Add to Astrological Cart with Heidi Rose Robbins

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Carters, get starry-eyed. Acclaimed astrologer Heidi Rose Robbins is here to advise all of the signs on what to add and remove from cart in 2023. SuChin, resident Leo, is ecstatic that her travel plans are affirmed by the stars. Kulap, a Taurus, is removing from cart scarcity and embracing her shiny crown as an abundance queen. No matter your sign, Heidi and the aunties will help you understand how you can live with more intention this year.

A note from Kulap and SuChin: This episode was recorded before January 23rd, before the mass shooting in Monterey Park, CA in the midst of the Lunar New Year celebration; And again a mass shooting in Half Moon Bay, CA. For those listening and reading trying to make sense of what has happened, trying to process trauma, we’re with you. There’s so much heartache here, and for now, we grieve, we mourn & we keep these communities in our hearts.

Please note, Add To Cart contains mature themes and may not be appropriate for all listeners.

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  • Heidi’s new book Everyday Radiance has daily prompts of self-care and self-renewal
  • Rest is Resistance by Tricia Hersey, tells us that sleep isn’t only essential. It’s powerful

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Heidi Rose Robbins, Kulap Vilaysack, SuChin Pak

SuChin Pak  00:11

Welcome back to another episode of add to cart. We’re so happy you’re here. This is the show about things we buy all the things we buy into and what it says about who we are. I am SuChin Pak.

Kulap Vilaysack  00:23

Yes, and I’m Kulap Vilaysack and today we are looking to the stars for guidance as we navigate another year. Oh, wow. Add to Carter’s. This is so important.

SuChin Pak  00:39

Lean in.

Kulap Vilaysack  00:43

Our guest is an author, a pod cast host. And a has been a professional astrologer for 25 years. Plus, she comes from a lineage folks. She’s helped 1000s of clients, including me, all over the globe. Live with more mindfulness, more heart centered, authenticity and clarity. Please add to cart Heidi Rose Robbins.

Heidi Rose Robbins  01:17

So good to be here. I love this podcast.

Kulap Vilaysack  01:22

Thank you so much. Heidi, I love you. I’ve known you since probably I was 28-29.

Heidi Rose Robbins  01:29

Yes, I have a very distinct memory of you being in the back studio. And we were having a deep conversation about where you were headed.

Kulap Vilaysack  01:38

This was my 30th birthday. And you know, Heidi was the one who really she has been there for and has been a catalyst for some of my biggest life changes which have been from slight tweaks to the personality and reframing to major upheavals. To huge breakthroughs to I mean, she’s she was there for just trying to get to Emy, all of that through career through personal stuff. She has been there for the highs and the lows. She’s officiated best friend’s weddings, every year, a group of us for almost nine years or we’re maybe we’re coming up on a decade, every December we meet to do a check in to look at our upcoming year. So Heidi is just a huge part of my life. She’s a dear friend, and it’s such an honor to have you on the podcast.

Heidi Rose Robbins  02:43

Thank you, Kulap. I just yeah, it’s been such a joy and privilege and all of that to just be journeying with you over these this decade and more and boy when Emy came into the picture I felt like I was celebrating non-stop for months on end You know, it’s like we have worked through to this we have overcome and yeah, anyway, just a joy to be with you and love you so much.

Kulap Vilaysack  03:10

Like a good friend almost immediately coming in with Emy’s. Moon sun and rising immediately sends.

Heidi Rose Robbins  03:21

I’ve gotten to it I can’t help it. I gotta do it. The minute I hear.

Kulap Vilaysack  03:24

oh my gosh, a brief snapshot of like, I have an audio memo for to have forever. Like this is like, true friendship. Okay, so, Heidi, it cannot be an Add to Cart guest episode without us learning what type of shopper you are. How do you add to cart?

Heidi Rose Robbins  03:46

Ooh, that’s a good one. Well, you know, I would say that I mostly love to wander through like, let’s say my favorite things are buying books. You know, like do the wander through the bookstore. Make it last a couple of hours. Visit the poetry section visit the you know the astrology section. And then when it comes to online, it’s usually for me, sudden and through like an email. It’s like I just did this right before I got on. My friend Kim crams has a new little animal card pocket sized version. I was like Kim, I was like, boom, you know, so it’s very sudden for me.

Kulap Vilaysack  04:36

First, congrats. I have it with me add to cart every day. Radiance this is your new book. So can you tell the folks what it is?

Heidi Rose Robbins  04:45

Yeah, so this is published by Chronicle and it’s a long time coming and it’s a beautiful book that’s 365 Zodiac inspired prompts all around your own. offering your gift your self-renewal Will yourself care. And it came out of actually the moon notes that I write every day on Instagram. So I’ve been writing these Moon notes for five years now, five years plus. And every morning I talk about where the moon is, and I talked about the energy available to you. When it came to writing this book, we realized that if we wanted to last more than a year, it couldn’t be based on the moon, because every day, you know, next year, the moon is going to be in a different position on a certain day, right? So we decided to make it connected to the sun sign. So every sign has 30 days of prompts and inspiration and creative activity that you can sort of take part in. So we actually start the book starts in the airy season. So we start in March, and each day you open it up in the morning, or in the afternoon, or whenever you want to, and you read this about a paragraph, and then there’s some kind of invitation for you to try out. I’m really encouraging people to find a friend and in a sort of daily way, check in and say like, Can I read you what I wrote? Or can we talk about the questions that Heidi asked in this so that you have a kind of person that you are accountable to as you go through this book?

Kulap Vilaysack  06:15

I love that and Aries is the first sign in in the astrological wheel.

Heidi Rose Robbins  06:21

Yes. So we kind of call it our new year’s is Aries.

Kulap Vilaysack  06:24

Su, what do you ever say about that?

SuChin Pak  06:27

Heidi, listen, I’ve been trying to push back the New Year. I was like February maybe. So to hear that really? New Year’s is March. I mean, I love this. I love gathering information that only bolsters up the kind of lifestyle that is right for me, you know, and everybody else has to just get on board. Maybe that’s part of my sign. Suddenly, I’m sitting here as a Leo wondering if it is all about me all the time.

Kulap Vilaysack  06:57

Su, we don’t know your exact time of birth. We never we never will. She was born in South Korea.

SuChin Pak  07:06

The approximation was born also on Korea’s independence day. So also not, you know, chaotic, and not a lot of bookkeeping happening on that day off in the Koreas. You know, to me, so not quite sure when my mother did say that she wanted to go for noodles. So she believed it was in the afternoon. And she insisted that she could squeeze that in. And the doctor was like, You’re not leaving the room. So that’s how she is tributing the time but we’re not quite sure.

Heidi Rose Robbins  07:41

But you know, even honestly, something like that does help like you can say okay, well, these half these rising signs are not going to be there if it wasn’t, you know, early in the morning, and you can start to narrow in. And there are astrologers that are amazing at what we call rectification where you would make a list of these big events in your life, you know, marriages, births, deaths, all of that. And they hone in on possibility. And also, physiognomy like how we look is reflected the chart reflects that. So you can get closer and you can start to sort of say, well, what, what year of your life was an incredibly, you know, high year or when were you incredibly tested and you can start to position the planets around that. And so of course, we never know for sure, but we can get closer.

SuChin Pak  08:29

There’s hope. And what did I say? Cool. I just wanted hope this year. That’s my mantra for this years. Hope.

Kulap Vilaysack  08:39

That’s beautiful. Yeah. Well, I mean, sue, sue, it’s tough because she was constantly tested. She tested positive for COVID a second time. And it was recovering.

SuChin Pak  08:53

That’s right. We did it together last time and here we are again. Old hats that this the three of us. I know but I love I love just I love that we are starting the new year, I feel just by like blood pressure regulating. I feel very calm and centered. Like something is happening. I don’t know what it is. The soil pH is different in my body you know what I mean? It’s nothing but it’s not one thing it’s probably a combination of a lot of little things. And so every day you open up you know every day radiance and you look at a fresh page a new page a blank page right? And so I think I don’t know there’s something reframing for me that’s very different this year than so far and again, I’m not even in the new year yet. You know, I’m just barely.

Kulap Vilaysack  09:54

Could breathe during that like to hear Su speaking this.

Heidi Rose Robbins  10:02

Part of it I will say even just knowing your sun sign Okay, is that on December 20 of last year Jupiter moved into the sign of Aries which is a fire sign and Leo is a fire sign. And Jupiter is the planet of yes and expansion and opportunity and growth. So I know because Jupiter’s moved into Aries, that those with strong Aries, Leo, or Sagittarius are going to have a very expansive next five months. So you are starting Yes, I would say you should be feeling a little bit of hope and optimism and Fresh Start energy. So just knowing that part.

Kulap Vilaysack  10:44

Well, another item that you’re adding to cart which I gotta say is surprising for your about you. You are napping?

SuChin Pak  10:58

Why are you surprised?

Heidi Rose Robbins  11:02

I don’t nap, I don’t ever stop you know. So I am deeply working on moderation and rest and care and I loved Tricia Hirsi. You know, her book, rest is resistance. Gorgeous, powerful, important book and she has founded something called Napa history and amazing woman and really confronting the patriarchy really confronting our you know, all the things that are wrong by saying look, we need to reclaim our energy and it’s Yeah, I would just say go buy that book immediately. But yeah, yeah, add to cart read along with everyday radiants. I do want to take 10 minute naps. You know, I want to just put my body down on the bed and just close my eyes and put my hands on my heart and breathe and replenish.

Kulap Vilaysack  12:00

Because you’re removing from cart probably something that is related.

Heidi Rose Robbins  12:06

I’m removing from such Aries things. I am an Aries my son’s an Aries. I always crinkled my brow I have you know two deep worry lines because I always crinkle my brow because I’m always trying to take life seriously, I always at night now my dentist hates me because I grind my teeth to the bone and I’m supposed to be wearing these horrible things and I just can’t do it. You know, so I don’t grind my teeth. And the sense so I’m removing crinkling my brow and grinding my teeth. And this constant sense of urgency because it always feels like everything is at stake. You know? And I think I get this from my dad my dad used to send me these emails with capital letters in the subject line that would say urgent, urgent, urgent three times. And it would be like did you buy your plane ticket yet? I’m going to be the most not urgent thing of the world you know, or can you bring a pair of socks wagon just ridiculous. So I have this in my body, this nonstop urgency that I am removing from my cart.

Kulap Vilaysack  13:02

We are we’re balancing our cortisol levels. We’re trying to shift our biological and like our bodily responses.

Heidi Rose Robbins  13:09

I get baby in my chest like you, Ku, a little baby just like you know, that would lower the cortisol.

Kulap Vilaysack  13:22

As a Taurus, […] I feel like naps are in my rearview. Like as in Taurus, I you know, I love the sleep and stuff but like I feel that I need to be up and in constant vigilance.

SuChin Pak  13:41

Yes, she’s on super vigilance.

Heidi Rose Robbins  13:44

You need to nap with a baby.

SuChin Pak  14:03

All right, so Heidi, we’re going to be doing something very special today. Guys, guys, guys, guys, we told you at the top, you know listen in, tippy toes. You’re going to go through each sign with us and our listeners. And with each sign you’re going to tell us what we should be adding and removing from cart. And so let’s start with the first sign. As we all talked about Aries.

Heidi Rose Robbins  14:30

Aries and you know what’s special for Aries this year is that Jupiter is in your sign until May 17. So for the first five months Aries you’ve got it made so what we want to add to cart is launch things take make bold moves, fresh starts New Beginnings new ideas seeds planted. So it is like the leap in right, for this year for Aries particularly for the first half and then I would remove from cart the age old Aries problem which is impatience and the sense that I’m behind I’m behind. And Jupiter, when it’s in a sign can magnify the urgency. So whatever Jupiter touches it magnifies. So you want it to magnify something good, like the bold fresh starts and not the sense of panic and impatience and I’m behind. So remove those from cart.

Kulap Vilaysack  15:21

Okay, that’s exciting for me as an Aries moon.

Heidi Rose Robbins  15:24

Okay, it is it is actually it is because you and it’s going to help you feel this new springtime, like celebrating with me, but it’s also going to help you launch whatever else you want to launch in your life. Great. Yeah, great. Okay, great.

Kulap Vilaysack  15:38

Great. Now I’m the first three Sue so I just you know, this is I’m really losing.

SuChin Pak  15:47

She’s here but she’s off mic. And we’re gonna move into Taurus. What’s a Taurus, add to cart and remove from cart.

Heidi Rose Robbins  15:56

Yeah, so Taurus also is going to have a great celebration this year, because from May until the end of the year, Jupiter is in the sign of Taurus. So when you have friends that have these signs, and you know that Jupiter is going to be in the signs, you’re celebrating with them, they are that’s an expansive year. And so Taurus is so much about beauty and so much about manifesting and really seeing our garden grow. So I would say adding to cart for tourists insist on beauty all around you have beauty everywhere you look, put the two lips on the table, you know, eat the beautiful food, close your eyes and feel the beauty within you know, like because Taurus is a sign of wisdom too. So it’s just a big celebration of beauty. And then Taurus, I would say removing from cart Taurus does have a lot to do with money and the ways we work with money. And sometimes it manifests in a sense of there isn’t enough yet there isn’t enough yet. So I would just encourage our Taureans to feel the enoughness that enough is a feast and to let go of feelings of scarcity in any department.

Kulap Vilaysack  17:04

SuChin’s daughter, Zoey, is a Taurus as well.

SuChin Pak  17:11

Immediately buying tulips filling a room with tulips.

Kulap Vilaysack  17:18

Yeah, you and I are fellow abundance queens.

SuChin Pak  17:21

Yes, yes, that’s right. Moving into Gemini.

Heidi Rose Robbins  17:25

Yes. So an interesting thing for Gemini, Gemini is an Air sign. And it’s all about what we have to say what our messages how we want to communicate, but this year, Saturn is going to be squaring Gemini. So it’s asking all Gemini people to let your voice be heard to claim your authority to not be squashed by that energy. But to actually say I am the authority, I have something to say I’m not going to feel less than I’m going to use my voice in the world. So Gemini people really want to let their voice be heard add that to cart. And of course the Gemini ongoing problem is a kind of scattering or multitasking or feeling like there’s too much going on or you’re spinning, spinning, spinning. So we want to take some of that scattering or that multitasking up from the cart. And I would just say this is a year for Geminis to really focus on their career like to get serious about their career because the 10th house is lit up for Gemini, which is the area of career and it’s like spend your time thinking about this and feeling your authority there.

Kulap Vilaysack  18:30

As mentioned prior I am a Gemini rising. Yeah, Gemini rising is that your rising is your future? It’s your mission in life. Right, Heidi? And my daughter emerald is also a Gemini rising. Yeah, my husband Scott is a Gemini moon. So a lot of air in our house.

Heidi Rose Robbins  18:54

Wow. Wow. Yeah. And I would just say that, because Saturn is going to be activating let’s just say the 10th House for Gemini. It’s also that’s the, that’s the house of parenthood to cool. So it’s like, you know, it’s like, you’re definitely going to obviously be spending time in the realm of parenting. And for those that don’t have children. It’s like, well, what do you want to parent? What do you want to take care of?

SuChin Pak  19:16

That’s great. Okay, let’s get to our cancers.

Heidi Rose Robbins  19:20

Yes. So cancer. It’s the first water sign. It’s very much about deep sensitivity, deep nourishment. What do you want to take care of? Who do you want to take care of and it is the great one of the great parental signs of the zodiac. And so I would say to add to cart, you really want to parent yourself with kindness this year because Saturn will be in Pisces all year and Saturn in Pisces and Cancer they get along. And so Saturn is the parent and cancer is the mama energy and the nourishing energy. So we want to like how can I take the best care of myself? How can I mother myself, how can I Father myself, this is what you want to add to cart. And I think that sometimes, you know, my poor little cancer and friends like sometimes feel like there’s this energy of protection that is. And for all of us, I think we’re had a little trauma response, of course after the pandemic, and it’s like, I do feel like any leftover pandemic isolation, because cancers have a tendency to isolate, you know, they have a tendency to stay close in. And so just keep opening and opening and opening and let’s remove from cart any of that tendency to isolate.

Kulap Vilaysack  20:33

Scott is a cancer son. So what I’m hearing is I need to lock him out of the house all the time.

Heidi Rose Robbins  20:44

Yes, you do. Yes, you do. You can say come back later, go have some fun. Go have some serious fun.

Kulap Vilaysack  20:50

Honestly, he doesn’t need that. He really doesn’t need.

Heidi Rose Robbins  20:54

Yeah, yeah. And actually, for him, also, I would just say for cancers, career is also emphasized for a different reason. And so this will maybe take him out of the home is the career calling is the expansion in career and the opportunity and career.

Kulap Vilaysack  21:13

Feel like I was really driving fast.

SuChin Pak  21:21

Let’s just park it here for just a teensy second. And lets everybody catch breath. Okay, because that’s I’m taking care of you. But while I’m doing that, I’m also listening.

Heidi Rose Robbins  21:38

You should be quite happy as Su because it’s, you know, this is this is a great year for Leo, particularly, as I said the first half, Leo really does need to have her heart expressed. And she needs to have feel like the queen that she is. And here’s the deal. Leo’s in their best are not the self-absorbed queen. They’re the queen that wants to take care of her queendom they’re the queen, the Beneficent, the benevolent queen, that’s like, I’ve got you, I’m in charge, and I’ve got you. So this is an amazing year for Leos their sort of badass Queen self as I would say. And I would I would also invite Leo people to travel inwardly or outwardly this year. And that’s because the ninth house is lit up in your chart, which is very much about what in the world do you want to see? Where do you want to go? And that could be more self-exploration or it could be like, I’m going to Italy you know, so I would invite Leo’s to celebrate through travel this year.

SuChin Pak  22:42

Bunch of international tickets. I haven’t even shared with the group. Also, by the way, Heidi, you know, my husband Mike is also, has met with you. Also a Leo Mike Bender. So we’ve got two Leo’s who are yearning, itching, to travel and get out of town. And so that’s all we’ve been talking about, which is very interesting that you brought this up?

Heidi Rose Robbins  23:08

Yes, it’s, it’s gonna it. There’s fire in your chart. There’s, there’s fire in your sign. And there’s additional fire sort of saying Be passionate, be creative. Get out there. Do your thing. Wow. Set your sights, get on your horse and go, you know, I also have Leo rising. But then remove from cart, you know, this is actually a phrase that my dad would always use, which is like the Leos love of being loved. You know. And by that I just mean, we just want to reclaim some of that energy that goes outward, like love me, love, like, the Sally Fields love me, you know, like you love me. You will be loved. Let’s put it that way. You don’t have to want to be loved, you will be loved. Because you enter a room and you fill it with light. And so it’s like, not needing so much response from the other just standing in your own light and offering your gift. And I would say that this is a great year for Leos to do some deeper self-investigation, like the eighth house is going to be lit up which is the house of therapy. So it’s like, do the deep dives that maybe get you to the core of why you need that outer affirmation, you know, and just like be a little quiet with yourself on your big trips to Europe, you know, or wherever you’re going. So that makes some sense.

SuChin Pak  24:32

Oh, yeah, that makes a lot of sense and very excited to hear all the Add to carts and removed from carts. Because all of these removed from carts are things that they’re not removed from carts in the sense that their traditional removes their removes in the sense that they bolster all the things that are good in our lives, right. So I love it.

Heidi Rose Robbins  24:54

And this is why just to say I love astrology so much is because we have this map and we can say to ourselves In this map what is serving my highest good and what could I just address that would help me flow more would help me offer more love would help me do my thing in the world more and the chart can actually point out those places where we’re a little bit crinkly and need some attention.

SuChin Pak  25:27

Okay, Virgos you’ve been waiting patiently your turn.

Heidi Rose Robbins  25:31

Yeah, so what’s interesting for Virgos is that as again, I all this year starting in March, Saturn will be in the sign of Pisces, which is the sign opposite Virgo, and Saturn in Pisces says, you really have to pay attention to your feeling life. So adding to cart allow for your feeling life. You don’t always have to be working. You don’t always have to be perfecting, you don’t always have to be refining. Like allow for that spaciousness. Add the spaciousness add the hammock time, you know, add the walking along the water to your cart. And yeah, let’s remove overworking and actually carve out more time for relationships, Virgos because Saturn is in your house of relationship and you want to tend to that. And you want to look up from your work and look out and nourish those relationships in your life.

SuChin Pak  26:24

Okay, Libra, we’re moving into Libra now.

Heidi Rose Robbins  26:28

Yeah, so what’s interesting about this is, is Jupiter, like, as I’ve been talking about is in Aries for the first five months, and Aries is the sign opposite Libra. So what’s kind of interesting is Libras always are attending to relationships. Libras are like what do you need? How can I help you, you know, I’ll accommodate. And in fact, this year, for the first half, I would absolutely say go solo like when you can Libras take a solo trip, take a day off and go to your favorite coffee shop and don’t worry about anyone else but yourself. I mean, and by self I wanted a capital S self like worry about your soul self-worry about your best self-take care of yourself. And so you know your relationships will take care of themselves, attend to the relationship with yourself and have some fun. And on that note the Remove from cart would be the tendency to over accommodate and the tendency to adjust to the other all the time. So I would say take care of your own daily rhythm. reclaim some of that energy.

SuChin Pak  27:33

Okay, Scorpio, Scorpio.

Kulap Vilaysack  27:37

All my best friends are Scorpios yes, I’m a Taurus all my best friends are Scorpio.

Heidi Rose Robbins  27:45

You’re such a good antidote to that Scorpio energy. I would say you know, Saturn in Pisces is in harmony with Scorpio. So again, Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces are all going through a year of maturation and serious commitments. And so one of the ways that Scorpio commits is financially so I would say this is a year of financial investments like add to cart. And, you know, that doesn’t have to be a gigantic financial investment. It could be like I’m investing in this new pair of shoes. That’s really important to me, but I mean, it’s like what are you investing in, add investments in and also invest in your healing. Because there’s the sixth house is lit up for you Scorpio and you really want to invest in your physical, emotional and mental health. And I always laugh with this one but remove from cart Scorpio always needs to work on relinquishing control, you know, letting go of control, letting go of the need to control everything. And when you do that you actually make room for more play in your life. You make room for more joy and spontaneity.

Kulap Vilaysack  28:48

Anything to add to that cute June, Casey and Matt?

SuChin Pak  29:01

Alright, Sagittarius I have a lot of this in my life. Lots of friends that are Sagittarius is

Kulap Vilaysack  29:07

Interesting, very interesting.

Heidi Rose Robbins  29:10

So maybe you need to take some of them on your trips around. Because I do think you know Sagittarius as a sign of travel and Jupiter is lighting up that Sagittarius energy and the area of pleasure. The Fifth house is lit up for Sagittarius this year. So I would just say Sagittarius, this is an expansive year for you say yes to the goals add to cart like a new horizon that you want to reach and, and again, I would add travel just like Leo I would add travel and I would let go remove from cart. You know, again, Sagittarius sometimes has a problem with too many arrows shot in too many directions. So I want you to remove from cart all these options. I want you to choose one and I want you to feel a kind of stability in that choice like feel your ground and choose one and go after that, and you’ll feel a lot of success in that.

SuChin Pak  30:07

Okay, Capricorn.

Heidi Rose Robbins  30:13

There’s something about Capricorn this year that I want to encourage to like enjoy their home to add to cart like enjoy your home, but also enjoy like picnics and family and play and spontaneous outings. Like, enjoy the foundation and not so much. It’s not to say that career won’t be crazy active, but like, bring it home so that you feel good in your home and you feel good in your body. And out of that comes the Capricorn achievement, you know, so add to cart picnics and play and spontaneous outings and picnics in the living room and home goodness. And I would say, you know, remove the sense of ongoing and non-stop responsibility remove that deep sense of I have to be responsible to everyone and everything and enjoy a little bit of lightening up.

Kulap Vilaysack  31:06

Yeah, June Casey and Matt.

SuChin Pak  31:14

All right. We talked a bit about this, but Aquarius is next.

Heidi Rose Robbins  31:19

What is interesting for Aquarius is for the first time in three years, Saturn is moving out of your sign, which is a gift because Saturn is testing you. And Saturn is a great planet of maturation. And there’s intensity when Saturn is in your sign and in March it moves out of your sign. So Aquarius is love to gather. They love parties, they love teams, they love festivities. So I’m going to say like, now that Saturn has moved on, let’s be the gregarious Aquarius. Like, let’s find your team and your people and play and create the creative ensemble. And on that note, you know, remove from cart any remaining sense of the lone wolf or a sense of isolation. You know that your third house is lit up this year, which is all about coffee dates and communication and exchanges. So get on the phone and bite someone out and you know, start that air moving.

Kulap Vilaysack  32:12

Oh, me is an Aquarius moon. So her Sun Moon and rising are all air signs.

Heidi Rose Robbins  32:18

that it’s gonna be so much fun, so much fun. She’s gonna be on the go and she’s gonna talk or he’s gonna have a lot to say.

Kulap Vilaysack  32:27

she is quite a chatty Cathy already. Guys. I’ll send you a video. You will?

SuChin Pak  32:36

Last but not least, our Pisces friends. What can they add to cart and remove from cart this year?

Heidi Rose Robbins  32:43

Yeah, so Pisces is this is the profound one because this Saturn moves into your sign, which means once every 30 years, there’s this opportunity for Pisces to really deep and mature and make big grown up life choices. No matter how old you are. It’s a time where you really tend to yourself in serious and sober ways, you know. So yes, sometimes when Saturn is in a sign, you’ll be tested in that sign. But whatever you do, in the sort of face of that test, it stays for your lifetime, you solidify something in yourself, you grow up. So it’s a big time for you very important year. And then I would just say you know to remove from cart, any sense of, you know, always resetting like Su like you were saying, remove that hopelessness, remove any sense of overwhelm. You don’t have to feel squashed. You have to like feel your uprightness. So just remove any sense of powerlessness. That’s what I want to actually say. Any sense of powerlessness, because you actually have tremendous power and you just need to call upon it this year and feel like a strong hand that you’re back.

Kulap Vilaysack  33:52

Oh, Heidi. Oh, Hi, Heidi, Heidi.

SuChin Pak  33:55

And exhale, right.

Heidi Rose Robbins  34:01

It’s a lot. Yeah, and, of course, this is just a very generic, you know, look at each of the signs because if we look at your individual chart, then we’re looking at the very specific timings of when things are happening for you and what positions are being lit up in your chart. And so this is a very general look, it’s important but it’s a very general look and then you want to get on into the absolute specifics of your chart.

Kulap Vilaysack  34:27

Now Heidi, you know, I spoke a lot about myself as I am want to do at the top and how you’ve been witness to my growth, but I’ve been witness to your growth. Heidi, I’ve really seen your evolution. We’re talking about Heidi’s book, everyday radiance, which you can get where you get all fine books. And you must add to cart but you have two poetry books. I have seen you expand how you do astrology. I know that you have a retreat coming up. I’ve been to two of those retreats. Can you tell them what happens at your retreats?

Heidi Rose Robbins  35:05

Yeah, so these are called Radiant Life retreats, they are opportunities to gather and study astrology poetry, to be in community to I really think they’re all about how can we take the next brave step in our, in our life? How can we next take the next bold step in our life to express our full radiant self. And there we dive deep there five days long. And I do believe people come out transformed. And I do believe lives have changed. And I do believe that we’ve created a really rare and find community when we gather in these ways. So yeah, the next one is in March.

SuChin Pak  35:44

At the beginning of the year, that’s perfect. How else can folks find you? Where else can we get a piece of your wisdom?

Heidi Rose Robbins  35:54

Yeah, so I you can visit me at Heidi at Idi And there, I just want to invite you, I have a team of astrologers that now do these, what we call snapshots. So you can order a snapshot of your sun, moon and rising sign. Or you can order snapshot about the transits in your life right now, which is mean like what’s going on right now specifically for you. And we create a 15 minute personal audio that tells you about your specific chart, so that I really invite you into that. And I invite you to visit me at Instagram at Heidi Rose Robbins because that’s where I every morning show up and talk about how the energies are shifting and changing. So that’s probably the best way to start to be connected.

SuChin Pak  36:37

For me, at least, astrology is something quite new. All of this is new sort of opening up to different ways of understanding who we are. And so thank you so much for sitting with us and sitting with all of us listening.

Kulap Vilaysack  36:55

Thank you so much for Heidi for bringing her wisdom and insights to us today. I hope that each of you will be able to take something from this list and have it serve you in some way.

SuChin Pak  37:04

And as always, if you want more from Heidi you can check the links in our show notes and head over to our Instagram page at Add to Cart pod for even more from q&a.

Kulap Vilaysack  37:15

Until next time thanks for listening bye.

CREDITS  37:30

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