Good Kids: How Not to Raise an A**hole — Teaser

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Iris (kid): [00:00:00] What is it a good kid?

Talia (kid): Every kid thinks they’re a good kid.

Lizz Winstead: [00:00:05] Good Kids are kids that you really see the thing that drives them and you help them follow down that path.

Eli (parent): [00:00:13] A good kid is one who respects differences and is kind to all people.

Lizz Winstead: [00:00:19] A kid that develops an emotional range where tears are comfortable, expressing fear and pain are comfortable.

Sinéad Burke: More than anything it was my parents’ extraordinary belief that I could do anything.

Iris (kid): What’s a bad kid?

Lizz Winstead: Gosh, [00:00:39] to say what makes a kid bad, I mean, [00:00:43] is the kid tired? Hungry? Like I feel like, feed the kid, get it on a sleep pattern.

DeRay Mckesson: [00:00:49] Kids just want to rebel, and like we we know they’re going to rebel, you know? But the rebellion is actually part of the growth

Lizz Winstead: Hormones can make everybody an asshole. So I’m just gonna say what makes somebody bad? Hormones. [00:01:00] I think that’s the universal thing that is what I’m going with, hormones. Boom, for the win.

Olivia (kid): [00:01:12] This fall, Lemonada Media brings you Good Kids: How Not to Raise an A**hole. Part podcast part manual for raising kinder, gentler humans.

Iris (kid): [00:01:22] How do you make sure kids grow up to be good humans?

Reza Aslan: Cultivate a feeling. Plant a seed.

DeRay Mckesson: Imagination and wonder.

Sinéad Burke: Honesty.

Lauren Maul: Empathy. [00:01:34] Empathy in action is going to save us all.

Reza Aslan & Family: but we have to be we’ll be right there when we should we shut the door for a minute. But you’re going to have to stand real still. [00:01:45] OK. Yeah. [00:01:49] Ok honey you’re gonna have to go outside. You have to go outside. Yeah. You’ve shown you’ve shown us that you can’t be quiet guys you can’t you can’t pound on the door. You just. What are you gonna do? You know?

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