Jill Dunn and Carlene Higgins are Beauty First Responders

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Our guests this week have seen it all — and swatched it all! Jill Dunn and Carlene Higgins, hosts of Breaking Beauty, do the hard-hitting hair, makeup and skincare research so you don’t have to. They’re going beyond the hype to give us the truth behind TikTok’s trending products like the K18 hair mask and the Dyson AirWrap. Plus, we’ll hear why Jill is removing the “clean girl aesthetic” from her cart. We are taking allll the notes.

Please note, Add To Cart contains mature themes and may not be appropriate for all listeners.

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Carlene Higgins, Kulap Vilaysack, SuChin Pak, Jill Dunn

SuChin Pak  00:00

Hey friends, welcome to another episode of add to cart I’m so excited today. This is a show about the things we buy and buy into. I’m Susan Pak.

Kulap Vilaysack  00:20

And I’m Kulap Vilaysack. We are very thrilled for our two guests today for they have the beauty knowledge Sue and I strive for. Our guests are two longtime beauty editors who have seen it all and swatched it all one is currently a freelance writer and the other working as the resident beauty expert for the Maryland Dennis show on CTV please add to cart the hosts of breaking beauty Jill Dunn and Carlene Higgins.

Carlene Higgins  01:02

I feel like we’re all kind of like sisters here because what that’s what we do too is Add to Cart. So we’re kind of like the flip side of what you guys do where the beauty aisle, you know?

Kulap Vilaysack  01:14

Oh, yeah, that is a place we are very comfortable.

SuChin Pak  01:17

It’s my sanctuary.

Kulap Vilaysack  01:18

I’ll speak for myself, need guidance.

SuChin Pak  01:24

We all breaking beauty. I know you guys are have it on the website, you have it on your shelf. But I like to really go in with pen and paper. You know what I mean? Just like live, live take notes as you guys are talking. Listen, we’ve had a lot of guests on the show love them all. But there are very few guests where I’m like, this is a podcast that I religiously cannot miss.

Carlene Higgins  01:50

Honestly, we love to hear that it’s like music to our ears. Because we feel like there are so many beauty products, everybody’s inundated. And so that’s really what we set out to do when we started the podcast as beauty editors, we’ve you know, like you said, we’ve seen it all swatch doll. So we just wanted to help people not waste their money.

Kulap Vilaysack  02:10

We’d like to ask like, what is your style? Like? What is your, your shopping food, if you will? How do you buy? How do you consume?

Jill Dunn  02:20

I think that I get a lot of satisfaction. And I know the two of you do too, from just adding to my cart, even if I’m not always checking, checking out I love to get those emails at midnight. And that says, literally, I got one last night from our brand that said your cart misses you and I was like, well, at least somebody does. I will look until the end of the earth for something I never make a snap decision. That also is true in many other aspects of my life. I’m a Gemini, I’m almost like but this side, but this side, but this side. And I’ve always liked going back and forth. So I feel like I really love the research part of shopping. And it’s not even necessarily to like get the best deal. That’s always feels good. But it’s more just like getting in there and knowing why something’s trending and just kind of like understanding the cultural zeitgeist moment like, okay, Emma Chamberlain is wearing Samba sneakers. I guess I have to go back and buy those again. I already wore them the first time around, but that’s the kind of stuff I’m doing when I’m shopping.

Kulap Vilaysack  03:21

So you’re like an anthropologist.

Jill Dunn  03:25

Yeah, like investigative reporting.

SuChin Pak 03:26

Yeah. Yeah, that’s, that is. It’s like an it’s like a, I don’t know, it’s like a thing you can’t turn off. Like, I wish I could just be like, this. This is good. This is good enough. Like, let’s just buy the thing that’s in the store on this site. I can’t do it. And I haven’t hot which is why I listen to podcasts like yours because I have to get all the information, all the perspectives before and it doesn’t matter if it’s $2, doesn’t matter if it’s $2,000. It’s the same amount of effort that goes into it.

Kulap Vilaysack  04:03

What she described like, I wish I could buy this like coffee, I’ve already had three of them. In that time. She was describing me. Carlene how about you?

Carlene Higgins  04:20

Okay, well, I would describe myself as a bougie bitch on a budget. I love everything bougie, I really do. I worked at a fashion magazine for over 12 years you know, we were like flown around and treated right and driving in black cars and you know, going to fashion week and all that stuff. But I would like shop the sample sales whenever I would go to New York, you know, I would I would look them up online and I would hit them and I would you know the thrill of the find, the mythical chanel sample sale. That was the best thing ever. I got a $4,000 tweed blazer for $400.

SuChin Pak  05:12

That’s the one in Paris, obviously?

Carlene Higgins  05:14

No, they used to have sample sales in probably every city for media. And so they had one in Toronto, and I got to go to one before they canceled the sample sale. And now I have it on good authority. They just burn everything. They burn it all.

Carlene Higgins  05:21

That’s ow they keep the prices, a Chanel, you go into a thrift store and you’re like, this is more expensive than that. I don’t even understand how the math on this works.

Carlene Higgins  05:46

Yeah. Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. And with beauty too. I love the Bougie skincare. But I really do like to try to help people find deals. So you know anything for less or I know dupe culture is not very ethical. But I do like to find like a cheaper version of something and help people out. And Jill, I can’t believe you didn’t mention this because we always joke about this. Jill is a drugstore girly, like she loves the drugstore finds. And that’s actually what I love about gel because we’re kind of opposites that way. And she, whenever she does her TV segments, because I think she’s also learned with the audience there. It’s like you try and hit them with some Barbara Sturm shit for $300. And they’re just like, literally laughing her off the stage, you know, and she’s not going to come with that.

Jill Dunn  06:38

And I think I think the other thing I was thinking about this the other day is just like drugstore products have just come a long way like the makeup at drugstores used to be just like chalky crap that you couldn’t test and you couldn’t see it. And now there’s just like, with the explosion of like DTC affordable brands, like direct to consumer or the color pops of the world. They’ve just forced the people like Maybelline, CoverGirl, whatever to really step it up. And so I think that the quality is, you know, better than ever at a drugstore price point. And I think another thing is just from our magazine days, and, you know, we both worked in magazines for many years. And you get to the point where, honestly, a lot of editors, I felt like I was a little bit more cost conscious than most, but they didn’t even know what things cost guys, and I’m here to tell you, a lot of them weren’t trying anything. They were just like, it’s purple. It’s going on the purple page, because that’s totally director said.

Carlene Higgins  07:22

I can attest, that is how it was it was really like, I don’t even care what the price is, you know, the fact checker can deal with that. And I think that’s, that’s one of the great things about being a beauty podcaster I think versus being a beauty editor is we’re so much more in touch with our audience directly. Like they’re literally DMing us and they’re like I bought this because of you will I don’t want to be on the hook for somebody buying something that they think is terrible, because I said it was good. So I really like I work hard to test product. I’m wearing fuchsia eyeshadow today people, coz I’m testing it. My son just told me I look like I haven’t slept in days, you know, and but I’m wearing it. I’m trying to rock it. You know?

Kulap Vilaysack  08:25

This is research that you are scientists.

SuChin Pak  08:33

Taking the hits before we really have to exactly like that. This is exactly what we want from you guys.

Kulap Vilaysack  08:41

You are first responders of the beauty aisles.

Carlene Higgins  08:44

We are responders will take the metal anywhere. We can get it.

Kulap Vilaysack  08:51

I’m so excited to dive into your carts. Let’s start with Jill. Jenny bird sunglasses. Who knew, I didn’t know.

Carlene Higgins  09:00

Can you put them on while you talk? Let’s see these.

Jill Dunn  09:04

Yes, I’m going to do the reveal. So Jenny bird if you guys haven’t heard of her before, she is a jewelry designer. based in Toronto. She has been around for about 10 years. Her style and aesthetic is just so wonderful. Everybody from Kylie Jenner to Selena Gomez has worn her pieces and she’s just like always on the red carpet and very creative. Very, very talented. So she’s just launched sunglasses. I literally got them this afternoon and I am so obsessed. They’re called the brow and just so good.

SuChin Pak  09:38

Oh, she just went from like, in front of a mic to a red carpet like that looks like a Haley Bieber esque. Like Jenner ask sunglass.

Jill Dunn  09:53

It’s ridiculous. Like I’m not in my 20s but so I can’t wear the cool wrap y2k ones like they’re just a bit much for me. But these are really cool. They’re like a bit of a slight cat eye shape. Tortoise shell, or Yeah, like tortoise kind of print on the bottom. And a cantaloupe. It’s called tortoise shell and cantaloupe is the color that I have on and love that we’re supporting a female owned business, and she just dropped these like, in August, so they’re really selling. These are going to like 200 bucks. Yeah, like 200 bucks.

Kulap Vilaysack  10:26

I like it looks great on you.

Jill Dunn  10:30

Thank you.

Kulap Vilaysack  10:31

What do you think, Su? Could you rock this?

SuChin Pak  10:33

Oh, I could definitely rock those. I feel like it just like, hide so much. If your sunglasses are doing more of the work, you know, I like to tell Ku you know, sometimes she’ll compliment me on my makeupand I’ll say it just hides the decay you know the decay of the interior the decay of your soul however way you want to do it.

Kulap Vilaysack  10:55

Sometimes she says the rot, I find way more disturbing.

SuChin Pak  11:00

Yeah, that’s like a mid-week, a mid-week sliding into the weekend. I’m like it. Wow, I have to hide the rot. But Jill, I applaud you for even buying sunglasses online.

Jill Dunn  11:13

I totally agree with you. Because I just feel like my face shape is a little bit water. Sometimes I feel like sunglasses just look ridiculous on me like, so I had to try them on. And they actually created virtual Instagram filters for each of the styles. So I did try them all on. And I was like these ones. I was like, Oh, these actually look good. And it was kind of like a really good filter because it was 3d and you could see the sides like you could see the arm the sunglass go over your ear. I was very impressed. So I was not disappointed when I got them.

SuChin Pak  11:44

What does that mean a 3D filter. It’s like it’s just you go?

Jill Dunn  11:49

When I turned my head. I could see the side of the glasses and how they would look on me on profile.

SuChin Pak  11:55

Amazing. Amazing. I mean technology. Am I just late to this game? Like is this been around forever?

Jill Dunn  12:01

Well, no, I think doing it on Instagram is pretty new. There’s a lot of try on filters with like eyeglass companies and things like that.

SuChin Pak  12:09

Hot Tip. That’s how you do it.

Kulap Vilaysack  12:14

Speaking of social media, Carlene is something that is been big on Tik Tok. Of course, I know nothing about it. And I’m really excited to hear about the K-18 Hair Mask.

Carlene Higgins  12:27

Okay, the K-18 hair mask I’m going to be honest, is the greatest thing that’s happened to the beauty world since Olaplex. At least if not sooner, you know, it’s huge, huge news. Especially for bleachy blondes like myself, if you’re not a natural blonde, it really changes the texture of your hair. And we had the founders on our show just a couple of weeks ago. One of them is a scientist, and he was explaining it. But really what he said that resonated with me is that it’s like retinol for your hair. So if you think about retinol, and what that meant in the skincare world, that was like a massive ingredient because it actually goes beyond cosmetically, just putting a skincare cream on your face, the ingredient actually has, it’s a drug essentially. And you can get different versions of it where it’s, it’s less intense, but it actually changes the chemistry of your skin. So that’s what they’re saying it does to your hair to rebuild the bonds and make your hair softer and basically restore it to a healthier state. So what you get at the end of the day, the before and after is just like shinier and softer, like visible difference in your hair. So that’s why it went crazy on TikTok so basically what you do, and I have it here somewhere it’s this little bottle and you use it in place of your conditioner. So you just like you wash your hair as per usual. You towel dry it you try to get it they said like 70 to 80% dry. They say you use one drop just one drop, that’s all it takes. I use two because I have long hair and a lot of damage. And then you just let it sit in your hair for four minutes and then you brush it out and you do whatever you want to do next if you want to add a curl product if you want to blow dry if you want to walk away whatever you want to do, they just don’t want you piling on other products before the four minutes are up. That’s all you do. And like I just blow dried at the other day. I did a little reel for Instagram and it’s like so much straighter and softer. It looks like I used a straightening iron but I didn’t and I use no other like there was so much less frizz and I didn’t use any styling products after like it’s just the visible before and after to me I knew is the first time I tried it. I was like this is gonna be a big deal. This can be a huge deal. And it’s completely good.

Kulap Vilaysack  14:59

So our listeners to have never heard me be so silent when someone else is talking.

SuChin Pak  15:04

I have been on a hair journey like Ku, are you adding to cart?

Kulap Vilaysack  15:13

I’m not even talking about my cart now it’s because I used to be, I had a year to year long journey of being blonde. I lived by I mean I needed all blacks but what you’re describing which, Su, when was I blonde like not that long ago now like the technology has like.

SuChin Pak  15:33

Pre-pandy you were blonde.

Carlene Higgins  15:36

No joke. I just went to a new hair colorist like three weeks ago. And she’s like your hair. I’m going to be honest; it’s really damaged. She said before we do all of her highlights I need you to use que tiene for two weeks at least to get your hair back in the condition where I can even dye on top of it.

Kulap Vilaysack  15:56

Again, you’ve blown my mind like I have just through the pandemic I’ve let my salad pepper just come all the way through. And I described to the other day have I painted myself into a Silverfox corner because I do you always want to have the option to change if I so desire. But it is hard for me to Yeah, like to go back. I mean, I was just, I was on the chair a lot. doing various things but now with this K-18 I’m like, Okay, it’s a new dawn baby. It’s something new. Oh, I don’t know.

SuChin Pak  16:33

Final question. Is there a cent?

Carlene Higgins  16:35

Not that I notice.

SuChin Pak  16:37

Okay, great. Add to Cart.

Kulap Vilaysack  16:49

Speaking of hair, Jill, your hair looks amazing. Is it due to the new and improved dyson air wrap?

Jill Dunn  16:59

It is the dyson air wrap. I haven’t, have a lot of your guests recommended the air wrap. I’m curious.

Kulap Vilaysack  17:10

No, no. But I of course, I’ve been following things on TikTok and Instagram and watching and I’ve asked my person if it would be good on my hair. She was like, I don’t know. So I need to hear from you.

Kulap Vilaysack  17:21

So in 2020, that’s when I really became enamored with the air wrap. But there were a few clunky bits about it, which was that the barrels that you put on to curl your hair you used to have to switch them on and off. It was a whole thing. And like Carlene is already zoning out it was like way too much for her when I used to explain it.

SuChin Pak  17:39

This is exactly why I can’t get into it. I can’t get into it. There’s too many parts.

Jill Dunn  17:44

Yeah, so but the new and improved one they’ve they have put it made it so that you just have the one Airwrap barrel, it’s a lot simpler to use a lot easier. And they have the best tool ever. And I feel like you’d like this. It’s called the flyway tool. So this uses airflow and not heat intelligent, kind of designed SuChin to lay down all of your hair and it is insanely smoothing. So anybody out there, do you see this.

SuChin Pak  18:15

All day long, I just have sprouts of hair.

Jill Dunn  18:24

Every person who has curly hair, whatever. They’re just like awkward their postpartum and they’re like, I don’t know what is going on. I have all of these little weird baby hairs and they stick out of my ponytail and there’s only so many like hair waxes I can use to like calm them down. So this is a way of using like airflow and not like a searing heat of a straight iron to make the hair look super shiny and smooth. And it’s pretty genius. The whole thing with the new Dyson air wrap it’s got 6 attachments that come with it for $600 and your hair texture and the quality of your hair is unquestionably way better and healthier. Like I don’t need to get as many trims.

Kulap Vilaysack  19:09

Okay, this is interesting, because I’m gonna game SuChin’s feelings right now. She was like, whoa, whoa, do I become a hair person? I never really cared about hair. And then you drop the price tag on her, and I saw her eyes.

SuChin Pak  19:29

muscle twitching.

Jill Dunn  19:31

Yeah, but look Jill’s hair.

SuChin Pak  19:34

Before we recorded I said Jill I’m not going to comment on your hair right now off mic. I’m going to comment on it on Mike because it looks professionally done but who knows she may be adding to cart something.

Jill Dunn  19:48

It’s out there. I don’t know guys. I feel like this is going to be on a lot of people’s Christmas wish list but I also know a lot of people that buy it and return it because they get it they’re like I don’t know how to use it and they freak out. They freak out because they have spent $600 on it. What have you or somebody like?

Carlene Higgins  20:05

If you bought me a wolf stove you know I’m still not cooking, you know?

SuChin Pak  20:17

She’s getting on with her life.

Kulap Vilaysack  20:23

Let’s talk about some mascara off. Speaking of Chanel, we talked about Chanel earlier,  I’m putting Chanel and Carlene together. What is this noir allure mascara?

Carlene Higgins  20:42

This is the limousine of mascaras. It’s extra-long, it’s like stretch the bullet Okay, and it’s got sort of this gold and on it and you pop it up you don’t have to twist so it’s going to shave off like a second of your beauty routine. Which is awesome. No and then it’s really a regular type of mascara but what I think people will like about it what I like about it is that it has like conditioners in it so it kind of helps with the health of your lashes over time now. I actually have very basic criteria when it comes to mascara because I have hooded eyelids and they’re quite oily as well. So if my lashes look great, and it doesn’t transfer or smudge, or flake then that’s like that’s already checked a huge box for me and then if I can wash it off without like ripping off my eyelashes because it’s too like it’s adhering too much to my lashes and I really like that too. So this one I can attest I’ve tried it and it like checks all of those boxes for me plus is really beautiful and it comes in its own little, look at this, a little mascara box.

Kulap Vilaysack  22:03

You got me there; you sold Su when you said oily lids.

SuChin Pak  22:09

I call them my omega three lids just a salmon sitting on top, I mean how does this compare to say like Thrive Cosmetics which for me that, that mascara is like a game changer?

Carlene Higgins  22:26

Absolutely it is and I was gonna say you know this is a $44 mascara does do people need an expensive mascara like this, heck no, if you want to treat yourself to something that Chanel be able to walk out of the store with a little Chanel bag then go ahead go for it.

Jill Dunn  22:42

I think you said the other day Carlene that it because it’s red inside this black gorgeous case. You said that that’s a nod to the inside of some Chanel bags. Is that true?

Carlene Higgins  22:51

Yeah. Like you know some of the Chanel bags have that sort of dark burgundy-ish red and in fact, this is kind of like a gimmicky thing you guys but the actual tint itself they say has a dark red to it that’s supposed to make your lashes I don’t know give it some more depth or something but I honestly did not detect that so I’m gonna call BS on that one but it’s a great everyday mascara like this isn’t gonna give you the huge you know the big Twiggy lashes but it’s a great everyday mascara that’s not going to do you wrong suck she’s not gonna do you dirty there’s gonna be no smudges you know? You don’t have to be embarrassed.

KulapVilaysack  23:41

Let’s keep talking about some skincare. How about the pillow talk DERM skincar?

SuChin Pak  23:46

Jill. This was on my list of questions. I was going to ask you to like just hit Add to Cart and purchase please tell me.

Jill Dunn  23:57

Okay, so I actually have it right here. And it’s a three piece debut. And he just, of course wants to support to support the pillow talk to him. Of course, if you guys aren’t familiar, she’s the wonderful dermatologist based in New York who got famous on Instagram for doing little dermatology updates and asked me anything’s right from her bedroom. So she wore her PJs and she just did like every single night especially in the pandemic, giving like free skincare advice to anyone who was in her DMs basically and I think she has like 700 and some 1000 followers now it’s pretty incredible. And she was on our show and it was like one of my favorite interviews we’ve ever done just because she has this approach that’s like no bullshit and just cut to the chase and give such direct good information very tangible takeaways. It’s not like well, it really depends on your skin type. She’s like no, do not pick that up does not work for you. Next question. So really appreciate it. And even in the press release, so the trio of products are called the it’s all about Treatment Treating hyperpigmentation. And it’s like a brightening line basically. So it’s called the major fade line. So there’s the major fade flush mask, major fade, hyper serum, and the major fade, active seal. And these are all meant to be used at night. And they’re meant to be used together because brightening or like getting rid of dark spots or acne marks, like it takes time and you kind of have to be very consistent doing it. And she also talks about how if you have extra of the cream on your hands after you’ve put it on your face, she’s like, take that shit right down to your Tatas.

Kulap Vilaysack  25:49

My type of person.

Jill Dunn  25:50

And is this a gel cream moisturizer. So I have oily skin and I don’t like to use really, really rich or heavy moisturizers at nighttime especially, I feel like so many night creams are way too heavy for me. So I appreciate that. This is a night cream that’s a gel cream. And it has vitamin C in there and a lot of brightening actives, and she came through on the packaging to because it’s in a tub that you push down on the top and it gives you the perfect amount so you don’t overdo it. And it’s all airtight. So the actives in there are actually going to do what they say that they’re going to do. So the vitamin C isn’t going to go off and the brightening complex isn’t going to go off and just love how it feels on my skin and I love the whole thing. So far I’ve been really impressed with it and I just don’t think she’s going to come to market with something that’s not going to work especially when she has so many people coming to her with this specific question about brightening or dealing with melasma or what have you. So yeah, it’s been it’s been a win for me so far, but I’ll be curious to hear what you have to say.

SuChin Pak  26:55

I just I love that she knows her. She knows consumers, she knows her audience and she’s real she’s like if you’re gonna pay this much money for it, then make sure that you get every little last bit so she’s thought of all these like small details that make you believe that the formulation and what’s in the in the packaging is also as well if not more thought out. So I bought I didn’t do the trio I went a little rogue and I just bought the last two steps because the I have so many exfoliants in my cabinet so I was like I think I could kind of get something going and then and then try the other two but my experience with dermatologists with skin influencers who have a lot of quote unquote skin in the game that their products generally I’m happy with because I think that they have to hold themselves to a standard that they no BS is going to be called the second that hits the shelf and people are not happy with it.

Kulap Vilaysack  28:18

I want to hear from Carlene about body suits from Alex New York because you are taking fashion cues from Donna Karen.

Carlene Higgins  28:26

Yes when it comes to fashion this year. I’m taking cues from Donna Karen now if you are around my age, then you’ll remember who Donna Karen is if you’re a younger listener, you may have no idea but you can always Google it or like throw it into Tik Tok maybe it’ll come up I don’t know. But anyway famous New York fashion designer and she’s iconic and became really well known for I don’t know if she invented the body suit or just like popularized it but she her whole thing was like seven items to build your wardrobe and it was like this it, was probably like you know the trouser the white shirt the you know the this, and the body suit was one of those things. And honestly I just, it’s, I find it’s all I really want to wear these days like if I’m going to an event or if I’m going to you know when you go out for drinks and you’re like what am I going to wear like it’s just the body suit and jeans and different shoes and I just find it tucks everything in you guys It’s like wearing hosiery you know how that just like tucks in your legs and sucks you in you’re like, Oh, I’m feeling so spelt like that but on top and like in the tummy area.

SuChin Pak  29:47

She looks like she’s Laguna Beach, a cast member. You know what I mean? Let’s throw back to that era.

Carlene Higgins  29:54

That’s too kind.

Kulap Vilaysack  29:58

Yeah, you look fantastic. Wait, that’s

SuChin Pak  30:00

Wait, that’s a body suit. And the second one you’re wearing a long sleeve yellow, almost like a cardigan. Is that a body suit?

Carlene Higgins  30:08

It’s actually a body suit.

SuChin Pak  30:10

That’s my kind body suit. Look how covered up you are and it looks amazing.

Carlene Higgins  30:17

Tucked in, it’s from Alex, New York. So I, I really like this brand in particular. And I again, you know, I bought on sale girl, it’s always like 70 or 80% off. I get them for like 50 bucks when they’re regularly 200. And, yeah, like we’re going to LA next week. And like, I’m bringing three body suits, you know, because I’m just like, if we’re going out the cute little restaurants you know, what am I going to wear body suit jeans, little kitten heels. Little goodie bag. I’m so ready. But yeah, and I find you can just like you can wear like a long skirt, and suddenly it’s cocktail like it’s just the best little wardrobe starter. I will say though, that Alex, New York is not very size inclusive. So I don’t love that. So even though I haven’t tried it, I really like what skins is doing. And they have a huge selection of body suits that go up to I think I was just looking at it. I think there’s like eight sizes instead of you know, three or four.

Kulap Vilaysack  31:23

SuChin, I put in the chat ones that I think you’ll enjoy.

SuChin Pak  31:28

I’m gonna ask you a question. I hope it’s not too personal, Carlene. What is the butt crotch feeling of these things? That’s the thing that keeps me from getting into..

Kulap Vilaysack  31:43

If any inventors are out there, basically essentially the bottom and then everything the same up top, then she would be down.

SuChin Pak  31:59

I would be body suiting it left and right. But is it a little bottom? That’s gonna go by sect or is it a generous bottom that will hold a mature woman down.

Carlene Higgins  32:12

You know what, I think I have two different kinds from them. And one of them is a thong and one of them is like a fullback but the material is. Is it […] guys I always say it wrong But it has no seams. So that’s what I like too is that even if you’re not wearing the thong one, you don’t have the granny panties on the tight tight jeans that I’m trying to rock. So, I like that you can do the fullback but I also do have the thong one. And it’s not the most comfortable but it’s worth it. I just feel so like put together when I wear it. It’s hard to explain but it’s just, it’s like a confidence builder is weird. It’s just a really is like wearing shapewear on the outside and you’re just so, you feel so like, so good.

SuChin Pak  33:05

I’m into it. I just got to look into the butt a little bit more and then I’m diving right in guys. How many times have you heard that?

Kulap Vilaysack  33:16

Thong is a non-starter for Su, but the full bottom sounds like a possibility.

SuChin Pak  33:21

And by the way, I may be launching my own shapewear line attached biker shorts. Listen, it may not be the most popular but there’s going to be an avid group of people out there that I have changed their life. And that’s  what I’m here for.

Kulap Vilaysack  33:39

I mean, we should let you go. But I do need to I need to. I don’t want to let you go. And so I have to ask about these removed from cards because […] what is we’re done with clean girl aesthetic. You’re done.

Jill Dunn  33:53

Yeah. Okay, well, I have a lot it’s just annoyed me the whole phrasing of it since it came out and I don’t have a problem with the look. We all want to look like Hailey Bieber. Okay, like we know, she’s stunning. Like, I want to look like a glazed doughnut. Absolutely. But I have a problem with it being called a clean girl aesthetic because it’s like, what’s the opposite of that you’re a dirty girl. And I just also feel like it puts a ton of pressure on people to have perfect skin. I don’t need makeup and I’m just going out with like the perfect nude manicure and I can wear my hair back confidently off my face, which means you never break out. You know, I just think the whole notion of it is really like you have to almost look like a supermodel to be out there pulling it off. And it’s, I think, not that healthy in terms of like a trend or a look and then I read a whole article about basically like black women started the quote unquote clean girl aesthetic with like the clean hairlines laid down edges really glowy dewy skin, just like that’s not represented at all in this whole vibe that you see on TikTok.

Jill Dunn  34:00

And I agree, there’s a level of there’s a level of pressure. There’s a level of expectation that feels very unrealistic that feels like it’s in a world where filters don’t exist. You know, like it just it’s not we’re not in that world and so it’s nice to kind of level set on that.

Kulap Vilaysack  35:28

Carlene, you say no more remove from cart Skin Tint.

SuChin Pak  35:33

I’m with you Carlene, I am with you.

Carlene Higgins  35:36

I just don’t, I just don’t fucking get it, like skin tins can, they can go straight to hell, as far as I’m concerned. But you know, I am going to admit that maybe there’s something that I just don’t see. Because if there’s one thing I’ve learned, being a beauty editor, or beauty podcast, or whatever it is over the past many, many years, is that, you know, we do wear blinders, right? It’s like I review products for my skin type and my skin tone and my hair and I can’t really, you know, talk about people who have different textures of hair and relate to that. So maybe there’s somebody out there that they are loving the skin tense, and they’re like, Yes, I couldn’t wait for them to come out with a thinner version of a tinted moisturizer. Like you know, something super watery.

SuChin Pak  36:29

Slide off my face.

Carlene Higgins  36:31

So oily and like glowy to the point that all the makeup that goes on over top looks terrible and just like slips away. But maybe somebody loves that, but I have a lot of skin redness and uneven skin tone. So it really does nothing for me. So when I have talked about them in the past, I’ve been like, if you have pretty much perfect skin, then you’re probably going to like the Skin Tint. But then I started asking myself if you have pretty much perfect skin, why do you need a Skin Tint? Like you really don’t actually and I think this is going back to what you guys were talking about before is like what you’re buying and what you’re buying into. And I’m kind of like I feel like this is a trend that people are buying into that actually serves no purpose but oh, you know talk to me like if you’re out there and you’re like I love skin tins this is what I really needed but I would just say like you could you could add oil to your foundation you could mist your you know miss the hell out of your sponge I just don’t know that we need this. I don’t know.

SuChin Pak  37:39

I think that it’s a little bit related to Jill’s remove from cart the clean girl thing I think they’re kind of they kind of came up together as the clean girl movement the skin tint, because yeah, to me skin tints. I’m glazing right over that. It’s feels like a jackass.

Kulap Vilaysack  37:56

I hate to be a contrary voice. I use the Kosis tinted face oil foundation. Yeah. And I do have fantastic skin. I mean, I guess I love to say yes. I hate to say it, it wouldn’t be good.

SuChin Pak  38:23

Definitely not. She’s a bougie gal but she does have perfect skin. And I do have to say the Skin Tint like the ones that like again, I don’t know how if it’s true or not the ones like Kosis they have some kind of skincare element to it.

Carlene Higgins  38:42

But again, I would say let your skincare do that. There’s so much good skincare out there. You know, I just don’t know why. I don’t know. I don’t get it guys.

Kulap Vilaysack  38:53

I have a great skin as I mentioned and then but I have freckles. Yeah, I have freckles and so I want to show those freckles because you know, and so I use a skin and it just kind of gives me a nice like it pumps the look up a little bit. I aesthetically like I have dry skin so that also helps right to, you know, but I hear what you’re saying.

SuChin Pak  39:26

I love it. I love the controversy. Love it.

Carlene Higgins  39:34

Everybody drop us your comments. You know, wherever you hear about this podcast, are you Team Skin Tint or are you down with Skin Tint? Let us know.

Kulap Vilaysack  39:45

No, I appreciate this was like yeah, maybe okay, but at the end of the day, I’m like, it makes me it looks really good. I’m so simple. I don’t understand. Landscape as you three do.

Carlene Higgins  40:00

But would you buy it again, would you buy it again, you would pay the dollars?

Kulap Vilaysack  40:04

I would pay the dollars and I brought it to our show prior as a game changer, because I preferred it over what I was using before. There you go. But, you know, it’s because I have such good skin.

Jill Dunn  40:18

Yes, I mean brought rocket out. I love that. And I mean, I know that products is a huge bestseller. So you’re not alone. There’s a ton of people who love that. So there’s a lot of perfect skin people out there just Thankfully, there’s something for them finally.

SuChin Pak  40:42

It’s like representation is so important. It feels good to be seen.

SuChin Pak  40:51

Really lay it out there.

Kulap Vilaysack  40:56

Jill, Carlene, thank you so much for joining us. I felt like I was you know, in college again, I took notes. I’m adding to cart. Where can we find you on social media? How can we follow the show?

Jill Dunn  41:15

So our podcast comes out every single Wednesday. And like we said, we’re two beauty editors turned podcasters we’re on all the platforms, Amazon Music, Spotify, Apple podcast. And our handle on Instagram is our @breakingbeautypodcast. It’s also @breakingbeautypodcast on TikTok where we’re spending a little bit more of our time these days. And we have a Facebook chat room. So if you just type in breaking beauty podcast chat room on Facebook, if anybody’s still using Facebook, you can find this on there as well.

SuChin Pak  41:46

You guys this was so wonderful. It’s a bucket list moment for me just getting to get into the nitty gritty. So thank you for bringing all of your Add to Cart and you’re removed from carts by the way, which are all turned into add to cart so you know, I mean like it was all just a just an infinity bubble. Thank you guys.

Jill Dunn  42:10

This was a joy thank you so much.

Kulap Vilaysack  42:16

Okay, that is it for epi. If you want to find more of Carlene and Jill and their amazing beauty and fashion tips absolutely Add to Cart breaking beauty.

SuChin Pak  42:26

And if you have any fantastic add to carts or even removed from carts we’d love to hear from you. Leave us a voicemail at 833-453-6662 and of course follow us on Add to cart pod for all the gorgeous photos and videos of things we’re talking about. Until next time, you guys bye.


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