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Fascists Cosplaying, Backsliding Democracy, Roe V Wade Lookahead

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Today, V looks into how a married couple from Hawaii stole the identities of two deceased children from Texas to escape their past. Also, why are so many countries angry at America right now? Valid, but not a great look. Then we’ll give an update on how Roe v Wade is affecting abortion rights across the country about a month after the ruling was overturned. And while many people are still streaming movies from the comfort of their homes, a record number of us are buying movie tickets and hitting the theaters again. V chats with two popular Gen Z movie reviewers, Maddi Koch and Rendy Jones, about the best seats and snacks, favorite summer blockbusters, and big films to watch out for this fall.

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Maddi Koch, V Spehar, Jamie Norwood, Rendy Jones

V Spehar  00:01

Hey friends, it’s Tuesday, August 9th, 2022. Welcome to V INTERESTING, where we break down the viral and very interesting news you might have missed. I’m V SPEHAR. And on today’s show, we’ll catch up on the Senate Sobota Rama, will your taxes go up? I don’t know. Do you make over $400,000 a year, then probably nods. Also, is there anyone left in the world that isn’t pissed at the US? Kind of no, we’ll get into how China, Afghanistan and even the UK have responded to the recent shenanigans in the United States. And later, we’ll turn the lights down low. We’re gonna grab some popcorn and goobers and chat with two modern movie critics about summer movies, streaming, and even the best movie critic approved place to sit in the theater. All that more coming up on today’s be interesting from Lemonada Media. Let’s be smart together.

V Spehar  01:26

First up, Stranger Than Fiction, my friends. A married couple in Hawaii has been indicted for allegedly living under the identities of dead children from Texas. They are accused of living a double life for decades and conspiring against the United States Government according to unsealed federal court records, allegedly and I’m gonna say allegedly a lot because this is a crazy case, allegedly in 1987, the same year that Reagan was palling around the White House with Soviet Union leader Gorbachev, two American wannabe KGB agents were beginning what would become a 35-year ruse. Allegedly Walter Glen primrose and Gwynn Darle Morrison obtained Texas birth certificates for deceased American born infants. They then used those to unlawfully assume the identities of Bobby Edward fort and Julie Lynn Montague. Now both deny any wrongdoing and they claim that they aren’t spies though. Prosecutor submitted a photo to the court that they say shows primrose and Morrison and a KGB jacket. They are being held without bond and the trial won’t be until September, but this is for sure one of those weird cases we want to keep an eye on. The lawsuit claims that Primrose had secret clearance as an Avionics Electrical Technician and the US Coast Guard. Morrison claims she and her husband got nothing to do with Russia. They just tried on a uniform that was at a friend’s house one time and they took pictures you know as you do just cosplaying as fascist as a party trick. Anyway, Kevin O’Grady an Army Reservist said the Coast Guard has a unique perspective on our vulnerabilities, including how to infiltrate the country through water ports. Hawaii is a major military center and a prime target for a lot of espionage. I had to take out a full page local newspaper ad to change my name after I got married. But Primrose and Morrison applied for and received multiple passports, under their assumed names. If this is all true, and they were able to get into the Coast Guard stuff, and they have been giving Russia information for the last 35 years. Yikes man, someone is about to lose their job.

V Spehar  03:49

Y’all ever been in like a friend group and then you decide tonight, we’re not drinking, we’re gonna go out. But we’re not getting crazy. We’re not gonna like go nuts, we’re gonna have a nice low key chill night. And then inevitably, one of your friends ends up being like, Let’s do shots. And then you have to watch as half the group joins them and ruining the night while the other half either leaves in a half or sends death glares the rest of the night or I don’t know maybe gets in a fight in the parking lot. In this situation, the United States is the let’s do shots, friend. Okay. And y’all we have gone too far this time. We are about to get cut from the group chat. Everyone is pissed at the United States. So let’s start at the top. China, the US and China rely on each other to function. That’s just facts. We don’t like it, but it’s the way of the world. We get a ton of cheap plastic ship from them, but also food, fuel technology, furniture, clothing, electronics, and they buy a ton of stuff from us, aircraft, soybeans, motor vehicles and microchips. So there’s this very delicate balance of politics that goes on where we don’t generally get to sassy with them. And in return, they don’t destroy our entire economy and the supply chain, you know, it’s friendly, friendliest I suppose it could be. Now, China thinks that they own Taiwan. Taiwan is another hugely important country to the United States. And it’s situated in this like rock and a hard place situation. It is right out there in the middle of China, Japan, and the Philippines. Now, you also might have heard of this idea, the one China principle, it’s like a rule, I guess, where China says, hey, we know that we had to technically cede Taiwan away to being its own nation, but we don’t really believe that. See, we believe that there’s one China, and that’s all the Mainland China and all the islands. So like, you know, we think Taiwan is ours. And as long as everyone lets us pretend we’re still daddy, then Taiwan can have their own president and we’ll kind of like not make it a big deal. So here’s where the US becomes the let’s do shots and ruin the party friend, Nancy Pelosi went on our little tour of Asia this past week, stopping around a different country celebrating the microchip investment, because remember, we export to these nations. So everyone’s having like a chips Jubilee party, that the US is going to be making chips and sending them to Asia where they can be made into products. And the party rules are, we don’t go and put our arm around Taiwan and say, hey, girl, you’re a strong independent woman of the new millennium. You don’t need a man leave China. He’s no good for you, baby. Okay, that is a party follow. And that’s basically what Nancy did. She went over there. And she was like, I don’t see the sign saying one China, I’m a girl boss with the female president of Taiwan, and China can go kick rocks. So she goes and does this, it is important to remember, no one asked for it. Biden told her Nance, maybe cool it. Taiwan was like, you know what we’re good says I don’t I don’t need this kind of drama in my life. She makes this moment for herself. And then she leaves, China is threatening to shoot down her plane, which of course they don’t do because we would immediately go to war. But you know what happens instead? Taiwan gets the shit kicked out of them all weekend. China’s sending in military airplanes. They’re firing off missiles, they’re creating a blockade refusing to trade. They’re putting their full muscle on the neck of Taiwan. And where’s Nancy now? Probably home in her Georgetown penthouse eating chocolate ice cream for breakfast. That’s a true story. She literally eats chocolate ice cream for breakfast. I know because I’ve served it to her during my catering days. But like guys, this is not good friend behavior. It’s just not. Then on the other hand, we’ve got the UK, Scotland, Spain, Norway, France and Belgium, all calling for an investigation of the Supreme Court for overturning Roe v. Wade and calling us a backsliding democracy. We’ve got Afghanistan hotter than July over the killing of an Al-Qaeda leader by drone strike so mad in fact that there is an international warning for US travelers abroad saying that we may face higher likelihood of attacks. One thing I have always appreciated is the idea of fixing your own home first, put your mask on before you assist others. You know, when you point the finger of blame, there are three fingers pointed right back at you. What Nancy Pelosi did was dangerous and self-serving. We don’t act like that in the friend group. Especially when there is plenty in our own house of democracy to fix up. US, maybe just let’s do a glass of wine with dinner next time. No more shots for you.

V Spehar  08:31

Speaking of Roe v. Wade, it’s been a little over a month since the decision that quote handed the choice back to the States came out. So I thought it would be a good time to check in with how the states have responded. Here are some of the key updates as of August 6th, though, not a comprehensive list and a lot of things are changing. And I also know this is going to seem like a lot of information. So please just listen for your state. You can always go back and read the New York Times article tracking abortion bans later on. Here we go. Eight states have a total abortion ban without exceptions for rape or incest. Those are Alabama, Arkansas, Missouri, South Dakota, Texas, Wisconsin, Kentucky and Louisiana. Now Louisiana has been has gone on and off and on and off three times in the last month with various courts blocking and then reimposing the order and the Texas law has also had pieces of it on and off due to court difference of rulings. Mississippi and Oklahoma have total abortion bans with exceptions for rape or incest. And total abortion bans in Idaho and Tennessee are expected soon. Now the Justice Department is suing Idaho saying their ban, which allows doctors to be criminally prosecuted for providing abortions violates the federal requirement to provide medical care when a pregnant person’s life or health is at stake. So we’ll see what shakes out with that one. Over the weekend. You Indiana passed a total abortion ban and Arizona allowed an old law that bans abortion to go active with some exceptions for extreme circumstances. Both of those go into effect on September 15th. In Arizona, North Dakota, Utah, West Virginia and Wyoming bans have been temporarily blocked by lower court injunctions. In Georgia, South Carolina and Ohio abortion is still legal before six weeks gestation. In Florida it is legal before 15 weeks and in Iowa, Nebraska and Kansas it is legal before 22 weeks gestation. Now, Kansans just voted to keep abortion rights protected in their state constitution, which was a huge win. In North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Montana and Virginia abortion is legal until the fetus is declared viable for now. For now, that is the law, though several of these states are trying to pass legislation that would impose future bands. And if you are still listening, and I did not say your state’s name, abortion is legal in your state, and it’s possible that your state has even declared a state constitutional protection for the right to the procedure. In the wake of the Supreme Court ruling, many folks have been stockpiling Plan B and medical abortion pills. We spoke with Jamie Norwood, one of the cofounders of sticks, an online Women’s Health retailer which ships emergency contraception nationwide, she talked to us about the importance of keeping emergency contraception, their brand is called restart. But once you have it, it doesn’t last forever.

Jamie Norwood  11:35

So restart lasts and stays effective for two years. So every product will have an expiration date on it. You can absolutely keep it on your cabinet. Of course, we don’t recommend like hoarding anything. This isn’t like early Covid with toilet paper, but we think you should have it on hand. This is such a critical product. And we do offer also overnight and even same day shipping and a number of cities. So it’s super accessible, but we definitely our belief is that you should have it on hand.

V Spehar  12:05

You can get emergency contraception shipped to your door by going to getstix.com. Next up, the Democrats passed a major climate health and tax bill, what is in it, this weekend while I was recovering from visiting with my family and having the annual birthday cry which I’m sure everyone does. That’s normal, right? The Senate was hard at work passing bill after bill in what is known as a Vote-a-rama, Vote-a-rama or vote-athon is a term coined by Republican senator Trent Lott of Mississippi and they have been commonplace procedures in the United States Senate since the 1990s. It allows the Senator to propose an unlimited number of amendments to budget related measures. And after brief debate, the amendments are each voted on in rapid succession. So what did we get? More than $300 billion will be invested in energy and climate reform. It is the largest federal Clean Energy investment in US history. It includes tax credits for folks who buy e-vehicles or make their homes more energy efficient. $60 billion for growing renewable energy infrastructure and manufacturing like solar panels and wind turbines. And according to Democrats, it will lower greenhouse gas emissions by 40%. Also, the bill lowers the cost of prescription drugs, though, not for everyone. It’s really just for folks on Medicare, who got a huge win with the cost of insulin being capped at just $35. And attempt to extend the cap on the price of insulin to folks with no or private insurance was blocked by Republicans. So overall, in short, there were big wins for folks on Medicare, which is administered by the federal government, but not much action for everyone else. And last tax reform, the legislation creates a 15% minimum tax for corporations making 1 billion or more in income or bringing in more than 300 billion in revenue. Now, if you’re thinking to yourself, oh, great, all the jobs are going to leave the US because of the taxes. No friend, good news. This is in line with global negotiations to ensure businesses don’t just move their production and books overseas to dodge the taxes. Now, what about your taxes? Well, if you are part of the top 2% of earners in the US making over $400,000 a year as an individual, you might see a slight tax increase otherwise no big deal. I know this isn’t gonna touch me or anyone I know. So I’m going to put it out of my head for now. The Vote-a-rama was not without drama, though, of course, Kristen cinema cost the nation $14 billion in tax revenue because she wouldn’t vote against Closing a tax loophole that many hedge fund managers and private equity investors get super rich off of. And our boy Bernie Sanders, the mittened man from Vermont tried to get that expanded child tax credit back in there, but ultimately was not successful yet. Overall. Not too bad for the Democrats. Not too bad for Biden. I don’t know, pretty good for the nation. We’ll find out, we’ll see where this goes. Okay, okay enough Kristin Sinema and the political theater. We are going to talk about the cinema the movies, Lady Gaga just announced she will star alongside Joaquin Phoenix in the new Joker to Quentin Tarantino loves the new Top Gun and Bat Girl though it’s finished filming won’t be released. Like ever. There is so much Movie News. So we’re going to talk with Maddie Koch and Rendy Jones to Gen Z movie critics with serious followings. They’ll give us the scoop on their favorite snacks their favorite movies of the summer, and what to watch for in the fall. Our talk right after the break. Okay, friends, did you spend any time last month in a dark air conditioned movie theater, eating snacks and watching a big budget movie? It seems like a lot of you did because July was the biggest month for movies during the Covid era bringing in more than $1.1 billion. So we wanted to talk to a couple of movie critics about what they’ve been seeing in theaters this summer. Randy Jones started publishing reviews on his own site at the age of 13. And now in his early 20s is the youngest featured critic on Rotten Tomatoes, Maddi Koch, 21, and has over 3 million followers on TikTok for her take on movies with cool, weird concepts. And since they spend so much time in theaters, I wanted their best tips about all of the things the total experience. So I started by asking, where is the absolute best place to sit in the theater?

Maddi Koch  17:09

I have to say that personally, you want to walk in and go up like one thing of stairs and go into that first row that’s in the middle, because there’s a metal bar that goes across the aisle. And I am one of those people that likes to put their feet up in the movie, but I don’t want to put it on somebody see? And that’s the other thing like you have nobody in front of you. There’s like a break in the middle of the two sections. So there’s nobody in front of you. Nobody can walk in front of you and block your view. And it’s a really good place to put your feet up.

V Spehar  17:46

What about for you, Rendy? When you take the theater? Where’s your seat?

Rendy Jones  17:49

For me? Usually like depends on what movie I’m watching, like, if it’s something I really care about, then I make sure I’m like slap dab in the middle. I’m early. I got the best seat in the house. But if I know it’s a very long movie, and I will need to take bathroom breaks I put myself all the way at like the edge of the row. I don’t care where I’m at as long as it’s not different because I don’t like to have the vantage point like going like just having my neck up the entire time.

V Spehar  18:19

And are you guys like snacks? Or you’re just there to review the film so you’re so focused, no breaks, no water? No nothing? Or what do you bring in with you?

Maddi Koch  18:26

I mean, you got to bring in at least a slushy with two straws share with somebody. You got to bring in a candy and you got to bring in something that’s more on the savory side. 100%

V Spehar  18:38

Very cool. What about you Rendy? What’s your favorite snack?

Rendy Jones  18:41

I usually do chocolates, like I usually do Butter fingers Reese’s, or Skittles. But I can’t have too much these days.

V Spehar  18:50

Yeah, I know as we age out of our sugar days. It’s like Ah, man, that whole experience of like going to a sleepover and having every sugar salty snack in the universe. Those days are slightly behind us. Since COVID is over according to so many people are folks getting back to the theater Rendy? Are they hitting those summer blockbusters like Top Gun and Jurassic Park and Minions?

Rendy Jones  19:13

Oh yeah, I’m still shocked that the movie was able to break a billion dollars in the box office. And it’s hard to even like say yeah, this is the movie of the sudden because it’s overall great movie. That’s rewatchable and after that kind of like kicked off the summer into high gear not even a Marvel movie this year was able to like reach that billion threshold just yet. You know give it until what kind of forever now. That will be a different story. Yeah, people are going back to the theater more so than last year. Like vineyards are such is such a profitable franchise. It’s like the Despicable Me franchise is still churning out so much money and everything’s a business model. You know, every movie like releasing is a business model where every Despicable Me movie comes out in the first week of June or July every Jurassic Park whatever comes out in the middle of June and then like Top Gun that’s a perfect Memorial Day movie. It’s like just kiss that’s the perfect timing and you know you got all these military people go on to see that and cry. You got all these kids off to school going to see minions and tears and parents going oh my god I cannot wait to get out of this theater. My kid needs something in lightyear, lightyear was a first draft of a movie and you know what? I was like, you know, a minions you do the thing that Pixar was able to do make a movie with personality.

V Spehar  20:34

Maddi, what did you think was the best movie of the summer so far?

Maddi Koch  20:37

Oh, 100% everything everywhere all at once. And I’ve seen a lot of good movies. I’m just saying this one. This one takes it like, you really don’t see a lot of Asian people in movies, I feel like and this was a very Asian like dominated heavy movie and the LGBTQ aspect. And it which I really, really enjoyed seeing it was just such a different movie, which is why I think I liked it a lot.

V Spehar  21:06

Rendy, I want to know what do you think? What was your worst movie of the summer? What should people save their 30 bucks on.

Rendy Jones  21:12

But then you have folks like Jordan Peele, who has put out some incredible original content. And he has a new movie out now called Nope, that get a lot of people to go and watch it. Of course, it is the largest premiere of any original movie. It’s not based on a comic book or something else like that. Why do you think Jordan Peel’s movies do so well?

Rendy Jones  21:12

Jurassic World: Dominion. I think that’s just that’s just a god awful like, ending of the Jurassic World franchise, which was even like that special to begin with. You know, it’s movie called Jurassic World. It’s a movie about dinosaurs. We should be you know, showing how like dinosaurs and humans coexist in like this new environment. Meanwhile, the entire thing is about modified locusts. And if that’s the best thing you can do inside your nearly $200 million blockbuster that’s supposed to be the ending conclusion to a trilogy. That’s on you. That’s just..

Rendy Jones  22:08

Like people maybe we come in droves. The name Jordan Peele prior to get out was, oh, the guy from Key and Peele, you know, the comedy duo and seeing that he’s able to, like, easily just transition from comedian into filmmaker, horror director. And after he won that Best Original Screenplay, Oscar, you could easily tell the studio was gonna go, go ahead, do whatever you want to, here’s money. So right at you. So you know, now that he’s at his third movie, you say Jordan Peele, we say how high we come in droves. You know, it’s like the Spielberg effect, just give him any sort of money. And we’re, we’re gonna show up, he’s going to do whatever he wants. It’s, you know, it’s a perfect Hand in Hand combo. And not that many filmmakers today get to have that beautiful piece of pie that he you know, he has.

V Spehar  23:00

So much of being a movie critic is getting people to believe in your opinion, and you’ve been very good at doing that on TikTok, my favorite platform on Earth. Can you tell us a little bit about being a critic on TikTok and how you get your message across using that platform?

Maddi Koch  23:16

Yeah, so I have noticed that I get a lot of engagement on TikTok, because people you know, you just scroll through and people have the problem sitting on the couch and wanting to watch movie with their friends. And they’re like, What are we? What do we watch? Like, oh, no, you pick no, did you pick I swear, like it or whatever, it’s fine. No, you pick? Well, I want to help out with that. I’m a problem solver. I love watching movies, and I only I try to pick like I don’t recommend every movie I watch. So movies, I’m just like, that’s not good enough to recommend. So I try to filter it out so that it hits a few points. For me, for example, it has to be something that’s a really cool concept. It can’t just be like, like, I would never recommend a Marvel movie because everybody knows them. And it’s just such a basic, you know, superhero, even though it’s good, but it doesn’t have some weird concept. And that’s what’s so important to me. A lot of notice a lot of my followers like the thriller kind of horror type of movies. So on TikTok, it seems to be a lot easier to get that engagement because I try to make them short, like a minute. Yeah, they scroll through, they save it, then they follow me and they look for more movies and I have a whole playlist. So TikTok makes it very easy to do on the platform. Definitely.

V Spehar  24:34

Yeah. What a lot of folks want to wind down they’ll throw on their favorite movie for a movie critic. That’s kind of like doing more work right? Like your brain doesn’t shut off. What do you do to wind down?

Maddi Koch  24:44

Okay, my number one movie that I love just so much and that I will just put on is Coraline. I know it’s like why that’s so weird Maddi, but I think it is such a genius movie and like the Three Wonders and everything if you know, you know, just so well created I just love the stop motion. I love Dakota Fanning everything about it. And or to wind down. I know it’s so bad, but maybe I’ll just watch a TV show.

V Spehar  25:09

I love it. You know, a lot of folks will be like, no, you got to read the book, the book is better than the movie. In any case, do you guys think that the movie is better than the book?

Rendy Jones  25:18

I don’t read. I don’t have time to read. Anything’s based on a book short. Go ahead. You know, I’m just judging you by him as a movie. You know, and that’s the best I could do. I’m sorry. Everything’s based on something these days. I don’t have you know, extra time to dive into you know, what, what made a verb like an adaptation work? Like, the only time I will complain is if I know you know, something that’s whitewashed, or, you know, something like that, like, coming out this week is bullet train a movie starring Brad Pitt and Joey King, who whitewashed Asian characters. You know, it’s, that was my other like, worst movie of the summer that I wanted to like, put throw out there and like it comes out this week. But it’s so hard to get, you know, to get that book to screen adaptation of rights, especially, you know, it’s a weird slippery slope.

V Spehar  26:13

Who do you think is doing acting right now? It like when you have to go review a movie? Are there any actors or that you really look forward to watching?

Maddi Koch  26:21

I am a huge Millie Bobby Brown fan. I love her so much. And I think that her career has just blown up into this. Amazing. There’s this amazing thing. I think she’s a great actress. And I think that she hits her roles very correctly like that she does them right. And I mean, I hope to meet her one day, but I think because I want to tell her in person like you’re doing great job. Definitely Millie Bobby Brown off the top of my head.

V Spehar  26:48

You know, Sinema is often used to tell a story. But it’s also used to teach a lesson. Is there anything that we see coming out where movies are being used to advance the cultural narrative right now that could be useful, helpful to folks, Maddi, I see you nodding.

Maddi Koch  27:03

Oh, 100%. Earlier this year, I got invited to the movie premiere of the Adam project. And that was the first one that came to my mind. Because when Ryan Reynolds was there, and they were asking him a bunch of questions after the movie. And a lot of people kept bringing up their parents that are no longer with them. And it’s basically about like a time traveler and he wishes that he hugged his mother and he was actually nicer to his mother and that he said the one last thing to his father before he knew he died. And I think that it really showed a lot to a lot of people that you need to treasure your time with somebody because you don’t know when your last moment is going to be with them. You never know and I think it really put on the agenda for people that you need to like, treat people as if it’s like, I guess your last day not, if it’s your last day, but you need to treat them with kindness. And don’t hold back if you want to say something to somebody say it.

Rendy Jones  27:55

Movies have the power to you know to grip our emotions and help us explore the feelings we don’t have. You know the right vocalization to express and I think that’s what keeps me going what keeps me just passionate of seeing every new movie, you know to see how this would help people understand their feelings and bring a new creative light to them.

V Spehar  28:25

Anything coming up for the fall that we should look toward?

Maddi Koch  28:28

Pray and smile. Those are probably much more my area like the scary movies but..

V Spehar  28:34

Yeah, there’s a lot of spooky movies coming out. We’ve got hocus pocus two coming out this fall. Rendy, what’s coming out this fall you’re hyped for?

Rendy Jones  28:44

I’m excited for the next Disney animated movie strange world is a strange worlds Yeah, strange worlds. I’m excited for that. Grandmother’s horrors Pinocchio, because this is his first animated like, directorial debut gosh darn. Oh, what’s the name of it? Vanderlande Wild, that’s Henry Selick’s latest movie like he’s the guy who did Coraline, and it has you know, Key and Peele in it like they you know, they play to demon brothers. And it’s stop motion and it looks so good. It’s premiering at TIFF.

V Spehar  29:22

I’m excited. let folks know where they can find your reviews. Where can they follow you? Maddi, what’s your handles?

Maddi Koch  29:29

My handles are just my name @maddikoch. That’s on YouTube, Instagram and TikTok and I really would appreciate a follow.

Rendy Jones  29:41

RendyJones on Instagram, at @RendyJones, on Twitter Rendy_Jones. But yeah, go also follow. Find my reviews at rendyreviews.com, I haven’t ever written anything recently. But you know, try to fix that up there

V Spehar  29:56

We’ll be back on and we’ll be looking for it. Thank you all both so much. much for being here with me chatting, movies, chatting snacks history future fall. I very much appreciate y’all spending the time.

Maddi Koch  30:07

Thank you for having us.

Rendy Jones  30:08

Thank you so much for you.

V Spehar  30:11

That’s Randy Jones and Maddie couch and I gotta tell you, I am going to run from this studio to check out everything everywhere all at once because I love that kind of stuff. And speaking of things we can’t wait for it is almost time for good news from around the world and from y’all so stick around to get yourself cheered up. And we are back in at this time for my favorite part of the show. Good news. Here we go. There has been a 190% increase in Tigers being born in Nepal bringing those Tigers back from extinction. Georgia hit a record for the most loggerhead turtle nests on the beach this year. Eating […] cheese was proven to reduce the rate of bone density loss while not increasing your cholesterol. And this Thursday if you’re a stargazer, turn your eyes to the skies to catch a vibrant meteor shower. That’s just some of the good news happening around the world that just keeps my heartbeat and my spirits high but nothing Jazz’s me quite like hearing from you guys. So here is some of the good news that has happened to y’all this week.

Speaker 4  31:32

Hi, V. My name is Amanda. I finally have a date for my top surgery, which is April 14 2023. And I’m so overjoyed and excited for this surgery.

Speaker 5  31:43

Hey, V love the podcast. I am a single mom to an 11 year old child who’s been struggling with ADHD depression, anxiety and PTSD for years, been through therapy and psychologist for years and years and it’s finally starting medication and it’s actually working just as happy as he’s been since he was five years old. So for anyone struggling with mental illness, there is good news. There’s hope.

Speaker 6  32:07

Hey V. It’s Megan from […], I am reaching out to inform you that I have found the comparable version of rug law here in the upstate New York area is almost identical to that of the West Side market or Z bars. And it is for $5 at the local grocery store. So if you have a Price Chopper near you, in Rochester, please don’t walk, run, to your deli counter and buy yourself a $5 bag of arugula. It is the delightful.

Speaker 7  32:41

Hi V, I have some funny but good news. My two year old has learned how to take off their pants and labor. And they are doing it all the time. And I’m annoyed but then I learned that it’s really important that they be able to do that in order to use the potty, which means I never have to change a diaper again if you want. So hopefully it all goes well. And have a great day.

V Spehar  33:10

I love hearing from you guys that just warms my heart and I want to hear more good news from you. So leave me a voicemail at 612-293-8550. Let me know what’s going great in your world. Please be sure to tune into this Friday’s episode with tick tock and comedy central star rose Kelso. If you haven’t had a chance yet to check out her hilarious music video, European Boys please do. She is a laugh a minute. You’re gonna love this interview. Don’t forget to subscribe to Lemonada Premium on Apple podcasts. Follow me at @underthedesknews on Instagram and TikTok and I will see you on Thursday. Thank you as always for spending this time with me. I truly appreciate you.

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