Our America with Julián Castro

Introducing Our America with Julián Castro

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Launching Thursday, September 10th, this series takes an honest and hopeful look at how drastically the American experience shifts from one person to the next. Join us as we explore why the odds seem stacked against so many, and what we can do to change it. What does your America look like? To share your story, email ouramerica@lemonadamedia.com.


[00:01] Julián Castro: What comes to mind when you think about the neighborhoods that we grew up in?

[00:06] Joaquin Castro: I mean, it felt like at least on the outside, everything was crooked. The sidewalks had cracks in them and they were crooked. The frames on the houses seemed crooked. You know, if you were moving in San Antonio, it’s not the kind of place where real estate agents would be showing houses to people and saying, “this is where you’ve got to live.” It was in some ways a forgotten part of town.

[00:30] Julián Castro: Hello, I’m Julian Castro. I grew up on the west side of San Antonio, Texas, in a neighborhood that was largely segregated, neglected and cut off from prosperity. Despite those circumstances, I worked hard and went on to become mayor. I served as Secretary of Housing and Urban Development under President Obama. And I recently ran for president. People like my story because it embodies the American dream, where hard work is all you need to succeed. But I know that too often my story is the exception. Introducing Our America.

[01:13] Pastor Ezra Tillman: There are two different Americas before us. Your picture of America may be different than this part of America, however, don’t neglect, they are both pictures of America.

[01:21] Julián Castro: It’s an honest look at how drastically the American experience shifts from one person to the next. It’s about the countless Americans who don’t have time to dream because they’re too burned out, just trying to survive. Facing poverty, hunger and often discrimination.

[01:41] Macy Gray: It’s one thing to march and make signs and lobby for laws, but these families have to come home to it.

[01:47] Julián Castro: But more than that, Our America is about exploring what is possible.

[01:53] Catrina Tillman: If it wasn’t for those people who also had compassion and to help in whatever capacity they could, we wouldn’t be in a position that we’re in now.

[02:00] Julián Castro: Throughout the series, I’ll be joined by community organizers, everyday people, big thinkers and cultural icons. All the folks on the ground doing the work and making the policies that shape our daily lives.

[02:14] Emily Paulsen: I believe that housing coupled with services is a prescription to end homelessness. It is a cure.

[02:22] Julián Castro: Join us as we explore why the odds seemed so stacked against so many. And what we can do to help. Be a part of the conversation. Our America with Julián Castro from Lemonada Media premieres Thursday, September 10th.

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