Slabs, Polls, Circumcision

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Rory is afraid Sarah will choke to death on a cough drop in her sleep and he’ll have no alibi. Plus, she reminisces on foot fetishes, shares her take on recent political polls, and helps a man mourning his dog.

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Sarah Silverman  00:15

Hi, everyone, it’s your old pal Sarah, and you know, I don’t know even how to explain this, but there’s been a thing. It’s not even an argument with Rory and I at all because he’s 100%, right. But at night after I get ready for bed and do everything my throat gets, my throat gets really dry, like from lying back or something. I have allergies, it’s like the season, and my throat gets really dry. And I have these, they’re called, like Dr. Do little soft dish, throat drops, their cough drops, and I, I put him in my mouth at night. And Rory hates it. And it has said, I am no longer allowed to put a cough drop in my mouth while I’m lying in bed because he’s terrified. I’m gonna fall asleep with a cough drop in my mouth and choke. And he’s totally right. And but like, I need it, you know, like, and then I’ll go off, sit up, and he’s like, but you could fall asleep sitting up is half the time. And it makes him so scared that like, when he rolls over to go to sleep, and he hears my little tin going, […] No, please, I can’t let myself sleep if I know you have a cough drop in your mouth, and it’s so sweet. But it’s like real and he gets really pissed about it so now I am not allowed to. And you know, this is what drove it home. And oh, no, I mean, we laugh so hard, but he was like you putting cough drops in your mouth at night is like if I decided I wanted to ride a motorcycle and I bought a motorcycle. And then you’d get mad at me because like, what if I die on the motorcycle? And I was just dying laughing because it’s 100 […] right, he’s 100% right. And then I was trying to remember why we’re laughing so hard. But then he reminded me to he was like, you’re gonna choke to death. And then I’m gonna go to jail for murder because the cough drops gonna melt. And there won’t be any evidence. You’ll just have like, choked to death. While I slept next to you, and I will have no alibi. I was like, it’s the perfect murder. Wait a minute. If I want to frame him for my murder, that would be brilliant. Although I then this podcast would exist and people would be like, but she said she was gonna free mum for murder. Anyway, all this to say, I am no longer allowed to and I respect this completely to fall asleep. With cough drops in my mouth. I am not allowed to have cough drops in bed. I have to be not in bed sitting in a chair or standing. If I have cough drops, and I think that’s fair. All right, what do we got?


Chelsea  03:28

Hi, Sarah, it’s Chelsea from Toad, Becky and Chelsea and the AC show from the AC Show. We’re doing great. We are hopefully getting together soon. But the real reason I called was to ask you if you have ever experienced the foot fetish guy. I put some heels for sale on Facebook marketplace. And I have received over 12 inbox messages from men asking for feet pictures on Facebook marketplace. I’m pretty sure that they have websites for that like but for some reason, these men keep reaching out on Facebook marketplace and I’m really trying to sell high heels that I can’t wear anymore. So I was curious to see if anyone else had that experience. But yeah, it’s really creepy when I just want to make some money off of my shoes and not my body parts. Not putting that down. I’m just saying I don’t think that’s what Facebook marketplace is for.


Sarah Silverman  04:48

You don’t?


Chelsea  04:48

Alright, I love you. I was gonna say hope to see you soon but I guess I can watch you on the internet at any point in time. Okay, love you.


Sarah Silverman  04:56

Hi Chelsea. I’m so glad you guys still hang out makes me so happy. Um, yes, yes, I did, I briefly dated one guy who I fucking love, we’re still friends, who is a foot guy, and I didn’t put it together in the beginning, we were fixed up, and we were on different coasts. So it started as just like FaceTiming and emailing, and, you know, whatever, and I remember him going, um, you know, send me a picture of your feet, like, you’re on vacation, like, you know, people take pictures of their feet, like, you know, in front of the ocean or whatever. And I was like, I’m just in my room, he’s like, yeah, it’d be funny. Normally alright, I said that to him. And the thing of it until later, when we then we started kind of dating and we were having sexual relations. And it completely revealed itself. I mean, he’s really funny too, and but he is a total foot guy. And he liked seeing, like, the bottoms of my feet. So like, we’d be fooling around, and then he’d be like, let me see those slabs. He called them slabs, which is, I just thought was hilarious. And then it was like, showing, you know, flipping my feet, so we could see I’m like, in such a precarious position to try to, like, be sexual with him and also have my feet, the bottoms, my feet facing up that he can see. But it was very funny, and then he’s like, you know, laughing isn’t helping. And I was like, yeah, I I can’t. You can’t ask me to show you my slabs. And also not laugh at all. Great guy. Wonderful sweetheart of a guy who is now married with two kids. Everyone’s got you know, there’s always a kink. Let me just say there’s, there is not a kink you can think of that is not already a thing on the internet. If there’s nothing you can think of that doesn’t exist, so you know, when you think you’re a freak with, you know, weird things. Just know that you’re probably are at least a handful of you. What else?


Speaker 2  07:20

Hello, Sarah, thank you for all your lovely advice. And I love I try to help people the best way you can. And it’s always a treat to listen to you. I’ve got a question a doozy so I can understand if you don’t want to touch it. I don’t want to touch it. But alright, so long term boyfriend’s family was in town not too long ago. And some family secrets got led up to trust me. For some reason, and now I know that my partner’s mom was abused by her dad growing up in ways that should not have happened. Just say that, it was not good. My partner doesn’t know, this grandpa’s dead but he adores him. We’ve got photos of him in our place. And I’ve met him, he just loves him. Do I tell my partner or is this not my story to tell? Kind of eating at me a little bit. So I’d love your unbiased perspective on things. Thanks, Sarah, you’re the best.


Sarah Silverman  08:26

I don’t know, I don’t I don’t know, I don’t know. I mean, on one hand, you’re looking at pictures of him in your home. And you know that he what he’s done. On the other hand, what is true for your boyfriend is lovely. And what is true that you know about isn’t and maybe you don’t want to ruin that for him like a you know, you can’t. I mean, on one hand, he deserves to know on the other hand, you can’t unring that bell if you tell him and he wishes that he didn’t know that. I had a very similar experience of learning that that my mother was abused in that way by her mother. And she told my sister Laura and Laura told me and I was as an adult. I was an adult by then and um, I was so angry at her for telling me because now I know this forever. But the truth is, it’s it you know, my sister told me and that’s her family too. So it’s a little bit different and the truth is it it helped me in the end it really immensely helped me to understand my mother in a way, I never could before and have an incredible amount of empathy for her that I wouldn’t have known to have. And in a way that for you could be a gift that you’re giving him in terms of understanding his mother. But what a choice to, you know, listen, you know, it’s, you know, this is not your core family, and maybe maybe the family member that told you should be the family member that tells him, you know, it’s something like, you know, you can’t unknow this now. And now you have this burden. Do I tell them my love? Or do I spare him and despairing him really sparing him if he can understand, you know, his mother, the person who brought him into this world through her own body? If he can understand her that person more, I don’t know, but, you know, this, this, this family member that told you this really put you in a predicament and maybe that same family member can be the one to broach it with him, I boy, that’s a tough one, because you can’t go, hey, if I had information that could really bum you out, but is like pretty big information about your family? Would you want to know because that’s it, you’re telling them that like, you know, there’s you can’t go there’s it’s very little chance he’s gonna go no, I wouldn’t, or maybe he would, but eventually, he would kill him. And he’d need to know so there’s kind of no way to approach it. I, I would enlist that same family member or a family member that knows that’s close with him to do it, because that family members and spending every single day with him, and you are, and it’s yeah, that’s it’s tricky. So I would put the onus on them to tell him and, and then just be there for him and some, some version of that. I don’t know, but it’s tricky, and good luck. They call it laughs know what? Alright, what else?


Byron Jones  09:08

Hey, sir, its your friend Byron Jones.


Sarah Silverman  12:34

Oh, he’s called before.


Byron Jones  12:35

Ohio, and people usually bring up Jesus’s […]. But I don’t want to talk about that. I want to talk about what your miracles because it was like, an intimate show, you know, it was like a show for like, a small amount of people.


Sarah Silverman  12:56

39 people.


Byron Jones  12:58

So like, where did you come up with the idea about that, like? Why, you know, and shout out to Rory, yeah bye.


Sarah Silverman  13:21

That’s a good question. I have an answer. Um, personally, I just think that stand up comedy is meant for intimate settings. I mean, is it meant for 39 people? No, probably not that intimate, but it certainly works. You know, I just I prefer it over like an arena. I’m not saying I wouldn’t fill arena. I’m not an arena comic. I just there’s something about having an intimate, fairly intimate setting for stand up, that works. Not just the amount of people. But key things that people that don’t do stand up wouldn’t think about. It needs a low ceiling, it needs the audience to come all the way up close to the stage. And not to go too far deep, but to be more like wide around the stage close in close in small spaces where you’re, you feel kind of packed in like sardines. And it’s not just the feeling of being kind of close together. But literally the acoustics the sound the laughter bouncing off of a ceiling, that’s why like stand up outside. You can do it and it it must have a phenomenal sound system or in a large you know, space with a lot but even a big space like you could do it at Carnegie Hall and it feels totally intimate because it’s made in a specific way where the ceiling is not too high and even though there are tears of of, what’s it called balconies or whatever, it’s any any space that’s made for, like a symphony is also great in so Carnegie Hall is great, too. It doesn’t feel like some big giant room. It doesn’t actually. But yeah, there’s something about an intimate setting like we’re all in on something together, you know, or like we’re planning a revolution in a back room somewhere. But like with pussy jokes.


Speaker 4  15:29

Hi, Sarah, I am a pet lover. Had my dog Zoey for 16 years. And I always think back to that joke when you said you had to get a new dog, and you were gonna put her down tomorrow, because you didn’t want to go through the pain. You’re doing it on your terms, and it always makes me laugh and brings a smile on my face. But I recently had to put my 16 year old dog down, baby. And I’m really hurting. And I’m wondering, truly how you got through that. And something that you could say to help take the pain away? Thank you.


Sarah Silverman  16:25

Oh, baby, I’m so sorry. It’s just, it’s just horrible. And I got two more dog deaths waiting for me in the coming years. Isn’t it odd that you know the natural order of things with humans is always you know, you don’t want your you know, you. You want things to happen in the natural order. And the natural order with your dogs is they die first. Ideally, but also it’s horrible. And it was so when Duck, my dog Duck. He was 19 when I finally had to put them to sleep. And I mean, I remember that the vet came to my apartment, which is a really great way to do it. And I was spooning Duck and my boyfriend at the time was spooning me. And we’re both sobbing. And I remember telling that my vet Dr. Steve, I go breaking in two needles, saying I just didn’t want to live without him. And it was just just over sadness. Here’s the good news. Duck was fine, he got it. He was very old, and the truth is, I waited two years too long, he was blind, he was deaf. He was incontinent, too, you know, but when he was sleeping, he seemed so happy. And I kept him I selfishly kept him alive for me. That was a lesson I learned. But here’s the here’s the good news. I didn’t get to that. He was fine. He got a little shot made him fall asleep. And then he got a little shot that made him die in asleep. And there’s almost I would say maybe no better way to go, and he’s fine, he’s gone. You’re the one who’s in pain. And I take comfort in that, you know, I was the one in pain he wasn’t. It was really hard, but that’s always what I try to tell people who who lose a loved one, you know, they’re out of pain. You’re in pain. And I think that’s easier to handle. You know, but yeah, I’m so sorry, I you know, we have two dogs that are up there, 11 and 9, and every once in a while I get that feeling when I’m with them, you know, or when I feel another little fatty tumor, you know, where I go, oh God, oh, God, it’s coming and there’s no way to stop it, but it is silly to dwell on that. We’re all going to die. And all our friends are going to die and our whole family’s going to die. And to spend more than a moment, stressing about it is a waste of this moment. You know, so enjoy every moment as Warren Zevon said, after being diagnosed with terminal cancer, he did the Letterman Show for a whole week. It was amazing. And he knew he was going to die and he did and Letterman, and but he was on the show and Letterman said, what advice do you have for people out there now that you know you’re, you’re about to die, and he said, enjoy every sandwich.


Amy  20:11

You’ve always been really practical and good with death. I know exactly how this guy feels because I think, like, I never wanted to get a dog because I can’t handle death like.


Sarah Silverman  20:27

Buying, not buying you’re adopting heartbreak.


Amy  20:32

Yeah, so I would say just because I’m trying to put myself in his shoes, and a lot of people say like, the best thing to do and is to get another dog like soon so that you can focus your attention. Maybe see your other dog in that dog. So I this guy who just lost his I know it’s like so hard to replace a dog and you had her for 16 years but or maybe like foster.


Sarah Silverman  21:01

Foster is a great idea. And by the way, you’re right like, when Duck died tall John came over to pick up all the dog stuff like his bed is this to give to give away like he did that for me just to you know, I was like, paralyzed and he’s like, are you sure you want me to take this stuff away? Like you might want another dog I was like, oh, never have another dog. Duck can’t be replaced. I want to get rid of it. I don’t want to see it, it’s too sad. Three months later, I’m like, I need someplace to put all this love like I need you know, when I got married a few months later, and but I will say it took a long time. And I can’t even relate to this now of course, I loved her, she was great, but it just wasn’t the same. And I secretly was like, she’s not Duck. I don’t you know, I like her, but I can I’m not gonna say I love her. I’m not gonna she’s not my first mate, you know? But of course she is, she’s my whole world. But it took a while.


Amy  22:03

I love that dog. I love Mary so much.


Sarah Silverman  22:06

She’s just magic that that weird little, she doesn’t what is she? She does even look like a dog, is she a bat?


Amy  22:13

Yeah, she’s not a dog, and she’s a very peculiar animal.


Sarah Silverman  22:17



Amy  22:17

And she likes things the way she likes the.


Sarah Silverman  22:19

No, we’re, I mean, it’s bizarre how much we’re the same, Mary and I were like both sound sensitive to weird things.


Amy  22:27

I’ve been wondering about that for a long time. Did she get that for me?


Sarah Silverman  22:32

Yes, she of course she did. Because she didn’t have it when we first got her. But we have different sound sensitivities. But it’s something unspoken that I put on her. And now that we have Sibi she doesn’t have she has very little of that sound sensitivity. My housekeeper Isabel when she comes over her phone ding fucks with Mary and I don’t I don’t want to say anything because it’s such a weird, like, change your phone for my dog. You know, I mean, she’s fine but you know, she is with those, there’s a certain thing that some people have on their phones, that makes her insane.


Amy  23:13

Also that bleeps on the television.


Sarah Silverman  23:15

But she’s fine with that now. Yeah, no, I cuz she looks at Sibi. And she sees Sibi’s fine.


Amy  23:21

Right, let’s see all of this talk about how now you have two new dogs and they have enriched your life.


Sarah Silverman  23:26



Amy  23:27

And so I would like to to Jeremy maybe even if it’s just fostering and dipping your toe and then knowing that it’s going oh, good home just to put just to put that energy somewhere, because the truth is you do see your I’m sure you see Duck and Mary every once in a while?


Sarah Silverman  23:47



Amy  23:48

Especially in their low grade.


Sarah Silverman  23:49

Silent dogs, I don’t know how this happened that I adopted two completely silent dogs. All right, what else?


Speaker 5  23:57

Hey, Sarah. I’d like your hot take on polls, political polls. You know, Trump is leading Biden in five critical swing states that bullshit that The New York Times insists on reporting as if it’s news, haven’t we learned that pulls me nothing. I get upset because when I hear these polls on NPR when I read about them, it gives me great anxiety. And then I have to remind myself this is magic. This is make believe this is not real, but it’s the news reporting on make believe. Like I don’t understand why they keep reporting I’m more worried why we keep falling for this shit, anyways, I’d like to know your opinion on that. And how you how you deal with it. Thanks.


Sarah Silverman  24:47

I agree. I mean, polls in general are helpful to get an understanding of of the country we live in or the various views or you know, all these things are interesting. And they make up what are the ideologies of our country if we’re just talking about this country? But, you know, we certainly learned in the Trump Hillary election that polls are oftentimes absolute bullshit. There’s also when it comes to politics, especially now, you know, in England, they call on people who act like their ideology is whatever is the kind of popular ideology around them. But then when they go to vote, they vote very conservative or right wing, they call them Shy Tory. And I think there are a lot of shy Republicans that might not say, honestly, in a poll, what they’re doing in the privacy of the ballot box. Also, you know, listen, on Family Feud, they say 100 people surveyed, well, those 100 people surveyed are people that want to stand in line at Family Feud, or like doing a poll for a game show. That’s not a sampling that is taking like 100 of the most general like, what is America from every part of America or something like that? They don’t you know, it’s game show but so polls are only as true as they are true. I don’t know. I don’t know the ins and outs of it and you you can use it as a general guide, to be honest. One, I find that this fucking scumbags snake oil salesmen criminal is leading Biden and actual ethical. I’ll be an elderly man who not much only a couple years older than Trump a few years older, who has like done amazing things so far in his presidency, and undeniably for the well being of the lives of Joe America. But on the other hand, I’m hoping that the silver lining of these polls that are so often bullshit, saying that Trump is in the lead one, I do believe it because this country is fucking bananas. But two, I hope it puts a fire under the rest of us to make God damn sure to vote to register other people to vote to do everything we can to. Oh, god, get Biden back in. But I mean, listen, the fact that these are our choices, and Biden’s an amazing choice, but just that the age, and I always think back to what Rory pointed out, which is, most generations like our parents generation, we’re represented by people their age, and we’re still represented by people, our parents age from back then, what the fuck is happening, there is an influx of new blood and new voices and new younger voices and stuff, but it’s really odd. They are not letting go. I mean, how is Mitch McConnell? Still Serving? And was he ever serving? Would be my question, but um, I don’t know, I don’t know. Polls, it’s all bullshit. I don’t know, it’s very hard to know what’s real. What else?


Sam  28:47

Hey, sir, I’m Sam. And I just want to say I really appreciate that you’ve had a lot of conversations with people who are going to lose family members and ways to look at that. And even have some find some humor in the sadness. And I just wanted to share this. I have a 93 year old aunt, who I love very much, and she’s in assisted living. And she’s been a great part of my life. And we’re losing her, but she recently told us that she wants more of her favorite candies, the tick texts, because the government’s about to ban them. And we explained to her no one’s going to ban tick tax. And she said no, you don’t know. I’ve been watching C Span and the Congress is talking about banning tick tax from the United States. And we tried to explain to her the difference between tick tax her favorite candy and Tiktok which yes may get banned to no avail. But we do find that to be extremely funny, and it’s something I just wanted to share because tried to explain to 93 all the difference between tick tacks and Tiktok and yeah, so finding some gold and some humor in the sadness, love everything you do I suppose they thank you and wanted to share that.


Sarah Silverman  30:14

Well, I mean, I guess Tick Tax and Tiktok are similar in that they’re just small bites of sweet little things that give you no nutritional value. No, that’s not true. There’s a lot of great stuff on Tiktok actually. That’s hilarious, and thank you for calling in and agree on all fronts life right. Getting old, it’s not for sissies. Betty Davis said that, but my dad thinks he made it up or thought, Oh, he’s dead.


Toad  30:53

Sarah’s your friend, its your friends, Toad. I just listened to the whole podcast about you know, the shaman, the guy for the dryness and the whole Bartholomew gland of Britain o’clock land or whatever. Just got to think I’m sorry. I’m just in a silly mood. So it just got to thinking like, what is your stance on circumcision? I’m uncircumcised. I feel like we are underrepresented in the media. And I think it’s like it’s kind of gross against circumcise right like you’re doing it to like low key he doesn’t have a say and, and like really? Like, you could just clean it right? This finally serves uncircumcised right, you just roll it up. He’s gonna pull up like a sleeves easy to clean. No, there’s no hygiene issues. I just want to see what your thoughts are, I love you, Sarah.


Sarah Silverman  31:39

I love you, Toad. As we heard from Chelsea and Toad. Um, I agree with you actually. And I never used to I, cuz all I knew was circumcised penises. And I had only ever seen circumcised penises and then I dated a Welshman. And I remember, I was recording at Bob’s Burgers where my best friend tall John works. And I remember like, sitting next to him at like a table read or something? No, is that a record? And I drew a picture and I was like, his penis looks like this. Like it, it like comes to a point almost like, and like when it’s flaccid, or, you know, and I, I had never seen anything like it. And he’s like, that’s weird. And then it’s because he wasn’t circumcised because he’s Welsh. And then when it are erect, when I would normally see it, it looks like a what to me is a normal penis. Like, it just looks like all the penises look the same because it grows out of it. But when it’s in it, it’s got a little like kkk hood on it. And I could probably think of a maybe a more positive mythology, but yeah, like, a hood on it. And I was like, it’s so weird, you know, and I’d love it afterwards, like watching it go back like The Incredible Hulk when he goes back into Bruce Banner. That wasn’t necessary to tell you but all this to say. It made me think about how we’ve always been taught like, it’s it’s not clean to have an uncircumcised penis or Ebola. It’s not It’s as dirty as you are, like, you know, if you shower, it’s clean, if you wash yourself, it’s clean, just like if you had a circumcised penis, like, you know. And then it is mutilation like, you know, to this baby that doesn’t have a choice in it. That said, it’s it’s probably hurts a lot less than if you get circumcised at like 14 or something. But no, well, they’d put you to sleep. And I guess your dick would hurt for a couple of days but, um, I don’t think it’s like a necessary thing. It’s so funny because we went to my friend Sasha’s son’s breasts. And as we were getting out, he was like, what is a breast? And I was like, oh, it’s a circumcision. And he’s like, I’m not going to that, tell him I don’t feel well. I was like, I understand. You don’t really see it. It’s you know, I don’t know, but it is it’s there’s there’s a Jewish tradition to it. But it is a I do feel it’s a little barbaric. And we’ve normalized it and we don’t think twice about it. But, you know, we know now that what happens to you when you’re a baby, and in your first one to three years, you know, really writes on you it really kind of embeds itself in you these experiences so, I don’t know. I don’t think there’s really a reason to get circumcised when people do it, and also, what do I care? I don’t have children and I’m not going to be needing to make that decision. But I hear you and I agree. All right, what else?


Tova  35:00

Sarah is your new pal Tova, from Connecticut, or not from Connecticut, but her house have mixed feelings about it. And you love your work. I want to shout out a couple of things that I haven’t heard chatted out so much on the pod. I love your recent HBO special. Love, love, loved it. And I thought you did a totally amazing job posting the Daily Show. Just incredible. Thank you. Okay, my question, I was wondering if you could help me I have a very, very loud, opinionated, inner critic, and who likes to comment constantly on everything and done therapy on it for so so so so, so, so long, and I was just curious if you could help me come up with some like kind of funny, retorts, I could maybe say in my head when my inner critic gets noisy, like, she’ll be like, what were you thinking? Like, you fucking idiot, you know? And I feel like it would really work for me to respond to her with humor, but I don’t always know exactly what to say in the moment. Yeah, maybe something like I don’t know. Good job, inner critic, you get a gold star for being the meanest person ever. Something like that. Thanks so much left the podcast. Take good care, bye, friends.


Sarah Silverman  36:27

I mean, you got it, you answered your own question so well, I don’t know what if you were kind to that inner critic. What if you answer her with who hurt you that you need to be a bully? What are you afraid of? And maybe you’ll even be able to answer those questions, which will, you know, quiet her a little bit more each time, you know, it’s you, it’s a little you going, mom don’t embarrass me. You’re embarassing me. And then you get to be the adult saying. Okay, God all right. What else?


Speaker 9  37:17

Hey, Sarah. I was so excited when you switched your podcast to Lemonada because I’m a huge Lemonada fan I love Last Day, I love Believe Her, I love Hard Feelings, and I was already a gigantic Sarah Silverman podcast fan. So this is really convenient for me, so thank you. I was wondering two things. Do you listen to any other Lemonada  podcasts and which ones do you recommend? And do the other people in your production credits get jealous of the way that you say Jessica Cordova Kramer because it is insane. You say Jessica Cordova Kramer and truly makes my day I listened through the credits every time just so I can hear you say Jessica’s name in that bananas manner. Please never change. Okay, that’s it, love you, bye.


Sarah Silverman  38:03

Oh my god, that’s hilarious like, I never thought about how I said it, but I’m glad it brings you joy. Yeah, I you know, I was on one of the very first Lemonada show episodes actually because Lemonada, Lemonada was started by Stephanie Wittels Wachs, who is the sister of my very good friend Harris Wittels who passed away and she has the podcast Last Day. And I think I’m on maybe the first episode or one of the first episodes with her talking about Harris and then she built an empire and I’m so happy to be a part of it. They I mean it’s just such a different experience, there’s great people I get to work with and they care and they’re killer and it’s I mean, I’ve got Charles here who I love I he’s my favorite face to look at but slash and besides him it’s like almost entirely women it is there Steve as well, but there is it’s almost entirely women and I just like that and they’re smart, great women and but I am so I’ve yeah, I don’t actually listen to many podcasts but I do listen to I listen to I love Add to Cart, and Julia Louis Dreyfus is show Wiser Than Me, which is just a kind of masterclass but, boy, they just have really great, fascinating, interesting and funny podcasts and I’m, I’m so excited. I get to be one of them. All right, dad, we are winding down, and this is the part of the podcast when I say send me your questions and update me if you’ve already called in, go to podcast that podcast and subscribe rate and review wherever you listen to your podcasts and there’s more Sarah Silverman podcast with Lemonada Premium subscribers get exclusive access to bonus content like one from a woman who just found out about a traumatic childhood experience that she doesn’t even remember. Subscribe now in Apple podcasts. Thank you for listening to the Sarah Silverman podcast. We are a production of Lemonada media, Kathryn Barnes and Kryssy Pease produce our show. Our mix is by James Sparber. Additional Lemonada support from Steve Nelson, Stephanie Wittels Wachs and Jessica Cordova Kramer. Our theme was composed by Ben Folds and you can find me at @SarahKateSilverman on Instagram. Follow the Sarah Silverman podcast wherever you get your podcasts or listen ad free on Amazon music with your Prime membership.

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