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No one knows how to separate business and pleasure as well as OnlyFans creator “Evelyn.” Born with a mutation called uterus didelphys that caused her to have two separate vaginas, she was able to choose one side for work and one side for love.


Find Evelyn on Twitter @liveinsinx. Her OnlyFans is https://onlyfans.com/evelynuncovered.


As expected, Good Sex contains mature themes and may not be appropriate for all listeners.


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Evelyn  00:00

When I was escorting I never told any clients that I had two vaginas. Oh, I actually I did have a gynecologist client figure out that I had two vaginas. I didn’t know that he was a doctor until he put his fingers in me and he figured out that there was something wrong. And then he told me that he was a gynecologist. And then he asked if he could further exam. Yeah, it was a really long booking. He was incredibly excitable, little worryingly happy to be in and around with two vaginas. He was respectful. But yeah, they just turned into like a million questions. Unfortunately, yes, I have to have sex after that. That was really hard because he wants to have sex in both vaginas. But I had to tell him like, no, you know, you can’t have that one. Sort of like having sex with your gynecologist is not really something you’d want to do after having a pap smear or something.


Hi, I’m Evelyn and you’re listening to GOOD SEX. I am an Only Fans creator; my pronouns are she/hers. It’s so hot. I wish I thought about that before. Good sex is not work. So when I was around 14, when I got my period, tampons never worked. And then as I got older, and I started having sex, sometimes, like the guy’s penis will hit the center. There’s like a wall in the middle of both holes. And it was pretty painful. I knew something was wrong, but I didn’t actually find out what was wrong until I was 20. That condition itself is called Uterus didelphys. But there’s all sorts of different levels of the mutation. I have the most extreme mutation, which is two completely separate vaginas. Each vagina has its own cervix. And then I’ve got one uterus attached sheet side and one ovary attached to each side.


I always tried to use the left vagina, but work as Evelyn and I would say if the right one for a partner, I think it gives me a bit more of like a separation completely. And I prefer the right side, I can come from the right side, the left side is a bit of work, it’s not very comfortable. I sort of always felt better, giving them the bad vagina, and keeping the good one for my partner. I was a girlfriend experience escort. So that means that it’s like the least amount of work for the most money. When someone made a booking, you do like a safety check on their details they will pay a deposit, you would either do an in call or an outcall. So you would visit them or they would visit you. I think a large part of doing an escort booking is trying to make them calm at the start, it does take like a lot of your energy to get to know someone in like four minutes before you get naked. It’s a lot of pressure.

Evelyn  02:57

You’ll usually get regular clients who will see you every week or take you on holidays, or if they really like that intimacy. And comparisons were service like BDSM or PSE, which is porn star, they usually just want to like excuse my language, like, fuck you up a bit. And in girlfriend experience. It’s like very vanilla. Sometimes it’s life and sex. I had clients who I knew for probably five or six years, I went to the Maldives and traveled all around the world with some of them. The sex part of it, the physical sex was very easy. The hardest part was letting someone be intimate with you, and your mind and your body. There’s little things that you would do with a boyfriend, intimate touching, holding your hand rubbing your leg things that you want to save. You’re providing a service of intimacy.


So it just feels like you’re letting something happen to you, that you don’t want to happen. But it’s not this person’s fault. This person who you’re with is actually a beautiful human being, especially if you’re going on holiday with them. They’re lovely, and you get along with them as a friends. So it’s really hard to turn off that instincts to like push them away just have to be like malleable as an escort. A lot of sex workers, they put on a persona, and they’re like a different person. And that’s the easiest way that they can cope with it. It becomes very hard to separate your personality and your stories and your life from Evelyn.

Evelyn  04:39

I didn’t want to be known as the girl with two vaginas. A large part of me not wanting people at all to find out is that there are these forums in Australia and they like rate escorts sort of like TripAdvisor, but for humans, and the other part is I didn’t know if having this condition will affect me having children. So it wasn’t something that I was like wow, look at this. is great, not until I fell pregnant recently today I actually come out about having two vaginas and start filming with them as well.


It’s really hard filming porn in a relationship. Men really struggle with the fact that women can do sex as work. Like we can have sex with someone and it not be enjoyable for the most part, to be honest. We do Only Fans together now. And it wasn’t until he has been involved in that really understands what it’s like. Now after we’ve had an argument. And we’ve got a film like sex thing for Only Fans it doesn’t, no it’s a sex worker you had to do it, you know? And so people think that he’s like living the dream, but he gets so stressed out. He can’t even watch porn anymore because he doesn’t believe. People don’t realize what goes into it. So we filmed with a DSLR camera, like a big camera, stop check the camera, and then you know, I might say something or start laughing or he can’t get hard or like, it’s the whole, it’s the whole experience that you don’t see if it looks at the wrong angle or the lighting is bad, some has to get out, move to the back of the camera, grab the camera, grab the light, your ring lights and everything, move all of that. And then there’s like somebody in the background and then it’s on stop.


Evelyn  06:28

I get angry because I don’t want to make his stick hard again, I just wanted to be over. There’s nothing romantic about her like the other day, he took a couple of Viagra and we filmed like five or six, five or six videos at once. And that was not very good for our relationship at all. On Only Fans, she put up a lot of content. So you know, we film with a lot of my girlfriends who we have had threesomes and foursomes and I actually fell pregnant during a foursome. That’s how we conceived. We were actively trying; we didn’t know how long it would take me to get pregnant. And I did a test in the morning I was ovulating. But that afternoon we had to film a foursome with two of my girlfriends. We couldn’t have sex because we couldn’t waste the money shot on trying to have a baby we had to save it for this film that we were making.


That was the only day that we had sex when I was ovulating. The other days. I think he had a cold or something. I really had my heart set on that morning, but he was more excited to have sex with my two beautiful girlfriends. It was like great them off the hook. Like this wonderful. It’s really great for them. It was actually a lot of fun. They actually text them as soon as I found out, my lucky charms you got us a baby. Thanks, baby. I think all the sex with my partner is good when we’re not filming it. The only thing we really reserve now is like just missionary, I think because no one really wants to see that on only fans. So it’s the only thing that we can have. I don’t want them to see that real side of it, I guess? Just like a really intimate sex good sex is just intimate sex, like actually liking that person. And having that really strong like intimate feelings with them as Evelyn, as an escort, never ever, never had good sex.

Evelyn  08:24

If I enjoyed it, then I felt like I was cheating on my partner. If I got pleasure from someone else, Evelyn had to just completely switch off from all the motion sort of thing but I think if you speak to other sex workers and escorts they’ll feel the same like sex can be work and you’re providing a service to someone. And it’s really it’s an important service like after speaking to so many clients and really learning about men and women and intimacy and […] their needs like it’s really crucial service I think to human beings. If you want you can follow me on Twitter at @liveinsinx or only fans at @EvelynUncovered. Thank you for listening to GOOD SEX.


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