December 14, 2023

Fostering a Better Future (with Sandra Gasca-Gonzalez and Lisa Guillette)

When young adults leave the foster care system they’re left trying to find housing or employment on their own. Oftentimes, the thing they yearn for the most is family. In this special episode, Gloria chats with the president of the Annie E. Casey Foundation’s Center for Systems Innovation, Sandra Gasca-Gonzalez, and CEO at Foster Forward, Lisa Guillette. Our guests discuss how they’re helping youth aging out of foster care age into an ecosystem of belonging. Whether it’s legally creating ‘soul’ families or providing affordable homes, they tell us the ways they’re working with former foster kids to break the cycle and achieve stability.

November 16, 2023

How Care Can Bring Our Country Together (Live from CareFest LA)

Gloria is live at CareFest in Los Angeles, presented by Caring Across Generations, to bring you a conversation among leading care advocates about the potential of the care agenda to unite a divided nation. She is joined by Lisa Hamilton Daly, the Executive Vice President of Programming for Hallmark Media; Mónica Ramirez, an attorney, author, and founder of Justice for Migrant Women; and Jenn Stowe, the Executive Director of the National Domestic Workers Alliance. They talk about changing the narrative around care from being an individual problem to a collective responsibility, how we can get people across the political divide engaged on this issue, and how it all might play out in the next presidential election. Plus, Monica shares a historic update about the Farm Bill, and what it might mean for caregivers in rural America.

November 5, 2023

Uniting Parents to Improve Schools (with Keri Rodrigues)

Keri Rodrigues’s son was suspended 36 times while he was in kindergarten. She felt abandoned by school officials and like the teachers hated her child. So she went into mama bear mode, organized local parents, and changed the local school system. Now, as President of the National Parents Union, she’s organizing parents across the country to help improve their local schools and make schools more equitable for all.

October 19, 2023

How Richmond Raised the Standard For Mixed Delivery Care

The tour makes a virtual stop in Richmond, where host Gloria Riviera learns how the community has built a public-private partnership to help subsidize a mixed-delivery model of care that helps families find programs tailored to their specific needs.

September 7, 2023

How We Close the Nation’s Literacy Gap

Literacy advocates are asking us all to face an uncomfortable reality: For decades, we’ve done a poor job of teaching children how to read in this country, and the widening gap in literacy is most apparent among our Black, Latino and Native American young people.

August 17, 2023

How Colorado Comes Together To Care for Kids

The tour stops in Denver to learn how advocates are advancing universal pre-k and how they’re working to fill the rest of the child care and early childhood education puzzle so children have robust support from ages birth to five.

August 10, 2023

How New Mexico Negotiated Big Childcare Wins

Throughout the tour, New Mexico has been held up as the shining example of communities coming together to energize voters and pass funding for early child care. For over a decade, organizers worked tirelessly to pass a constitutional amendment which increased funding for early childhood education.

August 3, 2023

How Texas Tackled A Child Care Shortage

The tour makes a virtual stop in Texas to learn how child care and early childhood education advocates are working with business leaders and elected officials across the political spectrum to expand care options for families.

We meet panelists Councilmember Vanessa Fuentes, the representative for District 2 on the Austin City Council; Natalie Boyle, founder and CEO of Mommies in Need; and Sarah Baray, chief executive officer of Pre-K 4 SA, San Antonio’s award-winning early learning program.

The three panelists speak with host Gloria Riviera about tailoring solutions to fill the needs of communities across such a vast and diverse state and about how creating a child care center in a hospital not only addressed a critical shortage but also facilitated access to health care.

July 27, 2023

How Detroit Delivered Investments in Child Care

The tour stops in Detroit to highlight how advocates are expanding quality child care and education options for Michigan families; and how they’re advancing historic state investments in child care by promoting early childhood education as a public good, not a private benefit.

June 22, 2023

Setting Out To Meet the People Coming to Save Us (With Latoya Gayle)

We’re back for Season 3, and this year, host Gloria Riviera is setting out across the U.S. to meet the people who are fixing the child care crisis. A lot has happened since Season 2, and in this episode, Latoya Gayle from Neighborhood Villages updates us about what we’ve been missing, including President Biden’s recent executive order on child care and what it means for you. Plus, Gloria and Latoya preview some state-level legislative reforms on child care we’ll learn more about throughout the season.