I Need To Get Out Of Here

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Welcome to Welcome to BEING Studios Audio Reality®.

Henri reveals to Elise and Gloria that she has been living in a rundown and potentially dangerous motel rather than an apartment. She starts to explore other housing options when, suddenly, her search becomes far more urgent. Meanwhile, Buzz reconnects with an old flame and invites her to visit him in Los Angeles to see if they can rekindle their relationship, despite the thousands of miles of distance between them.


[00:00:46] Buzz: My name is Buzz.

[00:00:47] Gloria: I’m Gloria.

[00:00:48] Henri: My name is Andre.

[00:00:49] Elise: My name is Elise and I’m 60 years old.

[00:00:51] Henri: I am 62.

[00:00:53] Gloria: I’m 71.

[00:00:54] Buzz: 71 years old.

[00:00:56] Gloria: A few months ago a documentary crew. Following us around, [00:01:00] recording our every move,

[00:01:01] Elise: navigating everything from family,

[00:01:03] Gloria: relationships,

[00:01:04] Buzz: work, and more.

[00:01:05] Gloria: There was always a story worth telling,

[00:01:07] Buzz: and that’s what you’re about to hear.

[00:01:09] Henri: You’ll witness moments alongside us

[00:01:11] cast: and you’ll get into our heads. This is being golden.

[00:01:15] Buzz: This is being golden.

[00:01:24] Buzz: Hey, how are you?

[00:01:26] Deb: Good,

[00:01:26] Buzz: good.

[00:01:27] Deb: Happy Friday.

[00:01:28] Buzz: Happy Friday. I just got delivered here a whole bunch of, uh, C B D gummies by a company called

Diet Smoke Zero.

[00:01:36] Deb: Smoke Zero.

[00:01:36] Buzz: Yeah. And I got ’em, I got ’em in, uh, peach Flavor and I got ’em in watermelon flavor. Pretty good too.

[00:01:42] Deb: Good flavors.

[00:01:43] Buzz: I know. Two good flavors.

[00:01:44] Deb: And are they, they’re helping you sleep, aren’t they?

[00:01:46] Buzz: Yeah, absolutely.

[00:01:48] Deb: I don’t normally deal with anxiety, but, um, okay. I have a gummy more to help me go to sleep. Yeah. How was your week?

[00:01:55] Buzz: Uh, it’s been good. A lot of auditions. Uh, I’m on [00:02:00] hold on a couple of projects and, um, yeah, just as long as they keep coming and I got to go see

pretty much still on a daily basis, I’m, I’m putting out there some really good auditions and it’s, unfortunately right now it feels like it’s a little bit slower.

Yeah. Yeah. So I just haven’t booked enough lately, and the stress and anxiety of that comes and goes. I try not to dwell on that just so I can simply stay positive through all of this.

Oh, . Yeah, I, I joined a couple of apps, you know, dating apps. Always a good time. Always a good time. So I joined this, these dating.

Uh, has it been real successful? No. Perfectly nice people, but Nice. Doesn’t quite cut it. Mm-hmm. Not all the way. What about you? What are you doing? Have you been dating?

[00:02:46] Deb: You know what, for the last five years I would give it a go. Go out with two or three guys, but I was either bored. Or I had to explain things.

You know how we can talk in shorthand?

[00:02:59] Buzz: [00:03:00] Yes. Oh God,

[00:03:02] Deb: I’m perfectly happy being single. But then you do reach a point where, okay, I would like to share my life with somebody besides my children and my mother.

[00:03:12] Buzz: Wow. Yeah. So do you think it’s ever gonna happen for us?

[00:03:21] Deb: Um, what do you think?

[00:03:24] Buzz: I mean, the having you in my life sets that bar pretty high.

And if I’m, if I’m out on a date with somebody, if they don’t hit that bar, then why would I want to talk to them any further? Why would I wanna involve it is it’s, Deb and I have been talking on the phone almost every day and it just kind of complicates any other date that I go on because quite honestly, I enjoy talking to her on the phone more than going on the dates here in la.

[00:03:52] Deb: Um, it is, yeah, it’s okay. How do I put this? I think if. Talk [00:04:00] more. I mean, because we avoid sometimes getting too deep because it was like, I don’t wanna go there and get hurt cuz this can’t work.

[00:04:12] Buzz: Yep. You’re not gonna uproot yourself. I’m not gonna uproot myself. At least not today. I, I, I will agree with you there.

I mean, I think, I think in my own mind, I know that I’ve held. On having a lot of conversations with you, that would be too deep or too like. Cause you just, I don’t want to, I don’t wanna get hurt and I don’t wanna hurt you. Yeah.

There’s been this unspoken part of our relationship that has always been there, but it is now becoming hard to ignore.

Well, you know what though? Let’s figure out a way to get you out here. Come out and visit. You wanna do that?

[00:04:47] Deb: I do.

[00:04:47] Buzz: Okay.

[00:04:48] Deb: I really do.

[00:04:48] Buzz: I do too. I want to have you out here and see you in person. And, um, give you a big hug, .

[00:04:57] Deb: That sounds good. My,

[00:04:58] Buzz: it’s been so long. I [00:05:00] know. Yeah, I know. All right, well, have a, have a wonderful weekend.

[00:05:04] Deb: Thank you. You have a good weekend too.

[00:05:06] Buzz: I’ll talk to you later. Okay. Okay. Bye-Bye.

[00:05:22] Gloria: Hey there. I’m trying to, I’m trying to get to you. I am now, uh, at the Casa Grande Mexican food.

[00:05:30] Henri: I am literally two doors down. I see the Quality Inn and the […] local. I’m not, it’s only in, I’m right across the street from the Quality Inn. I’m literally two doors down. There’s like a. Where they fix cars, then it’s a vacant lot and then it’s me.

[00:05:46] Gloria: Okay.

[00:05:46] Henri: I see it. Elise and Gloria are coming over today and I was a little apprehensive about letting people know I was living in a motel. Um, but we’ve really gotten close lately. [00:06:00] And so I’m looking forward to having a girl’s day.

How you doing?

[00:06:04] Gloria: I’m doing good. Good to see you like your shirt.

[00:06:08] Henri: Hi Lisa. How are you?

[00:06:09] Elise: Good. Nice to see you all lady.

[00:06:11] Henri: You too. You look great as usual.

[00:06:13] Elise: Thank you.

And vice versa. We always have like matching colors.

Your drink matches your shirt. Actually it does, doesn’t it? God.

[00:06:22] Gloria: Get me one of those. This is pretty,

[00:06:27] Henri: it’s only like 20 or rooms or so.

[00:06:30] Gloria: Oh, you got a swimming pool?

[00:06:32] Henri: Yes, we do. When I first moved to LA I was living with my nephew and it was supposed to be temporary so that I could find some place to live.

But things fell through and so I didn’t have any other choice but to move into a motel cuz it was such short notice. I,

my biggest thing is wanting to leave a motel. I don’t care how nice it is. It’s a motel. I can’t cook.

A motel was supposed to be temporary. Why I found someplace [00:07:00] else to live. But now I’ve been here a few.

So it’s got some things like being close to everything, but there are some really scary, uncomfortable things going on since I’ve been. Uh, it’s just not a place that I wanna live. And I was talking to my son Chris about it, and he was like, mom, yeah, you, you gotta get out of there. You, you, you have an unhealthy lifestyle.

You know,

[00:07:24] Elise: you don’t have a home, you just have a room, you know, and there’s always someone who has a key to your place.

[00:07:29] Henri: Yeah. Well, you’ve got people that are knocking on your doors. You, you have prostitution.

[00:07:35] Elise: Oh my.

[00:07:36] Henri: You have people getting beat up. Last night I was so down. I just, I was like, this is just gonna be my life.

I’m going to live.

[00:07:45] Elise: Why didn’t you get like a, an apartment or something like that?

[00:07:48] Henri: I didn’t have this great credit history or anything like that. It’s been really difficult trying to find some place to live. I mean, you know. Me being single, [00:08:00] older African American, it’s a lot of strikes against me that I really hadn’t counted on.

I mean, I’ve made a lot of financial mistakes in my past, one of them being an eviction on my report. I haven’t made the best decisions and I’m really feeling the repercussions of all of it. There’s been some discrimination in some of them, even before they look at my credit record, so I’m running. that too.

This has been the biggest hurdle that I’ve ever had to overcome, and I just didn’t ever think it was gonna be at this age. You know, when you’re younger and you’re trying to establish yourself and things like that’s different.

[00:08:43] Elise: I’m gonna keep my ears open. I’ll ask some friends if

[00:08:45] Henri: I appreciate that.

[00:08:46] Elise: I mean, you wouldn’t mind like, like a guest house or even a room in a, in a family home or something like that.

[00:08:52] Henri: I wouldn’t that, that would definitely, yeah.

[00:08:53] Gloria: Let me talk to, uh, the managers of our building. I’ll see if there’s anything available or anything [00:09:00] coming up.

[00:09:00] Henri: I’m, I’m, I’m actively looking, but I’m open to. Area, but I would really appreciate Will, anything you can do. I

[00:09:06] Gloria: No problem. I love it. You so much. I love you’d l you’d like our building.

[00:09:09] Henri: Okay.

[00:09:09] Gloria: You really would.

[00:09:10] Henri: Okay, cool. Thanks a lot.

[00:09:26] Buzz: Buzz here and I’m at the. Deb is coming out to Los Angeles to visit, so I’m, I’m nervously excited about that. I haven’t seen her in three years and probably 10 years before that. Hi sweetie.

[00:09:42] Deb: Hi.

[00:09:43] Buzz: Come on, let’s go. Isn’t this weather awesome though?

[00:09:46] Deb: Yeah, weather is nice.

[00:09:49] Buzz: Got it.

[00:09:49] Deb: Yeah.

[00:09:50] Buzz: All right. Welcome back.

We’re gonna be together for a few days to really explore, you know, peel it all back to see [00:10:00] if there’s still a spark there. I think that’s really what these next few days are all about.

Well, you’re here.

[00:10:07] Deb: Yes. Nice car though.

[00:10:10] Buzz: I haven’t had a car in seven years.

[00:10:11] Deb: Yeah. Since Charlotte.

[00:10:13] Buzz: Right. I still haven’t even.

To myself around this whole feeling. Yet it’s one thing to have a feeling, but then it’s the second thing to actually act on it. You know, last time we were together and had any kind of a physical relationship, we were in our twenties.

You’re probably hungry. I thought we would go have lunch at this really cute place.

It’d be fun for Gloria to meet you. She’s pretty cool.

[00:10:39] Deb: Okay. I’m looking forward to that.

[00:10:41] Buzz: I really like Gloria. I really, Gloria has become a very good friend. Several conversations with Gloria about relationships.

[00:10:49] Deb: Mm-hmm. . And Is she in one now?

[00:10:51] Buzz: No, she’s not. Okay. She lives in Venice, so we’ll go for a walk. Oh, okay.

We’re gonna be so grateful to be out there at the beach. [00:11:00] Mm-hmm.

Gloria. This is Deb. Deb, this is Gloria.

[00:11:09] Deb: You be like, I know you. I have a lot of good things.

[00:11:14] Gloria: Oh,

[00:11:15] Buzz: so you can talk some Texas, she used to live in Texas.

[00:11:18] Deb: Oh yeah.

[00:11:18] Gloria: Yeah. I came here when I was 21. It was like 10 years ago. Yeah, exactly. Exactly. Okay. Shall we walk?

When Buzz told me he wanted me to meet Deb, I thought it was so sweet that, you know, he valued my opinion and I am curious later.

[00:11:39] Buzz: This makes me very happy to, to have you two meet.

[00:11:42] Gloria: We’re excited to,

[00:11:43] Deb: oh, as a matter of fact, he told me that you were an author.

[00:11:47] Gloria: Well, that’s a bit of a stretch. .

[00:11:49] Buzz: Come on Gloria. Give yourself some credit.

[00:11:51] Gloria: You know, I’m, I’m writing a little something, something, you know, with age. Come listen, ,

[00:11:58] Buzz: that’s what they say.[00:12:00]

[00:12:01] Deb: My daughter sometimes will call and ask me what I think about her relationship or something. Honey. I know I’m old, but I have no wisdom to share on relationships.

[00:12:12] Gloria: I’ve been married only five years. Totally .

I want to hear about y’all.

[00:12:18] Buzz: We haven’t seen each other for over three years or like three years.

Three thought. Yeah. Yeah. It was years.

[00:12:23] Deb: It was March of 2019, right. In Chicago.

[00:12:25] Gloria: And so how did you two meet again? Tell me.

[00:12:28] Deb: Um, buzz was my boss for a little bit.

[00:12:31] Buzz: Yeah, for a little window.

[00:12:33] Gloria: So you had a relationship way back when?

How long did y’all date? Few months.

[00:12:39] Deb: We had one month.

[00:12:40] Gloria: Right. Okay. I think Deb is great.

We connected very quickly. She’s very pretty. She’s got a lot of personality and Bobs kind of defers to her a little bit, which I like, but takes control and she’s very sure of herself and confident. [00:13:00] I think I’d like to hang with her. Lucky.

So what? What are your plans? What are you doing this while you’re here?

[00:13:10] Buzz: Just hanging out.

[00:13:10] Gloria: Just playing it by ear.

[00:13:12] Buzz: We’re playing it by ear.

[00:13:13] Gloria: Oh, good.

[00:13:14] Buzz: We’re figuring out where the transition is between friend zone and stepping into the Yeah. The world. You know, prior to you coming, I tried not to build anything up in my head about what this was gonna look like or where it was gonna go, or how it was gonna go.

So I’m just trying to make it, allowing it to go with the flow.

Yeah. More than anything. I don’t want, I don’t want either of us to put any kind of pressure on that. Yeah. I want this to happen is more of my, I think where I am. Yeah. How this is gonna happen. I have absolutely no idea right now. And hopefully, hopefully that just goes organically.

[00:13:51] Gloria: You know, the whole thing is either

[00:13:52] Buzz: can’t force it or it won’t.

[00:13:55] Gloria: Yeah. You know, you put them fine all these years, but maybe just be magic [00:14:00] now you. That could happen

[00:14:03] Deb: Uhhuh.

[00:14:04] Buzz: It could.

[00:14:06] Deb: Well, guess what? I have to use the restroom again. You got a, I drank whole thing. I’m trying.

[00:14:16] Buzz: So what did you think?

[00:14:17] Gloria: I love her.

[00:14:18] Buzz: Yeah, yeah,

[00:14:19] Gloria: yeah. In fact, if you don’t date her, I will .

[00:14:23] Buzz: She’s pretty special.

[00:14:24] Gloria: She’s great.

[00:14:25] Buzz: She is great.

[00:14:26] Gloria: She’s beautiful.

[00:14:27] Buzz: Yep. She’s beautiful.

[00:14:28] Gloria: She’s


[00:14:29] Buzz: She’s great.

It’s a good match, huh?

[00:14:30] Gloria: I’m happy for you.

[00:14:31] Buzz: Yeah, it’s a good match. Having Deb around it just feels very natural. I just didn’t want to get to a place where we overthink it and I think that Deb is also just feeling out this whole situation and together we.

Come to some space. That’ll feel really good.

[00:14:57] Shelly: Hi, I’m Shelly. How are you?

[00:14:59] Henri: Hi, Shelly. I’m [00:15:00] Andre. Nice to meet you.

[00:15:01] Shelly: Nice to meet you. Welcome. Come on in. You uh, just watch that step there.

[00:15:07] Henri: Okay. Thank. This is on re and today I am expanding my search to find more permanent housing. And today I’m looking at senior communities.

So this is a senior property, right?

[00:15:21] Shelly: Correct. You have to be 62 or over. Okay. This is, so this is our courtyard. We have, um, the pool facility is over that way. Okay. Um, and up around. This way we have a laundry facility.

[00:15:37] Henri: It’s beautiful.

[00:15:38] Shelly: Yeah.

[00:15:38] Henri: The grounds are great.

[00:15:40] Shelly: Thank you. And I’m gonna show you, you said you wanted to look at a one bedroom unit?

[00:15:46] Henri: I did, yes. Okay.

[00:15:47] Shelly: There is a wait list right now. So you can see there’s a kitchen at here. Yes. Um, there is a bathroom with a tub. We do.

[00:15:56] Henri: The senior properties are pretty much like every other property, [00:16:00] with the exception that it caters to seniors. They have activity rooms, libraries, um, some of them have beauty salons.

Everything is accessible by wheelchair or walker. You have a ramp. Even in your showers and bathroom, they’re like safety bars. Outlets are not low to the floor, so you don’t have to do a lot of bending. So they try to give you what you need when you’re getting older. Like these are your golden years. And they want you to enjoy them going back and forth.

I like this cuz it’s secure. You got the gate.

[00:16:34] Shelly: And we do have courtesy patrol, so there is a security officer on site at all times. And then we do have assisted facilities as well. Okay. If you ever should need to move into that area.

[00:16:43] Henri: Wow. Um, what are the qualifications? What do you need for like an application or anything?

[00:16:48] Shelly: Um, so it’s pretty basic. We do the credit check in a, in a rental application. Um, and then, uh, you know, from there it goes up to management to approve of.

[00:16:58] Henri: And so as far [00:17:00] as, um, you said you’re looking for credit. Exactly. What is it? I mean, because, you know, I’m 62 years old, so I, I do get a widow’s pension. So when you say credit my, you know that at least the funds are guaranteed.

What are you talking about? You looking for?

[00:17:14] Shelly: I mean, from our perspective, it’s just to make sure that you can hit the, um, income requirements for here. Um, but we, uh, we do have wait lists. Um, but yeah, that’s, that’s kind of it.

Well, do you have any other questions?

[00:17:30] Henri: Well, no, I’ll just look for your, oh, wait, let me get you my email address. Oh, is this your business card?

[00:17:36] Shelly: Yeah, yeah. You can just send me all the information. And if you have any questions, you can call me.

[00:17:40] Henri: Okay. That sounds perfect. Thank you so much, Shelly.

[00:17:42] Shelly: Yeah, you’re most welcome.

[00:17:44] Henri: Have a good day.

[00:17:45] Shelly: You too.

[00:17:49] Henri: On top of looking at, um, senior places and shared housing, I started looking on places like Craigslist and room [00:18:00] shares and things like that. Then I started also looking for people that was looking for roommates, people that were renting maybe spaces in their. The thing with that is that people that are looking for roommates, they’re younger people and they do specify that they’re looking for a younger roommate.

Every time I find some place, I’m coming up against a wall. Um, the applications are falling through. It’s really starting to affect me.

[00:18:40] Henri: Who is. I was doing some late work on my computer and I started noticing shadows outside my window. You have the wrong room. There’s no stuff in here. I’ve been in this room for a minute. You weren’t in here last night. [00:19:00] Okay. You need to leave. You need to leave. Be right back. No, don’t be right. Oh my God. Oh my goodness.

That’s the phone. At the tone, please record your message. My goodness. When you finish recording, you may hang up or press one for more on. I tried calling the manager and he’s not picking up the phone. I don’t, I don’t know what to do. I’m freaking out. This is ornery. I’m, I’m so sorry. There’s these guys, they’re banging at the door.

They’re saying stuff is there. I don’t know what to do. Just, just call me back. Call me back on my phone. I’m getting ready to call the police. All right. Okay. Bye. Stop knocking on the door. I’m calling the police. I’m calling the police. Oh my God, what’s going on? Oh my goodness. I am really shaken up. It stopped, um, because the manager heard them.

There’s cameras around the whole place, and he came to my door and he got rid of them. Nothing like this has ever happened to me before. I’m feeling scared and vulnerable. I just [00:20:00] gotta get outta here.

[00:20:20] Buzz: So what do you wanna do? You wanna go for a walk? Do you wanna walk?

[00:20:23] Deb: Yeah.

[00:20:24] Buzz: If we walk down here, we can walk all the way out to the water. Okay. So, Deb and I now have been together a couple of days and it’s just been, you know, it just, there’s a comfort level that is hard to describe, but it just feels really, really good to be with her.

[00:20:43] Deb: You know what? I wanted to see how cold the water was.

[00:20:46] Buzz: Oh, you wanna walk down to the water?

[00:20:47] Deb: Yeah. I wanna see what it’s like.

[00:20:53] Buzz: Here you go.

[00:20:55] Deb: Yeah. This is crazy. This is August one of the hottest . [00:21:00]

[00:21:00] Buzz: Yeah. You want to go for a dip?

[00:21:01] Deb: No. . No.

[00:21:05] Buzz: The very interesting thing about Deb and I being together is that so much of it has felt familiar. Silliness, same chemistry as we did over 50 years ago.

Do you think I’ve changed over the years?

[00:21:22] Deb: Who you are at your core? I don’t think you’ve changed. Okay. If you look back,

do you think you were braver when you were younger? That you had more like, fuck it, I’m just gonna do it.

[00:21:42] Buzz: No, I think I’m braver now.

[00:21:44] Deb: Really?

[00:21:45] Buzz: Mm-hmm. physically. What are you gonna do? Yeah, it’s gravity. .

[00:21:50] Deb: Yeah. Gravity sucks. You think I’ve changed?

[00:21:56] Buzz: No, I don’t think you’ve changed. No. I think, you know, you [00:22:00] still have always had.

The beauty, you’ve always had the big heart, you’ve always had all of those attributes, and I don’t think they’ve ever gone away. There’s always been something magical about being around you. I think we’re just older, wiser. I. And maybe a little dumber, but I don’t know. , I dunno.

Oh yeah. That feels good

to be able to give her a kiss and to feel that twinge in your. This warm rush came over me of this is really wonderful. This is a really wonderful, warm moment that I have not felt in a long, long time with anybody.

Okay, yeah, that got me thinking.

Yeah, that case was good. [00:23:00]

Yeah, it was. It was good. We just have to have more of those

[00:23:07] Deb: more of those off mic. Yes.

[00:23:09] Buzz: Yeah, more of those. Yeah. That’ll be good. That’ll be good.

[00:23:32] Henri: Hey girl. Hey, how are you doing?

[00:23:34] Sheila: I’m good.

[00:23:34] Henri: Good to see you.

[00:23:35] Sheila: How you doing?

[00:23:36] Henri: I’m doing okay.

[00:23:37] Sheila: Awesome. Oh my. You’re good. Great.

[00:23:39] Henri: Oh, thank you. You always look great. .

I’ve had a rough couple of weeks and um, today my friend Sheila is coming by and Sheila is one of the first people I met when I came to LA and she’s always, Upbeat and positive, and I really need that positive energy today.

So as you can hear [00:24:00] all this pounding going on, they’re, they’re doing the whole upstairs level.

[00:24:05] Sheila: Wow.

[00:24:05] Henri: They were just in the corner the other day. I don’t even know how they got down here, this fat, literally yesterday, they were in the corner above me and now this is going on, which is a total another issue. I mean, anybody.

Be happy to get out of this situation. Nobody wants to live here and people banging on your doors. This is just not the life that I want to be living. Mm-hmm. , but the owner decided that he wants to redo the whole motel. Oh. So I have two weeks to find someplace to live.

[00:24:41] Sheila: Wow.

[00:24:41] Henri: Yeah, because there are gonna be no electricity, no water.

I don’t wanna go back into another motel or another hotel. At least if I do,

when it rains, it pours. I mean, on top of everything. Now I have only two weeks to live here. I don’t have [00:25:00] anybody I can ask. Um, I’m, I’m trying everything I can and nothing is turning outright. It isn’t like, you know, I can move in with my family.

Nobody’s here. I’m waiting to hear back with a few other options. Friends are trying things, but nothing’s turning up. I don’t know what to do. I just, and I don’t want to, I don’t, I don’t wanna leave. I just, I just really don’t.

[00:25:30] Sheila: So what’s your plans?

[00:25:32] Henri: You know, things are really becoming depressing. I mean, this isn’t where I wanted to be at this stage in my life.

I honestly, last night I was so like, beat out. I just kinda like, it’s a lot. Mm-hmm. and I’m, I’m kind of.[00:26:00]

I kinda feeling lost now.

I never thought I would have to go through something like this. I always thought it was beautiful to be at this age. For the first time, since I’ve been over 50, I feel. Because I don’t think people take me seriously anymore. I, I can’t just, I just, I just, I just can’t do it anymore.

[00:26:53] Buzz: I love coming out here. This is a really fun place to go.

[00:26:56] Deb: Yeah, no, it’s very pretty. Huh?

[00:26:59] Buzz: [00:27:00] Been a good day, huh?

[00:27:00] Deb: Yeah, it has been.

[00:27:02] Buzz: We’ve had a lot of conversations.

[00:27:05] Deb: Well, it’s a big step for us, right?

[00:27:08] Buzz: Where do you think we take it from here now?

[00:27:11] Deb: So what do we do? What do we take it from here?

[00:27:14] Buzz: I don’t know. It really feels like Deb and I over these last few days together, we are in a very, very good spot.

There are still way too many moving parts to this puzzle, but I believe that what we do have together is definitely worth figuring.

There was always a connection.

[00:27:32] Deb: Yeah. We’ve always had some kind and we’ve always known it.

I was definitely falling in love with you

[00:27:40] Buzz: and for however it got suppressed over the years of other relationships and marriages and divorces and kids and moving and jobs and all these things that have gone on in our lives.

Here we are, and I, I think that with where I’m trying to go in my life, I. [00:28:00] Find that place that you can fit into it or that we can fit into each other’s lives. Yeah. That’s what, that’s where I am with this. I just want, and I want that to happen.

[00:28:10] Deb: I mean, I’ve been single for 15 years. You’ve been single?

[00:28:16] Buzz: 11 years.

12 years. 11. 12 years, yeah, that I’ve been on my own.

[00:28:20] Deb: I was so focused on work and the kids. There was no dating and I think now, See that there’s, um, a space in my life, a space in my heart, and once I started seeing other guys realizing that I’m not laughing as much as I do with Buzz, I’m not as comfortable as I’m not myself.

Why am I trying to meet somebody when,

[00:28:43] Buzz: when it’s right in front of me?

[00:28:44] Deb: Yeah. So this is really happening. How are we going to manage the distance? What happens next?

[00:28:53] Buzz: Well,

[00:28:54] Deb: first of all, you. I, I, I want you to do what you need to do. You [00:29:00] need to,

[00:29:00] Buzz: and I want you to be the

[00:29:01] Deb: follow the dreams. Yeah. I have two children that aren’t as settled as yours.

My mother, I can’t leave Conway cuz my mother lives two blocks from me and so I wanna be there for her. Um, I think we just have to do the best we can.

[00:29:15] Buzz: So if we’d figure out how to see each other, every few. You know, if that’s, if that’s what works and then at least for the short term.

Yeah. Uh, at least right now.

And we’ll just see where it goes from there. Yeah.

Long distance. For Deb and I has always been that very easy excuse to call on to say, oh, we’re not together because we’re not in the same city, or we’re not in the same side of the country. And I think that we’ve pretty much put that in the past in our approaching it from a no excuses kind of aspect.

[00:29:48] Deb: I think it’s a nice way to like really explore it and take it to the next step. And I do think that that we should just kind of go for it, starting [00:30:00] off with this plan and have a plan. I think we’ve always back burnered each other. Yes. For other plans and. So now if we accept that this is one of those priorities up there.

[00:30:14] Buzz: Yep.

[00:30:14] Deb: I think, I think we got a shot.

[00:30:17] Buzz: I do too.

[00:30:31] Anoosh: There. Hi. How are you? Nice to meet.

[00:30:33] Henri: Good to see you.

[00:30:34] Anoosh: Good to see you.

[00:30:35] Henri: Good to see you again.

[00:30:36] Anoosh: Welcome to your new home.

[00:30:38] Henri: Thank you.

[00:30:38] Anoosh: And this is the key from today.

[00:30:41] Henri: A friend of mine found someone that has a guest house to rent. I’m super excited. She came through for me and I’m going there today and I’m moving into my new place.

I’m so excited.

[00:30:54] Anoosh: Sign up all the documented here. All right. Signing this lease for one year [00:31:00] lease. Okay, I hope you can enjoy the place. Let me show the key.

[00:31:07] Henri: Okay,

[00:31:07] Anoosh: this is top. Okay, and bottom. This is for the,

[00:31:12] Henri: oh, both of them. So what’s

[00:31:13] Anoosh: the gate?

[00:31:14] Henri: Oh, the gate? Yeah, because I have to that’s own private gate.

[00:31:18] Anoosh: Yeah, you have.

[00:31:18] Henri: I can’t believe that. After searching and searching, I got this place and it’s just perfect. I mean, for this situation to come through. For me, it’s like at the 12 hour to be where I am. To be able to just find some place to lay my head some permanency. Uh, I just can’t wait.

So I’m gonna have the movers.

They’re gonna be moving just some bags and things in. So they move in right through the little gate there?

[00:31:46] Anoosh: Yeah, they can move here. If there is big, they can come. Other gate.

[00:31:49] Henri: Oh, it’s not big, it’s just bags. I don’t Okay.

[00:31:51] Anoosh: But they can’t come here. Knew everything here.

[00:31:54] Henri: Sounds good. And then were there.

[00:31:55] Anoosh: That’s it.

[00:31:56] Henri: You so Anuj. Thank you so much. Um, it took me a long [00:32:00] time to find this place. I’ve been in la. For a year and a half today, and it’s just,

[00:32:05] Anoosh: I can’t believe it. What are you worry? You didn’t call me .

[00:32:09] Henri: Why didn’t you have an ad out?

But in, you know, it’s just people helping each other. And I prayed that I would really find someplace and your kind spirit love me here, but sometimes that’s,

[00:32:21] Anoosh: I have to find the right.

Like a lot of people still, they were coming yesterday. They keep calling. I says, I’m sorry it’s been rented.

[00:32:28] Henri: Oh, . Well, I just really appreciate you helping me and your hospitality and I think this is a really good relationship and we are gonna enjoy ourselves. I’m gonna be the perfect tenant. I have to worry about being no cats, no dogs, no smoke, no man traveling back and forth out there.

It’s been a rough couple of months. Um, you know, I was giving up hope. I’ve been, uh, beating myself up about it, trying to make some hard decisions. I even thought about [00:33:00] moving back home, but this situation and the landlord is just great. She’s overlooking some things that other people weren’t overlooking.

I mean, to be able to just find some permanency. I just feel super blessed, but honestly, just thank you so much. I really appreciate it.

[00:33:21] Anoosh: You’re welcome. Anytime.

[00:33:22] Henri: Okay.

[00:33:22] Anoosh: Welcome. Your,

[00:33:36] Buzz: I’m wearing a hat.

[00:33:38] Deb: Your hair looks fine though.

[00:33:39] Buzz: It does.

[00:33:41] Deb: I like it a little messy like that.

[00:33:42] Buzz: All right, that, let’s go.

Deb and I have spent a few wonderful days together and I’m taking her to the airport right now and it feels, it feels very good. I don’t feel like she’s going away. I just feel like we are moving forward.

I’m excited.

Yeah. Excited to move to the next level.

[00:33:59] Deb: I mean, [00:34:00] this isn’t gonna be sad to leave because there’s plans. I’ll see you in another couple weeks.

[00:34:06] Buzz: No, and that’s for me, being a struggling actor is, um, that that part scares me. That part scares me.

Not quite enough time.

[00:34:25] Deb: Yeah, it went very quickly.

[00:34:27] Buzz: Very quickly, but I think we crammed a lot in Yeah. I think

emotionally physic. I can handle all of that’s being required, but I gotta be real. I gotta be real. And finances are a lot of this. It scares me to think that I won’t be able to hold up my financial end of the bargain is really what it comes down to.

All right, my here

one more.

Do I? I want it to [00:35:00] work. Absolutely. I want this to work in the worst way. I want this only because we’ve known it’s been in our lives forever, and I know that. I know that we are right for each other. We know that we are right for each other. It’s the reality of putting all the right pieces in the right place at the right.

You’re beautiful . Oh man. Oh man.

All right. I love you,

All right, I’ll go. Bye. Bye-Bye.


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