Borrowed Carts 2: How the Sausage Gets Made

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In our second installment of Borrowed Carts, the aunties are talking about some of their favorite products inspired by all the wonderful guests of the pod. From the snuggliest pillow, to mind-blowing flavored coffee, plus the perfect hair oil and more, these products are truly gamechangers.

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Kulap Vilaysack, SuChin Pak, Lila Horwitz

SuChin Pak  00:10

Hey everyone, welcome back to another episode of Add To Cart. This is a show about the things we buy all the things we buy into and what they say about who we are. I am SuChin Pak, aka zuzu.


Kulap Vilaysack  00:23

Zuzu, yes and I’m Kuku, Vilaysack, you know Zuzu over the years, the show really has evolved and I, I find that with each passing day, the line between what I’m adding to cart and what our guests and you are adding to cart get more and more blurred. Like I run out of something and suddenly I think to myself, was this something I bought because someone on the show recommended it to me? Am I the boss of me? And honestly, nine times out of 10 I don’t know, I just don’t know.


SuChin Pak  00:52

Exactly, which is why we are bringing another installment it’s it was so fun last time and I love going through a past lists of things that we’ve talked about and our guests have brought to the show. This is our second installment of borrowed carts. So it’s an episode dedicated to all of the wonderful wonderful things that our past guests have recommended to us and that have become game changers for us that have become part of our everyday lives. We have this episode tracker right where it was like passed around where we keep track of everything. Ku, let me tell you, I spent a good good two days chesco lovingly going over every link and then meandering, meandering into other do you know what I mean? It was so fun.


Kulap Vilaysack  01:42

It was pleasurable for you.


SuChin Pak  01:44

It was so fun. I had no idea.


Kulap Vilaysack  01:48

What how memory lane the meadow of products.


SuChin Pak  01:52

Listen, I went into one cart from a past guest Busy Phillips and I said oh that’s cute. And I was like, well, what else is this? This designer sweatshirts oh.


Kulap Vilaysack  02:03

Claire Vivian’s sweatshirt.


SuChin Pak  02:05

And then next thing I know I’m knee deep and corduroy sweatshirts on champion.


Kulap Vilaysack  02:11

I didn’t know how I got how how’d you get out went into a few.


SuChin Pak  02:14

I went into a Borrowed Cart and ended up here anyway, so I’m really excited to get into Barrowed Carts, let’s do it.


Kulap Vilaysack  02:23

Let’s do it.


SuChin Pak  02:27

Alright, so in my Borrowed Cart from Lauren Lapkus I hate to do it, why bring back the sleep crown?


Kulap Vilaysack  02:36

Why do you hate to do it?


SuChin Pak  02:37

I hate to do it. I just I feel like maybe the price point could be controversial, me.


Kulap Vilaysack  02:46

No, it’s okay, come on like if something works then that means just worth the price.


SuChin Pak  02:53

It works, and at first I was like well, well how can I just I’ve been putting normal pillows on my face. And sleeping and meditating. The Sleep crown is in another category. I don’t know what’s it’s filled with, and by the way, what also was fascinating to me is the pillow cover that it comes with. You can’t replace it. You can’t put a normal pillow cover on the sleep brown pillow and at work as well. The whole system of this is so ingenious. I have three of them, one for me, one for Soe, and now one for Kai and.


Kulap Vilaysack  03:38

Kai getting into it.


SuChin Pak  03:40

Kai is getting into it and the kids use it for different reasons, right? It’s a kind of snuggle that they can’t get to anything else. It’s so soothing for them, I now have to travel with it, I meditate.


Kulap Vilaysack  03:52

Well like for you it’s easy to travel with.


SuChin Pak  03:55

It’s easy to travel with, it comes with a travel case the travel version of this. That’s the one I have and it just does not fail. And I have traveled without it thinking no, I cannot travel with two pillows. I can’t travel with my Beanfield pillow and my sleep crown I can’t be this person and yet.


Kulap Vilaysack  04:17

Su, didn’t have when we left that that behind isn’t that on our rear view. We we as listeners to Add To Cart. If you’re I guess it’s good that you’re thinking about all that you travel with.


SuChin Pak  04:29

But I know what you travel with.


Kulap Vilaysack  04:31

And that’s the issue? The thing that helps you sleep?


SuChin Pak  04:35

I mean I went and slept at someone’s house for one night. I brought my bean pillow which I don’t know weighs maybe 55 pounds my sweet crown and my frickin tomorrow Tamarion. I brought my heated infrared rock. And I was granted I wasn’t getting on a plane. So I was like well I’m just taking like are.


Kulap Vilaysack  05:01

We are 100% doing a travel episode and I do feel like we do have to make a point of like, it’s a day trip or it’s an international trip. Like I think there are things that like there has to be.


SuChin Pak  05:13

We have to do a when there’s no restrictions.


Kulap Vilaysack  05:16

Okay, all right.


SuChin Pak  05:18

And for me, that for me that’s that’s a road trip.


Kulap Vilaysack  05:21

When writing restrictions.


SuChin Pak  05:22

Yeah, because you can travel on the car.


Kulap Vilaysack  05:25

That I see what you’re saying, because if you guys I get the to the first Paris episode, where SuChin like she did not bring underwear, she brought boys pads.


SuChin Pak  05:38

I didn’t know how I was gonna get boys Godzilla francais. How do you say play spot on France?


Kulap Vilaysack  05:44

Le pose? Wise, I think poise is a French word, but I see what you’re saying.


SuChin Pak  05:49

Not the way I’m using it. That ain’t the French way, exactly.


Kulap Vilaysack  05:57

Okay, yeah, yes, we’re doing all right okay, I’m in my borrowed cart. I have from Hayes Davenport, one half of the Hollywood handbook. Hayes Davenport, who I don’t know if we ever mentioned this when he was a teenager. He interviewed SuChin Pak did we talk about this?


SuChin Pak  06:20

Yes, well I know that we talked about on their their episode.


Kulap Vilaysack  06:24

Okay, they’re on their podcast crabs, well, hey, Sam Import my friend, your friend too, he let us know about nature’s flavors. And this is like flavored coffee. And I have been living on this stuff you guys we are.


SuChin Pak  06:41

I mean, they have the craziest flavors. They have banana flavored, they have blueberry cheesecake flavored. So what flavor.


Kulap Vilaysack  06:49

Since I’ve gotten it and I’m the only one drinking it, I’m in my second bag so my first bag was chocolate mint. And delicious fantastic, and now I’m in chocolate fudge. And it’s just like, it’s just so hearty and delicious, and I and they nature’s flavors it also sent me some just like testers of just like flavoring, which you can put on everything. And it this stuff is like it’s no calorie, it’s full of flavor. I highly recommend it and I’m going to keep buying it. Now I don’t do what Hayes and Shawn do because I’m not doing the intermittent fasting. I put in little creamer I’m putting that you know and that it’s just it’s a great way to start the day hits me hits me right. Thank you Nature’s Flavors.


SuChin Pak  07:43

Thank you Nature’s Flavors also feel free to send more stuff.


SuChin Pak  07:54

I’m excited to talk about my next item borrowed from Jill Dawn. One half of one of my favorite podcasts. I never miss an episode of Breaking Beauty. When they came on, Jill had brought on this new skincare line from Pillow Talk Derm, now I was so excited to talk to her about it because I had ordered the skincare line but hadn’t received the skincare line. And she was saying it’s a winner. And I was so excited so I have been now using the skincare line since months so I can report okay here comes here comes I bought the serum and I bought the major fade active seal which is like a moisturizer so you put the serum on first and the moisturizer. If you’re only going to get one product from this line. It would be this the major fade, active seal, brightening gel moisturizer. It is also the one that Jill double down on and when I when she was saying I was thinking I’m not if I’m going to I’m always going to choose a serum over moisturizer.


Kulap Vilaysack  09:11

Well for me, I hear you saying moisturizer but when I see gel I go not for me generally gels are not for somebody with dry skin.


SuChin Pak  09:20

I am the driest, yeah I have to dry your skin. And there are a lot of gel moisturizers on people with dry skin will pill. It just won’t penetrate. This is not the case. And what I love about this in the morning is is that it has the vitamin C and I’ve been having a lot of trouble finding things with vitamin C that don’t pill. This thing is so gorgeous. It’s beautifully packaged. I think the price point is right. There’s no scent to it. And it works. If you want a moisturizer that has a vitamin C that you can use during the day oh, that isn’t heavy. This is great if you want a moisturizer at night, because you don’t necessarily have dry skin, this is also great. It’s just a fantastic light moisturizer that really does the job. So thank you Joe.


Kulap Vilaysack  10:15

I’m into it, I’m gonna be bringing up from Deep Dive Jessica St. Clair, I use the Rose Hair, Santa Lucia styling oil to prepare my hair after I’ve washed it. Like it’s so much a part of my like hair routine. And it has a faint light light but very gorgeous scent to it, and it’s it itself is it is lightweight, or have you been using it to I think we were gifted.


SuChin Pak  10:45

I mean we were both gifted this thing. It is such a beautiful oil and that smell. Obviously I can’t use a lot of scented things but it is so light and so just natural smelling like there’s you know that it’s a kind of scent that nobody will mind but go on.


Kulap Vilaysack  11:05

I love a RHIB I have the gold less oil but this is I feel like even lighter and I haven’t put anything on my hair after the shower. If it’s the one product it’s going to be this rose oil.


SuChin Pak  11:16

And it doesn’t, and roses spelt R O Z, right?


Kulap Vilaysack  11:19



SuChin Pak  11:21

It doesn’t wear your hair down.


Kulap Vilaysack  11:22

No, not at all. I mean with all hair oil light touch everybody.


SuChin Pak  11:28

Because I do have to say I went a little heavy once, and it took a few washes to get it out so light touch.


Kulap Vilaysack  11:36

Light touch, light touch. It was hard for Su.


SuChin Pak  11:38

Correcto so light on the oil. It’s gorgeous. It’s one of those oils to that like you put it on and don’t you feel wealthy? Yeah, I think the bottle itself the bottle itself is gorgeous. You did good honey.


Kulap Vilaysack  11:54

You’re writing me this.


SuChin Pak  11:56

Yeah, you made it. Don’t look back, just look forward.


Kulap Vilaysack  12:00

You’re writing checks. What do you got in your Borrowed Cart?


SuChin Pak  12:04

Well, you know Mahindra MD MD, not MD, who’s a regular on our show always brings just fantastic things. You know, listen to her past episodes to get her Nettle Leaf supplement for thick kill Boska like hair, you know, like the thickness, listen to her past episodes to where she talks about how she gets rid of her neck jowls. This one was fantastic. It is a book called Cook Korean, a comic book with recipes. And it’s just a really fun book of recipes that is laid out in like a comic book. It’s got fun, you know, illustrations in it. It takes any kind of intimidation out of cooking Korean I’m Korean and cooking Korean intimidates me. So that I just love this book. But I love it also because my kids love it. And so we’ve been reading lists they’re getting into a cooking Korean food. I’m trying to get them to eat more Korean food. I gift it all the time, when I’m just like, oh, I don’t know what to get. But I know this person loves food. It’s just one of those books that I keep coming back to again and again, and it’s so fun and easy. And I just I love it but I also I just I love cookbooks.


Kulap Vilaysack  13:23

I do too and I just added it to cart for my sister and also so you should add it to your Amazon storefront.


SuChin Pak  13:28

Already did it’s in my Amazon storefront under great AAPI.


Kulap Vilaysack  13:34



SuChin Pak  13:34

Okay brands so again, store owners store commissioners, whatever. I don’t know what the term is sales. I know, sales Associate well, all I know is I refreshed those. I restock those shelves I refresh it often. In the middle of the night by the way, like a little like a magical elf. You never know like in the morning you’re there and you’re like oh, I guess I’ve seen everything come back the next morning. Because at night something else.


Kulap Vilaysack  13:59

She wasn’t sleeping. She didn’t put that sleep pillow on her face.


SuChin Pak  14:04

That’s right not yet. Because I’m putting new merch out and it’s right at the top.


Kulap Vilaysack  14:08

And that is you know both of our store fronts are available on both of our links in bios along with at Add to Cart.


Kulap Vilaysack  14:08

Thank you for doing the work actually doing the work.


Kulap Vilaysack  14:23

The last thing that I want to bring up was actually is from my best friend Diane Raphael and it wasn’t mentioned on our show it was mentioned on the Deep Dive. I love tablescapes so much so that I was asked to go on their show to talk about tablescaping but June who is fantastic taste she was talking about these personalized wooden place cards and you can pick the font, you can pick a color it’s it’s laser cut names, basically. And so I got them all for Thanksgiving all for Christmas but then I like what June said is like uou know, with 99 cents and pretty much free shipping. I was like, who else do I want to invite to the house?


SuChin Pak  15:06

So are you telling me you’re just inviting people so that you can get wooden laser name cards for that?


Kulap Vilaysack  15:13

Oh, no, I’m prepping for the future. Like I already had. I was like, oh, yeah, you know.


SuChin Pak  15:19

You don’t have to get ready.


Kulap Vilaysack  15:22

You stay ready. If you stay ready, you don’t have to get ready. It really makes people like it lights their faces up. Because it’s so like, oh my god, like, they feel so seen and held. And it’s been so like, this is a great, you know, and I would be for I gotta be honest, I’m surprised that June, June was the one who keyed me on to this, but you know, I gotta give her her flowers.


SuChin Pak  15:45

The the master table Scaper. A nod a nod to the cricket in any mean little cricket?


Kulap Vilaysack  15:54

She would never know, she would not accept that. She would not accept this. She would not what she would say is like, I’d also like to be on the panel.


SuChin Pak  16:06

What what panel is this?


Kulap Vilaysack  16:08

Any panel, any panel.


SuChin Pak  16:10

I’m sure I shouldn’t be on it. What panel is this?


Kulap Vilaysack  16:14

Yeah, she needs to be on the DS at all times.


SuChin Pak  16:19

The day is the D is whatever the word is.


Kulap Vilaysack  16:24

Fun, we have fun. But check this out yes, to the edge, it’s on at sea. And it’s pretty quick, pretty quick. And if you are having like a big event, I imagine like for a wedding, this would be easy and quick to do. But you know, I like just like dinner party.


SuChin Pak  16:41

Oh, I love it I mean, tablescaping I didn’t even know that that was a word until we met. So these are all things that are new to me. I watch from a safe distance. I marvel at it and I applaud.


Kulap Vilaysack  16:58

Thank you, Su.


SuChin Pak  16:59

You know, I’m like, hey, wash your fork after you your salad because I don’t have any more forks. You know, you’re gonna have to keep that fork with you, whatever comes that fork must follow you because I don’t have other things that you can eat things with that’s my.


Kulap Vilaysack  17:17

Wipe it with the, wipe it with the napkin who’s washing their forks.


SuChin Pak  17:22

You know, in New York, I used to host the the annual we do like a white elephant party.


Kulap Vilaysack  17:29



SuChin Pak  17:29

And then I’d have the dinner, you know, I’m living in New York. I got four plates, four cups, forks. And so we would eat in shifts, you know, after all the plastic stuff. And I would be like, just wash that plate. Aaron, have you already had salad? You haven’t had salad yet? Okay, give that to him okay, does someone have just a smaller plate for cake? Great hold on.


Kulap Vilaysack  17:56

It’s sort of like a relay race.


SuChin Pak  17:59

Yep, pass the plate, which is also fun. I know, it’s not as elegant.


Kulap Vilaysack  18:05

Those were your salad days, those of you don’t know we there’s a romance so that don’t you think?


SuChin Pak  18:11

Oh, yeah, carefree when I had four things that line my cupboards.


Kulap Vilaysack  18:16

Now you can’t have enough.


SuChin Pak  18:19

Now we’re getting names etched in, in wooden nameplates.


SuChin Pak  18:33

Well, in the spirit of borrowing, we’re going to look at something old with kill a new eye again, if you will. Now, longtime listeners know that a few years back, I did this know by January, right? Where after a blackout season of holiday shopping, I decided, okay, I’m not going to buy anything unless it’s going to actually keep me alive. And it sounds weird because I sit here every week and I talk about something that I want to buy or shopping. But I think that that time has really shifted the way that I look at things. And I’m not going to say that I’m not buying anymore because that just would be a lie. But could we be buying things that stick around for a long time. And for me that feels like a very realistic goal for where I am right now. And we’re really interested in finding companies and brands that are actually doing what they say when it comes to this topic. So I’m personally excited today to be sitting down with our sidebar guest Lila Horwitz, from Eileen Fisher Renu Lila, welcome to Add To Cart. This is very exciting for me because this is a topic that I love to geek out on. But before we even get into that, I just I just want to set the stage for the young folk out there. You know, Eileen Fisher has been around this brand has been doing it The Foundation forever pieces don’t go out of style from the very beginning in the 80s, before capsule wardrobes were a thing. So I think it makes also a lot of sense why we’re sitting here talking about these forever pieces and intentionality around clothing to get into this renew program that you guys have really dived into. I want to start off by asking, how is this different than other, quote unquote, recycled programs or sustainability programs that other clothing brands have been touting lately?


Lila Horwitz  20:40

You know, our program, we started in 2009. And it was for very different reasons than programs are starting today. So it wasn’t a marketing splash. It wasn’t a you know, we’re looking at our environmental footprint, and we’re trying to be more sustainable as a company. It was started as a 501 C three as a nonprofit. And we were literally selling I leans clothes and other employees of the company, we have a very generous clothing allowance for our employees. And so they have a lot of the clothes and they started rotating them out of their closets, and we were like, maybe we can make some money. It was right after 2008 we were funding the EFLI which was Eileen Fisher Leadership Institute. And there was kind of this like loose toss around concept is let’s let’s try and sell some of these clothes pieces from aliens claws and other people’s closets to help fund these this really great work we’re doing for women and girls leadership. And it kind of took off from there, and all of a sudden someone was like, this is a really great idea. And then somebody was out in Seattle, and they were like, there’s a great space. What if we opened a store here? What if we called for our clothes back 2014 rolled around, we made a big campaign, we said we want our clothes back. Thank you very much, we started down this road very, very early on and not really for the reasons why we’re doing it now but it’s it works really well for us as a brand. And then with the building of renew, we’ve kind of been able to open up the brand. I like to say we’re democratizing the brand like Eileen Fisher isn’t inexpensive, and we’re very different from all the other programs because we take everything back, no matter the condition or when it was made. So you go to other other brands that have resale programs and you go on you can send them your things and they’ll kind of say like, oh, we’ll buy this one from you. Not that one, this one’s too old. It doesn’t have you know, the information or the like the catalog information, this is where it gets very technical and very tricky, but we’re saying it’s if it hasn’t Eileen Fisher tag, we’ll take it and we’ll figure out what to do with it.


SuChin Pak  22:40

Let’s talk about the figure out what to do with it. I want to talk about the step by step process. I am a consumer, I’ve got an Eileen Fisher piece. I’m like, oh, I don’t wear this as much. I’m gonna partake in this renew program, walk me step by step, what happens from my end to your end and then back around again.


Lila Horwitz  22:58

So you have your Eileen Fisher garment, you’re done wearing it, you want to bring it into the Renew program, you can take it into any Eileen Fisher store, or you can mail it directly to us. And you will receive a $5 Eileen Fisher credit for that garment no matter the condition, so you spilled your cup of coffee on the front of it and you can’t get it out, we’ll still take it back will still give you your $5 and then from there comes to us we sort the pieces. So we say like this, this is wearable condition, this is non wearable condition, we’re essentially sorting into two buckets. And from there anything that is wearable gets cleaned. And then it goes into one of our retail distribution points, which is either, we have two standalone brick and mortar renew stores, one in Irvington, New York, and one in Seattle, Washington, which are both totally fantastic locations and and then we have Poppins and Eileen Fisher store. So we’re popping into all 60, Eileen Fisher stores across the country, and we have the calendar of how that goes. We have renew in I think it’s maybe about 10 of those stores permanently have renew in there and they get monthly shipments of pieces so.


SuChin Pak  24:07

Well, I think it’s interesting because you know, as a consumer, you start to see trends through marketing, right? And you’re like, oh, wait, what does that actually mean? What recyclable isn’t recyclable is all this and I started to do some research, and I always knew that when you put it in that donation box, I was like, I’m going to cross my fingers and I’m going to try to feel really good. Walking away and hoping that that goes somewhere. But I was shocked to find out that 84% of clothing you donate ends up in a landfill. And there is this kind of mentality of like out of sight out of mind. Because I think what’s interesting about what you guys are doing is you started in 2009 employees club arose out of a garage and you guys are piecing it together. So now you’ve got this big warehouse full of clothing that you that you’re like, okay, I know, at some point technology will catch up with what our intention is. So let’s keep it here. But I think people don’t most people don’t even understand the concept of circular cloak of circular fashion, or like closing that loop. Can you just very simply talk about how that’s different than this notion of putting something in a donation box? And then hoping that it is going to get recycled or reused?


Lila Horwitz  25:36

Yeah, yeah, so it’s like when we when we think about linear consumption, like the kind of you buy it, and then you’re done with it, and that’s it, and the brands that you buy it from, they made it and they sold it to you, and now they have no more part in, in your clothes in your life, they’re done.


SuChin Pak  25:54

Right? That’s linear.


Lila Horwitz  25:55

Yeah, that’s very linear. So we’re trying to say, like, look, we, we want to look at this as a whole, we want to kind of come at this from a circular model, where we’re designing something with high quality fabric with timeless design, like we want this piece to live a longer life, whether it be as, as the piece we designed it as, or a new fiber that is making a new piece that we’re designing is kind of a longer relationship with our customers with our clothing with our goods, asking people to, to participate. So resale is the least sexy solution, but it’s kind of the most radical, it’s just saying like, how do we just keep these garments going? How do we repair them? How do we kind of do the lowest possible touch to them to keep them going in life.


SuChin Pak  26:43

Before we go, I guess, you know, for me, I’m curious. You guys have? I mean, I’ve read somewhere I’d taken back over 2 million garments, is that a factual number? Like I saw that and I said, let me fact check that with you.


Lila Horwitz  26:57

I think it was last year. So it’s over 2 million now. 2 million and counting every day,


SuChin Pak  27:03

I want to ask what does that number represent to you? And then what does that number represent in terms of the future for this program?


Lila Horwitz  27:12

Yeah, so 2 million is an impressive, but small number. And I think I reflect on that number a lot in that it feels monumentous, it’s a lot of clothes, and it’s also just a drop in the bucket, it’s about 4% of what we mix company so it’s little, but it’s really big. And it’s a lot of different hands that touch every single one of those pieces, it’s a lot of minds that think about what to do with them like, I like to think about, you know, I always say Renew is an extremely human powered program. Like, there is no robots involved here, it’s very hand touch, it’s very thoughtful. So to get to 2 million is an incredible kind of feat of the people working on this. And then people bringing their clothes back with a very small incentive, and very little marketing campaign are pushed to do so. So it’s impressive from that angle to me is that we’re not pushing this very hard. And people want to be involved and they want to do more, and they want to learn more. It’s incredible to the future point, like, you know, to go from 4% to 100% makes me fall out of my chair thinking about it. But it’s also so radical and so exciting. such incredible opportunity.


SuChin Pak  28:35

I mean, I love that we get to share this information on Add to Cart and this is why I love doing the sidebars when I get to sit down and really geek out over something that feels like we’re just on the edge of like something really profoundly different in the way that we consume things. And that’s just fascinating, so thank you for your time.


Lila Horwitz  28:55

Yeah, thank you so fun to talk about this, and it’s our whole world. And you know, we’re so excited that people are interested in it and love it, and you know, we’re just wandering way over here, so we love when it’s when it’s working.


SuChin Pak  29:08

Alright friends, listeners now can get 15% off your first order with code Add To Cart at Eileen Fisher It is almost guilt free shopping.


SuChin Pak  29:22

But this is what we do. Guys, you’re seeing how the sausage is made. You’re seeing how we mince the meat. How much is our fat ratio? You know the spices? Well, what do we what do we put in this massage? And that’s right. It’s how we do it. And by the way, this conversation, this is what our group texts are made of just just society and endlessly fascinating, completely leaning in.


Kulap Vilaysack  29:58

Well, that’s our show today Su, a huge thank you to all of our guests who have suggested so many great products that have enriched and not enriched our lives in countless ways.


SuChin Pak  30:08

That’s right, I mean, I feel enriched all the time even when it’s not enrich because it’s still the journey. I saw love the meandering, the rummaging the rummaging, I love it. Check out the show notes for links to everything we talked about. Go to your Instagram page to see all the photos the link to our Amazon storefront is there everything is there. Alright everyone, see you soon bye.


Kulap Vilaysack  30:36



SuChin Pak  30:42

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