. I go real low with this guy. He does not bring out my best self. And we’ve agreed that with one another that we do not bring out our best selves. He wants to come to my son’s birthday party that I’m planning. It’s his third birthday. Obviously it’s his own too. And I’ve spent a lot of money on this party. All my friends are coming my mother is coming. My friends or my mother are made uncomfortable by my baby daddy. Because in a lot of our fights, he will call them text them say negative things about me. lie to them about things I’ve done or things I’ve said about them. It’s not so good. But on the other side, you know, maybe my son would benefit from having both his parents at his birthday party. Maybe that’s all he wants. So should I just suck it up and put up with this annoying, terrible guy? Because he’s my son’s dad? Or should I tell him to fuck off? I pay for this birthday party. It’s my jam.


Sarah Silverman  30:21

I don’t know what the right thing is, I don’t know this guy. You know, there could be a scenario where if I knew him, and I knew you, I’d be like, fuck him, you know, but uh, my instinct knowing nothing is if your son can have his dad there, he should have his dad there. But what’s really important is that your son, not see you guys not pick up on the energy of disdain. So you and your mom and your sister, whatever, we’re going to have to do some acting. And try to remember any and all good parts of this guy. And just for your son’s sake, and to get through the day and have it be fun for your kid. Maybe you can like minimize the time he comes. But we all have to invite people we don’t want at certain things sometimes. And I think if your son wants him there, and he’s willing to be there, you’re gonna let him come? I think I think, you know, he talks shit about you. All right, he talks shit about you. I mean, it sucks. And maybe at another time, you can tell him to keep your name out of his mouth. But there’s nothing you can do about it. There’s almost nothing you can do about it. So yeah, I think you should suck it up, try to do everything you can to have a good time. While he’s there, you know, because like your happiness is essential. His happiness is essential. Like, you’ve got to try to genuinely have a good time, so that your son can have a good time. You know, just keep it focused on him. Don’t focus on every shitty thing the guy does. Try to see him as a friend, you are connected to him forever through this kid. So really try to do what you can on your side, you can only control yourself, but seems like the right thing to do. If I knew him better, and I knew this scenario better, maybe I would have a different answer. But for what I know, that’s what I’m saying. And I’m sticking to it. All right, what else?


Haley  32:50

Hi, Sara. It’s your best friend Haley. I was just calling because I was listening to the weekly episode as always. And I heard an ad for one of your wonderful sponsors that you had related to some smoky smell on your hands. And I was just wondering, have you ever thought about trying a cigarette holder? I decided to start using them when I started smoking joints, because it made me feel fancy and like relative bill. But yeah, that might help you with, you know not to say that your wonderful sponsor is not doing a great job or, you know, wouldn’t work or any of that, but, you know, might be kind of a fancy little workaround for you. Thanks. Bye.


Sarah Silverman  33:34

I’m fucking doing that, Haley. I’m doing that. First of all I want to do with joints. I smoke joints. I do smoke a lot of joints. And with my one cigarette of the day, because I can’t stand I think because I only smoke one cigarette a day. I’m not immune to the smell. Thank God. And it’s disgusting. Like, I’ll wash my hands and then I’ll smell it still is like in my fingers. Disgusting. All right, I’m doing it. And I’ll report back. Cigar Rhett holder. Whoa, that just changed it to confederate. What is wrong with you? Auto Correct.


Haley  34:18

I have a question though. About a cigarette holder because it isn’t like a bong where like, the longer the tube is. The more smoke you’re inhaling?


Sarah Silverman  34:28

Oh, well, I don’t know. But you can just take a smaller puff.


Haley  34:34

I guess it just would it take a long time for that puff. Like do you have to suck it hard to get it? Like I’m thinking about a Cruella Deville length one.


Sarah Silverman  34:44

It could just be for a little while we did we got these I got these like rubber ones for joints that I thought and I would put them in the freezer just to kind of cool it because it I don’t like when it burns. You know, even like vapes. I feel like burn


Haley  35:00

I have a great idea. Quit smoking.


Sarah Silverman  35:04

That’s insane. How will I ever get poop out of my body? In the morning?


Haley  35:10

I don’t have the answer to that but like I’m sure a prune big prune could jump in and help you.


Sarah Silverman  35:17

Big prune is behind it. No, I actually have been eating because of Howard Stern. I got those Metamucil crackers and they come in chocolate but if you have to order it online, and they’re the chocolate ones are so good. They taste like Oreo, like the cookie part of the Oreo. And that seems to really like before I even have my coffee and cigarette kind of like happens something happens in my human body but Audrey style vintage extendable cigarette holder, and they’re like, mostly are like props. Anyway, I’ll I’ll do this on my time. But I like that idea. Yes, it’s stupid. It’s stupid. We pick and choose the our battles in life. And this is a little vise. As my mother would say, can’t I have foibles? She doesn’t talk like that. She’d say, can’t I have foibles? So, Sarah, am I not allowed foibles?


Sarah Silverman  36:22

Okay, well, thank you, Haley.



Hey, Sarah. It’s Kate. I’m binging your podcasts while doing the van life thing. And I just was wondering if you had ever heard the term glimmers it’s the opposite of like a trigger. So instead of something bad, it’s like a tiny moment of awe, or it sparks joy or invokes in our calm kind of changes your mood a little bit in a good way. And it’s just an overwhelming sense of positivity. So I’m trying to think of my glimmers and I was wondering what maybe would be some of your glimmers in everyday life. Thanks, love you bye.


Sarah Silverman  37:09

I love that. Glimmer. Ah, yeah, I get glimmers I’ll tell you when walking the dogs during magic hour you know magic hour that’s like more like is it depends on when the sun goes down but it’s like right before sunset when the whole world looks like so golden and beautiful. I think it’s like a showbiz sorry, kind of bird pickup. I think it’s like a show business term magic era because that’s when you want to shoot the light so perfect. But oh god, I just love it. I love it. The trees look greener the everything looks beautiful. Which is so my mom but I love it last night. I was I became my mom I looked at I said just what she says when the moon is like this. I look at the moon it’s a little sliver it looks like a fingernail clipping that’s what you’d say. Um, what else gives me the glimmers when I see somebody helping a stranger. I love it. When I’m looking for Rory around the house and I find him and he’s like on a ladder fixing something I love it. It’s like moving to me. I guess untoasted gestures of care undoubted? I don’t even know what I mean by whatever like just just you know Yeah, gestures of care when I see them when I even in myself, which is probably ego. You’re like Rory will go, baby. Can I ask you a favor and I always go anything. It feels good. Online. I mean, just like online sites like Upworthy and shit like that are like the dodo love it just any stories of people caring or loving each other shit like that. Just make me have that warm feeling the glimmers baby. I love it. All right. Well, we did it, dad. we’re winding down wherever you are. In the universe. We are winding down.This is the part of the podcast when I say send me your questions or comments, go to Subscribe rate and review wherever you listen to podcasts. Do it, do it, do it. And there’s more of the Sarah Silverman podcast with Lemonada Premium subscribers get exclusive access to bonus content like a, like a whole conversation about passwords and commercials and streaming and it was a very meta conversation about all of this. Subscribe now in Apple podcasts until we meet again. Shalom. Thank you for listening to the Sarah Silverman podcast we are a production of Lemonada Media, Kathryn Barnes and Kryssy Pease produce our show our mixes by James Barber, additional Lemonada support from Steve Nelson. Stephanie Wittels Wachs1 and Jessica Cordova Kramer. Our theme was composed by Ben Folds and you can find me at @SarahKateSilverman on Instagram. Follow the Sarah Silverman Podcast wherever you get your podcasts or listen ad free on Amazon music with your Prime membership.

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