Microdosing, Jury Duty, Men

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Sarah microdoses with Rory and wonders: What is a man? Plus, she picks her favorite karaoke song, shares a folklore joke about diarrhea, and helps a woman who feels completely let down by her mother.

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Sarah Silverman  00:15

What is it to be a man? Hi, hello, everybody. It’s your old pal Sarah Silverman. What is it to be a man? What is a man? People on the right like to say, what is your definition of a woman and on this because they’re anti trans blah, blah, blah. But I’m saying this in terms of like, what boys and men and girls and women and all of us and everything in between have been taught about what it is to be a man and what is expected of men. And it really is pretty fucking despicable. And we all are a part of it. There’s all these movements, all these things going on, there needs to be a men’s movement and not like, there are some men’s movements, that is not what I’m talking about. But I am declaring myself an ally, to a new men’s movement, where men must be able to feel and have emotion, and that it’s going to take time for them to grapple with that. And for us too, we gotta grow as a people, you know, here’s my example. And it’s a silly one. First of all, let me tell you about my vacation. It was awesome, I did fucking nothing. And Rory and I basically, just micro dose mushrooms took really long hikes with the dogs. And we would sometimes heat the pool real hot, like 94 degrees. And we come back from a hike and swim our hearts out like we’re 10 years old. And come in have a puff watch a movie. I mean, just that was the whole break, and it was awesome. Fucking awesome, anyway, so a couple of the times that we were swimming, and I used to do this with my dad and people do this, you can carry people in the pool that you wouldn’t normally be able to lift easily. So I go let me lift you let me carry you and I was carrying Rory around the pool. And for some we were dying laughing, what’s funny about it? We were dying laughing. He was laughing so hard, he felt so uncomfortable being carried. And then I was imagining like carrying him and introducing him. Hi, everyone, this my boyfriend Rory and I’m carrying haveto. And we’re both laughing and all I can think it it really stuck with me because it was just fun, and we were just like, tears laughing and I don’t unders, I can’t really understand why. But that’s what I’m here to talk about, why? Why was it so funny? For him? It was so funny because it was so uncomfortable to be held in that way. And that it’s rude, isn’t that kind of heartbreaking? I’m not saying don’t laugh about it, and don’t get joy from it, which we did. But I said to him, and he finds this a bit annoying, but what why were we laughing? Why was that so funny? Because men shouldn’t be carried like that held, um, you know, carried like, like, I’m taking him over the threshold on a like our wedding night or something. And I was like, I was laughing too. I was a part of it. And I’m not trying to be like, don’t laugh. It was so fun and funny. But I do think there’s something to breaking that down. And just wondering about it. Why was that hilarious? I mean, I’m guessing it’s because we’re so attached from our formative years to that being not what a man’s role is, to be carried to be any kind of physical gesture of being taken care of. I haven’t tried to ruin the comedy of it, but it’s fucking interesting. And I take part in it. It was funny to me too. And I’m not trying to take joy out of it. But I do think it’s fucking interesting to examine that these like gender roles are so deeply written in us that we find something like that very, very silly. It’s interesting, that’s all that’s all I’m saying. I’m just saying it’s interesting. I I’m raising something to wonder about.


Zvi  05:03

Are you sure it wasn’t just the shrooms?


Sarah Silverman  05:06

Um, I don’t think it was the shrooms because micro dosing mushrooms. I mean, listen, there were a couple of days that I took much more than a micro dose and I got some visuals and it was like kind of like far out but we have mushrooms, we can take mushrooms, but we were micro dosing mushrooms which is like I couldn’t even do stand up I have done stand up on a micro dose of mushrooms and it doesn’t affect it at all, it’s just it’s a very it’s like a not even a halo. It’s not like you don’t see anything you don’t feel like jittery or like you’re freaking out. It’s literally just a kind of a mood elevator a little bit you feel like you can kind of handle everything but I interesting theories Zvi. All right, let’s take some calls.


System  06:03

You left me a message. Now I’m playing it for the world.


Speaker 1  06:15

Hello, Sara, and Happy New Year to you. I wanted to call in and just let you know that you and Sarah […] rendition. Amy’s V, rendition, rendition, rendition?


Sarah Silverman  06:32



Speaker 1  06:33

Anyways, I have to look that up, I think I’m saying that right, of Charles in Charge was fantastic. It’s such an oldie but goodie, I hadn’t heard it in years. I have a theme song to add. And I loved it so much that I ended up looking at the artist and found a real gem. So Big Little Lies is a series on HBO had a ton of actresses and actors in it very famous. Very good, actually Meryl Streep, who I think you were just talking about recently. She plays a really awesome role. That was really good, excetera etc. But the theme song is called Cold little heart. And after watching a whole the whole series I decided to look it up and Michael Key one Nuka cold little heart and there’s an extended version of the song that’s fantastic. Lots of different instruments. Like there’s a group in the back you know, singing along with him just really fantastic artist and actually their entire soundtrack was fantastic but anyways running out of time, happy New, love you so much, bye.


Sarah Silverman  07:42

I know that one, I don’t really notice something like, do you have […] right it’s very like ambient it says it’s not really that’s all I know of it, I don’t know. That’s a good one.


Staff  07:59

Sarah is really good with the arms for anyone who isn’t aware.


Sarah Silverman  08:04

I can I’ve got a good year for her can.


Staff  08:05

She can harmonize anything.


Sarah Silverman  08:08

Any wait, say that again? Any anything? All right, that didn’t really work out. Say one more time. Anything, anything? All right, what else?


Speaker 2  08:23

Hey Sarah Silverman, I love you and I know everyone else does.


Sarah Silverman  08:34



Speaker 2  08:35

I have a question, so I was out. Um, did karaoke. And I’m wondering.


Sarah Silverman  08:49

See listening to Harry Styles.


Speaker 2  08:51

What karaoke song, would you sing? I’m not really quite sure. I’ll tell you what I did, I did Brandy by Looking Glass.


Sarah Silverman  09:04

Brandy, fun girl, what a […]


Speaker 2  09:15

Well, I just gotta say that I love you. Love you, love you, love you. I think you do everything. Well, you have kept me from killing myself, so yeah all good.


Sarah Silverman  09:31

I’m glad I did, that question was very slow. It was like molasses though. Like pull your shit together when you call in. And also can we even play it? I guess we can, I feel like that was Harry Styles. Oh, yeah, it was hairstyle Sign of the Times. Um, my karaoke song. I’ve never really had a karaoke song. But I will say, my friend Heidi’s, birthday a couple years ago, I sang The Killers all these things that I have done, and I liked it. And also it’s fun if people want to join in and I just love that song. And it’s long so I have even more attention on me. And I can sing it and there’s like, if someone comes in then I can, you know, pull out some harms. Oh yeah, that’s what I’m going with that all these things that I have done. Or maybe I liked I Congri heart. Jimmy Kimmel and I used to sing cruisin because we learned to like the harmonies from that movie duets when Gwyneth Paltrow saying it with Huey Lewis his favorite, Cruisin right. Given this question enough time, and I hope you realize that life is worth living, and that if you call into a podcast, maybe be a little more concise. What else?



Hey, Sarah, I’m going to talk quick because I want to make three points to today’s number one is bats. If you find a bat in your house, there’s a chance that it can bite you in the middle of your sleep and you won’t feel it and they could carry rabies. And once the symptoms of rabies kick in. You’re dead, you’re a goner, it’s over. Four people die from rabies each year, wrong, fact, five people die from the other one is manipulative guy who got the girl pregnant. Under no circumstances should he ever be part of that kid’s life. With the one exception of complete and total allocution. I was a piece of shit, I was manipulative, I was a terrible person, and I want to do better. And there’s no excuses for any of his behavior. He’s got to understand that because otherwise he’s just going to use that baby for a tool. He will manipulate the mom with that, and that is super dangerous. And then the last thing I appreciate if a guy looks at a girls tits, and says, wow, it must be cold outside. That woman should bend over sarcastically look at his fucking crotch and say, I guess it’s just below freezing you chauvinistic prick. And those are my three things, I hope you’re doing well. Can’t believe I actually have 15 seconds left. I’m not going to use it, love you.


Sarah Silverman  12:24

Now that’s a call. He said three separate things. Kept it tight as fuck had 15 seconds left bailed, I love it. All right I appreciate those comments. And all right, it’s depth the funniest comeback I’ve ever heard. But I would say it’s, you know, it would have been funny probably in 1986. That would be a very hard joke in Three’s Company, that’s not nothing.


Catherine  12:57

Do you want to hear the other Comebacks? A few other people called in with comebacks, but they are similarly in the small penis arena.


Sarah Silverman  13:05

All right, let’s do a we’ll do a quick montage of other people that called in with similar comebacks.


Catherine  13:11

All right, here’s a few more. Oh, yeah. And if anyone’s wondering what this is even about, there was a caller, who called in about a story where a woman with who wasn’t wearing a bra walked in to the post office and the guy who was in line looked at her breasts and said, Oh, it must be cold outside. And the caller was trying to find the perfect comeback. So here’s a few a few more options.


Sarah Silverman  13:35

That’s right. Nice set up, well done.


Trish  13:38

Oh my gosh, Sara, that’s so terrible, though. Woman with the nipples story. I think. I mean, I’m pretty quick with things that I say. I honestly think I would have said how can you tell did your dick shrink?


Sarah Silverman  13:58



Speaker 7  13:59

Hey, Sarah, I was just listening to the clip about the girl who was accosted by the guy about her nipples about it being cold. Almost be cold out and he’s looking at her nipples. She should look at his crotch and say well, that’s explains why your packages so small.


Sarah Silverman  14:20

All right.


Speaker 7  14:23

You don’t have to run this. I just thought if you wouldn’t pass it along.


Sarah Silverman  14:28

By now you tell me.


Trish  14:30

Hey, Sarah, this is Trish from upstate New York. Love your podcast. I came up with the greatest comeback for the woman with the with a man commenting on the woman’s nipples. She should have replied or could reply in the future. It obviously must be cold because there’s no evidence that you have a dick.


System  14:49

Okay, all right.


Sarah Silverman  14:51

A lot of similar like minded people. These are the people that I love all of you for calling in. But you’re also the exact same people that sit next to me on a plane and go, I should be a comedian, I’m funny.


Staff  15:06

It’s what we call low hanging fruit.


Sarah Silverman  15:08

Yes, which is not your balls when it’s cold.


System  15:12

Here’s some ads. And we’re back.


Jessica  15:17

Hey, Sarah, my name is Jessica. I’m from well, I’m from New York, but I live in Delaware. I was calling because I really envy the beautiful relationship that you had with your mom and with your stepmom, and I don’t have anything like that with my mom. I am an only child, my dad passed away 10 years ago, I live out of state. And I feel like I’m just a disappointment to her in every possible way. And yet, I’m supposed to be there for her constantly and always the person that she goes to, but I don’t feel like I can rely on her for anything. And I really resent her for that. And I find I’m really just pulling away out of anger. And I’ve done therapy, and it helped. But then the pandemic happened. And she refuses to do therapy. And I don’t know, I’m just curious if you have any suggestions. I kind of look at you as like a surrogate big sister, thanks,


Sarah Silverman  16:39

Good. Jessica, I’m so sorry, and listen. Not all relationships are in, parents and their kids are good or healthy, or successful, and the relationship between a daughter and a mother is inherently complicated. And not always healthy. I’m sorry, you don’t have the relationship, you really, I can hear it in your voice really want and need and crave, from your mother. And that you feel like a disappointment to her. The fact that you feel like a disappointment to your mom is not a shortcoming of yours, it’s a shortcoming of hers, and I can promise you there’s a reason this is very trite, saying she’s doing the best she can with what she’s been given. But that does not mean you have to hang around and endure that those vibes or that treatment or this feeling that you can never be enough. But it’s hard to accept that it’s hard to not be really affected by that, because your inner child, little Jessica in there needs from her and she’s not going to get it. Here’s the good news, you can get what you need from other people in your life, what you need from a mom or dad, if you don’t get it, you can get it somewhere else. It doesn’t mean put that on your partner or put that on. But you there you can have all sorts of relationships that fulfill all sorts of parts in you. And you know what else you can do. And it makes me think of and I’ve talked about it here before of something that Garry Shandling wrote in his journal. That was give what you didn’t get. And you can be that person, for other people in your life. And it I promise it will satiate that in you maybe not entirely. But having people in your life that you are able to give that to, um, you know, unconditional love or just gestures of care, being there for them, et cetera, is going to feel really good. And also getting that from you. It doesn’t have to be from the same person can be from different people in your life that you get those things you need, from the people in your life that love you. And I know you have people in your life that love you. And the the one person in your life that loves you, that should love you the most. And this one’s corny and preachy is you, you know, be the mother, not just the mother you would want to be but the mother that you deserved to yourself and that kind of self care and self love creates a whole lot of space for care and love for other people in your life in your world that takes all different shapes. But you’ve got to you have to learn to be able to love yourself in in really like concrete ways. It’s not conceit. It’s not self obsession, as a matter of fact, like I said, it creates so much more space in your life for other people. And it feels good, and I think you’re gonna do real good with that. Let me know how it how you if you’re ever able to implement that in your life? I hope so, and take care, all right.


Charles  16:52

Hi, Sarah, it’s your friend Charles. I was at a Tig Notaro Stand Up Show. And she made me laugh so hard that I was like in the front row convulsing and turning red, I could not catch my breath. And she stopped and looked right at me and said, sir, these are just jokes. Are you going to make it and that made it worse, I lost my shit, okay Tig just spoke to me and B. I really thought I was like injuring myself. I couldn’t breathe, it was the best and also weirdly scariest thing that I’ve been through. And I’m just wondering, like, as a comedian, that has to happen to you, right? Like you’re with your friends, and one of you just makes the whole room like, fall to the floor and pain laughing and I am willing to bet that that was probably also Tig Notaro for you. But please tell me about a moment that you can remember where like, you laughed so hard, it almost hurt. Love the show, bye.


Sarah Silverman  21:54

Well, first of all, you’re 100% right. It’s definitely Tig, is the hardest I laugh at also my friend Heidi. But um, Tig is, you know, comics are usually not for everybody. There are very few comics that are for absolutely everybody. And Tig is one of them. Tig murderers, whether she’s like, performing in front of like a bunch of frat boys or like a total like NPR crowd like that, her audience is fucking literally everybody. I don’t know anyone who’s seen Tig and wasn’t blown away at dying. Laughing. So yeah, you’re right, it’s her. I’m trying to think of like some I’ve already told like a lot of Tig gems so I don’t know that there any I mean, what, like, she’ll be at a party. That is not her party, and she’ll just be like, you guys, guys listen, I’ve I have to go to sleep I’m sorry. But then you realize like, it’s isn’t her party, which she’ll do it it’s so funny. Anyway, she does a lot of things I mean, this is as we get older, this bit is less funny. But like, if she goes if we’re all hanging out, she goes to the bathroom. If anyone in earshot of the bathroom, you’ll hear just faintly her going out, it is funny, but as we get older, it’s less fun. You know what there is there are like, there’s like lore among comedians. And here’s the story, I don’t know who it belongs to. And I don’t know who to attribute it to, and I don’t know like there’s no follow up answers I can like that you can’t have a follow up question because I want to be answered but it basically goes this is a comedian is probably like the 80s and he’s on a date with a girl and they’re walking around and he thinks he’s about to slip like a quiet fart. And he fully diaries, his pants and in a total panic, he they walk by a gap. And he just he goes, oh, I love that sweater, I’ve got to buy it. And he runs in and he grabs the sweater but he also grabs a pair of pants. And he goes I don’t really need the sweater just just give me the pants and he buys it and they go down into the subway and this was back in the 80s the subways had and still do but I don’t know if they’re working would have on subway cars would have little bathrooms. He went into the bathroom of the subway car, takes off his diarrhea pants and underwear like cleans him up himself up the best he can throws the pants and underwear out the window of the subway so it’s just like gone. Opens the bag and it’s just the sweater, just dying. Now, that’s very funny story a lot of people go well, then what did he do? I don’t know, that’s just the story. It’s as old as not as old as time, but as old as like the 80s, and no one really knows whose it is. But oh, it’s so good. All right, what else?


Speaker 10  25:16

Hi, Sarah. I’m a huge fan. And I just want to thank you for all the joy and hilarity and Jewish woman empowerment that you have provided me over the years. And but the reason that I’m leaving a message is because I’m also a big fan of Beverly, and Orion and Beverly, and she is doing a show next week, and my dreams come true. Because the person I wanted most of all to be on their show, or to be a guest on Beverly show was you and it’s happening, and I can’t believe it, and I’m so excited. And I just wanted to see if you had any comments about it, and if you wanted to share any of your feelings, or, or anything at all about the fact that you’re going to be on that show. Can’t wait to see you take care of things, bye bye.


Sarah Silverman  26:11

I just did it the other night, and I’m a big fan too. It’s Jamie Denbo plays this character Beverly Ginsburg, who is like a 75 year old Jewish woman from Swamp Scott. And it’s so goddamn how this is not a show? I don’t know, like on streaming or something. It’s so fucking funny, and Swamp Scott is in Massachusetts, her mass accent is off the charts. It’s seamless like, we’re backstage, she’s in her whole getup and she’s just talking as Beverly and now I’m talking as Beverly because it’s like, she’s so I mean, everything the nails top to bottom. It’s so I mean, it’s particularly funny to me. I have so much so many Beverly Ginsburg’s in my family. I mean, she looks like she smells like a kennish, do you know what I mean? Anyway, um, I can’t suggest her enough if you if she has a show, you know, she’s very busy, she writes for Grey’s Anatomy, she’s always writing or acting on shows. Her husband is also like a really great character actor and, anyway, yes, Beverly Ginsburg gets the kind of show like it’s at UCB. And I know, it’s you just go you don’t try to score you just laugh. You know, and answer your questions. It’s like, it’s like if you were to be on Jiminy Glick or something like, don’t try to be funny, you’ll you’re not going out finding her just be the straight man. And oh, my god, she’s so fucking funny. Yeah,


System  28:00

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Sarah Silverman  28:04

Hey, if you called in, and I gave you advice, and you implemented said advice. Call in again. Let’s hear how you did how I did. I want to know what happened. Just go to speak. pipe.com/the Sarah Silverman podcast that speakpipe.com/the Sarah Silverman podcast, you know, maybe we could put a whole episode together that’s called How did I do? Where we see how I did advice wise, and how you guys did lifewise and we’re back.


Jason  28:43

Sarah, my name is Jason. I live in southwest Florida. extremely conservative area, almost 49 years old, white male, obviously, important to this story because I was walking through the park the other day by myself. And two young ladies were approaching me from for office, how they’re holding their hands are holding each other’s hands. And we’re just fine who cares? And as they approached me, I saw that they unclasp their hands and I’ve just I can’t stop thinking about it. Like I said, I’m a white middle aged male, stuck in a very red area of the country. And it just makes me very sad that they didn’t feel comfortable to be themselves, even in close proximity to me. So I guess my question is, what should I do to be less threatening? It’s really, it’s really bothered me, I can’t get it out of my head, I’ve written about it, I wrote a poem about it, but what do you think Sarah? What can I be? What can I do to be less threatening. And, and to show myself as an advocate when I’m out there in the world. Thanks, Sarah, I’m a huge fan. Thank you, bye.


Sarah Silverman  30:09

Isn’t that interesting? Oh, that’s so sweet, and, gosh, you know, we know we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but they have learned probably out of survival to do just that. And sometimes they’re going to be wrong. And I think in some areas, that’s simply safety protocol for some people. I’m so sorry that you saw that you came off as someone who might judge them that must feel awful, or might, you know, not like them, because they’re holding hands or whatever, and just must feel awful, and it’s very sweet that you called in about it, I’d love to hear your poem about it. You know, sometimes it’s maybe good to be aware of what your face looks like when it’s in neutral. You know what I mean? Your default face. Because a lot of people aren’t aware. And it’s, it’s might not be it might not look open. And if it’s just your face on neutral, pick a different face on neutral, like, pick a different default face, like I had a boyfriend who had a daughter, who’s now a grown woman and amazing grown woman. And but, I was driving her somewhere, and she had this kind of leg. Her face, she was just a little girl, but for lack of a better term had resting bitchface. And I stopped and I said, hey, are you upset about anything right now? She goes, no. I said, okay, you have to change up your default face. Because the way your face looks right now isn’t going to make you friends. And you might as well just switch it to like a, just like a whisper of a smile, you know, just kind of an a more of an open face, you know? And I know that sounds very silly. And people don’t think about what their face looks like, certainly I do because as a performer, it’s your whole thing. As I like to say on the basketball court, hey, my face is my fortune. But it signals to people who you are. So maybe I know this sounds very silly. Think about what you’re putting out there with your face, you’re probably just it’s probably just like, nothing just neutral to you. But look in the mirror and put on that face, you’re neutral in neutral face, or whatever you’re thinking about or the way you are when you walk down the street. And ask yourself is this like an open kind face, and if it’s not adjusted a little, and that’s the vase you walk out with, that’s the mask you have when you’re walking down the street, a little more open, or if you clock it, you did clock them and you clocked that they were holding hands. And you’re not just a computer where you’re like, quote unquote, eyes picks up things, you know, like, if you’re looking through, like the terminators view, you know, that’s not what we are our eyes. See, but people see our eyes. So you might not be aware of what you’re putting out. Certainly you weren’t scoffing you weren’t, you know, but but it may have just been like a serious looking face that you know, kind of told them danger, you know, and that’s not what you want to put it all out at all. It’s not who you are. So if you can, you know, just work on and I know this sounds very technical and from the outside in, but it I do think it will help you to work on just the expression on your face when it’s in neutral. And I hope that helps. You know, I mean, you can’t just live your life wearing like, I’m an ally T shirts, but you know, there are certainly T shirts and things you can wear that that are signals that you’re an ally but I don’t think that it should come to that it’s really just what you’re putting out the energy you’re putting out and what’s on your face and and maybe that will help you know you’re like you said you’re in a very red area and I think people are maybe in survival mode or who are not like minded to that area. So you want to have a look on your face that is I’m an ally, I don’t know I should have stopped this answer about four sentences up but there you go, what else?


Jamie  34:53

Hi, Sarah, my name is Jamie. I just want to start off with a thank you I recently just I’ve heard your podcast however, I’ve been a fan of yours for many years. And I’m traveling from Salt Lake City to San Diego, listening to your podcast, and it’s been so therapeutic for me last year, my mother lost her battle to pancreatic cancer. And so I related to that, and then two months later, my stepmother, my best friend suddenly passed from a heart attack, literally. And I called her my main pin, she was four foot 10, Jewish from Long Island. never shut up. But my question is, my father recently said, I don’t know what to do. And I said, Dad, use your words, be specific. And he said, should I start dating again? And of course, I said, I want you to be happy, and I know Mindy would want the same for your course. But how do you okay, my question is, how do you go about helping a 66 year old man, widower find these people to date? I don’t know, I’m terrible at dating myself so I have no clue. But if you have any advice, or anybody, you know, I would greatly appreciate it, and again, you’re amazing. Thank you so much for who you are. You’ve helped a lot in my grieving process.


Sarah Silverman  36:18

Oh, I’m glad and I’m sorry for your losses. Um, your dad, I love that you said he’s elderly. And he’s 66 is not that I wouldn’t call 66 elderly, maybe old, not elderly. Um, he should absolutely. start dating again. And I know exactly, I’m so excited I have perfect advice for you. It’s an app for older people a dating app, it’s called our time. And I’ve made profiles for several people on it a couple friends, friends parents, and some older friends. And they have everything gay, straight, all that stuff. And you can really get specific with the filters of what you want and and there are lots of people looking for companionship, you know, whether it’s sexual or not, you know, um, but he’s got a lot a good years out of him he’s 66, and you should absolutely do that, and I want to hear how it goes, I you said you’re traveling from Salt Lake City to San Diego, I don’t know where you live where he lives, but I have some names. I do have some names. I do have some high quality, I keep a list of singles in my phone. Because I come from a family of of yentas that the right word Yenta, yeah, and it’s both my sister Susie and my stepmom, Janice have fixed up people that have gotten married and are still married, and so I always want to I always like fixing people up but yeah, Our Time is a good one, good luck. What else?



Hi Sarah […]  drive from Ferny British Columbia. When I left it was a proper Blizzard true white out. And now I’m in the rolling plains of Alberta on the way to the Calgary airport to go home and visit my dad who’s been fighting cancer for the last six months, I guess, and we’re just gonna have a little December visit, play some backgammon, play some crib and just not be in treatment mode, but just hanging out with each other and as a result, I’m listening to all the voicemails about your dad and thinking of you. And that’s so beautiful, and I’m so there with all of those callers and just wanted to send my love. And of course the world is insane and shitty, and it’s affecting everybody but my husband and I just finished that show on Amazon Prime not to show it on Amazon but called Jury Duty. We binged it and I wanted to share with anyone who hasn’t yet that it’s an antidote to the darkness in the world we had grins on our faces the whole time and teared up at the very end, it’s a brilliant show, and I’m wondering if you’ve seen it and what you think of it.


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First of all, I love the people are Calling on their like road trips. And I’m sorry to hear about your dad, and I’m so glad you’re going to be spending time with him just like having fun and hanging out. And to me hanging out is the most fun, you know, then like doing things. I did see Jury Duty, and I fucking loved it. I mean, yeah, I can’t, I can’t say enough about it. Definitely check it out, it is so fun. It is so I mean, hard. laughs hard laughs fucking brilliant, great actors in it. Basically what it is, they put out an ad kind of saying like, we’re for the first time ever, they’re letting us film a documentary crew is being allowed in a jury room, and are you willing to be a jury member that is where everything is recorded, and there will be cameras around it. And so people respond and they vet them, and so that they have a couple tries to get this right. And the last one, they work they did. This is just what I learned later, but anyway, was the one that they went with. And it’s only one person they don’t realize it, they think everybody is, you know, on the jury as part of it but everyone, every one is actors, except for one person on the jury. And so it’s it’s a lot of actors. Kirk Fox, who’s brilliant, isn’t it, I wish I could say more names, there’s so many great actors in it but they’re not like famous. And they’re not necessarily recognizable, you might recognize Kirk or like, a certain people, but for the most part, you don’t you think they’re all real people. And they’re brilliant actors. And the only actor that you know, is an actor, because he’s hired to play himself. Because famous people get called on Jury Duty too, sometimes, is James Marsden, who’s awesome. He plays himself and it is in a heightened version of himself, but he’s totally real, but he definitely seems like like a very, you know, self involved kind of like actor. It’s a version of himself that is just like, he really had to have a great sense of humor to play. And he does, he is such a great he’s such an underrated actor, he’s great in drama, he’s fucking brilliant in comedy. And he was nominated, he was nominated for Golden Globe. I think he’s probably nominated for an Emmy too, it’s a crazy field with like, unbelievable actors, but um, yeah, he is amazing, and Jury Duty and the one real person happens to be this like, totally quality person, like just a good person, and it’s so it’s just a very, it’s a hard cause like hardcore comedy belly laugh, reality show, yes but the reality show is that there’s all these actors, so you’re seeing great acting. And the judge is Ike Barinholtz, his dad who is a lawyer, I think a real judge but as you know knows […] was did an amazing job acting and it’s just it oddly has heart and it’s just fucking great. And the ending is everything you want it to be and it like not it doesn’t give anything away but just like it kind of they spend a whole episode like breaking down how it worked and you’re dying to know so it’s, it’s fucking great yeah. And dad, wherever you are, in space and time. We are winding down, this is the part of the podcast when I say send me your questions, go to speak. pipe.com/theSarahSilvermanpodcast. That is speakpipe.com/theSarahSilvermanpodcast and subscribe rate and review wherever you listen to podcasts. Really hear me when I say it, it changes. It makes it good for us, we can keep going, and it’s good when you do that, or some chips. And there’s more of the Sarah Silverman podcast with Lemonada Premium subscribers get exclusive access to bonus questions like one from a poker player in Boston, who’s often the only woman at the table. Subscribe now in Apple podcasts. Thank you for listening to the Sarah Silverman podcast. We are a production of Lemonada media, Kathryn Barnes and Kryssy Pease produce our show. Our mix is by James Sparber. Additional Lemonada support from Steve Nelson, Stephanie Wittels Wachs and Jessica Cordova Kramer. Our theme was composed by Ben Folds and you can find me at @SarahKateSilverman on Instagram. Follow the Sarah Silverman podcast wherever you get your podcasts or listen ad free on Amazon music with your Prime membership.

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