Invasive Curiosity

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I think our desire to know every detail about the personal lives of celebrities is a sickness. Leaked pictures. Stolen birth certificates. Private videos. There’s no end! Why do we feel like we deserve this information? Are we trying to fill the voids in our own lives? And is there a difference between what we want to learn about famous people and regular people? Let’s tawk.

Let’s Tawk contains mature themes and may not be appropriate for all listeners.

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Jaxson, Jaime Primak Sullivan

Jaime Primak Sullivan  00:07

Hello, everybody, I am Jaime Primak-Sullivan.

Jaxson  00:10

And I’m Jaxson.

Jaime Primak Sullivan  00:11

And this is, this week’s episode of Let’s Tawk. So Jaxson, I want to tell you this story. So I don’t know if you know, but Nick Jonas from the Jonas Brothers who are from New Jersey, shout out, and Priyanka Chopra are married. I didn’t know that, okay. And there’s a 10-year age difference. He’s I think, 29. And she’s 39, something like that. And three months ago, they welcomed a baby via surrogate, I’m not going to get into their personal life about why they use the surrogate because frankly, it’s none of my business. And honestly, I don’t give a shit. And listen, also, like, however, you get your baby, you got a baby, congratulations, the prize in any way you get the baby is always the baby. I learned that after vaginally delivering the first two and having an emergency C section with Charlie. Guess what I got at the end of all of that, the baby, there was no Mercedes for having a C section. You win an all-expense paid vacation for vaginally pushing out your child? Anyway, so they have this baby, and they announce that they have welcomed a baby girl via surrogate and they would like people to respect their privacy going forward. You know what I do when I hear someone say I want please respect my privacy going forward. I just respect their privacy. You know what TMZ does?

Jaxson  01:35

The exam I imagine.

Jaime Primak Sullivan  01:36

I saw a post on entertainment tonight’s Instagram page and then people magazines and then us weeklies and then all the that the name of Nick Jonas and Priyanka chauffeurs baby girl has been revealed, revealed, I want you to hold on to that word. And then I read that TMZ has gotten a copy of the baby’s birth certificate, which obviously gives the baby’s name and I’m reading it and they’re phrasing it as if Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra have revealed their daughter’s name, reveal means that they have given it to us. But what happened was TMZ dug and dug and dug until they found the birth certificate of this baby, a fucking newborn and leaked. They leaked the baby’s name publicly; it was not revealed. And every entertainment outlet is so desperate to have news. Right? That they frame the wording of this to the view to the reader, right? Surprise. This is literally what they write, surprise with a sweet picture of Nick and Priyanka, which is so misleading as if they revealed it. So you see the sweet image of Nick and Priyanka and it says surprise, the name of the baby girl, Nick and Priyanka is baby girl has been revealed. No, don’t be misleading. Words have meaning. And reveal means that they chose that leaked is the word you’re looking for. And don’t use a picture of them. Use a picture of TMZ or like a fucking cat burglar digging through a dumpster. Right? Like show what really happened. Because essentially, you are misrepresenting the way that this came about. And because you want people to feel warm and fuzzy about a reveal. That’s not what it was. It was a leak. And what gets me is words have meaning. Right? We intentionally choose words to control a narrative. And that is exactly what people are doing in this instance. They didn’t reveal shit. You dug it up, and you violated the privacy of a newborn. Like what the fuck, what have we become as a society? Right? Right. We are not owed the name of their newborn. And some people are arguing online. Well, what’s the big deal? It’s just her name. It’s her fucking name, and it’s their baby. They don’t owe us information about their newborn because he’s a singer, or because she’s an actor.

Jaxson  04:46

I would be interested in sort of the logical conclusion there were like, how long do you deserve to remain anonymous once your born.

Jaime Primak Sullivan  04:56

What does that even fucking mean?

Jaxson  04:59

Because I’m the time I’m 55, certain people have a right to know what my name is.

Jaime Primak Sullivan  05:08

Okay. So if I met you at a bar, and I said, what’s your name? And you were like, I don’t want to tell you. And you found out that I did some sort of internet Google search to find your information. Would you not feel violated in some way?

Jaxson  05:26

Probably, because I’d be like, what did you Google to find out my name if we just met at a bar.

Jaime Primak Sullivan  05:31

Do I deserve your private information?

Jaxson  05:34

When you’re an adult, if it’s public knowledge to some degree, and someone’s able to get it, I really I’m not that bothered, because it’s out there. If you’re trying against the law, but you haven’t done a good enough job that’s on you, when you’re an infant, and you can’t control that. And it’s your parents decision? It’s a tougher question for sure. I didn’t like you can’t, like they’re not able to do it forever, obviously. So they knew at some point, they would either have to tell people the name or it would be found out. Those are the only options.

Jaime Primak Sullivan  06:03

Okay, but my point is that words have meaning. Yes, I totally agree with that. And when we use misleading words to misrepresent a motivation, right, when we are misrepresenting our motivation, right, surprise, the name of Nick and Priyanka, his daughter has been revealed. No, no, no, no. Your narrative is false, right. And I understand you want clicks and you don’t want to be the last entertainment outlet to have the information and you don’t want to do it the right way. And now we’re all cutting corners, because we feel entitled because the internet has given us a false sense of entitlement. But words still have meaning. And that is misrepresentation.

Jaxson  06:48

They’re trying to make it seem like Nick and Priyanka were like, hey, TMZ, here’s the name of our baby, do you want to print it? As if they would ever go to TMZ for that reveal, but ya know, they should have been TMZ has acquired the name, through illicit means.

Jaime Primak Sullivan  07:05

But not even, like acquired in a good way.

Jaxson  07:09

That’s just a neutral word, as far as I can tell, but yeah, like, yeah, they are, if you wanna say stole that’s also accurate, revealed is not accurate.

Jaime Primak Sullivan  07:16

revealed is not accurate. And I really do not like, I think that words, they just, they have meaning. The words we choose, in general have meaning, right? And they elicit a reaction. And only you know, your motivation for choosing the words that you choose. We can try to be sensitive about the words we choose, we can try to be intentional with the words we use. But if you are using reveal versus leaked, and this is just an example in ways that words have meaning, right? I think all of this stuff stems from America’s wealth disparity in that we perceive the rich people or rich people to be less deserving of any type of emotional, mental, or social protection, because they have wealth. And because America historically has protected the wealthy. Anybody not in the top 1% has a mob mentality like yes, bring them down, take them down, right? We’re all guilty of seeing people who have more and go in Cry Me A River, Kim Kardashian, while you sit in your mansion, like depression, mental health, things like that. That doesn’t discriminate. It doesn’t know your bank account. Right? Like someone like Robin Williams was way wealthier than us and couldn’t find a way to be happy, couldn’t find a way out of his mental madness, right, other than taking his life, which is heartbreaking. So I think the invasion of privacy, the entitlement of I deserve to know everything I want to know about you because you’re famous, because you’re wealthy. Right? It’s a madness. It’s a sickness. That comes from wealth disparity. I believe. I think that is the underlying cause of that mob mentality. I think if we had a much more, if everybody in America had the same amount, we wouldn’t feel that way. Because we would feel like we can’t treat them like that because then it could happen to me. We believe we are safe because we are not accessible, we are not famous, we’re not rich, right? That’s why doxing what you taught me the other day, which means what?

Jaxson  10:07

It’s like when you post someone’s personal information, particularly their address online.

Jaime Primak Sullivan  10:11

Right, which is a big no, no, I guess. Which is why doxing is so jarring for people because suddenly they’re internet famous, and they’re being blasted online and their shit is being bright. And we do this to celebrities all the time. And we think it’s okay to do it. Because they’re rich and famous.

Jaxson  10:32

There’s entire bus tours that go by their houses and say, look, here’s your Brad Pitt lives. Everyone take a photo. And it’s like you don’t have to do that.

Jaime Primak Sullivan  10:42

Right? Well, why is it not enough to just watch his movies or see his interviews? Why do you need to see his yard? Like why do you have to see his fat? Why do you have to know Nick Jonas’ daughter’s name? Like why at three months old? Do you need to know why do you feel entitled to that information right now? Why is it not enough that he goes on tour and leaves his family for months at a time? Like, is it not enough that he does interviews and makes videos and posts on Instagram? Like we’re taking more and more and more from people? So I struggle very much with that, and not because I’ve had a marginal and I mean, fucking marginal slice of fame. Right? I wouldn’t even call it fame. I would call it a recognition, and I don’t even know that it’s notoriety. That sounds like a king.

Jaxson  11:42

Or Notorious BIG or something, yeah.

Jaime Primak Sullivan  11:45

He was a celebrity.

Jaime Primak Sullivan  11:50

But, you know, there are people who feel like, they want to know, more than what I tell them about my life, more about my marriage more about my mother. Well, what happened between you and so and so no matter how many times I say, it’s not my story to tell, they will still comment and ask me, Well, what happened with you? And this person in LA, or this friend in Birmingham, or this girl from Jersey bail or this sister? It’s like, it’s never enough. And it’s like, Where does the sense of entitlement to know, stop? And I couldn’t help but wonder, Where does one sense of entitlement fucking stop? And does it? I don’t know, Carrie Bradshaw doesn’t. I too, couldn’t help but wonder. So I think that like, when, as my work as a publicist, when I was a publicist for 14 years, we had a lot of control over what we shared with the public. And it provided some private life, like Rock Hudson was gay, gorgeous, very successful. People were not like they needed to know more, right? But it was at a time where that information was not as accessible. So people could keep more of their private lives hidden. But then I don’t know some of them were still miserable, even with all that privacy. I don’t know what the answer is. But I know that entitlement to people’s personal lives is a sickness. It is, it’s a sickness, it’s an it’s a mental illness that plagues this country. We believe that we are entitled to know everything about everyone when we want to know. We create a false sense of security online, right? We create these Facebook pages and we make our pages private, right? And that is a false sense of security. When you put something online, it is not private. Your snaps, stories. They don’t ever really go away. People can screenshot them and they do your Facebook profile, like posts, people just screenshot them and send them on to the next person. Nothing you post online is ever really private. Is anything about our lives ever really private?

Jaxson  14:33

Bathroom time.

Jaime Primak Sullivan  14:35

What do you mean like when you take a shit?

Jaxson  14:37

Yeah, that’s private. That’s when I’m alone.

Jaime Primak Sullivan  14:42

Do you take your phone to the bathroom?

Jaxson  14:43

Yeah, do you not, what do you read? You just sit there in silence?

Jaime Primak Sullivan  14:51

I mean, how much time are you sitting there?

Jaxson  14:52

Not that much. But like I want to scroll Twitter.

Jaime Primak Sullivan  14:57

I would imagine that adds to your sitting time. Is there a point where you realize you’ve been sitting on the toilet longer than necessary?

Jaxson  15:03

No, because you stop when it’s time to shift into the phase two, which is wiping.

Jaime Primak Sullivan  15:10

I’m disgusted.

Jaxson  15:15

You have fecal matter on every part of you no matter what you, just do. If you enter a bathroom, you got fecal matter on you.

Jaime Primak Sullivan  15:21

Are you putting shit particles into my airspace?

Jaxson  15:25

If you flush the toilet, you got fecal matter all up in you.

Jaime Primak Sullivan  15:35

I don’t want your fecal particles in all up […]

Jaxson  15:45

So I feel like you have more variety of fecal matter from other women. You go into the women’s bathroom and it gets on you. It just does. Particles, molecular.

Jaime Primak Sullivan  15:59

Women don’t shit, so I don’t know what you’re talking about. Okay, women don’t poop, Jaxson. We have a special chamber in our uterus that swallows the waist.

Jaxson  16:15

We’re gonna, what we should do is cut every time we mentioned poop on the podcast, put it in a folder and then release a whole poop episode. That was just all of our poop riffs. Bloopers would be funny. Yeah,

Jaime Primak Sullivan  16:27

Okay, fart, Jaxson, can you fart right now?

Jaxson  16:30

If I fart right now, I will shit myself.

Jaime Primak Sullivan  16:36

That’s a fucking blooper.

Jaxson  16:37

That’s like I think true of most people. If you don’t have one of the chamber you will shit yourself.

Jaime Primak Sullivan  16:45

What is one in the chamber?

Jaxson  16:46

Like a fart ready to go? Like in like, you know, you get a far. Like I don’t have too far right now at all. So if I were to try, I would just shit probably.

Jaime Primak Sullivan  16:56

Do you have loose bowel?

Jaxson  16:57

No, I’m just saying that’s just, like, that will be, fart is specifically gas that is entered that the chamber. I don’t know why I’m calling it that. But we don’t have to go. I’m done. I’m done with that subject. I’m moving on from it.

Jaime Primak Sullivan  17:14

All right. Okay, what I’ve learned today is one in the chamber means a fart ready to go. And, you know, what I like about this conversation with Jackson is that he is always trying to make me better. And make sure that I know things. And, you know, that’s good to know. Because if somebody, a young person walks past me and is like, Hey, lady, I got one in the chamber. I’m going to go this person is going to fart.

Jaxson  17:47

I think that’s probably something I came up with. I don’t think it’s common slang.

Jaime Primak Sullivan  17:50

You think you’re the first person to call a fart? A waiting fart one in the chamber?

Jaxson  17:55

I don’t know. Maybe not. But you’re just saying that you discovered it. I’m saying I don’t know where I got it from. I may have come up with it. Okay, I very well may have gotten it from somebody else, but I don’t know where I heard it.

Jaime Primak Sullivan  18:09

Do you feel like the people you admire, i.e., George Lucas or Chris Nolan. Do you feel a sense of entitlement to know things about their personal life? Like for example, if someone said a private photos of George Lucas had been leaked, click here to see them. Would you click?

Jaxson  18:37

If I would, I mean, if they’re just photos of George Lucas, that doesn’t sound very appealing. If it’s like George Lucas making a fool of himself at the office Christmas party. I probably will click on those. Yeah, that sounds funny to look at. I realize he may not want that. But he doesn’t know me. If it’s your best friend..

Jaime Primak Sullivan  18:57

And then anonymity. Protects you from violating his privacy.

Jaxson  19:04

On the inside. If he were to meet me and find out about it, he probably will be upset.

Jaime Primak Sullivan  19:10

Okay. Let me ask you have an honest question. You have to be honest. Be honest. Before you answer hear me out. You go home tonight. And one of your friends from high school says, Do you work for that woman who was on Jersey Bell, you say, yes. If he says bro, someone just sent me a pic of her naked, you’ve got to see this.

Jaxson  19:39

The answer’s no. Honestly, honestly, absolutely not keep that to yourself. I have a job I had to maintain. And I don’t want to jeopardize that buy anything. And even if it like, yeah, no way. That’d be I mean, no.

Jaime Primak Sullivan  19:55

So you know me. So you wouldn’t do that.

Jaxson  19:58

We also work daily with each other, and it would be very weird.

Jaime Primak Sullivan  20:05

Would it be weird because I’m obviously a swimsuit model?

Jaxson  20:08

It would be weird no matter. Just by nature being my boss. So it’d be weird.

Jaime Primak Sullivan  20:16

If you didn’t work for me anymore, but you still knew me. If you moved on to greener pastures, and we’re now working in LA at some agency. And someone was like, dude, there are nude pictures of that chick you used to work for would you click?

Jaxson  20:25

No, because I imagine will still like communicate ever, well, I hope so.

Jaime Primak Sullivan  20:39

Okay, so that’s your cut off? If I know you and I have to.

Jaxson  20:44

If it’s been 10 years since I’ve spoken to you, it’s fine. It’s probably fine. I probably am less interested that point too because I haven’t spoken to you in 10 years.

Jaime Primak Sullivan  20:54

Okay. So proximity, you think is the thing for you.

Jaxson  20:59

Yeah, definitely.

Jaime Primak Sullivan  21:02

Okay, so, wow. It’s a sickness. It just is like curiosity is no longer like, curiosity, and the audacity of information is very different.

Jaxson  21:18

You want to know, I feel bad about this, actually. But yesterday, I read a whole article about Johnny Depp’s testimony in his defamation case, which is public knowledge now, but I was not giddy is not the right word. But I read the whole thing where I was like, this is juicy. You know, like, what went on between them was dramatic. And I like that I know it now because of how dramatic it was.

Jaime Primak Sullivan  21:39

Okay. Now, prior to, this is a, I’m glad you brought this up prior to the lawsuit, because let’s be very clear, Johnny Depp is suing Amber Heard for $50 million. This is not a divorce proceeding. This is not this is a lawsuit. Prior to Johnny suing Amber, which is what’s happening right now. He worked very hard to keep the details of all of that private. So you did not seek out the information while Johnny was working to keep that private, right? You only took the information once he took the steps to make it public. He knew suing her would make the details public. That’s why he wanted to do this because he wanted to, like, clear his name and make sure that his children and the people who love him and the fans who have supported him for years and decades and whatever, knew the truth, right? Whatever that truth is, at this point, like I’m not a judge or jury. But I understand you being curious. And I feel okay with you reading it, because Johnny took the steps to make it public.

Jaxson  22:59

And it is part of like him getting the justice he deserves.

Jaime Primak Sullivan  23:03

Literally what he’s asking for. Yeah, please read the truth about this case. So I don’t have an issue with that. That to me is not an invasion of his privacy. If you had said to me, somebody sent me private photos, or the private journal of Johnny Depp while I would say Jaxson. Oh, that was loud. Yeah, I would say Jackson that feels like a gross violation of this man’s pain and his, you know, I mean, it also is, it’s an escape from our own dissatisfaction in our own lives. Learning the private details of someone else’s life makes us feel better about our own lives. That is just the truth. And I think if we heal the disparity in this country, not just finance, but starting with the financials starting with, like, the access to health care, and mental health care, right? These are all much bigger, these problems have much bigger implications than just poor or rich. We feel that we are entitled to all of the pain, other people experience and that we should be able to exploit that to whichever degree we deem entertaining or satisfying, because we are hurting. We are angry. We are angry at our government. We are angry at our religious leaders. We are angry at our communities. We are angry at our law enforcement, right? Because we walk around in a constant state of heightened state of reaction and anger and frustration. Part of the way we self soothe is the invasion of other people’s privacy. And I hate that for us. I really do. It makes me very sad for us as a society. You know, I hate that our children, our teenagers are live in a constant hamster wheel of comparison. And because of that, they feel that they should have full access to every bit of […] life and […], whatever that girl’s name is, and Miley Cyrus and Shawn Mendes and Camila Caballo and whoever, Justin Bieber, right, they want to tear them down to build them up to tear them down to build them up. It’s like, look at Britney Spears. You know, do you think we are entitled to the pain of others to fill our own voids and cracks.

Jaxson  26:13

Only the pain of bad people. You know what I mean? Like if I hear tomorrow that Vladimir Putin enjoys golden showers like just the Trump rumor, that’s funny. And I like knowing that because he’s bad.

Jaime Primak Sullivan  26:30

But by the way, if you can be good and still want people to pee on you, that’s a personal choice. I just want to say it would be funnier if Vladimir Putin didn’t enjoy that. And someone peed on him. Now I’m laughing. If you enjoy that. I’m less pleased with the information because now you’re happy.

Jaxson  26:59

You’re right. But he would he would be in pain for that. You’re right. And also the knowledge of it has always been greater pain for him.

Jaime Primak Sullivan  27:10

You would like to see him publicly humiliated.

Jaxson  27:12

And so to that end, Amber Heard knowing the things that she’s done to him makes me feel less bad about knowing the things she’s done to him that are very embarrassing.

Jaime Primak Sullivan  27:23

Wait, what? You lost me?

Jaxson  27:28

There’s things that he’s alleging against her that are like, slight against him. But that are also like, things if I were her, I wouldn’t want people to know that I did.

Jaime Primak Sullivan  27:37

Like she threw the vodka bottle.

Jaxson  27:40

Yes. Or like, defecating in his bed. Come on. That’s the thing. She blamed it on the dog. But he was like, I’ve seen dogshit and that was not dog shit.

Jaime Primak Sullivan  27:49

She took a shit in his bed?

Jaxson  27:51

Yeah, he left and his security guard was like, don’t come back here and sent him a photo. It was like this. What’s happened? Yeah, so I got no problem with knowing that about her because she’s that kind of person.

Jaime Primak Sullivan  28:09

I did not know she shit in his bed. An so you’re saying it’s public knowledge now because of the trial?

Jaxson  28:15

Yes, he detailed it the other day.

Jaime Primak Sullivan  28:35

There are a lot of people there certainly a booming business, invading other people’s privacy. We can’t ignore the fact that there are countless people who make millions of dollars invading other people’s privacy. Right. So some people try to control some of that, for example, the Kim Kardashian sex tape, it wasn’t leaked. They knew they had it. So they negotiated. She was paid for that once it was put out there, right. So there’s an industry that relies on the invasion of privacy. So what it has done that industry has conditioned people to believe that they are entitled to more invasion of other people’s privacy. Right? Because like anything, we become desensitized, so like, when our parents were young, it was like the National Enquirer. What is it called Enquirer? The National Enquirer was like the thing, right, because they didn’t have 9 million outlets and TMZ and all of that stuff, right? And so they only learned about the Golden Age of Hollywood through the little ways that they could learn that right. But Facebook has and social media in general has given people the impression that they are entitled to more invasion further invasion of your privacy. Oh, well, now you’ve shared pictures of your vacation with your family, Jackson. So I want to know more about that vacation. I want to know how much money you spent, I want to know if you met a girl, I want to know, if you drank, I want to know more. Right? I feel entitled to that. So if I am entitled to pictures of Prince William and Catherine, on red carpets and such, why am I not entitled to pictures of her boobs when they’re on vacation? Why can I not see that? Why should they now determine how far we’re allowed to go with it? And I think that’s the problem. You know? And I’m just curious, do you think that social media has played a role in desensitizing us to people’s privacy.

Jaxson  30:59

Undoubtedly, because, for instance, you do coffee, talk from your closet? What more intimate location is there than where you get dressed? Other than your bathroom? Or your bedroom? Right? And people feel like, oh, she’s invited me into her home, therefore, I can take stuff.

Jaime Primak Sullivan  31:17

Or I did have people who showed up at my house and started talking to my child.

Jaxson  31:22

Do not do that.

Jaime Primak Sullivan  31:23

Well, definitely do not do that. But people see, you know, there are people who see my children in public and call them by their name. And they say, well, I watched her grow up, or they speak to Charlie, you know, especially Charlie, and they’ll say, I watched you grow up and Charlie, like, looks at me like, the fuck? You know, and I get very protective. But I also bear some responsibility for that, because I put my child on television, I share things about her life. But again, then, what is the line? You know? And then people get angry when you delete their comment, or you block them. Because they feel like they are entitled to say whatever the fuck they want to you, on my page. And I’m like, this is not a democracy. No, I say who I say when I say how much I am the prostitute of this page. Yes, I am Julia Roberts in this. I am pretty woman.

Jaxson  32:33

I thought I had something classic.

Jaime Primak Sullivan  32:39

You know, it’s also, you know, I know a couple in our community who one got caught cheating. And, you know, somebody saw them and took selfies of them in like an alleyway and sent the pictures to the wife in […]. If you didn’t want to get caught, you shouldn’t have done it. There’s two separate issues here though. Like, why are you playing private detective? Why are you community person in the alley following this person and taking pictures of them? Like, that to me, it’s too far. It’s too much.

Jaxson  33:22

I don’t know if you’re friends with the wife. And you know, she would not like to see that. People often feel a responsibility.

Jaime Primak Sullivan  33:29

No, that’s not a fucking responsibility. That’s bullshit. That’s bullshit. That’s not a responsibility. It’s exploitation. You’re not, you only you know, your motivation become the fuck on. You’re not hiding in an alleyway behind a fucking dumpster to take a selfie of someone because you’re noble. You’re doing it because it’s exploitation. It’s fucking sensationalism. And we have been so desensitized. The damage that that does to someone, have you stopped to think if she really wants to know? Is she in a place in her life right now where she can drop everything and fucking carry that emotional burden, have you stopped to think about what that’s going to do to her children? Or do you just want to be the caped crusader fucking breaking news that so and so had an affair behind Barry’s bar? Like, it is not our fucking right to constantly be in everybody’s business. And unless you have had the actual conversation with someone, would you want to know? Are you in an emotional place to handle this right now? Is this a good time for me to blow up your fucking life?

Jaxson  34:45

And they may have an arrangement that you’re unaware of.

Jaime Primak Sullivan  34:47

And now you look like a fucking asshole. And when they say don’t shoot the messenger, no, the audacity of the invasion of people’s privacy puts you in a fucking position. And to be shot as the messenger. And if you are not prepared to take a metaphorical bullet for your invasion of someone’s privacy, I suggest you mind your own fucking business. And look, and that’s not that’s not just cheating, unless there is an imminent sense of danger for someone’s child, like, if you see my kid doing a drug, or drinking and driving or getting in a car with a stranger, or something that could hurt my child, by all means, invade their fucking privacy, right. But if you see my kid sneaking behind a bleacher with a boy, it is not your job to take pictures of it and post it or share it or forwarded. If you see my kid makes a mistake and shares a picture of herself in a compromised position or, you know, because kids make mistakes, whatever, it is not your job to share that picture with other families and say, well, if she didn’t want it, she shouldn’t have done it. Because let me tell you, first of all, you could be arrested for child pornography. And you can also guarantee that I will stick my size 10 foot up your fucking ass, even at the risk of getting doodoo particles, as Jaxson would say, on my foot.

Jaime Primak Sullivan  36:25

So I think like the audacity to invade someone’s privacy, you’ve got to be very careful, what you do and how far you go and what you share. And like what stories you tell that are not yours to tell. And by the way, play it out, play out the ramifications of invading somebody’s privacy. Because the emotional distress you can cause someone? Is it worth it? Is it worth it to get their baby’s name first? You know, like, is it really worth it to know what the child’s name is? I don’t know. Anyway, as always, I am very curious how you guys feel about privacy and boundaries, and what we are and aren’t entitled to and you don’t have to agree with everything that Jaxson and I say or what I say or how I feel or what Jackson says you can have your own opinion on it. We want to know that; we want to hear it comment. Thank you for listening for being part of these conversations, because I think the only way that we bring awareness is to have these conversations, right? And it does give you pause maybe to click a link or to read something that maybe you know you shouldn’t read or look at or share. And I think it’s important in a digital world that we have discernment. So thank you guys so much. As always for listening to let’s talk. I am Jaime Primak-Sullivan. We are grateful for you being part of the conversation. Please like and follow and subscribe and share and tell a friend and all those great things and we will be back next week with a brand-new episode of Let’s Tawk.

Jaime Primak Sullivan  38:17

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