Chapter 5: Secret Lover ?????

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Noa makes a shocking discovery while sneaking through the woods — where Julie Nudelman was murdered.

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Speaker 17  03:26

Okay, who read this article and thought that’s it. Where’s the rest of the story? Woman raising her hand emoji.

Stephanie Wittels Wachs  03:36

For real. Everyone knows she had a husband and three kids. Everyone knows she was Miss PTA. We found out three weeks ago she was strangled and left in the woods. But who did it? Eye roll emoji eye roll emoji, eye roll emoji.

Speaker 17  03:51

Exactly. Should I still be terrified to go out at night?

Stephanie Wittels Wachs  03:55

Should I let my teenager go out?

Speaker 17  03:58

Should I go hiking? The spot where they found her is near the trail behind my house.

Stephanie Wittels Wachs  04:04

R.I.P Julie Nudelman.

Speaker 17  04:09

I can’t keep living like this. Everywhere I go. I think maybe I see the killer. Is that him stocking the shelves at the grocery store? Is that him driving the garbage truck? Is that him painting my neighbor’s house?

Speaker 18  04:25

You know, it could be someone with a white-collar job too, just saying

Speaker 17  04:30

That’s what I mean. It could be anyone.

Stephanie Wittels Wachs  04:34

Clearly, this reporter needs help. Please, people, if you are reading this and you have tips, email him or post them here.

Speaker 18  04:44

I heard something. A friend told me that Julie was about to make assault allegations against Scotty Randolph.

Speaker 17  04:55

The kid show guy? That Scottie Randall?

Speaker 18  04:59

I know right? He’s so charming. I really don’t want to think it’s true. But who knows? Those are the women came forward. Talking about Scotty harassing them at work, screaming and throwing chairs.

Stephanie Wittels Wachs  05:14

I heard about that, weren’t they all interns?

Speaker 18  05:17

Yeah, I guess that’s why the story hasn’t gotten much traction. Actually, my friend says Julie saw those complaints, and she got really worked up. Apparently, she wanted to tell her own story. She figured she had nothing to lose, and she’d given up her career to have kids. Okay, you can’t

Stephanie Wittels Wachs  05:37

just dangle that and not say what he did.

Speaker 18  05:41

Okay. So I have no way of knowing if this is true. But here’s what I heard. Julie work for Scotty when his show is getting started. She must have been in her 20s They had a fling. Or I don’t know. Maybe more than that. Anyway the story is, he used to hit her while they were having sex.

Speaker 19  06:11

Maybe he thought she was into that. Some people are into that. #nojudgement.

Speaker 17  06:19

Seriously. You’re gonna pull a she was asking for it, on a dead lady?

Speaker 19  06:27

Okay, let’s assume all of this is true. He hit her. Where is the proof that he killed her? And why would she sit on a story like this? For what? Two decades plus? I bet something did happen between them way back when and she saw these new allegations from the interns and she thought chacha. I knew Julie Nudelman and she was after one thing. Bag of money emoji.

Stephanie Wittels Wachs  06:55

Hashtag antisemitic.

Speaker 19  06:58

Not antisemitic just plain fact. Look at who she married. She was a gold digger.

Speaker 10  07:07

Hey everyone, Plainview press moderator here. Just a friendly reminder about our guidelines. We know everyone has a lot to say right now. But please, no personal attacks.

Speaker 14  07:32

Okay, how weird is it that Julie Neudleman was a twin? In what must it be like to have your twin sister die in such an awful way? And imagine seeing her face all over the news, which is basically also your face.

Speaker 4  07:53

Must be very strange.

Speaker 2  07:57

Everywhere we go, people have been dying to talk to my dad about the murder. Like Dani’s mom. She wants clues. Information. It must drive her crazy that he has something she can’t just buy. This lady’s got everything, an indoor pool, an outdoor pool, a tennis court, the hugest house of anyone in our grade. Even this entryway we’re standing in. It’s bigger than my living room. But nowhere in this house does she have secrets about Micah’s mom?

Speaker 17  08:29

You know, I learned that tidbit about Julie having a twin from your article. But I’ve got to say I am obsessed with the comments, obsessed.

Speaker 4  08:40

People love to speculate.

Speaker 17  08:42

Are any of the rumors true? No. Don’t tell me. That would be unethical.

Speaker 10  08:48

Mom, you can’t ask him that.

Speaker 2  08:51

Don’t worry. He lives talking about his job.

Speaker 408:55

Believe me, I get it. You want answers I want answers too, and I’m working on it. Which hey, thanks for taking note tonight. Your real lifesaver.

Speaker 17  09:05

Of course anytime. She’s so quiet easy. I forget she’s even here.

Speaker 4  09:12

Quiet and easy. Unless you’re her father.

Speaker 17  09:15

Dani fights with all of her other friends.

Speaker 4  09:19

Anyway, I hate asking for favors but I figured you get it, single parent and all.

Speaker 17  09:24

By choice. Single by choice.

Speaker 10  09:31

My mom wanted a baby really, really bad but she was 40 and didn’t have a partner so she decided to be a hero and have me all by herself.

Speaker 17  09:39

But now I’ve got nobody to answer to the best kept secret single parents have it better. Am I right?

Speaker 4  09:47

To be honest, extra hands would be nice sometimes.

Speaker 17  09:51

Oh, I hire people for everything. Listen, there is no shame in it.


Speaker 4  09:58

Yeah, I wish I could afford that. Okay, well, we better get going. Girls stay in tonight. Okay?

Speaker 2  10:07

We know dad, there might be a crazy killer on the loose. Aren’t you going to be late for the cops? Go do your drive along already.

Speaker 4  10:15

Right along.

Speaker 17  10:16

Come on. I won’t tell anyone, Scotty Randolph did it, didn’t he?

Speaker 4  10:21

Nice try. Alright, have a good night, everyone.

Speaker 10  10:25

Bye bye. We are totally sneaking out tonight. I promised my friends we meet up with them. The ones I told you about from that protest a few weeks ago. Don’t worry. They’re super chill.

Speaker 2  10:44

But how would we even get out? Won’t your mom catch us?

Speaker 10  10:48

I’ve got a whole plan.

Speaker 2  10:50

Great. Love your plans. Last time I did one. I screamed in front of a crowd and almost got suspended.

Speaker 10  10:56

But there’s no yelling this time. Sneaking out is about being quiet. Which is what you do best.

Speaker 2  11:02

Fine. What do we do?

Speaker 10  11:05

We take selfies. Basically, we take a bunch of selfies here. Then when we’re out I post them at strategic times. My mom will think we’re still home.

Speaker 2  11:19

But won’t she check on us?

Speaker 10  11:21

Nah, she leaves me alone in my wing when I have sleepovers. She hates tracking all the way over here from her room. If anything, she’ll go through my socials and if she does, she’ll see us having a blast all over the house.

Speaker 2  11:35

Wow, Dani, that is some top-level scheming. You’re kind of an evil genius.

Speaker 10  11:40

I know. Let’s start in my music room.

Speaker 2  11:47

I’ve never played guitar.

Speaker 10  11:48

Doesn’t matter just make like a rocking out face. Hello, test test. What? Hello? Wait, get in the frame. More behind me. Yeah, no. Yeah. Right there. Right there. Right there. Okay, one more. Bite your lip again. Now the art room. Okay, hold the clay under your chin with your right hand and peace sign with your left.

Speaker 2  12:27

I need both hands for the clay.

Speaker 10  12:31

Okay, okay. Kissy face. Bu more thirst trap. Now ninja gym, game room. Home Theater.

Speaker 2  12:45

How’d you guys both in the air at the same time on the trampoline?

Speaker 10  12:49

I don’t know. You are shockingly good at selfies for someone who doesn’t have a phone.

Speaker 2  12:54

Oh, not by choice

Speaker 10  12:55

No, it’s cool that you’re phoneless. You’re basically a minimalist. And minimalism is super cool.

Speaker 2  13:06

Wow. That’s such a Dani thing to say.

Speaker 10  13:09

I’ll take that as a compliment. When I grow up. I want to be a minimalist. Okay, just need to grab a few things before we leave, flashlights, key.

Speaker 2  13:18

You still want to go?

Speaker 10  13:20

Of course I still want to go. That’s it. All of this is for what do you want to do?

Speaker 2  13:25

I don’t know. Literally any of the things we were just pretending to do.

Speaker 10  13:30

This will be so much more fun.

Speaker 2  13:32

Aren’t you scared?

Speaker 10  13:33

Of what? There’s no killer Noa.

Speaker 2  13:37

How can you say that God’s mom was murdered.

Speaker 10  13:40

Obviously. But it wasn’t some random, didn’t you read your dad’s article, her car was parked just down the road from where they found her body. She was meeting up with someone, someone she knew. Maybe it was Scotty Randolph like people are saying trying to keep her quiet about the assault stuff, or he sent someone else to do it. Or maybe it had nothing to do with Scotty Randolph at all. Maybe she had a secret lover. Either way. Someone wanted her dead. And it was someone she knew.

Speaker 2  14:16

What if it wasn’t?

Speaker 10  14:18

Don’t worry. I have pepper spray. And a black belt in Taekwondo, which basically makes me a lethal weapon.

Speaker 2  14:25

What if he has a knife? Or a gun?

Speaker 10  14:29

Look, Noa, it’s fine if you don’t want to come. You can stay in jam on my guitar or whatever. But I’m going. Let’s cut through these yards till we get to the corner. Okay?

Speaker 2  16:55

Okay. Hey, your mom must really love you a lot.

Speaker 10  17:06

What do you mean? Of course she does.

Speaker 2  17:09

Just it’s cool that she wanted you so bad. She decided to have you on her own.

Speaker 10  17:16

Yeah, it’s a lot of pressure though. She worked so hard to have me, went to so many doctor’s appointments shot hormones into herself. It costs a ton, basically, a super expensive gift that my mom bought for herself. And I don’t want to turn out to be a disappointing gift. You know?

Speaker 2  17:35

What was that?

Speaker 10  17:36

I don’t know. It’s just a dog.

Speaker 2  17:41

I thought it was a coyote. They’re seriously, quick acting like you know everything. We are so gonna get caught.

Speaker 10  17:52

No, we’re not, not if we’re careful. This is all gonna be worth it once we get there. You’ll see high schoolers are way better than middle schoolers. Nobody cares about labels. At least these ones don’t. And they’re all pan.

Speaker 2  18:10

Cuckoo. Wait, that’s the one where? Which one is that?

Speaker 10  18:16

Where you love the person? Doesn’t matter what their sexuality or gender is, gay, straight, bi, male, female, trans, gender fluid.

Speaker 2  18:25

So many choices.

Speaker 10  18:26

No, it makes it so you don’t have to make choices. But doesn’t matter. You’re asexual.

Speaker 2  18:36

I’m not asexual.

Speaker 10  18:38

It’s okay. You don’t have to pretend with me. Or with them. They’re so not judgy

Speaker 2  18:46

Listen, I know I act like I don’t have those kinds of feelings. And for a long time I didn’t. But now I do. Like a really do. What? It’s hard for me to admit.

Speaker 10  18:58

Okay, I think we’re clear. Please tell me you have a secret lover.

Speaker 2  19:05

Oh, no. I mean, but I like someone. It’s kind of driving me crazy, actually.

Speaker 10  19:12

Oh my god, Noa. Just tell me who. After this one let’s cut through that way. There are too many cars. And anyway, it’s a shortcut.

Speaker 2  19:27

Okay, I’d rather go the long way and live.

Speaker 10  19:29

Would you rather go the long way and get caught though?

Speaker 2  19:33


Speaker 10  19:34

Quick cross the street, hey, there’s a trail up that way. I know where I’m going. I used to walk around here a lot when I was a kid. You’re in love with Seb, aren’t you?

Speaker 2  19:57

Isn’t that obvious?

Speaker 10  19:59

You’d make a cute couple.

Speaker 2  20:02

He has the best eyelashes.

Speaker 10  20:05

That’s so specific.

Speaker 2  20:08

I mean, the rest of his face is good too.

Speaker 10  20:11

Why don’t you tell him you like him? Or kiss him or something?

Speaker 2  20:15

Oh, I don’t know. He definitely doesn’t like me.

Speaker 10  20:25

What do you mean? He’s constantly touching you all that shoving, leg wrestling carrying you around on his back? People don’t just do that.

Speaker 2  20:34

It’s not that simple. Dani. If I tell you something, promise to keep a secret. Pinky promise.

Speaker 10  20:44

Seriously, Pinky promises are for children. I elbow promise.

Speaker 2  20:49

What? Oh, okay. So, what’s the T? Okay. I think Seb. I think he might be gay.

Speaker 10  21:07

Yeah. Everyone’s gay. Sexuality is a continuum. Just go for it Noa.

Speaker 2  21:14

Oh, my god. I can’t believe you’re excited about this. You’re so anti-boy.

Speaker 10  21:20

I’m just anti-asshole.

Speaker 2  21:22

Oh, my God, you really think I should tell him?

Speaker 10  21:26

Of course you should tell him. This is your problem. Noah, you never say what you’re really thinking. Oh, here’s the path. I told you I knew where I was going. Look, I just mean, you’ve got to take control of your life. Like, I’ve been thinking about this murder. Right? And if you think of it as this thing that happened for no reason it’s terrifying. Makes you feel like, why bother living.

Speaker 2  21:58

Not helping Dani.

Speaker 10  22:00

No, no, listen, don’t think of it as happening for no reason. Think of it as a sign, a sign telling you to take risks. Because it’s true. You can die at any time. So you might as well do what makes you feel good. What makes you feel like a queen? I mean, what if you died tonight? You got strangled right here in the woods. What if that happened? And you never told Seb how you felt?

Speaker 2  22:30

Boy, you said there was no killer in the woods.

Speaker 10  22:32

It was hypothetical. To make you feel how urgent this is.

Speaker 2  22:37

Say it’s urgent. I mean, you’re right, though. If I’m gonna do this, I should do it soon. Like, before God comes back to school. I can’t even tell you how amazing it’s been to hang out with sub like a normal person without God watching us all the time.

Speaker 10  22:54

I have a secret lover. His name’s Lyle.

Speaker 2  23:06

So that’s where we’re going. Right now?

Speaker 10  23:11

Yeah, yeah. His trailer. Actually.

Speaker 2  23:15

You’re dating someone who lives on the trailer?

Speaker 10  23:20

What’s that supposed to mean? It’s like the perfect hangout spot. It’s so like, I don’t know, intimate. And he has Christmas lights that look like chili peppers.

Speaker 2  23:32

Dani, sometimes you say things and you have no idea what you sound like.

Speaker 10  23:35

What does that mean? Come on.

Speaker 2  23:42

You’re making it sound like being poor is fun.

Speaker 10  23:45

Yeah, it kind of is. He lives with his big brother. So there’s not really any rules. Last week, a bunch of us did whip it. Where you suck the air out of whipped cream can it gives you this mega head rush? Like you’re floating. I felt kind of nauseous after but like it made everyone make like, orgasm sounds.

Speaker 2  24:06

Oh, you did too? Dani, I think I see eyes. I don’t know. I think a deer?

Speaker 10  24:35

For a second I thought you were right. That we’d end up strangled in a pile of leaves.

Speaker 2  24:40

I can’t do this.

Speaker 10  24:43

Okay, well just take a minute breathe. There’s a rock over there. We can sit.

Speaker 2  24:49

No, I just can’t.

Speaker 10  24:50

What do you mean. We’ll be there in 10 minutes.

Speaker 2  24:54

I don’t want to be there. I want to go back.

Speaker 10  24:56

It’s farther to go back then to go there.

Speaker 2  25:00

Dani, have you really had one before? Like, an orgasm?

Speaker 10  25:06

Of course. I mean, on my own lots of times and once with Lyle. Yeah, we’ve actually gone kind of far.

Speaker 2  25:18

No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, I’m not going. I’m just not. See you in the morning then.

Speaker 10  25:34

Seriously? What about the killer?

Speaker 2  25:38

If I die. I die. You must think I’m crazy, right? Walking through the woods by myself in the middle of the night. Back to a house that isn’t mine. And I could run into a killer. And yeah, that scares me. But you know what scares me more? The idea of being in a room full of strangers making orgasm sounds? Well, the only other person I know there is also making orgasm sounds like maybe they want me to make orgasm sounds, which I have no clue how to do. And I honestly don’t want to find out. I’ll risk running into the killer. Thank you very much. But at least I’ll be doing what makes me feel like a queen.

Speaker 3  27:51

I hate running so much. Oh, my God, I can’t run another lap coach makes us do them outside. Even in the winter. I think that’s like abused or something. This is literally making me miss my cast.

Speaker 10  28:05

Noa’s right here. O, well, I bet she’ll break your ankle again. If you want.

Speaker 2  28:10

Shut up, Dani. Oh my God.

Speaker 10  28:14

What are you looking for?

Speaker 3  28:16

Noa, is that true? Are you going to throw a wet tuna sandwich at me? Do you have one sitting in? In your locker?

Speaker 2  28:26

Yes, O, my locker is full of wet tuna sandwiches.

Speaker 3  28:30

Okay, good. Check your locker. I hope you find what you’re looking for

Speaker 10  28:40

So, have you talked to Mr. Eyelashes yet? Still with the silent treatment, come on, Noa? It’s been two days. Just say what you’re thinking already, get mad at me, anything.

Speaker 2  28:59

I’m gonna talk to him at recess. Okay?

Speaker 10  29:02

Wow. So soon. Get it Noa.

Speaker 2  29:07

Stop. You’re stressing me out.

Speaker 3  29:13

Hey, did you find the sandwich yet?

Speaker 2  29:16

Who took my bra? And my underwear who took them?

Speaker 10  29:24

I told you should get a lock.

Speaker 2  29:26

I’ve never had a lock before and I never had my bra and underwear stolen. Not until someone moved to town and stole all my friends. I know it was you, O.

Speaker 3  29:36

That’s crazy. Why would I take your bra and underwear?

Speaker 10  29:40

Oh my god, O, you gave it away when you told her to look for the non-existent sandwich.

Speaker 2  29:45

Just give them back.

Speaker 3  29:46

I would never touch your disgusting sweat stained underwear.

Speaker 2  29:51

They’re not. How would you even know what they look like if you didn’t take them.

Speaker 3  29:55

Just to guess, since your T-shirts have brown armpits.

Speaker 2  29:59

Give them back.

Speaker 3  30:02

Sorry. Lunchtime. Hopefully find them. Oh, and good luck with Mr. Eyelashes. If that’s who I think it is, he turned me down. So I can’t imagine him go for you. But who knows?

Speaker 2  30:21

What am I gonna do? I told Seb I had something important to talk about.

Speaker 10  30:25

Maybe put your gym bra and underwear back on?

Speaker 2  30:29

They’re soaking wet. I’ll b, Seb I like you, and I’ll look like I peed my pants.

Speaker 10  30:34

And like you have milk dripping from your boobs. Okay, not ideal. Maybe just going braless is better.

Speaker 2  30:42

My nipples will be pointing.

Speaker 10  30:44

I know. We can run your gym stuff under the hand dryer.

Speaker 2  30:48


Speaker 10  30:49

I don’t get why you’re so stubborn.

Speaker 2  30:51

I’m not stubborn.

Speaker 10  30:53

This wouldn’t have happened in the first place if you had just given in and gotten a lock.

Speaker 2  30:57

You don’t get it?

Speaker 10  30:59

Yeah, I don’t. Because you’re doing that thing where you don’t tell me what you’re thinking. Noa, listen to me. I’m trying to make it up to you. What happened the other night. I feel bad. I shouldn’t have left you. Why don’t I get our lunches and we can eat in here and talk about it.

Speaker 2  31:22

I said I want you to leave. Go on without me.

Speaker 10  31:28

Whatever. I tried.

Speaker 8  31:57

Noa, are you in there?

Speaker 2  32:06

Micah, you can’t be here. I didn’t even know you were back. What are you doing? How do you even find me?

Speaker 8  32:15

I know your schedule. I was waiting outside. You didn’t come out. So I figured you were still here.

Speaker 2  32:21

If you touched me. I’ll scream.

Speaker 8  32:22

I’m not gonna touch you. Relax. I just want to talk. I really, really need to talk.

Speaker 2  32:31

Could you talk to someone else? Like Miss Ramirez? She says she’s always there to talk to people. This is a bad time Micah.

Speaker 8  32:41

God. Not Micah. I’ve been through hell. Can you please just call me God?

Speaker 2  32:48

Yes, fine. God, say what you have to say.

Speaker 8  32:52

Are you okay? You look like you’ve been crying? My mom’s gone.

Speaker 2  33:01

I know. It’s awful. I’m so sorry.

Speaker 8  33:06

People give talking about her. They’re making all these guesses about what happened. Like it’s some sort of game.

Speaker 2  33:15

That’s wrong. They shouldn’t be doing that.

Speaker 8  33:19

It’s only my first day back. And I thought the kids would be nice to me, for one day, just one day, but they’re already making fun of me. Making fun of the kid whose mom was murdered.

Speaker 2  33:35

I don’t know what to say. God. They’re assholes.

Speaker 8  33:40

Thanks Noa. I knew you’d understand. Hey, are you cold? I can give you my sweatshirt. You just not that I’m looking but it’s kind of obvious.

Speaker 2  33:56

Micah, stop looking at my chest. You’re in the girls locker room. I was getting changed and I don’t have to explain this to you. You’re not supposed to be talking to me anyway. I’ll go to Dr. Rocklin. If you don’t leave.

Speaker 8  34:08

Hey, no, I didn’t mean it in a creepy way. Noa, I need us to be friends. I need you. You’re the only one who gets it.

Speaker 2  34:18

Gets what?

Speaker 8  34:20

Well, you don’t have a mommy either. I’ve never seen her. I just always figured she was dead.

Speaker 2  34:30

She’s alive. My mom’s alive. It’s not the same thing at all, Micah, minds coming back. Yours isn’t.

Speaker 8  34:38

Don’t say that.

Speaker 2  34:40

It’s true.

Speaker 8  34:41

Take it back. Take it back, Noa or I’ll smite you.

Speaker 2  34:48

You’ll smite me. Fine, smite me then.

Speaker 8  34:55

Don’t worry. I will.

Speaker 11


Thank you for bringing this to my attention, Noa. I can see that you’re very upset.

Stephanie Wittels Wachs  35:09

Yeah. Dr. Rocklin superintendent on line one.


Thanks, Nancy. Tell him I’ll call him back in 10. Just wrapping up here. Noa, Micah is going through an incredibly rough time. Unimaginable, really. It sounds like he’s looking for someone to connect with. And you’re absolutely right. Your mother and his mother. It’s not the same situation. But he’s also right. You have a little something in common. That doesn’t mean you need to be his best friend. But I am going to ask that you be gentle with him right now. Can you do that for me?

Speaker 2  35:58

Okay, I’ll try.

Speaker 11  35:59

Good. Trying is great.

Speaker 2  36:04

But can you also ask him to try not talking to me so much. And to try staying out of touching distance from me like you did after the cheerleading thing? That whole plan never really worked.


Well, he won’t be going in the girls locker room again. I can promise you that. But you have to understand circumstances are very different from when I lay down those rules. I don’t want to be policing him too much, you know? Listen, Noa, I know this isn’t what you want to hear. But learning how to stand up to Micah. It’s good practice for you. Throughout your life, people are going to have feelings for you and you won’t always reciprocate those feelings. Think of this as a chance to figure out how to set boundaries. But gently, okay. Well, I need to return that call and you need to get to class, here, I’ll write you a late pass in case you need it

Speaker 2  37:16

What do you think about lucky pennies? When you see one, do you pick it up? What is picking it up but you might get trampled by a mob of middle schoolers? When you’ve had a day like mine the only thing that can save you is luck. So yes, of course you pick it up

Speaker 5  37:35

No, way that’s perfect. A Jew picking up money. Watch out that’s what got God’s mom killed. She was greedy. Whoa holy nips, that stuff in the picture really is yours. In the post. The bra and […] Cuz they used to be white. But with all this sweat stains, they’re brown. Gotta go.

Speaker 10  38:10

Noa, this sucks. So much. We know, O did this, she was she was talking about the sweat stains in a locker room. We know she posted it. We have to tell Dr. Rocklin I’ll back you up. Let’s do it now.

Speaker 2  38:21

Fuck Dr. Rocklin. And fuck you too, Dani. You act like you care so much about standing up for people but you have no idea what it’s like to not have money. You know why I don’t have a lock? Because I can’t just replace things. You know why I have sweat stains on my bra? Because I only have one.

Speaker 10  38:45

Plus your gym one.

Speaker 2  38:48

You know what, Dani, I hope your secret lover shows you what it’s like to live like what did you call it? A minimalist. I hope he shows you what life is really like; I hope he gives you loads of orgasms and I hope you get pregnant. And then I hope you have a baby and you can handle it and you run away and don’t tell your kid where you went. There Dani, I said what I was thinking, wait, Dani come back. Aren’t you gonna say anything say something.

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HERE LIES ME is a Lemonada Media original in collaboration with the longest shortest time. Executive producers are Stephanie Wittels Wachs, Jessica Cordova Kramer and me, Hillary Frank. I also wrote and directed the show. Hannah Boomershine is our producer. Peter Clowney is our story editor. Ivan Kuraev is our audio engineer. Music by Casey Holford with drums by Sasha. Our artwork which changes every week is by Lindsay Stripling. Thank you to the High School for the Performing and Visual Arts in Houston, Texas where we found our team cast and to the spruced in and space on writer farm, where I developed the pilot for this project. Special thanks to Val Bodurtha Eartha, Xorje Olivares, Jonathan, and Michael Raphael. The voices you heard today are Ollie Grishaber, Grant Eason, Rafael Pina, Rebecca Lembcke, Anna Marie Tobin, Emma Ogier, Vineeth Nadella, Julian Cotom, Anna Grace Hethcox, Savannah Coyne, Luca Jarosz, Chloe Vuong, Sasha Menjivar, Matt Hune, Judith Miller, Stephanie Wittles Wachs, with special guest W. Kamau Bell and Rob Huebel. For fun facts about our cast plus resources on harassment and bullying.

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