Managing Everybody’s Expectations (with Chris Olsen)

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Settle in for a delightful episode featuring the mega-talented Chris Olsen! We plunge headfirst into a discussion about TikTok fame, the beauty of the internet, and our initial meeting on the set of a Meghan Trainor music video. Chris is such a thoughtful and funny human, he should probably have his own podcast by now! We also delve into shamelessly watching our own videos and how I would rather throw my phone across the room and break it, before I let my husband watch me create a piece of content.

Please note, Funny Cuz It’s True contains mature themes and may not be appropriate for all listeners.

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Chris Olsen, Elyse Myers

Elyse Myers  00:11

Okay, actually, can you just pretend that you’re listening to a fully complete theme song here, I got really in my head. And I tried to make it perfect. And I couldn’t. So this is going to be the theme song right here. Hello, and welcome to another episode of Funny Cuz It’s True. I’m Elyse Myers. Today I’m talking to actor and digital creator Chris Olson, Chris and I compare notes from the time that we filmed a music video with Meghan Trainor. And it was so fun to recap that day with him. Chris also shares how his content has changed from its start with his partner in COVID. To now he is an absolute delight. So two things that are funny because they’re true. Number one, Chris is very good at asking questions to the point where I just started this like conversational long campaign to get him to start his own podcast. And number two, People magazine just recently rated him the sexiest man of Tiktok, which I think is so incredible. Okay, let’s get into it. Oh my god. I have the best day ever. How are you?

Chris Olsen  02:38

Good. I’m good. Thank you for having me on here.

Elyse Myers  02:42

This is like my dream come true. You should already do you have a podcast because your voice should you should have one.

Chris Olsen  02:48

Thank you. I don’t just because I It does feel like quite the undertaking. I am in awe of all people who do have podcasts because the internal fears like I don’t have enough thoughts to share on a podcast. But what do I do all day?

Elyse Myers  03:04

Just share your thoughts.

Chris Olsen  03:07

My thoughts anyway. I don’t know if you’ve ever had the experience of like, if someone asks what kind of content you make or trying to explain your content to someone who is who does not know the app, it is your suddenly I get suddenly like humid. I’m horrified by all the content I make.

Elyse Myers  03:24

More than that. I get embarrassed when people ask me what I do for my job. Because I’ll meet a lot of people that don’t know who I am or like at the doctor’s office or whatever. And they’ll be like, what do you do for work and without fail? It’s like my brain reboots. And I have no idea what to say. And for a while, I wouldn’t even acknowledge what I did. Because I was like, I am so embarrassed to say that I make like content online that I would default to being a web developer like like a few months after I’d made the full transition. Sure. Do you have an answer? Like do you have a succinct? Like, what do you say?

Chris Olsen  03:56

I don’t know. It’s it’s also very tough for me. And I’ve never really considered that when I’m vague about it. People are then just filling in their own blank.

Elyse Myers  04:04

100%, did you ever tell you the story about the landlord I had when I rented I had a townhome that I rented as my office for a while. And my landlord was super nice, super cool. But he would you know, for the first few months, there was things he had to come over and fix. And I had a ring light and a camera pointed towards this like day behead that I was filming on a day in the life. And he at this point, I told him I was a web developer. Sure. So then he comes in and he had to fix something he was What are you doing? And I was like, I’m working. And the lights are hot and like clearly filming pointing towards this like bed couch thing. And he was okay. And I was like, no, no, it’s just it’s for the internet. And then he was like, okay, and I had just opened up this promotional box from a wedding company, you know from bachelor nation. So, the contents of this box were so intimate. You And but like so separate to what I was filming, I just had opened my PR and it was on the floor next to it. Oh, and when I tell you this man was convinced I was making, you know sexually explicit content for the internet. Absolutely. That was like I could never change his mind.

Chris Olsen  05:17

There are way too many signs.

Elyse Myers  05:20

My nightmare, Chris. Okay, so if you can picture it. On the ground in the living room was a pink satin pillowcase embroidered with Elise’s Fantasy Suite on the front of it. And then a stick of meltable chocolate and caramel written for two on the box and fake rose petals just kind of barely open because I wanted to see what it was.

Chris Olsen  05:42

And also the amount of chances for him to walk in right when that specific PR package had been opened.

Elyse Myers  05:49

And I didn’t think about it because I’m like, I just I wouldn’t think about it. And oh, so funny about so much of what we do is like without any context, someone watching you make something like delivering a cup of coffee to a stranger on a red carpet or something like, is so random. But if you understand the context of your content, it makes all the sense in the world. Yes, that brings it up, I wanted to ask you, you do a lot of like red carpet at interviews and stuff like that do you enjoy that is that something you’re wanting to kind of get into.

Chris Olsen  06:18

For the most part, like I 100% Enjoy it. But we are regular people, or when I’m someone who doesn’t go to red carpet events, I assume that these red carpet events are just so perfectly executed, everyone there is having an absolutely perfect time. And like it’s stress free. And so it’s been a bit of a learning curve to realize, like, especially when you are working on the carpet, it is clunky, you have to be on your toes, like you have to be ready to talk to one of the stars of the movie for five seconds. And then you have no one for a while. Or if you’re talking to someone be ready for the next person and stuff like that. So it’s I feel like I’ve gotten more confidence in it. Yeah, over the past few months. But yeah, I really do enjoy doing that. I feel like a dream that I have like down the line is doing like some sort of late night segment or late night show where I can like talk to people like that, because I feel like I’ve created so much of my content around like, just showing the human side of a lot of people or just trying to like, be these people’s friends and show the world how everyone is just a regular person at the end of the day.

Elyse Myers  07:35

Yeah. Has like what you’ve decided to capture and share with the world changed because how did you start on Tik Tok? Because you have like a musical theater background? Yeah. Is that kind of what you wanted to start with? Or?

Chris Olsen  07:45

Oh, yeah, I was getting a BFA in Musical Theater, and then the pandemic hit spring break of junior year. Okay, so I was like, let me download Tiktok and just see what’s happening on here. Because I’m bored. It wasn’t like, alright, pivot, let’s now get a career because like, you know, you download the app, no one. I, for the most part, all of the people I know, who are creators on the app, it is like happy accidents for all of us. Oh, yeah. Yes, so many of us work really hard. And like, we care so much about how our content looks. But it’s like, even though I did that, at the start, I didn’t know if anyone was going to want to watch or partake in any of the things that I was doing. So I downloaded the app, and I was in a relationship at the time. So naturally, my content around that time was like relationship content. It was like, pandemic, here’s some cup of content, we got nothing else to do. We continued creating content for a while, but as you know, having grace with myself as relationships that start when you’re 21 can sometimes do, yeah, but the relationship ran its course. And then I was like, Okay, now I’m here in LA with this platform. What what do I do with this, and I just kind of have, I just pivoted and tried to find new ways to create on the app and go from there. And that’s around the time that I met Megan, too. So that’s kind of how I feel like all the the accidental part of it happened, but I was I was in school for musical theater. I ended up finishing like my last senior year was on Zoom.

Elyse Myers  09:20

Congratulations for finishing because I would not have had the stamina, I’d be like, it’s over. It’s done.

Chris Olsen  09:26

No, it was even my my dad was like, you can I mean, if you can drop out like state of mind.

Elyse Myers  09:33


Chris Olsen  09:34

Right. And that because also I’m getting like an Listen, stay in school kids, but I was getting a BFA in Musical Theater as well. Like, I wasn’t gonna slap that resume down on like a desk and be like, and now you’re gonna hire me. Totally no one. It’s, it’s very, it’s a very specific kind of degree. I do hope to use that training at some point in my life. as well, because that’s the little Chris stream. I think he just really wanted to be seen and heard. Oh, I feel like that’s kind of how it did come to be in a way. I mean, what was yours also, in a way sort of like this accidental thing?

Elyse Myers  10:15

Yeah, it was like it was like I had, I had no no desire to be seen or heard in any way. It was like, Please actually stop. So. Yeah, literally stop looking. But yeah, but it just I found so much value in, in the community that I was kind of building that it was it, I felt like it would be a disservice to myself and the people that saw themselves in me to not do it. And so I just was like, What do I you know, do I want to be comfortable? Or do I feel like this isn’t such a position of like purpose that I want, I just feel like it’s I’m responsible to it, you know, and that was kind of what I did. And it’s kind of not stopped, since it’s kind of in a snowball and accident. But I it’s, I have always done the same ish thing. I’ve evolved a little bit, but my track has kind of been the same since I got started storytelling. So it’s really interesting to hear that like, when you started making content, you started making content centered around this relationship. That’s where I found you. Right, right. And I really was curious what was happening in your mind as you know, the breakup happened, but then you’re pivoting to make solo Chris and you always be like, solo Chris content, but like, really? This is you you now you know, only you. Yeah, it sounds really depressing. You’re alone, Greg. At least just let it go. He knows you single stop. Now you’re alone. And you’re like pounding that message it sorry.

Chris Olsen  11:43

No, no, but it’s true.

Elyse Myers  11:45

What was that like?

Chris Olsen  11:47

There was a lot of fear there. Because I think like in at the end of the relationship, I was like, if this thing isn’t working between us, unfortunately, we also somehow kind of made it our jobs at the time. But like, I think it had been decided that just like our happiness was worth more than kind of like, pushing through, we broke up and I was like, Well, I guess this is over for me. Really. I’m I’m sick as well. And so after I posted the breakup video, I watched throughout the day, my followers just go down. I was like, and now I’m gonna watch people leave me because like, why somehow masochistically I’m like, I am going to watch my fear be confirmed, and just watch it go down. Then around that time, just kind of, like, I guess Kismet of it all was like, then Megan reached out was just like, come on my podcast and like, Let’s hang out. And it truly was supposed to be that just like a one day do the pod and that’s about it.

Elyse Myers  12:48

And that was you meeting her right? For the first time.

Chris Olsen  12:51

That was me meeting her. And it’s so funny because I pull up to her house. And her entire family is waiting on the front step. Like smiling, ready to like, receive me and I was like, oh, like I should what the weird thing is, I should have been more nervous. But I was like, oh my god, it felt like I was like, I’m home. Yeah, that then also had its natural progression change of like, now I’m making bestie content with Meghan Trainor, which is just like was also so crazy to me.

Elyse Myers  13:23

So actually, Chris and Megan posted this video a while back where they said that they had known each other since childhood. And they created this like fake photoshopped picture of them at a pool together as a joke. And they didn’t mean for people to take it seriously. But I didn’t know it was a joke. So this entire time, I genuinely thought that they have known each other since childhood. So I’m just now learning. That’s not true. You’re managing your social media.

Chris Olsen  13:49

It was so it’s so unofficial, you know, like we make the jokes that I’m like, under this contract. And like, this is our friendship contract. But like, most of what I was doing was just like coming over and we were creating tiktoks And then when her album was out, it was like, let’s create some tiktoks with the music and it just like it flowed in the exact way that I think the universe meant for it to flow. Yeah, but I really have gone through so many phases of this the kind of content I’m making, and now that’s kind of ended. So what am I shifting to? And I’ve tried to create constants throughout like the coffee deliveries or those therapy videos that I do, but I think so much of my fun on Tik Tok is finding the new thing that I’m like, Oh, I I enjoy doing that. I feel like evolution is something that happens with so many content creators because it is short form as well. You know, like we have to evolve in a way because do you feel like your content even though it’s it stayed with storytimes but if you were to watch one of your videos, like from the start, are you ever like oh, I would what? What is this video even if it went viral? You’re like, oh, this is what I would do differently. What like what is what’s your have thoughts on it?

Elyse Myers  15:01

It’s so funny. I was just talking to Jonas about this yesterday, I watched my videos back sometimes. And I felt so uncomfortable being myself, like I was authentically myself. Sure, but my style and my delivery is so serious because I am a very like, high anxiety person. And when I’m comfortable with you that high anxiety manifests very loudly, sure, sure, sure. Like, I am verbalizing every thought and I’m sweating and like, I’m changing my shirt. And I’m telling you that I’m changing my shirt because I just put it through my shirt like, that is my like, my whole that is me in real life. But online, I was really stripped back and I was anxious in a very quiet serious like, stoic way to the point where I was robotic, almost. So I watched myself back. And also it was filming at like four in the morning and I had like a four month old so, you know, life was so different, but I couldn’t be loud. But like, yeah, I just watch this person that did not think anybody was going to be watching her content, right? And then people did and I got so afraid that I was going to be too much because I was too much for so many people in my life that I was like, I will make the most stripped back version of myself right? But then express myself through these like emojis. So it’s like I could be that but like through the visuals of my story. Yeah. And that’s just created this whole style of storytelling that I did not know the internet needed and wanted until I started doing it.

Chris Olsen  16:28


Elyse Myers  16:31

Okay, time for a break. When we come back, Chris and I talk about balancing our online audience with our very real in real life social anxiety.

Chris Olsen  17:46

Didyou do VidCon or something like that. Like, you’ve had moments where you’re like in where you’re in front of a lot of people because I think what what was coming up in my head too during that is like it can be a little easier. communicating through this because it’s like at the end of the day, we you are just looking at yourself. Yes, it’s going out to a lot of other people. But it feels in a way like okay, we have this boundary up so I can be comfortable to create this. But now that the world has opened up again, and we have events like VidCon or so many of these other things. Was that a big shift for you when you started like going in public? Yeah, that’s now Elyse with the platform.

Elyse Myers  19:50

Yeah. And also you need a podcast just first of all because you’re the best interviewer I’ve never had a guest like I’m going to interview you now.

Chris Olsen  20:00

Really, you throw a throw at me and I’m like, Well, I want it. Well, what about you? Like, let’s talk about this.

Elyse Myers  20:05

I learned so much. Yeah. Okay, I’m just gonna start a campaign for you to make your own podcast. But my gosh of the question Oh yeah, world opening up definitely. I like the number one question I get from people is if you are so socially anxious, like how on earth do you make content for millions of people and the thing that most people don’t understand when they are not on the content creation side of it, is that I literally am creating my everything in a vacuum by myself a with a phone at my house, and I do not have to see anybody’s faces. So like, right it is very easy for me to find this like weird cheat code of being able to be this entertainer without having to have any stage fright and then and then what’s what’s really interesting is then you do get invited to these things where people assume that will translate and it doesn’t at all sure and people like think I’m like this doing this like gimmick or this stick when I meet them in person and I am like, uncomfortable. Yeah, like if you looked at stills from the beginning of our shoot together that day, yes. For those that don’t know we did it made you look acapella with Meghan Trainor. It was the first time I met you in person. The first like, 20 minutes, I have photos of me, I look I’m about to shit my pants with a Christmas like jacket on like, on my head goes out. Yeah, we were wearing and I I’m looking at Jonas and Jonas is like this. And I’m in a room full of four people like with cameras, you know, behind obviously, the scenes. So sure, it’s just this, it’s just so funny that it does not translate. It’s a totally different skill that I’m learning now. And I’m so honestly, that is the thing I’m most proud of, with myself in this job is yes, I’m proud of the content I make. But I’m really proud that I have been able to step out of this, like fear. Because all of this happened to me. Without, you know, a plan like it happened, you know, by a happy like, accident. So I just feel like I’m a liar. So when I show up to these things, I’m like, they’re gonna find out I’m, I am a liar.

Chris Olsen  22:20

Oh, my gosh, yeah.

Elyse Myers  22:22

To do this job and, and you figure it out. And you know, so it’s just it’s so interesting when you talk about wanting to do Broadway, because you’re like, I’m socially anxious. I’m like, nervous? Like, are you seeing yourself like being on a stage and not being nervous, like singing to hundreds 1000s of people.

Chris Olsen  22:38

You know, for the first time since school, I performed with my friend Tyler. He did like a solo show at a theater in New York. And so that was my first time literally, like live singing, performing in front of people since like the pandemic started, because the last time I was doing it was at school. And so I was really nervous. But it’s it still, thankfully, I discovered that it still does happen to me that when I step out, like it’s almost like your brain short circuits, because there is so much going on to to continue thinking about your anxiety, and like your it’s like adrenaline kicks in and you’re like, I’m okay, here we go. Yeah. Oddly enough, though, the times I get the most nervous are when I’m getting on stage and doing a q&a or something like that. Because then I’m like, Okay, so now you were just talking about me.

Elyse Myers  23:31

I would have never guessed this, because we were on a q&a panel at VidCon together, and he was filming a Tiktok as we walked out on stage together, like we were already running a little bit behind, and he walked out on stage wearing high heeled crocs, and he was filming himself going onto the stage. So this is news to me.

Chris Olsen  23:51

Before going on stage and like doing a roll or performing a song. It’s like I’m almost departing from myself a little bit, but but for q&a. It’s like oh, no, you’re we are talking about me here. I still can’t really make a video. But like the kind of videos I make at home like those filter videos or anything like that, I can no one better be around me. No one can be home.

Elyse Myers  24:13

I will kick my family. I will kick Jonas out of if Jonas walks up to me making a video Yeah, absolutely not i I will throw my phone across the room and break it before I let my husband slowly make a piece of piece of content right I will be recording on my Instagram stories. And Jonas will walk in and I will put it down as if I am like in trouble. I can I feel no shame with just posting it and then sitting right beside him while he watches it because I’ve watched it it’s really fun to watch it. Yeah, but some reason like him watching me do it is like no. Why do you think that is?

Chris Olsen  24:50

I think it’s maybe because it’s such a vulnerable spot and before it’s made, there may be mistakes. Yeah, we may say the wrong thing. We know how awkward it feels making them because I like because of the cuts and everything and it’s you do the thing and you’re like, what is happening? Yeah. Okay, now I’m like, it’s like you’re, it’s so clunky making a video. So I think that might be part of it because then when it’s finished, as you say it’s like and now I want to show absolutely everyone look at how good this finished, edited, perfected product is. And like, I was on vacation with my family, like my entire cousins, aunts, uncles, and I would go into a car in the garage to film the videos. And if I even heard someone getting close to the car, I was like, it is so embarrassing. It is so fascinating because our family is they know what we do.

Elyse Myers  25:52

This is like the number one reason why I have never I cannot get an editor so I so actually what’s really funny is with this podcast, the if the if you’ve listened to it, you know that like I do little videos like over my episodes, the editing process of like giving my stream of consciousness I had to have full control to where my team had to be like you have to stop editing the material you’re sending us like you’re not basically giving us enough like we need to be able to put it in and they’re in What world do you think I’m just gonna press record and like all of my mistakes like let you hear all of them and then pick the best one like it made no sense to my brain that I could allow someone to control that aspect of it and now with the experience it’s like you know, I press record and I send it and I don’t even have the time or emotional capacity to like care I have half right pick that for me. Mike my producer literally just messaged me said We wore you down yes. Oh my God. They want but with YouTube like there’s no world in which I could show oh my god, like it makes me want to barf like setting my camera up and like.

Chris Olsen  27:06

And just like all of them are possibly telling a joke that didn’t land you have to retell that one in. Oh, tripping up over the words. And then because we say them again, and if I’m editing it myself, I’m just like, what are the what? What is up? You got? Yeah, I I’ll just restate it a whole bunch of times. But thinking of someone else watching that go down. Oh, it’s tough.

Elyse Myers  27:31

Actually shameful. Okay, time for another break. When we come back, Chris and I talked about the time that we made a music video with Meghan Trainor.

Elyse Myers  27:50

Okay, we have to talk about the major look music video. She went okay so so the day that we made her Made You Look acapella video, I had not recorded my parts yet. I did all my filming with or my recording with her. I had met her one singular time, and then we texted and stuff and then and then I went over to her to her house and, and we’re in our studio and I am confident I can sing. But I am like the kid at the step over where I’m like, close your eyes. Close your fucking eyes. So I can sing this song. I will not sing it.

Chris Olsen  30:47

Close the door. And I’ll sing from there.

Elyse Myers  30:51

That is me singing but I can release albums like It’s like it there’s I have no way to explain why it is like that. Right? But so so we get in and she like, you know, shows me the parts. She wants to say, I don’t know what parts, there’s nothing picked out. I get there. And she’s like, sing this. And I’m like, great. And I started singing and I’m like, this is going to be absolute garbage. And who I’m not a singer and who do I think I am, you know. And she’s like pumping me up. And like the whole day, she pumped me up as if she was like my mentor mom, like she’s like jumping up and down with the iPad as I’m doing my solo. Because like, everybody was really good with their solo. And I’m standing there and I am so embarrassed. Because we’re lip synching to the video, you know, in like when we’re doing our solo. Gosh, the solo shots. Oh, the solo. Road, Chris. No, listen, the solo shots were literally the biggest, like the most fear I’d ever felt. Because it was something I was making up on the spot. You don’t I mean, like you’re singing and you’re having to make these, like you have to do something differently than somebody else did. And then everyone’s watching you.

Chris Olsen  31:57

I don’t know how to be a pop star. That’s why like, any time being on that set, or especially when we were doing it ourselves, I had just even that much more admiration, I got more like what Megan does, and what everyone does, because there is just this like effortless way that some people are able to be just a vibe. Yeah, she has like these perfect ears to hear absolutely everything that’s going on in a song too. And that was that was another like, I don’t know, wall to kind of crash through I feel like but I feel like that’s what we have to do. And in a lot of the stuff that we do is kind of just have to like just run full speed at the wall, you’re probably going to crash into it. But after a few crashes, it’s gonna break down.

Elyse Myers  32:44

I didn’t realize how nice it would be to talk to somebody that relates so hard to this because it’s not often I talk to people that aren’t like professional actors or stage performers. So this is very comforting to me right now. It’s gonna be fine. We’ve talked a lot about though, like when we feel really uncomfortable. Is there anything you do that, you know, you’re good at? Like, what is a moment where you’re like, I was actually meant to do this.

Chris Olsen  33:08

It fluctuates with, like content creation. But I feel like for the most part, I have gotten in a pretty comfortable spot with myself. When I do create a video. Yes, I don’t want anyone around me. But I do feel really good about the finished products. I shamefully and shamelessly will sometimes watch my own videos and be like, that one’s good.

Elyse Myers  33:30

I will watch it as if I’m not the person that just spent 16 hours making it.

Chris Olsen  33:34

And I’m like, oh, oh, that’s fun. Yeah, like, what like waiting for the punch line being like, Oh, that one was that one was really good. So I definitely feel good about that kind of separate from all of like, from workwise. I when I got sober almost six years ago, I got really into fitness. And I have always felt like that is another like safe space for me.

Elyse Myers  34:04

It’s really interesting. Like, my capacity, I feel. And I’m sure you can relate to this to not like in the light growing a baby way. But like, maybe. But like, my output, I feel like I put a lot of pressure on myself to output the same amount in every season, because I did it at one point in my life. And then when you add other things in, like, I don’t want to let go of what I’ve done because I’m like, at the end of the day, this is what I really love is like the daily content, right? So then you add a podcast on to it. You’re like, Okay, well, I still have to make the daily content. But now I do the podcast and then you make a book and you’re like, Well, I can’t like go the daily content, but now I have to do the podcast, but then I’m writing a book and then you get pregnant. And then you do all of them. And then you’re like I just you constantly feel like I don’t want to let anyone down and and 100% I’m curious to know how because you just launched a coffee brand that is like so cool. That’s so outside of what you’re doing, you know, other than coffee, like, how are you managing that? And how are you managing your expectations of what you can output and everybody else’s expectations, they should get.

Chris Olsen  35:11

Again, it’s always a push and pull. I feel like there are a fair amount of times that I, I would say, for the most part, I do a similar. I feel a similar way and putting a lot of pressure on myself, especially when you first start and you first start gaining this, like, you gain this platform and you feel like okay, now people are relying Yeah, yeah, to deliver them everything. And again, it’s that thought of like, I don’t think people are thinking about it as much as I am. But I am like, I swear to God, if I don’t post this video today, oh, something bad is gonna happen. Definitely all going to be lost. You made a video about this actually, a while back of like, talking about how the natural progression for content creators is you go through waves. Yeah, you have like a strong wave, and then you have a slower one, but a strong one’s right around the corner. And I feel like after being through enough of that up and down, when I’m in a downswing, I’m just like, that’s just what it is. I’m like, All right, like, gonna keep pushing ahead. And then let’s see what the next thing that people want to watch is, but I feel like I’ve just, I’ve slowly pulled back over the past, like few years of putting so much pressure on myself of what I have to do, to a point of, I remember, there was one week that I was like, Okay, I’m not going to post this week and see what happens. And I made it through the week. And I was probably like, the least stress that I’ve ever been, I know. And I was just like, what was I putting that pressure on. And the first video after that week, like, people enjoyed watching it, and it was great. And I was just like, my mind just has, it’s just too much time on its hands to create every bad scenario that ever could have happened, or to let my fear manifest itself in so many ways that don’t actually come to fruition. And I’ve tried to just remind myself, that the anxiety that I’m creating is like fake news. Most of the time. Yeah, I saw a video the other day, from a creator that was saying, like, we make videos to other people, but we’re really talking to ourselves. And it’s like, I’m trying to make the videos that would would help as well.

Elyse Myers  37:24

At this point. I’m like, I have to just speak to myself and hope it resonates with someone else. Whenever I’m feeling a certain way about something I just I feel like if I get online and talk about it, you naturally just find all these people that needed to hear it and it’s so cool, because I’m just like, how is it possible that like me and 500,000 other people are feeling like it’s so it’s the beauty of the internet, there’s a lot of negative about it, but the the beauty of it is like finding people that are like you that can connect to you and relate to you. And like I just think you’re doing an incredible job with that and your content. And it’s such a pleasure to like watching you from the time I started following you to now. I’ve watched you become this like whole other level of yourself. Like you just feel so comfortable with yourself. And that makes other people feel safe around you. Like, you don’t just become friends with these people because you’re like tricking them. Like I just want you to know that. Like, you’re not tricking anybody. Do you know what I mean? Like you are like an incredible person and they want to be around you because you make them feel safe. Chris, thank you seriously so much. I am so honored to be on the show. And this has been amazing.

Chris Olsen  38:31

Thank you. I can echo the exact same things back to you as well.

Elyse Myers  38:37

Thank you so much for listening to my conversation with Chris Olsen. If you don’t follow him on TikTok already, you definitely should. He’s amazing. And if you like our show, give us a rating and a review. It helps people find us alright more next time. Bye. There’s more Funny Cuz It’s True with Lemonada Premium. Get access to all of lemon autos premium content, including my five questions with Chris Olsen coming out this Friday. Subscribe now and Apple podcasts. Funny Cuz It’s True is a Lemonada Media and Powderkeg production. The show is produced by Claire Jones, Zoe Dennis and […], our associate producer is Tiffany Buoy. Rachel Neil is our senior director of new content and our VP of weekly production is Steve Nelson. Executive Producers are Stephanie Wittels Wachs, Jessica Cordova Kramer, Paul Feig, Laura Fisher, […] and me Elyse Myers. The show is mixed by Johnny Evans, additional help from Noah Smith and Ivan Kuraev. Our theme song music was written by me and scored by Xander Singh. Follow Funny Cuz It’s True wherever you get your podcast or listed ad free on Amazon music with your prime membership.

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