Reacher, Whimsical, Drag Boobs

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Sarah absolutely loves the show Reacher and can’t figure out why. Plus, she helps a guy break it to his girlfriend that he’d rather just be friends, meets a different Jared from the subway, and ponders what would dispense from her drag boobs.

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Sarah Silverman  00:14

Hi everyone, it’s your old pal Sarah Silverman. I’m gathering a theory. I don’t know, I just watched season one and season two of Reacher and I love it so much. But I need to understand why I love it. And I love shows like this because it’s fucking great. It reacher, Tom Cruise played Reacher in movies, but the actual book I guess is like the Reacher is supposed to be huge, like a monster like, like seven feet tall and like five feet wide. Like he’s like a huge muscle guy. And they find this they found this guy, Alan Richardson, who plays reacher. And he is that, and for some reason he looks he’s good looking. He’s huge and strong and muscular. And somehow you root for him. I mean, you know, like, he looks like he’d be like that the bully or something. He fucking beats the shit out of people. He’s like, a good guy. You know, he, he kills the bad guys. But what is a bad guy, like? Someone who needs money and it says he’ll be a henchman for this bad guy or whatever. I’m talking in circles. But my point is, why do I love him? I love these shows. And I love him. I wish they didn’t kill so I mean, they just kill everyone in their way. They just kill them. He kills people. And somehow it’s okay, because he’s like a good guy. And I don’t I don’t get it. You know, I get I’m not a John Wick guy. But Rory is a big John Wick guy. And it’s the same thing you’re you know, they someone kills his dog. He just murders everyone and but he’s the good guy. And you love him. And I’m totally into this shit. But in real life, he’d be I don’t know it’s like these are militia guys who think who are who you know are like wearing army shit and and walk around with you know, our like vigilantes. Vigilantes in real life are not cool. They never are, but on TV shows, they’re the fucking best. Telling me why am I participating in fucking toxic masculinity and that story, which I know I have participated in and, and supported. You know, I’ve been a part of the problem in society of enforcing this, like masculine, no feelings, dude. I mean, that’s what Reacher is. Reacher can’t deal with his feelings and so he just murders everyone who did anything to hurt anyone he’s ever loved. And as justified this is not the case in real life by any means. Only crazy people do that in real life.


Amy  03:19

I have many thoughts on it and comparing.


Sarah Silverman  03:22

Did you watch Reacher?


Amy  03:24

No, but.


Sarah Silverman  03:25

You watch Read your Trials?


Amy  03:26

No, everyone’s talking about it, including a friend who I’m not going to name but I was with the other night and like out of nowhere. She was like, I want to fuck that guy from Reacher. Like everyone’s talking about this guy.


Sarah Silverman  03:41

Wait and mouth her name to me.


Amy  03:43

You don’t know them? Bullshit, you don’t, okay? But my theory is it’s great writing it’s a unsympathetic character playing the hero I think you can look at it’s like it’s like the Dexter model. It’s the Nurse Jackie model. It’s even like Yellowstone where it’s like good people doing bad things. You know you you have that whole vigilante you know, theme in Yellowstone and every time they go after one of those guys had you watch?


Sarah Silverman  04:15

No, I’ve got to, I like the only one I know who hasn’t seen it yet. Yeah, we have to go back and watch it because we watch like the first two episodes like in my old aparment.


Amy  04:27

But when you and I were flying home from New York this last time.


Sarah Silverman  04:31

That’s when you started it right?


Amy  04:33

As it was every season was on my flight. And I usually I won’t watch TV on a flight like that unless there’s multiples because I don’t want to like watch too and BTS and then have to wait to get home. So I watched five episodes from port to port and when I got home, I watched the sixth and seventh. I couldn’t stop watching.


Sarah Silverman  04:54



Amy  04:56

But that similar themes in you know, it’s like the vigilante or the bad guy, or the good guy that’s doing bad things, but you like you root for it. And I just met has to do with good writing. I mean, that’s why.


Sarah Silverman  05:09

His role is written brilliantly and he is perfect in it. It’s true. He has lions, like, he has lines where Rory and I are like, yes. are like, oh my god. He’s on the phone with this evil guy. And the bad guys like, what do you want Reacher? And Reacher goes, I want to throw you off of a helicopter. Anyway, it’s really good. I don’t know, I have no skin in this game. But it’s so good and I’m, I’m constantly trying to examine why I love it so much. And I think you’re right, it’s, it’s the character and this, the the dialogue, not that, that his lines are just fucking his character is very well fleshed out and his lines are great. And he’s withholding and, you know, he’s like, doesn’t deal with his feelings. And you see, it’s really interesting. But I yeah, I I really want to like break it down. I need to have like a side Reacher or podcast or something. I don’t know if it’s a if it’s like Lemonada you know audience.


Amy  06:29

Call in if you have some similar feelings on reacher.


Sarah Silverman  06:33

Yeah, why do I love reacher? I mean, you have to watch it just saying okay, he’s gonna murder people, tons of people. And it’s all pretend. And I’m just gonna buy into it, obviously. But I keep thinking like, well, that person just probably took that job because they needed the money and they don’t. It’s not like they’re the you know, anyway. I’m fun to watch things with. Alright, let’s take some voicemail erroneous.


Karlos  07:21

Hey there, Sarah, this is Karlos with a K. I just wanted to ask you. I’ve been listening to the podcast since the very first episode. And it’s amazing what is like ultimately become sometimes I’ll turn on an episode and just be wowed by the fact that you’re giving such substantial advice to people. Sometimes some really serious topics. But I was curious if the podcast didn’t take this shape over time. You’re pretty creative person. What other type of podcasts would you want to do? I’m sure it wouldn’t just be the typical interviewing friends type podcast. But you know, what would it be if it wasn’t an advice podcast? Thanks.


Sarah Silverman  08:06

I don’t know, I don’t know but it is, it’s true. It’s so interesting, what this podcast became because it definitely wasn’t what I planned. But yeah, it really like took its own shape, and in a way, it did go by design, because that was the plan. The plan was that people will call in and leave voicemails, and those questions will kind of be the trajectory of the show. I just didn’t know it would get like, real deep sometimes, you know, and but I like it. It’s it’s made me think about stuff that I wouldn’t have thought about. And look through the lens of other people’s lives and views and in a way that I just wouldn’t have had the opportunity to so I’m grateful for it. And I didn’t really answer your question, but I don’t know. I don’t know. I never really make a plan. Alright, what else? Thanks, Karlos with a K.


Speaker 2  09:09

Hi, Sarah, we have something in common. I also have three sisters. Recently, my older sister, I’m the second sister. My older sister recently exited our lives without warning. I mean, she’s still alive, but she blocked us all on every platform possible messaging email, and made it clear that she doesn’t want us to contact her. It’s been I don’t know, like almost over a year, at least maybe a year and a half since I’ve spoken with her. We used to be very, very close. I would say we were the closest of the sisters. I guess my question is, has anyone in your family ever exited its way or left, or taking time off. I hope she’ll come back. And I really believe she will. And when she does, I’ll be there. Um, I just was wondering if you’ve ever experienced that I think it happens in certain families and in certain families it doesn’t. And it’s generational. But let me know what you think. And I enjoyed the podcast a lot, have a good day.


Sarah Silverman  10:26

Yeah, I’m so sorry. Wow, this is so hard. And you know, I, this is above my paygrade but my instinct is to say that you that you have to respect this extreme boundary, you know, but then part of me thinks, you know, you are the person closest to her, and this hurts you the most in a way, you know, I don’t know, but maybe there’s a way to reach out if you can, if you know how to and just say, please, if you ever loved me, this can’t be good advice. Can you just answer a couple questions for me? You know, because there’s, there’s just I would want to know, I guess, because I would want to know, was this coming from something from from, is it something from childhood that she did or didn’t come to terms with did something happen? I would want to know, I would, you know, that said, maybe she is in need of having total autonomy over her self and life. And, you know, sometimes we don’t get what we want from people, and there’s nothing we can do about it. Maybe that was her experience. You know, that lack of control. And as an adult, realizing that powerlessness she had the only way she could take that power back is to have total control in this way. You know, I have no idea I’m, I’m posing hypotheses. But that’s a real hard boundary. You know, I don’t know, I don’t know. And I’m so sorry. I can’t imagine how hard that must be. But I do think I think your instinct is right, you know, she will come back in her own time. You can only hope that right now. She’s living her best life or living life the best that she can. And you absolutely owe it to yourself to do the same. That’s a tough one. And I’m sorry, good luck, what else?


Bobby  12:47

Hi, Sarah, this is Bobby. I’ve been a fan of yours for years. I just started my own path in comedy. One day, I’m sure we’ll meet each other and I hope we’ll make each other laugh. Sometimes when I’m stuck on a bit, then I’m writing all right in the voice of other comedians, just to kind of keep things moving, and I’ll think about like comedians that I love, like writing in the voice of Nicole Byer, or John Mulaney, or you, I always seem to get really inspired when I think of your style specifically. And I’m sure you’ll take as as it’s intended, it’s really just about taking notes from the greats and not about copying at all.


Sarah Silverman  13:22

Not worry.


Bobby  13:23

Something that’s not part of my act, but I love to do is drag and I’ll make these boobs that dispense things. Burning Man, I dressed in a bikini and then I had these huge boobs that dispensed sunscreen from the nipples and one Halloween dresses Drew Barrymore from Scream and when I lifted my sweater I had these big Jiffy Pop titties that shot popcorn out of the nipples. So my question for you is if I dress and Sarah Silverman drag what will come out of my boobs? Pee from your mattress, Jimmy Kimmel’s pubes. What would it be? I can’t wait to hear from you. I love you, Sarah, you’re the best.


Sarah Silverman  14:00

What if I said Jimmy Kimmel’s pubes, how are you going to make that happen? I want to know one, I want to know how you acquire them and I want to know how they come out of a nipple. I would love to be such a high tech contraption. Um, let’s see. Oh, gosh, I’m just going to answer with what I’m passionate about currently, which is cream of wheat. I don’t know what happened. I don’t know where it came from. But the last few weeks I have been craving cream of wheat and it just I’ve been eating it every day. And it just tastes like warmth and safety and happiness to me I don’t know why? I don’t know. Oh, it’s so good. I just put boiling water in I stir it. A splash of oat milk, a teaspoon of maple syrup. Feed it to me like I’m my own baby.


Amy  14:55

I’m going to need a minute while I go vomit, dying here.


Sarah Silverman  15:00

Wait what was funny to me? Jimmy Kimmel’s pube?


Amy  15:03

It just sounds like curdled breast milk will come out cream of wheat.


Sarah Silverman  15:08

Yeah, that is a good point. A little cream of wheat coming out. Cream of wheat coming out of nipple will I feel like surprisingly look a little bit like breast milk because I’ve seen breast milk and it’s got like, pieces in it. All right, we have fun here.


Speaker 4  15:23

Hey, Sarah, big fan here for quite a while. I won’t say my name for an anonymity reasons. But you can just call me guy. So that way I can tell my kids one day that Sarah Silverman gave me advice and said, listen, guy, I don’t know. I am an ace, an aspiring comedian, I live in LA, and I’m calling because I’m unsure about what to do in my current relationship. Don’t every time I feel like I have an answer whether or not to stay with this person or to go separate ways I just get like immobilized and, you know, sad and don’t really know what to do. We’ve been dating about a year. And I kind of I don’t know it, I kind of just feel like I don’t want to be in a relationship. And it has not is no, you know, reflection of her as a person, and I really do love her and care about her, which makes this thing stuck. Because, you know, I want to be friends with her. But I don’t know, like, I also like hanging out with her randomly too, and, like, you know, you can’t go from a loving relationship to friends with benefits, or just friends or cordial, it’s, I don’t know, I don’t know what to do. Because every time I feel like I know what I’m gonna do, it feels like the wrong decision. I don’t want to make the wrong decision. So just wondering what you do in my position. All right, lots of love thanks.


Sarah Silverman  16:59

It’s a tricky one, you know, I really understand. I think how you feel because not in my current relationship but in the past, I’ve been like, I remember feeling like time is such an asshole, because a relationship will be so fun and light. And it in the beginning, and then just by virtue of time passing it, it’s expected that there would be more depth, more commitment more, more to the relationship. And sometimes I really just their ears. I just wanted that light, early kind of vibes of a relationship. But really, really, really, you you you can’t stay with someone for their sake. As lovely as that sounds, it’s a that’s a big mistake, and you can’t stay with them. Because you don’t want to lose their friendship. Either you, you know, I understand you don’t want to hurt her feelings and, and that maybe she’ll get mad. Her ego will be bruised, she’ll be hurt, you know. That would be you know, I can see her getting mad as a way of coping herself, but I think you just gotta be completely honest with her and tell her that you you, you just realize that you don’t want to be in a relationship right now, and the thought of telling her has gutted you but you realize it’s also not fair to waste her time. If she’s looking for something serious and something real and it’s just not something you can give right now or to her. But that you, you love her and you’d love to be friends. That it’s important, you know that you very much actively want to be friends. You have to accept if she doesn’t, but, um, but that you’ve come to realize that you you need to be alone or whatever the truth is the truth, it makes things easy, because you don’t have to remember anything is a shitty paraphrase of a Mark Twain quote, actually. But yeah, it’s gonna suck, but then you’ll both move on. And maybe she won’t be able to be friends with you immediately. But chances are if you’re meant to be friends, you’ll be friends. You know, meant to be that’s not just for romantic relationships. All right, good luck. This too shall pass. What else?


Sarah  19:27

Hey, Sarah, my name is, Sarah. I had a question if you’ve ever been in a dilemma, where you weren’t sure where you wanted to live. I know as a comedian that maybe it was obvious to stay in New York or LA. But someone else, someone else who is in a city that lives in a city. Do you ever like I don’t know have these things where you love the city, but you’re also like sick of what the city brings. Just like the crappiness of it, and the hour just want to, like, lay in the grass with cows and not be a part of it. So yeah, there’s just something I’m going through right now where I feel like I have more opportunities in the city like financially and maybe creative opportunities. But there’s another part of me that kind of yearns to have something a lot more peaceful. If that makes sense. Thanks for your advice.


Sarah Silverman  20:31

I mean, you know, there there, there are places where you get both, you know, LA, you really kind of get both. You know, you’re so close to nature, but also you’re it’s as this kind of sprawling City. Obviously, I love New York City. I yeah, I don’t I have never really toiled about like, where should I live? I guess because standup is always, always dictated it a bit. But now, I guess, I mean, a lot of standups just live anywhere their standards that live like they’re based in like Vegas, or they’re based in Texas, and they’re on the road most of the time, so it doesn’t matter. You know, I never I know. It’s a big deal to figure out where you’re going to live. But I really, for some reason. I’m lucky in that I never really stopped and thought about like, where should I live? I grew up in New Hampshire, I knew I was going to New York City, you know, and then living in New York. I went to LA one day for work. And I met a girl named Tracy Katski at a party who said her roommate was moving out and did I want to did I want her room? And I said, all right. And I went back to New York and I packed my shit. And I moved to LA I didn’t even think anything of it. It was just like, it was a it. I just did it. And you know, sometimes I think there’s something to be in kind of mindless about big decisions. I mean, don’t obviously take this across the board with everything, but sometimes I think big decisions shouldn’t be whimsical, it just because it just moves you forward, instead of paralyzing you wanting to make the right decision and not wanting to make a mistake. I find that so paralyzing. When really you just need to move forward in some way. Just make a choice, you know, if the if it’s the wrong choice, then you’ll realize it and then you’ll make a new choice. But it’s almost like exercising like don’t think about it, you’ll talk yourself out of it just mindlessly put your sneakers on and and be on your walk or whatever you’re doing. And, you know, that always makes me think of that I always bring it up I know is the lyrics from move on from Sunday in the Park with George because it’s all about just making a choice and moving on and not not toiling over it. You know, it’s she says the choice may have been mistaken to choosing is not you have to move on. You know. So I think just take that just go just see an opportunity and seize it. Or just, you know, whatever, just pick a place and go. If it doesn’t work out, you’ll do some mouse. That’s that’s the amazing thing about life and choices. You can always make a new one, but make one. Alright, what else?


Melissa  23:30

Hi, Sarah, this is Melissa calling from Massachusetts. And I am calling because of your recent episode that was talking about the girl’s P funnel. And I had an interesting story to add first of all that funnel which I call it, she actually is an amazing lifesaver not having to drop pants and show my ass in front of everybody when I’m rock climbing or hiking when there’s tons of people around just to go to the bathroom. But in addition to that, it actually helped me when I was on a trip in Alaska in this little Ford Focus passing by all these broken down gas stations and ended up running out of gas and someone came by with gasoline but we couldn’t get it into the gas tank. So luckily I whipped out my Chevy and it worked perfectly to fulfill my focus and not get me stuck on the side of the road. And it made me think if there was any interesting adventures that that you’ve had that you’d like to share that’d be Sarah.


Sarah Silverman  24:45

No, I only used it one time and it felt very I don’t you know i It felt really odd but I should have stuck with it. I’m gonna get I’m gonna get one chewy, I had I try that again at least to keep in my car. You know that in like a wide mouth Snapple bottle. Boom, I would pee in my car just because, you know, I don’t like going to a stopping somewhere to pee, you know, like, can I use your bathroom? I mean, I do it. I’ve done it, but yeah, that I’m gonna get that again. That’s great.


Jared  25:28

Hey Sarah, this is Jared it is a Wednesday morning and I’m just getting off the subway.


Sarah Silverman  25:39

Jared from Subway?


Jared  25:40

Listen to riding bikes in Orange County, but for the last year I’ve lived in New York, so I have to find other means. And times. I’m just wondering, What’s your favorite thing to do on the subway? I usually read. Sometimes when I don’t I play Spider Solitaire on my phone. But just curious what you do or if you even ride the subway, thanks.


Sarah Silverman  26:09

I do ride the subway in New York. Um, I mean, nothing’s faster than the subway. The traffic so crazy. There are a couple of things I like to do. Sure, I’ll read but I also I love people watching. I love people watching there’s nothing better and the subway is just like, it’s every kind of New Yorker and tourists as well. It’s just, it’s it’s really in sometimes maybe I keep my sunglasses on. So I can really stare at people. And they don’t know. Another thing I used to love to do on the subway is in an attempt to not touch anything with my hands. You just stand and you try to balance using your core with all the movements of the subway and it feels like surfing not that I’ve ever served. There you go, that’s my answer, and I’m sticking to it. What else? Good luck, Jared. Jared on the subway, not Jared from Subway, you guys.


Nicolette  27:16

Hi, Sarah, this is Nicolette calling from Portland, Oregon. I am a huge fan. I adore your comedy so so much. But I’m gonna get into my thoughts. It’s a little sensitive. So when I was 15, my dad passed away from cancer. And I’m 33 now so it’s oh my, like, what. But the big thought that I have is, he and I were very similar, like same chemical imbalance, same hobbies, I even look like him. And we were you know, so close. And he introduced theater to me, I’d been doing it ever since I was eight and then had to stop abruptly because of the pandemic shutting so much down. But the fates that have it in 2021, I ended up finding myself in veterinary medicine, and I love it, I’m pursuing it. And the thing is, it just takes up so much of my time and capacity. And I’ve been able to do one sketch comedy show is since 2020. I mean, it was a big show, I helped produce it and write it and all that, and I’m very proud of it. But I’m so used to just being in that world. And I feel like I’ve kind of turned my back on a huge part of myself, that connects me to my dad. And it’s just kind of hard to cope with and wondering what your thoughts are.


Sarah Silverman  28:47

Well, you know, you don’t have to worry about your dad or connecting to your dad, you’re forever connected to your dad. If it’s that you miss that element of your life, then, you know, make space for it. If you can, you know, I mean if you’re in school or or doing veteran or vet, veterinary where work who like maybe your veterinary work doesn’t allow for it right now then, you know, get back to it when you have more control over your schedule. You know, if you can only do one pick the one that you have the most passion for, but you also have to make a living, you know, you have to make a living doing one of them. So do that one, I guess. Maybe write sketches at night or weekends and then perform them you know, once a month or something. You know, people do community theater, they have jobs. Comedians have jobs, if they’re not making a living in comedy, and they work their job and then they go out at night and do comedy they find the time you know so listen, just there’s a balance in life and see if you can do it there may you might be in a moment of time right now where you’re working on your career that you’re enjoying so much, and it’s not giving you that time, but eventually, maybe you will. I don’t know, this may be a terrible answer, but hopefully that’s helpful. And good luck and congratulations. Some people have no passions, you have to. Alright, what else?


Nathaniel  30:33

Hi, Sarah. It’s your old pal Nathaniel. I never thought I’d call in again until I heard Amy called Toad, irregular. And then I was like, that’s a thing. Recently, I met a rabbi Rebecca, who actually knows your sister, Rabbi Susie, and you’re in Stockholm. And I thought it would be neat if you would talk to your sister sometime either about the situation that no one was talking about, including myself, or about the adoption agency, which you’ve mentioned before, which encourages older people to adopt teenagers. I thought that’s an amazing idea. I happen to have some teenagers I would love to put up for adoption. I’m just kidding. I know, that’s bad joking, probably not very original. Also, I just wanted to mention something apropos, which you talked about long time ago with guys sitting down to pee. That seems to be very common here in Sweden. I don’t know, like, percentage wise, but I think it’s more common here than in the US. And also something that I’ve always wanted to ask you, is when you say what else, I always imagine that you’re like embodying some kind of like executive type that’s like manspreading. And just wondering if that comes from something, or that’s just something that you developed spontaneously. That’s all have a good one bye.


Sarah Silverman  31:59

The latter, I see men in Sweden have it figured out there you know, it’s so funny, because every time I hear someone talk about what a man is in America, it’s has to do with like, like someone was talking about how Usher had his hands all over Alicia Keys, how could Swiss beads like stand for that? I guess, because he’s not a toxic male and like, if she still if she wasn’t married, he could put her hands all over her like, it was choreography that they planned and it’s her body and she decides what happens to it, not her husband or anybody else. Like that, that that being a man means you have just the most fragile ego, and your wife is your property and you know, it’s just very odd. But anyway, all this to come back to how it would clearly make more sense, especially in the middle of the night for men to sit down to pee. No one’s watching you. And yet still, they just there they have to stand up to pee for some kind of deeply, deeply ingrained at the fault of all of us in society, of what a man is, and how terrified they are. That some stranger may not see them as manly is like fucking bizarre and weak. Weak in my view, you give a fuck? What someone thinks about like, when you’re alone in a fucking bathroom. Think about that, truly. And me saying what else? I don’t know where that came from other than being done with the question and wondering, what else? What do you got?


Speaker 10  33:50

Hey, Sarah, I was wondering did you keep any merch from WreckIt Ralph like vanilla B figure or doll that you have somewhere on a shelf in your home? Like for the spotlight on it? I just think that’s so cool. I would want one of mine character if I ever did one. Anyways, so now you say Laura does Ben LLPs voice for commercials or whatever other than the movies? I think it’s interesting that Chris Evans brother does voices for Captain America for like action figures and stuff too. And so I think that puts you to in a very unique club, delegating to your siblings for the lesser important parts. Everything that’s super cute, anyways […]



Sounds less beautiful the way you put it. Um, yeah, I don’t I don’t keep stuff really. I but I do have stuff um, I had a handful of WreckIt Ralph V things that they sent me not a lot but, and I either gave it to small children in my life, or I put it in a box in the garage that I will take out like when I if, you know, there’s stuff that’s good that can that can make money for charities and stuff so oh, I can sign this or give this for a charity auction or whatever. So I like to keep a box of stuff like that, that that could help raise money for things, it’s always good. Like I just said that. I wore a dress up that mumu dress and I had worn it so many times at so many events and I’d worn it out I’d ripped both sleeves because of my broad shoulders. And and I said I guess I should maybe there’s like as a charity that can you know, because when you have worn something on TV or that people can see it, it’s that no people will buy it. And so I we sent it to New Hampshire PBS, right? Yeah, so they’re gonna auction it off. I hope it makes something some money. I don’t know. It’s definitely mendable. Anyway, good story, and dad, wherever you are. we’re winding down wherever you are in time and space. Oh, I miss you so much. We are winding down. This is the part of the show, when I say send me your questions, go to that, and subscribe, rate and review wherever you listen to podcasts. And there’s more of the Sarah Silverman podcast with Lemonada Premium subscribers get exclusive access to bonus questions like one from a mom who’s not sure whether or not to let her kids play with toy guns. Subscribe now in Apple podcasts. Thank you for listening to the Sarah Silverman podcast. We are a production of Lemonada media, Kathryn Barnes and Kryssy Pease produce our show. Our mix is by James Sparber. Additional Lemonada support from Steve Nelson, Stephanie Wittels Wachs and Jessica Cordova Kramer. Our theme was composed by Ben Folds and you can find me at @SarahKateSilverman on Instagram. Follow the Sarah Silverman podcast wherever you get your podcasts or listen ad free on Amazon music with your Prime membership.

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