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Sarah scares Rory into never cheating on her. Plus, she points out the positives of menopause, unpacks a traumatic story of abuse (trigger warning), and recounts tales of doing stand-up in Montreal.

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Speaker 5, Sarah Silverman, Robert, Gee, Mark, Lauren, Amy, Speaker 4, Devin

Sarah Silverman  00:15

Hi, everybody, it’s your best pal Sarah Silverman, and you know, I was like, I don’t know what not to talk about today in the podcast, and then I was leaving and I, Rory was home. And I said something to him like, if you ever cheat on me, I’ll kill you and then just go to jail forever. And he was like, okay, well, if you cheat on me, I’ll probably ask you like, where I fell short and what you felt you needed that I wasn’t giving you. I was like, fuck you. And then I was like, well, I can’t help it I cheated because, you know, I was so lonely. And you were at work. And then I called the plumber to fix the sink. And he was like, whoa, whoa, whoa, and I was like, yeah, that’s right. I cheated with the plumber, and then he got really upset. That I would call a plumber to fix something and not have him do it. That’s what he was upset about, I love it. You know, I once dreamed for a handyman, like, Chelsea Handler made me write down everything I wanted in a man. And Goddamnit if Rory isn’t almost every single one of those things, maybe all of them but one of them was a handyman. There’s something about a guy that can fix shit. Even when he can’t he just like YouTube’s it, and then he does. He has the patience to like, read a manual. I love it, all right, let’s go to some voicemails.


Speaker 4  01:58

Hi, Sara, a couple of weeks ago, you briefly mentioned menopause. And I was so thrilled. Because I think of you as a young vivacious person, and I myself am 44 and have like early onset menopause. And I’m taking hormone replacement therapy to deal with the insane hot flashes. But I’m curious if you have any advice about sex because I’m dating. And it’s I feel embarrassed and old to be like, I need a lot of lube. I can’t have sex six times on one date like I used to. And it just feels a little sad and embarrassing. And I’m not really a person who is embarrassed by things but I don’t know. It’s just it’s a life change, that’s been a lot. So I’m just curious about how it’s affected your sex life, if at all? Or if you have any advice about how to talk to lovers. I’m a big fan, I hope you’re well.


Sarah Silverman  02:52

Yeah, look, I’m I hate hearing you say that you’re embarrassed ashamed or any of those things, but I also fully relate to it. And I think as women we’ve been absolutely set up to feel this way. There is almost no research on menopause. It’s only happening now. I should look up her name there’s a scientist I follow on Instagram who is studying menopause and she said like there’s there’s no money the government you know, there’s just no money in there’s it’s like a fraction of what is the of money allotted to menopause have like exponentially more money for like boner research. But um, there is no reason we should be embarrassed or apologizing for human bodies. We’ve been in this skin since we were born. I mean, it’s so crazy. And you know, they’re, they’re now learning all this stuff about menopause. It’s something that happens in the middle of our lives. Not at the end. It used to be the end because we, you know, people used to die at 50 or whatever, you know, but it really is what I’m learning about and what I’m reading about, you know, it’s a fucking bitch in the beginning, and then it’s freedom. I think for a lot of women who are realizing this life is kind of starting after menopause. You don’t have whatever hangs off of women, men, babies, partners, responsibility, all this shit kind of hanging off of our teeth, and menopause kind of clears all of that out. And we’re ready to actually live our lives based on what we want. I say this as a as a woman who’s always had been able to live that life I have no marriage, no children. I have a partner and I’ve had partners. But that’s really the inspiring piece of what menopause can be is like, oh, after this my life is fucking mine period. I’m done with the bullshit. And with my period, but um, yes, the hot flashes. I’m done with all of that now, so I’m just a glue. But um, that is is insane, it’s insane. It’s pretty wild, I mean, just chemical scientifically, it’s fascinating like, I would have three costume changes at night. Like full, like, everything I’m wearing drew wake up, just like did I just jump in the ocean in like some hot oily version of the ocean? It might be soaking wet, my hair drenched, I would have to change everything dry off with the towel. Blow dry my hair, because all of a sudden your hairs drenched and then it’s cold. You know? Anyway, it’s a pain in the ass. But it passes and then you’re home free. But yeah, you’re gonna have to do I think you she said she was doing hormone replacement therapy I’m doing I just insert like a pill up my vagina twice a week. It’s nothing, and it’s great. But yeah, you have to maintain your vagina. That you know, vagina is always needed maintenance. This is not going to be something new for you. But, yeah, you got to make sure it’s healthy and moist. And I get it. Listen, my boyfriend is almost seven years younger than me. And again, and I’ve said this many times on this podcast, there is not an equivalent word for women. That means what men’s when when men say emasculated when they’re emasculated. There isn’t a version of that for us. A defeminized, my friend said femme mask elated. You know but there it’s fascinating to me. It’s interesting to me that there isn’t even a fucking word for it. It kind of tells you everything you need to know, right? But yeah, it chipped away at you and you got to really maintain your brain. You know, menopause is a is an effect of the brain. I’m learning a bunch of stuff. Let me find out the name of this. This motherfucking scientist I know I sent it to […] Dr. Moscone, Lisa Moscone. Yeah, so her name is Lisa Mosconi, M o s c o n i. And she’s a neuroscientist. And she studies women’s brains and menopause and actually Alzheimer’s prevention. She’s the one who discovered that there’s a connection between you know, she was trying to figure out why do way more women get Alzheimer’s than men? And she saw that it was a change in the brain during midlife. And what is that change that happens to women and not men in mid life, menopause, and it was a huge breakthrough. So she has a book called the menopause brain. And I follow her on Instagram, and she is brilliant and fascinating. And I don’t think the future is bleak. I think quite the opposite. But you got to know. So check her out and stop feeling embarrassed, and I will too, okay, we’ll make a pact right here. This is our human bodies. We’re strong, our bodies work, we’re so lucky. We live on this fucking planet in outer space. There’s no time for this bullshit. We don’t have anything to be ashamed of. So yeah, like use like so much coconut oil. He’ll love it anyway. Everyone uses it of every age because it’s so good. I don’t get out, people use Astroglide it’s so sticky. It’s so gross. Coconut oil is like, so good and delicious and good for your human body. What else?


Devin  09:27

I Sarah, my name is Devin and I’m calling from California. I have a question about authenticity and integrity and genuineness. So I grew up very gay, and very Mormon. And I’m no longer Mormon, but still very gay. And so I had these two selves, these two big parts that I had a hard time reconciling and I was so envious of people who were just one self and could be the same person everywhere. And I saw so many people splitting and separating themselves and, and we all chameleon ourselves to some extent but as I was thinking about it in my adulthood, my goal this year is to keep rec keep consistently just being oneself. And I view you as a great example of that. I don’t know if that’s right. That’s accurate but I imagine who you are with friends is very similar to who you are on stage, which is very similar to who you are, who we get to hear on the podcast. And so thank you for being an example of that, to me. And I’m wondering if you consider yourself to be the same person everywhere. And if you think even, that’s how people should be, let me know. Thanks, love you. Bye.


Sarah Silverman  10:56

I think I, I don’t think of it that way. I but I think what you were talking about is being your authentic self not hiding any part of yourself, where in maybe in your Mormon community, you are hiding a big part of yourself, that’s a big, beautiful, authentic part of yourself. And in, in that way, I commend you and I that’s great. But even your authentic self has many, many sides, you know, like you’re seeing my, I don’t really feel very together right now, but you probably see my most together me on this podcast, you hear me at my most Zen, my most kind of perspektivy more earnest than I am on you know, and then there’s me on in stand up, which is, I would say less earnest, a little more cutting, maybe less vulnerable than I am here. And those are, you know, and so, I use different muscles in different pieces of myself in all the different kinds of odd jobs that I have. And, you know, there are dynamics that I can fall into, you know, I think I’ve gotten much, much better to a degree, but I am pointing to Amy over there. But, you know, there’s like a very, maybe it’s a very comedian perspective on like, the, the suits, you know, the, my, when I have a boss, that’s an executive of some kind, and they’re trying to contort me into their, you know, something I don’t want to be and I, you know, it’s it’s very convenient to be kind of have a like the man to push against, and to put all your ills on to, you know, and like, fuck the fuck that fucking the suits or, you know, killing my creativity or whatever, like, you know, there are roles that people play in your life and that you play in other people’s lives. And those are things that you either have to unlearn, or maybe they serve you in some way, you know, but, um, but all this to say, I find that I, I, there are lots of different sides to me even authentically, so, and maybe some of those sides are not healthy and come out of insecurity or or you know, defensiveness, or XY or Z and but maybe they are also there are many sides to me, just like there are many sides to you. And those things are okay, you know that that’s fine. But I think the root of what you’re saying is being gay and being Mormon. Were not accepted as as elements together. In you know, I have a feeling the gay community was okay with you being Mormon, but the Mormon community may not have been as open to you being a gay man. And so you had to lose one of them. And that’s okay, that’s their loss but I think when you’re talking about two identities, you’re talking about really just being your most authentic self. That’s what I got, what else?


Sarah Silverman  14:17

Hey, Sarah […] calling […]  Argentina. I want you to know that for the last year, I have been using your podcast as by English lessons. I’m pretty excited because when I started, I only understood like 30% of what you said. And now I think I get like 90% which makes me very happy. But my question is, what are the boys male songs say? Seems like you left me a message, now I’ll play it for the world or is it more now I am playing it for the word, or is it neither of them? Anyway, thank you love you bye.


Sarah Silverman  15:09

The message’s song, you left me a message. Now I’m playing it for the world. Let’s hear some voice mails. So those are the words I can’t believe that and by the way that was sung by a band called The Cooties that I loved, which is now split off into the Jacob Jeffries band and wolves of Glendale. So you can enjoy both of those as well. I can’t believe you’re using now I’m very aware of speaking very clearly. But I can’t believe you are using this podcast to learn how to speak English that makes me so happy. I have a feeling you’re going to be saying vagina a lot.


Speaker 4  15:59

Hi, Sara, I’m such a fan. I have a situation that I could use your help with so here goes. I was molested by my father repeatedly when I was a kid for context, my parents are quote unquote good church going people and moved far away from home for college and went through my own healing process. Fast forward to my late 20s when they moved back to my hometown that was expecting my first child. I confronted both my parents with what my father did to me and made it clear he was not allowed to be alone with my kids. My mother was shocked but my father knew what he did. We stayed cordial during their visits. I was okay with them coming over so that my kids got to know their grandparents. Fast forward again to my 40s, it was my birthday, so we decided to meet for lunch with my parents and my family. My dad was acting strange. Turns out he had been drinking that morning he went into a rant about how dare I blame him for what happened, he declared he was 90% of good dad and only 10% bad she was angry at me for being angry at him for abusing me. I was shocked, my mom got him to go for a walk. I tried to shield my kids from seeing him like this. We all ended up going home but I was so hurt and angry. Took me 20 years to heal the first time you’ve used me now it felt like he violently picked off my scab to hurt me again. This was about three years ago, and I haven’t seen my parents since my mom wants me to forgive but it feels like sweeping it under the rug. I told him I need him to take accountability, but I’m stuck because I don’t know what that looks or sounds like some stuck being angry that I’m the one that has to put the work into forgive him when he’s the one that should take accountability for abusing a child. Any words of advice for me?


Sarah Silverman  17:35

Oh my god. I am so sorry for what you went through. And this is like way above my paygrade I’m blown away by your ability to even in adulthood, confront them, and lay it out how it’s gonna be with your kids. And I’m so proud of you for that. That’s amazing. I’m just curious how your mother is dealing with it because it’s either the most horrific surprise or something she’s been living with as well or denying and, you know, when when a mother enables someone to hurt their children. It’s really something else you know, my dad’s father beat him up daily. And his mother didn’t do anything about it. She just watched she just stood by and watched she was more dedicated to her husband and her, her children. And she wasn’t strong enough to stop it or are interested even in in stopping it. It’s really a horrible, horrible thing, and, you know, I’m really blown away that you confronted them and that your mother heard you and accepted it and your father did too. I mean, you know, I wonder what that relationship is ever since then that she is just too codependent to to leave him. I mean, it’s pretty wild to stay with a man that molested your child. Pretty wild, but I would I would venture to guess, more common than we would ever imagine. Because people are so afraid of changing what they’re what they know. I wish I had great, precise advice for you and I don’t but boy I’m blown away with how you’ve handled it and with your strength and your protection of your children and you know him drunkenly ranting isn’t right but make sense to me here. This is a man who has, I would guess had to be in incredible denial of what he did in order to live with himself. If there’s a way he sees to take accountability and still live with themselves, I don’t know what that looks like. It’s not your job to show that to him that possible future damn in people go to jail forever for doing that, right? This is above my paygrade I’m so sorry. I don’t want to say the wrong thing. And but I will say that what you did do is fucking goddamn impressive. And I don’t think your your kids can ask for much more than that. And you and speaking out for yourself, you know, above all in a way. And you don’t owe your mother, the forget, you know, your mom wants you to fruit forgive him. That’s up to you, you can if you want, if you can do that, and that, whatever. But what you should do is whatever feels right. And good luck. And, wow, I’m really in awe of you, and what else?


Mark  21:39

Hi, Sarah, it’s Mark from Toronto, big fan. I just leave you with one thing from your TV show. It’s something I think about a couple of times a week when I need to pick me up. And it’s the scene where your car has been pulled over by a police officer, you standing beside the car looking down at you. And he says do you know why I’m standing here? And you say because you got all C’s in high school. And that just gets me that just was just so funny. And I think about that a couple of times a week. And anyway, so that’s, that’s all I had for you and love the podcast. Take care, bye.


Sarah Silverman  22:22

Yeah, that is, although it was a question that he said. Do you know why I pulled you over? And I say because you got all “C” in high school. That makes it a little, little was the joke a little bit sweeter, I think. Oh my god, I had so much fun making that show. Someone just brought it up recently. And they were like, where do I find it? And I was like, I guess it was on Comedy Central so I I guess it’s probably on Paramount plus? The Sarah Silverman program, check it out. Yeah, I bet it’s on Paramount plus or something. But God we had so much fun. And I believe that was a joke. Probably written by Dan Harmon, of Community and Rick and Morty fame. All right, what else?


Speaker 5  23:11

Hey, Sarah. So I’ve been doing stand up comedy in Montreal for about a year now. It’s been the best decision I’ve ever made in my life. I absolutely love it. I don’t know if you’ve heard though, but the Just For Laughs Comedy Festival has recently been canceled.


Sarah Silverman  23:27



Speaker 5  23:27

Me along with a lot of my friends and comedy are pretty bummed about this. But at the same time, some people have already started making plans to like produce their own shows or their own many festivals, which is really cool. Just wondering if you had any thoughts to share on it getting canceled? I guess it’s because JFL filed for bankruptcy. I’m also wondering if you could share any stories or experiences you have from the comedy scene in Montreal. Thanks, bye.


Sarah Silverman  23:53

I mean, those were real fun days. And I know it sucks because you’re in Montreal and it’s probably awesome to have the festival there but it’s you know, for every comedy festival that dies 10 more spring up in its place. But listen, don’t worry about it for yourself. You’re only one year in you don’t need mucky muck seeing you yet. You got to you know get great trust me and then they’ll know about you. I did Montreal many years ago. Oh my god, I had a terrible year one year I was on this show every night of the week that was called The Late Late Show. And we would some of us sometimes we do stand up and sometimes instead of stand up like the other group. There was like 10 of us and sometimes you do stand up on a night but if you weren’t doing stand up at night you like think of something else to do on the show like a some little sketch or something. And I have this talent where I am able to say all the states in the United States in alphabetical order and in like less than 25 seconds. And so I went on that did that and I said and I was wearing a dress and I said but in order to do it I need two things total silence and two fingers in my vagina. And then I saw I just pretended to put my fingers in my vagina like fake obviously. And then I said it Alaska or Arizona or whatever it is. I can’t remember right now. I mean, I do know it but Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming. So it was the late show and then, you know, had a great time and whatever. It was, like clear, it wasn’t real, what it was silly. And then I get back to the hotel where everyone hangs out. It was like some hotel called The Delta. And like wildfire. The word on the street was Sarah Silverman fingered herself on stage. I had like a junior manager there who yelled at me about it was like, people are asking me about it. And they said, who manages her and I had to say me. And I was just like, out of body experience, horrified. And then another year, I got it was like four in the morning. And I was in a cram, jam packed, crammed elevator and it got stuck. And there was a kind of famous comedian on it, who fully flipped out she was just like, everybody shut up. You know, she was clearly panicking and it like manifested in like, not a good look. And so she was freaking out. Everyone is just standing like, worse sardines in this elevator. And I don’t know why I did this,, but out of the silence, I just said, does anyone mind if I smoke? And she went bananas and I was I thought obviously kidding. But um, the girl can’t help it. I just gotta poke. Those are my memories of it. And and there was I don’t know if Andy Kindler wrote this. But there was always like, a day after like a bulletin, like a sheet of paper with a like a little news story of like, all the gossip of the night before, which was really fun, slash horrifying, slash juicy. And then at the end of it, Andy kindler, probably the best part was he would do a state of the industry address, and just fucking slam people. But it was really funny. Rip Montreal, Just For Laughs and good luck with your comedy career.


Gee  28:13

Hey, Sarah, it’s your friend Gee. I’ve always wanted to leave a message. I love your show. It’s brought me a lot of peace during these weird times. Anyway, I’ve been experiencing some pretty significant health challenges and has been having tremors throughout my body. I found out I have a small lesion on my brainstem. And that’s all they know. And I have to wait three months until my next MRIs. With that said, I’ve been very sad about this news. And I’ve been going really diving in spiritually to try and curb some of this grief around, you know, a brain lesion. So but recently, I noticed, well, recently, my boyfriend, my ex boyfriend has started attending my church and not just attending my church, but all of a sudden he’s in every spiritual space. I’m in like the contemplative prayer, the Taz a the sanctuary worship, and he attends like eight other churches. And I tried to make it clear that like my nervous system is repulsed and all but he’s showed up tonight, and I don’t know what to do. So any advice would be greatly.


Sarah Silverman  29:41

Okay, I’m a little confused when she said, I made it clear that I’m repulsed. I’m not sure what that means. And I also don’t understand that he attends like seven other churches. I feel like I have so many follow up questions. But I will say having health chant challenges, especially ones that you don’t fully understand yet that there aren’t full answers about is going to be compounded by anxiety. And of course, you’re going to feel anxiety because it’s very natural for human to react to something like that by telling yourself all the horror stories of what might happen and what this might mean. I’m for trying to not decide what those things mean before you know. And I know that compartmentalizing isn’t always used in a healthy way, but I feel like compartmentalizing is a good way to try to keep from worrying about something that you don’t even know yet if it’s something you need to worry about. I understand I may not understand going to church, but I kind of understand going to church because I’ve been finding kind of my own version of religion in grieving my parents death, you know where we are, you know, we’re on our sister’s WhatsApp chain, and three out of four of us are godless, but we are kind of finding religion in our grieving just in that, you know, two birds landed in my windowsill it was them, you know, telling me they’re okay, you know, our parents, and I’m all for that. However, you need to grieve, you know, and I think a lot of grieving, and my relation of that to religion is that religion is, in my mind used to at least feel like we understand what is not understandable. I think that’s kind of religion. And if that’s how you religion is so often I, to me, it’s it’s a coping mechanism. It’s how we cope, and I’m all for it, if that helps you. Bumping into your ex is it’s really odd that he is all of a sudden doing every part of your like faith journey. It’s kind of annoying, isn’t it? You can’t really ignore him, but you can’t control who partakes in it. You could change to a different one. It sounds like you’ve kind of felt you found a groove with this church. But maybe there’s another one. I don’t know what your dynamic is with him. I don’t know if it’s something where you can ask him to, you know, he goes to a bunch of other churches if he could not go to yours. So that you can really have this experience on your own without someone that you intimately have known. If he would, do you a kindness and and help you out with that or not go when you’re going. Not anything against him, but that what you’re processing is something you really don’t want to do with someone that you have a history with. And maybe he will do you that kindness and go to his seven other churches. He’s going to what is going on here? How many? Where do you live that has this many churches, I guess the city or maybe you can find another one? I don’t know. But good luck, and I hope that you’re staying positive and healthy as best you can. All right girl, good luck. What else?


Lauren  33:46

Hey, Sarah, this is Lauren calling. Apologies in advance if you hear air or street noises. I’m walking on the street on a very rainy day. Kind of felt like the only natural place to leave you a voice note. So I’m calling because I wanted to share. So relieved that I am not pregnant. Yes, you heard me right. I said not pregnant. This entire weekend. It was convinced I was being four days late, which is very odd for my cycle. I have been meticulously following my cycle. Ever since I got pregnant with an IUD. Like four years ago, copper IUD.


Sarah Silverman  34:31

Oh, my God.


Lauren  34:33

And you know, I had no idea I was pregnant then because like who thinks they’re pregnant or can get pregnant with a copper IUD, but let me tell you, it’s possible. Yeah, so when I was very late this time I was concerned I might be pregnant and I wasn’t ready. And no, I can’t do hormonal birth control because I had a blood clot in college. And I hope one day to be a mother but this is just really not the right time. with what’s happening with work and in my life. So I figure you probably know this relief for I don’t know, do you? Just wanted to know if you’ve ever had this moment where you’ve been afraid of being pregnant and then happily found out you’re not so.


Sarah Silverman  35:12

I hate to disappoint you, but I have not had I don’t think I’ve ever had a pregnancy scare. I’ve been on I have been on birth control for ever. So much so that after 22 years, I went off of birth control and immediately lost 12 pounds. I had no idea was carrying from that. But no, I haven’t but congratulations, that must be an incredible relief. I can’t believe you got pregnant with an IUD. That’s that’s so insanely rare, and also just so painful. I had an IUD for six months, and I was in excruciating pain for six months. It was not it’s better if you have had a baby, I guess it doesn’t hurt as much because your shits all pushed out or something. But it was I even when like a short time that I use the diaphragm. I think my shits just close together in there that it was like it would push against my bladder. So I’d have a diaphragm and I’d like have to pee. But um, yeah, there you go. Good story, what else?


Robert  36:27

Hello, Sarah, my name is Robert. I am calling from Chicago. And I just finished the latest episode of Stupid Pet Tricks. By the way, FET show is a delightfully pleasant way to spend a half an hour every week it is that’s my review. Anyway, I just thought I’d ask about your experience with Rosie the Yiddish Tarantula, particularly the moment where she crawls over your shoulder and up onto your neck. I want to know what you were thinking in that moment, what were you feeling? What what’s going through her head in that moment? Because quite frankly, I don’t personally understand how you didn’t just immediately crapped your pants at a pole to Spider into the back rows of the audience, and then run off the stage screaming fuck this noise. Because that’s exactly what I would have done. So yeah, if you wouldn’t mind sharing your thoughts on that experience. That’d be fantastic, you know, I’ve been a fan of yours for for many, many years now. You’ve made me laugh and smile so many times. So please, keep up the good work. And I guess I’ll just keep paying attention. Anyway, I hope you have a great day.


Sarah Silverman  37:48

Thank you.


Sarah Silverman  37:49

You know, I was it’s funny because I’ve been talking a lot about the show recently. And it’s um, I’ve been watching every episode and they’ve been cutting all the clips and stuff for us and weenie will this will air after the fact but when he made her, my dog made her television debut on the first.


Robert  37:49



Sarah Silverman  37:49

Thank you, Robert. Um, well, I mean, you know, the Spider was Yiddish. It’s […] of course, I wasn’t grossed out. Now. I’m, you know, I’m not a I’m not reacts every once awhile. I can be squeamish, but I’m really not squeamish with bugs or spiders. You know, I’m a New Hampshire kid. You know, I’ll even like, hold a fly. You know, I spent like a whole day with a fly once. It just, it wouldn’t leave me it was just always stayed on my hand. It was so cute. I imagined an entire relationship with this adorable fly. I loved it, I mean, I was clearly projecting something on it, you know, wasn’t able to really emote was the fact that it just hung out with me like all day. I was very sweaty that day. I think that was part of the allure. Anyway, thank you for calling in. Yeah, I’m not squeamish with that stuff. And it is such a cute show, isn’t it? I have people it’s so funny. Oh, people are watching. Brian Moses texted me is me. And he’s like, I love Stupid Pet Tricks.


Sarah Silverman  39:24

Which, when is she in the first season?


Amy  39:26

She’s in the PSA about blaming your dog.


Sarah Silverman  39:29

That’s right, PSA about.


Amy  39:31

About blaming your dog. But you know that that tarantula bit that you did with Rosie, I feel like I am totally with Robert on this. You were such a champ about it.


Sarah Silverman  39:44

It didn’t bother me at all. I mean, I knew that the spider didn’t bite. I mean, it was this like old guys spider.


Amy  39:51

I know but he just like put it on your neck and it just did it and we were all just like, whoa. But then I was thinking about it. The owner of it personalized Rosie as if it was like she was like a dog. And he had her for so long when you were doing an interview. And there was something it was like you kind of believed it. And it’s like when you look at a spider like it’s Charlotte, it changes the way that you look at the spider. I happen to be somewhat arachnophobic, so I don’t know that I could have done what you did. But he legitimately had that, Tarantula trained.


Sarah Silverman  40:30

Yeah, yeah, we’d raise two arms.


Amy  40:34

And wave when he said like a Yiddish prompt.


Sarah Silverman  40:37

Yeah, so cute.


Amy  40:39

You are pretty game, without every animal, there wasn’t, I don’t think there was one animal that you were squeamish with.


Sarah Silverman  40:44

No, you know, I acted cool with the roaches but um, oh, yeah, that, you know, picking up the roach was a little bit it but you know, just to put people’s mind at ease. The animal protectors that we had there at all times were like, do not drop the roach. You know, it’s like, I’m pretty sure the road should be fine if I dropped it, but I’m glad that they were so protective of the animals. You know? Just like, don’t drop the roach is something I’ve only heard when smoking weed. But, Robert, thanks for watching we’re heavy, we had a lot of fun with it. It’s let’s see. Yeah, it’s on TBS on Mondays if you want to check it out. And dad, wherever you are. we’re winding down wherever you are in time and space. Oh, I miss you so much. We are winding down. This is the part of the show, when I say send me your questions, go to speakpipe.com/theSarahSilvermanpodcast that speakpipe.com/theSarahSilvermanpodcast, and subscribe, rate and review wherever you listen to podcasts. And there’s more of the Sarah Silverman podcast with Lemonada Premium subscribers get exclusive access to bonus questions like one from a mom who’s not sure whether or not to let her kids play with toy guns. Subscribe now in Apple podcasts. Thank you for listening to the Sarah Silverman podcast. We are a production of Lemonada media, Kathryn Barnes and Kryssy Pease produce our show. Our mix is by James Sparber. Additional Lemonada support from Steve Nelson, Stephanie Wittels Wachs and Jessica Cordova Kramer. Our theme was composed by Ben Folds and you can find me at @SarahKateSilverman on Instagram. Follow the Sarah Silverman podcast wherever you get your podcasts or listen ad free on Amazon music with your Prime membership.

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