Kalen Asks Ricki’s Fave TV Psychic, What Is My Future?

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Psychics: we couldn’t get enough of them in the 90s. They were in movies, TV ads – and The Ricki Lake Show! Renowned psychic Char Margolis joins Ricki and Kalen to talk about her life of seeing spirits, separating the good psychics from the bad ones, and much more. Stay tuned as Char gives not one, but two live readings!

Please note, Raised By Ricki contains mature themes and may not be appropriate for all listeners.

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Ricki Lake, Joey, Kalen Allen, Char Margolis

Ricki Lake  00:13

Hi everyone, it’s me Ricki. Welcome to raise by Ricki with me, Ricki Lake and with me as always my favorite Kalen Allen. Hi, honey.

Kalen Allen  00:21

Hey, sister, girl. How you feeling?

Ricki Lake  00:24

I feel so good. I’m so happy to do this with you and see you and talk about this old show of mine. Yeah, what’s happened in lately in your life, in your world?

Kalen Allen  00:33

You know what? This hustle life? I don’t think it’s for me. You know?

Ricki Lake  00:39

Wait. Yeah. What do you mean hustle life, you mean your work life?

Kalen Allen  00:41

Oh, my gosh, listen here. I told my agents the other day I said, You know what, I want to find a real good job that I can make a lot of money from that sets me up for the rest of my life. And then I can retire at a young age and just call it a day. You know, there’s a saying when it comes to those of us that are in marginalized communities, that we have to work twice as hard to get half of what a lot of people got. And it’s a lot of work. And I think, you know, the entertainment industry is, it’s an interesting space to be in. It’s like you either you make it or you don’t.

Ricki Lake  01:18

And so what is your dream sort of end goal for you?

Kalen Allen  01:22

Well, you know, what I could really see myself on like, a Good Morning America. You know, like, I could really see myself being an anchor or having some type of talk show that’s more of like a morning show, or like, something along those lines, you know, because I think for me, I love connecting with people. I love being able to give platforms to people that don’t normally get that space, you know what I mean? And being able to tell those stories and to be able to tell many different stories, you know, and so I also have this ultimate dream of revamping the variety show. So like, you know, when you when you think about the Carol Burnett, you know, you think about the Judy Garland’s or the […] and all that, like finding what does that look like in today’s day and age? You know what I mean?

Ricki Lake  02:17

Yeah, yeah, there’s nothing like that right now. Not that I can think, Carol Burnett. I mean, the old Carol Burnett. It’s like the most classic right. Amazing. It holds up to Yeah, it really does. But um, let’s talk about this this episode and give us that almanac would ya?

Kalen Allen  02:32

I will, look at you. Okay. So, you know, today we talked to Char Margolis.

Ricki Lake  02:40

One of the very best mediums around.

Kalen Allen  02:42

Absolutely. Now, Char has been on your show a lot. Yeah. Right?

Ricki Lake  02:45

She was a staple. She was amazing. She would always deliver. She’s such a great person. She’s become a friend. I mean, I haven’t seen her in years. But she was amazing to have always gave us what we needed.

Kalen Allen  02:56

I love that. And she was first on the show in 1995. So we pulled some stuff in 1995. So this is a year before I was born. Okay. The episode that we are focusing on today aired in 1995. And these were the headlines. October 3rd, OJ Simpson is found not guilty.

Ricki Lake  03:14

I remember that. Forget that was I mean that that was just Yeah.

Kalen Allen  03:22

And then November 22, we got Toy Story. The world’s first computer animated film is released.

Ricki Lake  03:28

Oh, that’s one of the best. Come on. I know your Disney Freak was one of your favorites that movie was so extraordinary. It was just it was; it was at the beginning of Pixar.

Kalen Allen  03:38

Yes, yes. And so this was the first time that we had like this 3D animation.

Ricki Lake  03:43

And they had the before the movie-movie, remember. They had the little short that they did before.

Kalen Allen  03:50

There was two because I think Toy Story may have been the man with the chess.

Ricki Lake  03:55

Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes.

Kalen Allen  03:56

But I remember Pixar when I was starting today. We had like the little desk lamp and it was hot. It didn’t jump on the eye and stuff and trying to stay flat. We got waterfalls by TLC we got creeped by TLC Top songs.

Ricki Lake  04:10

They were on my show. They were most definitely on my show. And they were so beautiful. And like they’re so tiny chilly and I forgot the main singer […] Yeah, yep, yep, yep. And […] who sadly perish in a plane crash right?

Kalen Allen  04:28

No, it was a car crash. […] died in a plane crash.

Ricki Lake  04:33

All right. Let’s get one thing straight. You I just learned before we started today that you have a photographic memory and I do not. And I do not. So you’re going to put the pieces together when I stick my foot in my mouth and say something wrong feel free to correct me. So she passed sadly at a very young age from a car crash.

Kalen Allen  04:53

But I was telling you because if you watched the TLC movie, you find out that basically they had a shitty contract and it was real bad and baby. They was penniless. They were broke and they were stars. Yeah, it’s crazy.

Ricki Lake  05:07

They were talented. I love them. Who else had a tough song?

Kalen Allen  05:11

But yeah, Gangster’s Paradise by Coolio.

Ricki Lake  05:15

I love that song. Yeah. Wait, I see movies. There’s movies that were big.

Kalen Allen  05:19

Oh, not you over there cheating. I was trying to skip movies..

Ricki Lake  05:22

Okay, let’s move it along. Let’s move along.

Kalen Allen  05:28

You brought it up now. You brought it up. So we got talking about it. The movies are clueless and to […]

Ricki Lake  05:34

Oh, clueless that was Amy Heckerling directed it. Oh my gosh, at least you saw him soon was perfect in that movie and Paul Rudd who didn’t have a crush on Paul Rudd, right?

Kalen Allen  05:43

You know Paul Rudd was from the same city as me.

Ricki Lake  05:47

Paul Rudd was like a good dude. I’ve never met him but I yeah. All right. Tell us about this episode.

Kalen Allen  05:52

Let me tell you Okay, so we’ve got Char Margolis. Now Char first joined the show in 1995. It was Season Three you’ve been going so long. I’m here today to find out what happened to you. So basically Char is a medium Correct?

Ricki Lake  06:04

Yes, yes, she’s a psychic. And the families who are haunted by lost loved ones are asking Char the psychic who works closely with private investigators to help them find answers about the person who disappeared from their lives. 

Kalen Allen  06:17

In the 90s were obsessed with, did you watch Ghost Whisperer?

Ricki Lake  06:21

No, but I watched Ghost and Ghost came out in 1990, watch Ghost and I you know come on come on that iconic line, you in danger girl? Yeah and Ghost I mean to me more in that movie was so beautiful. And I was dying to look just like her I had the hair cut.

Kalen Allen  06:39

Now, I will say when I think of you know mediums psychics and I do believe in in mediums and psychics. And when I think of psychics, I specifically think of Miss Cleo. You know, Miss Cleo?

Ricki Lake  06:55

Miss Cleo, who could forget?

Kalen Allen  06:59

Okay, I see what you did to Ricki Lake because you know, you didn’t know who Miss Cleo was.

Ricki Lake  07:05

I have a vague recollection of her. 

Kalen Allen  07:08

Okay, well, let’s play a clip.

Kalen Allen  07:11

I remember. Is Miss Cleo still with us?

Kalen Allen  07:35

Unfortunately, no, she passed away in her 50s from cancer but actually, you know what’s crazy? Is actually you know; I didn’t never see Miss Cleo on TV. But how I learned about Miss Cleo was because they kind of did a spoof on Miss Cleo on That So Raven, you know That’s So Raven is? 

Ricki Lake  07:52

I know that show. Yeah. 

Kalen Allen  07:54

Yes, correct. Okay, so Raven, you know, already played a psychic on the show. And on one of the episode, she has to play a hotline psychic. And it’s so funny because she’s like having like real visions at times. And she couldn’t lie. But this was I think she was also trying to get a boy to take her out on the date. It was real crazy.

Ricki Lake  08:13

Got it. Yeah. Okay, so we’ve got our own psychic Char Margolis coming up next. And her story about realizing that she had psychic powers as a kid is something else stick around.

Kalen Allen  08:35

Now, so let’s figure this psychic so. Today, we’re talking to Char Margolis, who first joined your show in 1995. And she was on the show all the time. And what’s important about this is that in the 90s people were obsessed with mediums.

Ricki Lake  08:50

Yeah, they were completely obsessed and I consider myself one of them.

Kalen Allen  08:54

I am very excited because we are going to have Char today it she may or may not do a reading and if I get a little excited, just ignore me. But without further ado, ring that doorbell.

Ricki Lake  09:11

Hello, Char Margolis. It is so wonderful to have you here.

Char Margolis  09:15

Oh, Ricki, I am so honored to be here. And it’s so wonderful to see you.

Ricki Lake  09:19

And meet Kalen, this is Kalen.

Char Margolis  09:23

Oh, hi, Kalen. So nice to meet you.

Kalen Allen  09:26

Nice to meet you.

Ricki Lake  09:27

Thank you so much for being here.

Char Margolis  09:29

Ricky, I am so appreciative that you want to be to be included in this.

Ricki Lake  09:34

Well, yeah, we’re looking back on those days. Those early days. You were probably on the show, I don’t know more than a dozen times.

Char Margolis  09:41

More than a dozen time and I have to tell you the one thing that I treasure from your shows are the friends that I’ve made. There’s nothing more valuable than all the wonderful people that I’ve kept in touch with including you on your show.

Ricki Lake  09:56

Absolutely and the moments we shared. I mean that was magical that that time. Well I remember when Char was on my show from the very beginning might have been the first show you did sit down and do a reading with me and my grandma Sylvia came up and I remember that.

Char Margolis  10:09

Oh, my god I forgot about grandma Sylvia.

Ricki Lake  10:13

And I mean, I’ve always been a believer in everything, everything that we can’t, you know, tangibly see in front of us I there’s something way more than we know in this 3D life, you know?

Char Margolis  10:24

And through the years, I hope you’ve learned to listen to your own intuition.

Ricki Lake  10:28

Absolutely. Can I ask let’s go back. When did you realize that you had these psychic powers?

Char Margolis  10:34

So ever since I was a little girl, I knew things and my parents did not deny them. Like my dad took me to the grocery store. And I was four years old. And my mom came home with the bill and I said, mommy, that lady cheated us and the woman overcharged us. Then two weeks later, she took me to lunch. When the bill came, I said, Mommy, that lady cheated us. Now my mother looked at the bill and they overcharge us. So my mother never said oh, she’s trying to get attention. She listened to me. And then I saw spirit at the foot of my bed when I was eight years old.

Kalen Allen  11:06

I have a question. Okay, so you’re talking about going to these places and saying that they overcharged. So you hadn’t seen the bill?

Char Margolis  11:15

I was four years old. I couldn’t count.

Kalen Allen  11:17

Ah, so just so you just had this inclination that?

Char Margolis  11:20

Yeah, yeah, but the thing is, is that I had support from my family, my parents. Then when I was eight years old, our house had been broken into and two weeks later, I wake up in the middle of the night. And there is a figure at the foot of my bed. It was a man in rags, and I could see through him, and he had a pouch and he went like this and all these gold light went like..

Ricki Lake  11:40

Went like what, people are listening, they can’t see you just like, through you ?

Char Margolis  11:44

Yeah, he threw gold lights at me. And then they landed on me, they evaporated. And the next morning, I said, Mommy, mommy, the burglars were here again last night. And my mom said, oh no, honey, that was just a Sandman. She didn’t skip a beat. Like I went, Oh, there’s a Sandman. And there was a song about a Sandman. So I figured oh, maybe there really is a Sandman. And I was afraid to fall asleep. At night. I had to have someone stand in the room with me till I fell asleep.

Ricki Lake  12:10

I think of a sixth sense that movie, Kalen, did you see that movie? I see dead people. That movie freaked me out. So are you afraid of what you were seeing?

Char Margolis  12:22

Yeah, I was scared to death. I didn’t know there were spirits. I didn’t know that they could manifest in front of you. I had no idea. One of the reasons I got into this work was to conquer my fears.

Ricki Lake  12:33

Well, that’s what I was gonna ask you. How did you transition from something that frightened you so much to turning it into a career? You started in radio, right?

Char Margolis  12:40

Well, no, I started as a publicity director for the Easter seals society. So I would put people on radio and the guy would say to me, well, you know, what do you do? I said, Well, I’m a school teacher, I said, but I’m also a psychic. And he says, oh, will you come on my show and talk about it? And I did.

Ricki Lake  12:59

And that transition to TV, what was your first TV gig? Now you have something with […] discover you for TV?

Char Margolis  13:06

Well, basically, in Los Angeles? Yes. I had already been on Kelly and Company in Detroit. You probably don’t remember that show. 

Ricki Lake  13:15

Kalen would definitely doesn’t remember because he didn’t exist for decades. Right? Right. This is before my time, just so you know, Kalen, I relate.

Char Margolis  13:22

But what happened, I was on and in Detroit, and I had an epiphany when I read for somebody during this time, and I saw that I could really help people. And I knew that this was my life’s work. And so I called 411 in California, because I thought if I can do well in California, then that means I can help people around the world. And for some reason, I call 411. And I asked for a show called an MLA because I knew somebody named Regis Philbin was the host. And I said, Can I have an MLA? And she goes, No, honey, I think what you want is KBC. And that, so I said, okay, they get me the number I call up and I say, who’s the executive producer and they go runs this guy. And I said, Thank you and I hang up. I call back and it was a lot of money then it was long distance on a landline. A lot of money. When I said, can I talk to Mr. […] and through his whole life. Ron never really knew why he took my call executive producers don’t take phone calls.

Ricki Lake  14:27

And you got on that show and you blew Regis away and the rest is history. How did you come to be on my show? Did you have a connection with someone on the staff or we just?

Char Margolis  14:38

I can’t remember. I can’t remember how I got in your show.

Kalen Allen  14:48

Trying to figure out how this little kid was having all these moments. And the parents were just Like, okay, and why are you not wonder why the parents was okay with them find out if there was like a psychic grandmother? Like he’s gotta be in the blood somewhere?

Char Margolis  15:13

Well, you’re no Kalen, you’re right. I’m gonna tell you why. Okay, come on. The producers have an MLA out for dinner. And my parents were in town, and we were at dinner. And the wife says, Is anyone else psychic? I said, Well, my dad’s really psychic. She said, but does anyone else see spirits? And I said, No. And all of a sudden, after all these years of me being scared to death, my dad chimes up and goes, Oh, yeah, honey, I see spirits. And I said, what? I said, what are you talking about? He said, yeah, grandma and grandpa come to the foot of my bed and tell me things like. I said, Why didn’t you ever tell me? He said, Well, I thought people would think I’m crazy, but they don’t think you are and they put you on TV. So I guess it’s okay that I can tell you now.

Ricki Lake  15:56

Wow. Wow. Kalen close your mouth. His jaw is on the floor.

Kalen Allen  16:01

Okay, okay. We will we will wait. Okay, this is the reason why I asked so as a little kid, I used to have like, like real like real deja vu moments of where I would remember things like to the tee as they had happened before. And also felt that I would see things or feel things or feel the presence of things or being right communicate and stuff like that. It never scared me. Almost. It was almost like a reassurance for me, especially when it came to things about my own life. And I think that’s why I have a strong belief in psychics in the art of it. You know, I’m fascinated by it.

Char Margolis  16:47

Well, I love that you understand that and you had a lot it sounds like you had like, some kind of deja vu where you felt like you’ve done this before. And you’re the universe probably tipped you off about things and guide you when you listen. And that’s how you got to where you are right now. You’re divinely protected. You’re divinely guided.

Kalen Allen  17:09

Oh, I say that all the time.

Char Margolis  17:12

That’s probably why I said that.

Kalen Allen  17:14

Well, look at that. My god.

Ricki Lake  17:17

you’ve learned something about yourself. Well, I have no psychic ability. What I do have is instinct. I do have a good instinct.

Char Margolis  17:26

You had good intuition; you can read people now.

Ricki Lake  17:28

I don’t see dead people at the end of my bed thankfully.

Char Margolis  17:31

But you’re good at reading people, you didn’t used to be.

Ricki Lake  17:35

I’ve become more discerning.

Char Margolis  17:37

I remember years ago.

Ricki Lake  17:40

What do you bringing out?

Char Margolis  17:41

I’m not gonna come up with a conversation. I was concerned about you in a relationship in the very beginning.

Ricki Lake  17:52

I mean, you know, we grew apart so.

Char Margolis  17:55

But here’s the deal. I also think that it was meant to be because you had two beautiful boys. And you have them right thank God and you’ve learned amazing lessons from it. And life is a school and we’re here to learn lesson. Great lessons from it.

Ricki Lake  18:12

Yes. And I look at my life is like chapters. You know, my life is like a movie. I say it all the time. But like, I’ve had very, very different distinct chapters. You know, the talk show, the Ricki Lake show that period, those 11 years of living in New York. You know, I fell in love got married, had two kids and at the end was getting divorced. You know, during the whole time that show. 

Char Margolis  18:33

I don’t know how you did all that. but then I was on your show again.

Ricki Lake  18:41

So yes, so for those listening that don’t know, I had a second talk show in 2012 that only ran for one season. It was a disappointment; I think for all of us. But for me, it was just a vision of the company I was working with didn’t really share the vision that I had for the show. So it only it only went for one season, which was a blessing for me. And I won the Emmy I won like the Daytime Emmy for my work as best talk show host that year, which was really funny because, you know, I was off the air I was canceled.

Char Margolis  19:09

You are always amazing at what you do. I mean, you are so gifted. And really, people have tried to mimic you. Because you were the original, you know, you can’t duplicate the original.

Ricki Lake  19:27

Thank you for those kind words. But the shows are personality driven, you know, these talk shows and it’s just not something we’ve talked about this before. It’s not something that you can be taught to do. You either have it or you don’t.

Kalen Allen  19:37

I have a question, because while we’re on this on this topic of like shows, right, and we’re talking about TV now back in the 90s I know that psychics entertainment was a big thing. Now what is your take on psychic hotlines?

Char Margolis  19:54

Well, I have mixed emotions because some people just have this Script and they read it and they’re not really gifted, but there’s also people on Tik Tok and I’m on TikTok. And I have people call in and I give validation and you know, I’m able to say names and people around you and stuff like that.

Ricki Lake  20:14

So you’re saying Dionne Warwick was a fraud? Is that where you’re saying? Yes. She used to tout the psychic hotlines. She was like the spokesperson. Oh, you don’t even know this. This is before you were born. 

Char Margolis  20:26

I can only tell you I was offered millions of dollars to do it. And I wouldn’t do it because I wouldn’t put my name behind people who weren’t real. I turned down millions of dollars.

Ricki Lake  20:36

But is it hard to decipher who is real? Who’s the real deal? Because I’ve had extraordinary readings, since you sure you were the first that I actually became friends with. But I’ve had, it’s, you can’t explain it. You can’t explain it. But it’s so specific. You know, with Christian, my second husband passing away, I had a reading from a woman. And she channeled him for over an hour. And I have the tape to prove it. And I don’t even need to prove it. It’s just I have a knowing that these people, like yourself have this ability to connect. We can’t explain it. But it’s real.

Char Margolis  21:13

Well, there are some really good people. And I think what you want to do when you’re looking for a psychic is to have word of mouth and have people refer them to you, because then you really know. But here’s the other thing. Some people can come and tell you things, but it can be like a Ouija board which are not good. It can tell you nine great things and then tell a kid to you know, build a bomb and blow through school because there’s different energies in the spirit world. There’s good and evil in the spirit world. And there are trickster energies, and you have to be really

Ricki Lake  21:45

It’s like having a safe container for this work and having reverence for it.

Char Margolis  21:47

I say a prayer protection before I read for every single client.

Kalen Allen  21:54

Wow. Wow. So you would say that if you are a tourist and you somewhere like LA or New York, you just walking down the street. You probably shouldn’t just stop it. You know, that little random alleyway there has a little psychic little board outside on the sidewalk. You shouldn’t start there.

Char Margolis  22:11

Well, there might be some very gifted people in those but I mean, I don’t know, I honestly think you’ve got to really find the people who are honorable, who have a reputation, who people know are our honest. It also depends on the person. There are psychics who I have an ability who manipulate people just to take their money. That happened to me.

Ricki Lake  22:38

Oh, no, oh, no. What happened, Kalen?

Kalen Allen  22:40

You know, like I’ve told you is that I felt from the beginning that something was off. But I had some friends go to a psychic deficit on Hollywood Boulevard was like sunset and Vine or whatever. And they were like, oh, you need to go back. And but what was weird was when I went back, she didn’t let my friends be anywhere near even though she had done their readings with them. They’re together in the room. And then she did hers with just me. And I also kind of felt like they may have told her who I was. And what I did. What was bad was it she was using bad energy to try and bait me into it. You know?

Char Margolis  23:23

Yeah, because they use fear. And they say that, you know, you’ve got a hex on you or whatever, you know, and that’s all bullshit. And you have to.

Ricki Lake  23:34

Wait, there’s no such thing as curses on people or hexes?

Char Margolis  23:37

Well, I think that sometimes people will send a negative energy on to people and that it can affect them in some ways, but that’s why you have to do the white light. Then I tell people to go inside and a mirrored egg and send the negative, you think about it. And then you send the negative energy back to where it came from.

Kalen Allen  24:02

Because it’s more of a thought thing is because they’re putting that fear into your head.

Char Margolis  24:08

Right and thoughts create reality and thoughts are things and positive checks positive and negative attracts negative, but I do believe in karma. And I can tell you anyone who has done me wrong. I have never wished bad on anyone I swear ever, to the point of really they were taken out. I mean really taken out. But what goes around comes around. Yes, again, there is karma. So anybody who has not been good to me, I’m telling you, I’ve lived to see them have karma happen. And I never wish bad on anyone ever and that’s why it’s important to only pray for positive things and healing for each other and for yourself.

Ricki Lake  24:54

Do you remember Char the first time you appeared on my show?

Char Margolis  24:57

Yeah. […] had me in a soundproof booth. I guess it was a phone booth. But I couldn’t hear anything. And I had a headset on and whatever. And the reason he did that is because he wanted to make sure people knew that I couldn’t hear anything that I knew nothing about what was going on. And it’s more difficult now for psychics because there’s Google and you can Google people and whatever. But you know, I’ve been doing this when there were only you know, three networks, ABC, NBC, […]

Ricki Lake  25:32

And rotary phones, right? So there was no way so that I get the visual of you being in that phone booth with headphones on a music playing so that I could not be hearing anything about the audience that was about to be read. So then what happened? We called you out. And were there people you just pulled from the audience? I really don’t remember how it went down. Do we have pre-selected people?

Char Margolis  25:52

No, I think what happened is that people told their story, and what was going on in their lives. And then I came out and read for them and told the rest of the story.

Ricki Lake  26:04

Hey, guess what? We found someone who got a reading from Char on my old show, and he is joining us next for a brand new reading. Plus, I’ve got a little surprise for Kalen too. So please stick around. You are also on my second show, the one that only lasted for a year. And do you remember a guy you probably don’t because you do so many readings. Joey Jennings is his name. Joey Jennings was on the show and you gave a reading and people came through people came through and today we have Joey Jennings back to talk to you and to talk to us. Joey’s in the waiting room. Let’s let him in.

Kalen Allen  26:48

I’m so invested in all this. 

Ricki Lake  26:52

Hey, Joey. Great to see you. It’s only been 10 years, huh?

Joey  26:58

I know. Right? It’s about time.

Ricki Lake  27:00

I know. Well, here we are. Here we are a different format. But Char is back and you came to my old show. The last talk show I had to specifically to get a reading from Char?

Joey  27:09

Yes, I did. It was on audience are full of believers. And of course, I was already a believer.

Ricki Lake  27:15

And what can you can you just tell us a succinct version of like, what happened? Did she call you out? She have you stand up? I don’t remember.

Joey  27:22

Okay. You were on the little stage like up on the little ramp. And it was John cute. You look great. And it was Char, John Edward and Glynis McCants, the numerologist. And I was on the front row in the small little three person row. And you had told us ahead of time, I’ll come to you with a microphone if somebody comes through that you recognize or whatever. And there was kind of no way for us to get to each other. So I had to walk up on the stage. And you told me don’t fall and I’m the only person that stood on stage with you. And I got emotional during my reading with Char and Ricki, you had your hand on my back and you were holding a microphone. It was also real. It was so amazing. 

Kalen Allen  28:02

So what was in the reading? 

Char Margolis  28:07

If I’m going to read for him now. I won’t remember what I said.

Ricki Lake  28:14

We don’t want him to him to say anything, right? 

Joey  28:19

About my angels.

Char Margolis  28:20

The less I know the better off I am. Okay, so just so you know, I said a prayer protection before I started the show, so we don’t have to do that. But just so Kalen knows and everybody I said my prayers.

Ricki Lake  28:33

Kalen, you are lit up like a Christmas tree right now. You’ll love this.

Char Margolis  28:38

Joey,  just be open minded about everybody living and deceased. I feel like there’s somebody else named Joseph or John around you. Do you know who that is?

Joey  28:48

John, is my brother living.

Char Margolis  28:50

Your brother living. Okay. Are you close with him?

Joey  28:53

We are getting closer. Yes.

Char Margolis  28:57

I see that there was a riff, like you’re woven from a different cloth than he is. He’s not as spiritual as you are.

Joey  29:05

Exactly. I’m trying to turn him into a believer.

Char Margolis  29:08

Yeah, well, good luck. I know. Right? Yeah. But I feel like he’s more of the earth and you’re more of the spiritual. And I think he is trying, but what was about money did was there an issue with money with you two? Or did he want to borrow money?

Joey  29:28

No, I borrowed from him a long time.

Char Margolis  29:30

You borrowed from him? Okay. I feel something like that. And then I also see somebody who’s an M or A initial, do you have any one family that was deceased or living with an A or an M?

Joey  29:43

My grandmother and is Martha Elizabeth.

Char Margolis  29:47

Don’t say the name. But it’s Martha Elizabeth. Your grandmother spirits with you. And then I also want to know if you have someone deceased it’s a G or J initial, a J or G was there a grandfather?

Joey  30:08

This was a female.

Char Margolis  30:10

Is she a J or G? 

Joey  30:12

She’s a J. 

Char Margolis  30:13

Is she is a J with an N in the name if you spell it out, is it like Joan or Joanne or Gene?

Joey  30:19

It’s Jenny.

Char Margolis  30:21

Okay. So well, it’s okay. Just so are the people listening to the podcast. Joey just put up a picture of Jenny, because she knew she was going to come through today.

Joey  30:36

It’s a gift. I made her and never mailed her. And I feel bad about it. 

Char Margolis  30:40

But here’s the deal. The reason she’s in here is because she knows that you made that, that gift for her of the photos. And she’s grateful to you, and she loves you. And the truth is, is that none of us are getting out of here alive. You’re not going anywhere right now. But when you cross over, you’ll be with her again. 

Joey  31:00

And I just took the plastic off this this morning. Because I had this feeling she was gonna come through. She’s been going almost three years, and I had no closure with her death. So this is so amazing.

Char Margolis  31:10

But she said peace. Now, not everybody who crosses over is at peace, or goes to what I call a good neighborhood. But she’s in a good neighborhood. And that peace. And so you need to know that. And she’s saying that you need to no guts no glory. Right? You know, the truth is we create most of our destiny by the choices we make.

Ricki Lake  31:32

Joey, I noticed you getting emotional. What is this bring up for you. I mean, I think Kalen is getting a little teary eyed too.

Joey  31:39

It’s just amazing, because I feel my angels around me all the time. But Jenny is the one that I didn’t have the closure with. And we found out about her death in a strange way and felt her this year more. And December will be three years. I even won a casino, a major on online game on her birthday this year, March 6th. So yeah, so I was like, that was not coincidental. And I decided to take the plastic off this book today, because I wanted to show you all the pictures I just felt she was going to come through today.

Ricki Lake  32:10

Hey, Joey, can we take it back? 10 years ago, what was your experience like on my show? The second show?

Joey  32:16

It was surreal. I mean, I had just moved to LA, which started out as a visit. And I want a plane ticket just like who does that on Twitter. So I feel like I’m meant to be here. And I’ve decided to live here. So I’ve been here about eight months. And I wanted to come to your show. So I signed up. They called me. I filmed the episode on August 22. And I had the interview with your producer about today. Monday the 22nd. Exactly. 10 years ago.

Ricki Lake  32:45

That’s unbelievable. And so who came through that day for you?

Joey  32:49

That day was my cousin Crystal. We came back we had already been filming about an hour and it was going kind of long because the readings from the people standing up in the audience were all amazing and tear jerker is and they just gave me goosebumps. So we come back from commercial and Char says the name crystal just plain as day the full name. And she’s looking around and we’re all looking around. Nobody’s raising their hand. And I raise my hand and everybody behind me is pointing.

Ricki Lake  33:12

Were you shaking in that moment?

Joey  33:14

I was, I even brought pictures kind of like I did today. But that was my cousin Crystal, who passed that a car accident at age 80. My aunt’s only daughter, and we were really close. So but she didn’t get the talk because my best friend Ernie cut her off and he came through he, yeah, he died in a car accident. I was in and almost died when he was 21.

Ricki Lake  33:34

Wow. So was it healing for you to have that experience?

Joey  33:38

Oh, it was so healing. It just confirmed what I already knew. You know that they are around me. But Ernie even told me before he died that he was always going to be my guardian angel. Something happened and I see him more than any angel him and my mom.

Kalen Allen  33:50

Well, I noticed that you stayed it from the moment that you came in that you were a believer what makes you a believer? What have you experienced in your in your life that has solidified that sentiment for yourself?

Joey  34:03

That’s a good question. We need about two hours. But I’ll give you the condensed version. Actually, my whole family has always had these types of things like grandparents and my mother saw my great grandmother when I was two years old and I was almost dying in the hospital from a bronchial thing. And she saw my grandmother in the room, my great grandmother, and then just myself. I’ve lost so many people at young ages. My grandparents died at 50 mom at 44 of leukemia dad at 57. So they’ve all died young cousins dying at 16 and 18 car wreck. So it’s like once they got to the other side, they all stayed in touch you know? And talking to Char today, it feels like a phone call to heaven. You know when you get these readings. It just, it’s very comforting. 

Char Margolis  34:49

Joey is very psychic. Joey is very intuitive and open to it. And the more you use your intuition, it’s like a muscle the stronger it gets. Like you already do it naturally, which is amazing.

Ricki Lake  35:02

Can I just throw something out there at you? You’re amazing. I love you. Would you be kind enough to read for Kalen right now?

Char Margolis  35:10

Yeah, of course.

Kalen Allen  35:14

Let me get ready. That’d be cool.

Char Margolis  35:15

Let’s do it. Let’s do it. So Kalen I need to see your face because I’ve got Joey here and Joey’s energy is here. So talk a minute. So you’re on my screen. Now you’re good. I’m here. Okay, great. So I want to know, I keep seeing these like, papers in front of you. Are you going to be signing some contract or some new opportunity? Are you working on something right now?

Ricki Lake  35:39

His eyes are bugging out of his head.

Char Margolis  35:42

Okay, so I see something being signed in. Is there somebody that you’re wanting to have help you like a either a lawyer? Are you getting a new lawyer or agent, okay. Yeah, I see somebody helping you. And I feel like that’s going to be really good for you. And I feel like you’re going to do something. And it’s important for you to grow your social media stuff. It’s really important that they tell you to do this or you’re just doing this anyway, it’s probably common sense.

Kalen Allen  36:16

It’s something that I’ve been thinking of on how to make more digital content.

Char Margolis  36:21

You need to do more with it, and you need to get more followers. Even if you go do something fun on TikTok or something. You need to get more people and I want to know who M is like May, did you call anyone? Mary? I don’t know an M is there an M or A person around your family?

Kalen Allen  36:37

Well, my grandmother’s middle name is May.

Char Margolis  36:41

Yeah. Okay. May her middle names May, is your grandma deceased? I think your grandma’s spirits around you. And did anyone live in the south? 

Kalen Allen  36:50

 Yes. My grandmother. 

Char Margolis  36:51

She’s talking about living in the South. And also, I think she was one of those really great cooks.

Kalen Allen  36:58

That’s how I learned how to cook. 

Char Margolis  36:59

And do you have anything of hers in your kitchen? Or her recipes?

Kalen Allen  37:04

I do. I base a lot of my recipes off of the recipes that she cooked.

Char Margolis  37:08

Okay, and I forgive me, but I don’t know you are what you do, but you do cooking as well. Do you want to do a show with cooking or? Okay, I feel grandma, whoever May is going to help you with this. And I think it’s great. And are you going to put other people on with you like other celebrities? Okay, can I come on?

Ricki Lake  37:36

Char, you really you really don’t know anything about Kalen?

Char Margolis  37:39

I swear to God I was thinking though how the energies, energy so great. And how he must be somebody but Ricki, I just turned 71 years old. It’s enough for me to keep up with what I’m doing.

Ricki Lake  37:50

Yeah, amazing. Amazing. Kalen, are you okay? You’re gonna faint.

Kalen Allen  37:54

I love everything about it. 

Char Margolis  37:56

But Kalen does the public know you’re doing a show with.

Kalen Allen  37:59

Yeah, cuz I also work at Food Network.

Char Margolis  38:05

I didn’t even, I didn’t even know there was a co-host with the show. I thought it was just Ricky.

Kalen Allen  38:10

I love that.

Ricki Lake  38:11

It’s amazing. Char, you’re incredible. Thank you so much.

Char Margolis  38:17

My life’s work has been helping people take away their fear of death by knowing we see our loved ones. Again, when we cross over fear of living by knowing we’re guided. And Ricki. You’re one of the main people in my world who has helped me share this work with so many people. And I’m so grateful to you. And I’m grateful to all of you and Joey and Kalen and everyone for the support that you’ve given me because I’ve been doing this for 50 years now. Just know that I’m grateful. And I appreciate all of you.

Ricki Lake  38:50

You’re one of the best and you’re just your heart is so big. And it’s just so great to see you after all these years. Thank you so much for coming on and doing this reading for Kailyn. And great to see you Joey thank you so much for coming back. It’s really fun.

Char Margolis  39:04

My pleasure.

Ricki Lake  39:06

Thank you. We’ll see in 10 years.

Char Margolis  39:09

God bless you Joey

Joey  39:12

Thank you.

Kalen Allen  39:16

Okay, now, Ricki, did they tell you to have her do a reading?

Ricki Lake  39:21

No, no, no, no. That was absolutely just an impromptu thing that came out of this interview. How do you feel, how do you feel because your face man you are in heaven. You are so into it.

Kalen Allen  39:33

I just fine. The art of it to be this is what I, this is I think the reason why I get so invested. And this is why I think also it can be very dangerous and I’m glad we had the conversation about you know, people that do it to take advantage of people and stuff like that a lot out there. Exactly. Because I believe in manifestation, you know, but I don’t think it’d be crazy. So our lives in our worlds, a lot of it is powered by our minds, the things that we allow to enter into our mind space. So if you get a great reading, say, somebody says that you’re going to you know, you’re going to have riches or whatever, is the fact that because you’ve been given that information, and now you can put that in your head. And now that you think about it, and then because somebody said it to you, somebody that you were, you know, had been told that this you can trust this, you start to believe it, the power of that. The fact that that will now be in your mind.

Ricki Lake  40:41

How are you feeling right now post reading, for Char, you inspired?

Kalen Allen  40:44

I am, I’m feeling good. It makes me feel good. It makes me have faith and trust in it. You know, and if even if what she said, you know about me, going into new ventures and bringing on new people onto the team, even if it didn’t work out, I wouldn’t even be seen as basically like, she lied to me that was not right.1 I would more so think of be like, the world has changed. My journey has changed. And there’s another route I need to go. That doesn’t mean that I won’t still get to where I’m supposed to be or that my life still won’t blossom. It just means the world changes. Stuff changes every day. You don’t know what can happen, you know, so, I don’t know. I find it pretty empowering.

Ricki Lake  41:28

Well, that was really fun. I’m so glad we got to see that reading for you. And that Joey came back. It was great to see him again. And kids. Thank you so much for listening. That’s a wrap for us.

Kalen Allen  41:38

Make sure you rate and review the show because we love to see him we try to see into the future to make sure we get many more things.

Ricki Lake  41:45

See you next time.

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