Luis ???????? — “Do you like how I touch you here?”

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The only sexual expectation Latinx comedian Luis is committed to meeting is working off his partner’s good vibes and surrendering himself to the build-up before sex.


Find Luis on Twitter at @IncaPapi and on Instagram at @luisgalilei.


As expected, Good Sex contains mature themes and may not be appropriate for all listeners.


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Luis Galilei

Claire Jones  00:00

Hello, everyone, I am one of the producers of the show just popping in to tell you that we want to open things up a little bit between us for the next season. We want to feature you and your partner, or maybe your partners in Season 3 of GOOD SEX. Real people talking about real sex together on the mic. If you’re down, call us at 833-453-6662 and leave us a voicemail. If that’s not your thing, maybe it’s your friend’s thing. So tell them about it. Okay, on to the episode.

Luis Galilei 

So I met this girl, and the way I met this girl it was I mean, it already started from my friends being problematic. They were like, oh, that girl over there. She’s really into Latin dudes. And I’m like, okay, and then they introduced me to her as oh, yeah. What’s up? Like, this is Luis. He’s latin. And I’m like, this is crazy. Like, I’m not like a special bred dog. At the bar, it was very much like, Oh my god, like, I have never slept with a Latino before. And I’m like, I’m also white. Like, you know, I just tan a little bit more in the summers, like, I’m a white Latino, or would you consider yourself spicy? And I’m like, well, Peruvians. You know we don’t really eat spice like that is more of a flavor spice. So I would say like, I’m a flavor spice when she was like, oh, flavor spice. I was probably I was probably fucking myself up on that one.

Luis Galilei

And then when we got to her place, it started to get very hot. It was summer but the AC for some reason wasn’t they didn’t feel like it was working. I think like the heat from the expectation was starting to get to me. She asked me to say things in Spanish, she don’t know Spanish. And I’m like, it’s really hard to talk while clearly your tongue is in my throat. You know what I’m saying? But like, in my head, I was like, what the fuck do I say to this woman? And I was just like, mommy or something. Like it was so awkward. And then I was like, okay, think about what dirty talk is to you in English, and just google translate that shit. So I’d be like, […]. That means do you like the way I touch you here? And then she would moan and then I’d be like, ah, those. It was just very elementary reactions. While we were having sex. He was like Si, si, si, Papi. You’re on fucking Cleveland. Don’t stop putting this act on.

Luis Galilei  02:30

But it was weird because like I almost lost my erection during it because I was like, she’s fucking some like caricature of me. But you know, I was, what was I, 19, was just happy I was getting laid. Hi, I’m Luis Galilei and you’re listening to good sex. I am a comedian, actor, writer activists, and I try really hard during sex. My pronouns are he/they and GOOD SEX is good vibes. My Latinx background specifically, I’m Peruvian. But I would say like the general American Latinx kind of upbringing, I found that I had an expectation of being like a spicy lover. I was seen to be like, passionate, and good in bed already. So I was like, Damn, I really got to come through. With like, any, like male partners, they expect aggressive, Latin, masculine energy. And I’m like, I got you with that. Like, I’m masculine presenting, and I got you with it. But it’s weird when the physicalness is expected from you. And then another example. I disappointed the partner, for sure. Came way too fast. But she had expressed that she expected that to not be the result with me.

Luis Galilei

And I was like, wow, this makes me feel worse. This makes me feel like I let down my entire culture. So when Latin men when we fail in bed, we let down all 14 countries that we could possibly come from. I think single handedly Antonio Banderas has made it difficult for all Latin men to exist in the United States. Because he’s like this like, oh, sure. Oh, man. Always like three buttons on buttoned in hair out and like hot and steamy. And he’s not even Latin. Oh, Pitbull. Fuck you. I’ve literally had people be like, Oh my god, you’re Latino. I love Pitbull, Dolly and I’m like, come on, everything that you’ve done has made us spicy to everyone. People definitely destroyed us. But I love him, he does a lot of good for the community.

Luis Galilei

For me, like all the good sex that I’ve had before, is definitely based off of that build up, because I am about vibes. I remember I had this time that I met someone and I met them through mutual friends. And I remember the first time I saw them, I was like, okay, rude that you came here looking like that. I’m distracted. But, you know, you connect eyes. And you know, you don’t want to assume anything. But you can sort of see when someone is like, giving you back energy, right? And then you start to see, like, you know, you might throw a little joke here, or they might throw a little nag here. So I don’t like nagging. But sometimes a cute little nag is like, oh, okay, you kind of enemy. All right. We were in a park. So I handed that I was like, oh, you want these chips? And she’s like, I don’t do that. Okay, all right, but like, even the way you react to an offering. Sure. So then there’s that build up. I ended up taking my shirt off at one moment because it was hot, and I don’t like getting tan lines. And she was just like, wow, very fuckboys to take your shirt off. music was playing and then you’re like, Okay, you start to see how the people move. She saw that I was dancing. Then we started to dance.

Luis Galilei  06:41

And then when you started dancing, you start falling into like a rom com movie. Is this what love is, like? Is this what we’re gonna be like when we’re all like, are we going to teach our children how to dance? I got her Instagram. Yo, follow me. I’ll follow you. Hopefully we can meet up and she saw that I was a comedian. And she was like, oh, that’s why you’ve been trying to like joke all day. No, you just make me a little nervous. So like I had, I try and make you laugh. Oh, I make you nervous. I tried to pull a move. I was just like, so you know, where are you headed? Home. Oh, that don’t include nobody, right? Just you? Yeah, just me. Cool, cool. Cool. I’ll back up. We touched knees. That’s good enough for me. But then, literally, that night, she hit me up on Instagram and was like, want to see you tomorrow. And we had sex, it was great.

Luis Galilei

Going back to the buildup, we had this whole build up to where even just the date itself was very like, now we’re talking about things like we’ve been friends for a bit. And because sometimes the buildup be happening when people aren’t necessarily available. I had a situation before where like, this woman was in a relationship. And I was like respected 1000% and I kept my distance but that distance still made build up. And then they were single and then grace period, a month grace period, because we’re not pieces of shit out here. And then it happened. And it was like, you know what, like, I had this for you since I saw you and I was like, I know, but I couldn’t do nothing about it. And they’re like, good, good, good. We’re respectful people. But now we can have sex.

Luis Galilei  08:31

So that build up for me is like everything like whether it’s one day or months. That’s what I’m attracted to. Is that like, authentic moment that we’re having the exchange of energies that we’re having, not necessarily just because you look a certain way. So if you’re into comedy, or local NYC community, grassroots events, follow me at @LuisGalilei on Instagram. I talk a lot about having good sex but then also having bad sex. Thank you for listening to GOOD SEX.


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