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Sarah broke her nightguard from grinding her teeth so hard. Plus, she helps a man whose brother keeps trying to recruit him to Christianity, sends love to someone going through a miscarriage, and swaps stories about underwear-loving dogs.

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Sarah Silverman  00:15

Hi, everyone, it’s your old pal Sarah Silverman, and you hear that you’re that sexy noise. It’s my night guard, which I had to bring to work, because I have to go to the dentist after this because I cracked it open last night. That’s how hard I’m grinding. It’s the whole one whole side is just split in two. And that back ends the question is that that’s phrase “back ends the question” that begs the question, back ends the question, what are you 10? I’d be really smart if I said that at 10, even if I used it wrong, I guess that begs the question. So many people were night guards. Almost everyone I know has a night guard. And it’s to prevent us from grinding our teeth down to the nub when we are in our sleep state. Which begs the question, what is going on in this world that when we are in our most restful state, we’re gnashing our teeth together. Like it’s great, we have these things to keep us from destroying our teeth, but we I feel like we should go deeper, why are we grinding our teeth? Collectively? I bet there’s a whole lot of answers, and I bet there’s a bunch of intersection in those answers. But I don’t know what they are, but holy shit, and it’s I keep it so clean. And yet it turns green. Disgusted, Rory says it’s because there’s a little toothpaste on my toothbrush when I’m cleaning it and, it oxidizes it or something, I don’t know. This is my fourth night guard. I don’t know, let’s take some calls.


System  02:19

You left me a message, now I’m playing it for the world.


Steve  02:32

How you doing Sarah? This is Steve from a Noca Minnesota. I have a brother down in Jacksonville, Florida. He’s a pastor at a church down there and he’s gone from being a debaucherous drug addict drunk to being a very well mannered proper speaking polo shirt wearing golf shirt wearing Christian and his mission statement at his church is to basically recruit. And him knowing that I’m an atheist, I guess I’m a challenge because he can’t help himself even though we’ve come to it what I thought were agreements in the past, like, hey, you know, I’ll respect what you’re believing in you, have to offer me that same respect. He can’t do that, because his belief in God requires him to go out and try to convert people I don’t see a solution to this, I think that we’re just gonna have to, I’m gonna have to avoid contact with him because he can’t help himself with with this anytime we’re anywhere or any sort of communication goes on, he’s recruiting. Anyway, I don’t know if you’ve encountered anything like this, and I’m curious to get your thoughts on it. And thank you very much for listening, bye.


Sarah Silverman  03:53

Yeah, this is really interesting. Um, he, I’m guessing it you told me a little bit about him. So finding Christianity is what saved him. And certainly in his mind, but also it seems to be what saved him what got him out of the drinking and drugs or whatever he was on. And you know, one could say it’s trading one drug for another, but hey, if this works for him, fantastic. And there are beautiful things about Christianity, but also, you’ve just got to say listen, I you know, when you try to recruit me, I just close off completely. You need to love me, just as I am just as your God made me, don’t say your God, but whatever, just as God made me, you’re gonna have to love me just as I am. And if you can’t do that, and then it’s a problem. But I love you just the way you are. And if you’re afraid I’m going to hell, I promise, I promise you I’m not. How about this right before I die, I’ll, I’ll whatever it is, say all my sins and get right with Jesus. Because sometimes it’s just that they’re so scared, you’re going to hell, there are some people who are so Christian or, you know, they, they see this as never giving up on you and your soul. And so it’s like, to them, they’re doing this beautiful thing. But he’s just just telling me he’s got a lay off, it’s just really hurting your relationship, and if your relationship is gonna have a chance, he has to accept you. Just as he is, as you accept him just as he is, and that’s how you can have a relationship. I don’t know if he’ll buy it, I don’t know what will happen. It’s like the recruitment aspect of Christianity or, or Scientology or any of these, like, recruitment based religions. And of course, there are a lot of Christians that don’t do that. I mean, you know, I love the Jesuits. And I have Christians in my life that are very religious even and, and they don’t do that. They love me just as I am. But this is not the case for your brother, and so I don’t know, I don’t know exactly what you can say. But you can certainly tell him that when he goes into that zone, it pushes you away, and it closes you off. And you want to be open with him and, and have a relationship with him and be brothers with him, and if he cannot accept you, just as you are the way you accept him just as he is. It’s going to be a no go, and you really hope that isn’t the case because you love them so much. Something like that, good luck. Let me know how it goes, please, what else?


Lisa  07:08

Hi, Sarah, this is Lisa, love all of your work. And also, sorry about the loss of your parents. And we recording this because I listened back and my first one had a lot of mouth noises, so I’m going to try to avoid that this time. My question and dilemma is about when I see an unhoused person at an intersection, I live in a fairly wealthy suburb of Washington DC. I’m a single mom, I have a really well paying job and I’m able to take care of my family and live very comfortably. Just made a mouth noise sorry, my dilemma is you know, I see folks at the intersection and paths to on my way home just now after spending $500 at the grocery store. So I feel like certainly I should be able to spare some cash and when I have cash on me, which is rarely I feel like I should do that but I usually don’t and I don’t know why. And I what I do is make sure that I acknowledge them as humans you know make eye contact and smile.


Sarah Silverman  08:21

That’s nice.


Lisa  08:21

And give them some humanity but should I just always keep cash in the car to give people what what do you do when when you see when you’re in the situation? Thanks for your advice, love you, bye.


Sarah Silverman  08:35

First of all, there’s no should in this scenario and then you know there no should but I do, I do you know you don’t really need cash to exist in this world anymore because everything is you tap your credit card or but um I always keep cash on me. And it’s basically to tip people and to give to unhoused people at at Red bytes and where I see them and you know I live in LA it’s a big problem with people not having places to live and a lot of it is mental health and blah blah blah But if this is the case and so you’re not going to change the landscape of houselessness I don’t know how to say homelessness and unhoused in its new updated unhoused vernacular, but it it helps one person and you know a lot of people go well they’re gonna spend it on drugs right? If you have a problem with that, fucking you spend money on drugs probably right. So I don’t think that’s any of my business where they spend their money if I give it to them, I’m just giving it to them. My sister Susie when she lived in New York, she always just met she spent the evening making sandwiches and she threw it in her big bag, backpack, and she would give out sandwiches when she would walk to and fro her various places she was going, or, you know, if you’re on foot or they’re outside of a store, it’s easy to ask them if you can get them anything. But the easiest quickest thing is cash. And, you know, when I give cash, and they say, thank you, I always go say, you know, yeah, we gotta take care of each other, right? You know, because I don’t want it to feel like I don’t know they’re a burden, or they’re less than or anything, it’s just people taking care of each other. In smaller, big gestures. You know, I give a lot to charity every year. And maybe you give a lot to charity every year and you don’t have to you don’t feel beholden to give to an unhoused person that is at a red light when you stop or whatever. But it sounds like you would like to do that. Get a bunch of cash and denominations that suit you and, you just have it in the car in your middle console to do that, but you know, there’s no should but what what feels good to you, you should do. And you’re very good on the noise, the mouth noise front. Thank you, what else?


Will  11:28

Alright, Sarah, so half awake leaving this but I feel the need to tell you. Let me preface story of saying that my dog Jules loves to eat my wife’s underwear for some reason. Anyway, I just got up middle of the night to let my dog out. And Jules came in to the house and I didn’t realize that she had my wife’s underwear, partially hanging out from her butthole anyway, the dog ran away from me, and proceeded to jump into our bed where my wife was still asleep. I frantically turned on the lights and grabbed the dog and my wife was completely startled. She asked what happened. I said, I can’t explain it. I grabbed the dog and pulled her outside and she finished pooping it out. Anyway, love your show. Help me with my crazy dog, love you, bye.


Sarah Silverman  12:43

I love that you somehow protected your wife from knowing this. But yes, I have heard this before. My very good friend Liz had a dog that ate all the crutches of all her underwear. I guess is there any way your wife can make her underwear less delicious? I also wear people keeping their underwear mines in her drawer. But I guess, yeah, people leave it out. You know, I guess that is delicious, to dogs you know funny thing about Liz to whose dog ate all the crutches of her underwear. I mean, listen, there’s something to it when you walk into someone’s house and they have a dog and they immediately start sniffing your crotch and you’re like, oh, that no. No boy, down boy. But anyway, Liz had another dog that whenever the dog wanted to walk, you know, she lives in New York City. Her dog would bring instead of like, you know, her dogs bring their leash and say like, walk me. They would bring her bra. Because they saw that before a walk she would throw on her bra. Anyway, dogs are funny, but really fully digesting an entire underwear. That’s a lot and then pooping it out, it didn’t even like digest or there. There were no vitamins and it just pooped it out, it’s crazy. I would love like if a dog ate like a balloon than if it pooped like the poop was in the balloon when it came out. would be so cool. I don’t know why I brought that up.


System  14:42

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Mimi  14:48

Hi, Sara, my name is Mimi, and first off I love you so much. You’re my favorite comedian of all time. And I’m actually wearing the sweatshirt I got at your Show in January in Charlotte. And you’re a big part of the reason I picked I’m a comedian myself, I’ve been a comedian for 12 years, I’m actually about to record my very first album, on January 25, at the Comedy Zone in Charlotte, sit that on here, I understand, I’m not trying to promote, I do want to get your advice about something that’s really in a way it must. So first off, I’m a big ol homosexual on the day of sunshine, and also a caregiver for my aunt who’s disabled. And I’ve been a caregiver for her for over a decade. And she just can’t take care of herself, you know, she basically, I kind of joke that she’s my 74 year old teenager, she just wants to sit in front of the TV and eat all day. And I’ve tried to get her to do physical therapy, join the why she won’t do any of that. And I just want to make her comfortable I promised my mother on her deathbed, that I would make sure her sister was taken care of. And, you know, I thought that she loved me, she says she loves me, and she tells people I’m like a daughter to her but I just recently found out that she’s been donating a lot of money to anti LGBT organizations that are trying to make it illegal for me to exist in this country. And I know that’s kind of extreme, but this world I’ve grown up, then I realized that extremes are quite possible. And it’s really hurting me, I don’t know how to talk to her about it, because I don’t think she’ll stop. She’s really obsessed with evangelists like Jimmy Swaggart, he says, or his son said that gays in America are just like ISIS, and they want to kill Christians so I just don’t know what to do, so what do you think I should do?


Sarah Silverman  16:18

That’s real hard, and I, I’m sure that she loves you and boy, people get sucked into this shit with these fucking evangelists. And, you know, who do they rope in the just the most vulnerable people, you know, they are these people are beyond wealthy. And they’re getting money from poor people, and from elderly people, and from vulnerable people that buy into this shit. And a lot of it is it’s interesting. She’s in front of the TV, and that’s what’s on the TV. How many parents and grandparents are just Fox News heads? Like they just it’s that’s, and the reason why they are is not because they have some ideology that matches with Fox News propaganda. It’s because Fox News happens to be their companion. You know, people come home and they turn on the TV or the TV is just always on. And if and for a lot of people, it’s Fox News. That’s their friend, that’s who’s keeping them company. And so they love it, and they get indoctrinated into a you know, I mean, they just that’s just it, you know, and worry will sometimes put on Fox News, which they don’t like, but I understand it, or listen to it in the car, because he wants to hear all the angles they want. He wants to hear what people are listening to, he wants to know, you know, all of that stuff. And it’s very soothing. It isn’t what you imagine, you know, it’s it’s fun morning shows, and it’s seems very, like sweet. And just like anything, any kind of show you would see on ABC, NBC, you know, whatever. But it’s, it really forms, malleable brains. And all of our brains are pretty malleable, like if it’s who we’re listening to all the time. And so I think for a lot of elderly people this is their friend. This is who they spend most of their time with, and so for her, it might be the 700 club or whatever. Those evangelists channels they’re on. And this is what she believes why would they lie to her? You know, they’re her friends. What some people have done is disabled the channel on their, their cable box, you can do that. And she’ll find somewhere else, you know, it’s like, whatever channel she has on that feels like company is going to be what becomes her ideology. She’s she feels like she is vulnerable in that way. But she is a malleable brain. She loves you but she loves these people keep her company all day. And if she’s clearly religious, so you know, listen, she just find another home channel for her. Maybe it’s freebie ash, maybe it’s another 24 hour channel of some kind that is a little more innocuous, or a lot more innocuous would be you know, listen, I have dog TV. But that’s she probably couldn’t watch that 24 hours a day I kind of can. Listen, there’s a lot have other channels that she could put on where she feels like that’s her company and that’s her friends. If you can find a way to disable those channels, do it. And then when she can’t find them go, oh, I don’t know well, let’s watch the Game Show Network. Boop, problem solved. I don’t know, anyway, good luck, and I hope this helped. And good luck on your special taping. That’s awesome, lI’ll be looking out for ya, what else?


Regal  20:32

Hi, Sarah, this is Regal Beagle. I was thinking about today, how my helpfulness is actually very like, not helpful. It’s actually a form of like trying to maintain superiority over other people. And that’s why I always help other people. But I constantly reject other people helping me. And what brought this most to light was a hospital stay, which I found having to rely on people, very degrading. And reflecting on that led me to believe that my constant need to help other people, but refuse help from other people is actually really arrogant and prideful. It’s not good, it’s not kind, and it’s just a way for me to distance myself from others, and kind of assert myself over them. And sorry, that was my that was my little puppy. And so I’m wondering if there are any helpful are positive traits you maintain, that you’ve actually found are not at all positive, and they’re actually very egotistical and narcissistic. Anyway, thank you bye.


Sarah Silverman  21:53

Realizations like this, that’s the big stuff, that’s the big stuff, Regal Beagle. I love that, I know, it’s not the name your parents gave you, but I like to imagine that they were making love and watching Three’s Company and decided to name you Regal Beagel. Um, this is, I think, really these kinds of realizations, and then like implementing them, or being mindful around it, is the huge stuff. This is the stuff of life, this is awesome. You know, and you’re right, like, there’s a big difference between being a know it all, and constant oversight, where people don’t even feel, you know, people feel nervous doing anything around you, because you’re going to correct it. And actually being helpful, or giving gestures of care whether with words or with actions, you know, so that’s fucking huge. Well done, I always have things I’m working on, you know, like, I’ve talked about it, like, I cut people off, I’m working on that. I all fucking hate that about me. So excited about what I’ve got to say next, you know, and then even when you realize like, don’t cut her off, you know, or don’t cut, you know, don’t or I cut them off and go oh, sorry, was your what you’re saying. You also have to be listening to what they’re saying. And not just holding in your head. The thing you’re gonna say that you’re very excited about, which is like a very Kochi vibe. But you don’t have to be on coke to have that vibe. But I’m I sensitive myself sometimes and I just have to go like, alright, you don’t have to what if you don’t say anything? What if you actually don’t have to weigh in here and you can just listen. And then when they’re done talking, if it sparks something you want to say, you might maybe add some, you know, like, so that’s what I’m kind of trying to be mindful of, all right, what else?


Clint  24:13

Hi, Sarah, this is Clint from Los Angeles. I live right next to the Hollywood improv, and I just wanted to say what a special night it was getting to see you I randomly found the tickets and needed somebody to lift me up because my I lost a gig that I’ve been working hard on with the team for six months it fell through. Those are always major members because it’s like that switch the Turon suddenly gets turned off and you’re just sitting like, what do I do now? So I wanted to treat myself and I got to see you and I wasn’t doing as well inside my body. After you’re set though, I laughed my ass off because of everything that you do I love your mind, and I love your facial expressions. But anyway, I just wanted to call and say, you walked, we walked outside and you walked out right behind me and you spoke to me and you were genuine, and you gave me a hug, and you didn’t even know what I needed. And that was just the ticket, that was what I needed. I walked back on cloud nine beaming, I almost had trouble going to sleep that night, just like last night, because it’s just, it’s not about like, fan even though I am a fan, it’s just you’re so real, you really are what you’re what you put out in content. So I just hope you know how much you’re loved as well, thank you, Sara love you bye.


Sarah Silverman  25:39

Oh, that’s so nice, I sometimes you just need a hug. It’s good to be in touch with that, you know, like, I’ve gotten into the habit now of just like, well, I I’ve gotten worried to be like, do you need a hug? I’ll make yes, and vice versa it’s nice, you know, it’s seems like wants a hug. It just does something, it’s real, it gives it changes you on a molecular level to be held in I get a little hug, and I’m glad I was able to do that for you, it’s so easy. All right, what else? Thanks for calling in.


Will  26:24

Hi Sarah, I’m Will. I live on Vancouver Island up in Canada here. I grew up in a small town on the West Coast. And my experience with Americans mostly as a kid was, you know, the Cosby Show and, whatever else was beaming in from down south and, but then it’s a fishing town. So people would come salmon fishing for their holidays, and a lot of Americans would come up. And I just found that to be so arrogant. Even as a child, I can notice it. And they didn’t really abide by the rules. And they just seem to want to own everything and then growing up after that, just seeing how everything’s just so crazy down there with Trumpism and even the left being kind of I don’t know over woke if the rights under woke. I don’t know but anyways, now just I just don’t know what to think anymore. So I guess my question is, do you like hockey?


Sarah Silverman  27:31

Start like a euphemistic kink, I do like hockey. I actually just went to a Kings game and had a blast. I’m not I don’t follow the NHL, but my sister Laura does. She is a hockey nut, and her teams are the Kings in the Bruins of course and so we went together to a with our with our loves. Had a little double date at the arena. Just a name nobody here seems to like very much. Like Staples Center just like it’s the Staples Center, I know staples is just another corporation that had owned it then but I don’t know it’s hard to have just melt into like Wrigley Field, you know, or like Staples Center or the crypt, are you going to Center it’s just like you need I guess you do. But I don’t know It’s yucky, anyway, we went to Kings game and it was very hockey is just the greatest spot a spot, I said spot because I’m already in New Hampshire thinking about it. It’s the greatest sport to watch, it’s so fun. I’m one of the very few people that did enjoy foxes hockey puck highlighter many years ago that they tried. But um, you know, we grew up in New Hampshire, so that’s a pretty big hockey town because it’s so close probably to Canada, and a lot of French Canadians in our town. And so hockey was pretty huge, and we would go and watch games and I loved the Zamboni wanted to ride a Zamboni since I was little girl seems like so cool, cleaning up that ice.


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Regal  29:35

Hi, Sarah, I have a 14 month old and I was pregnant again for three months. And I lost the baby, and today I had to have a procedure to hospital to get rid of the tissue and I am brokenhearted. And I’m just wondering how to move on. I love you.


Sarah Silverman  30:08

Oh, I love you too, I’m so sorry. That’s gotta be very hard, and I have not experienced that. But how do you move on? I don’t know, I, here’s, here’s what I would suggest. But I don’t, I haven’t had this experience. But I feel like this is the kind of thing where you decide to get a little religion. You know, religion is there for you to use the way you want how you want. And you can decide to know that this was all part of the plan. You know, whatever you do, or don’t believe this is when you get you can allow yourself a little religion and say, well, this was meant to be this is that baby to be was not ready to be yet, or whatever you need to believe it also know that this is a common, I’m sure you know that but it’s it I know that, you know, look, I don’t know if that’s comforting, but I know that I have very good friends who lost their first pregnancy after three months, so they had kind of announced it and told their friends and their family and very quickly after that, had to terminate. And it was heartbreaking, and they were gonna had to kind of let people know, because they had let people know that they had a pregnancy, they had waited the three months and they had told everyone and then found out that this was not going to be all a life and they needed to terminate. You know, this is this is why it’s important to have abortion be legal and safe after three months, because trek tragedies happen, and you need to do that. Anyway, now they have two healthy happy kids and all as well. I would offer this with that with loss. I’ve experienced loss, and with loss, I tend to take comfort in knowing that they are they are not in pain, I’m in pain. But they’re okay. They’re not in pain, and that you can handle right, you can handle your, you’re in pain. You can work through it, and that’s good news. And I’m so sorry, and be well, what else?



Hey, Sarah, I just wanted to talk about how the work mentality of staying up until one in the morning, finishing a project is praised and glorified. But in fact, it is just an addiction like any other is perhaps the only one society pats you in the back for which sort of nurtures this pre site of addiction and leaves you in this constant search for that 10 to 15 second joy before the crash, before you have to prove yourself all over again. I mean, our culture is begging us to be completely structured and academic. And I’m just like, can we get a little space for natural expression of humanity versus kind of getting into the cog right away? It’s really painful to stay in that just alternating between the planning of the future and the bashing of your past choices while trying to avoid a panic attack. It sort of numbs you this felt sense of disconnection. How do you deal with the economy of the life you’re told to live? The perceived freedom of choice. And then when you get to, when you figure out you don’t really get to make any meaningful decisions. The world will praise you for working long hours, but they will literally hire someone to replace you at your funeral. How can we live in such a broken society and not be shouting our lungs out for change? How do we go from humans that hunt eat and draw little pictures in our cave walls to tiny little bubble wrap balls that are ready to pop the first minor inconvenience we encounter? How can we experience the life we were promised? How can we fight for that?


Sarah Silverman  34:32

So many things swirling in my head I agree it’s beautifully put. I don’t know where you live actually. But I here in the US are a capitalist society very live to work, society whereas you know like the mindset in like say Mexico they just worked into in order to be able to live and pay their bills but they they don’t live to work, they work so they can live and they enjoy life. But life is the point like they the non work stuff is the point you work to be able to subsidize a life. And here, it’s more like your work is your life. For me, my work is my life, and when I’m not working, I’m doing my real joy, which is laying in bed and watching TV. I wish it was travel, I wish it was skydiving, but it’s not. I love watching television anyway. not the point. But you know, you look at stuff like cooperative models, socialists models, you know, well, socialism is everyone, you know, I think Democrats, democratic socialists basically believe like, everyone should be given enough money to just for the basics, roof over your head, food, shelter, clothing, and then your work is your passion or whatever, more money you want to make above that, or whatever, and it’s certainly I don’t think makes anyone lazy. It just doesn’t make anyone unhoused. And I think that’s the theory behind it. And a lot of countries do it. And it’s very fruitful nobody, there’s there they don’t have a homeless problem. They don’t, but of course, a lot big part of that problem here is mental health, and you know, it’s so funny because and Rory and I have both said this. Anytime there’s a shooting, the left says, we need to regulate guns, we have to make rules about how easy it is or not easy it is to get a gun. And the right says no, it’s a mental health issue. And I agree with both, but the thing that the right doesn’t do is, is bring forth any bills or any legislation that brings mental health to the fore that engages mental health in our system. So it’s a bunch of bullshit. But boy, when when right wing people go, it’s not guns, it’s mental health, great let’s put a ton of money into mental health care. But then later, they don’t follow through with that. All right, I don’t know if this answered your question, it was more of a statement I think that you said but I I hear you and I agree with you. All right, what else?


Jesus  37:38

Hi, Sarah Silverman. This is Jesus from Montreal, Quebec, wanted to take a break from work to ask you what your thoughts are on this, Barbra Streisand thinking about her film, Funny Girl, like she adopted from Broadway, and how that changed the film industry for Jewish representation and didn’t turn for young Jewish girls all around the world. And, you know, I think there are some interesting parallels where the media has certainly shifted, but what you do as an actor and as a comedian, and now a host of is uplifting and giving a lot of young Jewish girls and queers and young gay bees, and even myself, just like confidence. I’m not Jewish, I’m first nation, but all this is to say is that, you know, there are some great people that go through the world and simply aren’t themselves and change so many people’s lives. And yeah, I wanted to know what your thoughts were on her, maybe you’ve met her? I don’t know, okay, I’m gonna go back to work. I love you so much.


Sarah Silverman  39:07

No, thank you, Jesus. I think I said that right, right, Jesus. I think so, I missed what you said. Well, thanks for calling in. I am, needless to say a fan of Barbara been enjoying her book on tape, her new book is amazing. And her interview on Howard Stern, which is phenomenal. I mean, you just learn all this stuff you never, you know, she’s been very kind of reclusive. She’s not really out there, and she’s, uh, I mean, she’s really directed some brilliant movies and she’s so talented, and it’s funny hearing her talk about stuff she wasn’t able to do even hurt the height of her fame movies she wasn’t a able to direct or being because they wouldn’t let her you know, then you just go what she’s Barbra Streisand? Like, she’s incredible but, uh, yeah, I would say she’s probably opened a lot of doors for Jewish women and show business. I don’t know, but her existing has made my life better in many ways. And I love her acting, I love her singing, I love her directing, I love that she exists, I love that she’s very Jewish, she I love that she has a side she insists on being shot by I love her nails, I love her Ness. She seems like she’s very authentically herself. And she kind of came from nothing and scrappy or real scrapper and made quite a person of herself, and it’s interesting to hear her experiences and her insecurities and the way she perceives herself. And I did meet her once and it was you know, exciting for me to meet her is that a party? But it was, you know, you want to you know, because I love her so much. I so wanted her to be like, Oh, I love your comedy or anything, you know, but um, she I kind of had the worst of both worlds because it wasn’t like she didn’t know who I was and said hello, she said, she looked at me and I said, oh, hi, I’m such a fan, and she just kind of looked at me and said, you’re a comedian. I said yeah. And she just kind of moved on, um, so it was it was anticlimactic, I think it’s the word but I bet I didn’t care I was so excited to meet her and be in her presence, but mostly I just love, I love her.



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