April 17, 2024

Total Eclipse of the Heart to Heart

Husbands are lurking, per USUAL, and the gals wonder if there might be a witch hunt brewing! Do you know what kind of partner you have? Are they an Elevator, Brother, Ally or… Stranger? Then, Jess shocks June with how much she HATES space and that she might be a flat-earther. Remember, Deep Divers, when the aliens come, it will be JUNE who invited them.

April 10, 2024

Lifeberg Straight Ahead

June is back from Europe, and can confirm the itinerary was a work of art. Jess searches for signs from loved ones who’ve passed and finds them. Also, dogs are made of love, and worth a new couch sometimes.

April 3, 2024

First Time Listeners

This week, Jess has to turn in a script by EOD, but when do we ever really stop the workday? June is confused to hear herself in the trailer for Jess and Casey’s new audiobook, The Art of Small Talk, since she was not officially interviewed. All will be revealed though, and together they practice active listening, maybe for the first time ever?

March 27, 2024

Check the Itin

We are wheels up at sunrise, Deep Divers. June is fine-tuning her itinerary for a grand European adventure, and Jess has some grounding advice for the weather ahead. Then, Jess takes a trip down memory lane that leads straight to the Dartmouth admissions office. Plus, an exciting update on the Deep Dive Academy’s future.

March 20, 2024

Cat Scratch Fever

Must love dogs: it's a rallying cry, and a warning to all ye enter here. Today's episode is all about animals. June has survived a weekend cohabitating with cats, and Jess has wild information to share about feline evolution. Plus,...

March 13, 2024

Tervis Time with Elizabeth Laime

Buckle up and get ready to bang it out, respectfully. June’s hair is fragile, but the desire for blonde is much, much stronger. Jess introduces her family to Little Women and the great, deep weeping that goes with it. All this before Elizabeth Laime joins, a Deep Diver and dear friend, as well as a fellow founding podcaster. Elizabeth walks the ladies down a rabbit hole of her sexual fantasies before sharing how to bring the cozy, midwest aesthetic to your own GC.

February 28, 2024

Zip Zap Zon’t with Dulce Sloan

The generational trauma of children bullying their parents continues for both June and Jess, and Jess shares a story of flatulence on set not to be missed

February 21, 2024

Monogram and Carry On

Lovers of dentistry beware, some hot takes are included in today’s ep. Lovers of a matching set, you are free to board. This week, Jess is back in the GC resetting the feminine energy, while June is fighting the good fight against confirmation texts with a special four-legged guest in the room.

February 7, 2024

F*ck Around and Find Out

This week, Jess is bumping boundaries and June is vowing to show the movie Scrambled to all the women in the world. Then, just when Jessica thought they were completely yolked heading into the Super Bowl, June shares her distressing opinion of the infamous Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce kiss.

January 31, 2024

50 Shades of Feminism with Toccarra Cash

This week, Jessica is tipsy and June is felled by yet another bout of Olden Days consumption. June relives the half marathon turned Mario Kart race she successfully finished and Jess thanks the fellow Deep Divers who have shared their tips and tricks for surviving their own stays in the underworld. Then, award-winning actor and teaching artist Toccarra Cash joins to talk about the implications of social media and how she’s helping young women adopt a healthier self-image by taking the conversation offline. Remember Deep Divers, say the quiet parts out loud.