No One is Coming to Save Us

May 20, 2021 Blog, Press

Lemonada Media Launches New Original Podcast “No One Is Coming to Save Us,” Exploring America’s Childcare Crisis and Solutions

Award-Winning Journalist Gloria Riviera Hosts the Four-Part Series, Joined by Special Correspondent Kristen Bell

Lemonada Media, the podcast network that presents humanity unfiltered, today launches their newest original podcast, “No One is Coming to Save Us.” This poignant and timely four-part series, peppered with the usual humor, wit and quest for solutions Lemonada listeners have come to expect, will shine a spotlight on America’s childcare crisis and the people crushed by it. The series zooms in on the Ellis Early Learning Center in Boston, sharing diverse stories of families, providers and childcare workers. Award-winning journalist and mother of three Gloria Riviera hosts the series. Actress, activist and mother of two Kristen Bell appears in each episode as a special “Call It Like It Is” correspondent, to untangle some of the more complex issues with lightness and humor. The series is co-created with and presented by systems-change non-profit Neighborhood Villages.

Access to high-quality childcare and early education determines so much of a kid’s future… and their family’s sanity. Listeners will learn, laugh, cry, be outraged, and, most importantly, hear solutions. The podcast will explore how a lack of quality, affordable childcare creates an achievement gap that can last a person’s entire lifetime, exacerbating inequities in our culture; and how the coronavirus pandemic has revealed another epidemic in America’s childcare system that continues to disproportionately affect lower income families. 

“Once I became a mom, I couldn’t avoid the early childcare crisis – literally and figuratively. I wanted to ask other moms a million questions, but I didn’t — because we don’t talk about this crisis — we just live with it and that’s wrong,” said host Gloria Riviera. “Finding good childcare in America for kids under five is a workable problem with a roadmap, and if we get this story right we will change early education policy in this country.”    

“Jess and I were so thrilled when this project came to us. Both of us are parents of young kids and working moms, so it hits very close to home. We knew this was a story we wanted and needed to tell,” says Lemonada’s Chief Creative Officer, Stephanie Wittels Wachs. “This was a Lemonada no-brainer because we read story after story of how parents are breaking, childcare providers and workers are suffering, kids are languishing, but solutions have been missing. And Gloria and Kristen helping shape the narrative and make the listening experience joyful and entertaining made the show creation an incredible experience for the Lemonada team, too,” shares Lemonada’s CEO, Jessica Cordova Kramer.

“No One’s Coming To Save Us” will also show how we can come together to create a sea of change, building a bipartisan coalition of educators, families, businesses, national security experts, economists, celebrities, and ordinary people finally creating the childcare system we all need, and deserve.

“The United States has long failed families when it comes to childcare, but Covid-19’s up-ending of our broken childcare system took things to an emergency crisis level – for parents and child care providers alike,” said Lauren Kennedy, co-founder of Neighborhood Villages. “(Co-founder) Sarah Muncey and I firmly believed that this story had to be told, and that it had to start at the beginning. We’re thrilled to be partnering with Lemonada to shine a light not only on the reasons for why childcare is broken, but on how, together, we can fix it,” Kennedy said.

“No One’s Coming to Save Us” from Lemonada Media will be available on all major podcast platforms today, May 20th. Subscribe to listen HERE.

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Lemonada is a podcast network founded in 2019 by Jessica Cordova Kramer and Stephanie Wittels Wachs. The company’s podcasts share an unfiltered version of the human experience in a time of increasing polarization, in an effort to make life suck less. Lemonada provides a robust advertising platform, one that is nonpartisan and deeply engaging, with uniquely amiable host-read ads. For sponsorship opportunities, contact:

Gloria has spent 20+ years as an ABC News producer and correspondent based around the world covering breaking, investigative and feature stories for the network’s flagship broadcasts and social media platforms — including Good Morning America, World News Tonight, Nightline & the daily news podcast “Start Here.” She is currently based in Washington DC. 

Founded in 2017 by Lauren Kennedy and Sarah Muncey, Neighborhood Villages is a Boston-based systems-change non-profit that advocates for early education and care policy reform and implements scalable solutions that address the biggest challenges facing providers and the families who rely on them. They show systems-change in action to push policy forward. Neighborhood Village specializes in ground-level, strategic interventions aimed at building the capacity of the early education and care sector.

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