Chapter 2: Operation Cheer ?????

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Noa teams up with God’s former crushes to give him a taste of his own medicine: public humiliation.

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Speaker 2  00:09

Well, there are a few of us. We’ve got a club. It’s called WAG. Women Against God. I thought you might want to join.

Speaker 10  04:00

Don’t forget and man they suck too. But we are women against God, not women against male identified people. And this woman has got a serious God problem.

Speaker 2  04:15

Yeah. Dani. I don’t really not a woman. Could you just call me a girl?

Speaker 10  04:21

No, I will not call you a girl. Did you have your Bar Mitzvah last year that makes you technically a woman. And we are not girls against God.

Speaker 15  04:33

Then we’d be GAG.

Speaker 10  04:36

Thank you, Kylie.

Speaker 15  04:38

Hop in Noa, join us. Kaylee and I have a synchronized swim routine we can teach you.

Speaker 2  04:44

Thanks. I’m good out here. I like the edge.

Speaker 15  04:47

No, it’s okay to save aunt flow is visiting. We get it.

Speaker 10  04:58

Oh my god. Kaylee, with the singing, please.

Speaker 2  05:03

Aunt who?

Speaker 10  05:04

Aunt menstruation.

Speaker 2  05:07

No, no, she’s not visiting. It’s just, I didn’t bring a swimsuit.

Speaker 15  05:12

I told you we’d go swimming.

Speaker 2  05:14

I thought you were kidding. I didn’t know you had a pool inside your house.

Speaker 15  05:18

Dani’s got a ton of suits. Borrow one of hers.

Speaker 10  05:24

It’ll probably be too big but whatever.

Speaker 2  05:27

It’s okay. Really? I’m fine. But just what is WAG? Like what do we do?

Speaker 15  05:37

There’s no plans. It’s our first meeting.

Speaker 2  05:41

Dani, you said this was a club.

Speaker 10  05:42

It is. Now that you’re here. I mean, we’ve called ourselves WAG for like a year but once we heard God announce his love for you.

Speaker 15  06:00

And synchronized swim. Check it out. Come on Dani, you know the move.

Speaker 10  06:15

No, guys. I told you I’m not into this.

Speaker 2  06:24

So we’re a synchronized Swim Club. I think we need some practice?

Speaker 10  06:27

Kylie, could you stop splashing out and like. Kylie, tell Noa what God did to you in ELA, last year.

Speaker 15  06:39

He wrote a poem about me. reading in class. He begged me to go to the sixth-grade dance with him. I said no, of course. And then in science, he stole my hair tie and told everyone he was going to clone me. Which I told them, duh, if I wouldn’t go out with him. Then why in the world would […]

Speaker 10  07:12

See Noa, what this is what I’m talking about? You’ve got to woman up.

Speaker 2  07:17

We’re a club, shouldn’t we be doing the womaning up together? I can’t take this God stuff anymore. I thought WAG was gonna help. I thought we were gonna do something.

Speaker 10  07:25

Ah, a revenge plot. I like it. Yes. Noa. What are you dying to do to him?

Speaker 2  07:38

I guess I just I want to scream in his face that he sucks.

Speaker 10  07:44

Okay, that’s a start.

Speaker 15  07:47

How about we all do it? Synchronized screaming.

Speaker 10  08:05

Wait, I think I’ve got it. Yes. This is good. We are going to take God down. First. We become cheerleaders. You’re the only one of us who got in. Bullshit. Kaylee and Kylie fucked it up. Didn’t think there synchronizing was a fucking disaster. But I killed it. Why did they take you just because you’re skinny?

Speaker 2  08:57

I don’t know, Dani. I guess we need a new plan.

Speaker 10  09:00

No way. No new plan. It’s a brilliant plan. You’ve got this.

Speaker 2  09:05

Hello. Have you met me? I can’t pull this off myself. I’m too quiet. You heard me at tryouts. And you’re right. There’s no reason they should have picked me. I can’t dance. I can’t kick. I can’t even touch my toes.

Speaker 10  09:16

You’ve got it in you, Noa. You do. Come on. It was your idea to get all revengy. You just need confidence. We’ll practice.

Speaker 2  09:28

Let’s talk about it later. I have to get to my orchestra audition.

Speaker 10  09:31

Why are you being like this?

Speaker 2  09:33

It seemed like a good idea when it was a whole WAG thing but now it’s just me. Have you even seen the list? Livi got in, Via, Olivia. Remember my old friends who dumped me? I can’t just go be on a team with them. I’m going to screw up all the routines and they’ll hate me forever.

Speaker 10  09:53

Ah, you actually think the Olivia’s are going to take you back?

Speaker 2  09:59

No. Sorry, Dani, I really have to go to this audition speed walking is kind of hard with the cello.

Speaker 10  10:06

Admit it. You still want to be friends with them. Why? They’re not even that popular. They’re Mean Girls minus the status.

Speaker 2  10:14

I don’t know, Dani, they’ve been my friends for years. Look, I know they were mean to you in elementary school, but it was Elementary School. Can you just get over it.

Speaker 10  10:23

Okay, just so I understand. You’re saying I should just get over a bunch of girls mocking me. Stuffing toilet paper down their shirts and parading around school going? Hi, I’m Dani. Do you have any idea that I literally thought I had breast cancer because my boobs are growing so early. And then sixth grade. I promised myself that I get breast reduction surgery one day.

Speaker 2  10:50

Why are you yelling at me? I’m not the one who did it.

Speaker 10  10:53

But you laughed. You laughed about it when they did it.

Speaker 2  10:57

What is happening? I thought we were talking about cheerleading. Oh, I’m gonna be late. Let’s talk at lunch. Okay?

Speaker 10  11:03

No, thanks. I’m done here.

Speaker 2  11:09

Orchestra auditions are great because you get to skip class. They’re also pretty dumb because people basically keep the same seats they had last year. This year, though. I want to change mine. I have to hang on. Just a quick stop on the way they’re gonna make a very important delivery. That’s why they have holes in lockers right? For males. Don’t ask me why Livi thinks it’s hilarious. She got locker 69.

Speaker 16  11:50

All right, okay. Noa. Remember, whenever you’re ready. Hey, chillax. It’s just me. Your pal. Mr. Curley.

Speaker 2  12:16

Dear Livi, I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I’m sorry. How many times do I have to apologize for the thing that happened with oh, you won’t listen to me. So I’m trying the old-fashioned way. Remember when we made that code alphabet, so no one could read our notes. I’d use that now. Except I forgot how to do the L’s and the R’s. And then I wouldn’t be able to spell loser. Which is what I guess I am now.

Speaker 16  12:48

Wait, Noa. No, I’m gonna stop you there. Yeah, great. Wow, that was lit. But yeah, when you want you to start again.

Speaker 2  12:59


Speaker 16  13:00

Well, why? TBH, I feel like you are off your game. And I get it. I get it. Stage fright, right? happens to me too. Seriously, even Mr. Curley?

Speaker 2  13:17

Yeah, no, I’ll just keep going.

Speaker 16  13:20

Wait, really? I don’t. I don’t want to move you back.

Speaker 2  13:24

Do whatever you have to do. It’s fine.

Speaker 16  13:26

But Noa. It might be a few chairs back. You are such a dope cellist. But right now. I hate to say it. You sound like a noob.

Speaker 2  13:47

I don’t know what to tell you, Mr. Curley. I guess I didn’t practice over the summer.

Speaker 16  13:52

Yeah, okay. Yeah. All good. Just maybe like private lessons could help?

Speaker 2  13:59

bird. Yeah, that’s not really something. That sounds expensive. And anyways, I have to watch my sister. Can I just finish?

Speaker 16  14:11

Let’s start at a just back it up a few bars. Maybe?

Speaker 2  14:21

Where was I? Oh, yes. And then I wouldn’t be able to spell loser. Which is what I guess I am now. Please don’t make me have to sit with the losers anymore. Kylie doesn’t brush her hair and Kaylee sings, and Seb talking and Dani. You know how annoying she can be. I’ll do anything to make things go back to how they were before. So your F-BFF aka former BFF. PS, O is a two-faced social climber. PPS I know you think you know her because you met when you were basically babies, but you don’t. PPPS. Trust me. Watch out. Exclamation point, exclamation point, exclamation point. The Olivia’s have this thing they do at recess. They take Cans of seltzer. stab them with the pen and spray the side of the buildings. Whoever sprays the highest wins.

Speaker 5  15:31

Noa, come here. I go to you. Except you know, it’s a little hard to walk uphill on crutches.

Speaker 2  15:41

Hey, O.

Speaker 5  15:43

Hey, girl. Don’t be scared. I just want to hug you. Bring it in.

Speaker 2  15:48

Why are you hugging?

Speaker 5  15:50

I just wanted to say congrats on cheer.

Speaker 2  15:53

Thanks. I’m not joining though. I think I made the list by mistake.

Speaker 5  15:57

You would think right. Oh my god. No way. Oh my God. Nothing.. Hey, O, it’s your turn. Bring me a cam Liv. I’ll do it from back here. That’s how good a shot I am.

Speaker 2  16:26

Hey, Livi. Have you been to your locker lately?

Speaker 5  16:34

Now’s not a good time, Noa. Sorry.

Speaker 2  16:43

What are you guys talking about?

Speaker 5  16:46

If you must know, we thought your sweater was a knockoff. But I checked your tag and it’s totally real. I guess the logo on the front just looks off. Must be like, really, really old. But that’s cool. Right? Vintage.

Speaker 2  17:08

That’s what you hugged me to read my tag.

Speaker 5  17:12

I mean, what do you expect? I’m a two-faced social climber.

Speaker 2  17:33

I don’t know. Why are you so? So bad at math? Oh my god. Ah, you know that thing where someone sneaks up behind you and puts their hands over your eyes. And you’re not sure if it’s gonna turn out to be someone you even want touching your face. Great. Seb. My favorite jock.

Speaker 6  18:05

Is this swing taken? Anyways, I’m not a jock.


Speaker 2  18:11

Well, they’ve been worshipping you ever since you called me your slave in social studies.

Speaker 6  18:15

One, you know, I feel awful about that. And I want to make it up to you, two, jocks are nicer than you think. And three, you can’t really make fun of them anymore. You’re a cheerleader.

Speaker 2  18:29

I’m not joining dude. She’s a loser. Oh, yeah. Much nicer than I thought.

Speaker 6  18:35

Well, that one’s a moron. Oh, shit. Three o’clock. What?

Speaker 2  18:40

It’s like noon?

Speaker 6  18:42

No, no. Three o’clock. Incoming. Incoming. Noa.

Speaker 8  18:47

What’s the deal? I thought I made it clear. I don’t like you hanging out with him.

Speaker 6  18:52

Watch it little God. Or do you want more duct tape on your glasses?

Speaker 8  18:55

I will not let you tempt me into turning you into a mummy. Egypt man. I’m here because there’s an emergency. Something’s wrong with Noa.

Speaker 2  19:04

What? What’s wrong with me?

Speaker 8  19:06

It’s your face.

Speaker 2  19:07

What’s wrong with my face?

Speaker 8  19:08

No. Your face is exquisite. It’s your head. Really? Let me have a closer look. Ah, there it is, something stuck in your ear. It’s a diamond necklace.

Speaker 6  19:23

Great magic trick little God. Now go dig for treasure in someone else’s ear.

Speaker 8  19:28

Commoners, don’t have treasure in their ears. Only Noa does. Here. Allow me to put it on.

Speaker 2  19:39

I don’t really wear necklaces.

Speaker 8  19:41

Well, now’s a great time to start.

Speaker 2  19:43

Yeah, I don’t know.

Speaker 6  19:45

Take a hint God, she wants you to go away.

Speaker 8  19:48

You don’t speak for her. Noa, do you want me to go away even after I gave you, even after I pulled diamonds out of your ear.

Speaker 2  20:01

Yeah, I’m kind of hanging out with Seb right now.

Speaker 8  20:05

Fine, then I’ll go away on one condition. You let me put this on.

Speaker 2  20:15

Fine. Stop touching my neck.

Speaker 6  20:20

No fondling little God.

Speaker 8  20:25

A true princess. Okay my lady. I promised you I would be on my way and I’m a gentleman who keeps my word. By the way, I don’t get one we’re not stand partners anymore. Did you see Mr. Curley moved you back four chairs.

Speaker 2  20:42

He did? Oh, bummer.

Speaker 8  20:46

I’ll ask Mr. Curley about it. It makes zero sense. You’re way better than me.

Speaker 2  20:56

Hey, guess what?

Speaker 6  20:59

Those aren’t real diamonds?

Speaker 2  21:01

Probably not, but I was gonna say something else. I’m gonna do it. I’m gonna be a cheerleader. Yeah, you are. You want to make the sleep thing up to me?

Speaker 6  21:15

Yes, I told you, I do.

Speaker 2  21:18

And you’re gonna help me. You’re gonna make me loud. P. M. S. Why, can’t I just yell like a normal person?

Speaker 15  23:47

Noa. Is he your boyfriend?

Speaker 2  23:51

No. Oh, Abby.

Speaker 15  23:53

He is, isn’t he?

Speaker 2  23:55

I don’t have a boyfriend. I don’t even have a crush on anyone.

Speaker 15  23:59


Speaker 6  24:01

Hey, I’m Seb. I’m your sister’s coach.

Speaker 15  24:05

Coach for what?

Speaker 6  24:07

Shouting, I’m giving her shouting practice.

Speaker 15  24:09

She doesn’t need practice. She shouts at me all the time.

Speaker 2  24:12

Oh my god, Abby, go play with your beanie boos or practice drums or something.

Speaker 15  24:17

See, she can shout.

Speaker 6  24:22

I mean, she’s not wrong. She got you pretty worked up.

Speaker 2  24:31

Abby, I didn’t mean out here.

Speaker 15  24:33

Can I get some help over here.

Speaker 6  24:35

What is that?

Speaker 2  24:36

It’s a drum.

Speaker 6  24:38

I could see that. But oh, nice outfit, a sequin bow tie. With matching suspenders. I’m jealous.

Speaker 2  24:45

I’m in the lambtastics.

Speaker 6  24:49

Lambtastics. Sounds impressive.

Speaker 2  24:53

It’s a drum group, fourth and fifth graders the town thinks they’re the best thing ever. You’ll see they’re playing halftime at the game.

Speaker 2  24:59

Seriously? That’s perfect. Abby, you can help us. Let’s have you. Just play whatever you’ll be playing at the game.

Speaker 2  25:07

No, Sam, this is supposed to be just a you and me thing.

Speaker 6  25:10

This might work. Abby, play as loud as you can. And Noa. Just picture yourself there. You’re on the field. You’re climbing the pyramid. You get to the top and you yell.

Speaker 2  25:23

Why am I even doing this? Why am I a cheerleader? I suck at it.

Speaker 6  25:28

No, that’s not what you yell. But actually, I forgot to tell you. I got some intel. You got into cheer. Because you’re tiny.

Speaker 2  25:38

Look who’s talking. You’re smaller than me.

Speaker 6  25:41

They say you’re perfect for the top of the pyramid because you barely weigh anything. It’s like you’re not even there. No, no, it’s good. This puts you in exactly the right position to do your thing. Come on. Let’s try again. Abby, go. Do you fly miss our girls, and you’ve got your feet on living back and you yell?

Speaker 2  26:03

PMS is the best.

Speaker 6  26:05

No, but do the real one. The thing you’re really gonna yell?

Speaker 2  26:09

I’m not doing the real one in front of Abby. She’ll blab about everyone.

Speaker 6  26:15

Yell whatever you want. We just need to get you loud. Today’s Monday, right? So you’ve got three days to nail this. Repeat after me. I am woman hear me roar.

Speaker 2  26:38

I am girl, hear me roar.

Speaker 15  27:02

I hate you.

Speaker 2  27:06

I told you I don’t like anyone.

Speaker 10  27:15


Speaker 2  27:17

Why are you wearing that ticket hoff. Where do you even find it?

Speaker 6  27:20

In your backpack?

Speaker 2  27:22

You went through my backpack?

Speaker 6  27:23

Don’t question my methods. Just close your eyes. Listen to the sound of the necklace. Think about how God put this around your neck with his gross fingers and chewed up nails.

Speaker 15  27:40

Are those diamonds,

Speaker 2  27:42

No, shut up.

Speaker 6  27:44

Think about how he jumped me in the cafeteria.

Speaker 2  27:47

Wait, can I ask you something? Sure. Have you ever punched someone before? I mean, before that?

Speaker 6  27:58

Yeah, yeah, I’ve been in fights. But I’m never over a girl. Not sure what that was. But I think you’re ready.

Speaker 14  28:38

Planeview Middle School, welcome to the first lacrosse match of the season.

Speaker 2  28:48

Okay, if you’re expecting me to give you a play by play of the game, then sorry. I have no idea how lacrosse works and I really don’t care. Honestly, I don’t even know most of the cheers. I was supposed to learn. Well, I know that one. Cheerleaders are supposed to be cheery, right? But how can you be cheery when you have armpit sweat running all the way down to your wrists? Or when your skirt keeps slipping down? Even after you pinned it? There is nothing about cheerleading that makes me feel cheery. No, that’s not true. I kind of like pom poms. But how are you supposed to have fun with them when you have to shake them at the exact same time as everyone else. That went by too fast. I’m not ready. Honestly, I wish I could, too.

Speaker 2  30:46

You would think I know this halftime routine by now, but I might as well be some rando who came off the bleachers and tried to join in? I don’t remember any of the moves. All I remember is what I’m about to say. What I’m about to scream at the top of my lungs. Sorry, guys, I’m talking. That’s my cue. Have you ever had a tower butts in front of you? I thought about how crazy it is that you’re supposed to climb it. What are some of those butts happen to belong to people who used to be your besties but are now your worsties. What if thinking about that? Is your palm sweat? And your knees weak? And you kept slipping off the butts. Every time you started to climb. You know what? I don’t need to be on top of a pile of butts to make this thing happen. I couldn’t be in front of them. No. Wait, can I have that? Your loudspeaker thing? God sucks.

Speaker 7  34:50

Well, I’ve got to say guys, I’ve been working in schools for 15 years and this is a new one. Definitely a new one. I’m trying to wrap my head around this. So why don’t we start with Noa. Do you want to share why you did this?

Speaker 2  35:13

Sure. It’s kind of hard to explain. But I guess, well, I guess it all started because God on the announcements.

Speaker 9  35:29

My son’s name is Micah.

Speaker 8  35:31

Mom. I told you I changed my name.

Speaker 2  35:34

Right. So it started because Micah.

Speaker 9  35:40

I’m sorry. But why are we pointing fingers at Micah? Micah is the victim here.

Speaker 8  35:46

God, is the victim here.

Speaker 14  35:48

Could you just let my daughter speak? I get that you’re upset, Julie. But let’s give Noa the chance to explain herself.

Speaker 9  35:56

Ah, sorry. Just a little long edge here. The social media fallout from this has been a lot.

Speaker 7  36:06

Okay, Noa, you were saying?

Speaker 2  36:09

I mean, I don’t even know what to say. It’s also embarrassing.

Speaker 7  36:15

Listen, Noah, you’re a good kid. Frankly, I’m disappointed in your behavior. And I’m leaning towards suspension.

Speaker 14  36:23

Seriously, suspension?

Speaker 7  36:25

Let me finish Mr. Bloom. I was about to say, I don’t want to have to suspend you, Noa. But I’m in a bind here. I’ve got the PTA breathing down my neck

Speaker 9  36:38

As they should be on, their president.

Speaker 7  36:41

And then we’ve got pastors losing their minds. Reverends, rabbis, religious leaders all over town, actually, all over the county.

Speaker 2  36:53

I had no idea. People would think it was a religious thing. I don’t really have an opinion about God, God, but I know a lot of people really like him.

Speaker 8  37:02

Lots of people love me.

Speaker 7  37:04

Okay, Micah. I need you to quit it with the God thing. I should never have allowed you and Jaden to do it for the morning announcements. That was a mistake. A big mistake. And I just said I regret it. Micah, no more God in the announcements. Fine. And Noah. I’m trying to help you. I really am. I want to give you the benefit of the doubt that you did what you did for a good reason. But I can’t help you if you don’t tell me anything.

Speaker 2  37:42

Okay. Okay. So if you really want to know, I guess it’s just that ever since school started. Micah has been. He’s been like on my case. He said he liked me. In front of the whole school. He started a fight with my friend. Just because my friend was talking to me.

Speaker 9  38:02

And that friend gave Micah a black eye. What else?

Speaker 2  38:08

I don’t know. He’s always just staring at me in class. It’s hard to concentrate because I know he’s looking at me. And he has this little wink that he does.

Speaker 8  38:18

That wink is for you. It’s a signature wink. I’ve never done it for anyone else.

Speaker 2  38:25

So I guess I did the thing at the game because I want him to stop liking me. I want him to leave me alone.

Speaker 8  38:33

I’m just being nice. Unlike you.

Speaker 2  38:37

I know what I did was wrong. I just didn’t know what else to do.

Speaker 9  38:42

Okay, is that it? Can I go now?

Speaker 7  38:48

Sure. Mrs. Nudelman. What’s on your mind?

Speaker 9  38:51

Noa. I feel for you, sweetie. I really do. Attention from boys can be so hard. Especially when you’re young. But I want to understand what we’re talking about here. Honey, has Micah ever touched you inappropriately?

Speaker 2  39:18


Speaker 9  39:19

Has he used vulgar language with you? So I don’t know about the other adults in the room. But when I was Noa’s age, this was called puppy love. It was a crush. And believe me, back in the day we had to put up with a lot more than this.

Speaker 14  39:42

Yeah, but things are different now, Julie.

Speaker 2  39:46

Wait, there’s one more thing. He gave me this.

Speaker 8  39:50

Because I love you.

Speaker 9  39:53

That’s mine.

Speaker 2  39:55

Here. I don’t want it. I never wanted it.

Speaker 9  39:57

Micah, you gave her my necklace that’s from grandma. That’s a family heirloom. You can’t just give things away.


Speaker 8  40:06

Isn’t that what you do when you like someone? You give them presents.

Speaker 9  40:09

Yeah, but not diamonds, Not your Mother’s diamonds and definitely not evening diamonds.

Speaker 8  40:16

It’s called wooing.

Speaker 14  40:18

Okay, this is harassment.

Speaker 7  40:20

We’re definitely entering that territory.

Speaker 9  40:23

Are you kidding me right now? We’re really going to me too a 12-year-old.

Speaker 7  40:30

Okay, everybody dressed. Everybody. Calm down. This is a complicated situation. There’s nothing in the handbook about what to do when a student names himself after a deity. And another student screams something derogatory about that deity, because the student who goes by the deities name tries to woo the other students with diamonds.

Speaker 9  40:56

Look, I’ll admit, the diamonds were a step too far. But as a woman, I can say with experience, lots of experience, that guys do things that are far worse than this. What Micah did was harmless. Harmless. What Noa did to Micah was intentionally hurtful. And it turned him into the laughingstock of the community. It’s not like he’s had an easy time socially as it is.

Speaker 8  41:27

Mom. I’m fine.

Speaker 14  41:29

Julie, I’m sorry to hear things have been hard on Mica. And it sounds like some rotten things have happened to you, too. Which. Look, I hear you about toxic men. But isn’t that exactly why it’s important to hold boys accountable? To keep them from becoming those toxic men?

Speaker 9  41:49

Trust me. I really don’t need to be lectured about toxic men.

Speaker 7  41:54

Okay, everybody. Listen. Both of you. kids deserve consequences. Nobody leaves this room until I figure out what they are. And if I’m doing my job, right, everyone will be equally unhappy.

Speaker 10  42:21

He can’t come within touching distance of you. That’s what she actually said touching distance?

Speaker 2  42:28

Yep, he’s not supposed to talk to me either.

Speaker 10  42:30

I can’t believe they thought kicking you off cheer was a punishment.

Speaker 2  42:35

I know. I’m really gonna miss my ex-friends rolling their eyes on me because I can’t do a split. Hey, listen, Dani so about the whole toilet paper boobs thing? I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to.

Speaker 10  42:56

Let’s just forget it. Okay? I think I freaked out because I was afraid you were going to pick the Olivia’s over me which obviously you weren’t and anyway, at this point, you’re my literal hero. Here check it out. I’ve seen this in at least 15 different posts already a Chorleywood to camp with posted it and she lives in Florida. You’re basically a meme.

Speaker 2  43:30

What are people saying?

Speaker 10  43:33

Doesn’t matter. Comments suck.

Speaker 2  43:38

Okay, I guess we don’t need WAG anymore.

Speaker 10  43:42

Honestly, Kaylee and Kylie have been getting on my nerves anyway.

Speaker 2  43:46

Oh, we can make a new club GAS. Girls against synchronized swimming.

Speaker 10  43:52

Women Against synchronized swimming.

Speaker 2  43:56

Oh my, I knew you’d say that. Hey, last one is […] cannon ball. Okay, just let me finish this song, okay.

Speaker 14  44:58

Sounding good, Noa.

Speaker 2  45:00

Thanks, Dad

Speaker 2  45:09

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