Our Little Pumpkin is Turning One

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Baby Eme is turning one, and Kulap is leaving no pumpkin unturned to throw her the biggest, most fall-themed party. The birthday itinerary includes everything from a giant pumpkin punch bowl to hay bale couches. And although Eme is the pumpkin princess, Ku is saying no to one birthday tradition. Meanwhile, SuChin is Adding to Queue the most devastating movie she’s seen all year, and turning to newsletters for fall shopping inspiration.

Please note, Add To Cart contains mature themes and may not be appropriate for all listeners.

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Kulap Vilaysack, SuChin Pak

Kulap Vilaysack  00:10

Hello Carter’s welcome back to another episode of Add To Cart. I’m Auntie Kuku Vilaysack.


SuChin Pak  00:14

And I’m Auntie Susu Pak. And it’s a very special episode today as is every episode.


Kulap Vilaysack  00:21

That’s such a good point to SuChin. That’s such a great point.


SuChin Pak  00:24

Also, because I sometimes don’t know what we’re talking about.


Kulap Vilaysack  00:27

Sometimes? Su sometimes?


SuChin Pak  00:30

Well, that’s why it’s a very special episode.


Kulap Vilaysack  00:31

That’s true.


SuChin Pak  00:32

Because it’s a surprise to you and me.


Kulap Vilaysack  00:36

And look, we may have an idea, but you know what should change pretty quickly? Depending on what these auntie moods go depends on where the river flows with, you know, and its slowest to mark, the first year of Emerald Bertie Ackerman.


SuChin Pak  00:51

Oh my goodness.


Kulap Vilaysack  00:52

Can you believe it, Su?


SuChin Pak  00:55

I mean, yes and no. It’s like, it’s she’s always been here. But then she just got here. And there’s so much joy. I can’t ever even remember when it was sad. it’s just like, happy, happy, happy, happy, happy. And one year, is such a big deal.


Kulap Vilaysack  01:15

It’s such an accomplishment. Mission accomplished.


Kulap Vilaysack  01:19

For me? Yeah, of course. I wanted to be really clear on.


SuChin Pak  01:19

Mission accomplished for who?


SuChin Pak  01:29

Wait, is she running?


Kulap Vilaysack  01:31

She started walking at 10 and a half months. And now.


Kulap Vilaysack  01:35

Did she crawl? She.


Kulap Vilaysack  01:36

Did at some point.


SuChin Pak  01:37

She She crawled.


Kulap Vilaysack  01:39

Before she ran and you are right. And you know, when she really took up running was during our bout of COVID. It was an opportune, but we can’t stop. You know, when Linda train is speeding.


SuChin Pak  01:52

I don’t even I think I saw one video of her crawling. And then it’s just been running ever since. And I keep I’m like, I don’t miss any of her posts. So like she went from crawling to running. That must be such a different experience. This is a year for baby emerald. Wow.


Kulap Vilaysack  02:10

She’s just absolutely delicious. Scott and I are having so much fun. And I said to Scott is like, I mean, he’s so cute with her. It’s just it gets nothing more attractive, to be honest. Like her hugging him and like him doing silly voices doing the supermario voice to her while he’s wiping her mouth because she hates she hates when we wipe her mouth after she eats. And so he distracts her their animals. So much of parenting. It turns out, I realized this distraction.


SuChin Pak  02:43

Yeah, yeah, you’ll you’ll get there. It’s just also distractions will turn into lies. But you know what, hey, one step at a time.


Kulap Vilaysack  02:51

Really? Is that not under the umbrella of negotiation?


SuChin Pak  02:55

Correct. Spoken like a true Asian per se. Yes.


Kulap Vilaysack  03:01

It’s just been so great. And you know, originally, I was going to just talk about some of like, the things that I’ve added to cart that have been really great. Recently, but then, you know, I got a text from SuChin Pak yesterday that she shan’t be attending Emmys birthday party. She shan’t she’s choosing her own kid.


SuChin Pak  03:28

I have to have been, if not the first one of the first to RSVP. Yes. As soon as that invite went out, I didn’t even think I said yes. I’m not gonna look at a calendar. What does time mean? What does schedule What does any of this mean? Yes, yes, yes. And then I looked at the calendar and realized God dammit. My son is going to his first sleepaway camp that should be on an episode later, I’m sure because I don’t know what I’m going.


Kulap Vilaysack  03:57

By the way why the fall and not the summer?


SuChin Pak  04:01

Know that. It’s it’s his grade.


Kulap Vilaysack  04:03

Oh, oh, what.


SuChin Pak  04:05

The whole school is going away for one week?


Kulap Vilaysack  04:09

I’ve never heard of it. Amazing.


SuChin Pak  04:11

I mean, me neither. I knew that it was coming. And I of course had it on the calendar. I just thought for some reason it was closer to Thanksgiving for I don’t know, and then it’s, it’s upon us.


Kulap Vilaysack  04:21

Okay, fine. You’ve chosen your child or my child. That’s something that I’m gonna have to get used to. And then okay, we’ll put up his side. So I thought, You know what, let’s scrap my initial plans. And let me just tell you about her birthday party that is coming up Saturday after her birthday. Let me tell you about this thing I’ve been planning since July. Let me cut and paste into our agenda from another.


SuChin Pak  04:50

I have such FOMO of something that hasn’t even happened yet. What was the first question I asked you? When I said I couldn’t go.


Kulap Vilaysack  04:57

You said, what what’s the cake?


SuChin Pak  04:59

What’s the cake, anyway, okay, so let’s look at the invite.


Kulap Vilaysack  05:03

Yeah, you know add to cart. I went on Paperless Post and I didn’t see what I wanted. I knew I wanted it to be pumpkin themed Eme was born in October, October 4, and she’s my little pumpkin. And so I wanted our little pumpkin is turning one I still amusing papers post, but I got my little tush to Etsy and I purchased a birthday invitation that I could customize


SuChin Pak  05:31

Like a template. So they sell like one of a kind templates on Etsy that you can then use for wow.


Kulap Vilaysack  05:39

For whatever it was if I wanted to print I could have printed it. But I didn’t I downloaded a PDF and then I uploaded it onto Paperless Post. And now that starts our visual theme.


SuChin Pak  05:49

Ku this is more work than my wedding already.


Kulap Vilaysack  05:53

Well, to be fair, you didn’t do much Mike did most of that.


SuChin Pak  05:56

Correct. You’re right. How would I know?


Kulap Vilaysack  05:58

How would you know?


Kulap Vilaysack  06:02

Now Su? To answer your question on air on Mike. Scott’s gonna make the cake. He’s gonna make a two. I said two to three. But let’s do a two layer cake. Small white buttercream frosting. So I say small because I’ve already purchased if you hit the links to the topper, which is so cute from Etsy that came in August.


SuChin Pak  06:29

Oh, yes, of course. It’s a pumpkin. A pumpkin is the oh and it says one.


Kulap Vilaysack  06:33

Scots do make a small one. Because as you guys recall, during the pandemic, he took on layered cakes. And so I think it’d be really cute for daddy to make a cake for Eme.


SuChin Pak  06:44

I mean, this is, you know, this is his time to shine.


Kulap Vilaysack  06:47

He really is.


SuChin Pak  06:48

Is he nervous? And Is he is he prepared? Yeah, yeah, I would feel pressure to I was when you said Scott was making the two to three layer cake. I was like, Ooh boy, I would be doing practice cakes, Scott, I would be doing it practice cakes.


Kulap Vilaysack  07:04

Now I am lessening the pressure because it’s like this isn’t the only dessert.


SuChin Pak  07:09

Oh no. Just in case.


Kulap Vilaysack  07:11

At minimum it can it can just be for visual display because I know I’ve got some I’ve got some tried and true things that will work. Which is you, guys know about the group that I founded for the love community in Los Angeles, Laos Angeles. One of our members is Cat and Cat is an amazing Baker and Chef and so she has if you go to cats Max and treats.com and also please follow her on Instagram we’ll make sure to put that in the in our show notes. But I have ordered the medium package from her which is a bunch of little dessert Su which I think this is going to upset you because.


SuChin Pak  07:56

It’s already upsetting me I’m looking on this the tarts and the cream puffs in the French macarons.


Kulap Vilaysack  08:02

That’s right. I for the max I’ve picked Ube and black sesame.


SuChin Pak  08:04



Kulap Vilaysack  08:06

And pumpkin spice to be on theme. I’ve also am getting two dozen mini tarts, seasonal fruit custard and then also a hazelnut Chocolate Crunch SuChin Pak. We’re also getting mini cream puffs Su vanilla bean custard with whipped cream and one that simply called oops all chocolate.


SuChin Pak  08:34

Now while I love Emerald and I love you . And I love your family. I did RSVP right away for the food. Yeah, and this is what I’m missing.


Kulap Vilaysack  08:44

Yeah, because also there are many cookies from Cat yeah see that Brown Butter Chocolate Chip and blueberry corn which I’ve had of her and they’re They’re excellent. Blueberry corn is just so good. Yum yum yum yum yum yum.


Kulap Vilaysack  08:45

Do you think that there’s is Emerald invited to the Christmas party or are you just going to lay out a feast and.


Kulap Vilaysack  09:06

Well she’s certainly get that, she has a dress for it that I purchased from Mesa net.


SuChin Pak  09:12

You guys were deep into our our taste flavors. Yes, there’s a child to be celebrated. Yes, she’s going to be in a pumpkin dress but let’s talk.


Kulap Vilaysack  09:23

But Su she’sone years old. She’s not going to remember she’s anything now remember.


SuChin Pak  09:29

The the mixed Sandos.


Kulap Vilaysack  09:32

That’s right that’s right. So I will be making so I should I want to finish off a Cat is also going to be making some pot pies. One vegetarian, two chicken and a mini chicken for Eme with like very little salt that she will have. And I don’t want her to do the smash cake thing. I want that to be, I’m prolonging the sugar stuff for as long as.


SuChin Pak  09:55

I guess this is a mother who knows what she’s doing? Ha ha cakes. She’s going to have a chicken pot.


Kulap Vilaysack  10:03

Okay, also.


SuChin Pak  10:04

Wha wha with no salt.


Kulap Vilaysack  10:07

No salt, very little salt. Very little salt. And also Su I just want to say my weird things and I’m like, no, no, she shan’t have a one wipe warmer in the category.


SuChin Pak  10:23

That’s funny because you have a buck warmer, but she’ll get to that when she gets.


Kulap Vilaysack  10:28

Yeah, that’s right. She earns that. She also won’t do a smash cake.


SuChin Pak  10:33

Oh, yeah, I don’t want her to have sugar.


Kulap Vilaysack  10:35

But just the waste of a child smashing a cake. I can’t, I can’t have it.


SuChin Pak  10:40

No, every Asian person, every Asian person would gasp. You would be laughed at behind closed doors, what an idiot can’t do it just throwing away food.


Kulap Vilaysack  10:52

Now Su, I want to point out that I am decorating her highchair while she’ll have her mini little chicken pot pie with a little personalized name banner that we can reuse for her room. Which is so cute too. Which I think anyone could get her room it’s a garland that has her name and cane or like return letters, neutral colors than the true colors. You can take it with her when she goes to her dorm room.


SuChin Pak  11:22

Emerald you’re not going to be listening to this 18 years from now but I’m sorry. I’m sorry that this is how it all started. Go on.


Kulap Vilaysack  11:35

So Scott’s gonna make the cake. I’m gonna make the mix Sandoz, which are basically their sandwiches with Japanese bread, but probably they’re going to be Korean milk bread because of what’s around here and easy for me to get with like, and it’s gonna be mixed because I’m gonna do a ham and cheese. I’m gonna do an egg salad. I’m gonna do tuna salad. And it’s gonna be super cute. I’m doing that. I’m also gonna be making a big festive salad.


SuChin Pak  12:02

And I will all how many people are coming.


Kulap Vilaysack  12:04

Hmm,great question. Great question. RCP wise, it’s 50 Plus, kids, my kids.


SuChin Pak  12:11

Oh my God. You’re gonna be making so many sandwiches.


Kulap Vilaysack  12:14

My sister Anita is coming to help. And Alyssa will make two.


SuChin Pak  12:21

Yes. No, no, no, no, no. The whole village will be there. That’s right. 50. Okay. 50 guests. Okay, go on. And I’m also you got to have a signature cocktail. Listen, it isn’t a coupe party. Unless there is a theme, and a signature cocktail.


Kulap Vilaysack  12:41



SuChin Pak  12:43

You guys. She purchased a large glass. Pumpkin. That’s Punchbowl.


Kulap Vilaysack  12:50

From it is Williams Sonoma.


SuChin Pak  12:53

Yeah. So you got the giant pumpkin punch bowl and you’re going to put in what?


Kulap Vilaysack  12:59

it’s called this person at half baked harvest calls it a Thanksgiving sangria. I’m calling it a fall sangria. It’s white wine mixed with cider brandy pumpkin butter, which I will make from scratch. We get citruses spices and a splash of ginger beer. It’s an adult punch. Okay, Su that’s for the adults. Now behind me, since we’re here, I had, for the kids? No, that was a bad idea. I’m gonna put in a silver tub. These Martinelli Apple juices because it’s a fall theme sue for the kids over there who don’t want to drink alcohol. There’ll be an iced buckets. My beautiful silver tubs that I use for entertaining. And there’ll be you know ICED TEA TEA have a bottled iced tea in sparkling water.


SuChin Pak  13:55

Oh god I’m missing out I am missing out. Can I just leave my kid at camp.


Kulap Vilaysack  14:02

NO NO NO NO he’ll remember that will start.


SuChin Pak  14:05

Should I, should I pick him up from camp and just drive straight here after he’s been away from home for five days and just.


Kulap Vilaysack  14:13

Yeah, I like this idea. Um, there’s gonna be for the kids in the backyard that can run around I got a lot of sidewalk chalk I have a huge driveway. I of course I’m going to do my own art project which is right Emmys name large and draw a big pumpkin so that when you look out of the driveway, you can see it. That’ll be nice photo moment. There’ll be bubbles.


SuChin Pak  14:38

Just Scott have any idea?


Kulap Vilaysack  14:40

None. And so.


SuChin Pak  14:45

So he’s gonna wake up this Saturday morning. And he is going to be all a surprise surprise.


Kulap Vilaysack  14:53

Oh, he’ll get inklings like the Thursday before when a company called Mr. jack o lanterns, pumpkins who may be known around the LA area for having pumpkin patches, you can hire them to do a little bit of decorating. And if you’re buying so many pumpkins, they’ll drop them off. And so he’ll see he’ll kind of notion when they set out be.


SuChin Pak  15:19

The pumpkin patch people set up.


Kulap Vilaysack  15:21

That’s right and hay bale couch that I’m setting up with a front yard for another photographic moment. And I’ve bought so many pumpkins for decor, but also because my initial idea was that I wanted families to walk away with a carving pumpkin. I’m gonna show you some signage real quick that with that theme, you can also buy signage where you can personalize the templates and then you download that and like, no, go to a Kinkos FedEx combo and print them out. So I made some signage Su, that just got.


SuChin Pak  15:57

She’s openingit up right now. On the podcast, fresh, fresh signs delivered.


Kulap Vilaysack  16:04

First signage.Why not? You know, I waited nine years for my daughter and now it’s time to just just go for it you know? And really see what am I describing? It’s just good food and a whole lot of pumpkins. It’s not that crazy. Sign it says Welcome to Amarula Pumpkin Patch.


SuChin Pak  16:29

Matches matches the invitation.


SuChin Pak  16:31

That’s true.


SuChin Pak  16:31

Wow. Wow, you better hide that sign before Scott sees it. realizes that there’s a pumpkin patch happening.


Kulap Vilaysack  16:40

Well he  can’t stop it I’ve already paid for it. I had to complete purchase for the to get my date.


SuChin Pak  16:46

Oh, but he can he can bitch and moan and that’s just going to take some of the juice out of it. You know.


Kulap Vilaysack  16:51

I don’t allow it. There’s some I’m gonna put by the pumpkins that say thank you for coming. Please take one.


SuChin Pak  16:58

bBecause I have 50 of them.


Kulap Vilaysack  17:06

I really need to show you this photo we can move on to you. I just need to show you this photo of her dress because I see this dress literally.


SuChin Pak  17:13

Guys how did you even find a French inspired outfit covered in pumpkins in the most chic way pumpkins have ever been covered?


Kulap Vilaysack  17:30

You know, my girls a little fashion plate. Now, you know a lot of people want me You know, I don’t I don’t put her people don’t see her in the public sphere. And a lot of people I will say they want her to model but I don’t think you know, you know I hear that. But I just don’t know if that’s.


SuChin Pak  17:44

No, but she’s modeling for us those that are on the private feed. And that’s all I don’t want to share that. It’s for me. I get up. I put on my laser led Omnilux facemask and then I look at my new picture post from Eme. That’s my morning routine.


Kulap Vilaysack  18:07

Side chat since you brought it up. Mike skidding you doings your morning.


SuChin Pak  18:13

Just leave him now or wait. You heard what I said on the video. I said oh, top and I said.


Kulap Vilaysack  18:23

Oh yeah,I heard it. I heard the tone. Stop.


SuChin Pak  18:28

And then what did he do? Collaborate Add to Cart. She doesn’t give a shit. Like can you believe that? You guys he recorded me doing in the privacy of my own home my morning ritual in my PJs, doing my squats. Getting the sun in my eyeballs. With the Omni Lux led mask on my face. I’m just minding my own business. Kids are at school. I’ve been up for two hours. Scratch that. I’ve been up for 14 hours. I’ve made them breakfast. I’ve made them lunch. I got them their snacks. I got them on their bikes. I give them their goodbye, babe. Have a great day. I’ll see you later. And then then it’s me time where I get to just be who I want to be. And he records it God when you put it that way, but I say it’s a gift. Go ahead. Do your worst. If this is your worst, I’m living my best life.


SuChin Pak  18:30

And that’s really what came through. So So I understand your feelings and I don’t want to minimize them. But if anything I’m agreeing with you when I say it was a gift.


SuChin Pak  19:45

Did you Did you laugh? We haven’t talked about it. I forgot that he even posted that thing.


Kulap Vilaysack  19:50

I laughed so hard. I was shocked because we all heard your tone. And even though that mask takes up Wash your face, I felt the intensity in your eyes.


SuChin Pak  20:03

You guys head on over to add to cart, Instagram, Add To Cart pod. Go check it out for yourself, guess what? I was annoyed for about 22 seconds and then I was proud. I roared like the lion that I am.


Kulap Vilaysack  20:19

You know, that covers the cost of those pajamas right there. Now you can write those off.


SuChin Pak  20:26

So my cart has nothing to do with your cart.


Kulap Vilaysack  20:31

I’m sure it does, though. There’s ways to tie it together.


SuChin Pak  20:33

Because we’re professionals. It does have something to do with your cart. I’m going to add to cart for you. And all of our Carter’s a brand that you have probably never heard of, started by two moms who after raising their children, their little pumpkins found themselves like, well, what now? Who are we now what what do we love? What do we want to do? And in that time of their lives, started a business, a very successful business two friends. I don’t know there’s a fantasy in there. That’s so gorgeous, right Ku? I love that stretch. So it is related to little pumpkins.Because, you know, you go through so many identity changes as you become a parent. Right? Who are you? And then and then you have this baby and the baby grows older and blah, blah, blah, and then they leave and then who are you again. And I would like to dream that when my pumpkins go off to wherever they’re going to go off because college will be obsolete. By then that I will with my coven of hoes, start a business that is successful and beautiful. So the company you have a link there is called Mersea, which is so cute. It’s spelled m e r s e a. And it’s founded on these friends love of traveling and the ocean, if you will. So it’s sort of a play on words. And I discovered them at a local shop here in Santa Barbara, the Riviera towel company. I love that place. It’s just like a little beachy store that’s got a knicks and knacks and, you know, it’s very Santa Barbara vibey. And I fell in love with this brand. And now I’m obsessed. I want to talk about well, what else am I going to talk about their sweaters, go ahead and click on some of their trends. When I.


SuChin Pak  20:55

Finally finally it’s seasonal appropriate for you to talk about woolen sweaters.


SuChin Pak  22:12

Some of them are cashmere, of course, because well I think cashmere is for every season. But these are seasonal transitional sweaters, which I think are perfect for fall when there’s a little chill in the air, but it’s still too warm. There are these roomy sweaters. They’re almost like I don’t know, like capes with arms on them. Right?


Kulap Vilaysack  23:10

God Sign me up.


SuChin Pak  23:12

And they come in so many different patterns and colorways and stripes. And they’re just gorgeous. I’ve tried these on in the store. I’ve gifted them. They’re perfect. They’re size friendly. You can wear them to the beach, you can layer them with a turtleneck and then it’s warmer. They’re the perfect transitional sweater.


Kulap Vilaysack  23:34

Okay, I’ve got my eye on the Amor sweater heart patches on the elbows.


SuChin Pak  23:39

So it’s women owned its friend owned. I just thought that it’s a brand that everyone should know about. I love their stuff. I just bought a beach bag for a friend of mine for her birthday. It’s just a fantastic brand. So add to cart Mersea.


Kulap Vilaysack  23:55

Wow, wow, I really the Navy striped back on that and more sweater. I like it in the Navy stripe with the red hearts on the other.


SuChin Pak  24:05

$108. And by the way, one size and go ahead and peruse their sales section because it’s always a deep discount when they go on sale. They just have really good prices. It’s a good price point with or without the sale. And that’s what I love about a clothing brand the most is that it’s accessible to all it’s not going to break the bank.


Kulap Vilaysack  24:31

Su, we barely talked about my nephew Kai’s two week trip over the summer.


SuChin Pak  24:37

I mean, I got all the pictures, but I need the stories to go with the images.


Kulap Vilaysack  24:41

I said Kai What do you want to do? What do you want to do? And we did things like woo inside Dodger game. My sister took him to raging waters because I sure as heck didn’t want to go.


SuChin Pak  24:53

Raging waters still exists?


Kulap Vilaysack  24:56

Still exists, still exists and he also won to go shopping my my nephew’s a bit of a Hypebeast. And any. Yeah, very smart shopper. And so I’m not joking when I tell you. One of his highlights was going with me to the Lululemon in Beverly Hills.


Kulap Vilaysack  25:10

Wait, so was this your idea? Or was he like, I want to go to Lululemon?


Kulap Vilaysack  25:18

Well, I was my idea. And I coupled this with us going to the Mr. Brainwash museum that’s down the street, but he likes brands, he has an eye for that. And he was like, Wait, we’re going to Lululemon. He was like, Oh my gosh, like, all the girls in my school be so jealous. Like.


SuChin Pak  25:36

Kids love that.


Kulap Vilaysack  25:38

So background my nephew’s 13 He lives in the suburbs of Minnesota. Shout out to district one and he’s six. He’s a real sporty guy. And we get in there I was like, I got to oh man I because I was invited by Lululemon, jumps at the chance you guys want me to come over? Let me as you guys know, on your first.


SuChin Pak  26:00

I am the street team.


Kulap Vilaysack  26:02

I am the they didn’t ask me to be. But I will sing the praises of Lululemon a top any mountain that I can get up on. And what am I wearing to climb that mountain? I’m wearing the line the like, like and it’s soft and buttery. And because I was like, you know, because I want to be a baller too with the auntie I was like, you can pick something too. You can get something too. So he got to try on some stuff upstairs as well. So he could have the experience. You know, all the while like I’m like, Ooh, look at these like, Oh, I get to pick whatever color I want of the fast and free leggings collection. And yeah, sure. Maybe I’m not a runner, and maybe I don’t sprint and.


SuChin Pak  26:40

Lies, lies. Who says that? Have they’ve not seen you with a Power Hose? That’s right. Okay, wandering around your house cleaning all the cracks and crevices.


Kulap Vilaysack  26:51

And that’s what I’m using the facet free leggings for. There’s things that I am gonna break a sweat for.


SuChin Pak  26:58

And thankfully, when you break a sweat, friends, you’ve got wonder train leggings.


Kulap Vilaysack  27:03

As you guys know I have been a kickboxer for 10 plus years, I have recommitted to kickboxing. And so what is happening folks is I am Southeast Asian sweating to such a degree that only the Wonder train leggings can wick all of my moisture with their pads to technology I don’t know I’m assuming they have patents but they definitely have technology. This is a performance wear with a capital P and you know what, let’s capitalize the W too performance ware okay. I feel supported. I feel I feel I feel held I feel lifted, and dry.


Kulap Vilaysack  27:44

Feel dry.


Kulap Vilaysack  27:44

Dry being the key key component in here all of my perspiration is then moved out of my face. They it squirts from my nose because it’s been diverted. All the wetness is to my exposed face and arms.


SuChin Pak  28:02

The rest of you bone dry.


Kulap Vilaysack  28:05

Bone dry thanks to Lululemon. And understand again I go they’re invited. I get a pair of beautiful leggings for free. How how do I spend more money? How do I spend more like if that’s not the real endorsement? That I have I purchased more and like got my nephew a full fit. A full fit he was like when I tell you I look like such a baller. I’m like so best Auntie ever like it was such a good time.


SuChin Pak  28:42

So friends sharing our joy this season have you go to lululemon.com Check these guys out. Tell us we’re not wrong because we love to hear that too.


SuChin Pak  29:02

My next after card is a few things it’s we haven’t done an Add to Queue in a while you know what are we watching? What are we waiting? What are we perusing? So Add to Queue. If you haven’t watched in the theaters, well it’s your chance to now rent and put your little credit card on the line for the best movie I’ve seen all year called past lives. Now I was getting texts about this and these texts from friends were like you have to see past lives. It will ruin you. Lives. You’re never going to recover, it’s devastating. It’s a beautiful it’s incredible. It stars Greta Lee. Gorgeous.


Kulap Vilaysack  29:53

I love her.


SuChin Pak  29:54

Such a soul fashionista, so talented. So so dude, this is not a rom com. It’s a true romantic movie in like the most grounded and real sense. And her performance is so subtle. And then the lead Teo Yoo. Teo Yoo number one, this man brings out the fangs in me.


Kulap Vilaysack  30:20

Oh, this man, I just had a Google image search. I just I need to, I have to listen to Su, but I need to know what she’s talking about. So.


SuChin Pak  30:29

Now the story just quickly the story is about this woman played by Greta Lee, who grew up in Korea, but then she immigrants to the US and leaves behind her childhood boyfriend in Korea Teo Yoo and then they reunite in New York like whatever 20 years later. Of course, I wanted to see tail you in the wild like What is he like? What does he sound like he is he’s a Korean German. So and so he speaks many languages are also Korean. So he’s like a new kind of Asian you know, I love when they when they break the mold. And so number one, Greta Lee number two, right on the heels Teo, you guys will understand. The film is a beautiful, romantic movie about this question that we have all had in the middle of the night. Like what if you made a different choice in your life? Could you have ended up with someone different? Someone? Dare I say it better? I don’t know what the question was. There’s a question mark.


Kulap Vilaysack  31:37

Everybody’s really here.


SuChin Pak  31:39

Yeah, this is it’s I’m just saying these are things that you say.


Kulap Vilaysack  31:42

Sliding doors.


SuChin Pak  31:44

Sliding doors. And so that is the theme of it just like yearning of destiny of fate, like what does all this mean? Anyone can relate to that. But for anyone who has grown up in a culture that isn’t originally yours, for anyone, perhaps if you’re from an Asian identity that you grew up in a different culture, and from the ones that your parents did, the way that this directors, Celine captures what it feels like to constantly feel like you don’t quite belong. I’m actually shaking. There are things that she says and does in this that I have said and done and felt, but I’ve never consciously certainly not seen but even spoken out loud. And you know, and it was just like shocking, like when you read or watch or, or experience something that they say quote like, lays your soul bare. This is that movie.


Kulap Vilaysack  32:51

Wow. Su what an endorsement.


SuChin Pak  32:54

Fantastic. I love newsletters. I love the old 90s early 2000 feel of a good newsletter. They’re coming back. We love a newsletter by just graves called the Love List. Fantastic. You guys all should subscribe. She talks about fashion, she talks about music, she just all trends stuff. And then just Graves led me to a newsletter from Laura Riley. And just recently, she did a google doc spreadsheet, where she asked her audience some questions about fall fashion. And then she put together a Google Doc that anyone can access or add to, the question she asked her what exact pieces have you already bought for fall? What exact pieces are on your wish list? What designers are you most interested in? What sites or stores are you frequently shopping the most for your fall shopping? Okay, so these are just some of the questions and then people put actual items. And then she linked the actual items. And then there’s price tags on these items. You guys this is a Google spreadsheet. Let me say it again, because you may not have been listening from the top. This is a from the newsletter from Laura Riley, where she has accumulated all of the most coveted items her readers are talking about for fall than itemized it on a Google Doc for anyone to see an add to.


Kulap Vilaysack  34:30

I mean, I am blown away. Magazine. It’s a store. It’s a magazine. It’s a fashion newsletter that will help you shop better. Never heard of it. You’re bringing me new stuff. I’ve hit the link. It is a gorgeous spreadsheet. My mouth is dry because it’s on the floor.


SuChin Pak  34:49

Yeah, hundreds and hundreds of items. It’s so fun to go through and, just to see what people are shopping. Hey, listen, you said you wanted gifts. By November one. Yes is a could be a great resource. My final Add to Queue is a recent podcast obsession. Have you heard the Camp Counselors podcast?


Kulap Vilaysack  35:11

No, tell me.


SuChin Pak  35:13

It’s Camp Counselors was Zachariah Porter and Jonathan Carson, they’re to writers, comedians, I assume actors, they shouldn’t be actors. If not. So there are a couple. All it is is them to talking about their lives. And then like, really interesting headlines, stories that you and I would never see, you know, in mainstream, like, it’ll be some random story from some random little newspaper in some small town. But they’re so funny. And it’s the kind of podcast that I look forward to. I am volunteering for errands because I need to get back into the car to listen to. Let me just give you a taste. Jonathan is telling a story about how he was served a Jicama for the first time and he didn’t know what it was, and he was eating it. And he called it a ghost apple. I don’t know why.


Kulap Vilaysack  36:07

That’s very good.


SuChin Pak  36:08

It it dropped me to my knees when he said I don’t know, what is this a ghost apple? It’s constantly those peppered with those kinds of unpretentious hilarious, like, you’re the odd person out at a fancy party. And these two people are hopefully you’re seated next to you. Anyway. So give that a listen. I love it. And that’s my Add to Queue.


Kulap Vilaysack  36:32

I’m looking for a new podcast. You know, that’s so funny. This is a time of errands for me. So, you know, while I’m doing things like I don’t know, leaf blowing various parts of my house or, you know, pumpkin patching. That’s right. And while I’m pumpkin patching, I need something new to listen to. So it also sounds like you should have them on the pod. Have them on as guests say,


SuChin Pak  36:57

Yeah, they’re on my wish list. Great. So hopefully, we’ll reach out and they’ll say yes, but you know what, even if they say no, still listening to every up, beautiful love these guys.


Kulap Vilaysack  37:07

Beautiful. I love a well that’s another special episode of Add To Cart with Kuku and Susu. You can find everything we talked about in our show notes at Add to Cart pod. There’ll be images, there’ll be fun stories and polls that our social media maven Alina cooks up in her twisted mind. We’ve got a lot of announcements coming up for this future holiday season. So make sure you follow us there.


SuChin Pak  37:36

And also we’re really leaning into voicemails because we want to hear from you during the season as we’re going into holiday. So give us a call at 833-453-6662 Leave us a voicemail like what what favorite things are you adding to cart? You know what are you looking forward to in this fall season? We want to hear from you guys.


Kulap Vilaysack  38:00

See you next week.


SuChin Pak  38:03



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As a current is a production of lemon on media. Our producers are Keegan Zima and Tiffany boy Brian Castillo is our engineer.


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