Lao Joy with Jujubee

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In an Add to Cart first, the aunties are joined by another member of the Lao fam. Jujubee, beloved drag queen and host of the blind dating podcast “Queen of Hearts,” has a cart ready for glam or garden. When she’s not growing herbs or locking her makeup in place, she’s checking for broken eggs in the grocery store with one simple trick. It might just be the next viral Tik Tok hack. Later, she shares what she hopes will be a lifelong remove from cart.

Please note, Add To Cart contains mature themes and may not be appropriate for all listeners.

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Jujubee, Kulap Vilaysack, SuChin Pak

Kulap Vilaysack  00:13

Welcome back to Add To Cart. This is a show about the things we buy and the things we buy into and what it says about who we are. I’m Kulap Vilaysack.


SuChin Pak  01:37

And I’m SuChin Pak. Now Ku, you know May is a big month for us here at Add to Cart. It is AAPI Heritage Month, Asian Joy celebrating all things. I do want to do a quick little plug here. You don’t mind.


Kulap Vilaysack  01:56

I don’t mind Su.


SuChin Pak  01:58

The gorgeous collection of AAPI essays I contributed to titled my life growing up Asian in America is out in paperback. I don’t know. It’s a fancy.


Kulap Vilaysack  02:09

But it is fancy.


SuChin Pak  02:09

Yeah, it’s perfect for beach reads coming up, you know, you got to train right to work, toss it in your bag. The link as with everything on this show will be on our Instagram page at Add to Cart pod.


Kulap Vilaysack  02:21

And to keep up with the plugs. We are one week away from my live show in LA. We can’t wait to see all of your dewy faces in person. If you haven’t gotten tickets yet. What could you possibly be waiting for? Go go go to the link. I mean, they’re free. That’s right, go to the link in our Instagram bio.


SuChin Pak  02:37

There’s going to be a gifting suite, if you will, for everyone who attends with our favorite brands such as Sanzo, Ghost Democracy, Euphoria, and more. So bring your tote bags, because you want to haul away all these goodies.


Kulap Vilaysack  02:52

Okay, so it’s time to introduce our guest.


SuChin Pak  02:55

Let’s do it.


Kulap Vilaysack  02:56

All right. All right. But I just want to take in the moment before, if you will, yeah. Before another loud person joins us. Like may be the loud person.


SuChin Pak  03:10

I take the maybe out of there. Just go straight to the.


Jujubee  03:14

Oh my God, what an intro to by D sub ID I can No I was gonna say that Kulap and I like I’m so excited. Hi, SuChin.


Kulap Vilaysack  03:14

Yes, because this is important. This is an Add to Cart first. This is the head of the new Lao monarchy. Here we go. She is one of America’s most beloved drag queens. You’ve seen her compete on roll Paul’s drag race wasn’t even a competition. And how’s the TLC makeover series drag? nificent she’s gorgeous. She has the voice of an angel survive EP Naung please as add to cart, Jujubee.


SuChin Pak  03:56

You know what, when you say Kulap’s name in that way in the mother tounge. The way it hits. I mean, so different. It’s like hot fudge on a cold Sunday,


Kulap Vilaysack  04:11

When I saw Jujubee you be it was like, I’m gonna say my name correctly. I was, I don’t normally say my name correctly, but I was like, this is the time. This is the place. This is the space.


SuChin Pak  04:29

It took me a moment and I said, Oh boy. Oh boy. Are we entering a sacred space? I kept I kept it moving. Because I the politics and the history and the personal identification of name pronunciation between the three of us. I mean, this can be the entire podcast. That’s your second. That is true.


Jujubee  04:50

Have you been called SuChin before?


SuChin Pak  04:52

Oh my god, suck in park. I mean, suck in park.


Kulap Vilaysack  04:56

You know?


SuChin Pak  04:58

I’ve used so many I still, every once in a while I’ve heard pretty much every version. But every once in a while I’ll either see it or hear it. And I’m like,


Jujubee  05:08

Oh my god, I just did. I just did the just did that because we’re talking with each other, right?


SuChin Pak  05:16

And also, that’s how Asians reply to one another.


Jujubee  05:21

It’s like, hm hm but it’s hmm.


Kulap Vilaysack  05:26

Good to be welcome. Welcome, welcome.


Jujubee  05:28

Thank you for having me.


Kulap Vilaysack  05:30

Right away, I want to ask you, about Queen Of Hearts because you’re launching two new seasons of your podcast.


Jujubee  05:37



Kulap Vilaysack  05:38

It’s a dating game. Please tell us how the game works and what can we expect in to next season.


Jujubee  05:44

I made? Okay, so we just finished doing season three. And I gotta tell you, this is literally a first of its kind. It’s a blind dating podcast. Of course, you can’t see anybody. It is kind of, it’s kind of crazy. And when my team brought it to me, I was like, wow, this is you’re gonna come to me about dating advice. All right. I have no idea what I’m doing. But I’m going to do it.


Kulap Vilaysack  06:09

But you know what, if you’re called you’ll serve.


Jujubee  06:11

Oh, baby, always, always when the door is open. I’m going to run through it and I’m going to take everything that’s in front of me. And you know, it’s it.


Kulap Vilaysack  06:19

Is you’re gonna loot you’re describing looting. Yeah, wasn’t even a competition.


SuChin Pak  06:24

I mean, who said.


Jujubee  06:26

No, nobody was up for it. I was just like, I’m taking this and I’m going to be the queen of hearts. And I do, I do believe that. I feel like as Laotians we do bring a lot of love to the party.


SuChin Pak  06:36

That’s right. Lotta love and a lot of honey baby.


Jujubee  06:40

That is That is a thing. And then I am the I’m the Laotian cousin that shows up and I show up early, and I leave really late. But I eat every single thing. And I’ll lie about how great the food is. Even if it’s not good. I’ll never tell my Auntie’s if they’re like not great cooks, and I hope they’re not listening.


Kulap Vilaysack  06:59

You for your best interest. You allow person allow it better food isn’t good. Good luck.


SuChin Pak  07:06

Yeah. I’ve heard of it. Never heard of such a thing.


Kulap Vilaysack  07:09

Before that that flip flop. gets thrown at your head.


Jujubee  07:15

Or the silent pinch, you know, and can they talk through their teeth? yes. Oh, my gosh, I’ve totally surfed away from Queen of Hearts. But come back it for you. Okay. So this is basically what it is. There’s one person who’s looking for a date. And then there’s three contestants that come in, they only hear each other’s voices. And then we move on to the next round, where two people stay, and we play a whole bunch of games. And they’re really silly games, but I feel like, be silly games really bring out the personality, because again, you can’t see them. So you can’t see what they look like. You can only hear the inflections of their voice. And in a podcast, you do have to continue talking, you know, and the personality test is literally there. It is a podcast for people who are 18 Plus, we have to say that because I don’t want anybody under 18 To listen to this. They can go watch my little cutesy Jujubee things on my instagram if they want some Jujubee in their lives. But this one is for adults. There’s a there’s a game that I love called the bone zone. It’s basically a sex quiz, where we ask very personal questions, and we see if it’s a perfect match or a dating dud.


SuChin Pak  08:29

Where you just give me one for example, a quite meaty one.


Kulap Vilaysack  08:32

Yeah, really. I need any a tastes.


Jujubee  08:35

I mean, one of the questions. One of the questions that I actually asked a lot is, what is Kulap’s biggest fantasy?


Kulap Vilaysack  08:47

Lately, lately, it’s been with Z she’s gonna play Oh.


Jujubee  08:52

Please answer, please answer.


Kulap Vilaysack  08:55

I, this is a new occurrence and you both are going to laugh at me. But I have just gotten into one direction last week. And Zayn Malik I’d like to wrap my legs in me arms around Zayn Malik. And then I guess if my husband’s there that’s okay.


Jujubee  09:14

Yeah, I’m down for that.


Kulap Vilaysack  09:16

Okay, that’s Yeah, yeah.


SuChin Pak  09:17

That’s that’s a fantasy, that’s a fantasy. Is that.


Kulap Vilaysack  09:24

Now I’m just sharing I guess that was just for everybody. Unless about Queen of Hearts.


Jujubee  09:28

No, it’s It’s honestly that was the most G rated answer. Great, because people get really down and I blush. Because.


SuChin Pak  09:37

Whoa, making you blush. Oh my god.


Jujubee  09:40

He’s such a prude.


Kulap Vilaysack  09:41



Jujubee  09:42

Well, I I don’t know. I kind of play mine. We’re multifaceted people.


Kulap Vilaysack  09:51

That’s true. We contain all things. We’re like diamonds. So many facets.


SuChin Pak  09:57



Kulap Vilaysack  09:59

Okay.  that’s very exciting. So you’ve got two additional seasons locked and loaded.


Jujubee  10:05

Yeah, I mean, this is what I have to say about it. Queen of Hearts is an irresistible potion of provocative, hilarious and heartfelt moments. And I really think that a lot of people can relate to this. And it’s just people looking for love. It’s fun. There’s nothing super serious about it. And then at the end, I decide if I’ll pay for their date. And sometimes I’m kind of a jerk. And I’m like, Well, I didn’t really feel it. I’m sorry. You guys can find each other on the internet. I’m not paying for somebody’s date. I’m very frugal.


Kulap Vilaysack  10:36

Okay, so just in summation, you ask people, their sexual fantasies that make you blush that makes you a prude. And then also you’re stingy.


Jujubee  10:46

Yeah, I’m very lazy.


SuChin Pak  10:51

It’s run through. We don’t we know DNA kits here. We got it. We got it.


Kulap Vilaysack  10:57

You know, I feel you know what? I was rude. I moved past that that question SuChin. please share with us your sexual fantasy.


SuChin Pak  11:05

Oh, I’m, I’m good. No, no, but we don’t have time, we’ve got to get into Juju’s cart. That’s G rated boy. Mine, crickets, crickets and the desert. And I mean, the Sahara desert.


Kulap Vilaysack  11:20

SuChin’s like, two separate beds, in two separate rooms, in two separate houses. Connected by one small alleyway that is only open for 15 minutes, every quarter turn of the sun. figure that one out. My love my hot young stud. Oh, you missed it again. Next millennia? Try again? You know, like, No, thank you.


Kulap Vilaysack  11:59

Juju did you be we like to know what type of shopper our guests are? Like, how do you add to cart?


Jujubee  12:07

I’m gonna be really honest with you. I am one of those people. I use Amazon a lot. And I have a few things in my cart right now. And I think after this, after this little podcast here, I’m gonna actually select Yes, I’m gonna pay for it. But I do this thing where I add things to my, to my cart. And then I’ll go back because I’ll think about it. It’s like when I’m in a store. I’ll put things in the basket. But then I’ll give myself like a loop around the store. Yes, just in case. And then I just say do I really want this? Do I need this? You know, because there’s a tendency here to buy things that I do not need. And sometimes it’s I regret it. And then I’ll gift it to a friend like Oh, I I got this for you. I was thinking about you. But it really was something that I bought for myself that I no longer wanted. But you know, it’s an act of kindness.


Kulap Vilaysack  13:01

Yeah, yeah. It’s like you re homing your discards.


Jujubee  13:07



Kulap Vilaysack  13:10

I like that mindful lap. Like, that’s, that’s good. I don’t really know that.


Jujubee  13:17



Kulap Vilaysack  13:18

No, no, no, no, I just didn’t like I want it. I want it now.


Jujubee  13:22



SuChin Pak  13:23

Oh, no. Yeah, I do a mindful sit. You know what I mean? I just did this at Ulta. Yesterday, I did the whole loop with my little cart, little basket and then I plopped myself down in a corner and the hair section and just really meditate held each piece and I said, joy, joy. Nope, nope. whittle down. I mean, the thought of just walking out with a basket that I didn’t like, edit through is like it just there’s not one cell in my body that would allow me to do that.


Kulap Vilaysack  13:56

I mean, the other day, I was looking for our friend Judy and Raphael. She opened her eyes to a red lipstick that is more of an orangey red. I think I was GGB I think it was pulling too much berry on my lips. It wasn’t right. It’s not the time for it. I know that now, but this is Kulap. Okay, I’ve narrowed it down to three. I’ll get two, I’ll get to different brands of a very similar shape.


Jujubee  14:29

I think, I think a lot of the makeup that I end up wearing is pretty much very, very closely related tones. Yeah, I just like what I like.


Kulap Vilaysack  14:41

Well, speaking of makeup, let’s get into your cart. And let’s start with the Kim Chi chic beauty puff puff pass set and bake powder and translucent.




Jujubee  14:51

Let’s talk about this. This is hands down the best powder that I’ve ever used in my life. And it’s true. It’s true because, because one, it, you said it one time. And it stays on the entire day. I actually I just did a theater tour in the UK. And I used that. And we had a double show that day it was a matinee and a night show. And I kept the same makeup on, and it was fresh the entire time. And then I ran out, and I use something else. And it didn’t last. So that was the comparison for me because I was like, Oh my gosh, this actually works. And I don’t know how it works. I just know that it works. And I love Kim Chi Kim, she is awesome. She’s a fabulous queen. And she’s also Asian, so It’s fierce.


Kulap Vilaysack  15:38

It’s so fierce, Jujubee you have to have an Amazon storefront.


Jujubee  15:44

I do.


Kulap Vilaysack  15:45



Jujubee  15:45

I do. I added I added I added this powder, to my storefront.


Kulap Vilaysack  15:50

Because that’s what I wanted to know. Because this bitches adding. I this is important. Look, sometimes what we do may not be in line with our values, in the sense of Amazon is a big corporation. But also I shop at Amazon every week, and I’m being a little it’s more than once a week. I’m being honest. And you know what you are giving us professional advice that I want you to get some pennies dropping down to the sky. I want that for you. And I want that for me.


SuChin Pak  16:24

And it’s it’s within the Asian circle. I mean, I’m sure Amazon gets some of it. But you know, it’s also, also the Asians get some of it, you know, so let’s keep it let’s keep the circle going. If we have to shop at Amazon, let’s support the people. We love the products that we love.


Jujubee  16:42

It really talks about wanting it now. And when I shop at Amazon, I’m getting it now. That’s why I’m like I want it now.


Kulap Vilaysack  16:50

Yes, yes, exact speaking, continuing with getting stuff on Amazon. You appear to be a gardener. You appear to be a harvest fairy. Let’s talk about the Zins in raised garden bed.


Jujubee  17:06

Okay, I bought two. And then a few days later, it went on sale. So I bought one more because three is better than two. And I kind of like things in odds anyway. But I set them up. And I it was very spiritual. For me. This is really crazy to say, but it was spiritual. It was really relaxing. And I felt like it was like therapy because it took me back to my childhood where I would garden with my dad. And that was something that I did. And I think culturally my dad was like, Hey, you gotta get your hands dirty. This is how I grew up. My father taught me how to plant things. And we would just harvest like really simple things like herbs.


Kulap Vilaysack  17:45

Yeah, to make Lab.


Jujubee  17:47

I’m actually making lab tonight. So I put the raised garden bed together. It was It came in metal pieces and some screws and they gave you extra screws. And you didn’t need any tools, which I found really cool. I’m not the craftiest person or the strongest person, but I got it all together within 20 minutes. And it looks really freakin cute in my backyard.


Kulap Vilaysack  18:13

I mean, it looks really cute. So it’s outdoor rustproof bottomless, and it’s in a beautiful shade of green and what’s in your garden. It’s a tea garden. It’s a pollinator garden.


Jujubee  18:27

Two of the outside ones are pollinators. And then the one middle one are all herbs and Thai chilies.


Kulap Vilaysack  18:34

Okay, that bird eye, need that bird eye.


Jujubee  18:37

Yeah, yes. and at the bottom of the raised garden bed is the boxes that it came in. So I’m repurposing because that’s like the base and then I you know, I threw in some, some sticks around my yard to kind of raise it all up because I’m, I told you I was frugal. I’m not going to fill the whole thing with soil honey. It’ll break down in time. The leaves that I’ve raked up myself have gone in there as well. My roommate really thinks I’m crazy. And when when I was saving all these sticks, he was like, what are you gonna do with this? I was like, I have a plan. Just wait and see.


Jujubee  18:37

Also, I’m a bird.


Jujubee  18:43

Yeah, literally.


Jujubee  18:44

Also, this will take me two and a half years, but just you wait,


Jujubee  19:22

Just you wait. It’s in my cart right now.


SuChin Pak  19:28

I mean, I’m just impressed that you had the idea of gardening. I mean, because I’ve had this fantasy myself for my whole adult life. And I have never actually pulled the plug. It’s just I don’t know, it feels so intimidating. And you start to get into it and you’re like, oh, no, like, I’m not it’s just too much. But now, I don’t know I can, do I can collect some sticks. I can collect some sticks.


Jujubee  19:57

You can do it.


SuChin Pak  19:57

And you just put the plants in the ground and it and it. I mean, did you watch YouTube videos to get confident?


Jujubee  20:06

I’m a Pinterest kind of person. I’m like an old lady. Oh, that hurt.


Kulap Vilaysack  20:11

I was I am an old lady now. That’s what I really need.


Jujubee  20:15

I turned 39 this year. I think that’s I think that’s old lady territory and my knees hurt when it rains outside. So that’s, that’s the thing. It’s the thing. I used to hear about it. Yeah.


SuChin Pak  20:25

Wait till your risk about


Jujubee  20:26

Oh my gosh, I can’t wait.


Kulap Vilaysack  20:30

Don’t get her started on teeth. Please. Can we not talk about?


Jujubee  20:33

No, I want to hear about all of that.


SuChin Pak  20:35

I don’t know, why want to talk offline. Okay, they start falling out or chipping off. It’s all right. You can call me.


Kulap Vilaysack  20:45

I’m gonna be 43 And that does not happen, SuChin Pak.


SuChin Pak  20:49

Okay, well, then fine. You You’re a healthy 43 or 43 that maybe got dental insurance a little bit earlier than I did.


Kulap Vilaysack  20:58

Okay. Okay.


Jujubee  20:59

I should be doing some wrist workouts right now.


SuChin Pak  21:03

I have, I have a tool for that. But anyway, that’s not for now. I will send you links. I will send you links.


Jujubee  21:09

I’ll add it to my cart.


Kulap Vilaysack  24:27

I want to know about I’ve never heard of this concept, which is you are wiggling the eggs in a carton before you buy them.


Jujubee  25:34



Kulap Vilaysack  25:35

What why?


Jujubee  25:36

Why don’t check your eggs?


Kulap Vilaysack  25:37

I mean, I checked to see if they’re cracked.


Jujubee  25:39

You wiggle them.


Kulap Vilaysack  25:41

So what’s the wiggle about?


Jujubee  25:43

Because if they’re already if they’re already broken, then they won’t wiggle. I feel like they just stick.


SuChin Pak  25:50

So you’re in the egg aisle wiggling eggs, like all of the eggs. Every single egg. You actually purchase.


Jujubee  25:58

I pick up like the carton and then, and then I just.


SuChin Pak  26:01

Give it a jiggle. okay I was imagining you taking each egg and given it I turn.


Jujubee  26:07

Well maybe I do.


Kulap Vilaysack  26:08

Maybe Okay, now we’re unpeeling something.


Jujubee  26:12

Maybe when people aren’t there to see me do it. Maybe I’m doing that. But.


SuChin Pak  26:20

Eggs are expensive now. You can’t afford to take home and then be disappointed that one of them is stuck to the carton because it’s cracked underneath.


Jujubee  26:29

And it happened.


SuChin Pak  26:30

You know.


Jujubee  26:30

And I didn’t wiggle it. And I was very disappointed in myself. I was, I was like, Can I use this? How long has this been cracked? It’s stuck. And then, I used it.


SuChin Pak  26:42

And you’re here to tell the tale and it was fine. It was fine. It was totally fine and life threatening.


Kulap Vilaysack  26:48

Also named one way would be if my friend.


Jujubee  26:53

I don’t know. But it was already cracked.


SuChin Pak  26:55

It could be a razor blade in it.


Jujubee  26:57



SuChin Pak  26:57

You know that the person who puts razor blades in candy on Halloween.


Jujubee  27:02



SuChin Pak  27:02

You don’t know what they do the rest of the year. They could be putting them in eggs.


Jujubee  27:07

Exactly. Exactly. I’m going to continue to wiggle the eggs. And I think everybody listening should start wiggling the eggs. Maybe we can do a little wiggle dance.


Kulap Vilaysack  27:16

Oh, this is like a tiktok sensation.


Jujubee  27:19

Like an Add to Cart wiggle egg dance.


Kulap Vilaysack  27:24

It is really the idea of just seeing you at like a grocery store and the owl just slowly picking up land dude.


Jujubee  27:33



Kulap Vilaysack  27:35

Whistle while I work. Hi ho. Hi ho.


SuChin Pak  27:40

Your gardening boots just coming from my pollinators.


Jujubee  27:44

Yep, that’s me.


Kulap Vilaysack  27:48

I also kind of need to hear you talk about this book. SuChin and I are both we love a book. And I think I’m coming out of something, that but I think I might need this book. It’s called the Untethered Soul the journey beyond yourself by Michael a Singer.


Jujubee  28:08

Yes. Okay. This is how I heard of this book. And it is a beautiful book. I was complaining about my life, of course.


Kulap Vilaysack  28:17

Done that.


Jujubee  28:17

And I’m in such a great place in my life. But I am human. And I find myself having a hard time with very specific things sometimes. And when that thing happens, everything that was ever bad in my life comes up everything like oh, just recall that everything.


Kulap Vilaysack  28:38

Yeah, I do that.


Jujubee  28:40

Isn’t that crazy? We just do that.


SuChin Pak  28:42

It is a cycle where, the thing that triggers you, right? And it could be anything, it could be an argument you have with your partner or your kids, or whatever it is. And then you do the whole thing of like, and then that happened that year, and you’re always this and and then you get through and you’re like, I can’t believe I did that again. Okay, next time this happens because it will. I’m gonna remember this and then it happens and you do the thing again.


Jujubee  29:11

And I believe that these things that we do, it’s just things that we’ve been practicing without knowing it. And the Untethered Soul was spoken to me by a friend that was driving. He picked me up from the airport when I was in LA. And I was, I was venting and he’s like, hey, you know, I’m reading this book called The Untethered Soul. And it’s really helped me remove myself from my thoughts and my feelings. And I was like, You need to stop the car right now. Stop the car and he’s like, it’s fine girl. We’re running into traffic. So the car is gonna stop. And so tell me about this book. I said, Take me somewhere to buy it. We immediately went to Barnes and Noble and actually, I bought it. And what I discovered about this is I’m So in the book, they describe the voice in your head because we’ve all kind of got one whether or not we want to admit it or acknowledge it.


Kulap Vilaysack  30:09

Mine’s called Sloane.


Jujubee  30:11

Yeah, mine’s Amber.


SuChin Pak  30:12

Okay, interesting.


Jujubee  30:14

Amber. Amber. Yeah, I used, I used to drink a lot, and I don’t, I’m a sober person now. But that was the name of the person who was drunk. So I just identify with the drunk person.


SuChin Pak  30:28

Amber’s personality,


Jujubee  30:30

Um, she’s fun in front of people. But then she gets home, and she’s maybe a little sad and messy. And, you know, she doesn’t get out of bed. And like, you know, maybe she’s like, Oh, I’ll brush my teeth today. Maybe I’m not leaving the house. So it doesn’t matter. It’s yeah, that Amber, but it describes the voice in your head as just a voice. And if you just observe that voice, the voice can’t really tell you what to do. And Michael A. Singer, basically says, if you looked at that voice, as a human, and they were your roommate, how would you feel about a roommate saying these things out loud. And I would not be excited about a roommate saying a lot of those things that I say, in my mind, you know, it reminded me that I always kind of need to be like, behind the thoughts so that the thoughts could just go, I’m not I’m not really following the thoughts. I’m just observing it. And when I’m angry now, I just say to myself, Okay, I, I’m observing that I’m upset, or angry, this is going to pass. I know it won’t, because it always does. So let me just feel these feelings and then let it flow. So it’s really just energy, and we just have to let energy flow through us and not let parts of our hearts be blocked. Does this make any sense?


Kulap Vilaysack  31:58

Yes, it makes sense. It makes total sense.


Jujubee  32:01

I think maybe sometimes people wait until they’re really later on in life to experience like, the great things and a lot of older people like my grandma has told me things like don’t sweat the small stuff. Just enjoy your life. Go do what you want to do. Get your hands dirty, like. And this book kind of explained it to me. And I don’t know, I don’t know why I don’t know why it took the Untethered Soul for me to just see this lightness. I’ve been feeling great. And gardening and not upset about the cracked egg because of this book.


Kulap Vilaysack  32:45

I love that.


Kulap Vilaysack  33:43

The last thing we want to ask you about is what you’ve been trying to remove from cart which you haven’t yet, which is.


Jujubee  34:01

Okay. Okay. I think, I think this is the moment I’m gonna put myself to this because what I’ve been trying for years is to quit smoking. And, three hours ago, I smoked a cigarette. And then I put it out. And it was the last cigarette in the pack. And I have no intention to go by anymore. And I got up and I got my house and I believe my house is full of great energy and I said hey, I just need your guidance. And I need you to believe me because I believe this, but I know it’s going to be hard, but I’m going to never ever smoke again. Ever.


Kulap Vilaysack  34:41



Jujubee  34:41

It’s I just I got chills just talking about I just do not want to do it. I think that is the last thing that’s like holding me and I’m letting it happen. Because again, we’re in complete control and we’re in control of changing and you know, I can’t sit here and tell you about like these experiences if I’m not going to do take on, these experiences myself, you know? So I quit smoking today.


Kulap Vilaysack  35:06

Yay. Yay. Yes, yes, yes. Oh, wow.


SuChin Pak  35:12

It comes full circle all this stuff that you’re tuning into and being drawn to, you know, the sort of this version of yourself that’s so attached to who you used to be or your thoughts or the thing that, you know, you always complain about. Doesn’t have to be right. Those can just be thoughts that pass through. And you were a smoker and now you’re not.


Jujubee  35:35

Yeah, yeah. and and actually, the Untethered Soul explains, you know what to do, just don’t put cigarettes in your mouth. And I was like, wow, that was the most stupefied version to tell me what to do. And I’ve never heard it said that way. I’m gonna have to take that advice.


SuChin Pak  35:55

Well, we’ll all here to to support you but also guilt and shame you if we see you why cigarettes.


Jujubee  36:01

I hope you do. I hope.


Kulap Vilaysack  36:04

I will, I say my pleasure.


Jujubee  36:06

You can hit me with a chopstick because my friend was to.


Kulap Vilaysack  36:10

I said, I don’t want to get you with a flyswatter.


Jujubee  36:12

Yeah, that to, talking through your teeth.


Kulap Vilaysack  36:23

It’s very scary, and it’s triggering what you just did to me.


Jujubee  36:30

She’ll just talk through her teeth with her tattooed eyebrows. My grandma,


Kulap Vilaysack  36:34

I realized it was like, I was present in it because you didn’t say Eonni. You said back to me. So that’s the only way I knew that we weren’t in my past.


SuChin Pak  36:46

That’s why she’s still here. I’m still here, still here on the podcast. That wasn’t that wasn’t happening in real time.


Kulap Vilaysack  36:53

Yes, yes. Jujubee. Okay, Queen of Hearts. Where can we find this podcast?


Jujubee  37:00

Uh, well, Queen of Hearts. You can listen to it everywhere. But you can hear it one week early on Amazon or the Wondery Plus app, and it’ll be ad free on those. You can really listen to it. Wherever you’re listening to this podcast.


Kulap Vilaysack  37:14

That’s right, the finest the finest of podcasts. And what other things should we be looking out for?


Jujubee  37:22

Well, are you two going to be in New York City this summer?


Kulap Vilaysack  37:25

I mean, should I make plans? was


Jujubee  37:29

I’m just saying? I so I booked an Off Broadway show called Death Drop? And yes, yes. Let’s really talk about this because not only is there an Asian queen, who’s going to star alongside other great drag artists, but there’s also an Asian drag king, who’s going to be on it named Wing Newton. And they are I know, I know. Their comedy, their talent. There everything. We’re gonna be at New World stages starting June 30. And the play is called Death Drop, and people can get tickets at death drop.


Kulap Vilaysack  38:10

That’s major Jujubee, what what is your social handles across the interwebs?


Jujubee  38:16

Well, I just started to Tiktok. It’s because I’m old. And I had to ask a friend if I should get one. And they’re like, Yeah, it’s like the thing. That is, I think it’s official Jujubee I mean, that’s official. Jujubee. And then my Instagram is Jujubee online and Jujubee fans on Facebook. I don’t have a Twitter. Because fine. It’s a mess. Yeah, I’m just like, oh my gosh, this is this is like reading into people’s journals. It’s the voice it’s the voice in your head that you’re just typing out.


Kulap Vilaysack  38:54

Jujubee, thank you so much for joining us. This was just really special to me. And I know to us, but mainly to me.


Jujubee  39:02

Oh, Kulap. I like the collab. And thank you so much. SuChin. I appreciate to have you so much. And thank you for being awesome. Incredible. Beautiful. So wicked smart, Asian women.


Kulap Vilaysack  39:15

Thank you. Oh, that is all for today’s episode. You can find all of Jujubee’s items on our Instagram at Add to Cart pod bye.


SuChin Pak  39:29

Have you heard we are doing our first ever add to cart live show. Real people live? I know. I know I’m I’m still getting my head around it. But if you are in the Los Angeles area, hang out with us on Wednesday, May 17th at the gorgeous […] in Hollywood. We’re going to do what we do. There’ll be free products from our favorite brands at gifting tables and naturally. And of course our super guests do Jessica Gao, creator of She Hulk and Jason Mantzoukas maybe you know him from the host drumsticks cubes will be showing us what they are adding to cart. Space is limited. The RSVP link is in our bio. Add to Cart pod follow us there for more updates as we count down to that big event. Oh, also did I mention it’s a free event? I know. I know. We aunties. We got you. Celebrate API month mingle with other fans and guests of the show and get free stuff. That is a perfect night in my book. There’s more add to cart with limonada premium subscribers get exclusive access to bonus content like where we give you an unfiltered look at the actual last thing we bought subscribe now in Apple podcasts.


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