Intermittent Fasting Friends with Hayes Davenport and Sean Clements

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The most successful men in Hollywood, a.k.a Hayes Davenport and Sean Clements, join us this week. They tell Ku and Su about drinks that have the fizz of beer without the baggage, and share their faves. Plus, flavored coffee beans and oral care are improving Hayes and Sean’s fasting experience.

Please note, Add To Cart contains mature themes and may not be appropriate for all listeners.

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Hayes Davenport, Kulap Vilaysack, SuChin Pak, Sean Clements

SuChin Pak  00:09

All right everyone, welcome to another fine episode of ADD TO CART. A podcast about the things we buy and bite into and what they say about who we are. I am SuChin Pak.

Kulap Vilaysack  00:21

And I am Kulap Vilaysack. Today on the podcast we have two guests that together are the most successful men in Hollywood. One of these fine ass men has written for shows like Family Guy, Big lake and Eastbound and Down to name a few. He’s a comedian producer and was also a contestant on Jeopardy. The other fine ass man is a writer, a writer, actor and podcaster he can be seen on the AMC show Kevin can fuck himself workaholics and Curb Your Enthusiasm together they are the hosts of Hollywood handbook please ADD TO CART Hayes Davenport and Sean Clements.

Sean Clements  01:08


Hayes Davenport  01:09

Hello, many blessings.

Hayes Davenport  01:13

So happy to have you here now and present two dear friends.

Sean Clements  01:19

the Emmy noms came out today did you, I didn’t check them yet. Did y’all get one? Oh

Kulap Vilaysack  01:24

Oh, no we didn’t get an Emmy nom for fine podcasting.

Sean Clements  01:30

I don’t know if we did either. I don’t know that we probably even we haven’t even checked but you did check. I was kind of counting on you to check. I liked count on your thirsty ass to check.

Kulap Vilaysack  01:44

Sean, we live in an area to climb it. Okay. And sorry. If it can’t if my thirst can’t be quench like yours can.

Hayes Davenport  01:54

I’m extra thirsty right now. It’s true.

Hayes Davenport  01:57

Yeah, you know I’m not as I’m not as moist as you guys. Okay? Way to point out my faults.

SuChin Pak  02:03

Wow, this party is fun. Hayes you want to tell everyone where you’re dialing in from?

Hayes Davenport  02:12

I’m in the parking lot, I’m in my mobile studio. In the Lincoln Lawyer. I am in the parking lot of the Sherman Oaks Little League if anyone has anything you want to want me to pass along to. Looks like the Tigers are playing right now. I’ll be back, I’ll come back if listeners want me to come back and ask them any questions I will come back.

SuChin Pak  02:39

Is it an all-day affair because I feel like a baseball parents, we’re not baseball parents are more soccer parents. We get in, we get out, you know what I mean? It’s a pretty short window but I feel like my friends were baseball parents are pretty much committed to all weekend long from literally Saturday morning till Sunday night. They’re sitting in some sort of a parking lot situation.

Hayes Davenport  03:06

Yeah, I can ask I don’t have kids but I could ask some of them.

Sean Clements  03:14

He just went to check out some prospects. He’s sort of Lincoln Lawyer style. But he’s also a little bit like Adam Sandler and hustle where he’s like the Lincoln Scout.

Hayes Davenport  03:26

Yeah, I just watched a League of Their Own you’re kind of like the Jon Lovitz character, right? You’re looking for talent.

Hayes Davenport  03:33

Yeah, that’s what Jon Lovitz does at that movie, huh, yeah, I guess. I guess that’s me. Unrelated to this. I don’t want to jump ahead but I actually recently watched the movie, The Scout, starring Albert Brooks and […] hustle I was reminded of it I was like I’d check that movie out again. I liked it when I was a kid. And you know what? I’d like to add it to cart cart.

Sean Clements  04:02

Toss it in the cart.

Hayes Davenport  04:04

Young lanky Michael Rapaport, isn’t it he looks like I mistook him for Matthew Modine. That’s how young and lanky he is. If you can imagine mistaking by Michael Rapaport for Matthew Modine, you need to watch this movie and experience it yourself.

Sean Clements  04:24

Want to feel old? Matthew Rapoport look like Michael Modine in the scout.

Kulap Vilaysack  04:30

Sean, Hayes, we like to ask our esteemed guests what type of shopper they are like what type of consumer are you, how do you do it? Do you do a lot of research? Are you willy nilly? Arms akimbo, add to cart, add to cart. Sean?

Sean Clements  04:50

Well, you know, I’m sort of a combination of the two where I do have pressure on Myself, I have this constant fear that either the deal or the item will disappear if I don’t add it to my car and buy it. But I, I love consumer research, my favorite thing to do is I have a lease for my car. So every three years, I get a new car. And probably with a full like eight months left on my lease, I start researching cars. I start building them on the websites, I start reading, Edmunds car driver, like everything I can to get a lot of information and then to get into the same car that I had before, but three years newer, but it’s very soothing to me, the process of researching, I like researching appliances as well, like at one point, we had to get a washer and dryer for a small space. So I needed like a smaller one. And I was reading everything, every different website that sold it. I went through all the like, customer reviews on the site itself. I live in that stuff.

Hayes Davenport  06:07

Sean, so did you stack them? Or were they side by side?

Sean Clements  06:10

They were side by side of that particular unit. That was the only way to go. But anyway, yeah, so planted stuff. I research a lot. But then other things. I don’t know. I feel like clothing items, stuff like that. I buy it. Just soon as I see it, if I like it, boom. That’s me.

Kulap Vilaysack  06:32

Hayes, how about you?

Hayes Davenport  06:33

Very passive. The mobile studio here is a 2010 Prius that I bought from my dad. The clothes I’m wearing are all very, very old. Shawn knows that I have about five t shirts that were all given to me or that are some are podcast merch. Some are from like different organizations, but I just kind of like cycled through those but oh, and also like abandoned subscriptions. Like I’ll subscribe to something and then like not use it. And then like remember that I’ve been paying for it for like three or four years. But when I do invest in like, like get it together to like purchase something that’s exciting to me. It’s that much more meaningful. Oh, this hat was also a gift from Sean.

Kulap Vilaysack  07:21

What’s it say? I can’t see it.

Hayes Davenport  07:23

Bureau of streetlighting, bright lights safe nights.

Sean Clements  07:25

I know he’s into the city. All departments. I found the one with the best slogan.

Hayes Davenport  07:33

Yeah, so it’s when I like something I like it a lot. When I get something new for myself. It’s a big deal. And then it becomes like a part of the rotation for many years.

Kulap Vilaysack  07:46

What are some of the subscriptions that you have laid barren?

Hayes Davenport  07:50

Water streamers, obviously. Sean and I have talked a lot about on different shows. This is not like, this is one that I’m still getting but I’m concerned, I’m about to change addresses. And I have hot tea coming to this address, a monthly subscription of a relaxed mixed pack, which is a basically a beer flavored tea soda.

SuChin Pak  08:19

Beer? Wait. Beer flavored tea soda?

Hayes Davenport  08:26

So listeners, what we’ve brought here like regular Add to Cart listeners and like sit back and enjoy, listeners that we brought here. I apologize. You’ve heard us talk about this so many times. Hopped non-alcoholic beverages are becoming a sort of a new pocket of the beverage industry like these are rising in popularity, more brands, a lot of beer companies or are pushing non-alcoholic versions. Not as like for like beer drinkers necessarily just as like a tasty drink.

Sean Clements  09:06

[…] bougie coffee shop just started packaging, fizzy hop tea which they had sold like I think from a dispenser before but now they’re selling like canned or bottled versions of it. The first time I ever saw it, Hayes walked in drinking a hot water that was called H2OPS. And he said this is a nice sort of herbal like not sweet seltzer flavor.

Hayes Davenport  09:30

I buy it as a joke but ended up really enjoying it sincerely.

Sean Clements  09:34

I got into that through him and then I got into this hop tea world, hop lark hop tea is the brand that we tend to favor and I liked it but also as someone who’s a long time sober and there was something about the feeling it seemed like I was cracking a cold one in a safe way at the end of the day and just have that sort of pale ale type bitter flavor. without all the baggage that alcohol brings.

Hayes Davenport  10:04

So that’s a subscription that I genuinely really like and enjoy. But I’m concerned that when I move, I’ll forget and it’s just gonna keep coming to my old address.

SuChin Pak  10:19

This is opening up a hallway in a mansion. I thought I had really discovered all the rooms. You know what I mean? There’s like a whole wing. I have so many questions. Okay, I’m gonna try to get to some of just, I just have two questions that I really want to get to. Are you drinking it for the beer flavor or for the fizzy flavor? How is this different than because I love a carbonated beverage. And I don’t, I don’t drink, so for me a carbonated beverage is my idea of like a really raging good time. You know so, am I missing the beer flavor in the fizzy drink now?

Sean Clements  11:07

To me I don’t think of it really like I said crack a cold one but I really like seltzer fizzy water. So many of the flavor options are in the like sweet and fruit world and I don’t like that as much, I wanted a wider array of choice and so the fact that it has like this kind of bitter herbal element to it, I think that is what was really attractive to me and got me down the rabbit hole and hop lark has so many flavors, they do different teas first of all, they have like black tea, green tea, white tea, and then they’ll mix different you know hops and like I don’t know amounts of like how they..

Hayes Davenport  11:59

Yeah, a lot of them are just seltzers but like my favorite one, they have some that are incredibly strong, like the flavor of eight absolutely rancid IPA, which you know, some people enjoy. I tend to edge toward the like, there’s one that’s chamomile flavor. That’s one of my favorites and get a Bristol farm some other stores.

Sean Clements  12:25

Did you see the new basil one that came out today?

Hayes Davenport  12:27

There’s a different basil one?

Sean Clements  12:29

Let me read this. You might think you know basil, but this month we paired it up with HBC 472 hops to create a brilliant new beverage that illuminates this herb in a whole new way. HPC for somebody to his experimental hop variety from the hop breeding company, which is joint venture between John […] and Yakama […]. This hop when combined with basil in our hop tea brewing process, resulted in the brilliant basil one, a precious gem of a beverage that we’re thrilled to share with you. And I thought of you the second I opened it. They have two different basil.

Hayes Davenport  13:15

The Thai basil one is so popular, it’s been incorporated into the relax mix back. It’s non-caffeinated so that’s why it’s allowed to be in there.

SuChin Pak  13:27

The ladies are loving it, you know this is sexy time, sexy talk. We are reeling in all of the listeners here. Go ahead and talk about the two basil.

Hayes Davenport  13:39

Well, I haven’t tried I can’t talk too much about the brilliant basil one because I just learned about it live. The relaxed mix pack is chamomile, Thai basil, the spruce one which might actually be my favorite. Flavored with spirits really good. In the Mile High biscuits one which is not for me in every day, I kind of have to be in the mood for that one that’s pretty strongly hibiscus flavored. They have one with Verbena, like lemon verbena sort of recently. They have a rose flavored one. It kind of tastes like drinking popery sort of but..

SuChin Pak  14:33

Yeah, that’s why we say these are also flavors of handwashing and dishwashing liquid.

Sean Clements  14:40

Absolutely. Yeah, that’s part of their inspiration, I think. But they’re always rolling out new flavors. They have the hop explorer series where there’s a new flavor of the month you can subscribe to that. And it’s like it’s like hot tea of the month club. They did give me my own discount code. I talked about you so much.

SuChin Pak  15:03

Can we share it?

Sean Clements  15:06

It only lasted for like a couple of weeks.

SuChin Pak  15:11

Ku and I get a code. It’s in the group chat you guys dropping it as hot and heavy.

Kulap Vilaysack  15:30

Well, let’s get into your carts guys. We are together inside of a small cart.

Hayes Davenport  15:33

I’ve been in the cart.

Kulap Vilaysack  15:42

You live in the cart, Sean.

Sean Clements  15:44

I was born in the cart.

SuChin Pak  15:45

Hayes, are you hot? I’m sorry. I’m concern about the temperature.

Hayes Davenport  15:53

You have my permission to shop.

SuChin Pak  15:56

Is anyone going to cut this episode? I’m concerned. Just really you don’t, we don’t have to keep this in. But are you  hot? Are you okay?

Hayes Davenport  16:07

Because I’m in a car and then it’s 85 degrees outside in the valley. And all my windows are rolled up and the doors are close. Yeah, I’m great. I’m thriving my dogs in here with me.

SuChin Pak  16:21

He loves it.

Sean Clements  16:24

Yeah, he’s been so calm and quiet. I was gonna say he’s usually yipping and barking, but he seems really relaxed.

SuChin Pak  16:30

Just super chill today. Okay, let’s get into it. Because I’m concerned about Hayes’s temperature.

Kulap Vilaysack  16:36

Well, speaking of hot temps, Hayes, let’s talk about nature’s flavors, coffee beans.

Hayes Davenport  16:44

Great. So this actually nestle’s right into Sean’s I think something that’s in Sean’s cart as well, which is a habit that’s in both of our cards. It’s something that I Shawn and I share a lot of our life hacks. And so do we want to kind of like, start with that one. Maybe because this, like it’s related. And I don’t want to like, you know?

Sean Clements  17:16

You can’t get out of host mode, mate

Hayes Davenport  17:20

Don’t change, you know, because you’re on our show. So then are you talking about the ultrasonic cleaning pod for his retainer? Is that the?

Sean Clements  17:29

No, no, but that, but we could talk about that, but it wouldn’t be related to the coffee beans. So then the audiobook of the big goodbye? No, no, he’s added to my cart about two months ago. Intermittent fasting. I think what he’s probably leading us into is that in the morning, you can only have either water or black coffee. And that’s why he’s got these beans he loves.

Hayes Davenport  18:02

I’ve been intermittent fasting for let me check the old app. The fast tic is the one that I choose. There’s like 50 of them though.

Kulap Vilaysack  18:12

Wait, fast tic?

Hayes Davenport  18:23

I have 186 Day streak going currently, as you listen to this. Does that mean I don’t get to use my little cheat tokens every now and then? Of course I do, built into the..

Sean Clements  18:39

They’re called frostys.

Hayes Davenport  18:42

What it means practically is Sean and I are both on the 16-8th fast, which means you have an eight hour eating window every day, which for me is usually 1pm to 9pm and so 9pm to 1pm you get nothing. It’s just water or like black coffee tea is fine, but nothing with any like calories or sugar or anything.

Kulap Vilaysack  19:09

Why did you guys start doing this, for health, for weight loss?

SuChin Pak  19:15

Mental clarity?

Hayes Davenport  19:17

I started you know, I wanted to drop a couple kilos. I like I find after like a month or so you lose a little bit of weight. And then in my experience, you kind of just like plateau you don’t like continuously lose weight on it. I’ve kept doing it because I feel better in the morning, especially a like a big breakfast and I would feel kind of like gross all day. I find that like in the middle of the day like right before my eating window ends. I have more energy than I did previously. And the app tells you what’s like happening in your body at any given time which I always like to know.

Sean Clements  20:00

It helps. It says you’re in autophagy. And you go I am an autophagy. Yes. So that’s what this is. My cells are being replaced with new healthy cells. I’ll speak to how I got into it, which is we host a podcast together, Hayes and I, It’s called Hollywood handbook. It’s very accessible, and good. So people jump in whenever you want. You’re gonna love it, I promise. So I was just listening to a conversation Hayes was having with our guests, we had a […] on. And they were talking about intermittent fasting. And I think Anthony was really doing most of the talking. And then as he was explaining it, and the benefits and what he loved about it, Hayes went, well, I do it too. I’ve been doing it for how long, had it been three months, four months at that point. Six months, he went, yeah, I’ve been doing it for a long time. And then they started like, geeking out and talking about it. And I was like, this man is just another window into my relationship with Hayes, we’re still ostensibly on some levels, like best friends and talk three or four days a week at least. And yet, I had never heard of this before. I had no idea that he was doing this and that it was a big part of his life. And then afterwards, I’m like texting Anthony about a gun like, hey, what app do you use it? Some of them go why am I talking to Anthony, to talk to him. I have to talk to Hayes about it. And then he did, he put me on to fast tic which I’ve used my frostys and I also said well, I would like to lose a little bit of weight. I had like, you know last year I had gained 20 pounds and then lost 15 and then you know I was going back and forth a little bit. I actually love the idea that it sounded more sustainable to me than a lot of diets I tried where I’m like it’s easy for me to change when I eat than what I eat because you’re really just skipping breakfast I explained to me like go sounds like a fancy way to just say you skip breakfast and it’s like okay, so you fucking do it.

Kulap Vilaysack  22:30

So what about these coffee beans that do you?

Hayes Davenport  22:34

Right, how could this possibly be related? I found that I need like or it was helpful to me especially in my early fasting days, you know, up to like day 75 or so, that I needed to make my coffee and a little bit more of like a tree, flavors are important to me and this is another great thing about hot tea, hot tea is totally eligible for like that’s something you can drink during your fast. If I can get without eating if I can get my strong flavors then you know I’m gonna like find them anywhere I can and so I was searching for basically the perfect flavored coffee I ran into a few difficult, I struggled for a while I bought some that was way too expensive and had you know all these kind of like fake health benefits and things like that stuff bags that were like $30-$35 each and the flavor wasn’t even that good. But then I found nature’s flavors, which is based in orange California if you can believe it, itself a flavor.

Sean Clements  23:46

It was right in your backyard this whole time.

SuChin Pak  23:49

I mean, they have things in here like blueberry cheesecake flavor.

Hayes Davenport  23:53

Blueberry cheesecake, you can so they are more than a Coffee Company, a flavor company. There’s build a flavor guy. He’s obsessed with flavors.

SuChin Pak  24:06

Did you say build a flavor guy?

Hayes Davenport  24:08

Yes, He’s got it. He’s got it in a little vial. And he’s just like dripping it out. And he’s like, making you smell it and smells great. And they have you know; they’ve got these just like organic coffee beans that they’ll just flavor with any of the flavors that they have and the flavors are wild. I haven’t even branched I’m really curious about like, you can do mango, banana. You can get really weird and potentially gross but I do more of your like toasted marshmallow, mocha of course, caramels. Yeah, but it sounds great. Peppermint, chocolate is fantastic. Or like any mint thing with coffee is really good. But now like french vanilla, all those things. And they include an app extra little vial. So they say like if you want to amp this flavor up even more, you can just let it soak overnight or something or just take any regular beans that you have lying around and they’re basically like you do it, just make your own and that’s thrown in and each bag is like 13 bucks or so.

Sean Clements  25:16

How do they pack all that extra flavor and the flavor vial without any calories?

Hayes Davenport  25:21

It’s essence, like the same thing that you would use to flavor seltzer whatever.

Kulap Vilaysack  25:32

This is hot.

Hayes Davenport  25:33

Very quick, and you can see on the say You can flavor just about anything. Well, they’ve got all these flavors. They’ll do it just as a cent but yeah, they got all kinds of stuff.

SuChin Pak  25:48

I mean, this is also a good gift. I was thinking for a friend of mine, who is a coffee obsessed.

Sean Clements  25:56

But I need to know about your friend.

SuChin Pak  25:58

That hurt, that hurt, Sean.

Kulap Vilaysack  26:01

What I do need to know Sean, what’s going on with the flyswatter that you’re patting.

SuChin Pak  26:15

Suddenly gripped a flyswatter on our call.

Sean Clements  26:25

Got left in here was on my desk and I was you know at some point it was added to my cart. So it’s certainly on theme for the show. This and actually one side of it has like little spikes. Have you seen these fly swatters with like little deadlines on it. So you swap the fly. Get next to it.

Kulap Vilaysack  26:54

Please talk about your dental pod ultrasonic cleaning machine.

Sean Clements  27:00

Well, this is an Instagram purchase. So Instagram has gotten me a couple of times.

Sean Clements  27:10

They’ve nailed my ass. And every time […] the site. I am surprised. I didn’t think that was gonna work on me. And you do. I mean, obviously, I mean, a million people have observed how much like your phone is listening to you. But I’m like, how much are they listening to me that they know I have a retainer that needs cleaning because it’s not something I talk about a lot.

Hayes Davenport  27:33

I can smell it.

Sean Clements  27:37

Yeah, I’m holding the phone up their retainer breath. But they managed to, they’ve managed to stick me and whenever I buy something directly through like click through the Instagram ad I always am like, is this ever going to show up? Zima Dental. True to four I was like; did they just give my credit card information to this totally fake company and that’s it. Zima Dental did take about a month like they instantly send you like your purchase has been received and then the next day they’re like, it’s being packaged for shipping. And then 90 days go by you never hear from them again. They’re sending you promotional stuff like want to try this other product, like you didn’t fucking send me the first one buddy. So they sent me the hydro ultrasonic cleaner. And I have retained, I did Invisalign a couple years back and so I have retainers that I wear every night when I sleep, one has a special like, mouthguard element. So because I bite my cheeks and stuff in my sleep. Not a nice way to wake up. It sucks. And you wake up and you’re like, I just fucking did this to myself. I’m my own worst enemy. It’s so scary to me that when I’m sleeping, I just hurt myself. And you go, you like go to go back to sleep and you go. My whole fucking week is ruined. Because I just bit into my own mouth so hard that I woke myself up. So like all my eating and talking is compromised for a week if I’m lucky. I have a night guard. Yeah, good luck. Going back to sleep when you’re so pissed at yourself. I can’t even sleep right. But the mouth guard kind of helps on the retainer. But anyway, these things works. They get stankin, by the way, only negative part of intermittent fasting that I found breath gets a little funky. And there’s not a lot of breath options that don’t have calories. I don’t know. I think you have less moisture in your mouth and there’s just not as much your mouth just is sort of eating..

Hayes Davenport  29:57

Eating zero things out a little bit sometimes. Yeah. So you gotta be more disciplined with brushing and stuff.

Sean Clements  30:02

I’ve tried this closest oral spray that’s sort of like a natural like supposed to be like no calories […] basically that I have been doing sometimes if I know I have to see someone or talk to them because my wife was like, […]. I say this with love. We’ve been shared a home; we’ve been we’ve known each other you know date each other shared a bed now for 12 years or whatever. I’ve never had an issue with your breath. Your shit sucks, your shits a mess. You got to fucking find something to fix it.

SuChin Pak  30:44

I can’t believe you’ve never, that’s a testament to your oral hygiene.

Sean Clements  30:56

But the yeah, the IF did me a little dirty.

Hayes Davenport  30:59

I suggested a tongue scraper maybe?

Kulap Vilaysack  31:01

Yeah, that’s good.

Sean Clements  31:03

We’re gonna want to look at everything. A tongue scraper could help.

Hayes Davenport  31:10

Because I feel like that’s what food kinda does is just kind of scrape everything off in there. Is

SuChin Pak  31:15

Is that what food does?

Sean Clements  31:18

The primary function of food. Yeah.

SuChin Pak  31:20

I never thought of it that way.

Sean Clements  31:23

Like, why do people eat? Why do people like food? Well, they need their mouths scraped. So I got this pod. I’ve only used it once. One thing is, it seemed fine. I wasn’t really impressed by it. Not enough to return I will try it again. But  they send you little tablets, like you know, these like dental tablets that you drop in. If you’re going to clean like your dental appliance. These like fizzy things. I have to research, I’m sure you can use like polydent or something. But they send you ones that are their brand. And I’m like, am I supposed to be refilling from your brand? Because I’m not going to do that. If I can use like polydent or whatever, I’ll use that.

SuChin Pak  32:12

You certainly should be able to.

Kulap Vilaysack  32:14

Well, for one, you won’t get theirs for 90 days.

Sean Clements  32:23

Well, and I’m reading the instructions of it as if they’re gospel as I often do with this sort of product where it’s like make sure it’s like put lukewarm water and then put our tablet in for four minutes. Then if there’s any residue, like stir it and then I’m like, it’s all fucking residue. Like and then um, like was my water not luke warm enough? But it says like lukewarm. Make sure it’s below 40 degrees celsius.

SuChin Pak  32:58

You gotta get a thermometer.

Sean Clements  33:00

What if I’ll just put a little water in here and put the thing in and it should dissolve. I shouldn’t have to stir anything. And then I should, and then I should receive the benefits of your ultrasonic process. And then I turn it on my wife immediately goes that thing’s loud. And it’s like, well, it’s ultrasonic babe. Of course you’re going to be hearing things.

SuChin Pak  33:23

It was her idea, really.

Sean Clements  33:25

Sonic is the name of the process I mean, but anyway, I used it once and I do think it was cleaner. I do think they smelled pretty fresh. It wasn’t like sparkling clean in the way that I was sort of anticipating where it was like holy shit these things are like brand new. But there was an improvement and I will use it again I’m not going to use it every day because I’m not going to be shelling out for these you know pods that they have all the time. Not going to get me Zima.

Kulap Vilaysack  33:54

You’re not a fool

Sean Clements  33:55

No, I can’t be suckered like that.

Kulap Vilaysack  34:01

Sean, Hayes I’m looking at the time we’ve run out and you brought us more add to cart.

Hayes Davenport  34:10

We put a bunch of things in the car and I do have a one I got some business out here with the little league field so I appreciate that.

Kulap Vilaysack  34:18

What business Hayes?

Hayes Davenport  34:21

Between me and them.

Kulap Vilaysack  34:23

The Little League as an entire entity? Okay, well, I won’t dig further. Guys, how do we get out your podcast?

Sean Clements  34:33

Oh my god. It’s called Hollywood handbook. I think it’s available on basically any podcast platform you can find.

Hayes Davenport  34:41

That’s pretty much all you should need is the name if you if you need more than that to find it then it’s probably not worth the..

Sean Clements  34:48

Or go to the flagrant ones.

Hayes Davenport  34:52

Patreon. Yeah.

Sean Clements  34:55

We’ll talk about basketball on the flagrant ones. We’ll do a different version of Hollywood handbook without those pesky guests behind the paywall as well.

Hayes Davenport  35:04

If you’re one of those paywall first people, if you like to pay for something, I mean, if you’re listening to add to cart, if it’s not real for you unless you’re paying for it, then Patreon is the way to go.

Sean Clements  35:22

Add us to your cart.

Hayes Davenport  35:24

Yeah. And how about social media? Where can we find both of you?

Hayes Davenport  35:28

Not doing too much on there.

Sean Clements  35:33

Look for my name, you look up my name and you know, I’m on Twitter, sometimes Instagram, I’m like, Instagram I’m like you know just posting my life, like my family and my kids and stuff and then I go like, well all the people that follow me are just these freaks that listen to our locked up comedy podcast like do they? Do they want this if they want this? Should I give it to them? Like I don’t know. You know?

Kulap Vilaysack  36:06

Sean, just do you don’t be thinking about all that stuff. Just do you.

SuChin Pak  36:11

There’s the poly dance we want to know about this saga. That’s the Instagram content that we want.

Hayes Davenport  36:20

Great for stories. The whole process put it on stories.

Kulap Vilaysack  36:23

Yeah, story man.

Sean Clements  36:26

Wow, that’s what that’s how they got me to buy popped up in my stories.

Kulap Vilaysack  36:31

Thank you so much, Sean and Hayes. It was just the right amount of time for you guys to be on the show. This was the time; this was the moment you guys rose to the occasion.

Hayes Davenport  36:46

Thank you. It was fun.

Sean Clements  36:48

Thank you for having me. Where can I watch the video of this? I want to see me holding the flyswatter.

Kulap Vilaysack  36:54

We don’t generally do video Sean. So I’m okay. I’ll guess we’ll send you a link. That’s the show if you want to find all the things that Sean and Hayes added to cart please check out our Instagram at @AddToCartPod for pictures of everything. Also, if you want to find links to purchase anything, check out the link in our show notes.

SuChin Pak  37:18

And if you want to call us and leave us a message please do. We’re always so happy to hear from you. 833-453-6662 So tell us about your favorite episode recently. Tell us about things you added to cart, tell us about things that you want to remove from cart.

Kulap Vilaysack  37:37

We love hearing from you and honestly random thoughts.

SuChin Pak  37:41

That’s right.

Kulap Vilaysack  37:41

You don’t have to say your name. And if you liked the show, give us a rating and review it really helps other people find us.

Kulap Vilaysack  38:00

ADD TO CART is a production of Lemonada Media. Our producer is Claire Jones and our mix is by Ivan Kuraev and Veronica Rodriguez. The music is by Wasahhbii and produced by La Made It and Oh So Familiar with additional music by APM music. Executive producers are Kulap Vilaysack, SuChin Pak, Jessica Cordova Kramer and Stephanie Wittels Wachs. Be sure to check out all the items we mentioned today on our Instagram at @AddToCartPod. Also, please take a moment to rate, review, and subscribe to the show wherever you get your podcast.

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