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One Nation Under God?, Gun Lingo, Elon Tries the Pull Out Method

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Today, V finds out how some far-right leaders are using tactics of political terrorism to establish a system of government based on religious law. Then, we’ll get smart about basic firearm terms you should know before getting into conversations about mass shootings or gun control. We’ll also hear about how Elon Musk has lost interest in pretending to buy Twitter and why the social media giant is planning to pursue legal action against him. Speaking of billionaires, what is their infatuation with space? V invites space communicator Astro Alexandra on to talk about collaboration between NASA and privately-owned companies like SpaceX and Blue Origin. Plus, planet facts, space conspiracies and UFO gossip!

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Lauren Boebert, V Spehar, Astro Alexandra

V Spehar  00:01

Hey friends, it’s July 12th, 2022. Welcome to V INTERESTING, where we break down the viral and very interesting news that you might have missed. I’m V SPEHAR, and on today’s show did fire right legislator Josh Hawley giveaway the GOP is plan for establishing theocracy. We’ll chat with Astro Alexandra, a space communicator about the stars, UFOs, and the future of planet Earth.

Astro Alexandra  00:43

Venus provides the most insight about our own future. Because it’s hypothesized that Venus used to look like Earth with oceans and an atmosphere and now it kind of looks like hell.

V Spehar  00:56

And I’ll hook you up with the secret to saving hundreds of dollars this summer by shopping the farmers market like a pro. All that more coming up on today’s be interesting. Let’s be smart together. Now for the headlines. First up, Josh Hawley says the quiet part out loud. Look, I tried to keep a pretty level head and I have even been accused of being a bit of a Pollyanna when it comes to the state of the world. But there are just some things that even I have to admit aren’t by accident. Politicians are not the goofy, hapless grandpas and weird uncles that they want us to believe they are. And we want to believe that right? It’s better to believe that that’s who they are. It’s safer to think of them that way. Like that these people are just idiots who don’t get it and not. These people might be calculating and strategizing their every move as a form of political terrorism. But an opinion article from MSNBC reporter Jehan Jones shook the rose colored glasses right off my nose and well, hold on to your hats we’re about to get into it. John Jones claims that Josh Hawley, the far right senator from Missouri, who you might remember from that iconic photo on January 6th, the one where he is cheering on the insurrection with a fist raised and salute to writers who literally beat the shit out of cops with flagpoles in the background. You’ve seen that photo, that guy, Holly has perhaps revealed the Republican plan for building out a theocratic government. Theocracy is a system of government in which priests rule in the name of a single god. And if that sounds crazy to you, it shouldn’t because we know this is on the agenda. Lauren Boebert. Another far right. United States congresswoman from Colorado literally just said,

Lauren Boebert  02:46

The church is supposed to direct the government. The government is not supposed to direct the church. That is not how our Founding Fathers intended it. And I’m tired of the separation of church and state junk that’s not in the Constitution. It was in a stinking letter, and it means nothing like what they say it does.

V Spehar  03:05

Okay, but put her aside for a second we got to go back to Holly. Right after the overturning of Roe. He talked with reporters openly about his hope for a future dominated by far right wing politics. According to him, that vision involves a nation where liberals flee from states that are run by Republicans, quote, more and more the red states they’re going to become more red and purple states are also going to become red and the blue states will they’re going to get a lot bluer, he said, how are they going to do it? Jones suggests in his MSNBC article, it is perhaps by using things like the abortion bans, unchecked gun ownership, lack of properly funded public education in favor of federally funded religious charter schools. Harassment of LGBTQ IA people from hate groups, continued police violence against minorities, and voter disenfranchisement that will drive Democrats out of quote, red states and into these liberal enclaves where they will be further disempowered by an electoral college that has historically given conservative states outsized power. You know, the narrative is states’ rights to chip away at the federal protections until the eventual toppling of democracy in favor of a federal theocracy. Or not even the quote blue states will be safe from far right federal policies. It’s a bait and switch, Juhahn Jones ends his piece with a chilling prediction. The GOP is declaring war on democracy and Holly is flaunting their battle plans out in the open. So what are we going to do? I know you’re not going to want to hear this, but we have to vote folks and it’s not the silver bullet solution for all issues. But if you don’t vote, then the extremists of your party win. So register to vote, especially at the local level. We can fight this.

V Spehar  04:58

Okay, this next headline isn’t really a deadlines so much as at the beginning of the show, I promised you that we’re going to be smart together and what good would I be if I didn’t let you in on the knowledge that I have acquired through very awkward conversations with gun enthusiasts. So right now, we’re going to do a breakdown of gun terminology that will help you in discussions on mass shootings and debates over gun control. Because there is a difference between far right theocrats and fascists and folks who just lean right or identify as Republican or maybe even are a single issue voter that prioritizes the right to protect their version of the Second Amendment. And as you know, I am a person who likes to talk to all kinds of folks with all kinds of backgrounds because guys, it is fun. It is fun, and it is even healthy to debate or learn from folks who aren’t like you, and hopefully, you know, they pick up something from you and they change a little bit. But one thing that really salts my pancakes is when I’m trying to have a conversation about gun violence, or weapons legislation with someone and we just aren’t speaking the same language, we don’t have the terminology straight. So here it is a quick guide to street shooting with gun enthusiasts. This list has helped me make sense of recent headlines a bunch lately and just have better conversations. First up, semi-automatic. All that means is you have to pull the trigger every time to get a bullet to come out. Semi-Automatic is what most guns in the United States are including the much talked about AR15. AR15, get ready for this surprise. That’s just the model name. AR does not stand for assault rifle. And it’s not a military style weapon either. Because the military doesn’t use air fifteens, they use a fully automatic version of the gun called an M16. Also hot on the topics list high capacity magazines. Now all guns have a magazine or a clip. That’s the cartridge that holds the bullets. But a high capacity magazine is like a Rambo belt of bullets that can fire 100 rounds. Why would any civilian need that? Most people agree regulating high capacity magazines would be a great compromise for everyone. Now, this is where it gets tricky. Where do civilians buy their guns? At the gun show of course, and sometimes they get to use this thing called the gun show loophole. That is a catch all phrase referring to the sale of firearms by unlicensed private sellers at gun shows and other venues including the internet without the involvement of background checks. closing the gun show loophole is a policy that 91% of Democrats in 79% of Republicans favor. Responsible gun owners believe in background checks. And they know that universal background checks are the only way to ensure that guns don’t end up in the hands of bad guys. Speaking of bad guys, okay, red flag laws. This law is very commonly misunderstood. And I have to admit I didn’t really get it at first either. A red flag law allows a judge to temporarily, temporarily confiscate a person’s firearm if they are considered a danger to themselves or others. That is it. And most people are for it. Though, of course, a couple of very toxic men have fought the red flag laws because a domestic violence charge could trigger a red flag that would result in their guns being taken away. And a lot of those fellas happen to be politicians and cops. So it’s become a whole thing for them to now deflect from their own bullshit. And to make things worse, they’ve looped fearful Christians into the mix to lobby against Red Flag laws by insinuating that the government would take away guns from people who quote, radically love Jesus. That is so untrue. And honestly, it’s just gross. But now you know, those, those are the most common gun terms. I hope it’s helped you understand, and you can have some better conversations. Speaking of trying to talk to people who constantly move the goalposts.

V Spehar  09:18

You probably saw that Elon Musk filed a motion to terminate his bid to purchase Twitter. But what you might not know is why he was interested in Twitter in the first place. It all starts in 2018 when Elon tweeted that he had secured private funding from Saudi Arabia to take Tesla private, shares of Tesla soared. But it turns out there was no proof that the deal with Saudi Arabia was real. So the SEC sued Elon Musk for fraud related to the tweets. Musk then settled with the SEC stepping down as Tesla Chairman, paying fines and agreeing to have a lawyer approved tweets related to Tesla before posting them. This is the origin of his beef with Twitter. Then earlier this year, he filed a motion to regain control of his tweets about Tesla. And he lost that case. So he is still not legally allowed to tweet about Tesla. This led him to begin his effort to just buy Twitter. At first he was going to just buy enough stock to get a board seat so that he could influence content moderation, maybe create a little loophole for himself to be able to talk about his company. And then, he decided, you know, what not, I’m gonna buy Twitter out entirely. And people were like, Wow, that’s quite the escalation. Well, here’s why. If he had taken a board seat, he would have to do a public financial disclosure. And we all know that Elon Musk is cash poor, so he didn’t want to do that he didn’t want to put that out in the world. So he went ahead and made a formal deal to buy Twitter, he signed buyer contracts promising to buy Twitter for $44 billion. So after that, Twitter kicked out a bunch of executives to make way for Elon Musk and solidified the plan with their shareholders. Musk claimed that he was going to quote, end censorship and read the app of bots. The right became Musk’s champion and Fox News reporters were allegedly getting hundreds of 1000s of followers as quote, the right returned to Twitter. Sounds kind of body to me, but I don’t know. It was at this point, Musk tried to put a hold on his purchase by complaining about the very bots he pledged to eradicate. And then Friday, he said he was just going to end his bid to purchase Twitter flat out, but Twitter said no. Twitter said no. The Twitter Board Chair Brett Taylor said in a tweet on Friday, the Twitter board is committed to closing the transaction on the price and terms agreed upon with Mr. Musk and plans to pursue legal action to enforce the merger agreement. Hey, you broke it, you bought it Elon merger agreements are very hard to get out of and so far, Elon appears to have provided insufficient evidence backing up his claims that Twitter lied about its spam figures. Now, we have not seeing a precedent at scale or an opponent like Elon Musk in a merger case so far. I don’t know about you, but I’m going to grab the popcorn and the space ice cream because it is about to get spicy. And now because we’re running out of time, a quick hodgepodge of headlines that will shock you. Today the January 6 Commission hearings are focusing on extremist groups and their role in planning the attack on the Capitol. Also Steve Bannon wants to testify for the commission. That is us. The US government is teaming up with Bill Gates as part of their decarbonization energy plan, they’re going to build a $4 billion nuclear power plant in Wyoming. The plant will be the first to use advanced nuclear design called natrium, which uses liquid sodium as a cooling agent instead of water. Sodium has a higher boiling point and can absorb more heat than water, which means high pressure does not build up inside the reactor reducing the risk of explosion. Sounds good to me. And last, my favorite headline of the week Sotheby’s New York announced it will auction off the skeleton of a gorgeous saurus, T-rex’s prettier sister, it is estimated to sell for up to $8 million. Ah what I would do if I had $8 million. Speaking of cool science stuff, let’s talk about space. We’re going to be back with Astro Alexandra to talk about aliens, UFOs, and all things out of this world

Astro Alexandra  13:45

We are back and taking this podcast To infinity and beyond. Space. Like can someone please just tell me where the aliens are? I know that space is like very important and very scientific. But for me, I need to know if there is life out there and do they want to be friends? Recently the federal government announced they are devoting $100,000 To study aliens and UFOs $100,000 though, that’s it? That is that is not enough. There has to be like a grant or something we can apply for that could like give NASA little extra money maybe run a GoFundMe […] for UFOs. Anywho, in a fun, exciting development, NASA releases the first full photos of outer space taken by the James Webb Space Telescope today, so be sure to check that out when you need a break from Doom scrolling later. For right now. I am so excited to introduce you to Astro Alexandra. She is a tick talker, a space communications expert and a former NASA intern who has worked with all of the industry giants. Alexandra, thank you so much for joining me today.

Astro Alexandra  14:53

I am so happy to be here.

V Spehar  14:55

So first, you know when we think of NASA we’re often thinking of like Houston we have a problem in like the 1960s moon landing. But NASA has really evolved over the years. And it looks a lot different than it did when it was first created. So like, what is NASA today? What does NASA do?

Astro Alexandra  15:13

Yeah, absolutely. So back in the 60s, it was all about going to the moon and the NASA budget itself was insane. It is, it was so much more than it is now. Right now, the NASA federal spending is 0.48% of all federal spending. And at the time of Apollo programs, it was up to 4% of all federal spending. So we’ve been cut dramatically, just because those Apollo programs have stopped. So NASA today looks different, because it’s not completely focused on sending humans to other places, that is still a big pillar. But it’s not the main focus. That, of course, is the most expensive thing. So NASA today looks more like high technology, space exploration, things like the James Webb Space Telescope, which are extremely, extremely technologically advanced. And it’s about exploring all of the cosmos rather than one planetary object. There are also the Artemis missions, which are going back to the moon. But we’re doing so with different goals. So NASA’s goals for the Artemis mission are to put the first person of color and the first woman on the moon. And then they want to have a sustained Moon Presence. So they’re not just going and taking rocks, they’re gonna go, they’re going to create a habitat. They’re gonna test spacesuits and eventually use that information to go ahead to Mars. So NASA today is working smarter, in my opinion.

V Spehar  16:46

And I like many other people, I cannot think about space without wondering about aliens. And I am obsessed with aliens. I think they live in space. I think they live in the sea. But NASA just like kind of validated me and is now investing like $100,000 to investigate aliens. Can you talk a little bit more about that?

Astro Alexandra  17:09

Yeah, so NASA just formed a group that’s going to independently study? Well, UFOs, or UAPs, which are unidentified aerial phenomena, that term changed, because they might not be flying objects. So it’s basically going to be a nine month long study, where they take all of these accounts of people seeing UAPs. And they analyze them and try to come up with some rationale, because there was recently, the Department of Defense study that basically said, we don’t know what these things are. And that was Department of Defense run. And now, the scientists or NASA are going to analyze similar things and try to find some answers to what people are seeing in the sky.

V Spehar  17:53

Earlier this year, the Pentagon reported that there were like 400 of these UFO encounters. That is shocking. But it wasn’t it didn’t really like hit the news that hard. And I think it’s because folks like can’t wrap their mind around. That being true. It just seems so like out of this world. Can you talk a little bit about these 400 UFO encounters?

Astro Alexandra  18:14

Yeah. So the Pentagon has a lot of footage of things that they don’t know what it is. And so those are UAPs, unidentified aerial phenomena, that certainly does not mean that those things, whether they be objects, or atmospheric or light distortions, whatever it is, that does not mean is extra-terrestrial. That certainly does not mean it’s alien. And I think that the reason that it didn’t get as much media attention is because their answer was we don’t know. They didn’t know what these things were, and they couldn’t provide really any results. And so it’s hard to look at that and talk about it. When there’s no answers at all. It’s only speculation.

V Spehar  18:59

Let’s talk about the space billionaires next, right? Because when you’re thinking of NASA, I had always thought like, Okay, well, they’re the boss of space. They’re the boss of everything. But then over the last couple years, we get things like Blue Origin, or Virgin Galactic, Space X, but also Space Force. Are there moments of collaboration between these, is this the future of space, sort of like privately owned and government owned?

Astro Alexandra  19:23

Absolutely. This is the future of space. And you can also see so many startups, but there is a high amount of collaboration. Among those commercial space companies like SpaceX, Blue Origin, Virgin Galactic, there is some competition to win these big awards. But in general, between government space agencies like NASA and the Space Force with those commercial partnerships, there’s a high amount of collaboration, and they’re also International Space organizations. So other countries have their own version of NASA. And we, you know, all of the commercial space companies and NASA also work in close. abrasion with all of them.

V Spehar  20:01

Space is a place where everyone seems to kind of play nicely, no?

Astro Alexandra  20:05

I is. And it’s also relatively bipartisan, I think that everyone has a pretty big interest in space. And there might be disputes about, you know, the budget or really high level goals. But in general, I think most people are excited about space and support its exploration.

V Spehar  20:25

How dangerous is the Space X stuff that’s crashing into the moon, or like just the random space trash that we have up there.

Astro Alexandra  20:32

So space debris around the Earth is becoming a quickly increasing problem. And there are so few companies or space agencies that are actually working on solving that, there are so few projects that are labeled space cleanup, which I find really disheartening. And I think that that needs to be a focus, especially within the next decade before it gets too late. Space debris is incredibly dangerous. Even a very tiny shard can cause tremendous damage, one of the space shuttles was hit by a paint chip aa tiny little paint ship and it looks like a bullet in the window, it is just smashed. What we don’t need to worry about as much are satellites in orbits that are meant to burn up. So a lot of the SpaceX things that we see viral videos all over the internet of things that look like asteroids, but they have 17 tails, and they go viral all the time. Those are things that are put in orbit to burn up in the atmosphere. So Starlink satellites, which are from SpaceX, they’re designed to if there’s a failure, they will burn up in the orbit. And they’re designed to do that because they will, and no part of it is going to fall back to Earth and pose any problems. So there are things like that, that do not pose a risk.

V Spehar  22:04

I want to know, you know, like, what are some advances in space discovery that you’re most excited about right now?

Astro Alexandra  22:12

There are a lot of missions to Venus coming up. And I think that people have been so focused on Mars for so long, because that’s where we’re going next after the moon, that people have kind of abandoned Venus. And in my opinion, Venus provides the most insight about our own future. Because it’s hypothesized that Venus used to look like Earth with oceans and an atmosphere. And now it kind of looks like hell. It’s lava fields and sulfur and thick atmosphere that we could never live on. And it’s a result of a giant greenhouse effect around the entire planet. And so I think that what Venus looks like now is a good indicator of what we will look like in the future.

V Spehar  23:03

I was honestly, I was watching you in horror. This is a podcast you can’t see our faces but she is very concernedly saying these things that I’m very concerned really taking them in. This is a Venus is a warning for earth then.

Astro Alexandra  23:17


V Spehar  23:18

Can we talk about Pluto? Because there’s a hot controversy? is Pluto a planet? Is it not? I grew up learning that it was, I never stopped believing in it. Where are we at with Pluto right now?

Astro Alexandra  23:28

Pluto is not a planet. I know. It’s like a stab in the heart because..

V Spehar  23:34

It’s bad news, after bad news, after bad news.

Astro Alexandra  23:36

I will say I’m a big Pluto fan. I love it. However, if we consider Pluto a planet and give it that status, there are so many other small objects in space that we also have to call planets. There are currently five dwarf planets confirmed in our solar system, but dozens suspected. So there are so there would be I mean, imagine the acronym trying to remember all of the planets in the solar system. If there were 30, it would be impossible.

V Spehar  24:11

Another planet is it a planet you were talking about Earth’s cousin the other day, Earth has a cousin?

Astro Alexandra  24:17

Absolutely. Earth has lots of cousins. So the planet I was talking about is one of the Kepler exoplanets. And Kepler is a space telescope that is discovered a lot of exoplanets and a lot of them are earth like and when I say Earth like what that means is it’s a size and a mass and, and a distance from its star that would make it considered habitable in the way that we know it for life. So temperatures that we think life that could exist on Earth could also exist on, so of course there might be life that we don’t know there could be life that isn’t DNA based, there could be life that silicone based we don’t know. But when we look at space, the only time we’ve ever seen life evolve is in the way that we know. And so that’s the only thing we know how to look for really,

V Spehar  25:14

So that our thoughts on Aliens or life on other planets, we have no idea what that could be. It could be nothing like what we think it is because we kind of always make them look like humans, or like dogs or like things that are familiar to us.

Astro Alexandra  25:26

It’s very, very human centric.

V Spehar  25:29

Are you ready for a little lightning round? Is it possible for a human to be flung off of earth?

Astro Alexandra  25:38


V Spehar  25:38

Is it possible for us to build an atmosphere in Mars that would not require always wearing a spacesuit?

Astro Alexandra  25:46

Hypothetically possible, realistically, do I think it’s possible? Probably not. I think habitats are a better choice.

V Spehar  25:52

So that would be like building like a dome?

Astro Alexandra  25:54

There are also ethical complications with fully Terraforming Mars.

V Spehar  25:59

Is there an actual center of the universe?

Astro Alexandra  26:03

It is everywhere.

V Spehar  26:04

It is everywhere. So I am the center of this universe right now.

Astro Alexandra  26:08

Absolutely you are. And that’s what I tell people. I say it’s you.

V Spehar  26:13

I know there’s weather in space. But is it predominantly like really hot or really cold? Or it changes where you are?

Astro Alexandra  26:19

It changes where you are, if you’re on an object that’s really dependent on whether that object has an atmosphere and how close it is to a star. But in interstellar space, there are, it’s an almost perfect vacuum, which means there are little to no particles, which means it’s extremely cold.

V Spehar  26:37

Does space have a smell?

Astro Alexandra  26:42

Kind of, yes and no. Where there’s no particles, no, but astronauts say it smells like meat, like steak. And that’s actually a reaction with the metal of the International Space Station. But they swear that space smells like steak.

V Spehar  27:00

Perfect. There is a robot on Mars that reminds me of Wally, how much more time does he have to live?

Astro Alexandra  27:08

There are three currently operating rovers on Mars and the most recent one is perseverance. And definitely, more than a decade left.

V Spehar  27:18

Okay. All right. I can live with that. I’ll need a good long goodbye. I feel like that’s been a major part of my growing up. And last, what is your favorite space conspiracy? Or the one maybe you get asked about the most.

Astro Alexandra  27:33

The ones I get asked about the most are the classics, like the moon landings, flat earth, and recently hollow earth is a big thing, or artificial moon. But my favorite, the one that I There are two that I think might be real. And that is that there might be a ninth planet in the Solar System out in the past or in the Kuiper Belt. So I think there might be another planet out there. There is math that shows that might be possible. And there might be other universes, other dimensions, if you will.

V Spehar  28:14

Wow. Okay, well, that’s exciting. So those are some conspiracies debunked and some more to think about. Alexandra, it has been so fun chatting with you. Thank you for taking the time with me to just get out of this world for a little while and explore other worlds. It really is as fun as it looks on your TikTok.

Astro Alexandra  28:33

Absolutely. That’s my goal. Kind of give people some hope in the universe.

V Spehar  28:39

Perfect and you can follow Alexandra at @AstrosAlexandra. We will link to all of this in the show notes. Thank you again for being with me today.

Astro Alexandra  28:48

Thank you so much for having me. I had a great time and I love your podcast.

V Spehar  28:52

Oh my god. Can we please just pause for a second to unpack after Alexandria has claimed that Venus is like the earth of Christmas Past? I mean, I thought the climate crisis was something to be concerned about but a holy planetary implications Batman, are we going to become a lava hellhole too? I can’t handle that. Well, while I go breathe into a paper bag let’s just take a quick break we will come back with some good news that we can feel joyful about. Welcome back, friends. As promised it is now time for some good news. Summer is one of the best times to shop local and seasonal. It’s also one of the most fun times to cook for yourself but pro tip, don’t be afraid to shop your local farmers market. Now, look, I know it can be intimidating when you get to the farmers market. You see that $15 Lavender bunch, to that $28 Honey right when you first walk in, but there are trays There’s to be found. Here is my tried and true method for cutting your grocery budget and taking home a zero waste Farmers Market Hall. The trick is one leafy green, two to three types of fruit four to five types of vegetables, one herb, one treat item and that is it get out of there. Too much variety can actually make it harder for you to cook for yourself and then all of this beautiful produce just ends up in your trash bin. Okay, so where I start is produce hardware First, your potatoes, your corn, your onions, the stuff that lasts a while and is super cheap, fill up your basket with that that’s going to save your budget, then, you’re gonna go and shop what’s bright and fresh and in season. So if we’re talking about fruit, I will typically do one type of berry and then two types of hand fruit like apples, oranges, bananas stuff that’s easy to grab. You’re gonna use that same method when you’re shopping for vegetables. So you’re gonna do to green and to any other color. My case I like to do a broccoli a green beans, zucchini, then I’ll grab a couple of nice bright peppers some heirloom tomatoes, maybe a beauty eggplant, maybe more corn, radishes, colors, people colors, they tell you to eat the rainbow because that’s what tastes the best. So just go for it, the more colors the better. And then I finish it out with one leafy green that I’ll use for salads and sautes and an herb basil for the summer. Rosemary is beautiful. Make a nice rosemary lemonade even you are good you did it. Leave the market you’ve shopped perfectly and like a pro. You need to leave the market before you overspend or, I mean, I’m guilty of it. I will grab myself that one treat item at the end if I’ve got a little money left over, a nice fresh loaf of bread, some of that fancy honey or like maybe an exotic fruit I’ve never tried. But finally if it gets to be late in the week, and you haven’t eaten up all your fresh produce remember this. Anything can be made into a soup if you believe. Do you guys like food contents? Should we do more of this? Is it helpful? I mean, it’s gotta be at least helpful and like how to reduce your grocery budget, right? And if you’re looking for ways to save some money and cut corners and face this recession, you’re gonna want to tune in this Friday, we’re going to chat with two of my finance friends about all things cashflow investments, how to build savings and what to watch out for during a recession. And friends. I want to hear your stories. Okay, I need to know what’s going right in this world. What do you want to share with the rest of the listeners? Please leave me a voicemail at 612-293-8550 and share your good news with me. Don’t forget to subscribe to Lemonada Premium on Apple podcasts and follow me at @underthedesknews on TikTok and Instagram. Thanks so much for tuning in today. I will see you on Friday.

V Spehar  32:47

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