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Sinéad Burke: [00:00:07] Hi. I’m Sinéad Burke, and this is a new podcast from Lemonada Media called, As Me with Sinéad. I describe myself as a teacher, a learner, a daughter, as a sister, an activist, and I happen to stand at 3 foot 5 inches tall, because I’m also a little person. How do you describe yourself?

Tig Notaro: How do I describe myself? I would say, I don’t know that I’ve been asked how I describe myself. I feel like people always ask how do people describe you?

DeRay Mckesson: I think of myself primarily as an activist and organizer in the work, and then the other ways I think about myself is as like a brother, I’m a son, a good friend. Yeah

Jamie Lee Curtis: [00:00:54] I would describe myself as a artist in residence and a work in progress.

Glenda Jackon: Well one of the truly interesting things I’ve found about getting to this age is the inside you, my inside me, is from about 15 or 16, which I have to say was one of the worst times in my life but I now have the experience of knowing it does get better. But the envelope that carries that inside me around is increasing disobedient. You know, my fingers won’t do what I tell them to do or my knees aren’t as flexible as I would like them to be.

Kulap Vilaysack: [00:01:39] I am a Lao American woman who is thirty nine years old. I am a showrunner, writer, director, former actor, community builder, nice nice like Dude.

Justin Tranter: [00:01:56] How do I describe myself personally and professionally? Personally, I am a great friend. I try to be. Try to be a great sibling. Try to be a great child. I identify as queer and gender nonconforming and then professionally, I identify as a songwriter and an activist.

Tig Notaro: I do describe myself as very no nonsense, but 100 percent nonsense.

Sinéad Burke: There’s so much more to come from me and an incredible group of friends about what it’s like to be all of us as we build empathy and a better world together.

You just heard from Tig Notaro. DeRay Mckesson, Jamie Lee Curtis, Glenda Jackson, Kulap Vilaysack and Justin Tranter. And that’s just the beginning.

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