Holiday Party, Part Two!

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We’re keeping this party going! This week, even more guests show up on our doorstep. SuChin’s love Mike Bender has two very sophisticated books for the kiddos. Laura Izumikawa shows the aunties how she can nap anywhere, anytime. And our resident futurist Caissie St. Onge returns from two years in the future, and she’s brewing up something that will change how you clean and do skincare. Come for the martinis, stay for the mistletoe and magic!

PS, leave the kids at home for this one! We discuss the big man himself and don’t want to ruin any surprises.

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Caissie, Mike Bender, Laura, Kulap Vilaysack, SuChin Pak

SuChin Pak  00:00

Hey, Carter’s just a little heads up. We’re so excited to welcome you to our holiday party. But you may want to leave the kids at home. And it’s not because we’re talking dirty, Ku , tell them why we should leave the kids at home.


Kulap Vilaysack  00:16

It’s just a very adult ATC episode, featuring some talk about the big man himself in the holidays. So if you you’re with a kiddo, you might just want to save this episode for another time.


SuChin Pak  00:27

Yeah, we don’t want to ruin any surprises


Kulap Vilaysack  00:37

Carter’s Happy Friday, we’ve never said that before and it feels so right. It’s two times the aunties two times the episodes. I’m a little drunk, it’s Kulap Vilaysack.


SuChin Pak  00:48

And I’m tired, so tired, I’m susu we are the extra aunties you all know that we’re back again to finish this Add To Cart epic holiday party. We have restocked the wine, we have warmed the nuts.


Kulap Vilaysack  01:04

I even hung up like a little mistletoe, I’m sure that won’t come up. Okay, in part two of our holiday party, we’re bringing you even more guests and even more gift ideas so let’s get this party started again.


Kulap Vilaysack  01:27

SuChin, I think somebody I’m waiting for the door wants to join, I think please, please refrain from offering people the nuts, no one wants your warm nuts okay I’m just saying.


SuChin Pak  01:38

I think our next guest is going to really want my warm nuts. And let’s let him be the judge, why don’t we do this? Once he arrives, we’ll ask him what he thinks about warm nuts.


Kulap Vilaysack  01:50

I’m not I’m just trying to protect your feelings.


SuChin Pak  01:51

And then and then and then I’ll let him be the arbiter of whether or not I should be handing these out at the party in ziplock bags, just with nut sweat on the inside.


Kulap Vilaysack  02:02

Everybody knows that you recycle those bags too I don’t know.


SuChin Pak  02:05

But it’s always in the nut category. I don’t cross over, I want everyone to know, I’m not an animal. I don’t cross contaminate. Once a ziplock bag is in a genre, it stays in that genre. Be it sauces, be it a baked good, be it nuts, okay, we’ll get rotated within that genre. But it stays in that genre do you understand?


Kulap Vilaysack  02:32

And now I do sorry, I thought should we call Jason?


SuChin Pak  02:34

Let him know because I fear he’s going to bed at night being like, does she put bread in a ziplock that had chili sauces? Yeah, and the answer is okay.


Kulap Vilaysack  02:49

I stand corrected, I apologize. I don’t know why that’s not Christmas spirit of me.


SuChin Pak  02:54

Oh, Hark the herald angels who could that be? Let’s see who that is at the door, I’ll go get it Oh, look at this. It’s the man that I live with the man of my dreams. It’s one of the pod husbands author writer inventor, I said it inventor Mr. Mike Bender. Welcome to the party come on in.


Kulap Vilaysack  03:22

Look at this level of handsomeness just struggling through the darkness to do this Airbnb rented just for this party.


Mike Bender  03:31

Judging by the backgrounds right now, I feel like I might be in the wrong place.


Kulap Vilaysack  03:37

All are welcome, sir. All are welcome.


Mike Bender  03:42

Thank you.


SuChin Pak  03:42

By the way, let’s just clarify you are a Jew that does celebrate and love the Christmas holidays, am I incorrect in saying such things?


Mike Bender  03:52

Absolutely, I had a Christmas tree full disclosure loved Christmas. Really only new Christmas there was there was the other one. Which which we did and we had a we had a fake menorah that we didn’t even light the candle, so really yes, absolutely let’s go full Christmas.


SuChin Pak  04:17

Kulap, I want you to know that one year many years ago, the kids were we babies I came home, shocked to discover that this man had ordered custom stockings with everybody’s name embroidered on them from random babysitters we may never see again two pets two neighbors. I just want to let you know that he brought that spirit.


Kulap Vilaysack  04:42

Why has this not come up before, Bender I have another category and here I find this out today 1 million years into this podcast.


Mike Bender  04:56

She kind of paints the picture like I’m the Christmas Grinch, It’s not true, it’s not true it’s not true. I love holidays in general. Now, the Christmas Village thing in this house has gotten a little out of hand.


SuChin Pak  05:11

What do you mean?


Mike Bender  05:13

Well, you know, it started as a village, I think much like our own human population it has grown to such a to such a degree it’s like sort of falling off the table that it was meant for. Because there’s so many new pieces and they keep rocking. And so I just feel like at what point do you call it? At what point do you say this is the village, we’re going to enjoy it.


SuChin Pak  05:37

You’re on the wrong pod, bam, you’re on the wrong party.


Kulap Vilaysack  05:40

That your house is being gentrified by this Christmas Village and you want to try to put a stop to it but I don’t know, buddy I don’t know.


SuChin Pak  05:50

It’s not gonna happen on this watch.


Mike Bender  05:52

But don’t we designate a space for it? And we say, okay, this is where the Christmas Village is going to be. But once it starts growing outside of its own borders, what do you do?


SuChin Pak  06:01

You get the borders.


Kulap Vilaysack  06:03

Issue for me, dear friend, Mike Bender is that it’s is it not? Beside a, if we can have so many deep freezers 365, can we not for a month, let’s say have have the joy of Christmas looking at not just be relegated to where a printer is below, on your parents fold out table.


SuChin Pak  06:28

She knows everything, she knows everything.


Mike Bender  06:32

I appreciate that example and I’m about to bring it back. Which is I got a five cubic foot freezer because I was told it would be too big if I went for the seven foot cubic freezer, so I stayed at a five […]


Kulap Vilaysack  06:44

You stay on the boundaries.


Mike Bender  06:51

Now what is right between me and my cubic feet restriction and the Christmas Village that sits next to my freezer that lives by different rules.


SuChin Pak  07:00

I know, yeah.


SuChin Pak  07:06

In the holiday spirit today, we have asked our guest, we have required a guest to bring presents.


Kulap Vilaysack  07:12

Well, I mean, as a host, we I expect hostess gifts.


SuChin Pak  07:16

I absolutely it’s the only reason to throw a party.


Kulap Vilaysack  07:20

And I see you have something in your hands two items.


Mike Bender  07:24

I do, I do have something in my hands. I have two items in the first one. So I wanted to bring something more sophisticated. I feel like for a present. I’m thinking about the children here. Yes, thank you so I brought something for the children and the first one is a book and it’s called I need a new butt.


Kulap Vilaysack  07:48

I love it, it’s by Don McMillan.


Mike Bender  07:51

Ross Canard and it’s a actually, it’s a hilarious book. It’s a book about a boy that realizes that he has a bug crack. And so he decides that his butt is broken. And he has to go find a new butt. And so he goes on the search on a journey almost like the.


Kulap Vilaysack  08:14

hero’s journey, the Joseph Campbell.


Mike Bender  08:16

Campbell exactly Kulap, and so and so he goes on the search for new butt now why I chose this book, there’s actually a significance to this book because about a year and change ago, a assistant principal and Tennessee read this book to his class, actually over zoom, and he was fired for it. Um, a really amazing guy’s name’s Toby price. And he was fired for reading this book for nothing else. The kids loved the book, nobody complained, none of the parents complained but the school board felt that it was inappropriate and we don’t have to go too deep into it but there are those that read into things, especially with children’s books and decided to ban them for very stupid reasons. And so I decided to double down on that. And I was so inspired. I actually put up an Instagram post that day I read it in the New York Times and I said I’m going to write a book about a fart, I’m just gonna go like full go with the butt theme and I’m gonna add a fart that takes himself too seriously and my original plan was to send it to the principal of the school that had fire Toby I since I’ve gotten to know Toby by the way, just as awesome as I thought he was. And and so I so that’s sort of so I need a new butt is my first is my first suggestion. The second is the book that I just wrote which was inspired by Toby’s reading of I need a new book, which is called the most serious force.


SuChin Pak  09:49

Oh, Kulap is holding up her copy.


Kulap Vilaysack  09:51

I got my own copy.


Mike Bender  09:53

let’s high five, our books.


Kulap Vilaysack  09:55

Let’s high five, high five, do the Zoom this is okay.


Mike Bender  09:58

So Mike wrote to me emerald someday someone will try to tell you that farts are funny. They’re wrong, may you never tire of silliness I love it, I love it and this family and in this home, this home was basically built by farts.


Mike Bender  10:16

I love that, I love that a home built by farts that is so heartwarming. I, you know, I wrote the book, really, because I was really moved by that story. And I also just felt like we need, like, if there’s anything that kids need right now, given the world that we live in. If there’s anything we should overdose them on. It is silliness, and, and farts.


Kulap Vilaysack  10:43

And grownups.


Mike Bender  10:45

And grownups yeah, we got to start with the generation that hasn’t been ruined. So these kids need to have as much silliness as possible. I tend to over compensate for all of the seriousness that we’ve kind of kind of dealt them.


Kulap Vilaysack  11:01

And classic Mike Bender fashion, bro manifest, bro you know, lots of people have ideas and ideas, and they talk about it, you talk about it, you let it swirl and then you execute.


SuChin Pak  11:17

And not only that, we have to give a shout out to the illustrator you worked with?


Mike Bender  11:21

Yes, absolutely, the Illustrator is named Chuck Dylan. I’ve been a huge fan of his, I think when we were doing the coat during COVID lockdown, we got really into these hidden picture puzzles. And I noticed there was one artist because they credit the artists on them that was just like incredible. And then when this book came around, the idea came around, I felt like there’s only one person that could do this and do it in a way that I thought was going to be like I didn’t want it to just be like a silly book about farts actually was like, I want to make him sophisticated. I want this to be a sophisticated part like speech […] Sickfreed, so that was important to me and Chuck handpainted every single fart in this book has been hand painted.


Kulap Vilaysack  12:09

There’s so much movement with each part. Each part kind of has its own rhythm, its own character, juxtaposed by like doing the writing of, you know.


Mike Bender  12:19

Its really beautiful, beautiful, beautiful farts, and so Chuck called me at one point while he was working on the book, and he said to me, oh, by the way, as I’ve been illustrating this, I’ve been hiding butts on all of the pages. And I was like, wait, what? And he was like, I he’s like, I couldn’t help myself I started hiding butts on all the pages and I was like, of course Chuck can’t help but hide. This is what he’s been doing 30 years, so we hid over 300 butts in this book throughout the pages and this is what I think when I’ve read this to schools and kids like as soon as I tell him about the hidden but they don’t even want to hear me read the book anymore, they just want to find all the butts.


Kulap Vilaysack  13:03

Find the butts.


SuChin Pak  13:04

And this is what Mike Bender does you know something pisses him off and then he takes it 17,000 yards down the field whatever football language you want to use it’s a home run a Kickstarter, whatever, but every reading that he’s had is just like howling with laughter oil which is great.


Kulap Vilaysack  13:26

Mike before we say goodbye to you, I just want to I just noticed something I’m just I don’t know if you guys want to look up but there’s there’s some mistletoe on the ceiling and if you guys want to, you know, feel like there’s like, it’s like a tradition and stuff so I don’t know.


Mike Bender  13:45

I’m gonna do it because everybody’s so Christmassy in this damn family, I’m going to do it.


SuChin Pak  13:52

What are you doing? No, no, no, no, no, no, there are boundaries there are borders, there are doors. No, nos ee, now you’ve ruined the audio, he’s coming in.


Kulap Vilaysack  14:03

Oh, this is so lovely, I see it.


SuChin Pak  14:13

There you have it Kulap.


Kulap Vilaysack  14:15

Merry Christmas.


Mike Bender  14:18

You get the audio?


SuChin Pak  14:19

And I sure did, it’s wet and sloppy. Look at those warm nuts walk away. I love it, I love watching those warm nuts just bounce on out, he’s so happy.


Kulap Vilaysack  14:32

Thank you, Mike you’re the best, thank you.


Mike Bender  14:36

I’ll let myself out.


SuChin Pak  14:38

Yeah, I’ll see you in three minutes.


SuChin Pak  14:55

Park, the angels someone’s at the door […] get up in my little? My little feathered kitten heels?


Kulap Vilaysack  15:05

Okay, I’m going, I’m going oh, look who it is, I haven’t seen you forever, Laura Izumi, hello welcome to the party. Welcome back to the show, Laura kiss kiss, it’s been too long girl.


SuChin Pak  15:21

I know it has been too long. A lot of people do holiday cards. You know, and and holiday cards are sure, sure, sure. And I love all of them. But there’s one holiday card that I look for every year because it’s elevated because you go all out. It’s almost, it’s almost like.


Kulap Vilaysack  15:43

It’s art directed.


Laura  15:44

Yeah, we I mean, holiday cards, you they all kind of look the same. To a certain degree and, you know, I used to take family pictures like forever ago, and we just wanted to make it a little different, make it fun. So we decided to do like themed Christmas cards, holiday cards, based on like, musical aspirations or music that we love and so one year we did queen.


SuChin Pak  16:12

Yes, I saw that.


Laura  16:14

Last year we did, last year we did you too Joshua Tree. And this year, you’ll have to, to see if I know.


Kulap Vilaysack  16:24

Oh, my gosh, we know it was so good breath.


SuChin Pak  16:28

And getting the kids you know dressed up, [..,]. You know what I mean? It just so funny I feel like they totally get it. They may not obviously get the references and the music just yet. But they get how serious and like they play the role and so I feel it in your card.


Laura  16:44

They don’t know any better, they don’t know any better, we’ve trained them since they’re born, they look forward to going to the studio, we go to the same guy every year for it. And they get so excited and they get a kick out of everyone’s response as well. And seeing the cards and other people’s homes. So yeah, it’s been fun for all.


Kulap Vilaysack  17:02

I love that, so you have something for us.


Laura  17:05



SuChin Pak  17:06

So now this I’m told is a present idea that you have for a person who may have everything. Great and so there’s a few people everyone has that person on the list. They have everything or they don’t want anything bla bla bla, so I’m very excited to see this, Kulap do you want to open it?


Kulap Vilaysack  17:24

Yeah, let me open it open open, presents I love presents. This is a reversible knapsack from polar.


SuChin Pak  17:38

Okay, yes.


Kulap Vilaysack  17:39

What is this?


SuChin Pak  17:41

Almost looks like a sleeping bag mixed with a sweatshirt.


Laura  17:46

It is, it is it’s amazing you guys. I mean, if you do you guys like to nap?


Kulap Vilaysack  17:56

Yeah, I do yeah.


Kulap Vilaysack  17:58

To nap is to live yeah.


Laura  18:00

Yes, this is a knapsack because you could literally […] I know, this isn’t recorded on like video but I just.


SuChin Pak  18:13

It’s so cute, wait when you walked in? How did you not recognize that? It was yeah, it was a long sweatshirt.


Kulap Vilaysack  18:19

When you’re not walking around in. You can pull the bottom up so that you know it goes a little underneath your knee, yes.


Laura  18:27

So what I’m doing right now, what I’m doing right now is showing you kind of the length of it.


SuChin Pak  18:34

It’s like then it goes all the way down to the floor.


Kulap Vilaysack  18:38

Like a gown.


Laura  18:39

And then at the end there’s like a little thing where you cinch it tighter so you can go inside just put your arms inside the back through the sleeves and cinch it around the waist, and you bring it down and then it’s suddenly walking mode. So you can take your you know, walks outside in this.


Kulap Vilaysack  19:01

You go to around Santa Barbara.


SuChin Pak  19:03

Oh, yeah […] wait, it also has handwarmer pockets, it’s it has a recycled thermos stuff synthetic insulation that’s super soft. Like you’re fully in it, she’s full now she’s solely in arms and inside […]


Kulap Vilaysack  19:25

It’s the ideal weight for summer camping outdoors or winter couch surfing. It’s fully reversible, it’s got sleep lounge and walk modes. Wow, wow I don’t know, this is new to me and you’re absolutely right. This is blowing my mind. It’s blowing my mind and I like I already purchased something for somebody and now I’m like oh.


Laura  19:50

I know what they make like just things around. They don’t make a ton of these so they sell out all the time, so you kind of have to get on it pretty quick. But these are great gifts, I think because it’s it’s like you’re caring for their body because it’s warm. And you know, you’re also caring for their sleep the rest time. And also, it’s great for camping. So the whole concept is you could sleep in it. And then you don’t have to change out of it. Like you can just open it up and walk outside wearing it. It’s pretty genius, I love it, I work from home, so I’m constantly wearing it because I refuse to turn on the heater. Yeah, so it’s a great, I love it.


SuChin Pak  20:32

And at any moment, a nap opportunity. I could make just up here before you and then you are ready suited to go. You guys have to go to our Instagram and really get a look at what this can do. It’s so many things. It’s hard to describe. Just audio wise, but let’s just say it goes from walk mode to lounge mode to sleep mode.


Kulap Vilaysack  20:58

It rolls up it’s got a cute little she’s joining us. It rolled up in in a carrier like a little sack that gets cinched up, doesn’t take up a lot of space, but looks comfy and warm.


Laura  21:11

They have different kinds, they have the shaggy kind so the inside has like a shaggy liner. Yeah and they have ones that can take colder weather, like rated at like 35 degrees, this one’s rated at 50 I think. But yeah, it’s it’s great for the wintertime. I’m planning on wearing it for the entire season, yeah.


SuChin Pak  21:32

This woman is going to be walking around your neighborhood doing her usual things. And little did you know at any moment, she could just rip open a cord and it turns into a knapsack.


Kulap Vilaysack  21:43

Yeah, she could just lay down on the sidewalk and take a nap.


SuChin Pak  21:48

Warm and cozy.


Kulap Vilaysack  21:50

Oh, wow, Laura, thank you so much for coming by, I know you said you couldn’t stay that long but I really do appreciate you coming by.


Laura  21:56

Thank you so much.


SuChin Pak  21:57

And take take I’ve heated up some nuts and I’ve put it in a Ziploc bag.


Kulap Vilaysack  22:01

Stop pushing nuts, maybe people don’t want the nut.


SuChin Pak  22:05

They’re warm but they’re warm. Just to on her way out as she’s driving to her next party. She can she has a little protein snack.


Kulap Vilaysack  22:14

Will say that I think she’s warm enough.


SuChin Pak  22:17

By Laura, thank you.


SuChin Pak  22:33

Kings and Queens, gather around, gather, gather, gather around way in the back, come up, come up, up, up, up up up to the front. Let us Auntie’s give you what may be the most game changing tip of the year. Stop dry wiping your another’s I said it, I said dry wipe. Oh, you didn’t know that was a thing but guess what you’re doing it.


Kulap Vilaysack  22:57

People don’t talk about it. But that’s it’s what’s happening.


SuChin Pak  23:00

Here we are, we are here to end dry wiping but for all of humanity, if you’ve listened to us for a while, we have discovered the wonders of using fresh peaches. Okay for years and we’re talking about the whole peach, the front, the back the crack and the pit.


Kulap Vilaysack  23:19

Oh Su, you said it. You said exactly right. We don’t like to waste nothing on the show. While you may think that using premium toilet paper, even a flushable wipe on your peach may be doing the job. We’re here to tell you you’re leaving something behind, so to speak. And it’s not pretty. So let me just break this down for you so you’re very clear on what fresh peaches is. It is a toilet paper gel that upgrades your regular, dry ass roll of paper and turns it into a fresh wet wipe that is not going to bust up your plumbing or kill baby whales. You just need one drop from the bottle. You squirt it onto your toilet paper, you do the wipe and voila, magic happy to she’s you all know that I do not skip on the luxuries of life. So the entire experience of that precious time in the bathroom feels luxurious and easy. And it’s not just in my bathroom. I put this in my guest bathroom. Why I’ve seen it, I’m a good I’ve seen it what I’m thinking about your entire body. You come through what do you want to drink? You got to use the bathroom. We don’t have to talk about it now. But I’m thinking about that little booty.


SuChin Pak  24:36

She’s got a surprise for you in there and it’s juicy.


Kulap Vilaysack  24:39

Yeah, that’s right. I have yet to meet anyone who’s used fresh peaches who doesn’t love this I’m standing by the door I’m listening.


SuChin Pak  24:46

Just want to make sure you guys got that she’s standing by the door and listening okay, this is auntie behavior. Now unlike who I like, I love to deprive myself on the luxuries of life.


Kulap Vilaysack  24:59

This, I know […]


SuChin Pak  25:00

I get some kind of sick joy from it. So I have to tell you, it’s also practical and effective. Now think about it okay, you do your little doo doo and then you think you’re all good just wiping that do with dry paper with dry paper?


Kulap Vilaysack  25:18

Are you really believing that?


SuChin Pak  25:20

And this is why it makes sense to wipe with something that will get you really clean down under. And if you think your wet wipe is biodegradable, you’re an idiot okay, that’s not nice, you’re not doing the research. Just so you know, these wipes can take up to 100 years to fully decompose in landfills. Okay, so let’s just make the thing that’s working just work better.


Kulap Vilaysack  25:49

And for all of you sensitive peaches out there, we see you, I mean, I’ve actually, but you know what I’m saying?


SuChin Pak  25:55

Well, she hears you in the bathroom when she’s standing outside.


Kulap Vilaysack  25:57

If you’re at my house, that’s my right, it’s animal friendly, cruelty free, unscented and pH balanced. And that pH balance is important.


SuChin Pak  26:07



Kulap Vilaysack  26:08

Well, because it’s a perfect formula to get your yams feeling fresh and clean down there. These are just as easy to use as feminine hygiene wipes.


SuChin Pak  26:17

What are you gonna do, you’re gonna run to the bathroom with a giant packet of wipes. That’s weird, I’m judging you. Fresh peaches comes with a small discreet travel cartridge that you can just tuck into your fanny pack. And if you have little ones who just squirt squirt it onto the toilet paper to get that wet wipe clean. And so each tiny bottle is the equivalent of 35 wet wipes. It’s convenient, it’s discreet, it’s easy to use and now that I’m thinking about it for the little guys, this is perfect for that new mommy in your life who is recovering from her bruised Peach from labor. Maybe you’re pregnant, and if you are you may know a thing or two about hemorrhoids.


SuChin Pak  26:18

Wow, so you really are really going there.


SuChin Pak  26:23

I just leave it there. I went there and then I’m going to leave it there because if you know you know, fresh peaches has healing ingredients like witch hazel and green tea extract to help her heal. So this could also be a game changer item for them.


Kulap Vilaysack  27:22

We also have to shut up Fresh Peaches because they are an AAPI owned business and we love that we love supporting small bipoc owned businesses. And we have a discount code for our listeners. Go to fresh to cart and use code add to cart for 20% off your order.


Kulap Vilaysack  27:45

Looking out the window Su.


SuChin Pak  27:47

Who could that be?


Kulap Vilaysack  27:48

I see her platinum blonde hair it’s gotta be Casey, welcome to the party.


Caissie  27:59

Thanks for having me to the holiday party Ku, and Su.


SuChin Pak  28:02

I mean it’s been so long I mean the last time we talked I believe you introduced a wormhole into my reality that it is can be only considered that with with us to glass teeth.


Caissie  28:18

Glass teeth we went down Dr. Tongues.


SuChin Pak  28:21

Toothbrush and I don’t know if you know this Casey But Dr. Tongues toothbrush no more rip.


Caissie  28:27

They have ceased production.


Kulap Vilaysack  28:29

They’re still a company they have other products but not all fantastic.


SuChin Pak  28:33

Fantastice products, I’m trying to think of a topic on this show. Maybe a handful socks, poise pads, I’m just thinking off the top of my head just a few and glass teeth that I have gotten more DMS and group texts about I mean the glass teeth really was revolutionary. And it could only last a moment you know what I mean? It was so bright.


Caissie  28:58

Yeah, it burned too brightly and now I’m thinking of those you know when people when their dog is getting on in years and they make a video of their like dogs less last best day that’s what I feel like.


SuChin Pak  29:13

That’s what I feel like she more heads. Yeah, let me tell you I have the it is it is my fourth toothbrush meaning that like I have to rotate it in very, you know infrequently because I’m trying to make this thing last for those tuning in. For the first time about glass teeth, Casey came to the show and introduced us to a toothbrush where you lick your thumb.


Kulap Vilaysack  29:38

Just be water so you don’t necessarily have […]


SuChin Pak  29:40

No, not for the true glass heads, not for the true glass heads. Okay, for the true glass however, did this one, lick your thumb, get it nice and wet with your own saliva. And then you press that wet saliva thumb onto a little metal pad on your toothbrush and then you brush normally it is not an electric toothbrush, you don’t plug it in, you don’t charge it, and you brush your teeth and then when you are done brushing your teeth, you run your tongue along the surface of glass, which is now your teeth. And that is what these this toothbrush and we’re talking about it and I know that there are people listening that are just salivating, wanting to get their own saliva on this can’t.


Caissie  30:27

You can’t, you can’t, here’s what I hope, I hope that much like sometimes when a television show is canceled, and then sometimes another platform will come in and be like, hey, people seem to love this show, we’re going to take up the cause we’re going to, I’m hoping that maybe some bigger toothbrush company will will take a jewelry booth and you’re saying, yeah, a reboot make it possible I mean, if Fraser can come back, Dr. Tounge can come back.


SuChin Pak  31:00

I’m so excited to see what you’ve brought because everything you brought to that show, please go back and listen, it’s just it’s mind blowing, like your cart.


Caissie  31:10

You guys called me a futurist and I have never received a better compliment it like sincerely made me rethink my entire existence in the most positive way, […] the best compliment I’ve ever received and so I’m so excited to be back with you guys. I’m such a huge fan of your podcast so to even be on it and to like know, you guys, and life is a really big deal to me.


SuChin Pak  31:41

I either really listened we were not creative people, we just call it like that’s true, we’re fact finder.


Kulap Vilaysack  31:47

That’s right.


SuChin Pak  31:48

Shall we just call it like we see it and you came with a cart from the future? That’s right, not and we are not we’re not talking 20 years in the future or like, well, one day, you know what I mean? We’ll be able to switch head, I don’t know with each other, we’re talking about just like a two and a half year advancement is really what we want.


Kulap Vilaysack  32:06

I peeked into the present though.


SuChin Pak  32:09

Oh, you always do you always get a little index.


Kulap Vilaysack  32:13

I’m a little tricky girl, I have a feeling that this what you what you’re gifting us is in line with your futurist persona.


SuChin Pak  32:23

I don’t even know how to pronounce what this is.


Caissie  32:25

Well, it’s the Eco one portable hypo Chloris acid. So H O C L generator machine. So it’s a DIY multipurpose cleaner and disinfected and includes test strips, microfiber cloth has strip and a fine mist sprayer.


SuChin Pak  32:41

What in the heck, Casey?


Kulap Vilaysack  32:43

How is this?


Caissie  32:46

It’s something I’m really excited about this year. I feel like you’re really gonna love it Su, I feel like it’s right.


SuChin Pak  32:54

I mean, test strips, microfiber, I mean, these are two words that lives so deep in my belly you know.


Caissie  33:04

I am a home a scientist at the heart of it like I am always adding chemicals to like my existing skincare or haircare because I’m like, I like the shampoo but I wish it did a little more of this and so I’ll do deep research into it. I’ll buy a chemical from a sketchy website, and I’ll add a little sprinkle. Yeah, I do I do.


SuChin Pak  33:33

Like, yeah, because she is confident.


Caissie  33:37

I’m confident because I’m like, what’s going to happen? What’s the worst that could happen? I mean, I have had the worst happen maybe once or twice, but like out of 100 times 99 times goodness happened.  And so I’m a real home chemist and scientists. And so I’m very excited about this hypochlorous acid and I’ll tell you a couple reasons well, I’ll tell you how I first discovered it. I have really incredibly sensitive skin and sometimes even when I’ll use like a brand new mascara, I’ll get like some heinous eye infection my eye will get all puffy and swell, closed, whatever, whatever. Just really sensitive eyes, I was looking into like well, is there a product? Is there some type of like eye ointment or something that can just help me manage? Like I just I want to have eyes like everybody else like.


SuChin Pak  34:34

The young folk, yeah.


Caissie  34:36

Everyone likes to use their eyes and do things with makeup to them. So I found this eyewash that seemed like very specifically for the type of problem that I was having an it contains a small amount of hypochlorous acid. It was very expensive, the other thing I am besides being like a home scientist chemist futurist is cheap. And I just, I can’t be spending like $30 for a teeny tiny bottle of eyewash. And so I started looking and of course, I found out that there are actually just saline solutions on the market that contain small amounts of hypochlorous acid the same as this eyewash. But their saline solution so no one’s spending, you know, more than five bucks on it. So I got the saline solution after going through like the $30, bottle of eyewash and it worked the same, it worked great. It was like perfect on my eyes. So I was like, this substance, this hypochlorous acid is amazing. What other uses are there for it. And it turns out that they sell all kinds of like skin sprays, skin care, wound care, that contains this hypochlorous acid, which is great. It’s amazing, and I’m glad it’s available because it’s very safe. It doesn’t burn. It doesn’t damage surfaces, or you know, so.


Kulap Vilaysack  36:07

Yet for the uninformed, you say acid does seem scary.


Caissie  36:11

Acid, yes and like chlorine makes me think of chlorine, and then I’m thinking of like green gas, that’ll knock you out. But it’s not, it’s not strong like that, but just exactly. But it is it has been pretty effective for my uses but a home scientist knows that sometimes these substances are kind of like unstable, and they don’t retain their potency for very long. I’m sure you all know this from using like a vitamin C serum, and you know, it has to be in a dark bottle but you’re supposed to use it up pretty quickly because the shelf life.


SuChin Pak  36:46

Oh, this has a shelf life, hypochlorous acid has a shelf life did not know that, okay.


Caissie  36:56

Yeah so, ofcourse, I was like, wow, what it’d be so cool if there’s a way to like make it yourself, and of course, this device exists where you can just every couple of weeks brew up a bottle of hypochlorous acid to use in your house, on your skin on your wounds on your infected eyes on your countertops, your bathroom floor, what have you, you can do so first.


SuChin Pak  37:24

Generate hypochlorous acid using salt, water and electricity. No need to purchase expensive tablets or capsules, wait it’s a disinfectant.


Kulap Vilaysack  37:34

So you can clean your house with this Su, and it say.


SuChin Pak  37:39

Yeah it uses electricity to generate hypochlorous acid now, okay I just got one of those what do you call those like a Bissell steam things cleaner? Not for your fabulous but for like your bathroom? Because yes, the tiny crevices of toilets. keeps me up at night, the bolts, the nuts and bolts of it, and if you have an 11 year old boy, just shooting spraying it in a in a lateral circumference. I don’t care if the screw has a cap on it, I don’t care it doesn’t matter because eventually it’ll seep in and I’m and it drives me nuts and so I bought this thing, can I put this in there instead of water you think?


Caissie  38:27

Okay, so here’s where we would have to talk to an actual scientist but I do believe if you’re not super precious if you’re not super precious about your steamer, like maybe getting a little salty buildup in it. This device uses salt and vinegar just like your favorite potato chips.


SuChin Pak  38:48

That’s what it uses to create this acid.


Kulap Vilaysack  38:51

Yeah, that makes sense.


Caissie  38:52

Plus like an electrification like when we brought Frankenstein to life course and and then it is design […]


SuChin Pak  39:02

We bought Frankenstein […] got it writing that down.


Caissie  39:06

And then I was reading about it in preparation because like I’m already sold like I had the skin spray I bought the skin spray when I was getting mask knee from wearing the mask all the time and again I said I have really sensitive skin I break out just from like thinking about breaking out. So I was using that skin spray and it worked so great to clear up like these breakouts that I was having for masks and so now I can just make my own skin fresh skin spray, but then I was reading more about like what are the other uses for this? It seems exciting, it does seem to say like I was reading a study on like PubMed I think one of those things that I tried to log onto and pretend that I’m yeah, I’m a doctor and like they’re exploring using it for like an intro nasal spray so that you know if you’re worried that you were exposed to something, you can spray it up your nose, I’m not saying […]


Kulap Vilaysack  40:07

You should remember that, because it’s happening right now. She’s like, getting ready.


SuChin Pak  40:12

I mean, why not? If you’re if it’s in Saline solution, which you can put anywhere, I don’t see why you wouldn’t be able to just shoot this right up your nose, or not shoot it up your nose, but let’s say, but just like, yeah, let’s midday your hair have like a congestion or some sort of sinus infection. You know, maybe you just kind of do it, do two deep breaths, two deep breaths around a cold steamer that has the solution in it. Now what are you thinking you’ll use this for your you mostly for skincare? Or are you going to be cleaning because you think.


Caissie  40:51

For me, skincare and cleaning. Okay, so you were talking about 11 year old boys and where their pee goes and then I’m sad to tell you that it doesn’t really stop at 11 It doesn’t really stop it 15 or 20, as far as I know. And so the difference is that once they get past 20, if you’re lucky, they’ll be like responsible, the piece still goes everywhere. But they’re willing to take responsibility for the pea and clean it up. But here’s the thing that still a problem and I’m waiting, you know, I always say to my sons, your brain doesn’t fully like develop all the way until you’re 25 and neither of you are 25 yet. So part of their brain that’s not developed yet hearing the one where they use bleach to clean everything, but they don’t take into account like oh, there’s all kinds of like colored towels and bath mat. Just every time and every every time I’m doing the laundry, I’m like I literally just bought these towels and they’re full of bleach spots and they’re like it’s not for I very carefully sprayed that bleach everywhere around them, and I’m just like, baby guys […]


SuChin Pak  42:10

It’s not on yeah, we’re not online.


Caissie  42:13

We don’t have an Alice housekeeper who we can blame it on, it’s like one of us and it sure wasn’t me so I think I’m gonna like, try this out and see if it seems really effective and then maybe like ban bleach from my house?


SuChin Pak  42:28

Oh, you should have I mean, yeah, I don’t. We’ve moved beyond bleach yeah, you don’t need bleach this, this feels like it’s going to do the job without all of the crazy crazy, you know, negatives of bleach.


Kulap Vilaysack  42:42

So this is 149.99 and we’re looking at it, and that’s it so it does say it can last up to 10 years.


Caissie  42:52

Yeah, so when you’re thinking like, because again, you can buy this hypochlorous acid solution already prepared. But it’s like, you know, you’re getting into like 12 bucks 20 bucks for a small bottle 25 bucks for like a larger bottle. But then you have to deal with wondering whether it has destabilized and is not as effective as it was when you first got it, so I’m like pay the 150 make a fresh bottle.


Kulap Vilaysack  43:22

So it says it can generate one liter of HCl disinfectant at 100 PPM and eight minutes.


SuChin Pak  43:28

When I tell you Mike is getting the gift of his life, this holiday season.


Kulap Vilaysack  43:35

Yeah, wow Casey you come through last minute for us.


Caissie  43:40

I will say for listeners if you’re interested in experimenting with it, but you don’t want to invest in this like full distillery that I’m interested in. They do make bottles that claim to also convert water and salt I think the Morton Salt company, they’re Morton branded, they’re just small little bottles that are like in the 20 to $30 range so that could be like a good stocking stuffer maybe if you wanted to, like dip your toe into hypochlorous acid but not go.


Kulap Vilaysack  44:11

Wow, I couldn’t predict but here we are, with Caissie owns and acid making our own like It’s so wild I only.


SuChin Pak  44:22

Last house, it’s glass house. You know, like you need a glass house, we had glass teeth.


Caissie  44:30

Well, interestingly, I did read another study, because I believe and I don’t know if this is common in the United States, but I believe some people have experimented with keeping their pools clean with hypochlorous acid. And there is a study that lends some credence to the theory that hypochlorous acid is also protective against UV rays for your skin. So they’re they’re this scientist that wrote this other study that I read was positing that it’s safer to swim in pool water cleaned with hypochlorite.


SuChin Pak  45:04

Caissie do we bring you and I we bring this let’s go straight to the top Korea okay let’s go straight to Korea and literally take down the K beauty business with hypochlorous acid let’s just go there forget the cold plunges we’re gonna do Cloris acid plunges.


Kulap Vilaysack  45:26

Whoa, whoa, and this is the Lazarus bath. This is this is the promise.


Caissie  45:34

I mean, I’m picturing the infomercial now and like Slap Chop wishes wishes it would have the claims that I feel like we’ll be able to at least claim.


SuChin Pak  45:49

And boy will be fun to to cast that you know.


Kulap Vilaysack  45:52

Who is the next Billy […]


Caissie  45:55

May I suggest Michael B Jordan.


SuChin Pak  45:58

I don’t know why. Oh, let’s get him naked in […]


Caissie  46:02

If Michael B Jordan was like Michael B Jordan also Michael P Jordans on the bathroom floor and we all give.


Kulap Vilaysack  46:16

Even hot people. They have issues too.


Caissie  46:22

Even incredibly hot man are pissing all over their loved ones toilets.


Kulap Vilaysack  46:33

No, thank you so much for coming to our party Caissie, you are always invited.


SuChin Pak  46:38

Yeah, went all the way from two years into the future we thank you so much.


Caissie  46:42

Oh my gosh, it’s my pleasure. I can’t wait every week to hear your new episode and I love you both so much. I think you’re the best and I hope I see you and get to hug you both in 2024, thank you.


Kulap Vilaysack  46:57

Happy holidays. Happy holidays y’all.


SuChin Pak  47:07

Ku, I mean this party part one part two, just over the top. I’m probably gonna have to go into the coffin for about two and a half weeks but it was worth every single minute.


Kulap Vilaysack  47:19

That’s right, I’m gonna go into a silent retreat. Nibblings even if you haven’t finished your gift buying by now which mad look it’s crazy it’s like it’s a cry for help. We hope that this episode helps you get there, thank you to all of our party guests for bringing presents and thank you for joining us as our guests of honor. You can buy everything from the episode at our Instagram as always at Add to Cart pod, get home safe, we’ll see you on Tuesday.


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